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Safety Advice If You Have A Gas Installation At Home



Gas Installation

Gas is one of the sources of energy that causes the least environmental impact. In addition, it is one of the most accessible and economical for family use. However, although safety conditions are quite high, it is recommended to take into account some safety tips to keep our gas installation in good condition.

Who does the maintenance of the gas installation?

The authorized distribution companies have a qualified technical service that is responsible for the maintenance of the gas installation.

It is important that if you observe something unusual in the operation of the installation, immediately notify the manufacturer or any of the authorized companies like commercial access control security, to review and solve the incident effectively and completely safe.

What elements should be reviewed of the gas installation?

The most important elements of a gas installation, and which should be reviewed periodically, are:

  • The flexible tubes.
  • The ventilation system.
  • The quality of the flame.
  • The leaks.

How to check the pipes of the gas installation

One of the elements that must be revised and changed periodically is the flexible tubes that make up our natural gas installation. It is vital that the spare parts are approved and comply with current regulations on safety. For this, it is enough to notify the technician of the authorized company.

What to check the ventilation system of the gas installation?

In order for the ventilation system of the gas installation to be adequate, it is important to check the grids and the outlet pipes. They should not accumulate dust or be clogged. For this, it is advisable to maintain good cleaning and ventilate the house usually.

What is the optimum flame quality of a gas installation?

When you are in the kitchen, it is interesting that you observe the quality of the flame at the moment when the gas burns:

A blue and constant flame, with no ups and downs in pressure, is the best proof of proper combustion.

On the contrary, if you notice that the pots and pans you use end up stained black by the smoke of the flame, warn the technician because it is a clear symptom of bad combustion.

How to detect leaks in a gas installation?

The easiest way to detect leaks in a gas installation is through smell. In case you notice a gas smell, the first thing you should do is check that the stove and the stopcock are off and open the windows to ventilate the room.

If the smell persists, leave the house and notify the technical service immediately. Under no circumstances should you handle switches, electrical appliances or light a cigarette.

Finally, if you are going to be away from home for a long period, close the general key for safety and avoid problems during your absence.

Smart gas detectors

If you are interested in having an intelligent detector to prevent gas leaks, you can contact us. These detectors act for your safety and send a signal to our Alarm Receiving Center before a possible escape.


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How Do You Fix The Pname Com Facebook Orca Error?

Chris Holroyd



Pname Com Facebook Orca

Facebook has billions of users, and new users are signing up every minute. It’s the most popular social networking site there is. Not only are there individuals with accounts, over 50 million businesses have pages as well. Along with Facebook, the Facebook Messenger app is also widely popular, allowing individuals to connect off of their main pages. If you use Facebook, and its Messenger app, on your Android device, you may have noticed a message pop up on your screen that reads “pname com facebook orca has stopped working.” This is a common issue, and it’s fixable. Here’s how.

What is Pname Com Facebook Orca?

Com Facebook orca is actually the name for your Facebook Messenger app on your Android device. It’s essentially the folder that stores all of the files, images, and videos that you cache on the app. It’s automatically created when Messenger is installed, and is located in your device’s storage. The folder is incredibly helpful if you want to retrieve deleted messages, conversation, images, and other information from Messenger.

Pname Com Facebook Orca

Many Android users with the Facebook Messenger app installed on their devices are seeing an error message that reads “pname com facebook has stopped.” When this message appears, you can’t open Facebook or Messenger. It’s not malware, so there’s no reason to worry about that, but it can be annoying and it can’t be ignored. Attempting to ignore it will just result in the same message appearing again and again.

How to Fix the Pname Com Facebook Error?

So, you can’t ignore the error message, but can you delete the orca folder? You can, but it certainly won’t solve the issue. If you delete the folder, it’s automatically regenerated, and you’ll still get the same error message. Deleting the folder might not be the solution, but there is a way to fix it.

Start by opening the Settings option on your Android device. Go to the Application tab and select the Application Manager or All Apps option. Once here, find the Facebook and Messenger apps and clear the data. After doing this, restart both of your apps. This should fix the problem, preventing the error message from reappearing. In the event that the message continues to appear even after following these steps, you can put a stop to it by uninstalling both apps and reinstalling them onto your device.

Are There Alternatives to Use without It?

You can’t get rid of the orca folder. So, if you’d like to use a messenger app without it, but still want to maintain contact with your Facebook friends, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. One of the most popular ones is WhatsApp with over one billion monthly users. It’s owned by Facebook, but it’s still independent. It’s free and it’s secure. You can share texts, photos, and video messages with your contacts.

If you do a lot of group chats in Messenger, you can opt to use Message Me instead. In addition to conversations, you can share photos and videos. You can also have private conversations with individual members of your conversation groups.

