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What is SSL?

Chris Holroyd



What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the standard security innovation for setting up an encoded connection between a web server and a program. This safe connection guarantees that all information exchanged stays private. It’s likewise called TLS (Transport Layer Security). A huge number of sites use SSL encryption regularly to anchor associations and shield their client’s information safe from checking and altering

Why Use SSL?

Each site on the Internet ought to be served over HTTPS. Here’s the reason:

Execution: Modern SSL can really enhance page stack times.

Pursuit Ranking Boost: Search motors support HTTPS sites.

Security: Encrypting traffic with SSL guarantees no one can snoop on your clients’ information.

Trust: By showing a green secure in the program’s location bar, SSL expands guest’s trust.

Administrative Compliance: SSL is a key segment in PCI consistence.

Physically arranging SSL requires a few stages, and a misconfiguration can keep clients from getting to your site. Ewebguruflare enables any Internet property to end up HTTPS-empowered with the snap of a catch. You’ll never need to stress over SSL endorsements lapsing or remaining in the know regarding the most recent SSL vulnerabilities when you’re utilizing Ewebguruflare SSL.

Starting today, all Ewebguru facilitating customers can enact a free SSL marked SSL testament on any space included into your cPanel. The free SSL is a ‘genuine’ marked endorsement that would beforehand have cost around $9.99 per area, and will give the green symbol in present day internet browsers.

What’s much all the more energizing is we have likewise empowered HTTP/2 on our servers. This implies when you actuate Lets Encrypt SSL (for nothing) you additionally will profit right away from the new prevalent HTTP/2 webserver convention.

This server move up to HTTP/2 enhances the manner in which programs and servers convey, taking into consideration quicker exchange of data while diminishing the measure of crude torque required.

HTTP/2 loads site pages a lot quicker bringing about a superior ordeal for your sites guests and better rankings on Google. Tests have appeared 30% speed increment in page stacking times!

The most effective method to utilize free SSL and HTTP/2 ?

We couldn’t have made it simpler!

Essentially login to your ewebguru premium cPanel and tap the new symbol called:

How about we Encrypt

At that point tap the ISSUE symbol against the space you need to empower free SSL on and done!

Following a couple of minutes the testament will work and your domain(s) will be controlled by the quicker HTTP/2 webserver.

ewebguru are one of a couple webhosts on the planet that help HTTP/2 and free SSL declarations!

Try not to pass up a great opportunity and empower your free SSL today and start profiting from quicker progressively secure facilitating, and better web index rankings !

This is a restrictive offer given just by and is incorporated free with the majority of our premium facilitating plans. In the event that you as of now have premium facilitating this is dynamic for you now, all new premium facilitating orders likewise have these incredible new highlights.

Methods of Operation

Ewebguru SSL works in various modes relying upon the dimension of security required and the measure of design you’re willing to do. Traffic to the end client will dependably be scrambled, which implies your site will dependably appreciate the advantages of HTTPS. Be that as it may, traffic among Ewebguru and your starting point server can be arranged in an assortment of ways.

Adaptable SSL

Adaptable SSL encodes traffic from Ewebguru to end clients of your site, yet no to your starting point server. This is the most straightforward approach to empower HTTPS since it doesn’t require introducing a SSL declaration on your beginning. While not as secure as alternate alternatives, Flexible SSL protects your guests from a substantial class of dangers including open WiFi snooping and promotion infusion over HTTP.

Full SSL

Full SSL mode gives encryption from end clients to us and from Ewebguru to your beginning server. This requires a SSL testament on your source server. In Full SSL mode, you have three choices for testaments to introduce on your server: one issued by a Certificate Authority (Strict), one issued by Ewebguru (Origin CA), or a self marked authentication. It is prescribed that you utilize a testament got through us.

