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How a Video Production Company helps your Business to Grow




Video Production Company

The concept of mass advertising started with the newspapers, advertisers proliferated its business in the masses. But after some decades of success, the concept evolved and it moved towards the TV broadcasting. With the power of visuals and resonance, advertisers and corporates ruled the business with virtue. But in the starting of the 21st century, things started to change and the new media like internet and its treasures form called social media embodied as the major source of the revenue and publicity for the quick advancement of any business. And we can say that the Era of video marketing, internet campaign and pay per click advertising started after that.

In this age of technology, there are numerous ways to grow your business and increase your brand value. But the resonance and powerful impact of video marketing in the market has said it all. Advertisers of their brands and corporates of their business are deliberately opting the video marketing and choosing the best video production companies for attaining the business objectives.

For an example, with the help of video production company, an advertiser creates the video’s content that assists in branding, explains the idea and promote the product,  helps the customers to fathom the corporate culture, and most important to set up an intimate relationship between your brand and the customer. But you got to be very cautious while using this technique to grow the business. Because your planning and strategies must be with precision to get the efficacy on video production.

So let’s find out some exquisite benefits and features of video marketing and production companies which helps the customers of growing their business rapidly.

Features of a Video Production Company

1) Quality of urgency to meet the deadline: Video production companies are very professional in this area. These companies can produce quality videos in a very short span of time. In the platforms like social media, you need to be very fast in disseminating the quality content. Because this platform is widely used by all business houses and advertisers to create an impact of the brand among the masses.

2) Role of Copywriters: The reputation of the video production company is totally based on its creative team. The success and as well as the failure of any video marketing is totally based on the shoulders of copywriters. Video production companies hire the team of creative writers who write the message very effectively that generates positive response from the audiences.

3) Different styles and options: This feature offers you a vast range of video styles for different purposes and in a different genre. For example, the brand of Amul mainly uses the animation form character to attract customers and the ads of Vodafone with the character like zoo-zoo. According to the content, we can opt for any form of video style to generate awareness for the product. Mainly videos are produced on the basis of brand promotion, to create product awareness in the market and on the basis of customer’s response.

Features of video marketing

1) Visual power that converses: This thing is very clear that the mixture of audio plus visual is the best tool to learn and easy to consume the message. In the era of technology, people do not like to waste their time to read heavy content. Even the laziest persons are now preferring to watch something rather than to read the message. Video marketing not only works on different levels but also captures a wide range of audiences.

2) The concept that defines everything: A research says that approx. 98% of users watch the video for getting information about the product and its services. Therefore, over 45% of business houses say that they have used videos on their websites homepages to engage the audience and around 83% from them are saying that this way of marketing is very effective to explain the idea and to generate the traffic.

3) Quality of Conversion into sales: The power of conversion says it all about video marketing. This form has the quality to increase the traffic and conversion of visits onto sales. Research says that over 74% of people bought the product after watching the product video.


After completing the thorough dissection of this genre, we got to know about the imperative aspects and essential features of video production services, provided by the respective companies which help the business houses to revive their firms and make a strong impact on the mind of audiences. So, after knowing the features of videos advertising, an advertiser or corporate house must go for a proficient video production company for a strong and impactful video campaign.

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10 Tech Trends That Will Disrupt Businesses In The Next 5 Years




Tech Trends

The time has come for businesses to stop seeing technology as a threat to their livelihood and embrace it via on demand app development company professionals. Don’t get us wrong, many of them have, but still, there’s a whole section of society who are so afraid of change that they stick to ways that were only effective years ago, in the name of a “tried and true” business strategy. But sadly, it may have been a foolproof plan back then, and it may have generated results back then, but it is not true now. The world is moving ahead if they keep being stubborn their businesses will cease to exist. 

Currently, Software development company services are focusing more on understanding the new tech trends. Here, we have listed the top 10 tech trends that have the potential to disrupt businesses in the next 5 years.

1. OTT Video Streaming Solutions

Let’s start with the one that is very clearly making headway. OTT or Over-the-top media service is a OTT video streaming solution that provides stream-able video services directly to users via online platforms. This generally means they go over the other media-controlling or distributing platforms that have been around for quite a while such as cable, satellite and broadcast television platforms. Some of these are free to watch while others are monetized after gathering up similar streams to one particular platform.

