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7 Awesome Tech Gifts That Will Not Hurt Your Budget this Christmas 2020

Chris Holroyd



7 Awesome Tech Gifts That Will Not Hurt Your Budget this Christmas 2020

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been challenging for everyone. Apart from dealing with lifestyle changes brought by COVID-19, the other unfortunate events that happened this year have taken an emotional toll on people around the world. But now that we’re approaching the end of the year, it’s good to know that the holiday season is fast approaching and the celebrations are still on (with care, of course)! 

Happy times are about to arrive! Christmas may still be a few months away, but it’s never too early to get into a festive mood. Given that the past few months have been tough, offering your friends and family some gifts can go a long way for their emotional well-being.  

If you have some loved ones that you’d want to show your appreciation to, then you should make a list and start shopping now. To help you get a head start, the guide below will discuss seven awesome and affordable tech gifts you can get for them. 


Designed for Apple users, this portable lightning cable brings a perfect balance of style and convenience. If you know a cousin or uncle who’s always on the go, they’ll surely be happy to receive Auvez’s Bracelet Charging Cord this Christmas. For only $14.99, not only will this bracelet keep gadgets charged, but it also helps boost their overall outfit.  


  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 

Got a little sister or niece who loves taking photos? Then get her an instant camera! For starters, Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 9 is available in different colors that she will love, and built with accessories that will help her capture precious moments. Priced at $46.85, this gift is sure to bring out smiles. 


  • Fitbit Inspire Heart Rate and Fitness Tracker

Help your best friend stay fit and active! Fitbit Inspire monitors its user’s heart rate to accurately track how many calories one burns in a day. Since recovery is just as important as exercise, it can also track how well they are sleeping, as long as the device stays on the wrist. 

While it may not be as cheap as the mentioned products earlier, this $79.95 gift will prove to be a bang for your back.  


  • Google Cardboard

Entering the world of virtual reality doesn’t have to be expensive. If you’ve got a sibling who loves gaming, why don’t you take his experience to the next level by getting him Google Cardboard? For just $15, this cleverly designed product will let him play games and watch videos in a 360-degree view. 


  • Tile Pro

Does your dad have a bad habit of forgetting where he placed his belongings? If the answer is yes, then we’ve got just the thing for him. Tile is an affordable, capable, and easy-to-use Bluetooth tracker that can be attached to anything. 

It comes in different shapes and sizes, allowing the user to track any items such as phones, wallets, and keys easily. With packs ranging from $36.99 to $99.99, Tile is one of the best gifts you can give for that forgetful loved one.


  • Refurbished MacBook

If you want something grand to give to your spouse, why not get a laptop? With Black Friday and other Holiday sales just a few weeks away, now is arguably the perfect time for refurbished MacBooks. They are just as capable as fresh-out-of-the-box units you can find in your local Apple store, only with budget-friendly prices. 

At the same time, refurbished Mac dealers provide extensive customer support and free customization services to help you get the most out of your unit. 


  • Steelseries ARCTIS 1


Given that schools and public establishments have closed temporarily, your son is probably spending a lot of time on the computer. Online learning has become the new standard, and gaming is the safest hobby he can do, so why not give him a good pair of headset? 

With a standard retail price of $59.99, Steelseries ARCTIS 1 has noise-canceling capabilities, a built-in mic, and a compact build designed for portability and longevity.

Have a Wonderful Christmas

Times have been tough for everyone, but fortunately enough, a new beginning is just around the corner. 

With you and your loved ones making some significant lifestyle changes this year, giving them gifts that can help them adjust better is one of the best ways for you to make them feel special. Christmas is getting closer, so you should start checking out your favorite online stores for some gifts!

In the process of shopping, don’t forget to stay frugal. Going beyond your budget will eventually force you to walk on a financial tight rope, so practice some restraint whenever you’re looking at product catalogs. If you’re planning to buy big-ticket items, always remember to be financially smart with installment buying.

About the Author

Chris Cantrell

Chris is a long-time gadgets enthusiasts, writer, and tech consultant for Macs4u. He is an avid collector of “vintage” gizmos and loves to watch 80s sci-fi movies in his leisure time. 

