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What is KYC and Why is It Important?

Chris Holroyd



Know Your Customer

According to the latest data collected by the Reserve Bank of India, financial institutions reported over 6800 cases of financial fraud involving a staggering amount of Rs. 71,500 Crore in 2018-19 alone. Thus, to monitor and curb identity theft, financial frauds, money laundering and other illegal activities, the government has integrated the global system of Know Your Customer or KYC into financial lending and borrowing.

Every financial institution has made submission of Know Your Customer documents compulsory for its customers to avail credit cards, loans, etc. For instance, you will have to submit the required documents and also comply with the Bajaj Finserv credit card eligibility criteria to avail their credit cards.

What is the Know Your Customer standard?

Know Your Customer is the regulatory, mandatory and legal requirement that helps to identify and verify a customer’s credibility through official documents. This policy integrates elements as per the directive of the RBI from 2004. Some of the elements incorporated in the policy include –

  • Customer identification process

Identifies customers by verifying their identity through reliable data or information.

  • Policy of customer acceptance

Makes sure that there are explicit guidelines that are put into use for accepting customers.

  • Risk management

Establishes procedures and also ensures their effective implementation.

  • Monitoring transactions

Observes the normal and regular transactions of a customer and identifies the ones that fall outside of their regular activity pattern.

KYC also enables financial institutions to comprehend the requirements of their customers better, which aids in risk management of their finances. There are various types of credit card frauds which you can avoid by supplying your details to your financial institution. 

Apart from lending and borrowing, the policy has also been made mandatory for sectors like insurance, mutual funds, broking and commodity trading, etc. to help in the process of identification of customers.

Following are the regulatory and mandatory implications under Know Your Customer policy

  • Regulatory

According to the guidelines issued by the RBI in 2004 on Know Your Customer Standards- Anti-Money Laundering or AML Measures, all financial institutions need to place a comprehensive policy framework which covers these measures.

  • Legal

Under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act of 2005, financial institutions and other intermediaries are required to ensure that they follow minimum Know Your Customer and AML measures as put down under the Act.

Objectives of the Know Your Customer standard

Under the standard, the following details of each customer are collected and verified

  • Their name and authorised signature
  • The legal status of the person
  • Identity of the owners of the account and the beneficial controllers

Through this process, the standard hopes to prevent unlawful activities like money laundering, financial fraud, etc.

What is the procedure to complete your Know Your Customer?

Most financial institutions have introduced the option of completing your KYC through their website. So whether you apply for a credit card or any other advance, you need to submit the relevant documents first to complete the process.

Following are the list of documents required for this process.

  • For identity verification

You can submit documents like Aadhaar card, PAN card, driving license, Voters’ ID, ration card, etc.

  • For address verification

You can submit documents like your electricity or LPG bill, ration card, bank statement or employer letters.

If you do not submit the right documents, your credit card application can be rejected as well. 

For instance, you need to submit these documents and comply with the Bajaj Finserv credit card eligibility to avail their RBL Bank SuperCard. This credit card helps you avail numerous features like ATM cash withdrawals, rewards, emergency loans, etc. 

Further, this NBFC also brings pre-approved offers that can make availing loans faster and easier. These offers are available on various financial products, including home loans, personal loans, business loans, etc. You can check your pre-approved offer by providing your name and phone number.

You need to update the details on your credit card

You should update your KYC details to your existing credit card to ensure that the financial institution has the correct information regarding your identity. Also, if you do not update the information, you may be barred from further using your credit card.

For instance, if you do not update your information on your Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard, you might not be able to use the credit card further. Therefore, if you have not already done it, make sure that you submit all the required documents and update your Know You Customer policy with your financial institution.

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3 Ways Presentation Training Can Benefit Your Business

Chris Holroyd



3 Ways Presentation Training Can Benefit Your Business

At Presentation Experts, we know how crucial good public speaking skills are to your business. Delivering good presentations has always brought success in the business world, but it’s no longer enough to leave employees to develop these skills on their own. Why should you invest in presentation training? Here are 3 ways it can benefit your business.

Employee Development

The biggest benefit of presentation training is the professional development of your staff. Investing in their public speaking skills will help them grow as a member of your team. In every industry today, nurturing your employees’ professional talents is a requirement. Most people prefer to work for a company that will invest in their development and has the potential for moving them up.

