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Why and where should you use React for Web Development?

Chris Holroyd



ReactJS development company in CA

There are a lot of reasons why React, a JavaScript library is considered as an optimum alternative for developing websites. Today, all the leading brands have established an appealing presence over the internet because of this technology as it is dynamic and versatile. It is popular amongst developers as it is easy to learn, allows to reuse the components, renders abstraction layer, vibrant ecosystem, and more. A professional ReactJS development company in CA can build a wide array of websites like social networking, eCommerce, Q&A websites, dashboards, etc. Let’s have a look at some more reasons that can convince you why using this technology can be the best decision. 

Why should you go with React for web development?

As already discussed above, this library is versatile and is capable of serving diverse requirements when it comes to making websites. 

  1. It is productive

Reusable assets like components, codes, developer tools in this library are some of the reasons that make this technology highly productive and speedy. When the codes become reusable then the headache of writing the same code repeatedly is eliminated leading to saving in time and resources. 

  1. Fast rendering

Thanks to the “Virtual DOM” characteristics of React that allows expeditious rendering of heavy applications or software. It translates the whole process into a smooth and seamless one. Virtual DOM also makes it possible to incorporate SSR without updating the complete view whenever an update is released. In simple words, the complexities are eradicated making it much easier to quickly implement the changes irrespective of project size. 

  1. SEO friendly

What some of us might not know is that the majority of the search engines including Google cannot crawl the applications that are based on JavaScript. However, ReactJS development services in California can scrub this problem as it can be made to run on a server and send back the DOM request to execute a normal webpage on the browser. This technique helps the crawlers to read the website or application since the webpages are loading in a regular style. 

  1. Strong community 

React JS has a strong and large community base of developers from different parts of the globe on popular platforms and forums like Github, Stack, Reactiflux Chart, etc. One of the benefits of such a community is that the queries or doubts ranging from simple to complex can be shared in front of experienced developers or members, so that smooth functioning and perfect execution of projects can be easily done when stuck. Another advantage is advanced learning and competitive exposure that members gain because of sharing. 

Where should you use React for web development?

It is not tough for a leading ReactJS development firm to deliver any kind of web project using this technology but there are some specific kinds of websites and applications that work and serve best when made via React. For example, an eCommerce website is complex as it serves a variety of things but can be easily developed with the help of Atomic design that this technology follows. 

Single-page applications having rich navigation and inspiring UI can also be delivered through ReactJS irrespective of the type of industry that these apps are meant to be served. This is made possible because of the routing technique. Some other websites that can be best developed include business websites, auction sites, membership sites, eLearning modules, job boards, sites similar to Quora, media-centric sites, etc. 

The aforesaid finding reveals the wide coverage and scope of ReactJS development services. It is popular and will keep rising in the future to support the needs of changing business and digital landscape.

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Web Design

A Complete Guide to Website Designing

Chris Holroyd



Website Designing

Web designing is a unique method of planning, arranging and conceptualizing content with the help of Internet connection. Modern web designing procedure is all about beyond the aesthetic look and functional ability of the website. 

Nowadays, it reaches further by exceeding its own limitation to user interface, mobile applications and web application design. If you are interested about it then this guide can be your ultimate companion to design an efficient website.   

Web Designing Elements

During website designing, both functionality and look should be given equalled importance for the professionalism of the site. Integration of such elements in the design helps boosting the site’s performing ability. So, let’s know which prime elements of website designing are from the below section.  

Visual Elements

Let’s have a look at the elements that must be considered at the time of website designing so that it comes at efficient, perfect, professional and flawless. 

Written Copy 

The website look and its contributing factors run parallel along each other. One cannot be separated from another. So, content writers and designers should work together rather separate so that they can result in making a more efficacious website with professional design. 


During website designing, one must choose easy-to-read pairings of font for complementing the design. It is important as it helps in finding the ideal match of the font for your website. Certain apps and web designing tools offer this facility to make your choice from a number of font pairings. 


Colour is the most significant element to consider while it is about website designing. Remember a number of misconceptions are there regarding the colour psychology. After selection colours to use it must be aligned properly with the message that you brand wants to convey. 


Have you ever thought about the ways to put dramatic impacts on the website’s functionality and appearance? Although there are no certain rules regarding the website’s layouts yet a couple of principles are there which you need to follow. Some basic principles are prevalent to be versed with otherwise; you will get stuck in the halfway of website designing with your limitations.     


For over the last couple of years, the demand of graphical elements is remarkable! Certain things can be accomplished by making a beautiful combination of shapes and colours. It helps in dragging the visitors’ attention to any specific direction as well. It faces a challenge as well during any design implementation with relying on the code.  


