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4 Online Tools Which Can Help Blog Writers To Write Best SEO Optimized Articles



Best SEO Optimized Articles

There are many tools without whom there is no concept of writing and providing quality. Writing SEO Optimized Articles and blogs are basic duties and factors that a webmaster has to perform. If you want healthy natural backlink profiles, traffic that stays on your site for long times, Then writing quality tools with the help of these tools is very important.

Best SEO Optimized Articles

Plagiarism Detector

One of the most tools for webmasters is a plagiarism detector when it comes to quality writing. This tool is there to see if there are any copy/paste material or something which is familiar with some other blogger or web page. This tool will highlight each and everything that is similar to the web.

It detects your content for matching with almost 8 billion web pages which make it extra precise. Plagiarism, as we all know, is the main factor which leads your site to penalize it from search engines, If Google search engine detects any case of copied/paste material. It will simply penalize it and your site might never have a chance to appear on the results again. So this tool will take such risks out of the window.

Zen Writer

One of the best and most useful tools I have ever used when it comes to concentration and quality writing. Zen writer takes out the element of distraction from checking your emails, social platforms or anything else and provides you a full focus on the writing alone.

This tool is of course paid but extremely affordable as it comes around like $10 a month. It provides this facility as it takes your whole screen and doesn’t let you lose your focus. It encompasses your whole screen.

There are therapeutic music and beautiful images passing in the background to help you relax and concentrate even more. Of course, other features like Formatting, Creating tables, Corrections, and editing, Headings and template designing will be inside under the same amount you are paying for it.

Text Rewriter

This is another amazing tool which helps writer, blogger, webmasters to develop quality work and save a lot of time during that. Text Rewriter is a tool which helps you rewrite a content that suits your topic. The best thing about this tool is that it changes and paraphrase the whole paragraph, change synonyms, change sentences while keeping the same context and meaning of the original paragraph.

Text Rewriter also takes out any grammatical errors or punctuation issues. Simply search for the content over the web that suits you. Copy it and paste it in the text section of this tool, press rewrite and you will see a whole new content with zero plagiarism risks. Although, this is something that I would call as a last resort. Use it only in urgent cases or when you have no time to sit for hours. Simply use this tool and you will have good quality.

Keyword Density Checker

Keyword density checker is another important tool which helps you detect how many times a keyword is used in an article as compared to the total amount of the article. The best thing about this tool is it alerts you if a keyword is repeating itself above the normal limit.

Normally, a keyword is allowed to be used in one article for around 4, 5 times and long-tails one for around 2, 3 times. After this Google creates issues and considers it as keyword spamming which might red flag your site. So this tool is there to highlight everything for you. Free and easy to use, this tool will perform this test in a couple of seconds and you will see vital results.

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6 Tips on How to Improve Your Marketing Campaign



Marketing Campaign

The world is a place of competition and full of challenges. If you are not strong enough, you’ll be seeing yourself in a cell, confined with sadness, failure and regret. That is why God gave us the ability to adapt and face the challenges that have been given to us. Sure it will be a hard and winding road but if you know what is needed to be done, then there is nothing that can stop you from claiming that sweet pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Marketing can sometimes be a pain in the butt. Although there are so many ideas in the world, only a handful will seem effective, but only a pinch will succeed. But the real reason why entrepreneurs have a hard time improving their marketing campaign is that they lack the knowledge on how to do them correctly. This is alarming because it is a waste of time, money and effort. So if you want to improve your marketing campaign, here are some tips on how to really do it.

1. Research your target audience

Who do you really want to reach out? What age group are you targeting to get? These are just some of the questions you have to answer in order to identify who your real customers are. It is important to have a specific target because you will be able to focus on this group and dissect every piece of information about what they want, how they want it and when and why they need it.

2. Increase your PR Skills

Being good at public relations will most significantly improve your marketing campaign and be acknowledged as one of the better choices. Good PR among your potential customers will bring more leads to you and in the long run, provide a venue for regular customers.

3. Measure your KPIs

Measuring Key Performance Indicators is also necessary to improve your marketing campaign simply because you will be able to see the things that you are achieving with your current efforts. Think of it as a measuring tool for success, with targets that must be achieved in order to reach a certain amount of revenue.

4. Be updated with the completion

Knowing your competitors is one thing, but being updated with what they are doing is another. You can formulate new strategies for your marketing campaign by knowing what the other party is offering. Be better, bolder and more client-oriented than your rivals.

