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Cloud vs Dedicated Hosting – Which Is Right for Me?

Chris Holroyd



Cloud vs Dedicated Hosting

While selecting a web hosting service for your website you get to encounter so many of them. The company owners also get confused or rather overwhelmed by seeing the plethora of services made available by these web hosting providers. But it’s very important to get that one consolidated plan for your business that suits all your requirements and checkpoints. But most of the web-hosting services are just selling their plans for the sake of earning money. There always exists a web hosting service to continuously grow your business and every business has a clear cut choice. It’s the time and money that you must put in the right direction. 

Cloud vs Dedicated Hosting

Irrespective of the size of the organization, the data from all of them need to have access at all the hours of the day, year, or month. So my question to all the business owners, why to worry about the storage maintenance and hardware maintenance costs when there is cloud hosting for that? Cloud storage has already gained that level where it is no more an option as it has become a necessity for every business. But confusion between the cloud server and dedicated hosting is evident. One should always keep this in mind that their website deserves that reliable uptime. Also keeping the costing factor in mind and a hosting service that is lightning fast. Although picking up the appropriate hosting plan involves multiple implications. But in the end, all you have to see is a hosting service that puts your website in the priority and a very fast server to host on.

Nowadays businesses also do not want to follow the traditional path of building a website on a managed cloud plan. The kind of resources provided by both is very different. When cloud hosting offers scalable resource allocation based on hardware virtualization, a dedicated server offers fixed allocated resources like RAM, CPU, and SSD/HDD. 

But before coming up to any conclusions we should see things in detail to get a more clear view. So let’s put up some more facts about both cloud hosting and dedicated hosting.

What are the dedicated servers?

A server is called dedicated only when it has dedicated its resources completely to a single website or application. It can simply be considered an upgrade of a shared server only at higher pricing. But the question arises that why and when the companies start needing dedicated servers for their business. 

Once the user base of the companies starts to increase exponentially, the databases started to plummet naturally. Hence, a shared server becomes incapable of handling such huge databases and thus rendered useless for such enterprises sooner or later. Company owners then start to retrieve from the shared server hosting packages to which they had subscribed. Dedicated server hosting seems to be the best fit for businesses like these then.  

Shared resources on a shared server are enough for a business when it is in its incubatory period. But once the business is out of its incubation realm, the kind of flexibility it demands is not left anymore within the capabilities of a shared server. The dedicated server is the one that the company is searching for to fulfill all its requirements. But people think that what worse could happen? If this question is rising in your minds then one must have no idea of how the digital arena works. 

A dedicated server hosting plan brings out the best results and thus recovers the costs been into it very soon in almost all the cases, In no time your business will start receiving the numbers in terms of profit as well as end-users and the extra costs incurred will seem to be as your future investment that is no close to regretting. 

Sooner or later, dedicated server hosting will come out to be the real bargain for the results it will bring on the table. As no other hosting service can provide such flexibility, efficiency, and availability, and just like its name it is as dedicated as your employee. 

The dedicated server comes into the picture more when a company is planning to expand in the market. That becomes the best option as requirements start to shoot immediately and randomly and it does not take much time for the situations to go out of hands in situations like these. 

A dedicated server hosting plan will never let you down and justifies all the handsome money invested by catering to its maximum power. Apart from supporting your business in the best possible way, it will give a new shape from wherein you can only expect growth.

Thus here are some circumstances wherein a company or application owner must think of switching to a dedicated server hosting plan-

  • If you are anticipating that your website is going to experience an increase in traffic. There are times when especially some of the e-commerce websites experience seasonal spikes. Traffic plummets without any early warning or any time to plan. 
  • Security becomes a big concern when your website is the one that deals and takes care of sensitive information,. A shared server will not be any better for your website then. This is because there are plenty of other hosted applications and websites on a shared server. Creeping into others’ space will be a threat to both of the websites.
  • Optimum page loading times cannot be achieved through a shared server. Some websites need such steadiness and fast responses to meet the requirements of their customers. These websites can be those ticketing websites that call for a fast response as possible.
  • If you are one of those website owners that crave full control over your website then dedicated hosting is the best choice for you. 

