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NBN Business plans – Why are they different?

Chris Holroyd



NBN Business plans

So you have decided to upgrade your small business with an NBN connection. You might be exposed to a pool of NBN service providers such as Aussie Broadband, Harbour ISP and Vodafone. Each of these service providers come with various plans targeted to individuals wanting NBN at home and office. 

It is recommended that you look closely at NBN Business plans for your office instead of just subscribing to the cheapest, individual plans that are available. 

Key features of NBN Business plans

Specifically created NBN plans for businesses may appear the same as any consumer plan but many features are provided that help a business grow better. 

1> IP Address

For business plans, the NBN providers offer static IP address as opposed to the dynamic IP address that is provided to consumers. Having a static IP helps you to keep your servers aligned for creating a communications network. It helps to ensure you can create and run email servers and use other communications technologies smoothly. 

2> High-speed modems

For business plans, few ISP providers might club a specific modem that is tested for heavy usage and have the ability to handle bandwidths that are generally well-suited for businesses. These modems are either provided at a lesser cost or sometimes free for long-term contracts. Do read the fine print on contracts since they can attract penalties on early disconnection.

3> VoIP landline

Businesses require an active phone line for functioning. NBN business plans can have bundled VoIP landline service at a lesser price. Apart from providing a VoIP phone, your ISP might even offer a mobile plan in the package.

4> Enhanced communication

Businesses require various enterprise telephone technologies that are covered under NBN business plans. Services such as a virtual PBX and hosted PBAX can help you reduce your costing since they can work without expensive initial outlay and extra rental costs. And you can take this very virtual phone number everywhere for greater flexibility. 

5> Better customer support

Business NBN providers often have a separate line for customer support. This ensures that you get a priority at fault resolution and face minimal downtime. Also, the service provider can help you in setting up cloud-based technologies and even help in enhancing your network’s security to thwart any cyberattacks on your systems. 

Points to remember

If you are ready to get an NBN business plan for your office, ensure that your research covers the following points.

  • Find what type of connection your ISP provider offers. Currently, there is no way to select a particular connection and the type largely depends upon your vicinity.
  • Check if the bundled package for the business plan comes with free calls locally and costs less for international calls.
  • Do they provide a router or offer support to set up your pre-existing router.
  • Any additional cost such as setup fee, one-off costs, and postage and handling charges.
  • Research ISP used by other businesses around you and get feedback on the quality of their service.
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Quick Tips to Coping with COVID-19 Outbreak

Swapan Dholakia



Quick Tips to Coping with COVID-19 Outbreak

Everything seemed hunky-dory a month ago. Things were moving to a precise schedule – the sun rose and set – within this cycle, Mortals went around doing their mundane tasks. People went about their routines with dedication, precision and dedication – in differing degrees. Life was running smoothly – on all 4 cylinders and purring along. Particularly so for the world-within-a-world: The world of commerce, business, entrepreneurship and trade. The essential words here being business, entrepreneurship and commerce. Intertwined with the world of commerce are several vital factors – manufacturing, distribution, monetary institutions, services, working professionals and of course, technology. The advent of technology has impacted business immensely and continues to. No single factor has been this instrumental in shaping the way business is done and services rendered. 

When routines are disrupted, uncertainty looms. Precisely what happened with the Corona Virus – COVID 19 – ran rampant across the world. Immensely potent, this Virus has claimed many lives across China, Italy, US, Spain, UK and other countries. Now it has reared it’s ugly head in India. To cope with the immediacy of the situation and prevent a mass outbreak, a National Lockdown has been announced across India. The government is insisting businesses having private limited company registration and LLP firms to file the CAR form and give work from home to every employees. Against this backdrop, when teams and professionals are being instructed to work from home, how are organizations coping? With clients, customers, employee issues? We share our experiences below:

Client is King

The very nature of our business is client-facing and hence at, our core focus has always been the client. Despite the obstacles and inconveniences imposed by the WFH directive, we put into action contingency plans. The shift from office-to-home module was made outside of working hours and next day we were up & running without missing a beat. Our operations team was given complete freedom to design their schedule and operational model as required. The organization facilitated their transition to WFH. Team leads ensured that client-communications went out on time, reassuring them that services would remain operational without any lapses. Operating from the WFH angle, has been serving clients without a glitch and ensuring that our client relationships stay intact and sustained. 

