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Why AngularJs is the Best Framework of 2020-2021?

Hermit Chawla



angularjs web development

According to the records, the number of hrs invested by the user on the internet is rising each year, but there is a split towards mobile apps than desktop computer applications as it’s very easy to accessibility, that why a lot of firms are moving from desktop computer applications to mobile applications, which is the very best way to reach targeted audiences. Technologists are regularly working to update the current degrees of systems to make the application perform excellently, offer best-in-class performances, and also supply wow experience currently has actually ended up being crucial in mobile app development structures.

We have an abundance of innovations and web & mobile app development languages surrounding us, yet primary phone call lies in selecting the one that reverberates with your business demands. If we opt for the latest statistics, the language that is making a massive speed and additionally covering the internet & mobile application development landscape is AngularJS. Well, remaining in the latest period, if you are squandering your much time in creating a web & mobile application than just stop today and choose Angular JS as your first choice. If we specify AngularJS in technological terms that angularjs web development agency is one of the leading open resource JavaScript structures powered by Google. The main Motto behind its introduction is to streamline the development of dynamic & internet applications & also extensively utilizes for restructuring the JavaScript Code.

You may have an awesome project idea in mind, so it is apparent that it might or might not go with the AngularJS development landscapes. However, due to beneficial features & valuable attributes, it fits the ideal internet & mobile app development service.

Code Administration

The majority of the extensive apps consist of diverse components. Angular JS makes it easy or particular especially in managing them even when a new programmer joins the development process in the middle of the procedure and allows the developer.

Easy To Use & Implement

The standard feature of Angular JS development is its straightforward design architecture presently used by the developers. It is simple to find out & implement, and also it enhances the functions to a wonderful degree which any kind of certain client calls for. When it comes to the supervision of profound internet apps which includes numerous parts as well as intricate requirements, it works tremendously well.

Predefined Solutions

AngularJS includes readymade and flexible services that can be utilized within the app. It offers tailored solutions such as UI routing strategy and component practices can be used.

Large community

Start with individuals– Angular.js has a significant community. It includes both participants of the core development team and also those that just dropped in to make some solutions or recommend a few improvements for an open-source framework. Seminars dedicated to Angular.js hold worldwide, it is discussed at hackathons and in different IT communities. There are numerous publications and online resources on AngularJS for developers. For customers, it means that by picking Angular.js you will certainly not only end up being trendy yet also will not have trouble with locating developers for sustaining your project.

Less Code Requires

AngularJS mobile & web application development needs less coding which assists the developers to place a remarkable focus on the skills of the application rather than composing the codes.


If we begin time-saving, AngularJS helps in acquiring it as it requires lesser time to code the whole mobile or web app because it is the latest modern technology derived from HTML. Developing mobile & internet applications with AngularJS is fairly very easy, quicker, and need less initiative.

Personalized Language

Oftentimes, developers have to compose the same code once again while constructing an application, especially in HTML. AngularJS fixes this trouble as the programmer can effortlessly reuse the very same code which he has created before.

Use directives

As its pattern language Angular.js makes use of HTML. It is increased with regulations that add right into the code details concerning the necessary habits (for example, that it is required to pack specific components following the page is packed). Directives make you concentrate on developing reasonings and thus enable you to work more successfully. 

SPA-oriented features

Angular.js and spas merely belong to each other. For instance, Angular.js gives kinds of validation capabilities. If a web page utilizes forms, FormController documents their states. Using this information we can transform the behavior of the HTML elements in UI, for instance, hide button Clear kind if it is vacant). Angular js has build-in validators for errors handling (called for, ng-required, ng-minlength, ng-pattern, etc.) yet you can develop your very own validators if you require them. It is possible to reveal mistake messages for the entire form or different areas. Patterns and themes in Angular.js are made of HTML code matched with Angular.js components and characteristics. The framework complements patterns with data from the model to reveal the customer a dynamic page. Angular.js uses filters for processing information as well as formatting worths obtained from the version. They permit you to show customers only the required details without changing the resource data.

Easy Screening Approaches

When it involves unit testing, AngularJS offer much-needed assistance. The testing is simpler as well as much supple at the various phase of advancement. It likewise has impressive screening compatibilities.


