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what is digital seva kendra

What is digital seva ?

Digital seva CSC is an initiative of the Department of Electronics and IT, the Ministry of Communications and IT, the Government of India.

Common Service Centers offer different government services via digital seva portal. The main reason is to provide services to rural and remote locations where computers and the Internet are not available.

What is digital seva portal ?

The Digital Seva Portal is a new portal launched by the Government of India. It is much easier to handle and uses DSP VLE, Village Level Entrepreneur(VLE), with the help of this new portal.

Who is this VLE ?

VLE means Village Level Entrepreneur who is like a government deliver boy, delivers various types of government and non-government services to the people.

There is no need to pay any penny to register yourself as a VLE. And also you do not need any training for this. But you need to take care of the following basic requirements.

Eligibility :

  1. Should have a valid aadhar number
  2. You should be a local Person
  3. Your age should be minimum 18 years
  4. You should have passed the 10th level or matrik level examination
  5. You should be fluent in writing and reading and have basic knowledge of English language
  6. You must have basic computer skills

Basic Requirements :

  1. You have at least 120 GB Hard Disc Drive in your system
  2. Also have minimum 512 GB RAM
  3. Minimum have UPS PC with licensed Windows XP or abov
  4. A printer or colour printer
  5. A web camera or digital camera
  6. A digital scanner
  7. And at last, You should have minimum internet connection of 128 kbps speed for internet browsing and so on.

Basic Documents Required :

  1. A copy or Xerox of your pan card
  2. CSC Center Photos ( both inside and outside)
  3. And a cancelled cheque

But now the question arises that what are the responsibilities after becoming a VLE ?? Well, read more !

Responsibilities as a Village Level Entrepreneure :

The most responsibility of a VLE is to deliver the services to the people or users which are available in Digital Seva Portal smoothly. Also you should avail your Kiosk from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

How to sign up with Digital Seva portal ?

Registration on the digital seva portal is easy. Here are the easiest steps in the registration process that help you to register easily on this portal.

  1. Open the official site of digital seva portal .
  2. Now click on the registration option in the menu and click on the apply button displaying on the homepage of the website.
  3. Enter your own aadhar details and fill the captcha and then click submit
  4. After this, your aadhar authentication will be displayed on your computer screen with the form
  5. Now fill up the required details like banking documents , etc.
  6. You will receive an email and sms to your registered email id and phone number regarding the successful registration.
  7. You will also get your application number via sms/email so that you can track your application status.

How to track your application status ??

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Click on the application menu
  3. Choose application status in that menu
  4. Now fill your provided application id and captcha text
  5. Now press submit button and you will be notified or seen your application status

Various services offered by Digital Seva Portal :

Digital seva portal which is conducted by CSC(common services center) also provides many more services to us . These services are related to Aadhar, agriculture, banking & pension, education, election, health etc.

Well, If you want to know about all of these services and how you can get benefits from this , then you must read this CSC Digital Seva Portal : A to Z Full explained !

Hope you like this article. Let me know If you have any doubts or questions regarding this in below comment box. Thank You !!

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Here’s How 5G Technology Impacts The Digital World

Chris Holroyd



5G Technology

Do you wish to experience rapid digital growth than ever? Well, the next generation of wireless technology (5G) is all ready to reshape the connectivity across variant networks. It is especially important as the IoT devices are increasing in number, an enormous amount of the data is getting generated at a faster pace. 

5G TechnologyThe 5G tech helps to enable rapid data transfer speed from the current 1Gbps to 10Gbps and creates tremendous opportunities for variant industries. It is expected that by 2020, the majority of industries will be pivoted with the 5G networks and plenty of IoT cellular connections will use 5G connection across the globe. From improving the livestock management to automating remote robotic surgery, 5G is set to make a huge difference to a plethora of the world’s largest industries.

In this article, we will be having a look at a few industries which will be impacted by the 5G technology innovation. Let’s get started with. 

  • Manufacturing

The manufacturing sector comprises more of the hardcore machines to make do their work using the human force. With the help of 5G technology, it can help the production operations to become more flexible and efficient thereby ensuring much safety. This can be a sigh of relief for the manufactures as it helps to introduce the concept of ‘smart industries’ and leverage the power of AI-oriented automation. All of the hitched or unhitched robots can be controlled, reconfigured and monitored over the 5G mobile networks which lead to an increase in its adoption due to high bandwidth and low latency.

