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Why AngularJs is the Best Framework of 2020-2021?

Hermit Chawla



angularjs web development

According to the records, the number of hrs invested by the user on the internet is rising each year, but there is a split towards mobile apps than desktop computer applications as it’s very easy to accessibility, that why a lot of firms are moving from desktop computer applications to mobile applications, which is the very best way to reach targeted audiences. Technologists are regularly working to update the current degrees of systems to make the application perform excellently, offer best-in-class performances, and also supply wow experience currently has actually ended up being crucial in mobile app development structures.

We have an abundance of innovations and web & mobile app development languages surrounding us, yet primary phone call lies in selecting the one that reverberates with your business demands. If we opt for the latest statistics, the language that is making a massive speed and additionally covering the internet & mobile application development landscape is AngularJS. Well, remaining in the latest period, if you are squandering your much time in creating a web & mobile application than just stop today and choose Angular JS as your first choice. If we specify AngularJS in technological terms that angularjs web development agency is one of the leading open resource JavaScript structures powered by Google. The main Motto behind its introduction is to streamline the development of dynamic & internet applications & also extensively utilizes for restructuring the JavaScript Code.

You may have an awesome project idea in mind, so it is apparent that it might or might not go with the AngularJS development landscapes. However, due to beneficial features & valuable attributes, it fits the ideal internet & mobile app development service.

Code Administration

The majority of the extensive apps consist of diverse components. Angular JS makes it easy or particular especially in managing them even when a new programmer joins the development process in the middle of the procedure and allows the developer.

Easy To Use & Implement

The standard feature of Angular JS development is its straightforward design architecture presently used by the developers. It is simple to find out & implement, and also it enhances the functions to a wonderful degree which any kind of certain client calls for. When it comes to the supervision of profound internet apps which includes numerous parts as well as intricate requirements, it works tremendously well.

Predefined Solutions

AngularJS includes readymade and flexible services that can be utilized within the app. It offers tailored solutions such as UI routing strategy and component practices can be used.

Large community

Start with individuals– Angular.js has a significant community. It includes both participants of the core development team and also those that just dropped in to make some solutions or recommend a few improvements for an open-source framework. Seminars dedicated to Angular.js hold worldwide, it is discussed at hackathons and in different IT communities. There are numerous publications and online resources on AngularJS for developers. For customers, it means that by picking Angular.js you will certainly not only end up being trendy yet also will not have trouble with locating developers for sustaining your project.

Less Code Requires

AngularJS mobile & web application development needs less coding which assists the developers to place a remarkable focus on the skills of the application rather than composing the codes.


If we begin time-saving, AngularJS helps in acquiring it as it requires lesser time to code the whole mobile or web app because it is the latest modern technology derived from HTML. Developing mobile & internet applications with AngularJS is fairly very easy, quicker, and need less initiative.

Personalized Language

Oftentimes, developers have to compose the same code once again while constructing an application, especially in HTML. AngularJS fixes this trouble as the programmer can effortlessly reuse the very same code which he has created before.

Use directives

As its pattern language Angular.js makes use of HTML. It is increased with regulations that add right into the code details concerning the necessary habits (for example, that it is required to pack specific components following the page is packed). Directives make you concentrate on developing reasonings and thus enable you to work more successfully. 

SPA-oriented features

Angular.js and spas merely belong to each other. For instance, Angular.js gives kinds of validation capabilities. If a web page utilizes forms, FormController documents their states. Using this information we can transform the behavior of the HTML elements in UI, for instance, hide button Clear kind if it is vacant). Angular js has build-in validators for errors handling (called for, ng-required, ng-minlength, ng-pattern, etc.) yet you can develop your very own validators if you require them. It is possible to reveal mistake messages for the entire form or different areas. Patterns and themes in Angular.js are made of HTML code matched with Angular.js components and characteristics. The framework complements patterns with data from the model to reveal the customer a dynamic page. Angular.js uses filters for processing information as well as formatting worths obtained from the version. They permit you to show customers only the required details without changing the resource data.