In Angular.js you can produce applications integrating different components. Such components can depend upon each other or be autonomous. For instance, in the latter instance, you can make use of the Facebook login module in numerous parts of the application, such as login and also order page. Thanks to the build-in reliances implementation system Angular.js independently recognizes situations when extra objects must be provided, gives them, and also binds them with each other.

Ready-made options

What’s important, there’re different solutions for Angular.js that solve a range of jobs with ready-made modules. For example, there’re several modules for routing, with UI-router being the most preferred one or you can use UI-grid and ng-table for working with tables. Considering that AngularJS doesn’t require you to comply with a strict job framework, you can develop applications with a quite diverse framework. It is additionally possible to utilize AngularJS for developing so-called hybrid applications.

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HTML5 Game Development: 5 Things You Should Know

Chris Holroyd



HTML5 Game Development

HTML5 Game Development is no longer a young kid on the block, and it has now had a chance to shine in the application development world for a number of years. It’s fast becoming the most popular web technology. As we discussed in our first blog in this series, its upward trajectory will undoubtedly continue as it gains popularity among game developers at a rapid rate.

There is a lot to learn about HTML5 from my own and other people’s perspectives. This provides me with a deeper understanding of why HTML5 has been the apple of everyone’s eye and a favorite in the gaming industry.

Why HTML5 is Important: 

HTML5 is the way to go if you want to build a game that works across multiple platforms.

1- Cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility:

One of HTML5’s most appealing features is its ability to work across a wide variety of devices. In terms of its ability to be implemented and how well it integrates.

Firefox, Safari iOS, Android Browser, Google Chrome, Amazon Silk, Blackberry Browser, Nokia Browser, Internet Explorer, Opera Mini, and Opera Mobile have all demonstrated compatibility. HTML5 Game Development is less expensive than developing native apps for each OS since HTML5 apps run on a variety of mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. It is essential to create multiple apps using HTML5 rather than its native equivalent in order to have the app on multiple platforms.

2 – Remote updates:

One of the most appealing features of HTML5 web apps is that updates are performed automatically for users, eliminating the need for them to update manually. Everyone who uses or visits the app can only see the most recent edition. This benefits all parties involved, whether they are app providers or developers. This means they won’t have to go through the (often time-consuming) method of performing a manual update.

3- More suited to emerging markets:

Africa was expected to be the world’s second-most linked area by Mobile Subscriptions three years ago, and it will surpass one billion in 2015. As a result, Africa is considered a developing market. To support such a market, you’d need a wide range of devices, and creating apps for each of them could be a nightmare.

4- Gaming Engines as a Boon:

HTML5 has introduced ultimate gaming engines to its application developers, opening an exciting path to the gaming world. Construct 2, ImpactJS, Phaser, Turbulenz, and Booty5 are just a few of the HTML5 Game Frameworks that have taken on the burden of HTML5 Game Development.

5- Developers Love HTML5:

According to over 3500 responses to a survey conducted in 2014, more than half of the developers in the mobility domain believe HTML5 is an Enterprise-Ready Technology.

If not, it will be mature enough to navigate the whole gaming domain separately in the next six months (which is, of course, now in 2015). This also means that it (HTML5) has matured to the point that it can be used in the user room. For creating cross-platform apps and games, HTML5 and JavaScript are recommended.
HTML5 is designed to work on a wide range of devices, including smartphones and tablets. By eliminating the need to create separate versions of their game for each specific platform, it has greatly reduced the developers’ workload.

Choosing HTML5 Game Engines and Frameworks:

Game engines are an additional layer of abstraction that handles some of the more time-consuming aspects of the game development process. In almost every situation, HTML5 Game Engines minimize the time it takes to construct a fully functioning game. To create puzzles, shooting, strategy, sports, emulators, poker, simulation, or board games, these frameworks and engines take care of many technological intricacies such as audio, physics, charts, and animation. A prime example of this is the Cookie Clicker game, which is a game that runs on HTML 5. It is a simple game where you should reach certain cookie clicker achievements.

If you’re planning on making your next HTML5 game, understanding Engines and Frameworks is important. And here’s the good news: there are a plethora of free HTML5 game engines and frameworks available, ranging from simple to complex.
So, without further ado, here’s a rundown of the top HTML5 Game Frameworks and Engines:

  • Impact: A JavaScript Game Engine for creating beautiful HTML5 games for desktop and mobile browsers. The powerful Weltmeister Level Editor that comes with Impact makes game development a breeze.
  • Construct 2: It is a powerful HTML5 game developer that is specifically designed for 2D games and enables developers to create games without the need for coding.
  • Phaser: It’s a 2D game framework for creating HTML5 games for desktop and mobile browsers that’s low on resources.
  • Crafty: Collision detection, sprite map support, and several other features are included in the JavaScript HTML5 Game Engine.

