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How Does Buying of Automatic Instagram Likes Work?

Chris Holroyd



How Does Buying of Automatic Instagram Likes Work?

Instagram is a highly popular social media platform that helps a lot in popularizing the overall reach of your brand in a successful manner. Once you get your name registered, you will be able to carry on with your zeal to popularize your brand through a creative approach. It is the total number of likes that determine your overall success.

Why Buy Automatic Likes?

Without an appreciable number of likes, it will hardly be possible for you to popularize your brand name all along. It is preferable to buy automatic Instagram likes as this procedure ends appropriate number of likes towards your publications. Once the purchase is complete, there is hardly any requirement to waste a single minute to order services for variable posts.

Attracting a poll of audience in a single chance is not at all a cake walk. It takes time to make your brand highly popular among public. It is the number of likes that helps in judging how popular your post is. It is preferable to go with the astonishing feature of automatic likes by Instagram.

Get the Desired Purpose Fulfilled within Shortest Time Period

It will help you a lot in sending likes for your publications in an automatic manner. Hence, there is no need to waste a single minute time to order services for separate posts. Through the astonishing service related to buy automatic Instagram likes, it will be easy to attract a large poll of audience for achieving your goal in the shortest time period.

Instagram is a well known social media platform that has opened the doorway to market your brand through exclusive postings. You may go with posting of attractive images and videos related to your business. Posts included must speak openly about your business in a precise manner.  

Likes Come on Posts

Instagram monitors all posts made each and every second. Users are very much concerned about the total number of likes received against postings made. The system related to buying of automatic likes has been considered to be the best. Once a subscription package is purchased, your pathway towards success will start getting smoother.

Instagram likes are sent in accordance to the service package that has been selected. The moment a new publication appears on the account registered against your name, automatic likes are awarded.  On your way to utilize benefits of auto likes, you must keep your account public instead of private.

Videos Getting Views As Well

Along with pictures, you may go for posting exclusively informative video content that speaks about your brand. A highly immaculately designed video will get likes along with astonishing number of views. The trend to buy automatic Instagram likes is gaining grounds for having a plethora of benefits in association.

The service of buying automatic Instagram likes will let you promote business as well as personal accounts in a quick and efficient manner. You will not only be provided with real number of Instagram likes, but also refrain from the hassle of buying packages in a periodic manner.  

Grab High Attention towards Your Content

The exclusively gluing feature of buying automatic Instagram likes will free you from the challenge of getting high attention. You may solely rely on the feature of getting more number of likes on your content frequently. It will be easy for you to concentrate on your posts and introduce something new.

Exclusive posts will definitely motivate users to be highly active in your posts. Buying of automatic Instagram likes will be promoting your content in an active manner. It will help in highlighting the post against a wide number of publications contributed by other users. Instagram is very much particular on number of likes that are available against posts.

Advance Your Business through a Successful Channel

It is a very common factor that users prefer subscribing to accounts that are popular among masses. It is the number of likes that will help viewers in judging the overall status of the post. The buy automatic Instagram likes feature will assist you to advance your brand successfully all across the social network.

Higher number of likes will help in converting your prospects to permanent customers. The purpose of posting on Instagram is to make the public aware of your brand. Postings must be done during afternoon as the rush is low. Still, the tough competition persists every time. It is totally up to you to decide about the ways of making your effort a grand success.

In terms of safety, purchasing of Instagram likes is an absolute safe feature. Nobody will ever get to know that you are using this feature as every detail will be kept secret. To enjoy gallantry outputs, it is better to go with a reliable service provider. It will be providing 100% genuine service at reasonable price rate.

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Are There Any Safe & Secured Facebook Video Downloaders

Chris Holroyd



Are There Any Safe & Secured Facebook Video Downloaders

Facebook is a great site for watching trending videos. However, it doesn’t give the users the option to download these videos on their smartphones/ PC. That’s a big disappointment for people who want to save these videos for sharing or offline viewing purposes. If you wish to download a Facebook video, you can do so with the help of a video downloader. 