2. The Real Estate App Solutions

Real estate brokers usually take a pretty big chunk of the contract agreement, which makes sense because of the amount of labour they have to do to match a customer to a particular estate that they are affiliated to. The whole profession in itself is a fair one but it’s not very efficient. Each broker has one particular set of properties that they are allowed to negotiate and give out, but most of the properties are out of their familiarity zone, therefore, they won’t be able to give the customer much of a bargain. This and if you consider the ease by which you can add as many filters you want to the real estate app solution, to get exactly what you want only gives it an upper hand.

3. Matrimonial App Solutions

Marriage is another one of the businesses that require a broker or mediator. Like mentioned above, almost everyone has way too many particulars while selecting a corresponding partner. Hence, the small list of people who are registered with a particular mediator is definitely not enough or would be unable to match to all the criteria set up by the families. Thus, making the matrimonial app development as one of the top trends for a mobile app development company.

4. Event Booking App Solutions

This Event Booking App Solution is one of the top tech trends for the next upcoming years. Efficiency and time are very important during event planning and finally, execution. Events have many aspects to themselves, and they all need to go hand in hand to bring it together. To gather all aspects of a client’s idea is very tedious, especially when the clients themselves are not good at communicating what’s in their mind. 

5. Food Delivery App Solutions

This was an inevitable change well catered by food delivery app solution providers. Those restaurants that are not registered yet are completely forgotten now. More than the ease of delivery of the food, it has become a platform to bring every type of food available against every price of that particular type available. IT company apps cater to every whim or craving of any type of customer from anywhere.

6. E-Commerce App Solutions

An E-Commerce app solution is one of the highly demanded and growing trends for next five years. For clothing as an example, if you go to one specific store, pick out a dress that fits you exactly and then go online and find the same thing there is probably a better offer on it. Even if there is not, it saves you from the whole hassle of travelling till the store and aimlessly walking around till you find what you are looking for when you could just simply apply a filter on any ecommerce app developed by a web development company.

7. Ride-Sharing App Solutions

There are still big groups of transportation labourers that are not putting their services online or affiliating with a big company for their service. Of course, there is the downfall of the web development companies taking quite a commission from each of the rides, but in general, the total number of people ready to walk till the stands and bargain the prices with the drivers has severely gone down. So, even if a commission is taken the total number of rides is going to be higher and makes the demand for ride-sharing app solution providers higher.

8. E-Learning App Solutions

When big universities turned their classes into online modes, we realized that it wasn’t an impossible feat like we were once made to believe. E-learning app solutions have a better-structured content than most university or school-based content, hence it has unofficially become a go-to place for your academic doubts and cravings.

9. Delivery App Solutions

There is a huge growth in demand for a delivery app solution in big cities nowadays. At first, it did not seem to be a very viable business, but then the realization that instead of physically travelling and getting something, having it delivered for a much cheaper rate and reducing the risk of travelling through the pandemic has really helped to make it feasible. Software development companies are hired for making such apps.

10. Laundry App Solutions

Laundromat applications have a very sophisticated view of the simple activity of cleaning your clothing. From a well created laundry app solution, you can select from a variety of services, select the timing of the pick-up and drop off and even select the kind of products you want to be used on your clothes using a mobile application development company. Unlike before, clothing has become a very costly commodity. No one really wears clothes just to cover themselves. It has become a method of showing your personality.


Outsourcing work has always been around for tech companies especially, but it was always kept aside for talents that were difficult to find locally. Nowadays companies hire dedicated developers, it becomes easier and more viable. It would make the work cost-effective, will get better time management, better talents etc.

There are many different apps for almost everything nowadays. Businesses are getting more inclined towards hiring the on demand app development company to fulfill these growing trend needs. A lot of businesses are unintentionally getting disrupted, but it’s inevitable with the advancement of technology, and is expected as competition between businesses in the same sectors.

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What are Emerging Trends in Accounting Software (e-Accounting)?

Chris Holroyd



Emerging Trends in Accounting Software

Hello, welcome to my blog & in this article I will simply explain the emerging trends in accounting software. We will stick to e-Accounting services, that are radically changing the business domain. 

The impact of integrated accounting services, marketing regulations, & automation technology have simplified the accounting management. 

How does a financial accounting firm handle and open large books? Accounting software is the answer to all your business needs! Accounting is an integral part of a business organization and helps to obtain information about profitability and losses.

Simple accounting software enables companies to track costs and revenue and automate reporting tasks by manually deleting consolidated items. With the development of technology and automation, we have seen a significant increase in cloud accounting in India.