HTTP/3: From root to tip

HTTP is the application convention that controls the Web. It started life as the purported HTTP/0.9 convention in 1991, and by 1999 had advanced to HTTP/1.1, which was institutionalized inside the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force). HTTP/1.1 was adequate for quite a while yet the regularly changing requirements of the Web required a more qualified convention, and HTTP/2 rose in 2015. All the more as of late it was reported that the IETF is planning to convey another form – HTTP/3. To a few people this is a shock and has caused a touch of perplexity. On the off chance that you don’t follow IETF work intently it may appear that HTTP/3 has left the blue. Be that as it may, we can follow its starting points through a genealogy of trials and advancement of Web conventions; explicitly the QUIC transport convention.

In case you’re not acquainted with QUIC, my associates have worked to perfection of handling diverse edges. John’s blog depicts a portion of this present reality disturbances of the present HTTP, Alessandro’s blog handles the quick and dirty transport layer subtleties, and Nick’s blog covers how to get hands on with some testing. We’ve gathered these and more at What’s more, if that gets you going, make sure to look at quiche, our very own open-source usage of the QUIC convention written in Rust.

HTTP/3 is the HTTP application mapping to the QUIC transport layer. This name was made authority in the ongoing draft rendition 17 (draft-ietf-quic-http-17), which was proposed in late October 2018, with dialog and unpleasant agreement being framed amid the IETF 103 gathering in Bangkok in November. HTTP/3 was recently known as HTTP over QUIC, which itself was recently known as HTTP/2 over QUIC. Before that we had HTTP/2 over gQUIC, and path back we had SPDY over gQUIC. The truth, notwithstanding, is that HTTP/3 is only another HTTP linguistic structure that deals with IETF QUIC, a UDP-based multiplexed and secure transport.

In this blog entry we’ll investigate the history behind some of HTTP/3’s past names and present the inspiration driving the latest name change. We’ll return to the beginning of HTTP and contact on all the great work that has occurred en route. In case you’re quick to get the full picture you can bounce as far as possible of the article or open this exceedingly point by point SVG rendition.

A HTTP/3 layer cake

Setting the scene

Just before we center around HTTP, it merits advising ourselves that there are two conventions that share the name QUIC. As we clarified beforehand, gQUIC is generally used to distinguish Google QUIC (the first convention), and QUIC is ordinarily used to speak to the IETF standard-in-advance form that veers from gQUIC.

Since its initial days during the 90s, the web’s needs have changed. We’ve had new forms of HTTP and included client security in the state of Transport Layer Security (TLS). We’ll just address TLS in this post, our other blog entries are an extraordinary asset on the off chance that you need to investigate that region in more detail.

To enable me to clarify the historical backdrop of HTTP and TLS, I began to group subtleties of convention details and dates. This data is normally exhibited in a literary frame, for example, a rundown of projectiles focuses expressing archive titles, requested by date. Be that as it may, there are spreading principles, each covering in time and a basic rundown can’t express the genuine unpredictability of connections. In HTTP, there has been parallel work that refactors center convention definitions for simpler utilization, broadens the convention for new uses, and reclassifies how the convention trades information over the Internet for execution. When you’re endeavoring to join the spots over almost 30 years of Internet history crosswise over various spreading work streams you require a representation. So I made one – the Ewebguru Secure Web Timeline. (NB: Technically it is a Cladogram, yet the term course of events is all the more generally known).

I have connected some aesthetic permit while making this, concentrating on the fruitful branches in the IETF space. A portion of the things not indicated incorporate endeavors in the W3 Consortium HTTP-NG working gathering, alongside some outlandish thoughts that their creators are enthusiastic about disclosing how to articulate: HMURR (articulated ‘mallet’) and WAKA (articulated “wah-kah”).

In the following couple of areas I’ll walk this course of events to clarify basic sections ever of. To appreciate the takeaways from this post, it has an energy about why institutionalization is valuable, and how the IETF approaches it. In this manner we’ll begin with an exceptionally concise review of that point before coming back to the course of events itself. Don’t hesitate to avoid the following segment on the off chance that you are as of now comfortable with the IETF.