There are numerous FB downloaders in the market, but we did a comprehensive research and shortlisted the top 5 options for you:

  • Video Downloadr – Most of the online video downloader sites and apps ask you to create an account which frankly seems like a hassle. If you want to save your time, you need a Facebook video downloader that doesn’t restrict you in any way. Video Downloadr is one of the effective downloader tools that work on most of the websites and can download any type of video in just a matter of seconds. The site is 100% free with a simple interface and one-click download options
  • – can be used to download high-quality videos from Facebook as well as YouTube. The whole download process is simple and wouldn’t take much of your time or effort. All you have to do is copy the link of the Facebook video you want to download, paste it in the search box and hit the download button. You can also convert your Facebook videos into audio files by using this website.
  • – helps you to download videos from Facebook directly without the use of any third-party software. It makes downloading videos easier and faster. This website works well on computers, tablets, and Android and Apple smartphones. The website works smoothly but shows a number of ads that can make browsing a tad bit tedious. 
  • – This website works on computers, tablets, and smartphones and can download Facebook videos for free. Not only that, but it can also convert these videos into mp3 and mp4 files effortlessly. Just copy the link of the Facebook video you need to download, paste it in the Getfvid’s search box and click on the Download button after choosing the resolution option between HD and SD. You will be redirected to the download page where you can proceed to save the video.
  • Fbdownloader – This is one of the most popular FB video downloaders in the market currently. The website doesn’t require you to use any third-party software and charges you nothing for downloads. By using this site, you can also convert the downloaded FB videos into audio files (mp3). Even private Facebook videos can be downloaded; however, it would require you to go to a different website known as the private video downloader.

Will Facebook ever allow its users to download video content from their feed directly? Honestly, only time will tell. But if you wish to download these videos now and are looking for an effective Facebook video downloader, the above-given websites would definitely be the best option for you.

Try our free Facebook video downloader today!

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How to grow your YouTube Channel with subscribers?

Chris Holroyd



buy YouTube subscribers

After the months of wasting your time on growing your YouTube channel, you can get anything especially your subscribers. After months of second-guessing or deliberating, and months of reading comprehensive and somewhat confusing literature on how to make money out of YouTube, you have finally put down your foot and decided to create your YouTube Channel. The excitement is out of this world, and you just can’t want to be the next bog vloggers.

But, there’s one huge challenge which is making things work, and also, starting in the right way. The biggest hurdle of all is how to get more subscribers. You have to find correct or legal ways to buy YouTube subscribers but, yes, that is not something you jump into when you are all green and inexperienced.

Subscribe button is a must

You cannot able to get subscribers until you don’t have a Subscribe Button on your YouTube channel. And since every time a new visitor visits your channel or watches your video you have the opportunity to make him or her a part of your YouTube family when they subscribe to your channel. You can add subscribe button with the help of bell icon that looks even more attractive to get more subscribers.

Work on your channel to get more subscribers

Work on your YouTube channel’s homepage, make it attractive, stylish and make it look like the big brand you are building on a particular niche. Other than having a Subscribe tab, the most effective and natural way of getting more active subscribers lies in branding and most importantly, the appearance of your homepage. So, you need to pay attention to the colors, fonts and other graphical elements.

You must to follow your steps and remember that people like consistency, originality, and the easiest way for you to leave an impression would be picking two or three colors and only two fonts that you will use consistently on the thumbnails, the banner and the graphics within the videos. The other important element is the artwork. If you are using a headshot, ensure that the background is clear and you look your best on your YouTube account or even on your videos as well.

Schedule your content on a daily or weekly basis

You’ve heard of all the people who are earning seven figures from YouTube and in your wildest dreams, you imagine yourself in their shoes. Don’t you will able to get all these things as well which comes out in reality phase and subscribers will help you the most in this matter and there’s one thing you have to be ready to do, you have to work hard for the development of your channel. But, other than working hard, employ the 1×4 strategy for scheduling content.

While it all boils down to creating content and uploading videos consistently, it is specific in that; you should strive to publish one video every week, so, four videos in a month. Consistency brings in more subscribers because once they get used to watching great content, people begin to have expectations. You have created a dependable rhythm like the creators of your TV show has. So, keep the beat going, every week.

However, At Galaxy Marketing you can buy YouTube subscribers for your channel at a reasonable price. As a channel owner, you know how important subscribers are for your channel and for your channel’s development as well to make you grow even faster. Of course, our subscribers will stay & won’t disappear over time if you make them your family and provide content on a daily or weekly basis.