Many Indian companies rely on this online accounting program to manage their basic financial reports like income statements, balance sheets etc. and help business owners, investors and other creditors to track financial gains or losses.

What is an Accounting Software?

An accounting software is a toolkit used to perform accounting functions, research & management. The primary job of the accounting software is to keep the financial status of your company. Process all your transactions like a ledger, payroll, payment receipts, billings etc. through an accounting software.

What is latest trend in accounting software?

The latest trend of accounting solution is use of an online service. The online accounting service is best for the businesses to manage their resources. 

Online accounting solution model shapes the financial data between the multiple branches. Today, Online accounting services are widely deployed on various devices. The biggest benefits of using an e-accounting solution are its compatibility on multiple devices like mobiles, laptops or tablets. 

Carefully evaluate all the features of the accounting system and then make a choice that will help you make these important business decisions. However, there are times when, despite all the considerations, you are still confused.

Benefits of Online Accounting Software:

Here are many benefits of online accounting software. Here is a list of them that are explained below:

Easy & online access:

The prime benefit of having online accounting software is its very easy & online access. The online accounting solutions are hosted on cloud & hence can be accessed on any OS or platform i.e., Mac, Windows or iOS. It will ask only to enter the login credentials of accounting software i.e., username, password & server path.

100% Safe & Secure:

It is a completely secure accounting service without fear of data theft. Modern accounting software is very suitable here. You should choose software that provides data encryption and allows unauthorized access. There are no accounting data stored in the database.

Manage Accounts Data Online:

Online accounting solutions maximize unique opportunities to provide streamlined solutions in complex business areas. View reports and performance analysis to make quick decisions. Get an overview of each reason for managing capital management and accounting complexity. The user can manage all the resources on his account in an electronic environment.

Fulfils GST Compliances:

E-accounting software also meets the needs of Indian users. GST is the latest law change in the Indian tax system. It is also divided into four different tiles that require careful compliance with the conditions. The electronic accounting solution enables easy and error-free submission of GST receipts. The risk of revoking GST as a compliance partner can now be reduced.

Stay Online All the Time:

No matter where you are or what device you use, online solutions help you access your accounts and manage your business. It is the right platform for all growing companies in terms of accessibility and important resources. Online solutions offer tailored resources for different business areas. 

Top Online Accounting Solutions for Businesses:

  • Tally ERP 9 Accounting Software: Tally, I mean wow, it has really won the hearts of many business users for the management of their accounting data. Unfortunately, Tally software doesn’t come online on cloud. You have to use a third-party application for the hosting of Tally accounting software on cloud. NetForChoice Tally Server on Cloud is a very powerful way of running your services. Tally software can be implemented online & information can be accessed virtually on multiple devices through a web login portal.
  • Quickbook Notes: Modern companies use passionate accounting software that delivers clear and comprehensive data in one tool. QuickBooks India is a comprehensive and modern accounting management tool that brings out the best in your business. With this software, companies can track sales, generate invoices, and upload and download databases from the cloud portal. QuickBooks is designed for beginners and requires no experience in managing a financial account.
  • RealBooks: RealBooks is one of the best online cloud accounting software in India and offers a wide variety of system features and functions. It is one of the best accounting software in India and is scalable for small businesses with multiple offices and corporations under one roof. Free accounting software specially developed for one user with up to 500 entries per year. It’s not just an online accounting software. It is an advanced cloud accounting software. With RealBooks, you can add unlimited concurrent users, different locations and different branches can be accessed by clicking on the front panel.

The Verge: Many business users can easily manage their accounting resources. Accounting and business skills increase the use of accounting software. These systems help to minimize manual data entry, reduce human error and increase efficiency, speed, and accuracy.

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Benefits of Moving to a VoIP Telephone System

Chris Holroyd



VoIP Telephone

Communication is essential in your business process’s smooth running, whether you own a big or small enterprise. Therefore for the successful running of your business, use the best business phone system like VOIP services. VOIP is a perfect option for all those businesses who need a secure, Internet-based, and flexible phone system. 

What is a VOIP phone system?

Traditional phones work by connecting phones through a PSTN loop, but VOIP phones complete the calls using the Internet using the digital signals. Using a VOIP phone system, you will require a Cloud-based phone system provider and an IP phone system for making calls and receiving calls. 