Finally, another option is to use Skype. It’s more than just video calling. You can also send text and voice messages. Additionally, Skype allows you to connect to Facebook with a single click. You can send emoticons and documents to your Facebook contacts through this app free of charge.

Dealing with the Pname Com Facebook Orca error can be incredibly irritating. Thankfully, it can be fixed. In the event that you find you’re still dealing with it, and reinstalling the apps don’t work, there are plenty of other alternatives to Messenger that can help you to stay connected with your Facebook friends without the annoying error message.

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Why Not Try Out Clone For Your Website?

Chris Holroyd



Why Not Try Out Clone For Your Website?

There are many strategies that you can use to make the most of your online presence. You can make use of them to get the features, settings and facilities in your website that everybody likes. If you are planning to start a business, you might be in requirement of a website no matter a social media site, a job site, E-commerce site or any other type of website which will ultimately make you famous and known among your targeted audience. 

You know what you are not the alone in this queue, but there are plentiful of individual who desire to attain the same. Everyone wishes to have a website that helps to grab the attention of billions of people on the World Wide Web. But you must be thinking how to attain the main factors of such top ranking web pages and websites at a reasonable price and get the same popularity and attention as they are receiving. Well, what if someone can provide you assistance with the same and build the website for you?

Have you ever heard about the concept of Websites clone? If not then get acquainted because it is going to pave a wonderful path for your website. It has been seen that you can also relish success in case you imitate the same type of identity for yourself also. Such a thing can be done successfully through the concept of cloning technique and it will provide you effective results and an established and tried template for your website. It not just saves your valuable time on choosing the designs and other needs for your websites but you can easily pick the design as you require and develop it cloned for the website of your business.

Are there any benefits of using clone scripts?

There are many benefits and a few are like:

Get technical knowledge

You can turn out to be the owner of a website that you have thought of. If you are going to make use of clone script then you don’t require any technical knowledge. Professionals can provide you clone script to your desired and dreamed site. The script is made and designed by skilled developers and designers. You would get the exact pleasure, effectiveness and benefits after using the website.

Not too pricy 

The formation cost of your website is very less as you don’t have to form the whole site by yourself. You don’t even require taking assistance of a company that develops websites or any software makers to help you. The clone is already developed and you just require using it. It saves you everything from time, money and efforts.

Easily Available 

You shall get the script for your website ready to use form. Hence you don’t have to make any alterations from the coding point of view. In this way you end up saving both time and money. 


Thus, you should give a thought to clone websites and who knows your website turns out to be the next sensation!

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5 Factors That Associations & Organisations Can Use Video For

Chris Holroyd



Corporate Video Production

Video has always been the most powerful media tool, and it can be used in many ways. A short promo video can introduce a team, an organisation, or even a new product line, and there’s a whole lot more than video can do for an organisation, which we will discuss in this article.

5 Factors That Associations & Organisations Can Use Video For
Making People Aware of your Existence – You might be a non-profit organisation that simply needs some expert exposure, and with the right video production company in your corner, you can create a short film that makes people aware of who you are and more importantly, what you are doing. 

Promoting Brand Awareness – If you want more people to understand your branding, video is the perfect way to do this. There are specialist video production houses that offer web video production Brisbane companies make use of to help them in promoting brand awareness, and they can easily be found with an online search. Brand awareness takes time, and with a coordinated approach, you can create brand awareness in the most effective ways.

Informing People of Eco-Friendly Practices – People like to deal with organisations that adopt eco-friendly practices, and a short video can best describe your commitment to environmentally friendly practices. Simply find a leading video production house and tell them what you are looking for in video production, and they will put their talents to work and create the perfect platform to put your message across. By actually seeing how you remove your waste and showing the eco-friendly practices that occur on a daily basis, it will have a significant effect on all those who watch it.

Introducing your Dynamic Team – An organisation is only as good as the people who run it, and by creating a short, but very dynamic video, you can certainly achieve your objective. People like to know about those that make the organisation tick, and the right style of video that introduces your team will go a long way towards helping people understand your team. A few minutes for each team member to say a few things about themselves will do wonders for helping customers to make a personal connection.

Explain Processes – It might be a short film that takes the viewer through the manufacturing process, or it could be a video that describes your service in some detail, and with top-notch video production companies that are ready to turn your ideas into reality, the process is easy. A web-based video that takes the viewer through the process will do wonders for sales, and if you are a non-profit organisation, there’s no better way to reach the right people with the right message.

consider video as a media form

Whatever your business needs, consider video as a media form, as it can deliver your message in a very powerful way. With the right production house in your corner, success is just around the corner.