5G Technology


  • Education

Due to the boom of 5G trends in variant industries, how can we forget about the most precious Education industry to transform the educational methodologies of your kids? 5G mobile connections can be used by the teachers to introduce new education methods or techniques. By taking advantage of AR/VR educational platforms, helps to provide numerous benefits over the traditional methods thereby bing much cost-effective, lowering risks and increasing retention. 5G seems to be a boon for the students studying in high-risk fields like aviation and medicine where they can experience VR learning for easy knowledge transfer.

  • Gaming

Due to the emergence of 5G, the gaming industry is going to get benefitted the most as the users will experience a smooth-play experience. The technology can help to solve the latency problems by reducing the time and providing a real-time streaming update. It is seen that the streaming videos for computer games are reprimanded for their significant expenses and conflicting encounters. To avoid this blunder, 5G can help to improve their quality and make them cost-effective. Even, we can expect the Xbox games to introduce on PCs, consoles and mobile devices for a much better experience. 

  • Advertising and Marketing

The role of 5G can play a changing showcase publicizing towards the vivid social encounters by bringing the substance and end-clients together. This can assist the organizations with overcoming their benefit scale, conveyance and estimation issues while managing the mobile advertisement campaigns.  Marketers have an enormous opportunity using 5G by transiting from banner-oriented advertisements to moving videos and images. By doing so, these can help to generate more business and boost your sales by saving the time of your customers and yours as well. 

  • Retails

How can we forget about the current trends set for an online store? With the hype of e-commerce platforms, mobile shopping is increasingly popular among all the customers across the globe. For such a huge trendsetter, all regards go to 5G/LTE for providing a rich shopping experience for mobile users. Now, imagine how your shopping experience gets boosted if you have a 10X faster mobile connection. It is estimated that the 5G technology can help to open an opportunity to virtual reality dressing rooms and mobile AR experiences from the stores to your home directly. 

  • Supply Chain Management

By introducing 5G-empowered IoT sensors on the items, the partners are encompassed by the mass measure of information in the inventory network continuously  These data contain location, moisture, temperature, pressure and other related information which is crucial for managing the products in a supply chain. By bringing 5G IoT sensors into inventory chains can diminish the misfortune because of lost compartments or manual inefficiency. As 5G technologies are introducing more and more intelligent supply chain management, there is a potential increase in production and streamlined logistical processes with the reduction in costs.

Wrap Up

Here, we come to the end of the article. We can expect the latest innovations in the variant industries of Healthcare, Security, Defence, Tourism, Restaurants and much others to bloom with the emergence of 5G technology for seamless and smoother customer experience. There are a lot more benefits of 5G to your business. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity now and keep learning!

Author Bio:

H.P Morgan working as IT Consultant at, A Custom Software development in Australia. He is having seven years of experience in a Technological domain and helps the organization of all shapes. He loves to travel to Spontaneous places. You can visit here to know more about his companies.

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10 Things Every Entrepreneur Learns From Event Advertising

Chris Holroyd



Event Advertising

There’s no denying that event advertising is hugely important, but you may not realise that it’s actually a great learning experience. Here are some of the top things you will learn as an entrepreneur when you advertise at events. 