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Essential tips to sky-rocket sales with Social Media

Chris Holroyd



Social media marketing

Social media marketing is creating brand advocates by interacting with customers on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

One of the key reasons to market your product on social media is because the audience is already present – and in impressive numbers. So you do not have to hunt and gather an audience for your promotion.

Here is the list of some strategies you can deploy with social media marketing to help achieve a better graph for your organization.

Set the goals to achieve.

It is essential to set goals before you unleash your potential into achieving them. Starting out without target-goals in your mind is no less than searching a treasure without a map. Consider, what message do you want to relay to your audience; and on which social media your target is likely to be engaged and in what way? Whether you are merely steering a ‘know-my-brand’ campaign, or, do you also want to convert individuals into prospects?

Streamlining actions from the very start will ease things up and will yield more tangible results than unplanned marketing engagements.

Catch-eye content

It’s a no brainer that most humans are more inclined towards the visual taste of things; Marketing contents are no exception to this rule. A catchy content is bound to garner more attention and clicks than hard-to-notice advertisements.

The content reigns supreme when it comes to marketing. So, make sure you write truly informative content that your audience finds both helpful and exciting.

Hitting all turfs at once

Different users have different tastes and prefer different platforms to share and communicate. So, to target the complete set of audience and to make sure you do not miss out on a single prospect, hit with marketing on all social media platforms.

Now, each platform will fetch you an unprecedented set of problems. So, be ready to counter it.

Killing the competition

It is an excellent practice to keep an eye on the race you have in the market. If your competitor is targeting keywords that seem to be working wonders for him, try the same; and try it better. Keep the spirit alive and remain as active as you can be. Try to inculcate the goodness of your rival’s content into yours.

Tracking competition is another crucial aspect of gaining considerable market share that you might not want to miss. Analytics is a profound way of weighing your marketing against other businesses. Higher site-traffic driven from social platforms is a sign of effective deployment of social media marketing techniques.

Divert traffic to your site

Though converting customers through social media is an excellent way of boosting business, deviating traffic to your official business page can also help inflate sales (though indirectly).

Curating and sharing links is a proven method of surging traffic figures by redirecting users from social media platforms to your website. 

It is easier to establish trust and showcase more products on your website than compact social media posts. Moreover, garnering enough traffic will give your search engine rankings a big boost, and you might soon end up being on page one.

Fancy ‘buy from here’ offers

We all know the number of advertisements that pop up every single time we open our Facebook or Instagram account. There is little chance that your ad shall be paid any heed, and it is likely to go unnoticed unless you incorporate some concrete counter-strategy. 

Say, for example, you can reward users with credits for visiting your website, or an additional 20% discount to users who directly buy from links curated on social media.

Alternatively, you can lure customers into referring your website to friends by rewarding them credits on each referred visit.

Author Bio : Nishant is a writer by hobby and fortunately also by his profession. Nishant has written short stories, poems, and snippets for a number of blogs (including his own).Cloud Computing, Dedicated Server Hosting, and Cyber Security are Nishant’s forte. He has an active appearance on Go4hosting belvedere, always ready for the enthusiast technical approach.

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Benefits of Hiring Social Media Agency

Chris Holroyd



Social Media Agency

In order to market your brand well, it is critical to focus on social media. Having a good social media presence is essential to not only raise awareness about your brand, but also to increase the customer base and sales. However, can this purpose be solved by just hiring an in-house marketing team? While probably it does, but there is no denying the fact that it causes more headaches than it’s worth. 

Imagine, what will happen to your business’s growth if the employees you hired aren’t SEO experts that they have claimed to be? How will you frame a proper social media strategy if the members of your team are not able to determine the sites your target audience is most active on? Irrespective of their effectiveness, the one thing that cannot be ignored is that they aren’t experts in this field and so lack the knowledge and specialization, and may fail in keeping up with the latest trends in digital marketing. 

To avoid this situation, it is always better to hire a social media agency that is skilful in shaping and strengthening your brand’s image in the market. Having the best social media agency on role ensures the steady growth of your brand and the following benefits that are crucial to sustain in such a competitive market. 