A space always exists within every element of web designing whether it is the letters, the lines, the paragraphs and the images! According to Thumb Rule, spaces are much better than that of cramming of the things together. This emerges to the whitespace concept in the mind of the modern website designers.  

Images & icons

Communication can be greatly done to lots of information within a few minutes by superb web designing ideas. It can be successfully accomplished with the help of using powerful icons and images. A quick search on Google for icons or stock images results in generating millions of options. Some of the remarkable ones are mentioned below:  

Free icons and images

  • IconMonstr
  • Unsplash
  • Pexels

Premium icons and images

  • Shutterstock (Getty)


Nowadays videos are the trendiest amongst other web designing strategies. If it is used by the web designers properly then it will enhance the UE and UX of the website which is simply unexplainable. Eye-catching videos are main elements for distraction and can’t compete with the content. 

Functional Elements

Now, it’s time to have a glance at the functional elements of web designing:


It is regarded as the prime component for determining that working ability of the website. It can meet several purposes depending on your audience. It assists the first-time visitors in discovering your services and offerings. 

At the same time, it guides them to find out varied sections of the site as well. All you have to do is to make the navigation perfect with the help of the best web designing practices.  


Slow loading time is the main culprit of high bouncing rate of the website. Despite the flawless, manicured and professional design if it fails to load on time, it will be definitely turned out as worthless. 

Although leading website developers will compress the content for maximizing loading times yet it can’t give guarantee that it will work. Therefore, you must keep its alternative for ensuring optimal performance and fast load.  


Tons of techniques for web animation are available there for accomplishing the web designing by an array of tasks ranging from buttons, forms, giving feedbacks to garnering the attention of users. In case you are newbie then it is always advisable to adhere to the simple animation initially. More development intervention is needed to use complex animation. 

User interactions

The visitors of the site can obtain numerous chances to interact you from the site. Of course, the communication type will be varied on the basis of the used devices (typing, clicking and scrolling). But best web design is always all about simplifications of the interactive facilities so that users get impressed with the full control of them. Some instances are mentioned below for your reference: 

  • Avoid scrolljacking
  • Avoid pop-ups
  • Develop mobile-friendly forms
  • Don’t underline any text except the clickable ones
  • Don’t offer auto-playing feature of audio


The structure of the website has an imperative role to play for both SEO and user experience. In case the navigation is too complicated then there is a high chance that crawlers and people will get lost in it. 

Although free sitemap builder tool is available online for assisting small websites yet the best option is to lay the page on just a piece of white paper or on a white board.  

Cross-device & Cross-browser Compatibility 

A professional and well-manicured web design will look perfect on every browser (along with Internet Explorer) and device. Cross-browser testing tool is highly recommended when the site design is scratched from somewhere. This tool helps in making the site fast and much efficient. 

Moreover, if any website designing platform is used cross browser testing assists the web development team to put focus on the design only so that it becomes flawless. 

Website Design Types 

Already you have come across a set of website designing styles like fluid, static, fixed and many more. But in this mobile-first era only two relevant ways are there for designing a website properly. They are responsive and adaptive websites. 

When there are lump sum tools for modern web designing, there is no importance in knowing coding for tailoring attractive website with accurate compatibility on every device. By going through the pros and cons of both website deigning styles it will be easier for you to determine the most suitable one to create your website.

Adaptive website

In this web designing multiple website versions are used for customizing it in varied screen sizes. Furthermore, it can be divided into 2 prime categories in terms of detection style of the website to determine which version should be displayed. 

Device Type-based Adaption

After developing the connection to the website in the browser (client), it will pop up a HTTP request comprises of the user agent field. With the help of this feature, server will be informed every time any new device attempts to visit the website. 

This clearly depicts that the most displayed version (mobile or desktop) is properly know by the site. In this case, a problem may be faced that is shrinking of the browser will not be effective for desktop and as a result it will not get adapted to any other screen size. Moreover, it will keep showing full desktop version every time. 

Browser Width-based Adaption

Rather utilizing the user-agent, breakpoints and media-queries can be used for switching within versions. So, its compatibility is depended on the versions such as 480px, 768px and 1080px instead mobile, tablet and desktop versions. To provide much flexibility at the time of designing, this feature enables the responsive look as per the browser size on wider and larger screen. 


With custom web designing, websites can be prepared easier and faster than ever without using Cross-browser and cross-device code. It is entirely based on WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). The pages load very fast with assured compatibility on multiple devices. 