Cultivating your staff’s presentation skills will also boost overall team morale. We often think about presentations with external stakeholders only. But good communication is invaluable among team members too. Staff with honed public speaking skills will foster collaboration and productivity. Investing in presentation training also leads to higher retention among employees. When their professional growth is cared for and they work on a highly cooperative team, workers are much more likely to remain at their company.

Presentation training is also an opportunity to turn staff into public speaking coaches themselves. Team members who excel in presentation workshops can be trained further, in instructing fellow employees on public speaking. Tapping on internal talent like this is a great way to forge solid working relationships among your staff.

Employees might also find themselves having to present to an external audience. When a team hasn’t undergone presentation training and has poor communication skills amongst themselves, it shows. This is typically the case when experts from different departments are pulled together to present to potential stakeholders. Presentation workshops can aid these individuals in working as a team during their presentation, even if they’ve never worked together before.

Employee DevelopmentIncrease in Sales

Your business will grow when you invest in your staff, as we pointed out. Public speaking workshops can also impact your bottom line. We can’t overstate the importance of solid communication skills when presenting to stakeholders or giving sales pitches. Nor should you underestimate the effects of poor communication on your customers.

One benefit of presentation training is feeling more at ease in front of an audience. Presenters who are comfortable come across as more trustworthy. Audience members, be they investors or customers, but their confidence in presenters who seem capable and assured. This relationship with customers is an essential foundation for your business’s marketing strategies.

Improve Professionalism

Presentation training is also vital to your company’s professionalism. If you want to be considered as an expert in your field, the employees speaking on your behalf should represent you well. Think about the work you put in promoting your brand via your marketing channels. Now consider how easily your marketing efforts nosedive if a team member delivers a poor speech at a conference or appears timid and uncomfortable in front of investors.

Public speaking skills are paramount to forging a good reputation for your business. When your brand is well represented by confident speakers, it opens opportunities for networking. An aptitude for delivering dynamic presentations can even help you become an industry leader. Your peers will have a high degree of respect for your professionalism.

Garnering legitimacy also involves competency in digital communication. Meetings are held via video chat, speeches are delivered with a live stream. It’s not enough to have great charisma in person. Virtual eloquence is also essential in today’s digital world. Accessing the skills needed for virtual presentations is another benefit of public speaking training.

Final Word

With the benefits that come from professional training in public speaking, you can give your team and your business a leg up. Invest in your staff, increase your ROI, and make a respected name for yourself as an industry leader. When you hire presentation training services, these are only 3 of the major benefits for your company.

As a presentation design agency, we understand all the ins and outs of good presentations – especially public speaking. When you access our presentation design services, you get more than a flashy PowerPoint. You get a comprehensive presentation package, fit for your company’s needs.

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How Entrepreneurs can transform their Traditional Business into a Digital One

Chris Holroyd



Traditional Business into a Digital One

We live in an age of innovation and an age where new technologies drive our daily lives and thus it would not be wrong when we state that innovation is the key to change and success of a business.

One of the biggest innovations today is the digitalization of all our daily services which makes it imperative for entrepreneurs to shun their traditional ways of doing business and transform itself into a more digital one.

Why you may ask? The answer is simple. If an entrepreneur does not keep in sync with the latest methods of doing business, they would forever remain behind in the rat race. It is thus essential that they incorporate new methods while doing business so as to gain a larger target audience and become more profitable.

The best way for entrepreneurs to do so is by transforming their traditional business into a digital one. How you may ask?

Given below are some steps entrepreneurs can follow so as to transform their business successfully from a traditional to a digital one.

6 Steps to Transforming Your Traditional Business into a Digital One

  1. Start thinking like a large scale entrepreneur so as to understand the needs of your users, the reasons why you need a more digital business, etc
  2. Hire a digital leader from another organization so that they can assist you in knowing the nuances of business and reasons to transform your business into a digital one and help you understand what can help you build a successful digital business for you 
  3. Analyze, focus and concentrate solely on the areas where domain expertise is directly related with digital expertise.
  4. Start cutting the cost in your old traditional business so that you can fund your new digital business
  5. Make your organization more team based so that you know about new innovations and can successfully achieve your goals of transforming your traditional business into a digital one
  6. Finally, follow the latest marketing trends like Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing so that you can create a profitable business for yourself.

