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How to Solve Email Security Biggest Problems

Chris Holroyd



How to Solve Email Security Biggest Problems

Email is the most widely used application for business as well as for personal communications. Daily, millions of emails exchanged worldwide between the users, across the different regions making their communiqué more interactive and meaningful. Any kind of interruptions can halt an important task or disturb the flow of communication among associates.

However, there are lots of problems like spamming, phishing, and malware infections creating a major issue for end-users. And most of the email service provider is not able to control such risks resulting from data loss, privacy revelation, and other threats. To deal with Email Security problems you can read below the prevalent email problems and their probable solutions.

Malware and Phishing Threats

Millions of emails are sent or received every day and along with these messages, thousands of infected files containing viruses or spyware, etc. comes with the motive to corrupt your PC or steal sensitive information from your system. Malware and phishing are major treats creating a problem for the end-users putting their communication at high risk. Though, Email technical support is also available for users to deal with phishing and spam emails.

Email Security

To protect your email from virus outbreak and phishing emails, you need to install multi-scanning software that can easily detect such malicious files and remove them immediately. Now the antivirus software comes with a strong scanning tool to detect and remove such malicious files. Yahoo mail support helps to install anti-spam antivirus software to deal with such threats.

Data Loss and Email Attachment

Every email service provider has a duty to keep the emails and other information safe to protect from cyber threats. Using email for personal communication not means it is running confidential, even an encrypted mail also at risk of being exposed. Any email messages can be intercepted and misused even without concern about the actual email users.

In such a scenario, companies need to use a more secure data exchange system for automatic encryption with the authentication required at the time of the document open. If there is a possibility, every system using Gmail for mailing should be intercepting and sent through a secured file transfer. Such precautionary measures help to minimize the risk of accidental data loss by human mistake. Users can also take the help of Gmail support to enable secure emailing service.

Sending large size attachment is also one of a challenging task for end-users, as most of the top email service providers offer attachment sending with limited size up to 10 MB. If your attachment is beyond that size, either you will be not able to send a mail or delivery would be failed. Companies facing such issues can arrange for other sources to transfer files and large size data exchange. While, on the other hand, a service provider should also enhance attachment capacity and allow uninterrupted mailing services.

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How to do Bates Numbering Legal Documents?




Bates Numbering Legal Documents

Bates Numbering legal documents is a strategy for ordering proficient archives for simple recognizable pieces of proof and recovery of data in a particular PDF page. The Bates Stamping in Adobe DC (Bates Numbering) is done at the header or the footer of a page in a PDF document. Each page comprising the Bates Stamp will be extraordinary and one Bates Stamp will identify with different Bates-numbered reports.

The Bates Stamps are an alpha-numeric prefix, postfix characters that are given to each page of a PDF document, however, Bates Identifiers are alluded to as numbers as they were. Bates Stamp is typical of digits between 3 to 15 (counting 3 and 15). Of course, it is 6 digits. Adobe Acrobat DC assumes a significant function in Bates Stamping of Adobe PDF record pages.

Brisk Solution: SysTools PDF Bates Numberer is a dependable and genuine solution to add bates numbers to PDF files in bulk.

In Adobe DC Standard, the headers and footers can be Bates stepped for a specific page range or for a whole report as per the prerequisite. The specific page range additionally lets the Bates numbering in an alternate way, as a state, for Odd-numbered PDF pages, the Bates number is set to one side of header or footer and for Even-numbered PDF legal documents pages, the Bates number is set to one side of header or footer or the other way around (for both Even and Odd-numbered pages).

How to Apply Bates Stamping in Adobe Pro PDF File?

The Adobe Pro DC can add the Bates Stamp feature on various PDF documents in a solitary event. In Adobe, there is a system followed to add the Bates Stamps on a PDF page. Presently, to do bates numbering legal documents, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Launch Adobe Acrobat Pro and move to Edit PDF location from the Tools menu. Select the Bates Stamping and add files to it.
  2. Set the Destination way and give Headers and Footers.
    Insert Bates Number: Displays Options of Bates Stamping
  3. Provide the details for Bates Numbering addition, for example, Digits in Bates Stamping, Start Number, Prefix, Suffix.
    Appearance Options: Fix header/footer size on all size folders or compressed file(s) to prevent overwriting
    Page Number and Date Format: Specifies design for Date and Page number
  4. Finally, see the outcome from the Destination.

