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Top 5 PC Games of All Time

Chris Holroyd



Top 5 PC Games of All Time

Our today’s article is about to reveal top 5 PC games which are really admired by people. Suppose, if you are not a gamer, then you must hear these gaming names somehow & somewhere. We made research about these games & read the reviews of these products so, let’s start.

Grand Theft Auto GTA Vice City Game

Grand Theft Auto GTA Vice City Game

Grand Theft Auto GTA Vice city comes at the 1st spot in the list. GTA is a popular gaming series and including many rest of the parts, but people really liked this version since it was released when Computer system was not reachable to many people so, that’s why people prefers this adventure game.

Its features are really amazing. Most of expensive & sports cars are accessible there which we have just seen in movies & serials. Many people spent most of their childhood by playing it and they still use to play it. RockStar Games is the official developer of the game & the complete GTA series.

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted come at the 2nd spot in the list and it belongs to sports games. You may see many awesome cars in this installment. The popularity of NFS most wanted & GTA vice city are almost same, but GTA vice city is leading with very low margin. Need For Speed is a racing series and containing many other parts, but it’s considered the best one due to some reasons. First, it does ask for a high-speed PC and secondly, the collection of cars is really awesome. It also provides the customization option where customization of cars is possible. The gamer can set the colors & deigns on any car according to his/her desire.

Tekken 3 Game

Tekken 3 Game

Tekken 3 comes at the 3rd spot in the list and considered the best arcade game forever which I have ever experienced. Its gameplay is very simple but amazing. People organize the tournaments locally & internationally. Many people are made it as a profession as well, but we do watch many international tournaments which are sponsored by big companies like Red bull etc. The availability of the product is limited, but we have linked a website to get the link which is Tekken Tier. We may suggest you to play it even if you are not a gamer because it can make your day better.

WWE 2K20 Game

WWE 2K20 Game

WWE 2K20 has stolen the 4th spot in the list. It was released in 2019 and earned too much rating in no time. It’s the best wrestling gaming series based on real event which is “World Wresting Entertainment”. It’s considered the best wresting product. The game is included all those characters who are the part of the real WWE TV show as well. Since, it’s the latest update of the series so, the video graphics quality is improved at its best level and you may experience a wrestling match in front of your eyes. The graphics quality is so real and that’s why we have included it in top 5 PC games.

Snow Bros Game

Snow Bros Game

We changed the taste here because the previous games were not too much old, but Snow Bros was released in early 19s so, there was not enough concept of gaming when this legendary installment was released and computers were reachable to very rich people at that time so, many people used to play it on Sega Device which was very amazing operating system because Sega device was made for the gaming stuff. It was a low cost device so, that’s why Sega device was reachable to many gamer. The game was developed by Toapla

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Spend Your Free time in Style with Ludo TheBoardGame!

Chris Holroyd



Ludo TheBoardGame

Herald among the best cross-and-circle games, Ludo is a board game that everyone knows and loves. It’s never too late to learn how to play this all-time favorite that will remind you a lot about the Indian classic of Pachisi. Unlike the latter, Ludo is a much simpler version whose concept is easy to grasp, making it an all-age favorable game for the entire family. Spend the free time on your hands during this lockdown period putting your brain to the test and sharing priceless moments with loved ones when the conversations run dry, and you need something to occupy your mind. When boredom starts to creep in, grab yourself a device, and start playing the hours away with friends! 