Event Advertising

  1. How to Utilise Technology – As technology develops, it is being used more and more at events. Not only are event organisers using it as a way to improve the overall experience for attendees, but entrepreneurs are also using it to make their experience a successful one. iPads are being used to capture the contact information of customers, sales are being made quicker than ever before and people are learning more about brands through easy to access websites. Technology has made many aspects of event advertising a lot easier and more efficient.
  2. There Are Different Types of Event – A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that all business events are the same, but this couldn’t be any further from the truth. As an entrepreneur, you won’t have to attend many events to realise that there are a wide range of options to choose from. Regardless of the industry that you work in or the type of business that you are interested in, you will find three main event types. There are conferences, which are large scale events and some of the most popular. Conferences can be B2B or B2C and are centred around speakers, workshops, networking and advertising. There are trade shows, which give businesses a place to showcase new products and services in a professional way. These are usually themed around a specific industry and businesses set up booths, entrepreneurs are also able to network. There are seminars, which are the most intimate type of event. The focus at a seminar is to educate attendees and to share knowledge.
  3. To Attend Events Regularly – There are a lot of events for any entrepreneur to attend, which is why sticking to one or two doesn’t make any sense. The more events you attend, the more advertising you do and the more people you reach. Though you won’t want to take too much time away from regular business proceedings, finding opportunities to attend regular events can make a big difference. This is because some customers will attend one event and not another, and some competitors favour certain events over others. By attending more, you can cover all the bases. 
  4. The Importance of Promoting Attendance on Social Media – Once you have confirmed your attendance to an event it’s important to promote this by letting customers, potential customers and other entrepreneurs know. Social media platforms are great for this, as they provide a quick and easy way to spread the message. Plus, they’re free! Unless people know that you are at an event, they won’t know to come and seek you out. You can drum up interest on social media about a specific product, a special deal that you are offering or something that you are giving away for free. 
  5. Subpar Advertising Materials Don’t Work – Though you may be able to save some money by choosing cheap and low quality advertising materials, you are unlikely to achieve the same results. Sometimes, spending more money on banners and leaflets really is best. Not only does it ensure that they will last long enough to use at multiple events, but it also reflects well on the business. Cheap advertising materials may cause people to think of you as a cheap business. 
  6. Planning Ahead is Key to Successful Event Advertising – You won’t have to attend many events to realise that planning ahead is the key to success. Not only does planning ahead reduce the chance of any last minute stresses and strains cropping up, but it also ensures that you are organised and read to do your best. Event advertising isn’t just about turning up and showing off a product, it’s about highlighting the entire brand and building strong business relationships. 
  7. The Benefits of Networking – Before advertising at an event, a lot of entrepreneurs don’t realise just how beneficial networking is. Though it’s something that everyone has heard happens at all business events, many people underestimate just how helpful networking can actually be. You don’t have to spend too long at any event to realise that networking can lead to more customers, big sales and long term business relationships. 
  8. What Makes a Good Banner Design – Ask anyone at and they will tell you just how important banner artwork is at an event. When you are advertising a product or service, it’s vital that the banner stands out and conveys a strong message. It’s not enough to simply throw together a banner design at the last minute and hope for the best, as this is unlikely to make a statement and stand out. Instead, take the time to design something that is going to engage potential customers and evoke a response from those passing by. A good banner design is one that is clear, informative and stands out from a distance. 
  9. Competitors Can Be Helpful – Don’t make the mistake of assuming that all competitors are detrimental to your success, as they can be helpful. When an entrepreneur attends an event, they will see what other competitors are doing and how they are advertising their products or services. This is a great way to see what other similar businesses are doing and what is working for them. If there’s a way of advertising that everyone else in the industry is using but you aren’t, this will be highlighted.

Event Advertising
Brand Awareness Won’t Boost Itself – Brand awareness is one of the main reasons to advertise at an event, but it won’t boost itself. Even with a high quality banner and impressive advertising materials, every entrepreneur will still need to go out of their way to improve awareness. This includes talking to passersby, answering questions and ensuring the business name is conveyed. You should aim for people to leave an event knowing who you are and what you do.

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Micro Coil Winding | Making Medical Services for Masses

Chris Holroyd



Micro Coil Winding

Next time you are in the clinic or hospital, take a look inside the medical lab. you will see a lot of flexible machines which are will then probably wonder how doctors use such machines and how is it that they are so preceise in their readings? 

This is probably where you would see Micro Coils attached to various slots that help navigate the devices. 

When you place coils in X, Y and Z and start transmitting electrical voltage through them,  They will start sensing each other in space as well as their own

Micro Coil Winding Technology | Basics 

The basic function of micro-coil windings are the following 

  • Transferring energy
  • Radiating energy
  • Transferring Control
  • Magnetic 3D navigation 

So, next time you see your dentist navigating a fine-tuned device for your implants, you know exactly how it works. 

Especially for the miniature medical equipment a quality rich micro coil winding technology is going to set the concrete space for proper diagnosis and functioning of these miniature medical devices. Also, these are cost effective processes that enable a wider ranged and affordable medical equipment. 

Just think of a miniature disposable catheter! This proves how micro coil winding technologies have made affordable and widespread medical equipment. This in turn fuels medical attention to the most needed in masses.  

Such small wiring technologies ensure that most medical devices are well maintained, efficient and most importantly keeping up with all the medical technologies. 