Other HTML5 Game Frameworks on the list include EnchantJS, Pulse, MelonJS, LimeJS, Isogenic Game Engine, and many others. These gorgeous HTML5 Game Frameworks are suitable for both 2D and 3D games. There are a variety of choices for you to choose from, ranging from lightweight to fully-featured gaming engines. Greensock, a fantastic JavaScript animation framework, is yet another boon for game developers.

The epic story has just begun, and this is just the beginning. I’ll go over these HTML5 Game Engines and Frameworks in-depth in my next blog. So, before we meet again, happy reading and exploring!

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How to Hire Python Developers For Your Software Development

Chris Holroyd



Hire Python Developers

How to hire the best developers for my project? is a question that has been circulating the internet for years. No wonder. Everyone knows that the key ingredient in the project success is talented developers. But the challenge with great developers is that they’re hard to find. 

If you’re among those looking to hire developers, your three options are:

  • Find the business partner who’s developer
  • Hire an in-house development team
  • Get somebody to outsource your project to

The latter has been quite popular with businesses, especially in today’s world where  remote lifestyle is the norm. And if you’re thinking about choosing the IT outsourcing model, we’re here to help. Read on to find the top tips for choosing the best development company. In this piece, we aren’t going to talk about all types of developers. But these are step-by-step instructions on how to hire remote Python developers

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s take a look at what outsourcing is and why companies do it.

IT outsourcing: Definitions and benefits 

IT outsourcing is when a company hires an outside contractor to meet their technical needs. There are three types of outsourcing: offshore, nearshore, and onshore. The difference between them lies in geographical distance. 

  • Offshoring is what most people associate with outsourcing, which means you outsource your IT functions to a distant location. This allows you to lower labor costs, access a vast pool of tech talent, and keep your work around the clock.
  • Nearshoring means your outsourcing partner has a similar time zone. Say you live in the United States, then your development team would be located in countries such as Canada, Mexico, or Brasil.


  • Onshoring. Hiring a team in the same region or country would be considered onshore outsourcing, also known as domestic outsourcing. This model enables businesses to avoid cultural conflict, facilitate face-to-face meetings, and communicate effectively.

Software development outsourcing cuts cost. It can actually do much much more than just this: significant time savings, access to talent that’s in short supply, and fast fast time-to-market. That’s why many businesses find outsourcing more attractive than its alternatives. 

When choosing the best outsourcing partner, you’re looking for the necessary expertise, affordable rates, and a good cultural match. Yet all too often, offshore developers aren’t qualified enough to keep up with your needs or the rates are crazy. So, you can actually find yourself paying more than you would have if you developed in house. So what’s the deal? How to avoid a bad hire? Below, we answer these questions!

Step-by-step guide on how to hire Python developers

Even though there are more than 7 million Python developers in the world (according to SlashData), good Pythonistas aren’t easy to find. Therefore, before you rush into hiring developers, there are several things you should consider first. 

  • Business goals and target users. Start with your project goals and target users. It’s important to define exactly what you want to accomplish with your platform and understand how your business goals and user problems align. 
  • Project requirements. Once you’ve defined your target audience and core values, ask yourself what features cater to your specific requirements and user needs. You should be clear with your goals, project scope, and features as this will help you narrow down the number of candidates and understand if companies you’re considering are suitable for your project.

Once you’ve finished with your goals, target audience, and project requirements, your next step is to choose an outsourcing destination.

#1 Choose an outsourcing destination

Your criteria for choosing the best outsourcing destination can be time differences, agency rates, cultural differences, professional styles, and language barriers. Choose a software development partner that meets your collaborative approach and expectations. 

Among the top IT outsourcing destinations are Asia and  Eastern Europe. The latter is known for high-quality yet low-cost development.

#2 Scan the market

Once you’ve decided on the team’s location, go on screening candidates. Rating and reviews platforms like GoodFirms, Clutch, and AppFutura may come in handy. These websites  allow you to filter by niche-specific categories, expertise, and company size. You can also read reviews of past clients to find out what clients say about the company you’re interested in. 