5. Be Big in Social Media

Social media is one of the best platforms to market on but how do you really make the most out of it? Simple, be ruthless and restless in introducing your products to the netizens. Create polls, stories, post feedbacks and create freebie competitions that will allow you to pierce through the veil of your clients. You can also acquire ad services, just make sure that you put in the same effort in free marketing to compensate for the expenses.

6. Create Linkages

Creating linkages with other businesses that you are not in direct competition with is also an effective way to increase your marketing campaign. You can offer discounts and freebies to those for their existing clients. This will help you gain new leads and better potential customers.

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Top Voice Search Optimization Strategies 2019

Ravi Sharma



Search Optimization Strategies

Working on anything that needs you to research for data and information while multitasking is quite difficult. Thanks to the introduction of voice search which makes it very convenient to learn or work your needs right away without any need to type long queries.

A recent report shared by PWC has shown that only 10 percent of users in the United States were found to be unfamiliar with the voice search and related devices. However, out of the remaining 90 per cent of the users left, 72 percent of users were using voice assistant searches in their routine.

The most interesting part which you may miss with the concept of voice search is that most of the times, users were found to get different results for the queries when the SERP results for voice and typed queries were compared. However, considering the trends in voice search, it is becoming more of an essential to work on voice search goals to engage with your customers and make the most of your online business presence.

In the next few minutes, we are going to have a quick ride for the voice search optimization strategies suggested by some SEO Expert Company in India that can help you reach your voice goals enabling better engagement and conversions:

Uplifting Featured Snippets Goals

Though there may be chances that you are not informed about the term featured snippets, it is very likely that you must be familiar with the fact that how they appear on the search result pages. Featured Snippets are about the most relevant content which is placed in the form of clickable snapshot sharing the most precise information on your query.

Featured snippets are very similar to the tested queries which are framed on search results. However, this may need you to present the quality information on your website making it possible for a search engine to reach your website.

Understanding The Intent Of Users

One of the most essential needs which you need to fulfil for quality voice search optimization is to understand the user intent. It is entirely on your part to know your user’s goals behind raising any search query i.e. either they want to buy a product or they just need some information? So, it is all about analyzing the user query typed in the search bar to present precise answers to understand the user intent. However, sometimes you get to know the user’s intent just with their search terms like what is, how to, sell, buy, etc. but other times, it may get tough to crack the intent.

Moreover, if you want your website to be crawled and indexed by google for voice search results, it is essential to stay in harmony with hummingbird to get your web page displayed for relevance. This means you have to be very specific while creating the content which has the potential to land as featured snippets and be the immediate answer to any voice operated query.

Targeting Long Tail Keywords

When we use voice search to look for anything, the search queries are not just keywords, they are more of the conversational stuff which includes phrases and questions. And if you are informed about SEO, long tail keywords and queries are something that is good for both SEO as well as voice search optimization. In fact, the better reality is that long phrased keywords are likely to rank better because of less competition.

For instance, if you would go for a typed search finding a local coffee shop, you may simply write it as “Coffee shop near me” or “best coffee shop”. But these queries change when are used on voice search as they come in a more natural way like “find me the best coffee shop near me” or “find me the best local coffee shop”.

However, to create a more voice-oriented experience for the users on your website, you can simply take benefit of keyword research tools that can provide the most relevant voice search queries related to your business. This may also need you to frame the relevant H1 and H2 headings on your website complementing the user search queries with precise answers.

Upgrading Page Speed

Page speed is all about the time your website takes to load a page. It is one of the most significant factors that decide your presence on the Search engine result page. In case, you have a website which is taking more than 10 seconds to load, a user may bounce back from your page increasing the bounce rate and adding bad experience tag on your website before google.

Think of you as a user who needs to use the voice search for reaching any query results.  You would expect the search query to be responded with the right answer quickly the moment you say Hey Siri or Ok Google to learn about anything.

Thus, to make your webpage load quickly, you can take the benefit of tools like google page speed insights that can provide suggestions for improvement to increase the load speed. This is a crucial part of making your website mobile friendly because most of the voice queries are raised through mobile devices which needs a quick loading website with the best information.

Implementing Structured Data

Structured data is used to present useful information before the search engine using an HTML code. This is very similar to highlighting the stuff which you think is important from the user point of view and could help you present the content in a better way. The structured data enables the search engine to read your content in a more efficient manner which means you could display the data in the perfect form which is preferred by the Google Algos.

