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A Comprehensive Review of Migrating Oracle Database to Amazon S3

Chris Holroyd



A Comprehensive Review of Migrating Oracle Database to Amazon S3

In the present business environment where data management requirements rule over everything else, organizations are continually exploring avenues to optimize their needs. The most preferred option is to implement solutions that offer massive storage and computing capabilities. 

How will you judge whether your data analytics is up to par? A few questions can provide the answers. Is your current server too slow for analytical and intricate queries? Do you have to combine data from multiple databases without a glitch? Are you investing in hardware and software to increase storage capacity and compute power every time you have to scale up? If you say YES to one or more, you would probably have to look for alternate solutions.

The object of this post is to elaborate on moving databases from Oracle to S3 to maximize the operational needs of businesses. There are reasons why these two have been selected. Oracle database had been launched commercially decades back and is one of the most widely used across industries. Amazon Simple Storage Service, on the other hand, is a comparatively new launch and being cloud-based, has a host of benefits to offer.

Before moving to how AWS helps Oracle database to be more efficient, migrating database Oracle to S3, and the tools required to do so, a quick look at the two will be in order.  

Oracle database

Oracle is mainly used for data warehousing and Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and is a proprietary, multi-model relational database management system. The latest versions released though have columnar storage and on-cloud deployment features, somewhat similar to Amazon S3. 

Oracle supports GNU/LINUX and Windows Server and can be run on a wide range of hardware and software. Most applications easily merge into the database. Most importantly, Oracle is ACID-compliant with assured data reliability and integrity. Till S3 appeared on the scene in recent times, there were not many alternatives to the Oracle database for organizations.

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Services)

Amazon S3 is a cloud-based data warehousing solution optimized for OLAP (Online Analytical Processing). Any application can be launched on this platform in two steps – initiate an S3 cluster through API calls or the AWS Management Console and then connect to this S3 instance. This cloud-based object storage service provides a high degree of data availability, performance, scalability, and security. This is a critical reason for enterprises wanting to move database Oracle to S3

S3 with its many user-friendly management features can be used to backup, restore, and archive big data analytics, enterprise applications, and IoT devices. What gives Amazon S3 an edge among data management platforms are its 99.999999999 (11 9s) data durability and the capability to store almost unlimited applications. 

Migrating data Oracle to S3 – on-premise to the cloud

There are primarily two methods for migrating data Oracle to S3 that is, transferring data from on-premise to the cloud. 

  • Importing Data, Oracle Data Pump, and Amazon S3 bucket – In this method, Oracle source data is exported using the Oracle DBMS_DATAPUMP package and the file is dumped in an Amazon S3 bucket. This file is then downloaded to the DATA_PUMP_DIR directory on the RDS Oracle DB instance. Finally, data from the dump file is imported and copied into the Amazon RDS Oracle DB instance using the DBMS_DATAPUMP package. 
  • Importing Data, Oracle Data Pump, and a Database Link – In this method, the Oracle Data Pump and the Oracle DBMS_FILE_TRANSFER package are used to link to a source Oracle instance. It can either be an Amazon EC2 instance or an Amazon RDS for Oracle database instance. A DBMS_DATAPUMP package is used to export the Oracle data to a dump file which is then copied to the Amazon RDS Oracle DB instance using a connected database link. Finally, the data is imported through the DBMS_DATAPUMP package.  

It is important here to choose the right tools to successfully implement the process of migrating database Oracle to S3.

Optimized Tools to Migrate Oracle database to Amazon S3

For the migration process to be successful it is imperative to use the right and most optimized tools, otherwise, a script or a combination of scripts has to be written which can be a long-drawn-out affair. In such cases, the incremental load can be tricky to code and execute without any data inconsistencies or data loss. With enterprises requiring real-time data analytics reports, this execution may be required more than once in 24 hours. 

Hence a robust and optimized tool has to be selected for the process which can complete the process in three steps. You have to –

  • First, connect to and configure the Oracle database 
  • Next, choose the Replication mode and use a custom SQL query to choose the database tables in Oracle to be moved via load data
  • Finally, configure the Amazon S3 Data Warehouse for data load    

The most optimized tool will have a fault-tolerant architecture to prevent data loss during loading.