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Network Attacks Are Becoming More Common According To Scientists

Chris Holroyd



Network Attacks Are Becoming More Common According To Scientists

As the internet continues to grow and become an ever-more important part of our day-to-day being, it becomes a bigger target for the nefarious. While many of us now use the internet either as our sole or primary form of employment, it is still a precarious place to live through and to work through. That is why scientific experts are pretty clear that vigilance and security is more important than ever for those who are online more than they are offline.

Network attacks are becoming more and more prominent today, as criminals notice the boons that could rise up from a smart attack. From ransomware to password hacking through to full-on identity theft, network attacks are an increasingly large occurrence. Indeed, it’s why many people today are looking for ways to help keep themselves safe from the increasing chance of being a target.

It is easy to think ‘it could never be me’ or ‘why would someone target me?’ – but that is too simplistic. Often, it is not about anything personal; a victim is simply the first person that an attacker or hacker could get to. It’s for this reason, among many others, that we are seeing an increase in the use of prominent private network software solutions.

These offer an extra layer of security, and it also means that you are less likely to be left with recurring impact from anyone who does attack you online. By using tools like a virtual private network (VPN), you do make it much easier to avoid someone from targeting you.

While there will always be experts who can get through even the most sophisticated of anti-attack tools, it is vital to be vigilant and to be way of the likelihood of attacks today.

A problem years in the making

Of course, this is not a new phenomenon: experts have been warning about this for years. Indeed, a 2014 report from the Pew Research Center found that attacks were more likely to increase. They first spoke of the issue a decade beforehand, in 2004, and again in 2014. This has become a sustained problem, and one that leaves it ever-more important that people remain vigilant and aware of the risks out there on the internet today.

From using encrypted password management tools to using VPNs for extra protection, science and technology has adapted to the risk of crime. This has left many people with a desire to try and do something about the network attacks, developing software solutions that help to protect people and keep their data private.

The more secure you can be, the more trouble you become to a hacker to try and victimize you. Then, attacks need to be truly personal in nature to succeed. If you are someone who takes precautions and uses intelligent tools to keep yourself safe, then you should be less likely to suffer.

But with network attacks coming true on a more regular basis, as experts forewarned, vigilance and care is key to your success.

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How to Bulk Import .msg Contacts into Outlook PST Format

Chris Holroyd



How to Bulk Import .msg Contacts into Outlook PST Format

Top 2 Ways to Import .msg Contacts into Outlook PST Format

All MS Outlook users have the same query how to export MSG files to PST. But the users are unable to get any desired solution to import .msg contacts into outlook PST format. That’s why we have this technical guide. In this guide, we will show you two ways to convert MSG to PST file format and the whole attachment without any problems.

Why Should You Choose PST File Instead of MSG File?

We all know that both MSG and PST files are the MS Outlook file extension. And both are different. MSG files include the headers, sender, recipient information, body content, attachments, etc. of a single message from Outlook emails. PST files are special types of storage files that store all data like messages, contacts, notes, calendar, tasks, etc. Outlook emails. Let’s start now with a professional solution to import contacts from MSG to PST format.

Import .msg Contacts Into Outlook PST – Automated Solution

SysTools MSG to PST Converter is a professional approach to batch import MSG contacts to PST format. This tool can import multiple Outlook contacts to PST without installing Outlook on the system. You can preview your MSG files in several viewing modes before importing. It gives 100% accurate results without making mistakes. This utility provides a date filter option to import contacts from MSG to PST file format. It also offers multiple naming options to make it easier to manage your MSG files after conversion. In addition, the application has remarkable features. Some of these are listed below.

Highlighted Features of the Recommended Tool 

  1. Import unlimited messages simultaneously in Outlook PST format.
  2. You can use the software to create a single PST file from each MSG folder.
  3. Supports all latest versions of Windows such as Windows 10, 8.1 and other previous versions.
  4. With this software, you can easily select the Destination location for the obtained PST file.
  5. MSG files, with associated attachments, can be batch imported to Outlook PST without data loss.
  6. The application guarantees that there will be no data manipulation during the migration process.