Advantages of Switching to VOIP Phone Systems

A business’s most prominent benefit when they switch to VoIP telephone services includes more significant cost savings, mobility and flexibility, and increased employee productivity.

It offers beneficial functions such as enabling effective and efficient communication between smartphones, personal computers, and other digital devices with an internet connection. Find the best VoIP providers for your business evidence in the future. VoIP must offer a method of interaction transformed to meet current business needs.

  • VOIP Phones Supports Multi-tasking

VoIP is multi-functional, which means besides making traditional phone calls, you can also do video conferencing. Besides, you can simultaneously share documents and images when on the phone. It allows conversations and meetings to integrate with staff, clients, and other parties. Wherever you are, you can connect with your employees 27/7 to discuss information, offers, affairs, files, and essential agendas.

  • VOIP Phones Are Very Secure

VoIP cares well when it comes to providing security features to users. People often don’t bother spending time on something that is not worth the security of their telephone system. At present, when the cybercrime level increases, the safety of telephone systems has become an essential concern for people, especially for businesses.  It tries to improve identity management and provide encryption. The reliable VoIP provider functions under the clock to ensure security habits such as creating a strong password, conducting security audits, and configuring automatic warnings against questionable call behavior.

  • VOIP Phones Are Cost-Effective

VoIP is a low cost relative to the cost of traditional telephone services.

Telephone bills from elder school telecommunication providers usually include high monthly fees for each physical telephone line and per-minute costs that can be expensive for businesses that need to make long-distance and international calls regularly: VoIP, contrast, usually much cheaper.

Instead of transferring the voice calls across the physical network of telephone networks as traditional telephone services, VoIP only changes the caller’s voice into the data package and sends the data via the Internet to the phone to the phone. It is how VoIP can transmit remote phone calls at the same price by handling local calls to reduce the cost of making international calls.

  • VOIP Phones Are Portable

Globally, the comfort and assistance offered by the VoIP system are not suitable. It is best suited for individuals who must frequently travel for business and personal motives. It allows you to enter your VoIP telephone system using other broadband connections. So when you are on the road, you can easily connect with your core business tasks only with internet access. You can also reach your VoIP system via email. It offers a fully mobile virtual number. That means you can use the same number wherever you travel throughout the world. Not only this, if your business address changes, you can still save and use the existing VoIP number.

  • Accessible From Any Location

Another advantage of VoIP, which also attracts small and developing businesses, allows employees to take and make calls on their “job” phone numbers from anywhere, using devices that support the Internet. It can include office phones (if employees have a physical telephone in the office), desktop computers, laptops, or even personal smartphones.

This additional mobility offers extraordinary benefits to companies with traveling staff or with employees who work from home. Simultaneously, traditional land office telephones require employees to be physically in the office to receive or make calls through their business number.

VoIP telephone services allow the employees to make or receive the same call from anywhere, and callers at the other end will only see that employees talks to them from their business lines.

  • VOIP Phones Increases Productivity

If you have a traditional old business phone system, your repetition will have to spend more time in the office (waiting by telephone) than they like, or they have to use their cellphone numbers to work. Or, your company must pay for cellphones for each representative.

If your representative needs to send or receive a contract, purchase order, or other documents through faxes, they must return to your office to deal with faxes or hunt for office supply stores as they are on the road and hope this has a fax service.

Now let’s assume that instead of the standard business telephone system, you use VoIP. Your sales representative can always be available for important business calls – even when they are on the road – because they can quickly receive the call on devices that support the Internet. Callers will only see your REP business telephone number, even if your representatives answer those calls on smartphones, laptops, or other devices equips with your VoIP Provider application.

  • Easy Conference Calls

Because you already use convergent data networks for your communication, rather than memorable telephone lines, settings and participating in conference calls efficient, easy, and included in your VoIP system – this includes video calls. You can also send image documents and videos through your call when you talk so you can increase collaboration during your call.

  • Fully Remote

As long as there is a good speed reliable internet connection, you can transfer calls to cellphones, laptops, or tablets. It means you can have one business number, and your team can answer anywhere. As long as your team cannot be shared or worked on location, you can still maintain productivity and communication.


Every business is worth having a complete VoIP telephone solution. Unique telephone systems in Cloud guarantee diverse functionality and settings and adjustments through cellular applications and easy-to-use desktop tools.

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6 Unbelievable Google’s Future Projects




6 Unbelievable Google’s Future Projects

Google is continuously working on developing new technology and surprising us with there latest projects, and today in this article, we will be discussing the 6 Unbelievable Google’s Future Projects.