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Choose TP-Link router for fast Gaming and streaming Videos

Chris Holroyd



TP-Link router

Stuck at home due to the Coronavirus pandemic and getting bored? Well, most of us are in the same situation and that is why currently my daily routine consists of streaming videos or spending time playing online games all day. I think most of us are doing the same. But what is the most important thing for fast gaming and streaming? You can guess it – it’s the Wi-fi connection.

If you have a great PC or Laptop, best gaming equipment and even a great gaming chair or you have a comfortable couch, pillows, blankets, snacks and streaming service subscription but if you don’t have a great wi-fi network then it’s all incomplete. We need a strong Wi-fi connection to enjoy fast streaming without buffering and Gameplay without lag.

Simple Technology Blog Banner.png

This article is about the best TP-Link routers  for gaming and streaming for you.

  1. TP-Link Archer A7 AC1750

If you are looking or a budget friendly option then Archer A7 is the best for you. If your priority is mainly to get 4K streaming then it might be the ideal choice for you.You can even use it via voice commands by connecting it to Alexa. The only downside is that its max throughput is lower as compared to the other TP-Link models.


Top Speed 1,750 Mbps

Wi-Fi bands 2

Price $64.99

Alexa Compatible Yes

Switch to TP-LINK Router.png
  1. TP-Link Archer C5400X

TP-Link Archer C5400X is one of the Best gaming routers especially made for gamers. It is a tri-band Wi-fi with advanced gaming features including solid speed, built in antivirus security features, Q.o.S settings and Parental controls. It is quite expensive but if you are a big gaming fan then this might be the ideal choice for you.


Top Speed 1,000Mbps

Wi-Fi bands 3

Price $279.99

Alexa Compatible Yes

  1. TP-Link Archer AX6000

If you are Looking for a router which can allow high speed streaming on multiple wi-fi devices simultaneously then TP-Link Archer AX6000 might be the best option for you. It not only support Wi-fi 6 speed it also has some advanced features like MU-MIMO technology, Q.o.S featureand tri-band Wi-Fi. You can enjoy speed gaming while your other family members are enjoying watching videos on different streaming service.It has 8advanced antennas for excellent range and if you are looking for a budget friendly alternative to NETGEAR Nighthawk AX12 then this might be just the best choice for you. While its top-speed may not be able to exactly match AX12 but it can still handle all your 4K streaming and gamingneeds without issues.


Top Speed 5,952 Mbps

Wi-Fi bands 3

Price $299.99

Alexa Compatible Yes

Wi-Fi 6support Yes

If there’s another TP-Link model that you think is the best and should be added to this list, let me know in the comments.


My name is John Smith from Bellevue, USA. I am writing blogs related to various Networking and IT support such as troubleshooting, latest technologies and devices. Apart from this, I am Digital Marketing Expert!

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How to Turn Your Old Router into Range Boosting WiFi Repeater

Chris Holroyd



Boosting WiFi Repeater

We all are living in a time where the internet is an essential item in our life. A day without the internet it is unimaginable. At this particular time where everyone is trying to survive, we have stepped aside from our daily routine and put our tracks on this place called the internet world.

With different speeds of the internet, with varying ways of using it, and with varying internet connectivity forms, we all are doing our jobs. 

But have you ever got into a problem by using poor network connectivity or with less wifi signal?

Before that, have you been using a wifi network to do all the jobs? 

Boosting WiFi Repeater

When you move from a part of your house, you may be having a weak signal. To strengthen your signal to anywhere you are at. You will have to create a separate wireless access point that may be connecting separately from the original access point, in which you will at least be able to switch to a new extended router. 

You can have your extended network in two ways:

  1. Wireless repeater 
  2. Wired

So, you will need a whole wireless router for making a wireless repeater, which should get the wireless signal from the main router. 

Using a wired extender, you will need an actual WLAN wire to connect between the main router to the extended router, and then it can be used by other devices. 

The advantage if you use a wired extender is that you will get it at full speed, full bandwidth. 

But on the other side, if you are planning to use it as a repeater, you may have to face signal loss problems from the main router to the repeater and then from the repeater to other devices at times. 

It would be best if you also were careful when you place the repeater. If you set it far away from the main router where you are already getting a weak signal, it’s harder for the repeater to amplify the weak signal. Whereas if you are placing it in the middle of the place where it is somewhat nearby the primary router, you can get better signal strength. 