When type of device becomes the prime concern of the websites, it may appear as broken if viewed on small-sized browser window of the desktop. It is only responsive websites which can accomplish limitations on multiple effects.  

Responsive websites

A great flexible grid combination is used for designing responsive website. Grids are used on the basis of the percentage to that of the breakpoints (media queries) for catering custom look for each screen size. 

The basic difference of the responsive website to that of adaptive site it layout changes as per the size of the screen. On the other hand, adaptive site gets adapted only after being hit by any breakpoint. 


Despite the type of device, it ensures outstanding user experience on each size of screens. The developing tools of responsive website are really rigid which is why the design is really hard to bend or break. Thousands of templates are available to start with website designing. 


It needs extensive testing and design for achieving quality (if started from scratch). If custom design is done without getting the access of code then it will be most challenging task to complete properly.  

Efficient Tools for Website Designing

Primarily 2 vital methods are there for designing any website- utilization of website builder or utilization of any desktop application. The technical essentialities of the website, site’s type and budget and team size are contributing factors in determining the right tool for designing.  

Desktop apps 

Sketch and Photoshop are the famous desktop applications for designing the website. All it needs a designing layout to be prepared and send it to the developers for transforming it into code. It is the basic standard of complex and large websites as the team of web designers only emphasizes on the feel and appearance by leaving every technical challenge for the development team. 

Unluckily, it results in time-consuming and pricey procedure due to the involvement of specific skills and multiple resources. But you can get the job done at affordable prices with the help of the website builder in creating an efficient website with less technical needs.   

Website Builders

Naturally, a number of options of website building are available in the marketplace. However, not every one of them is regarded as the reliable tools for web designing. As most have editing limitations it will be hassle to make the website customized only by making use of the code. 

As you already know 2 web design types are there, now; it is the time to have a look at the leading web designing tools on the basis of generated code type.  

Adaptive Websites

PageCloud and Wix are probably the best visual web builders can be found! They make use of the adaptive approach along with the dragging and dropping facility of WYSIWYG ability. It clearly represents that any design can be made for the website without writing a single letter of code. 

After introduced in 2006, it comes with a plethora of templates and features for accommodating your everyday business requirements. Now, it is regarded as the easiest and most effective tool to use during website designing. 

On the other hand, since its implementation in 2014, it brings a revolutionary technology for allowing the developers and designers to get collaborated in the visual editing experience outstandingly. Now, it is well-known as the easiest customizable web builders. Though both of them are competitors to one another, you have to remind a couple of things while selecting any one of them. For customizing the experience PageCloud is good. 

Wix is better for offering less yet easy design. PageCloud can be your assistance along with developers but with templates Wix is always ready to serve you. However, PageCloud gives shortcuts facility as well. There is nothing to worry as both provide free trials so that you can try each and figure out the best one for your business.   

Responsive Websites

Obviously development of full responsive site is really difficult. Irrespective of that certain tools are there accomplishing the dream of generating it. Boxes and grids are used for its editing facility due to which unique designs can be offered to the site and that too without extensive coding. 

It is the space where much complicated web designing tools to fill the gap. As there are numerous competitors, know the basic pros and cons to figure out the ideal one for your business requirement. 


It has the capability for designing custom responsive websites with no necessity of code writing. It offers unrivalled control for each designing element and can export code for hosting the site anywhere else. 


It comes with slow design procedure to that of the builders of adaptive website and complicated tools for step learning. 

Web Designing Inspirations

Almost every website designer and developer looks for somewhere else to find out inspiration to curate unique, jaw-dropping, professional and effective websites. Some of the best spots have been named here for your reference:

  • Instagram 
  • Pinterest
  • Webdesign Inspiration
  • Best Website Gallery
  • Site Inspire
  • Awwwards

Whenever you will set out to design any website from now onwards, this guide can help you to choose the right elements and designing styles. Now all you have to do is to select a reliable designer from a number of leading website designers in India to get the job done. It must be chosen on the basis of considerable aspects.

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Website Redesign Best Practices for 2020

Chris Holroyd



Website Redesign

Your Professional Business website is your always-on digital advertising and marketing and salesperson. Research shows that about 60% of the income manner is over earlier than a prospect connects with your sales group. Why? Because potentialities are hidden online. They want to self-direct their schooling technique. This makes having a well-designed, professional business website design a need to.

Website Redesign

Google is expected to launch a new mobile-first algorithm update early in 2020, because of this your business website must be cellular responsive and load fast in order to maintain or get search engine rankings. If you need to succeed in this increasingly competitive environment, fresh your website is certainly one of the quality investments you may make to force leads and revenue.