Nowadays, the word “Internet” means Google. Google is famous for its search engine, Youtube and Android operating system, which is used in most phones and TVs, which billions of user use every day.

Google has big plans for the future, and we are going to discuss them in this article, about the 6 Unbelievable Google’s Future Projects.

6 Unbelievable Google’s Future Projects

1). Waymo-Self Driving Cars

The concept of self-driving vehicles is increasingly becoming attractive to customers across the world. Waymo is the subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. the parent company of Google.

Waymo is a commercial self-driving taxi service startup that was started on 17 January 2009 by Google at that time it was known as “Google Self-Driving Car Project”, and later Google changes its name to “Waymo”.

Project Waymo is leading the entire autonomous mobility division and the Waymo self-driving cars are being tested on the road in California.

Morgan Stanley reported that, Waymo can be worth 105 billion dollars by 2040. As Google is investing billions of dollars in Waymo, I won’t be surprised if Waymo gets the world first legal driverless car officially on the public road.

This is one of the most exciting and Unbelievable Google’s Future Projects, which will change the whole Self-driving vehicle industry once it becomes a reality.

2) Google Duplex

Our smartphones are getting smarter day by day, and there are many things that we can do with our phones easily. Today we don’t even need to touch our phone to use it we can talk to them and ask them anything for example if you have an iPhone then you are talking to Siri, or if you have an Android device, you can speak to Google Assistant.

Google Duplex is a system which can talk to other people on behalf of you once you dial the phone. The person on the other side of the call would have no clue that he/she is talking to a machine.

Google Duplex uses Wavenet technology which can combine words and sentences in such a way that it feels like a human being is talking.

Since 2018 when Duplex was first debuted, Google has stated they have started testing this technology in the USA and taking a slow, measured approach with it.

3). Google Project Wing

Google is looking into drone technology for a while now, and their project Wing was unveiled back in 2014.

Project Wing is a direct answer to Amazon prime air a drone delivery service that Amazon says will get products to your door within 30 minutes.

Google says these drone are the future of delivering goods, and can be used for product delivery and help in disaster relief by providing aid to isolated areas.

These drones can deliver small items such as medicines or batteries to people in areas where conventional vehicles just couldn’t reach.

This drone has a wingspan of 1.5 meters, weigh 8.5kgs and its a VTOL “Vertical Take-Off and Landing” drone.

Project Wing is currently being tested in Australia because the US federal aviation law is much too strike in the US to allow for free-flight testing.

Currently, the capital of Australia Canberra is the only place where this is happening, and you can actually order food and other small items that get delivered by drone.

4). Smart contact lenses

A smart contact lens has been a Sic-fi rumours for so long, but now it can be a reality thanks to Google Smart Contact Lense.

All of you must be using some type of wearable devices like smartwatches, smart headphones but now Google is developing a new smart contact lens which will be a next-generation wearable device from which you can click photos, recorded videos and do some fantastic advance work.

Once you wear this smart contact lens, it will become a part of your body.

 With this smart contact lens, You can scan your surroundings and take photos with this lens.

This lense would be solar-powered and has some sensor on it that can collect biological data show you your body information such as body temperature, blood sugar level etc.

5). Tango

All of you must have heard about the Google Project Tango, and Google has been researching on this topic for a long time and making new development so that this technology can become a reality.

With this technology’s help, a regular user can do 3D scanning, 3D mapping and depth scanning using their Tablet and Smartphone.

The first smartphone that supported Tango was by Lenovo.

Smartphone and Tablets that support Tango will have different cameras for depth sensing and 3D scanning and sensor, identifying how you have held the camera.

With the help of the project, Tango enables smartphone, you can send scan your whole room and the view it on your smartphone.

6). Quantum Computer

There are of two types of computers Classical computers and Quantum computers. All laptops, desktop that we are using that and supercomputers used by Governments are classical computers.

Classical computers use binary numbers that include only 0 and 1. The data that you see on your laptop screen when you are watching videos on YouTube, playing games on PC, or even using a calculator the computer uses binary numbers to present you the data.

Quantum computer is entirely different than the classical computers that we are using today.

Quantum computers are much more superior than the regular computer that we are using. If Google successfully developed a Quantum Computer, it can change the world, which is why Google is trying so hard to build it.