Along with the steps that have been mentioned above, you need to also keep staying updated and up to date with the latest trends so that even your digital business does not wither away and that is possible with the help of a powerful digital marketing team that will assist you in creating powerful content as it goes without saying that content is king and with powerful content that is available on the digital media, your business can make exponential and amazing growth. 

Thus, to sum up, if entrepreneurs make sure to stay ahead and follow these steps thoroughly, they can transform their traditional market into a digital one that would be successful in the long run. 

Author Bio:

Archie Cadell is a veteran uber clone taxi booking app developer who has worked with some of the top teams of mobile app building across the globe. He is popular amongst technical readers because of his honest and slapstick reviews and detailed blogs like

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Reasons Why You Might Need a Commercial Electrician



Commercial Electrician

If you’re not an expert in things like electrical panels, outlets, wires and other electrical jargon, you should never attempt to make electrical repairs. Instead, you should find a good commercial electrician in Melbourne to help sort all your electrical woes efficiently and effectively. While there are some home repairs that you can do yourself, such as fixing a leaky faucet, it’s best to step away from projects like electrical repairs. When you hire a professional commercial electrician, you can besure that the job will be done right. Below is a detailed list of why you need to hire a commercial electrician for any electrical repairs.

Time Saved, Not Wasted

Trusting a commercial electrician to diagnose your electrical problems involves a lot more than getting friendly service and quick response. A professional electrician also saves you a lot of time that you would have otherwise wasted trying to fix the electrical issue yourself. You won’t have to worry about second-guessing, especially with an expert who hasyears of electrical repair experience. You can save yourself hours of frustration trying to figure out what’s wrong with your system.

Prevent Future Problems

A commercial electrician specialises in solving electrical problems. Besides carrying out electrical repairs, a commercial electrician in Melbourne can also find and solve any electrical issues before they turn into major problems. The best electrical contractors can anticipate any future needs and even navigate future developments of your property.

Save Money

In most instances, homeowners who attempt to do their own electrical repairs still end up calling a professional electrician when their repairs fail. You’ll also find that the problems often become more complicated and cost more to fix professionally. Hiring a qualified commercial electrician in Melbourne saves you both time and money and ensures the job is done right.

A Wealth of Knowledge

A trained electrician can educate you on the essential tips and tricks to help you get the most from your system. Trained electricians canteach you how to use your system safely by sharing tips such as:

  • Never overload the outlet
  • Always use prescribed wattage for your light fixtures
  • Always grab the plug when removing it from the socket, instead of the cord
  • Repair any frayed cords
  • Avoid using electrical appliances in wet environments

Electricians are always willing and ready to help you navigate through electrical repairs and safe system procedures.


A commercial electrician in Melbourne is also able to notice any other issues with your system that you might not have noticed before. Sometimes you may think that the electrical issue is a simple one when it’s actually more complex. A simple issue may end up being a symptom of a much larger problem looming in your system. A qualified electrician will notice this after performing troubleshooting on your system.


Professional commercial electricians are always insured. This means that if anything goes wrong during the repair process, you won’t need to worry about paying out-of-pocket for damages sustained to you or others. You will have peace of mind knowing that nothing will go wrong during the repair process, and if something does go wrong, the insurance cover protects you from liability.

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5 Technology Trends That Are Shaping Business Presentations for The Future

Chris Holroyd



Business Presentations for The Future

Your business presentations need to captivate your audience. Gone are the days of data filled slides, and paragraphs upon paragraphs of information. You need to grab your audience’s attention, and not lose them along the way to monotonous rambling. Thanks to technological advancements and increased digitalisation, 2019 has seen more innovative presentation techniques than ever before. From AR to colour psychology, new ideas are constantly informing how businesses present their ideas. Let’s take a look at the best presentation technologies out there, that are predicted to enhance presentations of the future. 

  1. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality gives your audience a chance to emerge themselves in your presentation. This technology has advance in an incredible rate over the past few years and is expected to keep accelerating. According to Forbes, the worldwide market for VR is expected to reach 98.4 million sales by 2023. This tech could completely transform your business presentation, at a fraction of the cost of other innovations such as AR. 

Creating an immersive experience, VR offers a fantastic way to tell stories that your audience will feel actively involved in. As studies have linked visualising a situation to increased memory retention, a VR presentation will stick in your audience’s memory much more than the conventional PowerPoint format. 

  1. Product Demos

Companies including Apple, Microsoft, and Google have paved the way when it comes to product demos. These tech giants have proved that audience’s respond far better to actually witnessing how a product works, rather than just taking the speaker’s word for it. 