Real-life works speak louder than words. Therefore, we suggest you look at candidates’ online portfolios. It’s important to see if a company you’re looking to hire met the expectations of previous customers regarding collaboration, development, and more. 

Also, look for projects similar to yours. Why? Because if a developer has built a project similar to yours, they will probably deliver it for you too. 

#3 Interview the best candidates

When you’ve narrowed down your candidate list, invite candidates to an interview, either digital or in-person. Interviews will help you complete the picture of who candidates really are.

We believe that interviewing extends beyond expertise and skills, and includes checking the candidates maturity level, assessing cultural fit, and uncovering communication skills. 

Also, you can check candidates’ technical skills. Yet if you aren’t tech-savvy, we suggest you leave Python questions to your CTO or an independent consultant. In addition to an interview, you can send out a test task to check candidates’ competence.

#4 Make your final decision

Each stage in the hiring process helps you narrow down the number of candidates to find the most skilled. By now, you should be ready to make your verdict. Choose the development team you feel at ease and comfortable. 

Hope this guide has provided you with practical advice on how to hire the right Python development team. Good luck with your hiring process!

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Interesting WordPress Statistics and Facts for 2021

Hermit Chawla



WordPress ecommerce development

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free, open-source content management system used to develop websites. It powers more than one in four websites, 39.5 % of all websites on the internet. WordPress licensed under GPLV2 allows anyone to use and modify the software for free. WordPress was initially meant for creating blogs. Now, it has changed, and you can create any website type with WordPress. You can create business websites, e-commerce websites, blogs, portfolios, resumes, membership sites, forums and social networks. WordPress e-commerce development has helped much local business flourish. This provides the immense scope of online transactions and sales. So if you are planning to open an online store, WordPress ecommerce development is the best option. 

Interesting WordPress statics and Facts for 2021

  • 34.1% of the Internet is WordPress. WordPress is officially the most used content management system.
  • Word Press holds more than 60 per cent share in the CMS market, that is, more than 60% of websites on the internet use WordPress.
  • Top websites like TED, Sony Music, The New Yorker, TechCrunch, Microsoft News Center, Bata and many more use WordPress.
  • Custom WordPress Development Services platform hosts over 60 million websites.
  • WordPress is older than YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. It was launched in 2003.
  • The term ‘WordPress’ was the most searched word in 2018, searched nearly 2740000 times.
  • There was a 3.2 % increase in website base of WordPress between 2019 and 2021.
  • WordPress is far ahead of its competitors like Shopify and Squarespace. Over 500 new websites based on WordPress launches happen every day.
  • WooCommerce gets a million installations per week.
  • WordPress is the fifth most visited websites in the US.
  • WordPress web development services are the top CMS with a global Alexa website ranking of 60.
  • Businesses in over 68 languages use WordPress. However, English is the most popular language.
  • provides more than 54000 plugins and 7000 themes. 157563262 WordPress downloads recorded so far.
  • Spanish is the second most used language for WordPress users. Over 4 7 % of WordPress blogs are in Spanish.
  • WordPress blogs receive 52 million comments per month.
  • The WooCommerce plugin has been downloaded over 60 million times.
  • Newly registered domains run with WordPress accounts to 25%.
  • WordPress websites host over 70.5 million new posts every month.
  • WordPress receives more monthly visitors than Amazon and Twitter.
  • WordPress is the only CMS that made to the Google Trends’ interest score. The score was 100 in July 2014.
  • It is 12 times and 10 times better than Drupal and Joomla.
  • WordPress Theme Directory had 2,500 themes in 2008.
  • WordPress has two variants: and
  • WordPress has only 800+ employees. Therefore, it is smaller than most popular tech companies.
  • The most popular premium paid WordPress themes are the Genesis Framework, Divi and Avada.
  • The WordPress plugin, Yoast SEO, boasts 130,801,289 downloads. Akismet is the second most downloaded WordPress plugin.
  • WordPress is the most popular CMS for the last 8 years.
  • 443 people developed the most successful version, WordPress v4.9. 185 out of these people were freshers.
  • Outdated WordPress websites are likely to be hacked. Over 39% of hacked WordPress websites in 2017 were outdated.
  • 70% of hacked websites are WordPress based.
  • The average salary of a WordPress employee is $ 66,775.
  • A fully functioning WordPress website will cost around $1000.
  • WordPress is platform-independent. It also has native apps for all major platforms.
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8 Ways Laravel Framework Improves Web App Development