Structure data markup or schema markup is not just good for voice search only, rather it helps you to improve the CTR and traffic on your website when you have a highly competitive niche. The structured data also improves the chances of your webpage to reach featured snippets and ultimately shared through voice query results.


People are taking the maximum advantage of technologies like voice search to make their life more convenient and easy. Therefore, it is entirely on your part to step up and reach to the latest trends which are prevailing with the search methods. It is all about targeting the essentials of voice search optimization to make a perfect search experience for any user who needs relevant to their needs.  

Moreover, Voice search optimization is all about better visibility on the web to land better into the SERPs and take your services to the users. For this, you may also need to target SEO or specifically local SEO for delivering the needs of the users at the local level establishing a dominant impression even for the voice. All in all, the voice search trends are growing and it is essential for every business on the web to work on some strategies that can benefit with more conversions from voice search and to chase such goals, all we need to do is work on above ideas and reach every potential voice user. All the best!

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B2B Content Marketing Trends and Statistics in 2019



B2B Content Marketing

Content marketing is the creation and appropriation of important, connecting with content to a reasonable target audience. This content is made to respond to questions or take care of problems your target audience (clients) face. Various kinds of content are made to fill various gaps in the buyer’s adventure. The more valuable and helpful your content, the more trust you assemble.

B2B Content Marketing

B2B content marketing is making content important to your intended crowd of organizations as opposed to customers. That is extremely the main real difference. B2B content marketing in basic terms is a speciality of creating and disseminating curated, valuable and relevant content to attract organizations and wholesale buyers. So, it might be much progressively significant for B2B marketers to actualize a content strategy. The buyer’s journey in B2B is ordinarily more and more complicated than in that of a B2C exchange. Contentualize is showing some content marketing trends that will help you in 2019.

Email Marketing

Email marketing, in spite of being the oldest type of digital marketing, it’s as yet an always evolving procedure. In spite of the fact that the funnel is changing, and leads can enter at any stage, and new marketing strategies are on the rise, email marketing keeps on being a leading channel at each phase of this new funnel.

It’s simple to see but difficult to perceive any reason why email marketing has been so famous, however you might think its days are numbered, particularly as new social media channels burst onto the scene. In any case, email marketing remains a basic cornerstone of digital marketing, and it’s not going anyplace.

Audio/Visual Content

Audio/Visual content is the medium that offers advertisers the most persuasive and effective approach to talk to buyers and is the thing that they most aspire to utilize. Also, customers will observe more TV as technology, including mobile and broadband, makes it accessible wherever they need it.

Visual content marketing refers to utilizing visuals that incorporate videos and images with educational or inspiring texts, audio or written content, branded images which promote the video, infographics and other related videos and images. This content passes on important information in connecting with the visual format.

Paid Distribution Channels

Making incredible content is a certain something, circulating it to your devotees is another. Each content marketer realizes that one of the secret ingredients to a fruitful content marketing is content promotion/distribution. the manner in which content marketers scatter their content to their group or followers at the perfect time has advanced throughout the years. Despite the fact that it doesn’t really imply that content is now losing its magic to larger followings and build stronger and convert leads to clients.

Social Media

social media use will keep on developing. 1 million new users joined social networks each and every day. Instagram is discreetly rising as the new home for organizations looking for an effect via social media. By 2020, we’ll see the expanded predominance of Instagram, particularly among older demographics. 

After some time, social media has advanced into an incredible device for marketing. Much the same as different types of marketing, the social media scene is changing at a brisk pace. This makes it significant for you to stay aware of the latest trends.

As clients invest time watching the video over every single social media channel whether that is product testimonials, behind-the-scenes content, explainer video, or thought authority interviews, clients are stuck to videos to interface with companies and brands they have an affinity towards.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a kind of marketing that focuses around utilizing key pioneers to drive your brand’s message to the bigger market. As opposed to marketing legitimately to a large gathering of customers, you instead hire/pay/inspire influencers to get out the word for you.

Influencer marketing regularly goes inseparably with two different types of advertising, first is content marketing and second social media marketing. As indicated by an ongoing report comprised of marketers from a variety of enterprises, 92% said influencer marketing was a compelling effort strategy.