Whether you plan to refresh or redo your whole web site, those business website redesign first-class practices will help make sure your agency’s website remodel challenge is going smoothly and generates the results you need.

Analyze Your Current Site

An entire website overhaul is probably a miles larger undertaking than what you want. To recognize what you want, run a business website consumer testing experience for your site to decide if it warrants a full redesign or if you only want to tweak the design, content material or conversion paths. And if the results of testing show which you need a complete redecorate, use that statistics as a benchmark towards which to test your new design.
An example of an effective person take a look at could be an easy five-second take a look at.

You display users your web site for 10 seconds and then have them answer those questions about the design:

1. What is the employer name?
2. Where might you discover pricing information?
3. What is the product or service the web site provides?
4. Do you suspect this web site is trustworthy?

The solutions will show you when you have strong branding and if your business website conveys your unique price proposition and the way easy it is to navigate.

Create a New Content Plan

Along with your website redesign; you will want to revisit your content material. Survey your clients and collect consumer records from analytics. Create a plan that tells the story of your organization’s modern-day presenting and the way you assist your customers. Then time table the copy-writing milestones to make sure which you have time to review and revise content earlier than turning it over on your developer. 

Getting anybody on the team on the equal page is important. Delaying or lacking a closing date can push your website design release back with the aid of days or weeks.

If your plan calls for a content-first business website redesign, I suggest completing the content material writing earlier than your visual remodel starts. You want the business website remodel to supplement your content and show it most efficaciously and effectively. This sequence helps the developer recognize the way to lay out the pages in your content management system.

Communicate Early and Often

Establish powerful verbal exchange among stakeholders, builders and designers as early as feasible for your redesign. You can keep away from bottlenecks and similarly paintings by gathering absolutely everyone’s understanding and ideas at the start.

For instance, bring for your dressmaker earlier inside the process than you suspect important that allows you to see your process. 

Their standpoint is essential to understand how each step for your plan affects the redecorate positively or negatively. Your designer also can help you make a decision how lots of your website can be re-purposed.
Building a business website that offers the first-class user enjoy ought to be your primary goal. Rely on all involved from the beginning to get the satisfactory ideas from lots of views. More numerous perspectives mean a much higher business website.

Manage Disruptions

Every undertaking has setbacks, and any task lasting extra than a month will uncover unexpected problems. Take into consideration your crew’s availability and how sickness, holidays and vacations will have an effect on your timeline. 

Also, technical demanding situations and business changes will impact your venture’s deadlines. Manage these disruptions with the aid of tackling problems head-on and locating a way round them. If you have got established effective communication with all stakeholders and team members, you could depend on their input to create an exchange plan or put off the demanding situations entirely to paste for your unique plan.

Own Your Project

A website remodel isn’t always a side undertaking you could work on in spurts. It must be a priority for everyone concerned. As the mission owner, whilst you treat it as a pinnacle priority, your crew may have fewer issues and a far smoother manner.

Consider your website’s objective: It is your enterprise’s satisfactory salesperson. Don’t think that first impressions don’t count, because visitors are fickle and will click away at the first sign of discord. You want the first impression someone has of your organization to be brilliant on all accounts.

Owning your task manner you are to be had on your designer and the relaxation of your group. 

Follow up on questions they have and live in contact to ensure all people are on the equal page. You have to be capable of offer other assets if your team needs assist to complete the remodel. It is your obligation to keep the remodel on plan, on price range and on the right track for a leads completion.

A leads business website redesign can supply your advertising an effective jumpstart for the year if planned and performed correctly. Keep these high-quality practices in mind, hold open communication with everyone concerned and make your redecorate a priority.

Also, maintain in mind that new capabilities for your business website may need to wait until destiny iteration. Websites have to be updated constantly to live abreast of era and trends. Be flexible enough to accept and roll with the adjustments.

Author Bio:

Dave Jones is a web content writer, and guest blogger, who offers content writing services to online business owners including SEO and Digital Marketing, Website designing and development, logo design and corporate branding. 

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Top 10 Web Design Companies

Chris Holroyd



Web Design Company in Pakistan

The fast-expanding market of the World Wide Web has compelled IT companies to be in a battlefield of best web design services. Pakistani minds being sharp and creative stepping gracefully in this competitive world and shining bright. Here we have a list of top 10 web design companies which are truly inspiring the world.

Starting from number 10!

  1. Zera Creative

Zera Creative is based on the idea of sowing and reaping creative ideas. They are equipped with state of the art technology and creative brains to meet the challenges of the digital world. Their working process is based on a wise procedure starting from strategy, research, then production and finally the launch. This wise procedure lets clients enjoy healthy growth. They are building businesses for tomorrow.