Hermit Chawla



8 Ways Laravel Framework Improves Web App Development

Laravel Framework is the most popular PHP framework used to develop a web application. There are other programming languages used to develop web applications but Laravel is an open-source platform that has various features and is easy for the developers. Many Best Laravel Development Company are providing custom development services to many big and small businesses. Laravel is one of the best frameworks helping millions of developers to develop a web app. PHP frameworks application very easily and effectively. Here we will talk about the reasons that make the Laravel framework one of the best web app development software in the market.


Everywhere the application you develop has to go under some security process to keep it safe from hackers and safe for the users. Laravel uses its own web application security. It uses Bcrypt Hashing Algorithms to generate an encrypted password. Security is the main factor when it comes to developing an application to keep the users safe from any kind of data leak or ethical hacking of personal information.

MVC Support

MVC stands for Multi-Viewer Controller this feature lets the developer create an app easily and conveniently. Laravel framework support MVC which makes it easy for the coder to create small or large apps very quickly. Makes it easy to access files.

Open Source

This is one of the main reasons for choosing the Laravel Framework other than any other web development app because it is open source. You can make changes easily whenever you want to. It provides flexibility to developers.  You can make any changes according to your business need. You can use Laravel on any platform that makes it easy for the developer to choose this web development app.

Less Time to Build 

When it comes to developing an app time is very crucial. Businesses want to grow their business as quickly as possible for a better sales increase. With Laravel, you can develop an app in no time. It is easy and it’s an inbuilt function for the developers that helps to provide easy coding. This helps to save a lot of time for the coder to develop an app. This is also a reason for choosing the Laravel framework other than any other framework in the market. 

Community Support

Many developers are using the Laravel development app so if you want any support from other developers don’t worry you can talk with the Laravel supporter to solve your queries. If you face any issues while working with Laravel the big community will help you to solve all your problems, you can ask for questions from other developers and work with them. Ask for feedback about your developed app. You can get regular updates and any new modules and plugins.


Laravel is popular because of the pre-installed libraries it provides the developer with many features like active users, password reset, protection, encryption, and other various features that are not available in any other PHP framework. It also provides the developer to build responsive, modular, handy web apps. It makes it easy to implement all the changes in web app development. 

Automatic Testing

When a developer develops a web app it is important to conduct a test once it is done to find all the bugs and mistakes that might affect user experience. Without testing you won’t be able to find any errors in the app and it will affect later. Laravel allows you to unit test which means it is capable of running several tests to ensure there is an error in the application while the developer made any changes can be checked at the time of programming the web application.

Inbuilt Templates

Laravel Framework offers some good layouts and inbuilt templates that help the developer to design some good layout and design for the app. An app should always look pleasing and user-friendly. It should be simple yet helpful. Not many frameworks provide an inbuilt template to design an application. The developer should focus on creating some amazing layouts and innovative design for the app.

These are some of the features that make the Laravel framework one of the best frameworks in the market to develop a web application. There are many other features provided by the Laravel framework. If you are planning to develop your web application for your big or small business you get the best Laravel development company around the world which will help you to develop your application. It is also cost-efficient so you don’t have to invest much in your application development. If you are looking to develop your new web application now you know which PHP framework to. It provides the easiest and quickest way to develop a web or mobile app. You should provide your user with the most pleasing experience with your web application design.

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All You Need To Know About Native and Cross-Platform App Development

Chris Holroyd



Cross-Platform App Development

Over 4 million applications are available on the Google Play Store and App Store that caters to the needs of more than 14 billion smartphone users in different parts of the world. Organizations seeking to launch their mobile applications find it difficult to choose between cross-platform mobile app development and native development. Several long term implications come into action. It depends on which framework you prefer in terms of time, cost, and functionality. This article talks about both types of app development frameworks, along with their pros and cons.

Native App Development

Native app development focuses exclusively upon developing applications for a single platform. Cross-platform app Development Company makes use of specified programming languages and tools for the targeted platform. A Java-based application developed for iOS will not be compatible with any other operating system.