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RobbinHood Strikes Baltimore

Mike Echols



RobbinHood Strikes Baltimore | Ransomware | Tech Me News

The City of Baltimore has a problem that we should all be watching closely.  This is not a case of police brutality or a Mayor who has committed several ethics violations potentially breaking laws.  Baltimore is struggling with a ransomware attack that has crippled city services. It turns out that RobbinHood is still a thief, except this time he’s not robbing the rich to help the poor.

Robbinhood is a form of ransomware. Ransomware involve the deployment of malicious software designed to deny access to a system’s owner.  In some cases, the data on a system is encrypted by the criminal. In other cases, the system owner is totally locked out.Access is only returned to the rightful system or data owner when a ransomis paid.The payments are typically in the form of digital currency. The most common ransom request is bitcoin.  

On May 7, intruders took over up to 10,000 of the city’s computers and demanded a payment in bitcoin that totals $100,000.  Some have joked that the bitcoin total that has the city in a stranglehold is just thirteen. However, city residents and those attempting to do business with the city are not laughing.  Permitting, payments, water bill and many other services have been temporarily stifled. Some city services and transaction are being handled the old manual way. However, those old methods do not work for credit card payments and where certain databases hold critical information. To quote one resident, “it is a mess.”  

Who is RobbinHood?

Though authorities have not identified who is behind the attack, it’s been speculated that RobbhinHood is powered by “Eternal Blue”, a hacking tool developed by the NSA and leaked online in 2017. If true, this wouldn’t be the first time a system created by the government was used against it.

However, after analyzing a sample of the RobbinHood ransomware, malware specialists determined Eternal Blue had no exploit code. Usually, ransomware is propagated through a single point of infection that is then used to compromise other servers and networks. As such, it is unlikely that hackers used Eternal Blue as a gateway entry. So, the identity crisis continues.

The Challenge of Ransomware

The ransomware was discovered weeks ago. As soon as it was discovered, city officials immediately notified the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and started to take systems offline, however they weren’t quick enough. The ransomware spread to government voice mails, emails, a parking fine database, and system used to pay property taxes. In addition, it has delayed at least 1,500 pending home sales, which comes as a big blow to many people who were eager to start new chapters of their lives.

Baltimore, like all ransomware victims are faced with the challenge of “do I pay or not.”  The FBI advises that you never pay the ransom. There are good reasons for this. Mainly, you don’t always regain access to your data.  Additionally, there are no guarantees it will not happen again.

The City of Atlanta went through a similar attack in the last two years.  They survived but may have spent over $20 million dollars when it was all said and done. City services and the coordination of database driven activity is halted during these attacks and puts the city down almost like a bad flu.  These attacks highlight the threat of cyber maleficence that we all should prepare for in the near future. And, although the target is the computer network, the victim is truly the citizenry.

Didn’t the city have backups?

Sure, if the victim had adequate backups the threat would be minimized, and municipalities would be back online within hours. One issue is that flawed backed-up datasets, incomplete datasets and inaccessibility to the backup are common. In some cases, the infrequency of backups even if it is less than 48 hours means critical loss of data.  That short timeframe for some organization can create chaos. A large percentage of IT professionals with ransomware experience admitted that rarely was data recovered. 42% said they were able to recover all of their data from backups.

This is not a case of victim blaming, but……..  The Office of Personnel Management could not stop intruders from entering their networks in 2014. And, although OPM was not the victim of ransomware, they could have been.  Similar vulnerabilities allowed hackers to enter the network and access sensitive data.

The truth is, this country lacks a diligent and well-trained cybersecurity workforce. Cyber security companies can protect these kinds of attacks. Cybersecurity requires leadership that is capableto orchestrate effective risk management programs and develop a culture of cybersecurity. No business is too small, and no government is too great to escape the exponentially growing number of cyber threats. One disaster (Atlanta) should have been enough. Let’s hope this latest attack is a wake-up call for individuals, businesses, and government authorities.

And to Baltimore….. fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

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Best Smart TVs you Can Buy in India



Smart TVs

With the advancement in technology nowadays, no one likes to watch their favourite series and movies on old small-sized television sets. In this era, people prefer smart TVs, which is an upgraded version of the LED TV with which you can do a lot besides watching a movie or a TV serial. Smart TVs are better because they offer a seamless experience to the user by connecting them using wirelessly to the Internet to stream the shows directly from your phone on your smart TV. But what if you don’t have sufficient cash to buy a smart TV of your choice, don’t worry you can purchase it on credit using your best credit cards and pay in EMIs later on which will be hassle-free for you. Below listed are some of the smart TVs which you can buy using your credit card.