  1. VizRah

In this world of enemies, VizRah claims to be your companion. They offer the most suitable services for your business and put efforts to boost the growth in this competitive world. They offer web development, graphic designing, videography, photography, digital media marketing, search engine optimization, etc. All these services are offered with the help of highly trained and experienced people.

  1. Markup

Markup is a Pakistan and Saudi Arabia based company serves to fashion retailers with development services, IT services, business analysis, marketing, and fashion e-commerce services. They have teams of young and highly innovative minds for legitimate and cost-effective strategies. This company provides its clients’ a prominent growth and good position in the market.

  1. TAIBA Creations

A company filled with creative solutions for all types of businesses. They offer strategies and plans, custom web design services, CMS development, web mastering, e-commerce website development, conversion optimization and WordPress website design. They believe in results; driving leads, sales, and engagement for B2B or B2C websites. One can enjoy smooth business relationships with this company.

  1. Fiber Tech Online

Turning the imaginations into reality is the motive of this company. Crafting beautiful designs, creating user-centric products and marketing to transform brands is their vision. Fiber Tech online was established in 2010 with a pool of professionals and state of the art technology. One can save a lot of time and money by hiring them for quality services. 

  1. SD Communications

A highly creative and sophisticated solution the marketing needs is known as SD Communications. Either it’s about brand identity or digital marketing, they handle it wisely. When it comes to designing, they have expertise in logo designing, website design and development brochures, brand identity design, posters, billboards, company profiles, business cards and much more…

  1. ePromoters

A digital agency comprising innovative heads, creative designers, wise strategists, technologists, marketers and inventors, can fulfil business needs fully. They offer search engine optimization, social media marketing, professional designing, and development services. ePromotors support both English and Arabic languages which is why they can attract a wide range of audience for businesses.

  1. Graphiters

A Pakistan based full-service digital agency which offers web design & development, graphic designing services, mobile app development, SEO and Social media marketing (SMM). Various brands including Clutch, CV Magazine, etc have recognized it a top-level web development agency in Pakistan. One can rely on their strategies which let them grab more and more good reviews and good position in the market.

  1. VirtueNetz

Without any doubt, as the company says, VirtueNetz ensures high quality web design with exceptional functionality. It is a heartwarming company having iconic art, heady concepts, strong designs, creative content building, high quality, and customizable approaches. They offer search engine optimization, digital marketing, and web development along with multiple technical services and support. They generate ideas, plan and then execute as demanded by the business. They are a reliable company for business expansion and growth. Get there best Website Design Services with affordable rates at

And finally, the top-level company whose hard work and efforts lead!

  1. Speedy Web Work

This company focuses on producing things that work well for clients and their businesses. Their ideology is good work, good clients and good success thus their creativity level is too high and deliver extraordinary results. They cater to all types of design, development and marketing requirements. They support responsive designs, eCommerce sites and complete web development.

These are not just! We have listed only top 10, but so many other companies are working smart to take prominent positions. Pakistan is progressing too fast in the world of information technology with the help of creative minds, inventive approaches, unconventional companies and state of the art technologies. It’s an honor for every institute and company to see Pakistan rising and shining in this competitive world.

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Web Design

How to Easily Monitor Your WordPress Site (7 tools)

Piyush Khunteta



How to Easily Monitor Your Wordpress Site (7 tools)

Have you been expecting to discover an easy technique to deal with multiple WordPress internet sites?

Luckily, some WordPress management software makes it super simple to take care of numerous WordPress internet sites in 1 dashboard. This could let you conserve a fantastic deal of time when maintaining most of your WordPress plugins also installs up to now.

Over this article, we will go over the most useful tools which can help easily handle multiple WordPress sites from inch dashboard as a specialist.

Exactly why are you currently utilizing WordPress Administration Tool to Regulate Multiple WordPress Sites?

WordPress management application, which makes it simple to take care of multiple WordPress internet sites in 1 dashboard.

You will Possess the Capability to:

  • Immediately upgrade WordPress software on each one of your internet sites.
  • Monitor plugin and motif upgraded across your internet sites and put them in them readily.
  • Easily copy your WordPress internet sites and keep it within an off-site website.
  • Manage clients, remarks, as well as different WordPress choices.

Handling your internet sites utilizing a multi-site administration tool, which makes it possible to maintain your attention on most of your internet sites without logging directly into each section separately.

Whether you are one freelancer, user, or even an agency, employing the following tools can enable one to save some time while ensuring all of your internet sites are working correctly.