Ludo TheBoardGame app features

Android devices will have no problem accessing their free version of Ludo from the PlayStore. This all-inclusive game comes with the following host of fun functionalities: 

  • Solo campaigns: Is there no one available to play with you at the moment? You can play single-player matches as you pit yourself against the in-game AI. This mode is also great if you’d like to play without an internet connection
  • Multiplayer mode: The great thing about physical traditional board games is how people come together to share the board and have fun. This Ludo game allows the same experience, with a pass-and-play system that accommodates up to four players,
  • Remote multiplayer features: If you want to play with faraway friends, you can link up online and share a match. 
  • Interactive emojis and voice chat: To further improve the remote multiplayer experience, players can talk with each other via voice chat and share emojis showing how they feel about the actions of players. E.g., you can send a laughing emoji to rub it in when you send a rival token back to the home base. 
  • Online tournaments. Find the challenge you desire from online tournaments—victory results in diamonds that you can redeem for big-name vouchers like Amazon. 
  • Are you fluent in English? Or do you prefer Hindi? The game allows for language selection between both options

How Ludo works

Ludo is a roll-and-dice game where four players compete to take four tokens around a course and into the finishing square in the middle of the board. Colored red, green, yellow, and blue, each shade is representative of the four different players. 

Why this Ludo TheBoardGame app is unlike the rest

With many options out on the internet, why would you settle for this particular version of Ludo? Well, you’ll hardly find any other with the free voice chat option. You can share laughs and conversations with your friends wherever they are, no matter the distance. The interactive emojis are also a nice touch. Further, this Ludo rewards players with Amazon, Flipkart, Domino and Paytm vouchers, making it the only Ludo game where you get paid to play! 

Download Ludo TheBoardGame today and spread the joy with this fun-family game!

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Top 5 Things You Can Do In Virtual Reality This Year

Chris Holroyd



Top 5 Things You Can Do In Virtual Reality This Year

This year has been a strange one, with most of us locked up in our homes for many months with nothing much to do besides watch TV and play games. Lots of us have started to explore new ways of entertaining ourselves and the popularity of virtual reality has exploded! 

VR is still relatively new in the technology world but experts predict that it will soon become part of our regular day to day lives. For the time being there are still some limitations and some of the tech can be a bit on the pricey side, but there are already incredible things you can do in the virtual space, from exploring your physical desires with VR porn to feeling like you’re actually flying!

In this article we will explore some amazing things you can currently do in virtual reality (that’s not gaming!) some readily available from the comfort of your own home and others that require a little bit more tech.

If you’re a bike lover, you’ve got to try this

Whether you’re an avid bike rider or just looking to get a little more exercise during lockdown, extreme virtual biking can be a really fun way to pass the day. When you live in a big city and can’t go biking in the mountains as often as you want, a VR bike experience is your next best thing.

Ideally you’ll want a stationary bike that can connect with your VR software, such as the VirZoom, but if you don’t have one then a regular exercise bike will do just as well. You’ll also need a good virtual reality headset, such as the Oculus Rift, as well as an extreme biking app, of which there are many to choose from.

Go to a concert

Watching movies in the cinema or going to concerts in real life may never be the same thanks to virtual reality. During lockdown virtual reality concerts boomed in popularity and may continue to rise once the pandemic is over. People are realising that you can experience popular events, such as live music or the Cirque du Soleil in 3D, and you’re more likely to get “better seats” without ever leaving your sofa and actually see all the performers up close.  

More and more movies will become available in VR so you can actually run from the dinosaurs on your screen or turn the other way if you find them too scary to look at.

Enjoy some virtual intimacy

You can’t talk about virtual reality without mentioning adult VR movies. Even though it’s a subject not often talked about by the virtual companies, they all secretly agree that adult entertainment is what’s truly driving this industry. With good reason too! VR porn is the closest thing you can currently get to real life love making and there even sex toys now that can sync with your movies to enhance your viewing experience. 

All you need is a virtual reality headset, which you can get from 10$ – 1000$ online, depending on the quality of the visuals and you’re good to go!

Visualise your future home

Decorating your newly purchased home is incredibly exciting and we want to make it just right. We go to the store and pick out furniture that we like and we try to mentally visualise how it will look in our living room, but you could never truly see it properly… until now!

Even if your house hasn’t been built yet, you can create a life-sized digital model of it and walk around it in VR! You can fill it with furniture, plants, change your wall colours and do anything you want to help you visualise your future home in advance.

