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What is Blockchain and Why Does it Matter?

Chris Holroyd




The phrase “blockchain” is almost definitely familiar to you. But chances are you have no idea what it is or how it works, let alone why it is so popular. That’s OK. The majority of folks do not. 

This hasn’t stopped it from becoming a catchphrase in nearly every business, from finance to shipping to fantasy football. Amazon (AMZN), Facebook (FB), IBM (IBM), and Walmart (WMT) are among the corporations who believe blockchain technology might help them manage shipments and store data more efficiently, among other things. They aren’t alone in their enthusiasm for the technology, which many feel has the potential to transform logistics, food safety, finance, and even voting.

Not bad for a mysterious individual who created bitcoin and developed a mystery technology. 

Of course, none of this addresses your question: “What is blockchain?”

A public electronic ledger 

In essence, a blockchain is an immutable public digital ledger. A transaction cannot be easily modified once it has been entered. An analogy could be useful in explaining how it works. 

Consider the days when people kept track of their purchases and payments with a checkbook register. Extend that to numerous transactions involving millions of people, and consider that thousands of computers have copies of the register. Before a transaction can be recorded in the register, it must be verified by each computer. A transaction is written in permanent ink once it has been validated.

The register keeps track of transactions for a specific amount of time, which can be as short as ten minutes. The register is stapled shut and tagged with a unique alphanumeric sequence that identifies it once it has been filled. The first register is then bonded to the second. After a while, you’ll have a chain of registers.

A blockchain is essentially what it sounds like. Because these registers are saved on so many different systems, they are virtually immutable and unhackable. To continue the analogy, you’d have to unglue each checkbook until you reached the one containing the transaction you want to make before making the adjustment. This process would have to be repeated for each duplicate of the register. You couldn’t do it without drawing attention to yourself.

The primary advantage of public blockchains is that once information is logged, it can’t be
modified. There is a permanent record, and it is nearly impossible to hack because the ledger is shared by numerous entities.

The entries are also made under pseudonyms, ensuring some level of secrecy, and no single person has complete control over the ledger. As a result, blockchain is an excellent fit for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

And a slew of other things, albeit opinions differ on how beneficial it will be in specific applications.

A brief history 

Satoshi Nakamoto is the alleged pseudonym for the person or people behind the technology that was invented alongside bitcoin. Nakamoto, an enigmatic entity who has eluded identification, desired a decentralized, permanent, and public method of recording the production and distribution of each bitcoin. Blockchains now support a bewildering array of coins.

More than 18 million of the 21 million bitcoins that will ever exist have already been mined. Each of them, as well as any transactions involving them, has been recorded on a blockchain. This provides you an idea of how much data the system can manage.

Although Nakamoto intended blockchain to be a public ledger, permission-based blockchains controlled by a single company or organization quickly emerged. Because they’re stored on a smaller number of machines, they don’t provide the same level of immutability. Despite the hoopla, the ideas behind them aren’t brand new. 

According to Nicholas Weaver, a senior researcher at The International Computer Science Institute, permission-based blockchains are a 20-year-old concept. “Replace ‘private blockchain’ with a Google Doc that can only be updated whenever someone mentions it.”

Useful applications 

Companies are adopting blockchains to manage pharmaceutical information, track freight shipments, and trace food origins, among other things. Each software claims blockchains’ ability to retain a comprehensive record of data in a system that cannot be readily altered. 

Even still, some people are skeptical about the technology’s use. It is, without a doubt, beneficial to cryptocurrency. Critics, on the other hand, dismiss the notion that it will alter anything. “Anyone who claims that blockchain can solve Problem X doesn’t know what Problem X is,” Weaver stated.

He uses the widely publicized example of using a blockchain to track food production and distribution. Advocates argue that it would increase safety and make it easier to track down the source of a salmonella outbreak, for example. He believes that RFID chips or QR codes would be significantly more convenient. Because it eliminates the need for a person to manually input data on the ledger, which usually involves human error, such technology produces a more reliable record.

However, Catherine Tucker, a professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, believes that blockchain technology has enormous promise. Blockchains, she believes, will be most valuable in the management of digital currencies and the tracking of health and insurance data. 

“I think we can all agree that the method we save and record data hasn’t changed as much as other parts of our digital data use,” she said. “Identifying better methods for collecting data and preserving its integrity makes a lot of sense.”