Team Transition

The team is what makes run – at the core of our business, people matter. The team, clients, partners, associates…people. And thus, we planned accordingly – how could we make the transition to WFH smoother? While we were expecting WFH instructions, we did not anticipate it to come so suddenly and soon. However, having planned everything to the last detail and discussed it previously – data backups, operating protocols, task schedules & calendars, reporting slots: we made the shift very smoothly. This lockdown has been the ideal opportunity to test the agility and adaptability of the team and hence we are currently running various scenarios as future trainings. These initiatives will enable future preparedness to enable us to serve customers better. Not only that, newer responsibilities and roles have been carved out, as we operate remotely – and this needs individuals to push themselves to live up to expectations. Newer profiles, sustained mentorship for these, shared learnings – these are some of the core tenets that have emerged so far from this one week of WFH as employees try to stay productive while working from home amidst COVID-19 outbreak

Esprit De Corps

At the end of the day, COVID 19 will surely cause disruption in businesses, commerce, trade and organizations. It will have a devastating impact in HR terms – hence what will matter is the team spirit – the ability of the team to cope. Based on this premise, we have initiated what we call the RR (Rearm-ReEquip) approach. Every team member is being reassured that their future is safe and the firm understands the constraints of WFH – the unique challenges offered by the situation. Every team member is looped in through discussions on tasks, protocols, outcome and evaluation. Staying in touch means we do not lose touch – brainstorming sessions have helped us identify several new approaches to deal with inhouse issues. Freed from the confines of the workplace, we have put in place a Communications module for the team – to ensure that everything is onstream and no one feels secluded. Frank, open discussions about how to cope, problems faced and solutions devised – and newer roles: are encouraged. As a firm we are realizing that tomorrow is going to be different and we can be more resilient if we share & team-spirit is strong.

What will tomorrow bring? 

Being in a client-facing business, resolving issues online and delivering a top-of-the-line customer experience – all boils down to one thing. Someone has put their faith is us and we help prove them right. To be sure, COVID-19 has shaken up the world on a scale not seen before and will have a far-reaching impact. The disruptions will be immense, the sustainability & nature of many businesses will drastically change, and thought-processes will revise. Change will be the only constant and hence both – people & businesses – will need to be agile in their thinking and responses. But before all this, we need to be there to see tomorrow. And we will. As a responsible firm, we are practicing WFH with best-of-breed safety practices and ensuring that we instill positivity in our teams. It is easy to succumb to despair and lose direction. But as responsible citizens, we need to stay positive and ensure good WFH & lockdown protocols. We are hopeful and optimistic.

This is a time to reassess, reflect and reprioritize – let us be hopeful, positive and optimistic. We shall endure and emerge – healthy & wise. 

If we adhere to the basics, we will be there to impact and change the future – for the better.

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What Is The Procedure Of Repayment In India? When To Start Repaying?

Chris Holroyd



Procedure Of Repayment In India

In 2019, the number of borrowers noted as wishful defaulters were found to be 12% as per the declaration by the Finance Ministry of India. This indicates that a major portion of the Indian population is unaware of the loan repayment procedure.

What are the loan repayment procedures in India?

An essential part of a loan agreement is the repayment process. There are primarily three ways how a borrower can repay a term loan –

  • Equated Monthly Instalments

EMI is an amount which is paid to a lender as per the loan repayment schedule. Top financial institutions offer flexible tenors on loans against property where borrowers pick an EMI regime as per their financial capability.

An EMI consists of two components –

  1. Principal component
  2. Interest component

The principal component of your EMIs is the principal loan amount which you repay with that month’s EMI while the interest component refers to the portion of the payable interest.

Borrowers are required to pay their EMIs on a fixed date every month until the loan tenor is complete. The EMI amount remains the same, considering that the loan is availed on fixed interest rates.