Here is something that may help you out to extend your wifi network with an old router: 

You Will Need A Primary As Well As A Secondary Router

You may not find every router to perform as an extender. First, switch on your old router and then press on the reset button to factory reset.  Once the factory reset is completed, the router should be connected with a LAN cable to the laptop or desktop. 

You have to connect the router using a LAN wire to your computer and not wifi because you will have to change the router’s IP address first. 

  1. After connecting, open the web browser, and you can type your IP address on the URL address bar. 
  2. A window will appear on your screen for authentication, but you will have to enter your password and your username as admin. 
  3. In the end, click on the Save button. 
  4. Your next step is to log in, after entering and bring username as well as password.
  5. When you log in, you will get into the settings page of the router. 
  6. You will have to select a network LAN, then change the IP address and then save.
  7. When you save, you will get an option to reboot. 
  8. Click on the ‘ ok’ button to reboot. 

When the router restart, you will see the IP address changed. Again you will have to enter the details in the authentication page on the screen, which occurred in the last time. 

Wireless Settings 

Login again and go to wireless settings from the given option. 

Here you can change your network name and then enable WDS bridging. When you allow this particular option, more options will come below in which you have to select the survey button. 

After clicking on the survey button, you should select your network, which displays your name on it, and then click on connect in the newly appeared details on the screen. After that, you can select essential type WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK and then enter the password below in the space given and save it. 

Wireless security

select WPA/WPA2-PSK personal(Recommended). when you select this option, you will have to enter the password again. Once you enter your password, you will have to save whatever changes you have made and then click ok. 

DHCP Settings

Disable the DHCP of your router having the address 192.168.l.3 first and save. 

Then you will get an option to reboot. When the router is rebooted, the router will restart. Only then will we get internet access, and you can check it by surfing through your browser.

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How To Connect Two Routers

Chris Holroyd



Connect Two Routers

In day to day life, a person can’t work without the internet in any situation of life. Related to their office work to manage their house, a person is now totally bound to the internet. We all know that the education system will become online. Because of which children also came under this, they also need to have netted around them to function.

 So we need such a thing to quickly transfer our data from one place to another without using an additional data source. The best way of using data from one place is by using a router and connecting another router with it. Here I am going to the most straightforward method by which you can join one router with another and use it properly.

Connecting Two Routers With Wires 

  1. Step 1

We will take two routers and three coils of a different color so that we didn’t have any problem. We will connect blue LAN cable or wire with our laptop or computer and yellow LAN cable for broadband or internet and grey LAN cable to connect with another router.

  1. Step 2

Then we have to assign one Ip address to the second router, and there will be a DHCP server type which will enable it automatically.

  1. Step 3

On the backside of every router, there is always given a default ip address.

  1. Step 4

Now we plug out the blue LAN cable and fix it to the second router, and then we will log in its web page through its default ip address. When we log in it with its ip address and after login the page which has opened we will see in the left corner there will be a written setup after clicking on it we next have to click on local networks. 

  1. Step 5

There we have to change the second router’s ip address, which we want to input and then apply it. 

It will restart automatically as we apply it, and we have to wait. When it starts, we will click on the setup option again, and local network too after set up to check the applied ip address, and we will see that DHCP is also enabled yet by default.

  1. Step 6

Then we return to the page and click on the wireless option next to set up and change its name and channel accordingly. And then, changed the security option from the given opportunity to WEP and then input our new password and apply. 

  1. Step 7

And finally, Now we will go back to the main page, again and again, click on setup option and then local network too and click on the DHCP server, which will be enabled. Now we have to disable it by clicking on it. 

In the end, we will connect the first router with the second router by the grey LAN cable, which we have already connected to the primary router, and when we compare it, our router is ready to perform. And now, we can check it by using the internet through a secondary router.

Connecting Routers Without Wires 

 As connecting two routers with wires we have discussed above, now we will connect routers without cables.

  1. Step 1

Firstly we will take two routers, and both should be in the same ip address, and then we will disable the DHCP server on the secondary router, and then we have to enable WDS on any router, preferably on the primary one.

  1. Step 2

We will connect our secondary router to our laptop or desktop to change it’s configuration accordingly. We will log in to its web page through default ip address and then change its password during security. 