Steps to Import .msg Contacts Into Outlook PST

Step 1. Install and run SysTools MSG to Outlook PST Converter tool
msg file
Step 2. Then go to the location and add the MSG file to the software panel.
Step 3. Now select the MSG file and click the Export button.
Step 4. Then choose PST and choose the advanced settings option for further filtering.
select PST
Step 5. Click the browse button and enter the Destination location. Click Export button to begin the procedure.

How to Manually Import Contacts from MSG to PST?

This is a manual solution that allows users to batch import MSG contacts to PST with attachments. It requires sufficient time to execute the process to import .msg contacts into Outlook as it is a very time-consuming process.
  1. Initially, you need to launch the Outlook application on your system.
  2. Then create a new folder in Outlook’s Inbox folder or as per your requirements.
  3. You can also rename the newly created folder. Then drag and drop the MSG files one by one into the new folder.
  4. After importing all MSG files, you can easily access data in MS Outlook.

The basic solution has several drawbacks:

  • Available only when there is a very less number of MSG contacts. It is also a time consuming process as you have to send MSG files one by one.
  • Outlook setup is required when importing from MSG to PST.
  • Manual tricks do not guarantee data security.
Conclusion Here, we have explained two approaches to import .msg contacts into Outlook format: manual and automatic. If you have multiple MSG files and want a safe conversion process, use the third-party approach mentioned above. You can add or import contacts from MSG to PST in bulk without data loss.
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The Top 10 Settings for Wifi Routers

Chris Holroyd



Wifi Routers

If you are buying a router first-time, then you are having trouble setting it. At that time, you need an experienced person who has the knowledge to set up your wireless router, and then you will be able to take advantage of the internet. Setting up the router is not so easy; you need to have a little experience for this. Today we will tell you the top 10 settings for WiFi Routers; with the help of you can easily set your router and get a good experience of the internet’s high speed.

These Setting Are the most important setting For all the Routers for houses available in the market. 

All the routers come with their different features; similarly, there are other configuration tools for setting up each router. Router provider provides a guide book In which you are getting all the steps of how to set it. But if you did not find the guide book, kindly search the router name with the model on google; they give you all information about setting for WiFi routers or going to its supporting sites. 

How to do setting for WiFi router some steps are given below :

First of all, you have to choose a better router that fulfills your needs and gives you great features such as (MIMO) support, high coverage, great signal with the help of which you can get better protection for your router with better internet coverage.

You need to turn off your modem; after that, unplug the Ethernet cable from your pc or laptop.

You have to connect your router to a LAN port; for this, you will need an Ethernet cable; this is a wired connection.

Turn on your modem and wait for 2 minutes. 

For better internet performance, you should place your router in the center of your house where your home walls cannot stop the signal.

Navigate your router by using the user name and default password. After login, go to the management console.

After that, you have to open the internet browser on your laptop or PC; in any new window, you can use any browser like safari, chrome, firefox, etc.

Then you have to type the IP address in the search bar press enter. After that, you will get your IP address like

Now configure your page with the help of an IP address and change your password for better security. Choose a strong password for your wifi connection that no one cracks easily. 

Update router time to time for better performance of the internet and give you the latest features and technology. If you update your firmware, then it performs well and removes all the unwanted threats. The companies release many features monthly for our customers. That’s why it’s essential to update firmware monthly or within 15 days.

Resetting the router to factory defaults

A new-generation modern router comes with a reset button; if you make any mistake in configuring the router, you can use it. This button is behind the router, which is also labeled. All you have to do is press and hold this button for 10 seconds with the help of a paper clip key; all the settings you have done will be reset. It will also reset the SSID name and password of your router to the default name password. After that, you can reconfigure with the help of any experience or a guidebook.

Reasons to change your WiFi router setting

  • You can change your router’s settings, which will give you many benefits, which are given below.
  • First, you can easily change your SSID name and your default password of your wireless router.
  • You can change your router’s firewall rules, with the help of which you can transfer your inbound or outbound traffic to a specific network port.
  • Change the domain name server, which is used by the router, and with this, you can resolve your network address.
  • You can change the password and username we use to access the router administration interface.
  • You can restrict the parental control feature when accessing specific websites from the network.