In the event that anybody doesn’t have Adobe Acrobat can move to the online solution used to add the bates stamp to PDF legal document page(s).

Online Tool for Bates Stamping in PDF File

There are numerous online tools to do bates numbering legal documents. Here, you need to add the PDF File and utilize the setting of Bates Stamping. Tool either give the resultant PDF File at the ideal location or send by means of E-mail.

The constraint of Online Tool

  1. The online tool can’t Bates Stamp the PDF documents in bulk.
  2. Incomplete Bates numbering on Desired PDF File.

For Bates Stamping a solitary document online tool could be helpful, however for various files, utilizing the Online tool is definitely not a decent alternative. In such cases, go for Adobe DC programming which can perform Bates Stamping on various PDF files and folders. Additionally, in Adobe DC, when huge various files are Bates Stamped, it gets hard to recover a specific Bates Stamped page separately, as it gets hard to recollect the initial number of each document. Additionally, it is needed to have the full version of Acrobat DC. Thus, to overcome this issue of Bates Stamping in Adobe Acrobat, an Automated Tool, named SysTools PDF Bates Numberer is prompted. This Tool gives service to Bates Stamp each page of PDF legal documents with its archive name identifier.

Automated Solution to do Bates Numbering Legal Documents

For a superior solution for Bates Stamping on PDF files, follow the underneath steps

  1. Launch the product and start with Bates alternative at the optional menu.
  2. On the next screen, go for Generate Bates Number, if a solitary PDF document is Bates Stamp or Generate Bates Numbers for File Series for various files or a folder.
  3. To perform Bates Stamping in Adobe PDF documents, add the PDF files and folders. Check the Remove Encryption from PDF File(s) to eliminate Restrictions.
  4. Then, the screen shows the structure of the Bates Stamping. Fill in the obligatory fields and add any extra data, whenever required. Likewise, position it.
  5. Next, position the Bates Number and check the alternatives as per your anxiety. Give the Destination location and continue the process of Bates Stamp.
  6. Finally, see the Bates Stamped PDF files from the Destination way. Presently, see any of the PDF documents.


To do Bates Numbering Legal Documents in Adobe Acrobat DC is an option, used for ordering and recovering data. Possibly You can utilize Adobe DC Tool for Bates numbering on multiple PDF files or Online Tools yet they have a few impediments. To overcome such restrictions, attempt an Automate Solution known as “PDF Bates Numberer” offered by SysTools. The Automated tool highlights to Bates Stamp each page easily and effectively.

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Guidelines on How to Save Emails before Deleting Gmail Account




How to Save Emails before Deleting Gmail Account

Some users find it difficult to understand how to save emails before deleting Gmail account. Deleting a Gmail account is a huge task as there is a lot of information in a mailbox.

Not only are there emails that are important, but the attachments in these emails hold importance too.

Of course, you would want to save these emails someplace secure to always have them in case you need to access them.

Users ask – What solutions can help save emails from Gmail before I delete the account?

Now, there are a few solutions to help you out but some of them are a bit too complicated. That is why, in this blog, we will be explaining the easiest techniques to save emails before deleting account from Gmail.

By the end of this blog, you will be clear of which method is best suited for you. Below given are the best of the mechanisms that you can easily understand.

Table of Content:

  1. Techniques to Save Emails
  2. Google Takeout Solution
  3. Intelligent Software
  4. Features of the Tool
  5. How the Tool Works

Techniques on How to Save Emails before Deleting Gmail Account

There are two methods that you can consider using to get your emails to a safe place before you delete the Gmail account. These two solutions are:

  1. Google Takeout Utility
  2. Third-Party Wizard

Google has an in-built utility that can help you to do the needful but only if you are not downloading files in bulk. Let’s find out how this application by Google helps and if there is anything that you should consider before using this tool.

Google Takeout Utility to Save Emails before Deleting Account from Gmail

Google Takeout can be of great help if there are only a few files that need to be saved. Since there is a file-size restriction, the files will split and the structure doesn’t remain the same.

Also, the export process may take up to a few hours, days even. Due to this factor, it becomes a long process, although the steps for it are not so complicated.