Speaking of homes, you can also use VR to visit new real estate you’re thinking of purchasing. This is especially helpful if you’re in lockdown or looking to buy abroad.

Try out flying or skydiving

If you’re too scared to actually go skydiving or if you’ve always wanted to feel what it’s like to fly through the skies, you can now do so in virtual reality, which will feel pretty much like the real thing! Unfortunately you can’t yet do this from the comfort of your home, but if you’re ever lucky enough to come across some virtual flying tech, you definitely won’t want to miss out!

The exhilaration of flying like a bird has inspired mankind for centuries and the machine that’s currently available engages your entire body and even flaps your “wings” for extra realism.

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Best 6 Upcoming Game Trends In 2020-2021

Hermit Chawla



Mobile gaming

Mobile gaming has become a power to deal with. Cutting edge innovation and energetic reception of the rising patterns has empowered fast development in the mobile game development industry. The enormous development and high rivalry have impelled well known IT organizations to concentrate on mobile game development exclusively. Most game development organizations are targeting trending advancements and the mobile platform to offer inventive, cutting edge gaming experiences. 

The gaming patterns in the previous not many years have grabbed the eye of gamers around the world. As an best iPad game development company, we bring you a glance at some significant patterns that will keep game development organizations occupied for the current year. 

1. Cloud Gaming 

Cloud gaming, or gaming on request, permits direct gushing of games to your mobile gadget. 

In Cloud gaming, basically, the cloud-gaming server runs a game and streams a video of the gameplay to you. Your info orders are sent over the system to the cloud gaming server. This remote server does the vast majority of the undertakings, while your PC just gets the spilling video (and sound). At the end of the day, cloud gaming resembles a gushing video administration; however, it is intelligent. 

Improving system availability, moment play, and establishment free games, and the advancement of cloud processing have caused it feasible for organizations to grow as good as ever cloud gaming applications for users. 

With Google reporting Stadia in 2019, and more cloud gaming offerings hitting the market, you can anticipate that 2020 should shape the following hardly any extended periods of gaming. 

2. Handheld Consoles 

At the point when PlayStation and Xbox caused the users to go insane for the 3D gaming condition with its sound and realistic impacts, it resembled the finish of handheld consoles. In any case, the achievement of Nintendo Switch demonstrated that handheld gaming consoles are digging in for the long haul. Users, despite everything, wish to experience the fun of a computer game and the comfort of a handheld gadget. The year 2020 envoys a splendid future for handheld game consoles. Furthermore, more established games will soon be accessible for mobile. You may even observe the integration of the support and the mobile! 

3. AR and VR 

Both AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) center around inundating users in a carefully made life-like setting. Alongside online networking and community-oriented gaming, AR permits players a total gaming experience in a recreated situation. 

As per statistical surveying by Gartner, it has been seen that the market for AR and VR gaming industry will see a significant ascent in the year 2020. In this manner, organizations need to think of systems to rethink their plans of action and utilize these vivid innovations to extend and remain in front of contenders on the off chance that they genuinely need to make an imprint in the gaming business. 

4. Cross-Platform Technology 

Envision having the option to play a similar game on various gadgets independent of their OS? The gaming business will take a lofty jump with cross-useful platforms, bringing about a higher user rate that will additionally develop in the coming year. 

Cross-platform technology not just permits the players to utilize various gadgets to play simultaneously yet, in addition, offers an additionally captivating and improved user experience. 

5. UI/UX in Game Development 

UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) are the most significant structure slants that assume a critical job in building up any game. 

Think this way. On the off chance that a game doesn’t look appealing with its visual designs, you wouldn’t have any desire to try and take a gander at it. In straightforward words, the user experience (UX) won’t be justified, despite all the trouble with a helpless user interface (UI). 

With regards to gaming, an astounding UI/UX is an unquestionable requirement to pull in more users and offer them a pleasant experience. The more instinctive your UX is the all, the more captivating will the gaming experience be. 