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Top 5 Benefits Of Remote Substation Monitoring For Energy Suppliers

Chris Holroyd



Top 5 Benefits Of Remote Substation Monitoring For Energy Suppliers

Remote device monitoring and maintenance have changed the way monitoring, maintenance, and repair of establishments that may require 24×7 support. Remote Monitoring and Maintenance (RMM) has been helpful in reducing downtime due to defects, troubleshooting, and liquidating the defect.

Remote maintenance of substation has been gaining popularity with increasing awareness about the advantages of the system. It is productive, cost-effective, requires less labor, and helps in a quick turnaround. The cloud-based system can be controlled from anywhere in the world.  

Let’s have a look at the top 5 benefits of remote access device monitoring of substations.  

1.  Helpful for Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

The major systems and substations will require regular inspections to ensure that all components function properly. Degradation in the performance of any components can in turn affect another one associated with it and so on. The cascading effect can result in total failure. 

Remote maintenance devices will keep a constant watch and will maintain the performance log. Any irregularities or probability of malfunctioning will be registered in the system and the same will be notified to the operator as a warning. The technical team can initiate necessary corrective measures accordingly.  

The remote monitoring and maintenance will have data regarding the periodic maintenance activities and their schedule. A pop-up indication will inform the operator or maintenance team about the maintenance activity soon falling due. The technical member can schedule the task and undertake the activity in advance or at the time, it is due.  

2.  Reduces Downtime for Defect Identification and Repair

One of the most complicated issues during the operation of substations and similar assets is the fault analysis and locating the defective component. It will be easier to replace or repair the component than identifying the exact defect location and faulty component. 

With the remote access device installed, the technician doesn’t have to check the continuity of each line/ component, check every component, or presume the defective component by observing the defect type. The remote maintenance monitoring device will indicate the defective section/ component in the system. Thus, the team doesn’t have to spend more time on troubleshooting. Just repair or replace the component and continue the operation. This will also be enhancing the goodwill and reputation of the organization, aiding growth. 

By reducing the time required for troubleshooting, you will be improving the productivity of the team. They can be employed on expansion activities, installation of substations, or other similar jobs. As the remote device is in place, one or two persons can undertake the jobs without difficulty. 

3. Augments Safety and Security Aspects

The safety and security of substations are of paramount importance. Any miscreant can create chaos by disturbing the functions knowingly or unknowingly. Organizations spent a hefty amount on ensuring the security of the substations. 

Remote maintenance and monitoring devices will evade the requirement of physical security staff. The system can be locked and secured from a remotely located office. You can stipulate the entry to the substation to some stipulated members. Further, the range of activity or the tasks, a particular member is authorized to do, could be regulated with the device. You can simply select the range of activities and assign the same to the person.

Substations may act potentially dangerous, at times. The failures may lead to fire or widespread destruction. Controlling the systems from a remote location is the most advisable thing in such a condition. Moreover, the systems will be monitoring the functions of the system. Any deviation from the specified function will be indicated to the operator. Consequently, adequate measures could be implemented to prevent any mishaps.  

4. Better Info about the System

The cloud-based remote maintenance and monitoring device will give you constant data about the functioning parameters and other statistics. Thus the management and professional team can have a better idea about the condition of the system and function specifications. 

The above-mentioned will not be possible in other control systems. It will necessitate the team to visit the place, check each gauge/display, and note down the parameters. Frequent visits may not be possible for the busy top-level management of the organization, wherein they have to depend solely on the info provided by the personnel deputed to the substation. IoT platform for energy equipped with remote control, cloud services, and real-time monitoring enables the authorized personnel to avail required data on a single click.  

5. Cost-effective Solution

The remote access device is budget-friendly and cost-effective in many ways. By reducing the downtime, it improves productivity. The number of personnel required for monitoring and maintenance being less, it saves on labor costs, besides being more effective. The greater performance will be pivotal in obtaining more customers for your product. The initial cost for setting up the device is not much compared to the advantages it offers. 

By using the remote device, you are utilizing the technological advancement for better productivity, profit, and growth. It is high time to change over to the latest technology, rather than relying on the traditional methods, which require more manpower and budget.