Learn the working of this utility by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open to Gmail and log in to your account. Then, open Google Takeout to start the process.
  2. Now, you will find the “Data & Personalization” option on the left side of the screen. Choose this option from the menu.
  3. You will be redirected to a page where you have to scroll down until you see “Download, delete, or make a plan for your data”
  4. In there, you have to choose the “Download your data”
  5. After that, you will be prompted to “Select data to Include” in which all the data is already marked by default.
  6. Click on the “Deselect All” option and then mark the “Mails” radio button to see how to save emails before deleting Gmail account.
  7. Here, unmark the “All Mail Data Included” option and select the data you want to save, and hit “Next Step”.
  8. Then, you have to enter the “File Type” and “Size” you want to save them in.
  9. Hit the “Create Export” option and the files will start exporting.

While creating the export, there is a message which says that the export may take some time (hours or days). Once the export is completed, you will receive an email with a link to save the exported files to your local system.

This procedure takes a lot of time for completing the export making it not so ideal for you. Check out the next solution to see how it helps and works.

Intelligent Software to Save Emails before Deleting Account from Gmail

The wizard that we are going to talk about is the best option to export emails from Gmail in various file formats. This is the Mac Gmail Backup Tool that supports Mac OS X 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, and above versions. There is an option to export the Gmail emails in PST, MBOX, EML, EMLX, and MSG file formats. It is possible to save emails from certain folders during the process. All the attachments in the emails can also be downloaded in the procedure.

This wizard will also help you to understand How to Download Gmail Emails to Computer Without Losing Data. Since the data integrity is maintained, there is no issue in exporting your data safely.

Learn how the tool works in the following segment.

How to Save Emails before Deleting Gmail Account Using the Tool

  1. Download and launch the tool. Enter the credentials for your Gmail account and hit “Log in”
  2. Mark the radio button next to EML and hit the “Change” button to select the destination location for the export file.
  3. Click on the “Apply Filters” option and choose the interval from which you want to export your emails.
  4. Choose the “Delete after Download” button to delete the data after you have exported the emails.
  5. Hit the “Start” button to complete the process of downloading.

There is also an option to pause or resume the procedure by clicking on the “Pause” option. The email’s integrity and the structure of the folder are maintained during the process. Just a few steps and you can easily save emails before deleting account from Gmail.

Short Note

You can delete your account from Gmail for any reason but the most important part is how you can save the emails that are present in your mailbox. This can be done using the utility provided by Google to assist the users in such situations. Although, there are some issues that come along with this solution. You can use the third-party tool to get the answer to how to save emails before deleting Gmail account.

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How to Extract Attachments from PDF – Proficient Tool for Extraction




Why are you looking for a solution on how to extract attachments from PDF? Is it because those attachments are what you actually require? There may be a case where the user has a pile of PDF files having various blueprints and the user only requires those. Some of you could be looking to extract the images or any type of attachment from a PDF file for their presentation or some sort of project. All of these make perfect case scenarios where you are required to extract their data from PDF files.

There are solutions to extract attachments from PDF which can help you but not all the solutions work well. In order to extract files in bulk, you will need to use a reliable solution which manually cannot happen. Manual solutions can be used only for a few file extractions and not for bulk. There may be cases where the data might get lost or damaged resulting in a headache for the user.

Proficient Tool to Learn How to Extract Attachments from PDF

To extract the required attachment from PDF, you can rely on this tool to provide you with the best experience. The software is capable of extracting all elements from a PDF file with no hassle and in a short period of time. This is the PDF Extractor Tool for Mac which is indeed the coolest tool to use and provides an option to extract attachments and images from PDF files. This application can convert a PDF file to an editable file on Mac OS. A number of features are provided by the tool; let’s check out what these are.