Probably the most well known universal games, like Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga, and Subway Surfers, and so on, caused gamers to go insane for their wonderful UI/UX. Mobile gamers can absolutely expect a treat in 2020 with sensational improvement in UI and UX. 

The Bottom Line 

The ever-expanding gamer populace has constrained notable game development organizations to offer to their users probably the most energizing gaming experiences. In 2020, prepare for additional updates and discoveries. Game development organizations should make cutting edge, hyper-sensible, and consistent game structure and usefulness.

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Master the ways of the Spatula with the Competitive Kitchen Clout Game

Chris Holroyd



The Theme behind Kitchen Clout

Like painting, cooking is an artwork that requires consistent excellence, lots of practice, and of course, skilled hands. Do you have what it takes to hack it in a busy restaurant with a flurry of customers? Find out on the Kitchen Clout journey, a progressive-level cooking game that dishes out recipe challenges one stage after the other. Upgrade your kitchen and satisfy your customers with not only quality but fast service. Rise through the ranks on your way to one day owning a restaurant and making all your dreams come true! 

App features

You can download Kitchen Clout from both the Apple and Google PlayStore as it is a cross-platform app. In terms of gameplay, expect the following features:

  • A chain of immersive levels, upwards of 100 in number. Start slow and steady with simple requests and get the hang of the game. As you advance, orders get faster and more complex to test you to the limit
  • Earn coin rewards by executing client orders in time, then use the currency to upgrade your kitchen and its equipment so you can stay on top of the piling work. 
  • Time-limited contests you can be a part of and earn exclusive rewards for successful and delicious quests.
  • The kitchen clout menu is as expansive as the universe. You’ll get to learn new recipes along every step of the way, including baking, grilling, and a lot more. 
  • Strategic kitchen management skills are also tested as you must juggle the cooking and financial aspect of running a restaurant. 

Kitchen Clout working

Players get five lives that regenerate over time, and one “heart“ is used up with every failed level. Success, on the other hand, comes by reaching the objectives of the level, usually a set coin amount, although sometimes the target can be “likes.” Each client orders food or food combos that need to be completed before the dwindling green meter empties; otherwise, the chef loses money. You must also be keen not to overcook and ruin the food, in which case, it is thrown out, and you need to start over. You’ll buy better equipment and unlock boosts with progress.

The uniqueness of Kitchen Clout 

Kitchen Clout offers a super realistic cooking experience that also entails getting reviews for your restaurant. When you complete orders ahead of time, you get coins as well as likes. Players can upgrade kitchen accessories, manage finances, and get a proper feel of what life is like for a busy chef, beyond what goes on in the kitchen. 

Cooking games don’t get any better than Kitchen Clout, so be sure to give it a try!

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Things You Must Know About The 13 Card Rummy Game

Chris Holroyd



Things You Must Know About The 13 Card Rummy Game

In India, one among the foremost famous card games is 13 Card Rummy or 13 Card Points Rummy. The game is played with one or greater decks of playing cards, relying on the number of gamers.

For the game, not less than two players are required. 13 Card Rummy Game can be a draw and discard recreation during which gamers want to set up their hand playing cards in legitimate sequences.

How do you play the card game 13 in Rummy?

Typically the 13 Card Rummy Game is played between 2 or greater gamers and the cards are dealt in a clockwise direction. The rule of the Indian model of rummy is to deal with 13 cards each to the players. As a player, you have to create units and sequences with the 13 cards you’re dealt in, to win the sport.

13 Card Indian Rummy Rules

13 card rummy sport latches on the information of sure attributes such as Mathematics, Psychology, Risk, and Asset control tied with Analytical Thinking. In this version of rummy, gamers are required to shape valid mixtures from their allocated playing cards and the only who proclaims first among all with legitimate combinations wins the game with zero points.

13 Card Rummy Game

Here are the specific 13 Card Rummy Game regulations.