Thanks to advanced projecting equipment,  presentations can now feature a clear product demo on a large scale. Why tell people how fantastic your new product is, when you could just show them?

  1. Colour psychology 

Science can inform presentation techniques in unexpected ways. Colour psychology is often utilised by speakers to evoke certain emotions in their audience and help strengthen their argument. Depending on your brand, different colours are useful to use in your presentations. Blue, for example, has been proven to evoke calmness, and focus — perfect for keeping audiences engaged! 

Keeping up to date with recent colour trends is also vital. New visual trends tell your audience that your brand is up to date, ever improving, and modern. 

  1. Audience polls  

Audience interaction is integral to a successful and memorable presentation. If you can think of a way for your audience to get involved, then your presentation will capture the room’s attention. One such way is using a live audience poll. Polling apps allow your audience to have their say. They provide a great way to gather the thoughts of your audience and reinforce your points. 

What’s more, you can engage audiences from all around the world using polling apps such as Polleverywhere. Both international audiences and the people watching the presentation in person will feel more engaged in your presentation if they get to play a part in it. 

  1. Augmented Reality 

Prezi, a leading presentation tool, has recently delved into the world of augmented reality, discovering what it could mean for presentations of the future. The founders aim to bring audiences “inside of a presentation using augmented reality” and they believe that AR could enhance audience engagement. AR, which has already been implemented by the likes of Snapchat and Google Pixel, creates life-like objects and customised visual environments. Like VR, it is a great tool for allowing your audience to feel involved in the presentation and interact. 

One example of AR used within a presentation was in a recent TED talk, in which neurologist Robert Sapolsky discussed the biology behind human nature. To illustrate one of his points, he conjured up an AR figure, which points a gun right at the speaker. This illusion captivated audiences’ attentions and became the most memorable part of the talk. 


All of these techniques will enhance business presentations over the next few years, improving audience engagement and creating memorable moments. Despite all the technology in the world however, it is down to you, the speaker, to deliver your presentation with authority and confidence. Practical tools such as presentation folders and prompt cards are still essential to a flawless presentation. Pair these methods with innovative technologies and your audience are sure to be hooked. 


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How to Use SMS Marketing to Boost Your Business

Chris Holroyd



SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is the highest reachable medium to promote your business at very low cost. There are many ways to promote your products and services through online promotion, radio and television, some offline medium of promotions are like News Papers and Magazine etc. But SMS Marketing is high reachable medium to reach directly on customer’s hand, because now everyone carry mobile and people update himself every minute of time through the mobile message or mobile apps, so the mobile is always with anyone’s hand. The marketing SMS facility is very easy to use facility, you just need to upload your target audience customers database and write your message in the message box and click send button. Now you have reached to the thousands of the people on single click, through this facility you can reach to the people in seconds and you can also get the response of those boosts in a few minutes. There are many ways to use Bulk SMS Marketing to boost your business.

How Real Estate can use SMS Marketing to Boost their Business?

Real estate companies can boost their business using SMS campaign to provide a short detail of their property. They can send SMS and the buyer can call back or leave their requirement to the message or they can directly call the in the number flashed on message content. SMS is the cheapest way to boost the real estate business, because everyone carries mobile with him and using this way they can find the right buyer easily.

How Retails can use SMS Marketing to Boost their Business?

Retails companies and retail shops can send their offers on occasion to their customers through SMS Marketing; this way helps to remind their customer for the retailers. They can send the new offers to the raw numbers to the area they want to promote. This way helps retails to double their business in very short span of time. Now most of the retails have some offers on occasion and information about the new arrivals, so using SMS Marketing they can easily inform the customers to reach their retail shop and take the advantages of the offers on time.

How FMCG can use SMS Marketing to Boost their Business?

FMCG companies can boost their promotion, new prices and offers to their clients through Marketing SMS. It is much useful for the FMCG companies; they can increase their everyday sale using SMS broadcasting. FMCG companies can send the products price offers for the day and they can inform the customer for their best deals for the day.

How Education Sector Can use SMS Marketing to Boost their Business?

Education sectors like, coaching institute, schools and colleges can utilize the SMS marketing facility. Coaching institutes can send information for new admission; they can also send the class updates and fee reminders to their students. Schools can send holiday information, fee updates, class updates and any other activity information to the parents so that parents can be updated for theirs ward activity in the school. Colleges can also send the class activity, results and many other information to students and parents.