Borrowers can avail the online loan repayment facility by paying their EMIs through net banking or by visiting the official website of the concerned financial institution.

During the initial stages of your loan tenor, the interest component is relatively higher while the principal component is comparatively higher during the final stages of your repayment period. Since loans against property are secured loans, financial institutions disburse loan amounts up to Rs.3.5 crore with tenors ranging from 2 to 20 years.

In case of such loans with substantial amounts and long tenors, the greater portion of the loan EMIs will comprise the interest component which will decrease as the debt repayment tenor advances whereas the principal component will gradually increase leading up to the end of your loan tenor.

  • Part prepayment

Borrowers availing a loan against property form their desired financial institution can opt to part-prepay a certain amount to reduce their loan liability. As a borrower, a part prepayment helps reduce either the applicable EMIs or the tenor or both, depending on the amount of part prepayment made. Note that with a part prepayment, the funds go towards repaying the principal loan amount availed minus the charges applicable as specified by the lender.

  • Foreclosure

Loan foreclosure is a type of prepayment facility where borrowers can repay the total remainder loan amount with a single payment. You can also contact your lender to select the number of EMIs you are willing to pay before foreclosing the loan.

When to start your part prepayment or foreclosure?

If you are considering in part prepayment or foreclosure for your loan repayment, it is advised to be aware of these following factors –

  • Early in your loan tenor

As the interest component in your loan EMIs is higher during the initial stages of your loan tenor, it is beneficial to opt for a part-prepayment early in your repayment period. You can opt to prepay your loan against property in easy steps.

  • Consider part-prepayment fees

Financial institutions usually charge a certain fee for such repayment procedures. So, you should be aware of the fees and charges for loan against property before opting for a part-prepayment.

A reputed HFC, Bajaj Housing Finance Limited charges nominal part-prepayment and foreclosure fee on mortgage loans. This HFC also brings forth pre-approved offers on loans against property to ease the application process and make it easier for borrowers to apply for such credit. Check your pre-approved offer by providing your name and phone number.

Not only can you use the above options for your education loan repayment but also opt for online education on EMI. Hence, it is advised to consider these repayment options before availing a mortgage loan.

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Selling Gold Bullion: Physical Vs Online Gold Dealers

Chris Holroyd



Selling Gold Bullion

Invest in gold they say. Protect your wealth in times of crisis but what happens when you are going through your own financial crisis and you need cash. You definitely cannot take you gold bullion to the emergency room to pay from that emergency surgery you just found out you needed. You cannot pay your car mechanic in gold when your carburetor and you need a new one to keep your car on the road. Unlike most commodities, stocks and bonds, you can have easy access to cash if you bought gold bullion. It is easier to sell gold bullion that it is to liquidate stocks and bonds. So, where do you sell gold bullion:

Buy they said, back in 2008 when the markets were in freefall and the world was caught in the throes of a global economic crisis. The price of gold rose to phenomenal height. In 2011, it stopped at around $1,900/oz and those who sold their gold made incredible returns. In 2015, the price had fallen $1,050 and those who held out for the $2,000 were kicking themselves for not having the foresight to sell when the going was still good. So, here we are the price is once again going higher and people are getting more excited about gold, if feels like we should be talking about the options you have when you need to sell. 

The secret to investing in bullion? Just as you had to shop around when buying gold bullion, you should do the same when you have to sell – Shop around. There are plenty of gold dealers who are looking for your gold. Bullion in particular is more valued because it id gold at its purest and therefore commands more money than gold jewellery or scrap gold. 

Different bullion dealers will have different premiums (the additional amount charged over the spot price) on the gold they sell. Similarly, different dealers will pay different prices for the gold they buy. This is why it is important to review all the options available. 

You have three general options to consider:

You could sell to an individual, a local bullion dealer or an online gold dealer. 

Selling a big amount of bullion to an individual might be tricky unless you are selling to a friend or a family member or someone you know. 