1) Sony Bravia 4K

The brand Soy needs no introduction. Since ages, the company has been providing very popular. Some appliances and other consumer electronic gadgets which are extremely popular worldwide.
This smart TV, Sony Bravia, is a 55-inch 4K ultra-high definition TV that comes with some of the amazing features like superb looks with technologies like X-reality pro and clear audio plus to enhance the user view experience. Also, it has excellent connectivity and super sound options at a reasonable price.

2) LG 55 Inches 4K LED Smart TV

LG is a premium brand that offers a top-notch quality product. The 55 inch 4K LED Smart TV is loaded with many features and that too at an affordable price. It has some impeccable features like 4K HD resolution and 20W sound system, and it can be smartly connected using a USB port. You can buy it on Amazon right away.

3) TCL 55 Inches 4K LED Smart TV

If you don’t have sufficient funds in your hands, then you might consider buying this one for your living room using your credit card. It is much cheaper and affordable than other LEDs and OLEDs smart TVs. The feature which outstands this smart TV is its thin frame, which makes it look beautiful and thus complementing your living space without taking much space. For greater connectivity, the TV has 2 HDMI ports, 2 USBs and an external sound system. Also, it also has a screen mirroring feature also which you can use to cast content from our laptop to the TV.

4) Sanyo 55 Inches 4K LED TV

Sanyo is also one of the leading smart TV manufacturers besides Samsung, Panasonic, and LG. It is a 55 inch smart TV with a sleek design and looks that can fit your living room beautifully. It has 20W powerful sound output, 3 HDMI ports for better connectivity and 2 USB ports as well. Moreover, it has a fantastic display and brightness.

5) Haier 55 Inches 4K LED TV

This smart TV is heavenly for those people who are looking for a full-fledged smart TV with some amazing sound and picture quality. Additionally, it features 4K resolution display, powerful 20W sound and a host of apps. This is one of the cheapest 55 inches LED TV available today among other brands.
Now, you know about some of the best smart TV options in the budget, which one would you prefer to buy?

SEE ALSO: Top 5 Mobile Phones you Can buy Under 20000

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Protecting the Transportation Industry from Cyber Crime

Chris Holroyd



Cyber Crime

The transportation and logistics sector was not targeted by cyber criminals in the past, but now, the increased rate of cyber crime is alarming. There have been instances in which the transportation sector has been hacked and losses have been incurred in trying to clean out the infected systems. Early last year, operations and systems at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CODOT) were disrupted by cyber criminals. The damage was not severe, but it left people wondering if the defense system is capable of protecting the industry from such attacks in the future. Before looking at the ways to protect the transportation industry from cyber crimes, here are some of the effects of cyber crimes reported by the transportation industry:

  1.          Theft of crucial and sensitive information from emails
  2.         Economic loss

iii.       Personal identity theft

  1.       Impact on national security
  2.         Disruption of traffic lights and electronic traffic signs
  3.       Loss of public confidence

vii.      Blocked access to systems

viii.    Endangerment of public and employee safety

  1.        Interruption of machines
  2.         Disruption of remuneration and payroll services

Ways to protect the transportation industry from cyber crime

Training employees on matters of cyber security

All the staff members should be educated on how to identify any malfunction if they occur. They should also be able to inspect and run all electronic systems. They should be trained on the crucial concepts of security and safety at the workplace. There should also be rules on giving information to other people outside the industry to reduce knowledge of cyber terrorists.

Employing reliable security companies to handle the security measures

The transportation and logistics sector cannot fight cyber crime alone. Partnership with reliable security companies and other vehicle management entities is necessary.  This will ensure that anything that goes undetected by employees or security personnel will be handled by the security company.

Fleet management companies like Eyeride offer fleet and driver management devices that are powerful, accurate, and reliable, and that will aid in cyber crime protection.  Specialized security firms offer services like:

  1.          Cyber attack detection
  2.         Cyber threat identification

iii.       Cyber attack response

  1.       Company assets protection

Cyber hygiene

Cyber hygiene is important for any firm to avoid cyber attacks. These are practices such as updating systems and software; using strong, unpredictable passwords; limiting use of storage-removable devices; maintaining up-to-date antivirus software; minimizing network exposure; and disabling any used applications.

Information protection and data security

This can be done through protecting data by encryption, managing data assets in a formal manner, and having adequate data capacity and protection against data leaks and loss.

Monitoring and detection tactics

In order to prevent cyber crimes in the transportation sector, audit and logs records should be identified, documented, reviewed, and monitored to make sure there are no errors or gaps left undetected. Regular inspection of documents, sales, and transactions is important to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Benefits of installing cyber protection

  1.          Prioritization of security alerts
  2.         Increased data protection

iii.       Improved and simplified structure

  1.       Swift response following attacks


The transportation sector has become prone to cyber attacks, just like many other industries. The countermeasures mentioned above have been identified as the most effective means to stop this security breach once and for all.

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