Kinds of Internet standard

By and large, models characterize normal terms of reference, scope, limitation, materialness, and different contemplations. Guidelines exist in numerous shapes and sizes, and can be casual (otherwise known as accepted) or formal (concurred/distributed by a Standards Defining Organization, for example, IETF, ISO or MPEG). Models are utilized in numerous fields, there is even a formal British Standard for making tea – BS 6008.

The early Web utilized HTTP and SSL convention definitions that were distributed outside the IETF, these are set apart as red lines on the Secure Web Timeline. The take-up of these conventions by customers and servers made them accepted guidelines.

Sooner or later, it was chosen to formalize these conventions (some persuading reasons are portrayed in a later segment). Web gauges are generally characterized in the IETF, which is guided by the casual guideline of “harsh agreement and running code”. This is grounded in understanding of creating and conveying things on the Internet. This is as opposed to a “spotless room” approach of endeavoring to create ideal conventions in a vacuum.

IETF Internet gauges are regularly known as RFCs. This is an unpredictable territory to clarify so I prescribe perusing the blog entry “How to Read a RFC” by the QUIC Working Group Co-seat Mark Nottingham. A Working Group, or WG, is pretty much only a mailing list.

Every year the IETF hold three gatherings that give the time and offices to all WGs to meet face to face on the off chance that they wish. The plan for these weeks can turn out to be exceptionally clogged, with constrained time accessible to talk about profoundly specialized territories top to bottom. To beat this, some WGs decide to likewise hold break gatherings in the months between the general IETF gatherings. This can keep up energy on detail advancement. The QUIC WG has held a few between time gatherings since 2017, a full rundown is accessible on their gathering page.

These IETF gatherings likewise give the chance to other IETF-related accumulations of individuals to meet, for example, the Internet Architecture Board or Internet Research Task Force. As of late, an IETF Hackathon has been held amid the end of the week going before the IETF meeting. This gives a chance to the network to create running code and, critically, to do interoperability testing in a similar live with others. This discovers issues in particulars that can be examined in the next days.

For the reasons for this blog, the essential thing to comprehend is that RFCs don’t simply spring into reality. Rather, they experience a procedure that generally begins with an IETF Internet Draft (I-D) design that is submitted for thought of appropriation. For the situation where there is as of now a distributed determination, readiness of an I-D may very well be a straightforward reformatting exercise. I-Ds have a multi month dynamic lifetime from the date of distribute. To keep them dynamic, new forms should be distributed. Practically speaking, there isn’t much outcome to letting an I-D pass and it happens regularly. The archives keep on being facilitated on the IETF record’s site for anybody that needs to peruse them.

I-Ds are spoken to on the Secure Web Timeline as purple lines. Every one has a one of a kind name that appears as draft-{author name}-{working group}-{topic}-{version}. The working gathering field is discretionary, it may anticipate IETF WG that will deal with the piece and some of the time this changes. On the off chance that an I-D is received by the IETF, or if the I-D was started specifically inside the IETF, the name is draft-ietf-{working group}-{topic}-{version}. I-Ds may branch, consolidation or wither away. The rendition begins at 00 and increments by 1 each time another draft is discharged. For instance, the fourth draft of an I-D will have the variant 03. Whenever that an I-D changes name, its adaptation resets back to 00.

Note that anybody can present an I-D to the IETF; you ought not consider these as guidelines. In any case, if the IETF institutionalization procedure of an I-D reaches agreement, and the last report passes audit, we at long last get a RFC. The name changes again at this stage. Each RFC gets a one of a kind number for example RFC 7230. These are spoken to as blue lines on the Secure Web Timeline.

RFCs are permanent reports. This implies changes to the RFC require a totally new number. Changes may be done so as to consolidate fixes for errata (article or specialized blunders that were found and revealed) or essentially to refactor the detail to enhance design. RFCs may out of date more established renditions (complete substitution), or simply refresh them (substantively change).