Physical vs. online gold dealers

Online bullion dealers always list convenience as the major reason why you should consider them. They also claim that the pay more than local dealers. This might be true but you consider the cost of shipping and insurance, you may only be getting a few extra bucks when you sell to an online dealer. 

Physical and online bullion buyers will add about 2 -3% under the spot price for gold bullion coins like gold American Eagle coins, Canadian Maple Leafs, Australian Kangaroos or Nuggets, Chinese Pandas, South African Kruggerrands and other government minted bullion coins. An online gold buyer may pay a little bit more but you have to wait for payment whereas a physical dealer will give you cash or check on the very same day. You don’t have to ship anything anywhere or worry about the risk of things getting lost in transit or getting damaged. 

If there is no bullion dealer where you live, an online dealer might be the best option when you have to sell gold bullion.

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5 Keys to Succeeding in Branded E-commerce

Chris Holroyd



Branded E-commerce

Could a branded e-commerce business model be the right solution for you? Just a handful of years ago, many business owners found success working as drop shippers. The opportunity to do well in this market remains, but most have had to make some changes to improve their edge as competition grows. This is especially important in situations where margins have become so small. That’s where e-commerce has changed, and entrepreneurs are finding success through branding.

How can you make it in this still competitive industry? Though there are plenty of tips and strategies out there, there are five key factors to focus on if you want to get the best possible results.

#1: Know How to Sell Your Product

This starts with knowing your product inside-and-out. If you want to brand that product and build a customer base for it, you have to know and understand its design, specifications, functions, and every other detail. Most importantly, you want to know what your product does for the competition, who your competitors are, and what factors influence customers to buy that product.

Ask yourself how this product fits into the lives of your customers. What does it do and what must it be good at in order to be seen as valuable and a good fit for the buyer? Also, look at who your target customer is. Again, this comes down to knowing your product well.

#2: Find the Right Place to Build Your Product

For those who are planning to get the very best out of branded e-commerce, the process cannot be successful if you do not get the manufacturing aspects just right. This is a significant switch from drop shipping where you probably didn’t have to worry about the manufacturing process as much. With branded e-commerce, you need a manufacturing product who is going to actually create your product and, along with it, apply your brand to it. Of course, this brings with it challenges and a lot of fantastic rewards.

Manufacturing can be expensive, especially if you are not doing your due diligence to find the most affordable deal out there. The best deal, though, is not just the right price. To do well, you simply cannot have an inferior product. The cheapest deal is sometimes the biggest risk of having a product that isn’t what you need. It may be a quality or production problem that ends up costing you. Think about the company’s experience, location, logistics, and the reputation of the company you are hiring.

Nuanced Media is here to help you with this process. Talk to our team about how to get your branded e-commerce business set up.

#3: Build Your Marketing Across More Than Amazon

We know a lot about Amazon FBA and all of the promise it provides to e-commerce business owners. However, this is not the only platform out there. Your product, if it is truly to be a branded product, should be on as many of those platforms as possible. This is what is going to give you the reach you need to be successful. You’ll want to think about Shopify, eBay, and Amazon, as starting points.

Then, once you get your product out there, you need to make sure all of your branding messaging is the same across the board. In order for people to recognize what your product is no matter where they shop, it should have the same quality, design, features, logo, and other branding elements. All of this comes together to create the very best way to build recognition for your business.

One key to remember here is that it’s up to you to make decisions about what your brand is, what it will look like, and what your mission statement will be. Take the time to develop a cohesive plan that stretches across all platforms and selling points for your product.

#4: Get Fulfillment on Target

Now that you have customers buying your product, you need to ship it to them. That sounds easy enough, but there are various ways to get it done. It’s called fulfillment. With inventory on hand, you have to consider the process of how to move these items. In dropshipping, this is not something that you really have to consider. Most of the time, there’s help available to make fulfillment rather easy.

If you’re getting 25 or more orders a week, then you may want to consider outsourcing your fulfillment services to a company that specializes in this. At that point, you’ll want to minimize the risk of your product not doing well because you are not getting the product to your customers. Of course, at this point, you could be considering Fulfillment by Amazon, which can work well for you as your business grows.