Google in 2019 had demonstrated Quantum Supremacy when they showed that the Quantum computer that they developed beat a supercomputer when the Quantum computer solves an equation in 200 seconds and Google stated that to calculate the same equation a supercomputer would take 10,000 years.

If Google successfully builds a quantum computer, humanity can do endless advancement in science and Technology, AI, Machine Learning, Healthcare, Defence and Finance.


Google is one of the world’s biggest company, with the market capitalisation of more than 1.4 billion dollars.

In recent years, Google has invested and bought many startups and companies working in AI, technology, health care, etc., and these are the Top 6 Unbelievable Google’s Future Projects.

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How Changes In Medical Technology Affect The Healthcare Industry

Maricar Morga



How Changes In Medical Technology Affect The Healthcare Industry

To understand better where medical technology is heading in the healthcare industry, it is essential to research vital technical developments. Although proven systems are always chosen for their stability, medical organizations and professionals are still looking for new ways to boost their performance, competitiveness, and quality of service for patients.

The healthcare technology industry has been rising steadily in the past. Progress is needed to cope with the pandemic. Healthcare AI and other core developments are crucial to overcoming the crisis and generating future development.

Medical Technology In The Modern Era

Technology has made a long way since the invention of eyeglasses and stethoscopes. The availability of the internet and modern innovations are pushing progress in the healthcare market. Medical related infrastructures are evolving quicker than ever before. Emerging developments in medicine need to be used together. Some are still interconnected efforts to do so. 

Digital innovations have become an essential part of healthcare and are poised to revolutionize the practice of medicine. It has dramatically increased clinical performance concerning quality inpatient treatment. The transition significantly improved the overall experience of both healthcare practitioners and patients.

How Medical Technology Becomes A Gamechanger In The Healthcare Industry

The continued growth of technology in the medical field influences and revolutionized the industry. Here are how it happens and what you can expect to take center stage in a couple of years. 

1. Health Records

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) replacing old paper records has become a big game-changer for everyone in the medical world. Medical assistants to medical coding practitioners for licensed nurses are only a handful of positions that have been influenced by this industry-wide rollout. 

In retrospect, nurses and technicians are responsible for inputting patient data into the central digitized system. On the other hand, hospital billers and coders can amend health reports with diagnostic codes such as examination results and file medical claims to insurance providers. Not only can patients access their documents by pressing a button, but it is often assured that errors are caught more easily. Errors can also be addressed without the need to overwrite the unreadable handwriting of physicians. 

2. IoT And Wearables

The future of healthcare is closely related to encouraging patients and people who take care of their wellbeing through technology. Though wearables already collect much useful knowledge on patients, the Internet of Things or IoT will do more about the future of healthcare. IoT can automatically send data from hospital equipment, such as heart monitors or respirators, directly to the patient’s EMR. That saves time that is typically wasted manually entering these statistics. 

More significantly, however, it reduces the risk that someone will make a mistake when a data entry error occurs. The IoT solution will quickly integrate all data from multiple sources to help health professionals see the big picture. Other applications can ensure the standard of care at the doctor’s office. RFID labels on prescription labels will help consumers comply with the timetable and ensure the medication’s authenticity. 

No matter what you’d like to do, like control your weight, stress level, cognitive skills better, or if you want to maintain an overall fit and healthy state, there is a system for all of these needs. With the ability to monitor one’s wellbeing at home and communicate the outcomes directly with their doctors, these systems allow users to control their health and make more informed choices.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI will reinvent medical treatment. AI algorithms can mine hospital data, develop treatment plans, or create drugs faster than any current healthcare palette player, including any medical practitioner. 

It is quick to deal with any considerable amount of data these days. Rapid advances in analytics, cloud computing, and deep learning have given more knowledge than ever before. It is an opportunity to look at health care in new ways. 

AI will also help people work with mountains of data to develop new insights. Risks should be expected before they happen. Moreover, people will find other promising AI-based technologies, such as reducing duplication and detecting errors quickly in health records.

4. Communication

It wasn’t that long ago that health professionals find it hard to connect with their patients. Today, however, new technology has made contact between healthcare providers and patients very convenient and accessible. Healthcare professionals can keep in touch with emails, tablets, text messages, and more. 

Doctors no longer have to give letters to patients informing them about their appointments and examinations. Technology made it more straightforward and more cost-effective. Many health experts may also make webinars, videos, and online channels like social media to connect with other professionals and patients. Teleconferencing has made it possible to communicate across regional boundaries, especially during the recent pandemic. 