Features of the Tool to Extract Attachments from PDF

  1. Extract Attachments – This software allows you to save all or selected attachments that are being stored in the PDF file. You are capable of extracting all attachments or filter your extraction process by making use of this tool.
  2. Bulk Data Extraction – There are users who might want to extract the attachments in bulk. You can use this tool to extract certain files by using the “Add Files(s)” In case you want to download files in bulk, use the “Add Folder(s)” option to add the entire folder and understand how to extract attachments from PDF.
  3. Password-Protected Files – The tool supports to save the password-protected files as well, you just have to choose the files, enter the password, and start extraction. There is no need for removing the password from the files.
  4. Filters Provided – There are two filters provided by the tool: Extract Attachment Size and Extract Attachment File Type. The size filter allows you to give a specific size of the attachments. The file type filter provides the user to choose to include or exclude the file types to extract attachments from PDF.
  5. Real-Time Progress Report – While the extraction process is going on, the tool displays the real-time status of the process. First, you’ll see the “In Progress” status and once the process completes, the tool will show “Completed”.  The size of the PDF file is also shown by the tool.
  6. Folders Option – There is an option provided to you for saving the extracted attachments. You can choose the “Create a Single Folder” option and save the resultant files in a new folder. This option is not selected automatically; the files will not be saved in a folder named PDF on their own after extraction.

Learn How to Extract Attachments from PDF Using this Tool

  1. Run and Install the tool and click on the “Add File(s)” or “Add Folder(s)” option to add the PDF file you want to extract attachments from.

Note: You have to enter the password for the password-protected files if you want to extract attachments from them.

  1. After that, you can choose your desired location to save the extracted file at by clicking on the “Change” button and hit “Next”.
  2. Choose the Item Type as “Attachments” and apply filters to extract attachments from PDF.
  3. Hit the “Extract” button to start the extraction process.

Just follow these 4 steps and you’ll learn how to extract attachments from PDF with ease.

In case you have added the wrong file(s) or folder(s), you have the option to remove these files by choosing the “Remove” or “Remove All” option.

Final Words

For many reasons, there may be a searched query to extract attachments from PDF. Being a non-editable and compatible file, most of you may prefer PDF files. Although, some cases show that a lot of users want to download attachments from these PDF files.

The tool mentioned is an expert solution for extracting attachments, images, and text from a PDF file. In case you have no technicality, you will still be able to download the data as the interface of the tool is simple. It is not hard to understand what to do after a certain stage and you can quickly save all the attachments using the tool.

Use this professional method for no data formatting or data loss and get the best experience and desired result.

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How to Transfer Hotmail Account to Outlook – Effective Solution




Transfer Hotmail Account to Outlook

“Hey, my name is Martin. I was using Hotmail since 2013, however, I think that it’s obsolete now in light of the fact that a large portion of clients is totally dependent on Outlook for their email correspondence. I chose to change over Hotmail email to Outlook however the exchange of thousands of Hotmail emails turned into an issue for me. It would be ideal if you propose a simple and guaranteed strategy to transfer the Hotmail account to Outlook with no data loss. One more thing I am not an IT lover so kindly don’t recommend any specialized technique. Much obliged”

Understanding the client’s struggle who attempts to adapt to the innovation, specialized information turns into an obstacle for them. In the event that you are likewise confronting a similar issue and searching for a solution to send Hotmail emails to Outlook, at that point, read this blog. In this blog, different solutions are portrayed to move email messages from Hotmail to Outlook.


There are different manual ways to deal and achieve this task. We have taken three techniques that are checked to give normal outcomes. Every technique is portrayed with all steps below:

Method 1: IMAP arrangement for converting Hotmail messages to Outlook

  1. Open Outlook and go to File at that point Add account.
  2. Go to Manual Setup or Additional Server on the Next tab.
  3. Click on the POP or IMAP button and afterward click on Next.
  4. Enter the account details of the client to sign in
  5. Go to More Settings. In the choice of Internet E-mail Settings, pick the Outgoing Server button > My active server (SMTP) require verification > Advanced Tab to proceed.
  6. Next, enter the server details.
  7. To re-visitation of the POP and IMAP Account Settings window, press on OK> Next button.
  8. Click on the Close button to wrap up. Presently, the instrument will change from Hotmail email to Outlook

This completes the second strategy for Hotmail to Outlook email transformation. Presently, let us look at the third technique for email relocation.

Method 2: Add Hotmail to Outlook by EAS (Exchange ActiveSync Server)

  1. Trade ActiveSync Server technique to transfer Hotmail account to Outlook
  2. Open MS Outlook application the go to File and afterward Add Account.
  3. Go for Manual configuration or Additional server and click on the Next button.
  4. Press the Next tab to the additional procedure.
  5. In the Server Settings, Enter the details.
  6. Click on the Next button and afterward Close.
  7. To complete the process, click on the Finish tab.