#5: Work to Build Strong Feedback

Perhaps the biggest challenge for many people who are moving from dropshipping into the world of branded ecommerce is this one. To do well – and continue to sell – you need to pull in feedback from your customers. To do this, start with being a strong customer service-focused business. You want to ensure that you are doing what it takes to connect, too.

You’ll need to then generate reviews on the sites you’re selling on and across other platforms. The goal is to find ways to get people to say good things about your product so that other people want to buy it. It’s not easy, but a strong point of your business model needs to be branding your business with strong customer satisfaction. That may mean speaking to customers, requesting reviews, and interacting on social media – your goal is to get written and just overall good feedback.

With these strategies in place and a lot of hard work, you can create a very profitable branded e-commerce business. It really takes a focused effort on each piece of the puzzle.

Even better, you don’t have to do it alone. Our team at Nuanced Media is right here to help you along the best path forward for your business model. Let’s talk about the opportunities no matter which place in the process you are in.

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How Do Self-Restoring Solenoids Work?

Chris Holroyd



How Do Self-Restoring Solenoids Work?

About Rotary Solenoids

Rotary solenoids are primarily used to turn electrical energy into rotational energy by creating a near-uniform magnetic field inside when current passes through it. The rotational force used to move the device shaft is created by the orthogonal component of the magnetic field relative to the poles of an internal drive magnet. Miniature rotary solenoids can serve as rotary actuators to cater to lightweight mechanical linkages.

How Do Self-Restoring Solenoids Work?

A self-restoring solenoid is one of the 3 rotary solenoid configurations available. Until it is energized, the solenoid is latched magnetically in its home position. The shutter rotates to a secondary position before returning to its original position upon power removal.

Self-restoring solenoids are often used to produce shutters that are precious for various spectroscopy and medical applications offered by Brandstrom Instruments. Medical applications such as medical fluid analysis machines and laser eye surgery devices make use of these solenoid-driven optical shutters.Likewise, laser systems used in various safety applications require durable, fail-safe, and versatile shutter designs as blocking devices to prevent injuries from accidental exposures.

For customers with unique requirements, custom optical shutters are more useful. The product selector on Brand Instrument’s custom optical shutters page allows you to view the company’s product line according to your specific needs. You can configure your shutter blade by selecting the shape, size, and finish, and go on to submit your quotation then and there.

Besides Spectroscopy and Medical Applications, custom shutters, that make use of self-restoring solenoids, are used in soldier systems, laser systems, scientific applications, ground vehicles, aerospace/aviation systems, and thermal imaging.

For each of these applications, Brandstrom Instruments offers top-notch solutions based on your specific performance specifications. No matter how demanding the application is, its shutters and solenoids assure the best performance.

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QuickBooks Error 1327 



Quickbooks Error 1327

QuickBooks is the best bookkeeping programming for little specialists however numerous QuickBooks clients confronted a few blunders, QuickBooks mistake 1327 is one of them. QB Error 1327, for the most part, happens while introducing or refreshing the QuickBooks programming. It happens in light of the fact that the drive referenced in the mistake message is absent during the establishment or update process. You get the accompanying mistake message when you get QB Error 1327. In the event that you find the best answer for this blunder, you are the correct spot to expel QuickBooks Error 1327. Underneath I can disclose to you bit by bit to determine your concern. Our QuickBooks Customer Service team always supports you and gives you proper solutions for Quickbooks Error.

As we referenced, the QB blunder code 1327 can likewise happen during the update procedure and, given the present situation, it is compulsory for QuickBooks 2016 clients. Indeed! You heard right This is compulsory as Intuit is going to cease QuickBooks 2016 from May 31, 2019. After the date, you won’t have the option to utilize the greater part of the administrations given by Intuit. You can contact QuickBooks Support to get extra data about this exception. 