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How to

Merge Google Accounts into One Account Easily!





Merge Google Accounts into One Account

G Suite is the most widely used cloud service provided by Google. It allows the Google Apps user to store different kind of data on Google Cloud like Mails, Calendars, Contacts, Documents, etc. But Google doesn’t provide any service to the user to merge Google accounts into one account when needed.

Google says on its forums “It is currently impossible to merge two GSuite accounts” But they are wrong. Our research team finds out the best method to merge Google Apps Accounts easily. Today in this blog we will guide you with the method to merge 2 G Suite accounts. Before that, we would like you to read some user’s queries to make you understand the importance of merge G Suite domains.

“Hello, I am looking for merging utility for G Suite accounts. My company has collaborated with our partner firm and we are finding a method to combine Google Apps account emails, contacts of all the employees into one domain. We have over 100 employees joining our company and their G Suite account needed to be merged to our domain. Please suggest me a method to perform this task. Make sure that the method should be risk-free, as we don’t want to lose any account data during the merging process.”

“Greeting All, I am working as Assistant Manager in my company. I have been assigned with a task to merge Google accounts into one account of all the employees with a new G suite account domain. I looked everywhere but even Google doesn’t provide any kind of service to merge two GSuite accounts. If anybody knows a method to merge Google business accounts then please let me know. Thanks.”

It is a common problem faced by all the G Suite user when it comes to merging Google account. But luckily we have found the best solution for you to merge 2 G Suite accounts / domains.
Important Note: Admin Credentials are necessary for Merging two Google Apps domain or account.

Best Method to Merge Google Accounts Into One Account

The one and only method which we are able to find is with the use of third-party software. You can easily merge G Suite domains/accounts using the software provided by SysTools. They developed a perfect software to help you to merge Google Apps accounts in few clicks. They provide the Free Demo version of the tool which allows you to merge 50 items for 3 user account. You can try to merge G Suite accounts by downloading the software from its official website.

Why Use any Third-Party Software to Merge Two Gsuite Accounts?

Merging utility for G Suite accounts allows you to merge Google business accounts. The following are the advantage of using this tool:

  • Merge Google accounts into one account Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Documents(G Drive) easily.
  • Admin Credentials are required to merge Google Apps accounts.
  • It provides multiple options for Source and Destination ID mapping.
  • It allows the merging of selective user data.
  • Option to apply Date Based Filter to merge 2 G Suite accounts.
  • Assign priority for the user’s account whose data needed to merge first.
  • High-Speed merging of G Suite accounts using this tool.

Note: First there are some simple pre-requisite you need to complete before you merge Google business accounts. You can visit the official website or click on the option of Pre-requisites inside the tool.

Step-wise Guide to Merge G Suite Domains

1. Download the latest version of the merge tool from its official website and Install the software on your machine.

2. Run the software and click on the Activate button on the left-hand sidebar to enter the activation code for the tool.

3. Now from the main window, select the source and destination platform as “G Suite”.

4. Scroll-down to the workload section and select the category of items that you wish to merge.

5. In Source tab, enter G Suite Admin id and Browse the P12 file path and Enter Service Account ID (created while fulfilling the pre-requisites of the tool) and click on the Validate button. After authentication is finished successfully click on the Next button to merge two Gsuite Accounts.

6. Now, in Destination windows enter Destination Admin ID, Application id, p12 file click on the Validate button for the authentication of the Destination account. After completing the authentication procedure hit the Next button to merge Google business accounts.

7. For Source and Destination User(s) mapping, select the option to perform the operation.

8. Now, G Suite Merge tool will start fetching all the user’s account associated with Admin ID.

9. After fetching is finished, you will get the list of user accounts. Select the user to merge Google Apps accounts. You can Assign priority to the user account whose data needed to be merged first. Next, click on Validate button for the authentication of user accounts.

10. Finally click on Start button to begin the merging process. After the merging is finished successfully you can see the report in Tile as well as List view.

11. G Suite Merge Tool also allows you to Save the merged report on your personal computer. Click on Download Report Button for that.

You have completely Merge G Suite domains into another account/domain. You can now login to the Destination account / domain and confirm the merge process.


