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4 Reasons Why You Should Use OpenAPI for Your Projects

Chris Holroyd




Are you a software developer? If so, then you probably have some experience in developing APIs (application programming interfaces) or are planning to start coding some of your own. APIs are an integral part of software development as we know it today. This is because of their main function, which is to allow two separate pieces of software to communicate with each other to exchange data. Without APIs, many of the applications that we rely upon daily may not work at all.

With that said, like any software development project, coding an API can take up a lot of time and resources. Thankfully, there are ways to make API development easier and more efficient, and one such way is by using the OpenAPI specification. In this article, we will be going through the top four reasons why you should be using this particular specification for your next project.

But before that, let’s have a brief recap on what OpenAPI is.

What is the OpenAPI Specification?

The OpenAPI specification is a language-agnostic way to specify or describe a web API with a YAML or JSON document. This specification document usually contains the following information about the API:

  • The API’s available endpoints
  • The operations on each endpoint
  • The expected operation parameters input and output for each operation
  • The authentication methods available
  • Other details such as contact information, license, and terms of use.

The document, which is written to be readable by both humans and machines, can be considered both as a blueprint of the REST API and an instruction manual. As such, it can be utilized in specific ways that can speed up the development process of an API. Examples of those ways include being used to generate code stubs, API documentation, mock servers, clients, and more.

Now that we’ve defined what exactly is OpenAPI, here are the reasons why you should use this specification for your projects.

It cuts down on the amount of coding work needed to build the API.

When you choose to go with the OpenAPI specification to define your API, you can significantly cut down on the amount of code you need to write. This is because doing so lets you use a specialized OpenAPI specification toolkit, such as Swagger or Stoplight, to automatically generate the code that you need. Examples of these generated codes include server stubs for logic implementation, mock API servers for testing purposes, or API integration code in a different programming language.

It can automatically generate logical and interactive API documentation.

One of the most difficult tasks related to API development is writing its documentation. The API’s documentation is a very important component, as it helps users and developers to have an easier time in understanding how the API works, along with how to integrate it into their projects.

Just like using Swagger along with your API’s OpenAPI description to automatically generate code, you can also create your API’s documentation in the same way. What’s more, by handling the API documentation in this manner, you can rest assured that the result will be logically arranged and pleasant to engage with. It will also have the necessary interactivity features that allow developers to immediately try out your API’s functions. This can significantly aid in increasing your API’s adoption rate among the software development community.

It can assist with API testing efforts.

Your API’s OpenAPI specification document can assist you with testing your API and ensuring its functionality. Besides enabling you to automatically generate mock API servers, the specification document can also serve as a blueprint to test every part of your system against. This is done by importing your API’s specification document into clients like Postman, and then manually running tests from there.

It gives you access to a very large community of users and as a wealth of open-source tools.

The OpenAPI specification is a highly popular one, and as such is backed by a large community of users, as well as by many software companies and prolific coding personalities. This means that you will be able to tap into a substantial pool of experts and established knowledge if you run into a particularly difficult coding problem. Furthermore, it means that you will have access to a wealth of open-source tools developed for this specification, all of which can benefit your API development process in some way, and at little to no cost.


If you are a software developer and you foresee yourself having potential issues with developing web APIs, then consider implementing OpenAPI in your projects. By doing so, you can leverage its above-listed benefits to make your development process more efficient and agile, while also giving yourself the ability to avoid the common pitfalls that you may encounter should you try to code APIs from scratch.  


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Opting for the Right Freight Forwarding Software

Chris Holroyd



Freight Forwarding Software

Choosing the right freight forwarding software can be a daunting task, considering the fact that the crucial services of taking care of your storage and transportation of your customer’s goods depend on it. Owing to this fact, the success of your business depends mostly on the quality of the software you’re using and its reliability. So how do you go about choosing the right software then? Let us discuss a few key points that you need to consider, before making the decision to ensure that you make the right choice:

