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Which Brand is Best for Mixer Grinder?

Chris Holroyd



Mixer Grinder

In today’s busy lifestyle, multitasking is crucial for every individual and can be beneficial in performing various jobs at the same time. This way, you can easily achieve multiple end-results without spending several hours on any task. Multi-tasking is important when working in the kitchen as well, you spend a considerably lesser amount of time on individual tasks. This allows you to enjoy some good time with your family instead of working hard in the kitchen all day.

A Mixer Grinder helps you in Various Kitchen Tasks

A mixer grinder is a high in demand appliance, which is used in the kitchen daily to prepare food and dishes. It is a small appliance that is used to prepare food. Our helper in the kitchen! The best mixer grinder does not cook but crushes, whips, kneads, grates, laminates or slices. They are functions that we can perform with our own hands or with very basic utensils: knives, forks, etc. A mixer grinder that comes with hygienic glass jars allows you to clean the same easily, thereby ensuring that the ingredients you grind are completely hygienic.

There is no alternative of a Mixer Grinder in Kitchen

It is true that you have alternatives in the kitchen to do everything mentioned, but an appliance of this type allows you to simplify the processes. The process of mixing and grinding is really fast because of the powerful motor installed in it. It is usually very easy to use and, from now on, it will become your essential assistant in the kitchen. A mixer grinder is a help in multiple cases: to speed up times in any kitchen, in kitchens of large families or with many diners, in sick people or with little power or strength, in those lovers of DIY.

Acquire less space in your Kitchen

Whether you want to whip some liquids to turn them into thick shakes or ice creams or you wish to grind any hard food items such as vegetables and nuts, a mixer grinder makes this task easy as well in many ways. This multi-purpose product can prove to be useful in making a lot of things in no time. There is no end to how you can use a mixer grinder to your benefit and save on your time and energy. A mixer grinder requires a friendly space in our kitchen. It doesn’t help to have it stored! Ideally, you should have your allocated useful space on the work surface. In addition to the space required for the appliance, extra space is required to store all accessories. They are not all used simultaneously.

Best Mixer Grinder for Indian Kitchen

Although, if we compare the various brands of mixer grinders to find the best one for your kitchen then the list can be so long. But Manny kitchen appliance buying guides recommend that the range of Bajaj mixer grinders is very useful and durable when it comes to Indian Cuisine. Bajaj Rex 500-watt mixer grinder comes on the top for Indian cooking. You can do any task with this model whether if you want to slice, mixing, grinding, or blending as well. 

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Micro SaaS Businesses After Covid-19

Maricar Morga



Micro SaaS Businesses After Covid-19

The recent pandemic had been a powerful force towards transition. Amid forced digital transformation and remote work environments, Micro SaaS business and businesses undergo a significant move. The general picture of the growing demands for SaaS is far from favorable. A reduction in customer count, retained accounts, and a decline in subscriptions give you the idea of what SaaS companies are facing.

However, amid the COVID-19 crisis, this industry surprisingly proves specific opportunities to prosper. Many micro SaaS niches that continue to thrive in this new normal. For each SaaS provider to succeed, emerging technologies and business trends need to be understood and made more agile. 

How SaaS Companies Cope Up

Although SaaS companies have done quite well as a sector compared to some industries, it is not smooth after the pandemic. Most SaaS companies are now looking to diversify revenue sources. Some found several sub-sectors in the industry with the distinct promise that will help SaaS companies to survive. SaaS’s role in health care is expected to expand as cloud services provide vital ties between medical professionals and patients. 

Often in a crisis, new trends & developments emerge. Because of the pandemic, telemedicine, video conferencing, team collaboration, and e-learning apps see tremendous mobility and help for customers.

Here are some ways how Micro SAAS businesses are coping up in the wake of the pandemic. 

  • Rise of Telehealth 

Experts believe that the telehealth platform-as-a-service technologies will undoubtedly remain a trend after the prevalence of the pandemic. The explanation for this is clear. SaaS medical applications make it easy to switch to remote healthcare that many have been going for a long time. People minimize the risk of disease transmission during trips to the physical clinic, reduce running expenses, and control vast volumes of schedule requests. Scheduling an initial medical appointment is much simpler and quicker than using the conventional method.

  • Remote Tools For Collaboration

Another significant shift is the complete transition to remote jobs. Companies who have not been prepared for this shift now see the value of project management and remote collaboration software in their industry. That could be an excellent chance for remotely-focused SaaS startups. 