Native applications are known for their exceptional performance and efficiency. The end-user also gets unmatched experience as the designers can easily tweak the visual elements and tailor them as per the application’s requirement. However, small businesses and startups do not prefer this application development model due to its complicated process and high cost. 

Reputed app development agencies offer native app development services based on Java, Kotlin, Objective C, or Swift. 

Pros of Native App Development

  1. Wide Range Of Functionalities

Native app development frameworks provide access to a wide range of API tools supported by the target platform. Programmers have an endless choice of plug-in and tools that they can integrate into the new application.

  1. Better scalability

Applications built using native app development frameworks offer better scalability than others due to the availability of resource management and a wide variety of tools.

  1. Enhanced Store Support

Applications developed using a native framework is more comfortable to publish and have higher rankings in the App Store due to its exceptional speed and performance.

  1. Outstanding UX And Performance

Native applications interact directly using the source code and underlying resources, which results in exceptional performance. Native applications are known to offer a better user experience for the targeted platforms.

 Cons Of Native App Development

  1. Time-consuming

The process of native app development is quite a time-consuming process as one can use the targeted platform’s applications. Moreover, each version requires a separate development team.

  1. Expensive

Developing applications in the native environment is quite expensive, mainly when launched for two separate platforms. The development process is extensive, but it also requires two respective teams to make the application compatible with different platforms.

 Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Cross-platform mobile app development is the process using which apps are developed to be compatible with multiple platforms. It includes using tools like Xamarin, Flutter, and React native to developing applications for popular mobile platforms like Windows, Android, and IOS. 

Cross-platform application development saves a lot of time and cost, but quality and performance are compromised in some cases. Configuring applications to run optimally on every platform is quite challenging. It requires additional abstraction layers when the app is being run on a specific forum or device, lowering its performance.

Usually, startups and small businesses prefer to use cross-platform application development to save both time and cost. However, in the long run, customizing the application can become problematic as it only permits changes as per the framework.

Efficient application development teams with several years of experience in the field provide comprehensive cross-platform app Development Company that offer good performance and efficiency.

Benefits of Cross-Platform App Development

  1. Cost-effective

Organizations do not require maintaining two separate teams of developers for a single application. The source code needs to be in just one to use for multiple platforms. Cross-platform app development frameworks reduce the development cost significantly.

  1. Quicker Development Process

It requires only a single cross-platform development cycle to create and release an application compatible with multiple platforms.

  1. Single Reusable Code

Applications created using cross-platform development frameworks require only a single code base.

 Cons Of Cross-Platform App Development

  1. Restricted Functionality

Developers might find it challenging to access some of the features and functionalities on the platform’s specific devices as it is available on native apps.

  1. Reduced Performance

The cross-platform application requires a separate abstraction layer to facilitate the rendering process, which affects the application’s performance and efficiency.

  1. Limited UX features

Cross-platform applications lack the features and functionalities available with native UI components. The UX experience is reduced to some extent when the app runs across multiple devices and platforms. 

Things To Look For When Choosing A Framework For Building A Mobile Application

Development Cost

Native application development frameworks deliver applications with better performances, but the development cost is relatively high. Organizations that work with limited budgets mostly prefer cross-platform app development as it helps them save around 30 to 40% on the development cost.

The Complexity Of The Application

An application built for simple tasks like displaying data, cross-platform network development is the appropriate choice. However, applications that require the processing of bulk data and access to low-level API must be built using a native app development framework.

Development Time

It is an essential element in the mobile app development process, and sometimes businesses to release applications as soon as possible to keep up with the competition. In such circumstances, cross-platform app development is the most suitable option as there is no need for developing different applications for each platform. The process requires a single cycle, which makes the application compatible with multiple platforms. 


If the developer is looking to integrate visual elements to create an engaging experience, native development is the most suitable option. It gives designers and developers access to a wide variety of UI components to integrate into the application. The cross-platform development framework provides access to a limited UI element, reducing the performance of the application.

Choosing Between Native And Cross-Platform Application Framework

The decision of app development plays a significant role in terms of cost time and user experience. If you consider all the factors mentioned above, it will surely help make a more effective decision before beginning the development process. Following are some of the critical factors that to take into consideration during the selection of a particular framework

One should choose Native development frameworks if the application requires the support and access of a specific platform and device’s features and functionalities. It facilitates the development of a more responsive and efficient application capable of making the most of the device’s hardware. Tasks like updating the application and inclusion of additional features are also relatively more straightforward in applications built upon a native development framework.