  • Effectual Monitoring and Management of Revenue: One of the most important aspects of a freight forwarding software is the monitoring of consignments and also financial management. Choosing the right automated system helps you in ensuring accuracy and also smoothen out more complex issues like duty drawbacks etc. for every consignment assigned.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The effective handling of consignments ensures customer delight and something that cannot be compromised at any cost. Hence, choosing the right freight management software means that the customer will get regular updates about his/her consignments which will end up reducing their worries and also build up confidence in your services.
  • Compliance with Regulations: If your logistic management software is integrated with all the existing requirements and regulations applicable to your business, then it could end up being a major advantage, as it would end up reducing the risk of your freight forwarding software getting outdated.
  • Provision for Both Export and Import Cargo Shipments: If your software has separate systems for import and export cargo ship it could end up in not so accurate reports and confusion. We all know that import and export are two sides of a coin for any freight business, hence, you need to make sure that your freight forwarding software is competent enough to handle this kind of operation. Trust us! this will help in easing out the process for you and also make sure that the reports that you make are intelligent enough to assist you.
  • Analytical Insights: Any software for a freight forwarder has to be much more than just getting to track the shipment physically and also the final financial calculations. The key is to have smart solutions that can provide you with business insights that are relevant, at the click of a button. Hence, this point definitely needs to be on your checklist when you’re looking for the right freight forwarding software.
  • Maintenance of Incentive and Payment Registers : Another consideration you can look out for, is the maintenance of incentive registers and payment registers that could help your user with a quick reference on the margins. The small details can actually help you give an edge over your competition, hence, keep in mind that you do look for these, when looking for the right freight forwarding software.

There you have it, here are some key considerations that you must keep in mind when you are on the lookout for the right freight forwarding software for your business, after all it holds the key to make or break the credibility and reputation of your freights and logistics management business. 

Shipthis is an outstanding freight forwarding software that lets you take a lead over your biggest rivals.With faster processing, you can manage more shipments, generate more revenue and keep your customers happy with our software.

Get in touch with us today to get a demo, before your competitors do!

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How Shipthis’ Freight Forwarding Software helps freight forwarders

Chris Holroyd



freight forwarding software

The freight forwarding business has been in existence for decades now. Over the years, there has been a rise in the number of competitors around the world. 

This had made it difficult for most freight forwarding companies to strive, with struggles arising over many fronts, such as management, customer satisfaction and accounting.

To make matters worse, not all businesses are dynamic, with a number of companies relying on manual input, calculation and processing to their job done.

What’s the problem with manual work? 

When you leave your business to a manual working model, there are many issues that can arise. 

Some of these are:

  • Miscalculations, accounting errors and transactional clashes.
  • Excess time taken to process an order once it is placed.
  • Management and storage issues when it comes to documents, mail and important conversations.
  • Differences in exchange rates for varied currencies.
  • Over-dependence on third parties and other services.
  • A lack of clear branding and initiative.

How do you solve this?

Freight forwarding companies have heavily relied on employees working manually to deliver. In the past decade or so, with advancements in technology, they have taken the swift turn with something really simple – a freight forwarding software.

What’s a freight forwarding software? 

Simply put, it’s an online freight management software that computes every aspect of a freight forwarding company and automates as much as it can. 

A freight forwarder software can cut down on time taken for processing orders, manage accounting related tasks and communicate with customers and existing clients to improve relations.

But there’s a catch… 

An online freight management software does do the job, there’s no question about that.

Despite this assurance, freight forwarding companies still have to intervene from time to time to resolve issues.

Also, not all freight broker software provide added functionalities like live exchange rates. This means that you are back to square one in some aspects. 

With Shipthis, you can do more. 

Shipthis is a modern and futuristic freight forwarding software that relies on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, material design and UI experience to deliver an enhanced and expert workflow for freight forwarding companies.

Here are some of the features that you get with Shipthis:

  • AI, cloud computing and quick-processing support.
  • A CRM that handles all customer and employee related needs.
  • An accounting module that double checks for errors, provides a unique dashboard and returns live currency exchange rates for different currencies around the world.
  • Common dashboard for an easy-to-understand look for your freight forwarding business.
  • Web/mobile app that can be customized to suit your brand along with the ability to send customers push notifications for their shipment.

CRM, redefined with Shipthis 

At Shipthis, we recognize that a higher customer satisfaction rate rewards you with customer loyalty, as well as better clients for the future.

With this in mind, we have created our CRM to fulfill daily needs of every freight forwarding company.

Using a freight forwarding software and want to switch? No problem – with Shipthis’ easy onboarding, migrating to our platform is a breeze. This barely takes time and you will soon be using our freight management software to boost the number of shipments that you make daily.

We also provide a unified document storage, which lets you quickly and conveniently access files as well as upload important documents from other places with a simple drag and drop feature.

With this, you can easily preview, download and share documents with customers and employees, whenever you need.

Have a business email that you use? No reason to worry, as you can easily link it to our CRM and send mails based on criteria. You can also customize the email templates to suit your branding.