All IETF archives are straightforwardly accessible on By and by I discover the IETF Datatracker somewhat more easy to understand on the grounds that it gives a perception of a reports advance from I-D to RFC.

The following is a precedent that demonstrates the improvement of RFC 1945 – HTTP/1.0 and it is a reasonable wellspring of motivation for the Secure Web Timeline.

IETF Datatracker perspective of RFC 1945

Curiously, over the span of my work I found that the above representation is erroneous. It is missing draft-ietf-http-v10-spec-05 for reasons unknown. Since the I-D lifetime is a half year, there has all the earmarks of being a hole before it turned into a RFC, while as a general rule draft 05 was as yet dynamic through until August 1996.

Text us more Talk about SSL, HTTP2, HTTP3 at Cheap Dedicated hosting Ewebguru. Com


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How To Verify Emails With In 3 Quick Steps

Chris Holroyd



Snovio Email Verifier

An email is a great tool to increase sales and boost business though you need to use it correctly. Have you ever heard of hard bounces? In brief, this is the percentage of emails that were not delivered to the recipients and the primary reason for this phenomenon is a great number of invalid email addresses included into an email list. All the email service providers block email accounts because of the high bounce rate.

So you need to know how to verify emails in 3 quick steps with the help of Email Verifier.

A brief glance at Email Verifier

Email Checker can eliminate every single invalid email in your mailing list. So you will get a clean, unique, and authentic email list with a zero bounce rate. Moreover, the tool marks catch-all email addresses, the ones created by ESPs bots to catch spammers. The verifier is represented as a web application and a Chrome extension.

A guide to using Email Verifier

Using Email Verifier is simple and straightforward and within a few minutes, you will get the emails verified. We will lead you through all the steps of using the tool, both app and extension.

Note: you need to sign up or log in if you already have an account. Otherwise, you won’t be able to verify emails. For this, go to the main page and sign in with your user account. If you do not have an account, registration is free, and you can quickly sign up with your Google account.

Email Checker Chrome extension

Step 1. Open a new tab, visit the Chrome Webstore, and find the Email Verifier extension. Click the Add to Chrome button and follow the instructions. Once the extension is successfully installed, a purple S-icon appears in the browser extension menu.

Step 2. Visit the web page you want to verify emails from, and once the page is fully loaded, click the email verifier icon to start the process. Select the found emails and click the Verify button or the + button to add the found email addresses to the list of prospects without verification. You will be redirected to the website.

Step 3. You will find all the lists of the saved email on the left side of the web page, select a list and wait for the page to reload, the emails on the list will be displayed. Click the Verify current list button and wait for the results (we’ll describe them later).

Email Finder web application

Once you are logged in, you can either verify a selected number of emails, the uploaded list of email addresses at a time, or a single email added manually.

Step 1. Bulk email verification. To verify the whole list of email addresses, upload the lists of email addresses, select the necessary one, and click the Verify current list button.

Bulk email verificationSelective email verification. If you do not want to check all the emails on the list, select the ones you need to, then click the double tick button that appears after choosing emails to verify emails.

Selective email verificationSingle email verification. If you need to verify a single email address, click the Verify email button and type in or copy and paste the necessary email address. Click the Verify email button.

Single email verificationStep 2. Verification confirmation. A pop-up notification appears. The popup informs you about the number of emails to be verified and the number of credits to be spent. If you have enough credits and you agree on the price, click the Verify button to start the verification process.

Verification confirmation

Step 3. Email verification status. Once the verification process is completed, you receive an email notification from about the verified list. Each verified email has one of these three statuses:

Green: valid; this means the email exists, it is valid and active; thus it can receive emails sent to it.

Yellow: catch-all; the status of the email is not certain, the email may exist but its hosting server may be down currently or the email may be restricted by the email service provider, and a host of any other issue.

Red: invalid; the email address does not exist at all or was disabled/deleted, and thus can never receive any email.