  • Each participant is sent 13 cards each from which gamers are required to shape valid units and sequences
  • A collection is formed by using arranging at the least 3 cards in a serial order inclusive of 7,8,9. A set is formed via arranging at least 3 cards of the identical rank along with Kh, Kc, Ks.
  • A joker can be used as a wild card to replace any missing cards in aggregate.
  • One of very vital 13 card rummy regulations is that players must arrange at least one natural sequence to make a valid declaration. 
  • Example of a pure series is 3 serial cards or greater of the equal healthy consisting of 8h,9h,10h.
  • Players want to choose cards from the closed deck/open deck and discard an unwanted card inside the open deck to update the only he/she picked.
  • The participant who makes a legitimate aggregate of units and sequences and proclaims them first among all wins the sport with zero points.
  • All other gamers can score points consistent with the face and number price of their closing playing cards

Scoring System in 13 cards rummy game

Each card in this variant is scored in step with the face value and number fee of the cards. Here is the scoring system.

  • All numbered playing cards are scored accordingly. 
  • For example, numbers 1-10 convey precisely the same value as their numbers.
  • Face cards consisting of A, K, Q, J,10 carry 10 points each.
  • A dropping participant can rate a maximum of 80 factors.

Now that we’ve got the gameplay in conjunction with the 13 card rummy regulations laid out, it’s time to search for a web rummy portal that can offer the satisfactory on-line rummy games and tournaments with the most high-quality set of rewards.

13 Card Rummy Game Variations

  1. Points Rummy 

Points rummy is a version of 13 cards Indian rummy where players play for points with pre-determined rupee value. One participant who makes the first legitimate announcement wins the game with 0 points and wins all of the cash-based totally on the warring parties’ total factors.

How is the Scoring Done in Points Rummy?

Deciding the winner : 

The first participant to complete after meeting the game goal wins. The winner gets 0 factors.

If one or greater gamers drop the sport in their first circulate, they get 20 points every and the game continues till a single winner emerges. If one or greater gamers drop the game after their first move, they get 40 points every and the game continues till an unmarried winner emerges. If a participant announces without meeting the sporting objective, he/she receives 80 points and the sport continues till there may be a winner.

Special case: If a participant misses three consecutive turns, he/she is dropped robotically from the sport. This way that this player receives a center drop rating of 40 factors.

  1. Deals Rummy 

Deals rummy is a thrilling variant of 13 Card Rummy Game where you play for a fixed quantity of deals. You just need to pay an entry fee (Play Chips or Real Money) to have interaction in the aggressive format of Deals Rummy games. Each player gets a fixed quantity of chips in Deals Rummy games.

How to Play Deals Rummy

In Deals Rummy, gamers play with chips which can be allocated at the beginning of the deal for a pre-determined variety of deals. One winner wins all of the chips at the cease of every deal. At the quit of the pre-decided range of deals, the participant with the widest variety of chips is chosen because of the winner for the rummy game.

  1. Pool Rummy

Pool rummy is an interesting variant of 13-card rummy. Players get eliminated once their accumulated ratings reach the maximum factors restrict on the table: a hundred and one Points Pool or 201 Points Pool. The winner of every deal receives zero factors and wins the prize pool.

How to Play Pool Rummy

Each participant joins a Pool Rummy desk by using paying a set entry fee that is used to create the Prize Pool. A toss will decide which player makes the primary move. Each player is dealt a hard and fast of 13 playing cards randomly. The first card from the % is located in the open deck indicating that the sport has started.

Conclusion :

Artoon Solutions Pvt Ltd is a leading cards development software company and a widely known name within the recreation business. we tend to aim to develop associate degree innovative and artistic game with mind-blowing options.

We are providing services ludo game development unity, ludo development, Teen Patti game development, rummy game development etc. once a year phones are getting powerful than are the games. With improved graphics, physics, and different parts, these games are becoming a lot of intense and visual day by day.