Easy Screening Approaches

When it involves unit testing, AngularJS offer much-needed assistance. The testing is simpler as well as much supple at the various phase of advancement. It likewise has impressive screening compatibilities.


In Angular.js you can produce applications integrating different components. Such components can depend upon each other or be autonomous. For instance, in the latter instance, you can make use of the Facebook login module in numerous parts of the application, such as login and also order page. Thanks to the build-in reliances implementation system Angular.js independently recognizes situations when extra objects must be provided, gives them, and also binds them with each other.

Ready-made options

What’s important, there’re different solutions for Angular.js that solve a range of jobs with ready-made modules. For example, there’re several modules for routing, with UI-router being the most preferred one or you can use UI-grid and ng-table for working with tables. Considering that AngularJS doesn’t require you to comply with a strict job framework, you can develop applications with a quite diverse framework. It is additionally possible to utilize AngularJS for developing so-called hybrid applications.

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Web Design

What Is The Difference Between Web Development And Web Design?

Chris Holroyd



Difference Between Web Development And Web Design

Want to launch your website, and look for some website designers Or, is it a web developer that you should choose?

Is there any difference between web design and web development?

Web development and web design are some of the most common terms that are most commonly confused being the same. Among others, companies failing to describe their service portfolios in a distinct way is one of the major reasons for this confusion.

So, what are the key differences between web development and web design? And, why is it so important to know the difference between them? Let us explore the answers to these questions in the following sections.

Web Development & Web Design

Web designing services include the process of creating the framework, or the look-and-feel of a website. Once the web designers are done with the designing process, the design is passed to the web developers to actually build the website. So, the web developers work on a framework designed or created by web designers.

This is similar to the builders building home based on the floor plan or design created by an architect. Hence, both of these terms are entirely different and should not be confused with each other.

Why is this difference so critical?

Before we move on to explore more, it is important to understand that the difference between web design and web development is critical. While it is possible to find a web development company in Kerala that offers designing services as well, if you don’t understand the difference, you can end up with wasted time and resource pool. Being unable to distinguish between design and development also renders you vulnerable to fraud.

Further, there are many websites that need specific working on its look and feel for better user experience and need both, the designers and the developers.

Now, let us move ahead and learn the key differences between designing and development.

Differences between Web Development and Web Design

1. Designers decide what comes next and what goes where

While the designers are underrated, they are crucial for the development of a flawless and functional website. They decide everything about a website, for example, the images, the colour themes, balance of items and colours, menu display, what control should be placed at what position and much more. They decide the flow of browsing or the album displays as well. They decide what picture or what link should be placed at what position for the best user experience.

So, a sample design process for an e-commerce website might look like the following:

  • Brand logo on the left placed right beside the “menu” button
  • Latest offers on all categories displayed on the top
  • Category selection opens as a pop-up window when the website loads
  • First click must take the visitor to a section relevant to him or her, and so on

Now, all these directions are sent to the web developer, and the website development starts. The developer codes and brings these directions to a life-sized tangible result.

2. Designers design things while the developers do the coding

The web designers use tools such as Framer, Sketch, and Adobe Photoshop, etc to design the aesthetics of a website. They are experts at image designing, graphics, logo designing, and are always in-tune with the latest design trends. Website branding, typography, fonts, colour themes and page layouts are all designed by the website or web designers.

The developers have a job that is inclined towards the coding aspects of a website and write the code for the appearance, functionality and integration of a website. Uploading website data, managing backups, installing add-ons and managing the libraries etc, are some other job roles of a website developer.

3. Developer builds the website interface with which the user interacts

When it comes to the core capabilities, the things that a user interacts with are all created by the website developer by using different languages and platforms. The developers are well-versed with the latest trends in technology and coding. They have a more technical job and have to keep on brushing-up their skills as time passes.

Developers and Designers together do a commendable job!

While you might think that opting for a developer can easily allow you to get your website developed, things are not so. There are many websites that are dependent on a designer for looking at their best. Some of the examples are e-commerce websites, portfolios, picture-based websites, websites with lots of navigation, such as universities and exam-related websites etc. Fashion, entertainment, and content-based websites also require expert designing skills.