Just verify them

All in all, is an all-in-one platform which besides other tools offers a great email verifier tool to check emails. Thanks to it, you will always have the best email addresses of the target audience to write to. Email checker is easy-to-use, quick, and accurate so you won’t spend time and money in vain sending emails right and left and increasing the bounce rate.

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Best Smart TVs you Can Buy in India



Smart TVs

With the advancement in technology nowadays, no one likes to watch their favourite series and movies on old small-sized television sets. In this era, people prefer smart TVs, which is an upgraded version of the LED TV with which you can do a lot besides watching a movie or a TV serial. Smart TVs are better because they offer a seamless experience to the user by connecting them using wirelessly to the Internet to stream the shows directly from your phone on your smart TV. But what if you don’t have sufficient cash to buy a smart TV of your choice, don’t worry you can purchase it on credit using your best credit cards and pay in EMIs later on which will be hassle-free for you. Below listed are some of the smart TVs which you can buy using your credit card.

1) Sony Bravia 4K

The brand Soy needs no introduction. Since ages, the company has been providing very popular. Some appliances and other consumer electronic gadgets which are extremely popular worldwide.
This smart TV, Sony Bravia, is a 55-inch 4K ultra-high definition TV that comes with some of the amazing features like superb looks with technologies like X-reality pro and clear audio plus to enhance the user view experience. Also, it has excellent connectivity and super sound options at a reasonable price.

2) LG 55 Inches 4K LED Smart TV

LG is a premium brand that offers a top-notch quality product. The 55 inch 4K LED Smart TV is loaded with many features and that too at an affordable price. It has some impeccable features like 4K HD resolution and 20W sound system, and it can be smartly connected using a USB port. You can buy it on Amazon right away.

3) TCL 55 Inches 4K LED Smart TV

If you don’t have sufficient funds in your hands, then you might consider buying this one for your living room using your credit card. It is much cheaper and affordable than other LEDs and OLEDs smart TVs. The feature which outstands this smart TV is its thin frame, which makes it look beautiful and thus complementing your living space without taking much space. For greater connectivity, the TV has 2 HDMI ports, 2 USBs and an external sound system. Also, it also has a screen mirroring feature also which you can use to cast content from our laptop to the TV.

4) Sanyo 55 Inches 4K LED TV

Sanyo is also one of the leading smart TV manufacturers besides Samsung, Panasonic, and LG. It is a 55 inch smart TV with a sleek design and looks that can fit your living room beautifully. It has 20W powerful sound output, 3 HDMI ports for better connectivity and 2 USB ports as well. Moreover, it has a fantastic display and brightness.

5) Haier 55 Inches 4K LED TV

This smart TV is heavenly for those people who are looking for a full-fledged smart TV with some amazing sound and picture quality. Additionally, it features 4K resolution display, powerful 20W sound and a host of apps. This is one of the cheapest 55 inches LED TV available today among other brands.
Now, you know about some of the best smart TV options in the budget, which one would you prefer to buy?

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Impact of Modern Technology in Finance and Banking Sector




Impact of Modern Technology in Finance and Banking Sector

Can I simply look up to internet and hire someone to professional essay writers help? Will it be more convenient if I can consult a virtual doctor for non-emergency cases? Can I perform my money transfer from home rather than visiting the bank and waiting in queues? Well, if you can relate to some of these struggles in life, you don’t have to worry any more. Technology has offered and will continue to resolve number of your concerns with time.

With the advent of technology in various sectors, the operations and processes have become extremely smooth and accurate that almost every other organization is seeking to integrate innovative inventions for their progressive growth. When it comes to businesses, companies are heading towards transformation and advancements to yield fruitful results saving lot of their time.

Considering the advancements of technology in our society, we have alarms and alerts generating at our sensors in case of any poisonous substance detected in air, medical treatments that are life-saving before it can actually cause any major issue, or remotely tracking and monitoring of health and fitness plans in your daily life. These and other countless innovations made by technology has been contributing to elevating the overall progression of society and every individual sector.