Cloud vs dedicated Hosting

Cloud hosting on the other hand includes all the types of hosting services like public, private, or hybrid. They majorly focus on the specific needs of the clients which are commonly small businesses like start-ups or SMEs etc. Cloud hosting makes it possible to expand the work into new geographical locations and thus giving a new definition to your business. The cloud-based applications cater to their clients with world-class flexibility and scalability, But the best part is that all of it is available at such affordable prices. Cloud hosting solutions involve some essential steps to be followed that are cloud migration, implementation, customization, and integration of the cloud solution. But these are not as complex steps as they may sound like. 

Cloud vs Dedicated Hosting

Now the question comes that what is suitable for your business. Most of the general cloud hosting services do not support custom software requirements and thus make dedicated server hosting more demanding. On top of it dedicated servers also provide hardware resources which makes it easy for the developers to custom install along with the programming extensions. 

But dedicated server hosting also has some disadvantages when compared to cloud hosting. The probability of changing the operating system or install any other webserver platform is null. But the greater disadvantage is that any system administrator has to take sole responsibility for any kind of failure. Companies also come up with a bundle of hopes after putting in a large amount of money in a dedicated server hosting and start relying on technical assistance more than required.

But whatever be the case, developers will need dedicated server hardware for complex application support. Hence there might be some advantages in cloud hosting but when it comes to mission-critical applications everyone’s head turns towards dedicated server hosting.

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Web Hosting

5 Top Web Hosting Trends Important For Your Business

Chris Holroyd



Web Hosting Trends

It does sound like a very simple task to launch a website but in actuality, it takes a lot of websites. All the efforts begin with choosing the right web host type yet many fail at it.

There are a lot of things to consider that you provide your website with a good Linux hosting India service platform. Whether you are launching a website or an eCommerce site, it the first thing you need to consider. 

It is important to have a good and secure source of the web hosting platform, Being able to offer website top security, 99.9% uptime guarantee, so that your audiences can get access to secure and reliable service at any time.

Choosing the web host comes secondary if you do not know the current trends in hosting then you will face problems. 

Some of the best web hosting trends are the following. 

  1. Green hosting

Since the number of internet users is increasing at a very profuse rate, it has been noticed that is has even been increasing issues in the environment. That is because there are currently over 3 billion internet users so you can get a clear gist of it. That in turn has increased carbon dioxide consumption and people are facing health issues because of it. Green hosting is a new trend where web hosting companies have vowed to only focus on technology that does not increase carbon gasses.

  1. Hosting hardware

A certain web host will have to exist in a physical space which is known as the hosting hardware. But the older hardware models to sustain hosting space were not as efficient as the ones that exist today. For that reason, experts found it important to upgrade hosting hardware by introducing new hardware types. One such widely used hardware form is an SSD or a solid state disk. It has the power to not only boot your but also to help websites have good performance. An SSD drive can be up to 15 times faster(source 

  1. Cloud technology

Cloud technology has already gained popularity since cloud hosts have existed for a while now. But the only issue is that investing in cloud hosting can be very expensive. Website owners prefer choosing virtual private servers or dedicated hosting since it is relatively cheaper. However, the new changes in cloud technology are slowly making it even more affordable for new website owners. Data will no longer be exposed to hacker attacks and websites will have data that performs well on their servers. Google Cloud is a good example for this.

  1. Security protocols

Security features in most of the reliable web servers were always present but the recent upgrades have brought personalization into hosting. Now violation and breaches of data will become less frequent as personal protocols for security are being implemented. Due to which hosting companies firmly understood the importance of security for every website present on the web. Therefore, web hosting trends shifted more towards both security and personalization which is surely a great step ahead. 

  1. Management systems

The management systems a few years were ago were not so effectual. Clients tend to prefer web host that have management systems that do not require a lot of time to govern and monitor. With the constant increment in website owners and users, it is highly necessary for hosting providers to consider this factor and quicken the uptime and time required for backup. Those providers who failed to keep up with these trends are facing many issues in having the same credible position they had before. 

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