Supplying web site maintenance methods to organizations can also be a person on the web business idea.

Nevertheless, let’s examine the very best tools to manage various WordPress internet sites in 1 dashboard effectively.

1. #InfiniteWP


#InfiniteWP is a helpful WordPress internet site management application optimized for programmers and salespeople.

You’re able to handle unlimited internet sites free of price. On the flip side, this utterly free variant is confined to tackling a WordPress plugin, theme, and heart upgrades. Also, it permits you to make off- site duplicates.

The genuine ability of InfiniteWP is unlocked with their superior app, which comprises all of the paid features like simple site setup, staging site, migrations, malware scan, uptime tracking, customer testimonials.

They permit you the white-label plugin with branding, meaning your web visitors watch your logo as opposed to InfiniteWP.

WordPress development company allows you to install the WordPress management tool to the right on your wordpress website and It’s likely to do the installation via installer plugin in the panel, either cPanel or uploads it to the server.

Once set up, you can add web sites you’ll love to take care of and put from the InfiniteWP customer plugin on those internet sites.

2. #iThemes Sync

iThemes Sync

#IThemes Sync  is a reliable WordPress management application introduced for you. It acts like a restricted free edition that you might utilize on ten web sites.

The free version allows one to handle WordPress upgrades in 1 dashboard. You possibly put in themes and plugins from or even exclusively by publishing them.

IThemes Sync

The real power comprises all of the paid programs that give you access to host tracking, customer reports, user control, security, and integration with BackupBuddy cloud-storage, Google Lookup Console, plus even more.

Prices: Paid apps begin from $11 per month (billed annually ) to get ten internet sites.

3. #Jetpack


The jet pack can be a potent plugin package that comprises multiple WordPress internet site management attributes.

The free jet-pack plugin works as a connector b/w your wordpress website. You utilize the dashboard to regulate most of your WordPress internet sites.

WordPress internet sites

Utilizing the free edition, you are able to take care of WordPress plugins along with center upgrades across most of your internet sites. Also, it is going to include time tracking and fundamental Bruteforce strike security.

However, it would help if you upgraded for their own paid apps to procure more exceptional features. There are apps with different features like electronic duplicates with Jetpack Malware scan, security repairs, internet site activity logs, plus even more.

4. #CMS Commander

CMS Commander

You can control your website in your Commander dashboard. To have the ability to combine most of your web sites, you may wish to devote a person to plug in every place.

Plus, the unites with article turning options to incorporate content and stick it into multiple websites. For affiliate marketers, it offers integrations utilizing popular affiliate programs like Amazon, Shareasale, Commission Junction, plus even more.

Pricing: Approaches begin from $2 monthly to get various online marketers. Company plans for significant and services internet site networks start out of $30 a month.

5. #MainWP


MainWP is an entirely complimentary WordPress site management tool encouraged by paid add ons. It acts as an admin plugin, and that you place through to the following WordPress website.

After this, you wish to prepare the MainWP kid plugin for all internet sites you’ll like to manage.

MainWP consists of a simple upgrade controller, bandwidth tracking, security scanner together with Sucuri, vulnerable plugin and theme scanner, user and content control, plus far more.

You might even locate extensions for majority upload articles, customer reports, access administration, plus even more.

Replies: Core plug is liberated using paid extensions for a variety of capacities.

6. ManageWP


The dash is the host on ManageWP’s site, and also you combine each one your internet sites by installing Worker plugin on the site.

Also, it allows one to medium remarks on the majority of your web sites in the ManageWP dashboard.

The middle ManageWP performance is completely free for unlimited sites. It has automatic monthly duplicates and security scans at no cost; however, you are going to require the paid add ons for real-time backups and automatically scheduled security notes.

If you should be an agency, then you are going to enjoy their customer reviews, that you might send to your clients to maintain them in the loop. ManageWP also provides white-label service.

7. #WP Remote

WP Remote

#WP Remote gifts an all simple way to take care of upgrades on the majority of your WordPress internet sites.

It allows one to put in WordPress upgrades for plugins that are core, and even themes just. It’s also feasible to make use of it to produce duplicates and put them in a computer system or store them AWS or SFTP.

Replies: Free for salespeople and individual webmasters. Agency plans begin from $20/month and also let you incorporate users.

What Type Is Your Perfect Solution To Handle Multiple WordPress Internet Sites?