Since technologies are responsible to automate business processes and bring more efficiency and accuracy in various operations,  the implementation of innovative ideas are leading the overall business sector towards revolution. When it comes to banking and finance sector, the new innovation “FinTec” is becoming increasingly popular with emerging consumer focus and increased customer experience.

Let us take closer look at the banking and finance sector areas impacted by technology.

· Enhanced Customer Service

Ever wondered how professional essay services are able to attract number of students to help them in their assignments submission? The strategies they adopt for building a strong customer base is what matters in their business growth. Similarly, banking and financial sectors must also use the advanced technological devices and tools to reach out to their potential and existing customers.

No matter what business you are dealing in, customer service improvement has been the top most priority in business expansion. Since the technology innovation has helped greatly in enhancing customer experience through the integration of automated process and mobile technology, more and more firms are looking for ways to deploy such tools for increasing their business growth.

The introduction of chat bots has also greatly helped in promoting responsive attitude of any of the customer’s query. If the financial and banking firms become proficient enough to deal with each client in a friendly and responsive manner, there is no doubt that clients will look forward to work with you and also keep coming back in case of any further case.

· Internet Banking

Do you often feel exhausted to wait in long queues in banks? Are you looking for ways to perform your bank-related with the help of your smart phones or laptops? Since the internet banking (aka online banking) has come into existing, it has become extremely convenient and hassle-free for customers to perform their banking related tasks simply by sitting in their homes.

From performing your financial transactions, bill payments to balance inquiry, technology has revolutionize the banking and finance sector significantly. People now prefer to make their bank accounts online so that they don’t have to go through all the hassles they would experience in their visit to banks.

· Tracking of Fraudulent Transactions

Since there was a dire need to implement efficient processes and technology to invest and identify fraudulent cases and transactions in banking sector, technology has come up with smooth and flawless fraud tracking mechanism.

The staff must be trained enough to get their hands on the technology and investigate all the fraudulent activities in any of the user’s accounts. The systems can also track through previous records and based on the results, they analyze the patterns and scenarios of fraud cases to predict the likelihood in future.

· Cryptocurrency and other virtual currency via Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrency becoming a new buzz word in the financial and business sector, is a digital currency that makes use of encryption and encoding to help in fund transfer virtually. Using distributed and open ledger, cryptocurency  is becoming a commonly used and hottest implication of blockchain.

Cryptocurrency exemplified by Bitcoin and its other alternatives are also become common among the tech savvy and finance people. Having the potential to gradually eliminate the current currency model, cryptocurrency will enhance the existing system as it has gained lot of trust and credibility from its users already.

Needless to say, the above mentioned technological advancements in the field of banking and finance sector has not only modernized the domains, it has also offered higher customer satisfaction and enhanced user experience.

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Top-Notch smart watches for women in 2019



smart watches for women in 2019

Health-conscious women need to monitor their daily activities. Moreover, they are in constant search of finding the best fitness device for their self. One such device in today’s digitalized world is a smart watch that is really smart. So, are you in search of the best smart watches for women and tired of finding the one? Then, there is nothing to worry about. Because, this article will shed light on the 5 top-notch smart watches for women who really care about their fitness. So, let’s explore which smart watch is best for you.

  • Apple Watch Series 4

Are you looking for a personalized coaching device that can monitor your daily activities? Tired of finding the best smart watch that has a larger display and is highly functional? Then, Apple Watch Series 4 is the right choice for you. This smart watch is water-proof with a battery life of around 18 hours. So, why not to try it at least once?

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch

Looking for an active-built in health tracking system in a smart watch? In search of a user-friendly smart watch that has a wireless charger and interchangeable bands? Then, you must go for Samsung Galaxy Watch. This smart watch has great things to offer you. For instance, it is not only user-friendly but is also capable of reminding important information throughout your day.