5. Telehealth

There are so many remote communities around the world where there is a lack of healthcare services. Video conferencing is an essential advantage of digital media, especially when the pandemic struck last year. Patients and doctor can meet virtually without comprising each other that can happen during personal checkups. 

Telehealth is not only cost-effective but will also help assess who needs emergency assistance remotely. Currently, psychologists also offer telehealth counseling to people who cannot go to their facilities. It is now used to provide instruction and training to healthcare staff working in rural places.

6. Drug Development

The method of producing new medicines is already too long and too costly. There are, however, ways to improve drug production with approaches ranging from artificial intelligence to silicone testing. Such emerging innovations and techniques are and will dominate the pharmaceutical world in the years to come. 

Silicon drug testing is another rising health technology. There are individualized computer models used to create a medical substance, system, or regulatory intervention assessment. Although existing technologies and biological analytics do not allow for entirely simulated clinical trials, there is a substantial advancement in this area with organ-on-a-chip, which is now being used.

7. AR/VR 

Digital and augmented reality are also critical innovations with tremendous potential to increase telehealth’s efficiency during the COVID-19 pandemic. This technology brings science fiction into reality, from optimizing patient and physician visits to helping medical students learn how to simulate operations. 

AR and VR technology are promising to help patients that are in dire need of physical therapy. However, virtual settings offer greater versatility than even personal meetups will not be able to provide. These managed models can be used to collect evidence to help therapists customize their patient care programs.

Final Thoughts

Medical technology in the healthcare industry will help turn inefficient healthcare programs into viable ones. It can also balance the interaction between medical practitioners and patients. Moreover, it can offer easier, quicker, and more efficient solutions to diseases. Technological advances influence healthcare’s potential in digital health technologies such as artificial intelligence, VR/AR, 3D printing, robotics, or nanotechnology. With the ongoing advancement of medical science, there is a strong hope of handling incurable illnesses. It can also enhance care rendered by patients and delivered by medical practitioners.

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3 Secrets For Transferring Your Fax Data Safely

Chris Holroyd



Fax Data Safely
While communications have evolved at a rapid pace in recent years, some methods remain in place today. Believe it or not, there are still numerous businesses and even government agencies that still use fax machines for transmission. However, even this mode of communication has evolved. The primary reason faxing remains in place today is that it’s difficult to hack, works well for international communication (Chinese characters don’t translate well on North American computers), and creates a paper trail. Still, there are concerns about security. Here are three secrets for transferring your fax data safely.

Use Online Faxing

Online faxing is the evolution of traditional faxing. It takes the foundational elements of this communication method and enhances it to be more timely and relevant. This is a fantastic option for international communications, mobile work, and data storage and tracking. For extra safety, solutions like eFax offer an enhanced security feature that encrypts messages and limits access. Rather than sitting in your inbox, these faxes are stored in a secure site. Access is only granted to the recipient. Online faxing also adds security by creating a virtual paper trail. Need to argue that you sent payment information or a contract before a deadline? Online faxing makes it easy. The virtual paper trail also tells you who has access to the faxes, unlike with a traditional machine. If your business is facing an audit, this feature can protect your financial wellbeing if you’re otherwise unable to provide audit backup.

Confirm Receipt

When it comes to transferring data safely via fax, a little communication goes a long way. Before you send sensitive data, call the recipient, and ensure that they’re ready to receive. This consideration is especially important when sending something to a shared printer or fax machine, as someone might mistakenly grab the papers. Once you’ve sent the documents, request that the recipient confirms that they have the papers in hand. Yes, a fax machine will give you a confirmation page upon request. However, it will not confirm that you sent the fax to the right number or that it didn’t get mixed up in someone’s paperwork.

Use Cover Pages

Never underestimate the value of a cover page. This paper is prime real estate for showcasing that the information contained within is private. In fact, according to HIPAA regulations, cover pages are mandatory for compliance when sending a traditional fax. The cover page should indicate the origin of the fax, the name of the recipient, and some brief information about the document. Add the words “PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL” in all caps to make it clear that this document should be delivered to the recipient immediately. If your business is under industry-specific privacy regulations, ensure that your cover sheet is in compliance before using it.

Final Thoughts

Faxing has been around in some form for over two hundred years, and isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Use these simple tips to ensure your sensitive data is transmitted safely and securely.
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