On the other hand, cross-platform app development frameworks function best for applications that do not require heavy processing. They do not include complex regional elements or operational logic. It gives a concise scope to work around and understand the target audience’s idea, hypothesis, and market.


Both native and cross-platform development frameworks have their benefits. Still, the final choice depends on the projects’ requirements and the designer and developers’ abilities. Native applications are undoubtedly a better choice over cross-platform applications as they offer a richer experience and performance, but the cost of development and time is higher. 

Cross-platform applications are much easier to build and take relatively lesser time. Although, developers need to put in more effort to integrate similar user experience and performance like native applications. Businesses must consult with a professional cross-platform app Development Company to use the right framework for app development. 

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Best 8 Future Trends in Android Development You can’t Miss In 2021

Hermit Chawla



Android Development

Android has been around for quite some time now and every smartphone user on this planet knows what the Android OS is like. Initially introduced in 2008, android was an upgraded version of Linux kernel for smartphones, that quickly took over the market in a span of a few years. As of now, there are more no of android phone users than any other mobile OS like apples ios, blackberry OS, etc. As a matter of fact, all the big mobile manufacturing companies around the globe use Android as their operating system. 

Now android being this amazing and easy to use operating system is not the only reason why it became so popular. There is probably another mobile os that was either as good or better than android os at the time it was released. The reason why android is so popular is due to its ability to run all sorts of native applications, apart from this creating native Android applications was really easy. Any developer that can effectively code in java at that time was able to create his own application, as of now the official android development language has been replaced by Kotlin, and other modern languages and frameworks like to react-native. If you are also someone looking who is either starting with android development or looking for someone who can create an android app for you in a small time span, then we recommend looking for react native android development services

However, getting your hands on an android application for your business won’t be enough as android is an evolving platform and new updates are released regularly. This changes the way an android application behaves and what it can do, with each update some additional functionality is added to the platform, which can also be utilized in your application. Now, its not just the android updates, there are a number of other technologies that are making their way into the android app development world. Due to these factors, the android development trends keep on changing a, and important that you keep yourself updated with these latest trends. So, here are the best 8 future trends in android development you can’t miss in 2021. 

VR ( Virtual Reality )

Yes, VR is still not what everyone imagines it to be, but this technology is constantly being integrated with android applications to create some of the amazing android applications in the market. Some companies are also investing in creating a suitable gear for mobile phones that could help them run VR based android applications. 


If you might have noticed, there are a number of android applications already in the market that utilizes this technology. Yes, all the applications in the market that allow you to make a safe transfer of money use blockchain in the backend. For instance, Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, etc. 

All these applications that do not require your credit card or debit card details, yet support safe funds transfers are all practical implementations of blockchain technology and blockchain is going to be one of the most prominent trends in the mobile development industry in the upcoming years. 

AI (Artificial Intelligence) 

We all know what AI is the buzzword of the century. Now, a few years back AI seemed out of our reach but now as the computation power of our machines has increased drastically, AI has started coming to life. There are a number of applications that integrate AI with native android applications. Some prominent examples are Chatbots, AI-based Search Engines, AI assistants, etc. 

Cloud Storage 

Storing and accessing data online on the servers has been one of the most underrated trends. All of us, every day either access the cloud or store data on it, without even knowing. But as the data connectivity is increasing this tech is going to be a major player in the industry. Some latest applications of this tech are Google Stadia and there are more to come. 

Instant Apps 

This is a new technology, but it is a great one for sure. This is going to be one of the most prominent trends in the android development community as these instant applications do not require any installation whatsoever and yet they act like native applications. 

Server-Side Development 

Now some of the major companies have started to offer online services that allow you to create an online virtual machine like a Linux kernel which can be used for server-side development. 

IoT ( Internet Of Things )

Android apps are a major solution for the IoT industry as they provide an interface for users to connect with IoT components. For instance, if you are automating your house, then naturally you would like a simple android application that could help you interact with the automation system. 


The concept of wearable technology has been around, and there is a number of breakthroughs in it. Some major wearable tech in the market are watches, googles, bands, etc which all seem to require heavy os to run. But this is taken care of by connecting these wearables to an android smartphone, that uses an android application. 

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