  • Efficient use of all marketing channels

A full-service social media agency gives you an edge by providing you a complete set of marketing skills. In that case, you are not depending on hiring different individuals having specific areas of expertise, but an agency that is proficient to provide you services in all areas of digital marketing. Having contacts and tie-ups with various marketing channels, the creative agency will ensure to promote your brand through every available marketing channel without any bias and not just with the limited list of contacts an individual might like to work with. 

  • Focused team approach

With a comprehensive team of marketers delivering you with the best creative outputs and results, digital marketing agencies are recognized for their focused team approach and unique marketing strategies. All the team members are committed to work together to plan the promotion of your brand at a macro level and give you results that wouldn’t have been possible by hiring in-house individual marketers.  

  • Economical deal

Hiring employees at your office and paying salaries to them especially when they are not even of much help in the marketing of your product doesn’t seem to be a good idea. However, hiring a digital agency which is aware about the intricacy of how the social media business works can be quite a cost effective idea and can give you more control over your complete marketing budget. You can surely tap your digital partner whenever you need assistance of any type. 

  • Opens a gateway to fresh ideas

The best social media agencies in town will help you in seeing your business from a different perspective. These fresh ideas may or may not have been thought by the internal staff and thus the approach would have remained limited. These alternative and modern ideas help in increasing the brand’s notice ability and additionally, promoting your business in a unique way at the same time. 

  • Allows you to change your area of focus

There is so much more to running a business, rather than just concentrating all your attention and energy in this one activity. Undoubtedly, marketing remains an important business activity for the growth of the business, but while all other activities have to be more or less managed by you, this one function can be given to a full-service social media agency, without any worry. Hence, management of internal marketers can be avoided because a digital marketing agency has its own employees that will make sure to develop a marketing strategy that works for the success of your brand.

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Post Often On Instagram To Grow Your Email List



Post Often On Instagram To Grow Your Email List

When you are using social media channels for your email marketing purposes, especially Instagram, you should know when to post on this platform and how often you should do it. This will ensure that then messages that you create and post is actually received and seen by the recipients.

Though emails have a high opening rate, you should not expect to receive the best results from it by simply posting it at your convenience. On the contrary, you should know what is the best time to post your messages and what is the time when your targeted audience is active on the platforms. This approach will ensure two specific things as follows:

  • It will ensure an instant reach of your email messages and of course
  • It will ensure a high open-rate.

However, there is a specific problem with posting time. This is because you will not be able to determine one specific and perfect time to post your content across all social media networks, especially when you are targeting all those fans and followers that you have all over the world.

Yet, knowing and posting at a high traffic time is most important on social media networks. This is because:

  • It is only then you will be able to see how people are reacting to your posts and
  • It is only then you can expect to get the best results and a high sign up rate with your email list.

You will come across different study reports and results that will claim different times are better for posting your messages but the best way of finding that out by yourself is, trial and error.

All you have to do is use a specific post scheduling tool and post at different times of the day. Try to find out which times of the day, as well as the days of the week, work best for your business, brand, and products.

Posting at the right time

Agencies like Gramista and other social marketing experts will suggest that:

  • Thursdays and Fridays are the best days of the week and you will find that it is corroborated by different other online studies.
  • It is also shown by the studies that ideally messages posted on these days have an engagement rate that is higher by 18%.

However, that does not mean you will be posting on these days every single hour and expect the best results. On the contrary, you will have a very low or no engagement at all from your target recipients. This is because the audience will think that you are a spammer and very soon unfollow you.

Take help of the experts and different online research reports to find out the best times and the frequency of posting your messages on different social media platforms, including Instagram to get the best return and result from your email marketing campaign.

Adapting the messages

Different social media channels have different requirements which you should follow while posting your messages across these channels. Instagram is no exception to the rule. Though this is a topic of debate in social media circles since people are more inclined to share similar type of messages on all social media channels, it is essentially required by you to follow a different approach so as to find the best time to reach out to your target audience with reference to your specific industry and product.

This means that:

  • You will need to adapt to the needs and preferences of your audience
  • Make the necessary changes in your messages and
  • Post it at the best suitable time to generate more response.