You can see, the manual procedures to change over Hotmail email to Outlook are a lot of in fact sound. Any error will make you start the process from the earliest starting point. This could make the process tedious.
In this way, to conquer these issues, we prescribe utilizing an effective way to deal with transfer Hotmail account to Outlook.


Mailbakup Hotmail Backup tool is a mainstream and competent utility to export all the Hotmail mailbox messages in a few minutes. Also, this tool has an exceptionally simple to utilize UI, so anybody can undoubtedly transfer Hotmail account emails with the assistance of this software. Furthermore, let us see the working steps of this Hotmail Backup tool. Moreover, this tool supports multiple file formats to backup Hotmail emails such as PST, EML, MSG, PDF, and MBOX.


1. Run the Hotmail to Outlook Utility and login to the Hotmail account.
2. Select PST file format for the transfer of Hotmail account emails.
3. Now, browse the location in the tool to export Hotmail files.
4. Finally, click on the Start button to begin the process of moving Hotmail messages to Outlook.

This application will relocate Hotmail email to Outlook perfectly from all the above strategies. Presently, you can import the resultant PST file to Outlook with the assistance of the Outlook Import/Export wizard.


In this blog, we have proposed different strategies to transfer Hotmail account to Outlook. Clients needing a method to execute their Hotmail emails into Outlook can view their strategy. Ensure you go with the best methodology that finishes your task in a straightforward way and no data loss.

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How to Extract Image from PDF Without Losing Quality? – Two Easy Solutions




How to Extract Image from PDF Without Losing Quality? – Two Easy Solutions

Want to learn how to extract images from PDF without losing quality? You can read the blog thoroughly to get details on how to do that. There are cases where you might need HD images in your PDF file. You can take screenshots of the image but if there are a lot of images, it will become way too tiring for you to do so. In such situations, you can use an automated tool rather than using a manual solution.

We will be mentioning both the solutions that can help you in case there are a few images or a lot of images. First, you will be learning to extract HD images from PDF using the tool for small or bulk extraction. The software will help you to keep the image quality the same as in the PDF i.e. HD or high quality. Secondly, you will be learning to perform extraction manually for only a few files. Without wasting any time, let’s jump right into it.

How to Extract Images from PDF Without Losing Quality Using Professional Tool?

This professional software is used to extract attachments and images from all the PDF Files. This is the PDF Extractor for Mac which you can use to extract all the images or filter the extraction process. There are no changes made to the attachment files. The application provides an additional image setting which is to – Extract Inline Images from PDF File. Many more features are provided by the tool that a user can take benefit of. Find out the features in the next section.

Features of the Software to Extract HD Images from PDF

Following are the features of the tool that a user can utilize to the fullest:

  • The tool provides two attachment filters: File Type and Attachment Size
  • Option to choose the pages of PDF you want to extract images from
  • You can create a Single or an Individual PDF for extracted images
  • Download Images in bulk using this tool and understand how to extract images from PDF without losing quality
  • Extract Images even from the password-protected PDF files
  • Save the data on your choice of location
  • Batch Processing to download attachments faster from all PDF Files

After reading the feature, you must now have an idea of what the tool offers. To find out the working of the tool, read further.

Extract HD Images from PDF Using the Application

Follow the steps as discussed below to understand how the tool works:

  1. Launch the tool and click on the “Add Files” or “Add Folders”
  2. Click on the “Change” option to decide a location for the resultant extracted files and hit the “Next”

Note: Mark the “Create Single Folder Only” option to save all the files in one folder and solve how to extract images from PDF without losing quality.

  1. Choose the item type as “Images” and apply the image filter settings. Choose the export format as required.
  2. Apply the “Page Settings” and click on the “Extract”

The software can also extract the password-protected images but you will have to enter the password first. There are no changes made to the images and the quality is maintained. You can also choose to remove a file/(s) in case you have added the wrong files by selecting the “Remove” or “Remove All” options.

Apply the Image Settings as per your needs:

Save Inline Images – This option saves all extracted images in PDF. There are two more options provided along with this option:

  • Create Individual PDF – Create an individual PDF file to save the images of one single PDF document.
  • Create Single PDF – Use this option to create a single PDF file to save all the images of all the PDF files altogether.