Micro Coil Winding has saved the manufacturing difficulties of miniature medical equipment and making it possible for fine-tuned and very complex mechanisms to work. 

In the medical industry think of a simple thing as hearing aids. Without this meticulously formulated manufacturing process of micro-coil windings technology getting hearing aids wide spread to patients who need them would be impossible. 

Even things like drug transfer process, radiation catheters, implantation markers, stent positioning all of this are marvels of affordable and quality micro coil winding technology. 

Even to place a pace maker in patients you need proper navigation for such small medical devices, or even for surgeons to navigate their way to position it in patient. Micro coil windings help such carefully designed components to work with ease for the doctors and the patients. 

Even more simply! 

Think of what they do to check your blood pressure or to check your hear beat. You can access wireless communication between the miniature implants that serve as sensors. 

So, as designers in the medical equipment industry are aware of all the technological advancements in the manufacturing such micro coil winding, they can explore further medical marvels and invent and design devices that are more efficient and cost effective. 

The interplay of many medical devices and the wireless communications are enabled through such innovative micro coil winding processes and manufacturing.  Without such carefully created coils that can work as a connector between life saving medical technologies it is safe to say, people would not have access to many medical treatments. Treatments that we know to be basic and easy. 

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The Importance of Education in the Auto Mechanic Industry



The Importance of Education in the Auto Mechanic Industry

Cars are complex machines and they need upgrades and repairs to function efficiently and safely which keeps auto mechanics in demand. There are a lot of people that are passionate about automobiles and their dream career is getting under the hood. It is not easy to find a career that makes you happy and also offers professional growth and financial stability.

An auto mechanic is just one of the career opportunities that the auto mechanic industry has to offer. The mechanics are going to be in demand as long as there are automobiles and they do not seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

If you choose to become a part of the auto mechanic industry it is important that you are prepared. Knowledge and skills are essential for enjoying a thriving career. Here are a few reasons for getting the right education so that you are prepared for the challenges and hard work.

Learning methods and techniques:

Working on cars is not an easy task and if you fail to identify and fix the problem then it can compromise the safety of the vehicle. A good auto mechanic needs to have excellent knowledge of automobiles so the chance of overlooking faults is almost impossible.

By taking proper courses you will be able to learn the latest techniques and methods applied by the industry to fix the vehicles. Lacking knowledge of latest methods can hinder professional growth and success. There are courses like MOT annual training course that offers an excellent education to people looking to have a successful career as a mechanic.

Good for certifications:

Certifications look great on a CV so if you are looking for career growth it is essential that you invest in proper education. There are a lot of certifications that are related to auto mechanics and they are effective in proving your skills.

Preparing for the auto mechanic industry:

If you do not have time to attend courses then you can take online courses. They will not give certifications but they are helpful in preparing you for the industry. The courses make sure that you get a head start on a variety of certifications and pass then without any difficulty. Online courses are affordable and easily accessible.

More career growth opportunities:

The auto mechanic courses help people in understanding the working of the vehicles but the courses have much more to offer. Education is important because it opens up a lot of new career opportunities for you. When the CV shows that you have proper education of the industry it makes you valuable in the eyes of the employers.

A lot of repair shops ask for different certifications, experience or training when they are hiring. There is a lot of competition in the industry and to make a good impression on the employers you need to find a way to stand out from all the other applicants. The easiest way to increase the visibility of the CV is to do industry related courses.

A promising career:

The auto mechanic industry is growing and is expected to grow in the future so it holds a lot of potential for people looking to have a successful mechanic career. When you invest in proper education you will be a qualified candidate and you will not have any trouble in finding work. If you want success then it is important that you prepare for it. With the right courses and apprenticeship, you will have a thriving career in the auto mechanic industry.

Proper training and education are essential for a successful career. When you have a working knowledge of the automobiles you will always have an edge over other applicants and will be able to enjoy a flourishing career.

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Call Center And Beyond



Call Center

THE call center industry is dominating the world of the business process outsourcing (BPO) in which the Philippines is considered as the home for largest contact centers in the world.

Beyond this booming industry is a promising future for Filipinos being in the Third World country. The gift of call center Quality Assurance QA is a blessing for Filipino people because the country is being looked up as leader in the outsourcing. This is true, several surveys have been done before why the Philippines is considered as location for outsourcing. The surveys led by the private sectors revealed that the country significantly compete in off-shoring industry. It is a window of hope to young Filipino workers, who directly employed in this industry even they are undergraduate.