Nevertheless, several SaaS providers have not been ready for such a dramatic rise in demand. The video conferencing tool, Zoom, had obtained 200 million unique users in March 2020 when the pandemic was rampant. The spike leads to some significant privacy concerns. Hackers were able to access chat rooms and even seize Windows passwords based on newly discovered bugs. Zoom has now taken steps to address these problems, such as allowing only passwords to enter the rooms.

  • Artificial Intelligence

The collection of activities to be tackled with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is very comprehensive in the coming years. It includes too complicated problems, areas that need to opt for forecasts, and those that could not be handled without Artificial Intelligence. It also implies areas with a significant volume of new data forms and different chatbots. 

Experts expect that nearly 40% of companies are going to use different AI solutions by 2021. This evidence and the simplification of data collection validate the AI growth hypothesis. Major corporations such as Tencent, Google, and others are all active in this advanced process. Moreover, this fact and simplifying data collection confirm the theory about AI development growth. 

  • Mobile-First Approach

Nearly 72% of people will use mobile devices to access the internet in the next five years. SaaS models and solutions can bring forth flexible features for mobile devices. While this prediction has been made before, the pandemic has not changed this situation. Several vendors are working on producing a mobile version of their services. With mobile device users’ growth,  there are all possibilities and demands for making an effective mobile version of micro SaaS startup and businesses. 

  • Making Adjustments

Software as a Service is simple to use, easy to implement and manage. That is why many businesses prefer it over on-premise methods. However, this would not necessarily translate to a boost in sales due to the Covid19. When the entire market freezes, technical investment often declines, and SaaS products learn to adapt rapidly. 

Big names in the industry like Salesforce, Adobe, and Dropbox expanded the free trial periods and gave more significant discounts. The Cisco online conferencing tool eliminated all time limits and raised the number of participants to 100 in a single call. For those that are just starting with their SaaS business, it is recommended to make amends to ensure that you still provide extended service for your clients without the fear of going bankrupt. 

  • Finding Weak Spots To Improve

Weak points are things that consumers are not pleased with, such as price, challenged onboarding process, or restricted features. The rapid demand for SaaS services made these loopholes noticeable. 

To make sure that you round up any weak spots that your users find, discover them by frequent reviews from clients or conducting polls at any point of your user’s journey. As such, you can address and fix any frustrating problems and deter clients from abandoning your service.

  • Improvement In Marketing Tactics

The new trend in the SaaS industry is reevaluating marketing strategy and spending. Rather than spending money on top-funnel advertisements where there is little to no response now, marketers and business owners prefer initiatives for potential leads to long-term content. For micro SaaS businesses, adding meaning to your cross-channel communications can reflect the real value you deliver to your clients.

As a brand, you need to focus on bringing confidence in your customers by supplying them with the right tools to address the problem, provide the correct information, and support customers beyond the norm. Being empathetic and prioritizing customer service can allow the company to stand out and help develop a loyal following.

  • Offer Value

Because of the outbreak that resulted in many businesses’ forced closedown, many have to cut expenses to stay afloat and thrive in their niche industry. People are also more mindful of where they invest in or what product they purchase. So, a micro SaaS business must offer value to customers.  

Many Micro SaaS businesses are finding new channels to communicate with their target audience effectively. You can use newsletters, find time to check-in with clients, and even teach clients how to connect easily with you. Endorse the measures your company is taking as a solution to the pandemic.  Inform your consumer that the barrier to remote contact will not adversely affect your business’s work quality.

Final Thoughts

Cloud computing providers and advanced technologies illustrate the flattering rise in global IT investment. The SaaS industry is also likely to expand further even after the worldwide outbreak of Covid-19. As more people and businesses turn online, many are now discovering the importance and value these micro SaaS businesses are offering. For those in the industry, one can expect that it will still flourish and remain relevant even after everything return to normal.

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What Tech Solutions Would Help You To Improve Your Online Business

Chris Holroyd



What Tech Solutions Would Help You To Improve Your Online Business

The role of technology in business cannot be overestimated. Modern technologies provide numerous opportunities for online businesses and considerably improve user experience. Keeping up with advanced technology you can fight off fierce competition, retain current users, attract new ones, increase revenue, and so on. All in all, the importance of technology in business is obvious. Oleh Sadykow, a co-founder at DeviQA – a leading automated software testing company, shared his thoughts on the technologies you need to implement to develop your online business.