Now, in case you want to choose a manual method, you can go for the next solution.

Manually Extract HD Images from PDF

This method uses Adobe Acrobat Pro DC which has inbuilt features to extract only a few files. But in order to do so, you’ll have to purchase the license to enjoy the rich features of this method. Follow the steps as given:

  1. First of all, use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to open the PDF.
  2. Choose the “View” option and click on “Tools”.
  3. From the toolbar, click on the “Document Processing”
  4. After that, look at the right side of the window and choose the “Export All Images”
  5. You will see a window that allows you to choose the location for your images.
  6. Set specifics of export operation by choosing the “Settings” option such as quality of image, or color management, etc.
  7. Hit “OK” once you have set the operations.
  8. You will be redirected to the previous windows where you have to hit “Save”.

You have now learned – How to extract images from PDF without losing quality?

Summarized Format

The images that are extracted from PDF are supposed to be of high quality or it becomes pointless to save them. There are two solutions which you can use: a professional tool or a manual method. Both the solutions work fantastic but there is just one issue with the manual method. You have to purchase the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC in order to extract HD images from PDF and not every adobe user can afford it. That is why you should use the professional tool as it is cost-effective and has a user-friendly interface.

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Stop Looking For Purposes! The Only Habit A Writer Needs




Writer Needs

It’s here. The new Year. A blank calendar to fill with good resolutions and, a lot of days ahead to forget about them and screw it up like every year. And it is that you always propose the same thing; you are going to go running, you are going to lose weight, you are going to be cooler, you are going to sing more rancheras, you are going to be a better writer… And every year, on December 31st, you realize that you have failed miserably.

Surely, you are thinking that I am a very cruel person and that I like to put my finger on the wound. Sorry to tell you, but you are more right than a saint.

Gabriella Campbell takes small steps

Recently, because of Gabriella Campbell, I read The Kaizen Method . One of the first things this book tells us is that most people fail their New Year’s resolutions for 10 years in a row. What are they supposed to be doing wrong? Not preparing their minds for change .

Kaizen is based on preparing our minds for change. Rather than stop eating chocolate, the book tells us to throw out just the first bite. A month later, you can do the same with the first two bites. In this way you overcome the brain’s resistance to change.

It’s about taking small steps. Instead of trying to do something big and revolutionary, we need to focus on taking small steps that, with patience, will lead us to success. Or to a less embarrassing failure.

It is a good book and I recommend it, especially if like me you have trouble focusing on things and need to improve some aspects of concentration and productivity . Those small steps, end up revealing big changes.

A paradigm shift

Well as I went. Most resolutions fail in the first month. Surely you have asked yourself: And why is that? Well, according to Kaizen it’s because you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

You start with those changes and within a month you realize that you cannot continue. Before the end of January you have failed. You feel frustrated, you curse the universe for making you so lazy or for giving you such a cubist face, you raise your hands and yell at a deity who ignores you. Change is useless! Life is cruel and futile! Shame takes hold of you, followed by guilt over failure, and ultimately the calm of inactivity.

Before you know it, a new year has passed and the cycle begins anew. Like in the Lion King, it is the cycle of life, but here, in real life, the hyenas will eat you if you don’t wake up.

What if there was a way to break that spiral? What if there is a way to escape recurring failure? Sometimes you need to take small steps to reach your destination. What if you made a mistake when measuring results?

Measure what matters

Last week I read an article by a colleague, Yon Salgado, on his blog, summarizing his year as a writer. When I saw their numbers I threw my hands to my head… A real madness. The guy, in a year had finished a novel of 180,000 words, another of 70,000 and is involved with another in which he already has 30,000, in addition to his blogs that total 45,000 … Yon, he is an animal of numbers. It is the Yog Sothoth of the written word.

When I saw those numbers I got depressed. During the past year I finished many stories – between all of them they will make about 50,000 or 60,000 words – and two novelettes of 20,000 words. That added to my blog and collaborations … Anyway, my numbers were bloodless if compared to the titanic figures of my friend Yon … What have I done wrong?

Well many things. First, compare myself to him. Each writer has a rhythm and a process, you should never – never, under any circumstances – compare yourself to others . And secondly, I haven’t measured what really matters: What goals did I want to achieve in 2016? Basically I did not propose any. That’s how lazy I was.