  • Using the WordPress development services the perfect WordPress site management tool is determined by what you require. Just one user having fewer WordPress internet sites may require an answer, which is more comfortable and less expensive.
  • On the reverse side, in case you are a freelancer or agency employed for clients, then you’re going to desire to assist something a whole lot stronger and advanced.
  • Oahu is the perfect game for services, freelancers, and developers.
  • If you want to manage some sites or require most of the advanced functions that InfiniteWP supplies, then we afterward urge iThemes Sync and, on occasion, even jet-pack for mandatory site management.
  • You can also find which our final WordPress security guide to ensure your entire web sites are all suitably shielded.
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15 Best Tech Magazine WordPress Theme For Tech Review Bloggers



tech magazine wordpress theme

Whether you are a tech startup or technology blog, having a modern and well-designed business website is a must. A well-designed website can attract traffic to your website, whereas an outdated website can cost you your customers.

According to Sweor(, Nearly 38% of customers stop visiting a website if it doesn’t have a good and responsive design. This is where a good tech magazine WordPress theme comes into play. Let’s have a look at some of the best tech magazine WordPress themes as follows:

15 Best Tech Magazine WordPress Theme List You Can Use in 2019

1. NewsPaper Tech Theme

Newspaper is one of the best tech magazine themes that can provide a professional touch to your blog. It features a website builder that simply allows you to design your website. You can use it to arrange 100s of elements on your website.

This technology theme works perfectly on mobile devices and also supports Google AMP pages. The best part is that it uses best practices for SEO optimization that can keep your website rankings on top.

2. MagPlus

MagPlus is another feature-rich tech magazine WordPress theme specifically made for tech-oriented blogs. It is a 100% responsive theme which works perfectly and gives a stunning look on all the devices.

It also has a elements library feature more than 12 different header options and 150 well-designed elements and plugins. You can use these elements and plugins to make your website better than before.

3. NewsMag Pro

NewsMag Pro is an elegant, powerful and multipurpose WordPress theme that can provide a premium look to your website. It features a wide range of well-designed business layout pages covering all sorts of niches and industries.

You can use and customize these layout pages to make your website look and suit to your brand name. Its lightweight and robust design will make your website load faster even under heavy traffic times.

4. Compass

Compass is a fully automated, flexible and advanced WordPress theme offering plenty of tools, plugins, and widgets.  It works even better and on news and tech magazine websites. With robust drawing tools and builder, it allows you to change your website look within seconds.

You can simply use the drag and drop options to change all sorts of elements on your website. The powerful category options let you customize and arrange your content as per your viewer’s convenience.

5. PenNews

PenNews is another tech targeted WordPress theme that offers 30 different design layouts covering all sorts of niches. It also features different useful plugins which can make it easier for you to drag and drop elements on your website.

It also supports Google AMP Pages that will make your website load quickly. Moreover, it allows you to create unlimited ad sections, that can drastically enhance your revenue from advertisements.

6. Jannah

Jannah is one of the best tech WordPress themes providing you with 100s of customizable layouts and elements. You can use these customizable elements to design your website that in return will boost your site traffic and enhance your viewers’ experience.

Along with it also features some readability elements like hotspots, that helps your viewers while navigating a long blog post. Overall, Jannah has all sorts of required tools and elements that a tech blogger would expect from a tech news WordPress theme.

7. Voice

Voice offers a perfect blend of a blog and magazine theme, that is well suited for an online publication and works best for a personal blog too. The robust theme setup and customization options will allow you to set up and begin posting content within minutes.

Since most of the blogs rely on advertising income, it’s advertising widgets always ensure that your ad revenue potential is maximized. Overall, Voice is a perfect tech magazine theme and specifically made while keeping the requirements of online publications in mind.

8. Flex Mag

Flex Mag is another WordPress powered tech magazine theme featuring attractive and cool layouts, plugins and widgets. You can use these demo layouts to design your website look in the way you want.

It also allows you to integrate third-party social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can use this feature to connect your social media profile so that your readers can follow you directly on social platforms.

9. The Voux

The Voux is another best and comprehensive tech magazine theme available in the market. It features a robust visual composer that you can use to give your website a cool and attractive look. In addition to this, it also offers all the key magazine features.

It features multiple header menus where you can display links and site pages. Apart from this, it also features a full-screen gallery that you can use to display an image gallery on your website.

10. Insight

Insight is a fully responsive and customizable WordPress theme that combines plugins, design layouts, and widgets for building a multi-purpose website. It features a visual composer which makes it pretty much easier for you to design your website.

All you have to do is just drag and drop elements and present them in any way you want. The tag and category feature let you categorize your blog posts quickly so that your readers find it easier to find their favorite content on your website.

11. ClickMag

Another trending tech theme, which keeps your viewer moving throughout your blog at a quick pace. It has more than 30 different demo layout and plugins to offer which can enhance your website look while keeping your readers engaged at the same time.