How Brands can use SMS Marketing to Boost their Business?

Brands can use the SMS marketing for their brand awareness and brand promotion. Every brand wants to boost their business through the very cost effective medium, so the SMS marketing is the very cost saving medium for promoting the brands. Brands can also send their latest offers and updates to their clients through it. Brands are well known names and they can be more aware of the people through it.

How Healthcare Sectors Can use SMS Marketing to Boost their Business?

Healthcare is an important program and awareness about health care is much important. The government is also sending information through SMS for the healthcare programs. Now private sectors also involving them to provide lower cost health care and sending their price and healthcare details through the same. So the SMS marketing is much useful for the health care sectors for sending information to the public and makes them aware about health.

How Finance and Banking Can use SMS Marketing to Boost their Business?

Finance and banking sectors can utilize this service to send the latest interest rates for the loan, EMI information and account debit and credit information to their customer. They can also utilize it for the loan information and how anyone can take the loans from finance company and banks. Using this facility everyone  in the society easily aware about the facility provided by them.

So, the most of the sectors of different industry can take advantage of the low cost facility of SMS marking for their SMS boosting and sending information and can easily improve their lifetime and occasion business. 

Authors Bio:

 Pramod  Chandraker has been Telecom, IT and Digital Marketing professional for 12 years. He is a Technical and IT background with a Master’s Degree in Sales and Marketing. He has worked with many companies till 2015 as a Manager to General Manager in his position. In the year 2015, he thought to empower the customers and society with his different ideas of technology developed by him. He has started a venture, Named in the year 2015 and introduced the services, which he has experienced in the previous 12 years. He gives the latest features and innovative technologies to their customers and the customer also show their interest because of the unique and user-friendly technology provided by him, he also takes the customer feedback for the market challenges and make changes or redesign accordingly. This is the reason he has associated many brands with him, and brands rely on their services.

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Automotive Industries Are Also Opting For Translation Services!!

Chris Holroyd



Automotive Industries Are Also Opting For Translation Services!!

As like all Other industries are providing their work in different languages to their clients. Similarly, the automotive industry is not on the backside as they are stepping forward to provide similar work to their clients. Nowadays automotive translation services are being provided by the Industries to their customers. These services are too good and providing the best out of the box. Various things about particular automotive companies have been mentioned in these translations. Therefore they are providing the best work and add-on facilities to their clients. Now we will see that automotive translation services are providing what kind of work to their clients and how efficient the work is.

What is an automotive translation service?

The user manuals or other things which the client gets from the side of the automobile company are not enough for all the users. So clients are opting for different videos which are showing the whole process that how one thing to be accessed. But now web developers have decided to do the same in multilingual so that every client could easily understand the working of an individual product. Henceforth work is being done with all its authenticity from the side of the translation agencies.

The specifications automotive translation services must have:

  • These translation companies are having a specialist who has good linguistic ability and experience in your industry. Opting for a person who has experience of your industry is good as they will translate the work with more efficiency.
  • Account managers of these companies are so efficient that they are providing the best offers to the other websites automobiles. They are providing the best deals so that both the agency and the company tie-up for the work.
  • The data you are providing to the translation companies are keeping it confidential until you are going to release that particular video. Before the automotive company releases the specific video there is no right to any other agency for releasing it on any other website and for this legal document will be signed. The Agencies are providing authentic work without any security issue.
  • Translation memory is also important as the words being translated into another language has to be the same in the meaning of the native language. Only the language needs to be translated in such a way that the same information is being transferred to the users without any mixing.

How to reach the best translator?

To reach the best translator of automotive translation services you have to see the work of you translators. For this, you can give small sample work to some of the Agencies to know about their knowledge and work. This will help to know about the best automotive translation agencies and will help to know whether they are going to work or not in the way you want.

Is it budget-friendly?

 If you want the work to be good then you have to spend a small amount of money but we can say that they are not too much costlier as the companies are providing their best services in minimum cost. Yes, you have to pay them for the services but not very much. If in any case, you have to pay a large amount in that case you don’t have to worry as you will get more clients because of their attractive services.

So, if one wants to find the automotive translation services then they cannot for the suggestions which are given above. To know more about the same you can search on Google by writing automotive translation services and you will get many options for the same.

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