My goal during 2016 was to finish commissions and do nothing more than my non-literary work. For this reason, once I had finished the stories and the novelettes, I did not write anything.

Change your goals as a writer

Stop thinking of years as a sprint race. Instead of thinking that this year you are going to write a novel, how about you consider writing 500 words a day?

Writing a novel can be a goal that you never achieve. You may lose the thread of the story, run out of ideas, or you may lose interest. If you fail, you will enter that spiral that I have already told you about. However, writing 500 words a day is something you can do . It is easy to achieve, you just have to sit down to write every day. It may cost you a week, a month or 21 days as they say. But it is a simple and achievable goal.

Sometimes all you need to get started is to put on

You see the difference? Our purposes are always based on reaching a specific goal, in this way our brain is put into competition mode. If we do not achieve that goal, our brain becomes frustrated and we feel that we have lost the competition. Your brain doesn’t care about effort or process.

It is as if you wanted to get from Madrid to Rome without important the gasoline you have in the tank. Of course, you will never get to Rome like this. Instead of doing that, focus on the process, plan each stop, find the best route, the one with the fewest curves, the one with the best roads… You will arrive in the end.

This is very simple: if you work, you will achieve results.

The Kaizen of the Writer

As a expert ghostwriter you have a lot to learn from these little steps. There are no magic formulas here. You just have to do the job. Stick your ass to the chair, put your fingers on the keys and start pounding like your life depended on it.

Oddly enough, that’s where most people fail. They never start writing. They always have something better to do: watch TV, play video games, watch the nuptial dance of an Afghan fly, count the cracks in the ceiling … Some – the most reckless – even dare to talk about writing and even read about writing! !

But they never sit down to write …

How does being a writer work

Last year you set out to write. You convinced yourself that it would be a different year. You were going to finish that novel, to write a lot more on your blog. You were even going to raze the Nanowrimo.

But you failed. Why? Because you wanted to bite off more than you were able to chew. You wanted to swallow the elephant in one bite and that never works with writing.

Now I’m going to reveal a great secret about writing. One that you will not find in any blog. I am going to give you the magic and secret formula, which was revealed to me in a dream by a being of light and which I have put into practice since I started with this. You are ready?

You have to write word for word.

You sure weren’t expecting it.

When it comes to being a writer, you can’t — or shouldn’t — set goals in terms like “novels” or “books.” You just have to write. You have to do it in small steps, because writing works like that, little by little.

Don’t sit down to write a novel or a book. You sit down and write a word, which together with others form a sentence. Then several sentences form a paragraph. Several paragraphs together create a section. When we have a few sections we can make a chapter and with a few chapters we have a novel or a story or whatever.

But it doesn’t appear overnight. You don’t hit the keys and create a book or a novel. You have to write little by little.

You can’t control the result, but you can control the process

Right now, as I write this, I have just finished my fifth novel and am picking up an old novel that I had dead of disgust. This is a very ambitious project, it is a novel that is unlike anything I have written so far. Something that, if it turns out well, will be the best thing I’ve written since I started. And I am very scared.

I’m screwed up with this project. I am so afraid that I have been paralyzed for two days, avoiding going to work. What should I do? Forget me? Let fear overcome me and not write? Think about what my readers will say?

This project has me in carbonite for several days

Well no, you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to sit down and write 500 words every day. In the end, as you will see, typing is simply sitting down and hitting the keys. You have to stop thinking about the record, forget about the numbers. Just worry about the process.

500 words a day

As I know that I am not the only one who ends the year frustrated by not writing as much as he wants, I have created this little challenge in which you can participate: write 500 words a day. The challenge is very simple, you just have to commit to writing 500 words a day, without more. It is not worth reviewing or editing, you just have to write .

I’ve created this challenge to encourage you to write more and to achieve your writing purpose. For the challenge I have created a Facebook page that you can enter. There you can share your progress every day and encourage those who participate.

They say that to create a habit you have to repeat something for 21 days, so for now our challenge will be 21 days.

How does it work

If you want to participate, you have all the rules on the page that I have created for the challenge and that you can visit by clicking on this LINK.

If you want to change the dynamics and have a purpose that you can achieve this year, join the 500 words challenge . Together we can have a year of productive writing.


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