  • Fitbit Versa

Ladies who love outstanding design in their smart watch must try Fitbit Versa. Yes, you read that right. This smart watch stands out from the rest of crowd. This is because it scored high on Amazon ranks and is regarded as a top-notch smart watch for women who are health conscious. Moreover, it is capable to store around 300 songs which you can enjoy during your exercise. This smart watch has a lightweight design and is highly stylish as well.

  • Huawei Watch 2

This smart watch is highly vibrant and bright. So, if you are looking for a cool monitoring system embedded in a vibrant display, then Huawei Watch 2 is waiting for you. With its unique outlook, this smart watch has an accurate motion sensor and keeps you under observation, the whole day. It has leather and stainless steel straps that gives it a classy outlook. So, why not to try it at least once to feel ecstatic?

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  • Samsung Gear Sport

If you are in search of a simple and best smart watch package, then Samsung Gear Sport is the right choice for you. This compact smart watch gives you ample benefits. For instance, it controls smart devices along with tracking your daily sets of activities. Moreover, it is also capable to play offline music which you can enjoy during your exercise. And you know what? This smart watch has a battery life of at least 3 days. Because of its multifold benefits, women really like to wear this smart watch. So, why not you? You must try this watch is 2019 to gain benefits of this smart watch.

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4 Things that Make a Standout Search Engine


on a Standout Search Engine

Search engines are a necessity in this digital age. All the information is available to us in the palm of our hand, we just need to know how and where to search for it. Since the inception of the World Wide Web, we have seen Google being used as the primary search engine in addition to Bing and Yahoo. It is true that Google houses everything, but it is also a distraction as everything is available there and your desired search term might get lost in the plethora of information.

Among the search engines available online, is a great option. The unique name ‘xyz’ suggests that one can find every and anything here. Following are the benefits you will enjoy using

Unfiltered Search

When you’re looking for any song lyric, news or anything online and you don’t have a lot of information to put into the search bar, that’s where will help you. The search engine has the feature of giving unfiltered information. So, when you search a term you will get results from anything and everything related to that term. has a plethora of encyclopedias, books, discussions boards and what not. Search engines like help their users in displaying maximum results for their search enquiry.

Streamlined has a great mechanism for organizing information. The information present online is humungous and is increasing with each passing day. has a streamlined interface that stores all the information you need. The search engine also keeps on updating newer information as it comes in. keeps information on a wide array of topics from fashion to politics, from education to travel and what not. These topics help the users get all the information they need from one platform only. You don’t need to hop from search engine to search engine, all your information need is quenched at

Less Advertisements

When you need to get a task done, be it office work or an academic assignment, you’re most often than not working on a tight deadline where every second count. You do not have time for clicking and closing new tabs and or being distracted by advertisements. We hear from you! makes sure that they show less and less advertisements to aid users in getting the information they want without irritating them.

These days everyone is living in the search engine world, you need information, you use a search engine, you need to find a way, you use a search engine. To make your time searching pleasant you want to be on

Cool black Style

Who doesn’t love a no-nonsense website style? The website is a simple black background having one search box in the middle. The simple layout does not confuse users as they can be from varying age groups. The elderly and young kids can easily use the website without being lost. You type your search term in the white box in the middle of the screen, press enter and voila! You’ll get several references listed down for you with the topmost being the most relevant.

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Review – Windows Live Mail to Outlook Converter

Chris Holroyd



Windows Live Mail to Outlook Converter

Ways to view EML file in Outlook application – EML to PST Converter

If you are in the list of those users who are looking for conversion of EML files in Outlook application. This article surely helps you as we are explaining various ways for EML files conversion to PST format. But before we move ahead, let us know some common things about EML & PST file format and the causes of conversion from Windows Live Mail to Outlook.

Overview – Windows Live Mail and Outlook

Windows Live Mail is a free email client provided by Microsoft and it uses EML file format for storage of emails. Now Microsoft discontinued it and stops providing support.