  1. Step 3

And then, we back to the page and go on to the advanced setup and change its ip address, and then we have to the disabled DHCP server and click on apply we will enable WDS and connect our secondary router.

  1. Step 4

Now we will log in to the web page of our primary router. A page will open with details. Here we will find that DHCP is disabled. We have to enable it first. 

  1. Step 5

Then we will click on the survey option by which it will show all the networks within the range, and we will connect with our secondary router. Then we will go to the wireless settings to check the configuration. 

  1. Step 4

If everything is fine, we can save and reboot our modem and restart it automatically after restarting it all ready to work in both the routers. And now again, we can check it by using the internet through a secondary router.


These are the methods by using anyway to increase the range of our routers as per need. To know more, you can do so with the help of this article. But by using both methods, we can connect more than two routers.

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3 Ways to Make You Website Technically Adept To Bring In More Traffic



Get More Traffic

When a business does not prosper well, it would have to take on debt on top of debt make things sail smoothly. However, chances are that business can take a turn for the worse and it might have to take on debt consolidation loans for bad credit from direct lender to get some reprieve from the financial burden of multiple loans.

Yes, I know, I have made a morbid introduction. Nonetheless, it is the absolute reality.

So today, I took it upon myself to ensure that your business does not have to face financial difficulties, especially given the current market. With social distancing becoming a way of life, an online business is expected to do a lot better than a physical store.

And for a business to go online, it needs to have a website that is beyond average and entering the realms of great.

Here are three ways you can do that.

Don’t Go Overboard With the Content

The foremost thing to understand about building a website is that here s a high likelihood that the people, who are going to visit it, may not read everything on it.

It may seem a little abrasive and inconsiderate, since you are going to out in a lot of effort in making it, and the least the user could do was give it a thorough read.

Now, I’ll ask you one thing, when was the last time you visited a website and read everything on it? I am sure you cannot think of an instance.

So, when you develop your website’s content do not go into the depths of research to write a 2,000 word page. It is not going to benefit anyone. You would lose your precious time in doing the research and the user would become bored looking at such a humongous word count, regardless of how brilliantly it could have been written.

Therefore, avoid going overboard with the content and make sure you do tell the user about your intentions and purpose.

Keep Things Simple

Since we have discussed the fact an excessive word count is worth absolutely nothing, let us now discuss the simplicity of your website.

When I said that you need to keep things simple, I mean two things by this.

  • Vocabulary

The first rule of simplicity for a website entails the vocabulary and the language you use. A website is noting without its content and you might have written the best webpage in the market, but if the user is not able to understand what you have written; will there be any point in being the best?

Keep the technical language and vocabulary to a minimum because not many people are aware of those technical terms, and your business is to cater for the needs of this lot.

  • User Interface

A user interface is the platform where the user will be able to connect and interact with a technical device, mainly computers and smart phones.

So, it is basically the meeting point of a potential customer and your business, being your website. If your website has an utterly complicated user interface maneuvering through which requires a high degree of technical ability, you have done something wrong.

Every aspect of your website should be easy to access, so easy that even a 6-year-old can go through it.

Capitalise the SEO

Now, that the design and the content is out of the way, we need establish a road map for a higher visibility of your website.

And the primary to get the most hits on your website is through a search engine because that is where people will search for the products and services you provide.

Search Engine Optimisation is a concept that helps websites in growing their client base by landing on the coveted first page of Google results.

The paramount way to do this is to strategically place the most searched phrases into your website content, so that when someone types it, Google would pick up your website through its algorithm and land you on the top of the results list.

For instance,

You are an online loan provider, and through your SEO research you have got to know that “loans for bad credit no guarantor on benefits” is a popular keyword that many a borrowers are searching for. So, if you are providing a loan like that, you would change up the terms to match with the SEO findings. Consequently, people who are in need of loans for bad credit with no guarantor catering for people with benefits will land on your website.

This way they will satiate their need for finance and you will satiate your need for an income; a win-win situation for both.

All in all, your website is meant to bring in customers, so when you are developing it, make sure you keep in mind the customer’s perspective along with your own. When you do that, your website would become a paradigm in the technicalities’ aspect.