So, for the best results, it is crucial to have both, the designers and the developers. We hope this post helps all the readers understand the difference between designing and development of a website.

Thanks for reading!

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Web Development

How To Choose The Web Development Stack For Your Business

Chris Holroyd



Web Development Stack

Full-stack developers play a significant role in the project’s success. Therefore, it’s importance should not be forgotten. They provide new life to the project and stand for its scalability, maintenance, and other vital factors.

However, some essential things should be kept in mind before choosing a perfect website development company and full-stack developers.

What is a web development stack?

It should be noted that considering basic notions is always worthy. The web development stack is a combination of tools, including framework, programming language, etc. It is used while building web solutions, and in turn, these solutions are divided into the front end and back end stacks.

Front end technology stack

The virtual part of the product is known as the front end. In simple words, anything which a customer interacts while using your solution is created with the assistance of different sets of front-end stacks.

Some basic technologies consist of various frameworks that make the coding process easier, faster, and flexible.

The core web technologies consist of:

  •       JavaScript
  •       HTML
  •       CSS
  •       SASS
  •       SCSS
  •       LESS

Additionally, these technologies consist of dozens of frameworks. Therefore, one of the most popular CSS-based frameworks is Bootstrap.

Also, the JS language comprises such libraries and front-end frameworks like jQuery, Angular, React, and many more. Professional developers pay attention to these frameworks as they consist of all the necessary features to form the front-end of web apps.

Indeed, for building the front end, the following languages are used: 

TypeScript : TypeScript is a language based on JavaScript. It accelerates and simplifies the development process. Typically, one of the most known front-end frameworks Angular is built with the help of TypeScript.

Along the way, you can find out how to hire an Angular Developer for your project. Some of the examples are:

  •       TrainAway(a platform to find a gym around the world)
  •       AYIO (P2P Marketplace to find specialists)
  •       LetsSurf (a platform to find the partner for surfing)
  •       Openmind (mentoring platform)

CoffeeScript: A popular language that is transformed into JavaScript. It makes the task of writing a more compact code possible.

Front-end web development includes assembly tools. Professionals at the front-end who are full stack developers prefer JS tools for Gulp, Webpack, and Grunt. They help in the automation of some routine processes like concatenation and compression of JS files, images, and tables.

Since JavaScript language has all the necessary libraries, frameworks, and other operational tools, it is the leading technology used by web developers. It even consists of the auxiliary tools to build a full-fledged website. It is the reason it is used in the modern web development stack.

Back-end technology stack

The Back-end technology stack is behind the scene since users cannot interact with them directly. Ultimately, they serve for business logic creation. Therefore, when you are filing a form to enter service and press a button. A person interacts with the front-end stack technologies.

However, the back-end offers you access for further use by verifying if the information which is entered is valid or not.

The back-end includes a database, server, and application. The Server-side is the primary side for the developers to build business logic, work with databases and hosting, and deploy their web pages. Therefore, a web application includes a web server, operating system framework, and language.

Let us talk about the whole beck-end tech stack which includes some elements with state of technology: –

Operating System: OS is the first stage of back-end development. Choosing OS is the place where full-stack developers build a web app. Windows and Linux are the two central operating systems that are often used by developers.

Web Server: The server owns the liability to process the HTTP request, sent from the browser, and then these responses are returned in the form known as Web Pages.

Examples are: Apache and Nginx are some of the popular servers.

Databases: This is an organized structure organized to process and store interrelated information in a more considerable amount. The information is in the form of dates, figures, and geo positions.

Examples: MongoDB, MySQL, ElasticSearch, Firebase Database, Indexed DB 2.0 are some of the popular Databases.

Storage: Services where large files like Images are stored.

Example: Firebase storage and AWS S3 are some of the popular storage used for convenience and reliability.

Tips for choosing the perfect web development stack for web application

It is highly essential to choose a web development stack for your business wisely. The essential tips for choosing a web development stack include:

Define the project’s requirements: Before choosing a web development stack, define your target audience, and for whom you are building a project, then choose full-stack developers accordingly.