In this Blog, we have guided you with one, and the only method to merge Google accounts into one account. It is very simple to merge 2 G Suite accounts, you just need the right solution to do perform this task. You can now download the Free Demo version of the tool to merge Google Apps accounts to another domain or account. We have checked this tool carefully and conclude that it is safe to use this tool to merge Google business accounts.

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How to Fix Outlook Send Receive Error: Top 5 Methods

Chris Holroyd



How to Fix Outlook Send Receive Error: Top 5 Methods

MS Outlook offers a lots of features and functionalities. However, its prime aim is to send or receive emails to establish communication between two parties. If Outlook fails to perform this sending and receiving, other features will be of no use to the users. One common error is “Send or receive Error” that particularly disturbs the normal workflow of the users. This blog will discuss how to fix Outlook Send Receive error.

Solutions to Fix Outlook Send Receive Error

There are a number of manual and alternative methods available that can fix this problem. Here, users will learn about top five methods.

Method 1: Disable Antivirus Program

Most of the users install third-party Antivirus program which can affect the sending and receiving of emails in Outlook. As a result, users get Outlook send receive error. In order to fix this error, users should consider disabling Antivirus program.

Method 2: Check for Suspicious Emails

If some suspicious or infected emails drop into your inbox, it might cause Outlook send receive error. Check for any such suspicious spam emails and delete them permanently to fix this Outlook error.

Method 3: Change Server Time-out

In Outlook email client, the default server time-out duration is 1 min. When users attempt to send large size emails with attachments, the default server timeout duration turn out to be insufficient. Consequentially, it leaves that email stuck in Outlook outbox. To resolve Outlook send receive error, clear outbox and increase the Server timeout duration.

  • Start Outlook and click on File -> Account Settings. 
  • Then click on Change -> More Settings.
  • Select Advanced tab and under Server Timeouts section, increase the duration from 1 minute to 5 minutes or any time of your choice.

Method 4: Run Outlook in Safe Mode

The next method in the list is to run Outlook in Safe mode. Sometimes, add-ons are responsible for Outlook Send Receive error and disabling the add-ons will remove this problem. To open Outlook email application in safe mode, type Outlook.exe /safe in the search box of your computer. Hit Enter the Outlook will open without any add-on. Now, check if you can send an email after launching Outlook in safe mode. If not, then a corrupted PST file is causing this error and you need to repair it.

Method 5: repair PST with SysTools Outlook Recovery

The above-mentioned manual solutions are not always capable to resolve the Send/Receive error in case of large PST files. Moreover, it becomes time-consuming to perform all the manual solutions one by one when there is an urgent need to access Outlook data. So the best solution to resolve this error in large PST files is SysTools Outlook Repair ( This software can repair corrupted large PST files and eventually six Outlook send receive error. This is how to run this tool:

  1. Start the tool and click in Add Files button.
  2. Select the PST file from its location or search for it before selecting.
  3. Click on Advanced Scan to remove all types of corruptions.
  4. Preview and click on Export button.
  5. Choose PST or any other file format. 
  6. Users can also choose to split PT file into smaller ones to avoid future problems. 
  7. Select location for saving the file and click on Export button.

Once you have the healthy PST file, stat using it without facing any error.

Why Choose This Software

Though there are many data recovery tools are in the market, this tool has these unique options that make it better than the others.

  • Remove any level of corruption without altering the data hierarchy
  • Supports all PST files including over-sized PST files
  • Retains all the original metadata and data integrity
  • Software comes with a simple user-interface and performs recovery quickly
  • Allow saving only the required data from the recovered file
  • MS Outlook installation not needed for software functioning
  • Feature to search for PST file if you do not know the location
  • Repair and recover all data items of Outlook PST files


How to fix Outlook send receive error is a common query Outlook users ask in tech forums. In this article, we have suggested top 5 solutions for the mentioned Outlook error. Users can try the manual workarounds at first. If none of these work for you, it must be the case of case of severe PST file corruption. We strongly recommend SysTools outlook Recovery Tool and a step by step procedure to run this tool has been described in this blog. Users will find this blog beneficial if they follow the steps accurately.

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