Shipthis also has its own web/mobile application with which you can easily stay in touch with customers and provide them updates for their shipments as well as invoices.

And to top it all off, take advantage of our single dashboard, where you can serve your customers in one place, reply to conversations and even monitor their credit limit.

Don’t forget our accounting module 

Shipthis has an accounting module that is powered by AI and cloud computing for faster processing with impeccable accuracy.

For any freight forwarding company, inaccuracies in their accounting can lead to a waste of time, a loss of revenue and a state of chaos. 

These can all be avoided with our accounting solutions, that lead business standards.

You can now move into the new age of automation with our banking integration, that will help process payments, invoice and transactions at a lightning fast pace.

And to avoid any errors or issues, the accounting module uses a double entry system that cross-checks every activity so that you don’t have to sit and wait for minute details.

Are you used to checking another site for currency rates? With Shipthis, that’s a thing of the past.

With its live currency exchange rates and multi-currency support, you can ship to more companies without worrying about inaccuracies in shipping cost breakdown.

Not just that! With advanced analytics reports, you can stay ahead of the curve with reports on your business’ growth that focus on important data points which your competitors will not have access to. Use this to your advantage and stop worrying about the market.



Shipthis is an outstanding freight forwarding software that lets you take a lead over your biggest rivals.

With faster processing, you can take more shipments, generate more revenue and keep your customers happy with our software.

Get in touch with us today to get a demo, before your competitors do!

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Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Developers to create Successful Products



hire dedicated developers

Various startups, enterprises, and businesses come across various challenges to build products that have the potential to attract more customers.

To resolve this, businesses or brands need to keep their product up-to-date as per the latest technology needs. To build a successful product, you need to hire dedicated developers.

This team will provide you an infrastructure of the development project. It will give you timely updates about the entire project from start-to-end. Apart from this, there are lots of other benefits.

Benefits of Hire Dedicated Developers to create Successful Products

Low Cost and Flexibility

One of the most essential benefits of Hiring Dedicated Developers is the flexibility they provide. Also, you have to pay these developers based on the number of days and hours they have worked on your product. Hence, this reduces the cost of the project initially.

You have a complete authority to utilize any of the resources anytime. For a particular product, you will require a different set of developers, designers, project managers, etc. You have the option to speed up or slow down the development phase.

Skill and Experience

Different projects require different requirement. A dedicated team works on different projects, hence they possess all the essential skills to develop your project as per the current market scenario.

Moreover, you will have full access to all their skills, knowledge, expertise and solutions to build a successful product.

No need to install any Software/ Hardware

In every web development project, you have to invest a specific amount of software and hardware. In most of the cases, web development project doesn’t need any kind of special hardware.

Talking about software, most of them are open-source, but to build a good website or app design, you will need to purchase Adobe photoshop. When you hire a development team, you will not face any issues. As they possess all the tools to build a project.

Easy Project Management

The programming team that you have hired will provide you all the essential details about the status of the project. The team will work with full transparency and will provide you daily updates about the project. Hence, you don’t have to worry about your project anytime.

Ability to handle emergencies quickly

In case, you face any problem in the development phase of the project, and you don’t want to wait for long, the team will be available to answer your queries. The dedicated team of developers will be available 24*7 and will solve your problem instantly.

Also, if you want to complete a project urgently, then the team will work hard to deliver the project on the given date.

Support and On-time delivery

When you hire dedicated developers, they will follow a clear deadline to work on different tasks such as design, testing, and implementation. The team will follow a step-by-step process to make sure that the project gets completed and verified on time.

After this, the team will provide you dedicated support after the completion of the project as per your business requirement. Hence, you get a chance to contact anytime you face an issue.


Whenever you have an idea about any product and want to put it into reality, you can hire a dedicated team of developers. The team will look after different aspects of the project.

The team will work hard to deliver your project at proper time along with maintaining quality. An experienced team can deliver your project with all the technicalities along with making it flexible, adaptable and scalable.

By hiring a team of developers, you also free from any kind of risks involved in the project. The team will design the project in such a way that it attracts more customers.

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Recover Wiped or Crashed Hard Drive in 3 Easy Steps – A beginners Guide

Chris Holroyd



file recovery software

Just getting a thought that you have lost all your data and photos which you have clicked with your family members or loved ones is a stressful experience. Which affects almost all of us who love to live the digital life. In our day to day life, there are many possible circumstances under which we might accidentally delete our important files or folders or empty our PC’s recycle bin without checking what we have thrown in it.