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5 Steps to Build a Landing Page That Converts Visitors



5 Steps to Build a Landing Page That Converts Visitors

The landing page is the skeleton key in the marketer’s toolbox. Do you want to spread the message about an event? Or, do you want to drive downloads for a new eBook? Host it on a landing page. Do you want to create a place where prospects can sign up to receive different types of emails? Create a landing page for it. The goal of a landing page is to provide a webpage with a singular focus, which drives visitors to take some sort of action.

However, how to design a landing page so that the aim is achieved? Landing pages often get cluttered with multiple offers and fail to fulfil the purpose of designing it. You always have to make it simple and goal-oriented, both in terms of what it takes to build them what goes on the page itself. You can hire an SEO agency that can help you with this. Or, you can follow the latest SEO tips on landing page optimization. Till then, here’s what you have to do.

 1. Maintain a particular focus

When you will design a landing page, consider an ultra narrow focus (e.g. to spread the message about an event or download a specific resource), and everything on the page should focus on that. You should keep this in mind that a landing page of a website is not like the homepage of the site. You don’t have to tell everything about your business to your visitors. On the contrary, you should make things sweet, short, and to the point.

 2. Create a clear and concise CTA

One of the must-have things for a landing page is a call to action. It is because the goal of a landing page is to drive some sort of conversion. The CTA should be clear in terms of what it asks your visitors to do, what they expect in return. The return needs to be clear in the CTA language, and from the entire landing page, as it should have an ultra narrow focus that centres around the call to action. An important part of this clarity is to make your CTA concise and easy to understand for the visitors.

 3. Pay attention to your content

In the age of dwindling attention spans, it may seem that the content does not matter, however, this is not actually the truth. Though people are more prone to skimming, the right content can still pack a punch. When creating content for a landing page, keep it relevant, as you need to get your point across in a concise and engaging manner. Moreover, it should be action-oriented and aligned with the overall brand voice.

 4. Highlight the “hook”

When developing your content and CTA for landing pages, consider the “hook” of your content and highlight it. For instance, you can create a sense of urgency around limited time or space; you can offer authority by way of exclusive expertise, or you can create superiority by creating something that is best-in-breed. You can also do something unique to go an extra mile.

 5. Think about share-ability

If you don’t want to crowd your landing page with competing CTAs, then you can add social buttons for shareability. It is because if you get one visitor who likes the page as well as its offers, then you can make it easy for them to share it others. And that recommendation can go a long way toward bringing in new visitors, who will be more likely to convert.

By following the steps above, you can design a landing page that visitors cannot simply resist. Do you want to optimize your landing page with professionals? Or design a content marketing strategy so that you can see your blog page in one of the top Australian SEO blogs? Then opt for a reputable SEO company today.

Author Bio: James Smith, a popular blogger who is associated with one of the top Australian SEO blogs, here writes on some steps to follow to build a landing page that converts visitors. He also suggests following the latest SEO tips for this.

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The Era of Revolution in Digital Marketing



Digital marketing has continually witnessed the most ideal digital platforms which were trendy and upmarket, to furnish with relevant advantages to organizations. Now since the technology is evolving quickly, what is important today, probably won’t be appropriate tomorrow. And, with this fast development and far-reaching utilization of different social media channels, YouTube and dependence on video media, and so forth it is progressively getting to be important for digital marketing and its methodologies to keep pace with it.

This infographic from Fullestop is a look at the digital marketing trends that to give you more insights into knowledge on what precisely you ought to do in order to make your digital promotions a success.

Digital Marketing

Voice Search

In the most recent year, voice search came into the screen. But, in 2019 it is the most used method on Google to search any query. Forecast marketing uncovered that by 2020, half of the searches would be voice searches. Search marketing is developing in every smart gadget and mobiles telephones. It is hands-free and easy to utilize. With the rise of smart gadgets, AI integrated smart home devices voice search are ruling the business campaigns and following down of SEO marketing.

Alexa or Google Home are the best instances of voice search gadgets. As per measurements, 64 million voice-based gadgets are in workplaces and home in the US by 2019. As a marketer, it is a correct time to incorporate voice search as a piece of SEO friendly methodology for promotions, present long tail keywords, special pages for FAQ areas for giving responses to voice search based inquiries.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a vital promotion method concentrated on making and appropriating important, pertinent, and predictable content to draw in and hold a targeted group of viewers and, at last, to drive profitable customer action. Giving relevant content to people is the most ideal approach to make a long-standing relationship with potential clients. If a substance isn’t sufficient, at that point you may miss out on the potential leads on the internet. Content Marketing acts as a communication method with your gatherings of people and encourages you to draw in with them on the web.