The layouts also have different ad sections which can potentially maximize your advertising revenue. Overall, ClickMag is a great tech magazine WordPress theme and fulfills everything that a tech review blogger expects.

12. GoodLife

GoodLife is one of the best and customizable tech themes that offers an array of multiple plugins and widgets. It features eight different demo layout. Each one of them is made for different niches like sports, fashion, and technology.

Several other page elements are customizable including the headers, sidebars and featured posts. You can display them in such a way that it keeps your readers engaged with your content. The Goodlife is a fully responsive theme and look perfect on all devices.

13. Sparkle

Sparkle is a fully responsive and smooth theme that puts focus on your content. It comes with a wide range of feature-rich widgets and design elements that can give a professional touch to your website.

It comes with a variety of screencasts that can help you to set up the theme. With the tagging options, you can tag and categorize each and every content posted on your website. Overall, Sparkle is a good tech magazine WordPress theme that can add sparkle to your website.

14. SmartMag

SmartMag is one of the best WordPress themes for tech blog that comes along with multiple built-in layouts. It also features a visual editor which lets you set up your website within minutes. You can also use background images while setting up your website.

The best part is that it also has a review system which you can configure on your website. This feature will allow your readers to rate your content and based on the feedback, you can make changes to your content.

15. MagXP

Developed by MyThemeShop, MagXP is a  responsive and lightweight WordPress theme power-packed with different layouts, widgets, and plugins. Just like SmartMag, it also has a review system wherein readers can leave ratings on your content.

You can make use of the MagXP’s drag and drop options to arrange design elements on your website. It also includes a footer area which contains three widgets and you can use them to place any content you want there.

Final Words

Being a technical person, you surely wouldn’t have enough time to design and code a website. So, these were the best WordPress themes for tech blog which you can use to design your website. This is the best way  Create a Website Based on UX or UI to Get Maximum Results. With simple drag and drop options, it wouldn’t take more than a few minutes to configure these themes on your website.

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Web Hosting

Benefits of Linux Web Hosting



Linux Web Hosting

When an individual or business makes a new website then they need to upload their website over the world wide web. They need a web hosting service to upload their website on the web. The Linux web hosting company provides you with server space and redundant connectivity.

Deciding on the best choice for your best Linux reseller hosting is essential when it comes to distinct benefits, but greatest favour a Linux web server over Windows. Linux is typically a good match for hosting servers because of its stability and flexibility to customize applications for a particular website infrastructure requirement.

There are two types of platforms for web hosting. One is Windows and the other is Linux platform. Both come with specific benefits, but most businesses prefer a Linux web server over Windows. Linux is an open source platform and it provides a wide range of applications scripts and snippets. Linux being an open source can be easily modified and improved by web developers. Linux offers the services for the specific needs of the businesses.

Here are some of the benefits of Linux Web Hosting:

Inexpensive :

The price of any service is a major point for the entrepreneurs. Linux is an open source low cost hosting service as it does not require a licensing fees making it affordable for small businesses. Every edition of Linux such as Red Hat, Debian and Free BSD is free for programmers to use in their web designs. Anyone can start an online business using Linux hosting at a low cost.

Improvement and Modification:

As Linux is an open source platform its easy for web developers to modify, improve and distribute it. The users can install different programming software’s to enhance its task abilities and performance.

Flexibility and Compatibility:

Linux offers lot of flexibility to a company. As the Linux platform is easy to modify and update it is easy to host multimedia, e-commerce applications and blogging websites. Moreover Linux is compatible to use with other operating systems. Linux can be easily used for the websites made for Windows and other operating systems.

Security and Reliability:

As nowadays security is a major issue for businesses Linux is the most reliable platform for hosting as it is one of the early platforms which hosts websites from the early ages of internet.

Speed and Simplicity:

Linux is a simple and easy to use platform as compared to Windows. Linux comes with a software which can be modified and extended. Linux was designed to support basic web hosting, therefore users can install PHP, MySQL and Perl Script to increase the productivity and performance of their websites. Linux can perform and handle multiple tasks simultaneously better than windows. Moreover the procedure of uploading and setting up of a Linux web server is very simple and easy to do task Apart from the low cost of the Linux web hosting, it also offers you its other applications free of cost. There are various desktop and server applications such as as a File Server, Web Server, DNS Server and FTP which are free to download and free for your server to use. As Linux is an open source operating system hundreds of free applications such as PHP and MySQL to Zen Cart and WordPress can be integrated with it which are paid for Windows.

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