Now, the question arises. Is it possible to recover wiped data or data from crashed hard drive? In simple words, the answer is yes. Because deleting data does not completely erase it from the drive. By deleting data from a hard drive doesn’t wipe it, it just shows it as free space in hard drive. And that free space is actually the blocks which can be used to store files. So, the file is always there when you need it.

There are many ways to recover lost or wiped data. In these steps, you don’t need any special tech knowledge or neither any tech. So, what are the easy ways to recover the data?

Steps to recover Crashed Drive or Lost Data

#1 This is the option which comes with windows, in this method you don’t need any recovery software or any special tool. With this method, you can easily restore your lost files to its earlier version.

Suppose you are not able to find an important file in your database or you also deleted it accidentally from recycle bin too. Then you can recover the file from backup (it applies only if you are using windows backup) or as we mentioned earlier, it also can be restored from its previous version.

What previous Versions actually are?

In computer language, previous versions are the copies of the files and folders that Windows OS automatically saves in the hard drive as a part of restore point for the unavoidable data loss situations.

How to take your PC to backdate with System restore point?

In the history of Windows OS, Windows 10 comes with perfect solutions to recovering problems that affect your PC to work smoothly. Below are the steps to perform system restore.

Search for system restore in the Windows 10 Search box.

Select Create a restore point from the list of searched results.

#When the System Properties dialogue box appears.

Now click System Protection tab.

Click the Configure button.

Enable Turn on system protection.

After that use slider to the Max Usage and determine how much of part of your PC hard drive to use to create store Restore Points (Tip:- Setting slider 5% to 10% is usually sufficient in almost every case.)

Now Click ok and apply.

#Now whenever you want to return to a restore point. 

Open the System Properties dialogue box again.

Click the System Protection tab.

Click the System Restore button.

Follow the on-screen instructions and select the desired Restore Point when prompted.

Tip:- You can also click the Scan for affected programs button before going any further, to see what might change on your PC afterwards. When you’re happy to proceed, click Next.

#2 In this method, you can use recovery software that can even help you to recover formatted hard drive. Working on every data recovery software is different. So, when you install a fresh copy of any data recovery software. Do read the manual/installation guide before starting the data recovery process. Because it may be possible that you might miss any important step if you proceed without reading the instructions and without following that step you may lose your precious data forever.

#3 Checking the Recycle Bin:- In many cases we delete the multiple files without checking. Make sure you double-check your computer’s trash can before taking any headache because in trash bin you can see everything inside. If you have found what you have been looking for then just drag it back on to your desktop. And you are good to go.


It is always advised to keep backup of your data in any external hard drive or any device where you can keep your files safe eg. pen drives. Also, double-check the files and folder before deleting them permanently.

Always keep more than one copy of your important files to avoid the unavoidable losses.

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4 ERP Related Factors Manufacturing Business Must Keep In Mind

Chris Holroyd



ERP software

There is a reason as to why ERP software has come up with various industry-specific solutions for your business. One general ERP application cannot really work for all the business types perfectly and so there are certain points that industries should keep in mind before deploying an ERP. Doing the same is truly viable as you cannot rely on the hit and trial method. You should ideally make the right decision after carefully analysing the different ERP solutions for the manufacturing industry that various vendors are providing.

As you cannot hop on different manufacturing ERP software vendors, disrupt your workforce and incur implementation costs again and again. So, in this blog, we are making an attempt to not get confused between the proposal of various vendors and help you with the requirement gathering phase. 

ERP should be aligned to your business type

There are ample of ERP vendors who will have a solution that can match your business requirements. At this step it will become very easy for the vendors to manipulate you if you will not have an idea of what exactly you want. To ascertain which is better, you would find the distinctions in the work process and inventory modules. So, you should check how the vendor’s ERP is defining the workflow and inventory module. Both of them are the most resourceful modules for the manufacturing industry. So, make sure the ERP treatment of the same is checked by you appropriately. 

ERP should connect to your customer

The manufacturing ERP software you use should help your business in forming good connections with your customers. Make sure the ERP you are planning to buy has CRM module which can help you track conversations. Motivate the the people to record communications. This practice should not be limited to salespeople only. For instance, if an accounts person has got a call from the customer or made a call to the customer regarding some bill, the same should be recorded as the conversation may be required by other teams for reference if the issue would escalate to some other department. Moreover, you should also keep a track on sales orders, the manufacturing ERP software should be able to match purchase orders as well. The ERP should also let the users know the current status of the orders and predict the delivery time as well. 