Beyond call center promotes huge revenue advantage. In the Philippines, it was reported by the country’s Chief Executive that the earnings in the outsourcing dramatically increase this year. In return, the national government continue to strengthen their partnership among contact center executives. Proving their support of being friendly to the investors are proof why these giant contact centers want to stay up and running in the Philippines.

Beyond call center promotes a realistic preparation in the future of the Philippines. 

It is now known in the business world that can never be ignored. The presence of call center lessen the unemployment rate of the country. Since there’s no problem in getting job in outsourcing, Filipino workers can easily grasp the lifestyle in call centers. Filipinos are competent and can talk with passion and accent with their American clients. Their trainings are wonderful and considered as extensive.

Beyond call center is a reflection of having a stable industry, which will continue in the next following years. The target of the government will soon achieve because many call center companies are now entering in the country’s business circle. Large and small contact centers enjoy the privilege given to them by the government. No need to worry about security because they are safe and being prioritized all the time. The country’s finest policemen continue to conduct surveillance in any of the financial districts in metro Manila. call center companies are considered as vital installation, since many of them occupying the skyscrapers, the government always monitor them in a case to case basis.

Beyond call center is a strong nation. 

If the government is considered as investment hub, no wonder that this is a country which practices standard politicking. The Philippines is among of them. Though political bickering is almost happening elsewhere. But when it comes to the public interest, the politicians from the local and national unite each other to promote peace and nationwide camaraderie. No call center companies will stay in the country if political noise is unresolved. With the present situation right now, it is with great respect and desire that contact center locators will remain operational in the Philippines.

Call center and beyond is now the pride of every Filipino. Working closely with the government will provide a better chain of command between the business partners, the lawmakers and the workers. The Philippines will continue to raise up the flag that call center is a dominant industry in the country today.

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Benefits that you will Obtain from free Wi-fi Stations and Rail

Chris Holroyd



It is worthy to say that WiFi has became the lifeline for people and business to operate. For this reason WiFi is offered free of cost in places where there is a huge involvement of people. By these place we mean to say, it can be shopping malls, restaurants, cafe and the most important place which is the lifeline of people is the railway stations and trains.

WiFi is available in the stations via paid service or its price is included in the ticket price as a first class service to the passengers. Giving out free services like free wi-fi is not only beneficial to the passengers but also it is beneficial to the station and train operating companies. Here in this blog the main topic of discussion will be about the benefits that you as a passenger will enjoy if you are using train wi-fi technology, whether free of cost or at a premium price.

The direct benefits associated with train wi-fi  technology are as follows

  • Passengers experience is improved
  • It enables passengers with the facility of work while travelling
  • For loyalty purpose it can be used to gather the passengers information

Let’s have a look at every point mentioned above one by one

Passengers experience is improved

Passengers experience can be improved in many ways by the use of train wi-fi technology. First of all the passenger will not feel bore at all if he/she has been given the access of free wi-fi. Secondly a passenger can always be able to stay connected with their family members as well as with the office where the passenger works. And finally a passenger will always remain updated related to his travel, able to download applications and also have a time to time update of TOS news and different types of offers. This is not only beneficial to the passenger but also to the rail operating company as the passenger who had a great experience of train wi-fi technology will automatically refer to his family members and friends. This in turn increases the potential customers to rail operating companies.

It enables passengers with the facility of work while travelling

Due to day by day advancement of technology, many of the people are utilizing their daily travel medium to resume their work. If it is about railways then the passenger’s work doesn’t starts after boarding the train but it starts in the station itself. Station as well as the train wi-fi will give them access to their emails so that they can continue their work without any interruption.

For loyalty purpose it can be used to gather the passengers information

For new passengers it is mandatory to log on to the station or train wi-fi. For this reason new passengers will be asked to provide their few personal details and also their email address. The passengers also happily give their personal details as the services that they receive are worth of giving personal details and emails. For this reason passengers will have to login once only when he/she is travelling for the first time and from next time he will have access to ticket sales, station wi-fi and also TOC’s some of the loyalty schemes

In short we can conclude this blog by mentioning the fact that train wi-fi technology has changed the view of passengers whose lifeline is railways. By changed view we mean that it has changed the meaning of travelling by train from tiring and boring experience to a fruitful and entertaining experience.

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