For example, if you have created a blog post and have shared it across different social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and want to write a similar message that will accompany your blog post on these social networks, then you can rest assured that all those people who view your post on more than one social medium will surely scroll past it.

Therefore, it is essential that you write different messages on different social media networks. This will provide you with different benefits but the most significant ones are:

  • It will increase the chances of open rate because even if someone scrolls past your blog post on one specific medium, you still have yet other chances to grab their attention on an entirely different social platform, with an entirely different approach.
  • Your posts will also look different in structure and its appearance due to the different requirements of the social media platforms. For example, LinkedIn needs no hashtags like Instagram, and twitter does not encourage any snippets and so on.

In short, you will need to be genuine, original and unique to make your messages more appealing and interesting and most importantly stay social.

Focus and improve your SEO

Lastly, and according to some experts, most importantly you should focus on improving your SEO at all costs. This will ensure that:

  • It is easy for the users to share your content and sign up just as you want with your email list and
  • The content is reaching and is being shared correctly and more effectively to gain the best results from your digital marketing efforts that have grown immensely over the years.

This means that you will need to consider upping your search engine optimization at some point of time. If it is explained in the most basic terms, there are lots of help you will gain when you integrate SEO best practices into your content and email marketing campaigns. These are:

  • It will enhance your online visibility
  • It will ensure that you generate more leads and sales
  • It will reinforce the authority of your brand as much as your domain
  • It will help you to connect with your direct audience in a much better and more efficient way and eventually
  • It will increase your social media traffic as well as the chances of signing up with your email list.

Ideally, research says that search engines such as Google, Bing, and others will provide tremendous payoffs if your SEO is high.

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Photo and Video Storage Made Easy

Chris Holroyd



social media platform

Statistics show that more than 1 trillion pictures are taken every year, thanks largely to the advancement of smartphones. You’ll no doubt take your share, too. What are you going to do with your photos? With hundreds of options available for photo and video storage, the choices can get overwhelming. Should you store them on social media for everyone to see? Should you store them on flash drives for compact storage? Or should you use a cloud service so you can access them anywhere? Whatever your choice, one thing is clear — you do need to make one. Luckily, some methods are easier to use than others. You just need to figure out what you need. Here’s an easy guide to figuring it out.

Social media

Social media has taken our world by storm. In fact, 72% of Americans use at least one social media platform. Many people use it to store their photos and videos. It’s an easy way to share them with friends and family, and they’re easy to access by date later on. But this type of storage has a few drawbacks. For one, sites such as Facebook and Instagram compress your images to keep them from taking up too much space and slowing down their sites. So, if you ever want to retrieve them or download them for another purpose, you’ll get poorer quality images. Secondly, not everyone wants to share every single photo or video on social media. These people need a more private way to share them with the people they love.

Cloud services

Cloud storage services are great. They represent huge advancements in technology. They make it easy to store your images online and retrieve them from anywhere. But you have to be careful with these as well. These services are expensive and unstable. When the whole cloud storage thing began, a lot of sites offered free storage, but as business grew, they started charging fees. Just take a look at Flickr, which recently revamped under SmugMug and put strict limits on its accounts. You now have to pay for what was free before. Also, storing your photos and videos on sites like these means you’re at the mercy of a company’s server. Should they get attacked or go down, you’d be left without your files. 

Physical storage

Of course, you can always store your files on a physical storage system, and you have plenty of options to meet your needs. Some people keep their images on their SD cards. They just remove them from their camera when they’re full and slide a new one in. This is a suitable means of storage for the most part. Most of today’s computers have SD slots so that you can insert the card and upload images for editing. Another option is the CD. As long as you’re careful with your CDs, you can safely store your files on them for many years. The same goes for flash drives. The thing to keep in mind with all these forms of storage, though, is that your files can get corrupted with repeated use. Other physical storage methods are your computer or an external hard drive. 

The best option

Instead of risking your files, you should find a solution that will store them safely and make them easy to share. For example, ibi made by sandisk is a home-based device with 2 terabytes of space with which you can store almost unlimited photos and videos. With it, you can organize all of your photos in one space, including your smartphone, computer, and shared files. You can also choose who can see them, you can maintain their quality, and you can retrieve them any time you need to. 



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