Content can enable your business to acquire new leads. Lead generation is important for small companies that depend on reliable traffic to develop their image and lift deals. Content marketing is incredible for lead generation and additionally, it’s moderate.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has a fundamental influence on the marketing methodology today. Artificial Intelligence or AI refers to the skill of computers creating insight like people. Fundamentally, it is innovation that will enable PCs to do some basic stuff that people can do. Alongside this, few AI-empowered devices in the market can also help assemble data that provides market analysis helping companies. It causes organizations to narrow down the sort of buyers to target and if their business technique helped connect with that specific customer section. By carrying AI into the image private companies can improve client engagement, in this way bringing about a rise in satisfaction also.

Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are assuming their enormous role in digital marketing. These social networking channels have pulled in many individuals through attractive posts and infographics. Influencer marketing is on the rise because of social media. This has encouraged organizations to publicize and advance their item and service via web-based networking media. Social media marketing is encountering enormous development since the year 2012, which is said to increment considerably more in 2019. So no doubt, this will be among the top digital promoting trends that will dominate this year.


Chatbots are on the rise, assuming control over client service for some brands. By 2020 85% of client communications are anticipated to be managed by chatbots. Not exclusively are bots a viable method for mass communication, they also take into consideration every minute of every day two-way communication channel between your gathering of people and the firm. Which over boosting consumer loyalty, will also help your reaction rate on Facebook, improving SEO and the probability of your image being recommended.

Read More: The 4 Inevitable Methods To Develop Local Clients

Numerous clients lean toward interacting with chatbots as they are responsive, give answers immediately, precisely review your whole purchasing history, and never lose patience. These virtual assistants offer extraordinary client service, living up to clients’ desires and automating repetitive tasks which imply you can concentrate on more important work.

These are the absolute best patterns to improve your digital marketing methodologies and implementing these patterns in your business will clearly help you in improving client engagement with automation and personalisation so to remain on top of things and increase conversions in the coming year.

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What Is Influencer Marketing And How It Works?



Influencer Marketing

All over the businesses try to engage with customers. For that, it makes use of numerous tricks and strategies. In the past few years, digital marketing is at a peak. Even a small business avail digital marketing and its benefits. However in order to take the brand, products, and services to the audience in a better way obviously influencer marketing is your choice. Through this potential marketing, you can effectively impact your products, services, and brands. Influencers like Do Your Thng attain your targeted visibility and credibility. Certainly, the audience will get influence via influencer marketing.

What is Influencer marketing?

As in general influencer marketing is the way of notifying peep who be able to contact and influence customers as regards your brands. Through influencer marketing, you can greatly impact your products and services to the customers. At present brands are badly affected without proper visibility since there are several numbers of blogs and that influence people heavily. Choosing the right influence marketing service will help you to brand and business to have positive effects among people. Once you connect with influencer marketing then you can witness your brand roar in the market yet there are so many. Of course, not all the people who look at your brand will become your potential customers however being their mind is so essential.

What Influencer marketing does?

Influencer marketing makes use of both digital marketing and content marketing. Thus the chance for getting more audience for your brand is high. If you are going to choose influencer marketing then here come the things it will bring.


  • The reason why most of the customers connect with brands is trust. Influencer marketing will always include trustable things about the brand whenever it shares. Since if any of the customers get noticed and influenced. The reputation you attained is very effective if your reliability is identified.

Makes your brand popular:

  • Influencers are the main reason to bring a brand to the topmost level. Through influencer marketing, your brand, products, service will be pictured to your set of audience. It will make your brand frame and shine in the middle of millions of brands.

Reaching audience:

  • More than ads content will reach the audience faster. By this, you can easily take your brands to the customers. If you choose ads means when your audience installed ad blocker then the investment is totally wasted. On the other hand choosing, influencer marketing will influence your audience in a reliable manner. More than ads content will be notified by so many customers.

Helps to meet your audience:

  • One of the toughest challenges most of the brands meet is finding their targeted audience. By means of choosing influencer marketing like do your thng helps you to understand the potential customers of your brand.

When you want to connect with influencer marketing service then searching the right influencer is vital. Though it popular one you must be choosy while selecting influencer marketing. You must research a lot before going to choose influencer marketing.

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