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Utilizing a Virtual Deal Room for Your Tech Firm

Chris Holroyd



Virtual Deal Room

During the past 20 years, we have seen an innumerable amount of changes throughout a variety of facets of our society. All across the globe, the Internet and other technologies have begun to alter how our civilization functions, from social media being a major form of communication to the economy having a digital shift. There has been a global technological transformation within the 21st century economy, and a variety of changes have occurred, especially in the tech sector. Tech companies now comprise a large percentage of the economy, and all types of tech companies are now abundant. 

The 21st Century Technological Economy

The Internet has created many different types of industries, and tech companies now rule the economy in the 21st century. From ecommerce, to digital marketing, to SaaS, there are a multitude of types of tech enterprises that are extremely important throughout the world. Running your own tech firm, no matter the type, is no easy task, and will require you to have the best tools available. One of the many concerns that tech companies have is cybersecurity, especially when dealing with client data. There are numerous ways to ensure that your client data remains safe, but one of the most secure tools you can invest in is a virtual deal room. 

Understanding the Importance of Virtual Deal Rooms

All tech enterprises have to handle security for their networks as well as any information pertaining to their clients, so investing in a virtual deal room is an excellent move. A virtual deal room is an advanced and safe database in which businesses and clients can store their information, especially when onboarding and exchanging sensitive data. Clients can upload their information, such as financials, past dealings, and more, into the virtual deal room. The deal room will be used as a safety net so that clients and your tech firm are able to trust one another when starting a business relationship. Virtual deal rooms are frequently utilized for due diligence and other needs for ensuring safety and security for all parties. 

Why a Virtual Deal Room Will Benefit Your Tech Company

The best modern tech companies recognize the importance of security, and having a virtual deal room is an incredible way to create a safe environment where hackers cannot gain entrance to sensitive data. A virtual deal room has many different types of security measures, including assigned granular permissions, data room archiving, view-only access on documents, customizable NDAs, and more. You will also be able to have drag and drop uploading, dynamic watermarking, as well as a multitude of other advantages. No matter what type of tech firm you are operating, investing in a virtual deal room will ensure that your business has the ability to remain safe and keep your clients’ data safe as well.   

Final Thoughts

It is no simple task to have a thriving tech firm, and all of the top companies in the field understand the importance of security. Investing in a virtual deal room will create the necessary security features and will ensure that your company can thrive. 

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30KVA Diesel Generators Common Problems With Solution




30KVA generator

30KVA Diesel Generators Common Problems With Solution 

Are you using 30KVA DG Set? Numerous individuals face some basic issues in the Diesel Generator. You should know about common problems of diesel generator and its solution method. So this blog can assist you with troubleshooting your basic issues. At the point when a reinforcement generator isn’t as a rule appropriately dealt with, there might be various reasons that cause issues with the 30KVA diesel generator.

30KVA Diesel Generator Common Problem and Causes 

When you’re buying a new or second hand 30KVA generator, you have to know following points.

 30KVA Diesel generators are solid-state and are intended to withstand extreme working conditions. Be that as it may, you can likewise confront inconvenience in a Diesel generator, similar to any power gadget. Common Diesel Generator Issues 

The generator won’t begin :

Cause for Diesel Generator won’t begin 

  • A generator flaw, the generator has seized. 
  • Oil level is excessively low in Engine 
  • An inappropriate kind of fuel has been utilized or fuel has been left sitting in the tank for quite a while without use 
  • Carburetor issue 
  • Battery not charged 
  • Blockage noticeable all around the channel 
  • A flash attachment isn’t appropriate 

The generator can’t produce enough power 

Convincing explanation 

  • Over-burdening separate the alternator 
  • Any electric imperfection like-stator engine harmed, short circuit or losing wire connection
  • Capacitor issue 

The generator stops following a couple of moments 


  • Over-burdening 
  • Oil level is excessively low/high of Engine 
  • An electrical imperfection issue 
  • An issue with the capacitor 
  • A carburetor issue 
  • An issue with the battery or battery requires charging 
  • A deterrent noticeable all around the channel 
  • A flash attachment is stuck 
  • The generator is being utilized in an inappropriate environment  

Starter component isn’t work 

  1. The backlash is broken
  2. The engine is seized 

Some Diesel Generator Problems with Solution 

Issue Diesel Generator battery continues passing on 

Method 1-Voltage Regulator 

The voltage controller moves the specific measure of voltage vitality from the alternator to keep the battery charged. In the event that the voltage controller is terrible, the battery won’t get enough voltage, which will deplete the battery rapidly. 