Keep up with scalability: Scalability refers to keeping the architecture as simple as possible. You should choose a web development stack capable of scaling the project and business’s productivity.

Don’t ignore scores as well: It is always recommended to use the well-tried tools for web apps building. Full-stack developers should be aware of the latest tools to get the desired results.

Prefer secure tool: Every customer wants the product to be secure and reliable so they can use it wisely without worrying about their data security. So always use tools that give complete data security.

Think about Expediency: One must not chase the technology stack for web development if he or his team is well versed with old technology stacks.

Evaluate your skills clearly: If a person uses a specific technology, he must make sure that he can implement everything due to advanced technology.

Tech stack of famous projects: In the end, look at the tech stacks used by famous companies to choose your tech stack.

Wrapping up

It is highly essential to choose the web development stack wisely. Businesses should take advice from a website development company before choosing a technology stack for your project or company.

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Web Development

6 Essential Questions to ask when hiring a Web Development Company

Chris Holroyd



Web Development Company

Website development is a complex process that involves a lot of planning, research, designing, coding, testing, and online marketing. You will have to conduct a thorough online search to find the best web development company tohandle your web project in orderto maximize your ROI. Asking relevant questions to the prospective agencies will help you make the right decision.

Search a company that can offer eCommerce web development services that will allow you to convert your ideas into a reality. We have listed sixessential questions you need to ask before utilizing a company’s website development services.

  1. How Many Years of Experience do they have?

It is essential to hire an experienced and reputable company.  In this industry, a company that has several years of experience has a higher guarantee that they produce high-quality websites. A new web developer with no experience can put your project at risk. Always inquire about the experience of a web development company.

  1. Have you Worked on Similar Projects as Ours?

Hiring a firm that has worked on a similar project as yours will be an excellent advantage for your project. For instance, if you are looking for a website for your real estate business, you can hire an experienced web developer who has built sites for the real estate industry. Partnering with such agencies ensures that they know how to develop the right website for you.

  1. Do they use Readymade Themes or Design Custom Themes?

Some website designers use readymade themes while a few others design custom themes based on your requirements. Pre-built themes are considered to be a cost-effective option as you can choose from free or paid themes for your website. If you have a budget limitation, it can be a good idea to opt for pre-built themes. Custom website designs may cost you more than readymade themes and templates, but you will be able to get what exactly you want and be able to stand out from your competition.

  1. What CMS do you Suggest?

There are different types of Content Management Systems (CMS) available in the market. The CMS you choose will be based on your business requirements, size of the business, and budget. You can ask them to provide a demonstration of the CMS to help make the right decision. You need an easy to use content management system with advanced features to help you create a significant online presence.

  1. How Long Will the Project Take?

The eCommerce web development company you hire should provide you with a realistic timeline for your project. Ask them how long the project will take based on the requirements, platforms, features, complexity of the project. It is essential to hire someone who can adhere to the deadlines and deliver your project within the stipulated time frame.

  1. What Kind of Support do you Provide?

Before hiring an agency to create your website, you should know what type of support they provide. Even after your website is launched, you need training, support, and maintenance services. Additionally, making changes to your new CMS website will require the knowledge of a web developer. Ask the agency that you work with if they offer online training for you or your team to teach how to add, edit or delete the content or other elements on your website. Also, your new site will need website support services to ensure that your site has maximum uptime.

Though it may take some time and research,partnering with a proper web development company will pay-off in the long run. Make sure to hire a companythat is well equipped with the latest tools and technologies to help you get high-quality solutions at cost-effective prices. Ask as many questions as you may have, and clarify all the doubts before hiring an agency for their web development services. Once you hire the right web development agency, you will be able to measure the unprecedented growth of your business, all due to your digital investment.

Author: Mazen Aarab is a founder and director of iWorks Digital which is a well-known Digital Marketing Company in Kuwait. We have extensive experience in the Kuwait market and have done great things together, and our goal is to expand upon this to help more clients find their own success with their business ventures.

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