On the other hand, Outlook is another email client by Microsoft and uses PST file format for database storage. PST file stores all emails, contacts, notes, calendars and other items.

However, direct movement of EML files in Outlook is not possible so users need to export EML files to PST format.

Windows Live Mail v/s MS Outlook

  • Windows Live Mail is now not supported by Microsoft whereas Outlook is an updated email client supported by Microsoft with several security features.
  • Windows Live Mail is not supported on mobile devices whereas Outlook supports on mobile devices.
  • Outlook works well on Exchange Server.
  • Outlook provides users with the facility to access emails in offline mode.
  • Outlook acts as a personal information manager.

Ways to migrate EML to MS Outlook

There are various techniques available to migrate Windows Live Mail data to MS Outlook. Get manual methods and software solutions below.

Technique 1. Export Windows Live Mail items to Outlook manually

Here are the steps to transfer WLM data to Outlook PST –

  1. Open Windows Live Mail client and Open Outlook client.
  2. From the Windows Live Mail, go to the File tab and choose Export option.
  3. Now select email messages from the list.
  4. Select Microsoft Exchange and click on the Next button.
  5. In the next window, select All emails will be exported to MS Outlook or Microsoft Exchange. Hit the OK button.
  6. Select the folder you want to migrate and click on OK button.
  7. Wait for the process to complete and then hit the Finish button.

Cons of the manual solution

The manual solution is very slow and it needs both email clients on your machine. Moreover, technical knowledge is required to handle the process and there is a risk of data loss.

Technique 2. Professional solution – EML to PST Converter

Here is an alternate solution which beats all the cons of the manual process by providing quick, safe and easy transfer WLM emails to PST format. Additionally, the application has various benefits that make it special for users to migrate EML files to Outlook client.


  • Rapid and smooth working utility
  • Support all MS Outlook versions
  • 100% safe and secure conversion


  • Only suitable for Windows operating system.

Benefits of WLM to Outlook Exporter application

  1. EML to Outlook Conversion software has simplified GUI for easy handling without technical skills.
  2. The software works not only Windows Live Mail EML files but also Outlook Express, Thunderbird clients EML file.
  3. The application converts EML emails & attachments to MS Outlook.
  4. The utility also allows conversion of EMLX files into PST format.
  5. The users have the facility to save the converted PST file either in new PST file or existing PST file as per user choice.
  6. The tool support mass conversion of EML files. It means you can convert multiple EML files to PST format at a time.
  7. There is no restriction on the number and quantity of EML files for conversion in Outlook application.
  8. A proper Windows-based tool that smoothly works on all Windows versions including Windows 10, 8.1, 7, XP, Vista etc.
  9. The users can freely choose any destination path to save the conversion results.
  10. There is complete maintenance of email formatting and folder hierarchy during EML emails conversion to PST format.

Related Searches

  • How to export WLM files to MS Outlook?
  • How to migrate from Windows Live Mail to Outlook 2019?
  • Can I import EML files to Outlook 2016?
  • Is it possible to read EML files in Outlook?
  • How do I open EML files in Outlook without Outlook installation?

Recommended solution – Softaken EML to PST Converter, which is a one-stop solution for the above searches.

Look for the steps to convert PST from EML with EML to PST Conversion Tool

With EML 2 PST Converter, it is only a few steps working to migrate Windows Live Mail data into Outlook without installing Outlook.

First, the users need to download and launch the software on their machine and after that go for the simplified steps –

  1. Add EML file/folders whom you want to export into PST format.
  2. Choose new PST or existing PST for saving PST files.
  3. Pick an output destination to save EML files.
  4. Place the mouse cursor to Convert button. You will get PST file at the selected location after a few minutes.


I hope after going through this article, the users will be able to import Windows Live Mail emails into Outlook application. The manual, as well as professional methods, are explained here. The users will pick the method as per their requirements.

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