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Best Easy Ways to Fix PUBG Crash Issues on Windows 10 PC





Fix PUBG Crash Issues on Windows 10 PC
Many players of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have recently faced the problem that PUBG crashes after every game. Sometimes even right within their game, PUBG gets closed and they land on their desktop. This is quite a problem because every time it happens, and it might happen several times during one game, you will lose the match. This destroys the complete gaming experience, right?

Many players of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have recently faced the problem that PUBG crashes after every game. Sometimes even right within their game, PUBG gets closed and they land on their desktop. This is quite a problem because every time it happens, and it might happen several times during one game, you will lose the match. This destroys the complete gaming experience, right?

But don’t worry, there are some easy things you can do to fix this problem. Simply follow our guide on how to fix PUBG crashing that will help you in gaining back the gaming fun.

5 Best Ways Fix PUBG Crash Issues on Windows 10:

  • Get The Latest Patch Update

A patch is a software program that is supposed to fix bugs and problems in a program. Also the developer of PUBG, Bluehole, regularly offers new patches on their official PUBG patches webpage. There you can download the latest updates which can already solve your PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds crashing issue. If not, continue with our tips.

  • Disable GPU Overclocking

Some users increase the clock rate of their GPU in order to run it on a higher rate than certified by the manufacturer. This can give an extra boost to the PC performance. But on the shady side, this might hamper your GPU’s stability and thus the stability of your game. Reset the overclocking settings to default and test if PUBG keeps crashing.

  • Update Your Drivers

Maybe it’s because of your drivers that your PUBG is crashing all the time. If they are outdated your system can not work properly and malfunctions can appear. In the worst case outdated drivers can even be a security threat. One of the most important drivers for your game is the graphics card driver. You should make sure that you have the latest version of the correct driver, and if not you should install it. But how? There are two ways to update your drivers: Either manually or automatically.

  • 3.1 Manual Driver Update

For a manual driver update it is better to already have some computer expertise and the task might take some time. You can navigate to the official website of your device manufacturer and download the drivers manually. For this process you should be sure about which device you have and also which Windows version with how many bits you are using. There is also always the risk of downloading not only incompatible but also infected drivers that are not certified for your PC if you can’t find the official manufacturer site. Thus it can be safer and especially faster to perform an automatic driver update.

  • 3.2 Automatic Driver Update (recommended)

The quick and easy way to update your drivers is to use a special program that will scan your PC, find the devices, search for the correct drivers, and install them from the official and certified sources. Using a driver updater is the most comfortable way to update drivers for novices as well as for computer experts.

All you have to do is to get yourself the best driver updater software. It will automatically bring your drivers up to date and ensure that all driver requirements for a great gaming performance are fulfilled. After that, restart your PC and test if the situation is still the same, that PUBG crashes after every game or within it.

  • Optimize Your Game’s Graphics Settings

If all the aforementioned methods did not help you can adjust the graphics settings of PUBG. High levels of shadows, textures, effects, and more are putting a lot of workload on your processing units. Lowering these levels and playing the game in windowed mode can help you to fix PUBG crashing and to enjoy a smooth gaming session without sticking or interruptions. Disabling V-Sync will contribute to that, too.

  • More Methods If Nothing Has Helped

Now you have tried several things but you are still facing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds crashing? Don’t give up yet. There are some more ways to address this problem.

An easy intervention to reduce the workload on your processing units is to stop programs that are running in the background and that you don’t need. So before starting your game, open your task manager and end all unnecessary processes.

Your PC has already been running for a while? Well, give it a restart so that the system is clean and fresh for your game. This can already help to prevent PUBG crashing.

There is no better way to ensure that all game components are installed correctly than to cleanly uninstall PUBG from your PC. Make sure that also all files and folders from the game got removed before installing it again.

Last but not least you can check if you are running the latest Windows version. If not, it is always good to perform a Windows update to always get the latest optimized software and drivers.


After reading this article you now have a catalogue of methods at your fingertips and know how to easily fix PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds crashing. It includes lowering the workload on your system so that it will run more stable and optimizing your PC by way of system and driver updates. Enjoy the flawless gaming fun of PUBG!

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