Mobile technologies

Global trends demonstrate that mobile devices have become the main technology used to search, check, book, and buy goods and services. So it is evident that mobile optimization must be of primary importance for you. Thus, you can meet your customers’ expectations and needs as well as significantly improve search engine rankings as mobile-friendliness has a great impact on the ranking algorithm.

However, it is better to go to even greater lengths and not only make your site mobile-friendly but also create a mobile application. Therefore, you can attract new customers, improve brand visibility and awareness, boost sales, and get new marketing, promotion, and conversion opportunities.

eWallet technologies

As was mentioned, most users prefer to use their mobile devices, and when it comes to a positive shopping experience, it is important to provide speed, simplicity, security, and convenience. Mobile users must be provided with a reliable and secure way to make a payment without having to re-enter personal and financial information each and every time. That is why digital wallets are the best option to optimize the customer buying process.

The most well-known and commonly implemented digital wallets are Amazon Pay, Google Wallet, PayPal One Touch, Apple Pay, Android Pay, MasterPass, etc.

AR and VR

The onrush of AR and VR technologies has provided whole new opportunities for online businesses to thrive. Product visualization seems to be one of the leading global trends. It helps to solve the main problem of online shopping that is a lack of tactile information and the impossibility to evaluate all product characteristics. Augmented reality and virtual reality change the way buyers can assess products as they have an opportunity to experience them virtually before they purchase them.

Related: Augmented Reality in Ecommerce: How Does it Work?

Big data

As your online business develops, it has to store and process vast amounts of information. The best way to optimize this process is to implement big data technology. In such a way, you will be able to collect and analyze big data effectively. Having valuable insights as for your customer behavior patterns and market tendencies, you can adjust your business strategy correspondingly and let your business grow.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

AI and ML technologies provide fantastic development opportunities for businesses. They can be used for data mining, outcome prediction, user experience personalization, process automation, real-time assistance, price optimization, etc.

So due to the essential and relevant patterns and tendencies revealing your online business can automate various business processes, improve customer service, make accurate predictions and right decisions, draw up effective marketing strategies and advertising campaigns.

So widely used today, chatbots and virtual assistants also work on the ground of AI and ML technologies.

A chatbot is a software app that imitates real human communication in a written or spoken form. With this technology, online businesses can save time and reduce costs by automating customer support and providing customer service 24/7. Moreover, chatbots generate leads, collect prior information about clients, and redirect them to the information they are interested in.

It is also worth mentioning that AI and ML also have made a great contribution into your app quality as they are also used in test automation.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing can be defined as the delivery of various services like data storage, servers, networking, and software via the Internet.

Cloud computing provides users with an opportunity to access their data and use applications wherever they have an internet connection. Taking into account modern, fast-paced lifestyles and ever-changing business conditions and needs, it is essential to receive information right at the moment it is needed, whether you use a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This is exactly the opportunity that cloud computing offers. Cloud technologies help store files, back them up in case of crash or hacker attacks, retrieve them on demand, share and synchronize data across devices. The advantages of cloud computing are countless. Cloud technologies help businesses save time, money, and effort by enhancing productivity, optimizing cooperation, and promoting innovation.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain is a technology of transaction keeping on a distributed, decentralized, public ledger. Blockchain technologies are all about greater transparency, better security, increased efficiency, and improved traceability. E-commerce businesses particularly benefit from blockchain development. Using this technology, they receive excellent opportunities for user experience improvement, effective supply chain tracking and monitoring, transparency in the marketplace, convenient and secure payment, costs reduction, etc.


Now, as you are aware of how technology helps business growth and know the answers to questions “How have technological innovations helped small businesses?” and

“Why is technology important in business?”, you can take drastic actions and get to your online business optimization using the above-mentioned technologies that can considerably boost your development. Do not postpone it and take advantage of modern technologies right now.

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Lead Generation is the Best for Expanding your Business

Chris Holroyd



Lead Generation

One of the most important ways of getting a business to its successful path is with the help of new leads. A lead is basically a person or any company who seems to show any interest towards the business that you are pursuing and going to have them as a potential client for the business you have. The products and services that your company and business provides can become beneficial for the new leads when they show interest towards any particular sphere of your company. This can also be targeting towards a specific area your company fulfils and hence can be beneficial when leads appear. 