QuickBooks Update 

As we have referenced that the QB Error code 1327 can happen during the update procedure additionally and taking a gander at the present situation, it is compulsory for the QuickBooks 2016 clients. Truly! You heard it right. It is obligatory on the grounds that Intuit is going to stop the QuickBooks 2016 from May 31, 2019. After the date, you won’t have the option to utilize a large portion of the administrations given by Intuit. You can contact the QuickBooks 2019 Upgrade Support to get extra data about this cessation. 

Reasons for QuickBooks Error 1327 

Reasons for the mistake code 1327 in QuickBooks are: 

  • QuickBooks couldn’t get to the referenced drive 
  • Web network issues 
  • The source document was situated on a compact drive which was expelled in the middle of the establishment or update process. 
  • Firewall programming introduced in your framework is hindering the QuickBooks update since it distinguishes the update as a danger to your framework. 

Investigating techniques for settling QuickBooks Error 1327 

Coming up next is a rundown of answers for resolving QuickBooks mistake code 1327. You have to apply every one of them individually: 

Solution 1: Make another Windows client and introduce Windows 10 or Windows 7 or 8. 

For Windows 10

  • Pick the Start catch and snap-on Settings. 
  • Presently, you have to tap on Accounts and pick Family and others. 
  • Decide to add another person to this PC. 
  • From that point onward, you have to enter another secret key, name, secret word indicate and pick Next. 

For Windows 7 or 8 

  • Pick the Start catch and snap on the Control Panel. 
  • At that point, you have to pick the User Accounts and select Manage another record. 
  • From that point onward, you need to make another record. 
  • You have made a name and pick Administrator. 
  • Pick Create Account and afterward, restart the PC. 
  • Sign in to the PC by utilizing Administrator accreditations. 
  • Introduce once more. 

Solution 2: Re-dispense the Drive Letter. 

Windows NT 

  • Most importantly, you have to pick the Start button. 
  • Select Programs. 
  • Pick the Administrative Tools and select Disk Administrator. 
  • You need to right-tap on the drive and pick Assign Drive Letter. 
  • Select the first drive letter. 

Windows 2000 

  • Pick Start and choose Settings. 
  • You have to tap on the Control Panel and twofold tap on Administrative Tools. 
  • From that point forward, twofold tap on Computer Management. 
  • Right-click on the hard drive or CD-ROM drive that you have to change.
  • At last, you need to pick OK. 

Solution 3: Install QuickBooks Desktop while logged off the system 

For Windows 10 

  • Press and hold the Windows logo + R to open the Run window. 
  • Select the Control Panel and pick OK. 
  • Pick View by and click on Small symbols in the drop-down bolt. 
  • Dispatch the Network and Sharing Center. 
  • From that point forward, you have to tap on the Change connector setting. 
  • Right-click on every one of the connectors and pick Disable where existing. 
  • At that point, you will have a message that your association has been lost and incapable of reconnecting to your system. 
  • You have to leave the window in the wake of impairing every one of the associations. 
  • Introduce the QuickBooks Desktop once more.
  • At the point when the procedure of establishment gets finished, you have to come back to the system associations windows and empower your system associations. 

For Windows 7 or 8 

  • In the Windows Start button, select the Control Panel. 
  • Go the View by drop-down and pick Small symbols. 
  • Dispatch the Network and Sharing Center. 
  • You need to right-tap on every one of the connectors where existing and pick Disable. 
  • From that point onward, you will have a message that your associations have been lost. 
  • You have to leave the window in the wake of debilitating every one of the associations. 
  • Introduce the QuickBooks Desktop once more. 
  • At the point when the procedure of establishment gets finished, you have to come back to the system associations windows and empower your system associations. 

Solution 4: Remove Network Drive 

  • As a matter of first importance, pick the Start to fasten and pick Programs. 
  • From that point forward, select Windows Explorer. 
  • Pick the system drive on which the shell envelope is available. 
  • Snap-on is OK. 
  • Pick the Map Network Drive in the Tool menu. 
  • From that point forward, you have to the shell organizer Uncheck Reconnect at Logon and compose the way. 
  • Select OK. 
  • At last, you have to restart Windows and introduce the applications. 
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