Method 2-Alternator 

To decide whether the alternator is to blame, utilize a multi meter to test it for coherence. 

Issue Diesel Generator Leaking Gas 

Method 1-Carburetor Gasket 

Check all carburetor gasket, carburetor gasket may be dried out or missing. 

Method 2-check Fuel line 

Examine fuel line might be fuel line is split. In the event that any fuel line is broken or dry, supplant them. 

Method 3-Fuel tank- 

The fuel tank may be broken or have a little hole. In the event that you discover any hole point in the fuel tank, supplant the fuel tank. 

Method 4-Primer Bulb Test 

The preliminary bulb might be a spill condition. Over the season, the elastic of the preliminary bulb can get flimsy and split. On the off chance that the preliminary bulb is spilling, transform it. Try not to endeavor to fix or fix the groundwork bulb. 

Issue Diesel Generator won’t begin 

Method 1-Check Spark Plug 

At the point when the generator won’t begin right off the bat, you inspect the flash attachment, utilize a sparkle plug analyzer. On the off chance that the flash fitting is flawed, change the sparkle plug. 

Method 2-Carburetor 

A filled carburetor is for the most part because of the fuel leaving the generator for quite a while. After some time, a portion of the material in the fuel may vanish, leaving a thick, gooey substance. This gooey oil can hold the carburetor and square the generator from turning over. 

Method 3-Ignition Coil 

The start curl sends voltage to the sparkle plug when the generator is running. On the off chance that the start loop is flawed, the engine can’t turn over. Before supplanting the start loop, ensure that the flash fitting is working appropriately. Test the start loop with the assistance of the start curl analyzer. In the event that it is in a defective stage, supplant the start curl.

Method 4-Recoil Starter testing 

The backlash starter parts draw in the crankshaft to turn the engine. On the off chance that this starter gathering is flawed, it may not connect the crankshaft effectively. Expel the starter get together and examine to decide whether it is working appropriately. At the point when you pull the starter rope, the tabs and cams distending from the pulley should hold the center point on the engine, making the generator turn. At the point when you discharge the rope, the tab ought to withdraw and take the rope back to the pulley. 

Method 5-Start Switch 

The issue of the generator, not beginning can likewise be brought about by the flaw of the beginning switch. To discover that the beginning switch is broken, utilize a multi meter to test it for coherence. The switch must have an open contact in the ‘off’ position and a shut contact in the ‘on’ position. 

Issue Generator Won’t Stay Running Condition 

Method 1-Carburetor 

On the off chance that the old fuel was left in the engine for quite a while, a portion of the unpredictable fixings could dissipate, leaving a thick, gooey item that could make issues in the carburetor. The arrangement is to clean the carburetor with the assistance of a carburetor cleaner. On the off chance that it isn’t viable, supplant the whole carburetor. 

Method 2-Inspect the fuel top 

In the event that the fuel top vent is full, the air won’t enter the tank and it stops the progression of fuel to the carburetor making the engine  slow down. On the off chance that occasionally the fuel top vent is full, release the top somewhat and afterward attempt to turn over the generator engine. On the off chance that slackening the fuel top keeps the engine running, it is conceivably full and must be supplanted.


If you are using a 30KVA diesel generator or any size diesel generator, then you will have to face some problems sometimes. In this blog, we are sharing the Diesel Generator Common Problems and how to solve them. Do you need more details related to the new power generator and rental Generators? You can contact our EO Energy group and discover all of your inquiries.


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How to Sign up in Hotmail?

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Steps To Fix Arlo Base Station Offline Issues

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Difference Between AC and DC

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what is digital seva kendra
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Microsoft Dynamics signed $1 Million
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Microsoft Dynamics signed $1 Million deals with two Companies

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Spy App for Remotely Control Any Android Device

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Censor Board can’t remove Punjab without a Letter, says Rohit Shetty

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New Age of Child Care

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How Does Buying of Automatic Instagram Likes Work?

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SIMMBA: Tere Bin Lyrical | Ranveer Singh, Sara Ali Khan

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Utilize The Ultimate Factors Of 9apps Apk Download 2018

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