Lead generation is basically a marketing term that is used for the creation or generation of any prospective clients and customers who are needed for a potential set up of a network of clients who will loyal to the entire set up of the company. Lead Generation can be having many different explanations, but it can also be in marketing, and it is the arrangementof customer’s interest in products or services of a company. Most businesses try to arrange quality leads so as to acquiring more sales. It can be given under the marketing filed. So why it is that lead generation is significant and what areas does a business thrive on from having quality leads in their system?

Benefits of choosing Leads Generation:

  1. Generating Awareness:

Brand awareness is a technique of the way in which your brand is accepted within itsmarket goals. This is when customers put you on their list first when they have to make a buy within the product category supplied by your company. The more people become aware about your company the stronger is your reputation gets, and thebigger your profit potential is and complete brand value is on another level. The system of new leads also educates and it tells people in your own market which is about your product and its features, thus creating a possibility for popularity.

  1. There is an instant increase in sales and profit percentage:

Over 60% of most type of marketers spends more than half of their budget of marketing on lead generation. One of the most significant benefits that are made by using lead generation is that of rise in sales of your products or your services. Businesses that implement lead generation notions will ideally go to making more sales by changing these leads into completely permanent customers. This can also increase the whole profit ratio of the business. Lead generation is ideally a must to be in this market filled with competition.

  1. Contributes towards a positive return on investment:

Since this is ideally a marketing method, lead generation provides to an advanced return on investment. You can also pay only for the new leads that are received and therefore there is also a greater chance of doubling up your ROI by reduction in CPL, which is a great way of getting more customers and getting, involved in other processes that will expand your company further.

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Ways to Achieve a Happy and More Productive Workplace

Chris Holroyd



Financial Advice Business
The fact is that a happy workplace is a more productive one. Boosting staff happiness at work is not only good for staff but good for business too. As well as increasing productivity, it also means lower staff turnover. So how can you keep your workplace a happy, motivated and dynamic place to be? Here are a few ideas…
21,851 Happy Office Workers Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from  Dreamstime

Image Credit

Encourage team bonding – Teamwork is one of the most important things in a successful workplace. It is something that needs to be worked at though – teambuilding exercises and days out should be regular, and other activities can also be put in place. Things like team incentives in the workplace can encourage people to work as a team.
Happy employees work in offices with these 8 amenities (hint: ping pong  comes in last) - TechRepublic

Image Credit

Make Sure Everyone is Happy in the Environment – Happiness also comes from being in a pleasant environment. Let in plenty of light, or if you don’t get a lot of natural light, replicate it using special LED bulbs. Comfort is also important – make sure all office furniture is functional as well as comfortable, as well as being good quality like these reception chairs Make Sure that the Work is Fulfilling – Of course, not many people can say they enjoy all of their work all of the time. But employees who feel as though the work that they do is important and has value, are happier and more motivated to perform well. Praising employees for a job well done goes a long way, as does including an example of how the work they did has been a success.
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Surface Treatments for Adhesive Bonding

Chris Holroyd



Adhesive Bonding

To achieve successful extended durability and strength for an adhesive, the surface must be correctly and properly treated, and different materials respond better to different kinds of treatments.


Image Credit There are various different characteristics of surface treatments available, and these include the processes below. The Surface Must Be Cleaned Properly

The overall amount of harmful pollutants, dust, oils, grease and oxides must be reduced from the surface of the substrate to a minimal molecular degree so as to attain the best adhesion upon contact. If cleaning is not carried out correctly and contaminants are not removed to an acceptable level, then these contaminants will interfere with the adhesion and result in bond failure. Therefore, this step is crucial and vital for the activation and increase of surface energy in the surface treatment process for correct adhesive bonding. Depending on surface type, one of the simpler methods mostly suited to industrial applications for the preparation of surfaces is to degrease, abrade and then degrease again.


Image Credit The Surface Must Be Chemically Activated

Any surface being prepared for adhesion is required to be in an active chemical state in order to create a chemical bond in the adhesion process. If a surface is chemically inactive, it will be unable to form the required chemical bond needed for sustainable and strengthened adhesion. A plasma polymer composite can aid in chemical activation by increasing the surface energy of the substrate. The Surface Must Be Oxidation Resistant : To achieve optimal adhesion the surface must resist oxidation and remain stable as the active chemical and cleanliness of the surface must be sustained. This can be achieved by using a plasma polymer composite which will achieve stability over a long period of time.