ERP should be flexible and agile

The sale of the product can increase anytime in the future. For instance, there may be a client requiring more products from your side or there can a calamity and a sudden increase in requirement of your product can be there. So, make sure the ERP is scalable enough.

ERP should have analytics

Manufacturing ERP software should powerful analytics to help you make better and informed decisions. These reports and analytics will come handy for the times when you would want to do ad hoc analysis or get a bird’s eye view. The same helps the company in leveraging the trends and opportunities. 

The aforementioned four requirements are the quintessential ones to make ERP fit your business needs. If even one would not be fulfilled, you won’t be able to have a seamless experience and make the most out of the ERP you have deployed.

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How To Choose The Best Image Recovery Software



Data Recovery Software

There are several types of data recovery software in the market today and choosing one that is appropriate can be a daunting task. We are living in a fast-paced world where we rely heavily on computerized devices to perform day to day activities. This means that tons of data are stored every day from confidential files to videos and photos. Most of this data is stored in computer hard drives and other storage media.

Everyone wants their data to remain safe and accessible at all times, but the truth is that this does not always happen. It is not uncommon to find that people are not able to access their valuable data due to an untoward or unknown incident. Data loss can be catastrophic and that is why data recovery solutions are in high demand and important.

The market today is flooded with different service providers, all offering data recovery software. This makes it hard for consumers to know which recovery software really work and which ones are able to offer total data recovery efficiently. Before we take a look at how to choose the best image recovery software, let’s first understand how data recovery solutions work.

How Data Recovery Software Works

When data files get deleted, whether accidentally or intentionally, they do not get permanently removed from the storage media. Windows operating system is unable to locate files due to the changes made in the system files after they get deleted. Data recovery software is used to restore pictures that have been deleted and make them accessible again. This software is designed to work on powerful algorithms and is able to scan through the storage media, collecting all formatted and deleted files from MBR (Master Boot Record).

Situations Where Data Recovery Software Work Best

A reliable data recovery software is able to recover any type of lost data from most storage media. Recovery software from a trusted provider can perform deleted photo recovery from inaccessible storage media, or lost, corrupted, damaged partitions- pen drives, USB flash drives, and external/ internal hard drives.

There are several reasons why someone can lose data. It may be due to power outages, software corruption, logical damage to the file system, malware/virus infection, formatting, accidental deletion to name a few. Despite the reasons for data loss, an efficient data recovery solution can restore all sorts of files, including emails, videos, audios, images, documents, etc

It is important to note that lost data cannot be restored after it is overwritten. If you want to increase the chances of recovering lost data, you need to stop using problematic storage device once you discover inaccessibility or data loss.

How To Choose The Best Data Recovery Software

  • Features

Always check which features are available in data recovery software. To pick the best software, be on the lookout for the following useful features.

Search Option: Some storage devices have large storage spaces like hard drives for example. Looking for a particular file in such a storage media would mean you have to go through numerous files if the storage device is already full. Recovering lost files from such a storage device would take some time as well. So, it is best to choose a recovery software with a search option for the best results.

File systems support: Most data recovery software is compatible with various file systems such as NFTS or FAT. If you have a different file system, ensure that the recovery application you choose is able to support it.

Network recovery: This feature enables one to recover lost files using a different computer that is connected through a network to the computer where files need to be recovered from. This option is essential for people using cloud storage devices. It can also be applicable if one does not have direct access to the damaged drive.

Disk imaging: This feature allows the recovery software to use an imaging file to recover deleted files. It comes in handy when you need to transfer recovered lost files from a hard drive that has been physically damaged to a new one.

  • Abilities

Before choosing a data recovery software, you need to look at what it is capable of doing. You need to consider whether:

  • It is able to recover permanently deleted files
  • Retrieve data from reassigned or deleted partitions
  • Can recover data from a partition or a formatted drive
  • Can retrieve data from the RAW drive

The reason why you need recovery software to meet all these mentioned requirements is so that you can be able to it use for different applications. A good recovery software with multiple abilities can be used to restore files from hard drives with bad sector. One other important feature that you should look for in a recovery application is it should be compatible with RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks). Last but not least, ensure that the recovery software is consistent with your hardware to achieve the best results.

iSkysoft Data Recovery software is one of the most sought after recovery solutions in the market today. It not only guarantees 100% success rate but also meets all the above requirements and features.

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