It is also important to note that the surface treatment must promote and enable the formation of bonds (physical and or chemical) across the entirety of the adhesion

The treatment used varies depending on the material being used and its surface energy or lack thereof.

Thermoplastic composites and thermoset composites, for example, have different levels of surface energy and require different treatment processes to achieve optimal adhesion. Thermoset requires plasma polymer composite to increase the surface energy.

Thermoplastic composites require even more surface energy than that of thermoset, and so their treatment must always reflect this to achieve the best possible adhesion.

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Make Adorable your Product with Luxury Boxes




Make adorable your product with luxury boxes

Luxury Rigid Boxes are manufactured from long-lasting, durable, sustainable, and thick cardboard that is known for its extended sustained productivity regarding the safekeeping and immaculate representation of expensive products. These boxes are known to lend an aura of expense and lavishness to whatever they present for sales and purchase in the retail market. The exquisite display of the product that they carry and the dynamic visuals that they have, combine to create an excellent buying experience for the shoppers. These boxes can be made in exact accordance with the product that is supposed to be packaged in them. They can be further beautified with a number of printing and embellishing options. Packaging has come a long way. According to experts, it is now the best way of making customers buy a product. But packaging is of different kinds. And the one kind that has truly dominated the industry is luxury packaging. But what has it got that other options lack? Let us find out.

The Visual Attraction for Products

The word luxury instills a sense of grandeur and grace automatically in our senses. It makes one think about neatly polished surfaces, elegant designs, and exquisite colors. Well, that is absolutely true. Luxurious items are set apart through their appearance. Similarly, in marketing, luxury rigid boxes have taken a whole new and important place. They are now considered a necessity if a brand wants to become impactful and attract consumers. But what makes luxury packaging so alluring? What is in it that makes it such a big attraction for millions of consumers? First of all, design. Humans are fond of seeing things that are designed beautifully, whether they are buildings or boxes. Unique shapes instantly catch one’s attention and as a major attraction. Luxurious packaging has seen some of the best shapes ever created in the history of marketing. These shapes are iconic and have stood the test of time. These shapes of Luxury Jewellery Boxes are still revered by many customers, and the demand is still sky-high. Similarly, the unique combination of colors has had the visual magic that can enchant anyone. Their appeal to the eye is unwavering, and their effect on the senses is unparalleled. The spell of this visual magic is gripping for anyone. When the product is placed inside such packaging, its value goes up manifold. These magical effects of luxury ring boxes are too hard to ignore and cause emotional responses from consumers who are then willing to buy the products that they might never have thought about buying before entering the store.

The Quality of Materials

Manufacturing beautiful packaging is one thing. But making it with excellent materials is another. One can use as many modern graphics and colors on packaging as one likes, but if the quality of the materials is mediocre, the effect of visuals will wane automatically. Luxury packaging can be of great help here. The materials used for custom luxury gift boxes are the best available in the world today and can transform the whole experience for a buyer. They are strong and can withstand a whole lot of pressure and harmful external factors. It is not just an attractive appearance that sets luxury packaging apart; its durability is also a highly important factor in all of it. Sure, a customer might get attracted due to graphics, but once they hold the product in hand, they are sure to find out the kind of materials that have been employing for manufacturing it. If the quality of the packaging is as premium as the printing on it, the brand is definitely going to be rewarded for it by hundreds of loyal customers.


Luxury packaging is considered luxurious because of several customizations that are performed on it. Without them, the packaging might not be considered as premium and might not reach its true potential. These modifications are crucial in marketing because, through them, brands can attract buyers and generate great amounts of revenues through increased sales. Consider the window design, for instance, for rigid luxury boxes. It is an exquisite design that has become immensely popular due to its strong aesthetics. It can show the product to consumers from a distance. The customers do not even need to touch the box to see the product. Is this not amazing? But the way it has been manufactured is simple. Instead of having a simple, completely opaque box for a product, manufacturers have instead placed a window on the front side of the packaging, and that has made all the difference. How big a difference can little things make! Consider the handle too. The box, again, is simple, but the handle on top of it distinguishes it from the rest of the packaging in an elegant way. These modifications are not huge by any means, but they can make all the difference in marketing. And it is these differences that ultimately decide the fate of brands in the marketplace.

What one can surely say about luxury packaging is that it is transformative for a brand and its products. Its appeal is universal and has been recognized by millions. The marketing strength of premium packaging, when combined with creativity and hard work, can work wonders for a brand and can take it from oblivion to being a mega player in the market.

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