The crucial thing for early users of blockchain technology to understand, according to Tucker, is that the technology is “changing,” and businesses shouldn’t accept it just to embrace it. Instead, companies should ensure that they truly require the technology and, once they have it, ensure that they can adapt to changes as the technology evolves, she said.

The most popular application of blockchain technology is the trading of cryptocurrency through several wallets. A Bitcoin wallet, for example, is a piece of software that stores Bitcoins. These wallets allow users to send and receive Bitcoins while also granting them ownership of their amount. Apart from that, the Ethereum Wallet is also highly popular. The technology behind these wallets is blockchain.

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Best Practices For Magento Maintenance And Support

Chris Holroyd



Magento Maintenance

E-commerce may be a competitive business and you can’t afford to lose customers at any stage of the method, in addition to at the try. once you have worked so hard to drive traffic to your site and build potential sales, slow operation or a store crash will be the difference between lifelong customers and losing a purchase.

1. Upgrade your Magento website to the most recent version

The first maintenance and support best practices you wish to constantly implement on your website is to upgrade your Magento website to the most recent version. one in all the advantages of upgrading to the newest version is to guard your website from hackers. Symantec revealed that U.S. consumers lost $19.4 billion dollars and about 20 hours of your time coping with the impact of Cyber attacks in 2017.

Upgrading your Magento to the most recent version will protect your website from hackers. this is often through with security patches. anytime Magento releases a replacement version, they release security patches that contain updates to mend security issues. you wish to update your current Magento to make sure that your website stays updated. Other benefits of upgrading to the newest version are:

• Improved performance and scalability
• Improved checkout process
• Mobile Friendliness
• Ease of upgrade
• Key integrations
• Instant purchase
• Email marketing automation
• Advance reporting

What if you don’t have time to upgrade your Magento otherwise you don’t know the way to try to to it?
Hire a Magento Developer to try to to it for you.

It is better to use an expert who has experiences in upgrading Magento websites. this may enable you to avoid making unnecessary mistakes which will cost you money and time.

2. Choose a reliable hosting service

Using a reliable hosting service for your Magento website is that the challenger practice you’ll imbibe to own a smooth running website. ensure that the online hosting service you wish to use works consistent with industry standards.

Choose your hosting services in keeping with the system requirements of your Magento version, the scale of your store and also the amount of traffic you expect. However, ensure you permit a margin for future growth.

Do not fall at no cost or cheap Magento hosting. they can’t provide you with the reliable hosting you would like. Companies that supply free or cheap hosting have low reliability, poor services, and unreliable staff. Don’t lose money, reputation, and clients during a bid to save lots of cost.

Pronko Consulting offers effective and reliable cloud hosting services. Get involved with us for consultation.

3. Configure Magento site cache

It is important that you just configure your Magento site cache to enhance and optimize the performance. a technique to configure the cache is to pick out varnish cache because it acts as an online accelerator. it’s also referred to as the reverse HTTP proxy. The proxy helps to optimize the speed of your Magento store by saving a replica of the page within the RAM when a user visits the page for the primary time. It also helps to manage the traffic and performance of the web site.

4. Secure the server environment

The Magento server must be secure in any respect times. make sure that there’s no unnecessary software running within the background. Don’t use the FTP, instead use secured communication protocols (SSH/SFTP/HTTPS) to manage your files. Don’t use easy-to-decode passwords, rather, use strong words and alter them from time to time. Monitor any issues reported by Magento on software components, installation, and configurations.

Also, don’t use different software on the identical server with Magento. this may reveal information stored on your Magento system. make sure that all of your software applications are updated.

5. Remove the test products

Test products are necessary at the onset, but when everything has stabilized, you would like to get rid of them. this is often because it’ll affect your reports and curtail side queries. it’ll also take a decent chunk of your space which can make the system slow for processing orders. after you remove the test products, it’ll improve the speed and performance of your Magento web store.

6. Keep your extensions up to this point

Most extensions need updates on an everyday basis. make sure you seek advice from your extension provider or ask to be notified of important updates. If you’re aiming to migrate to a current version of Magento, you may must make sure that your extensions are up to this point with the redo. Also, updating your antivirus software is additionally important. it’ll keep your Magento store safe from malware, virus and suspicious links.

7. Hire a Magento maintenance company

There are many aspects of Magento maintenance and support which will either be difficult for you to handle because you’re not technically inclined otherwise you don’t have enough time to figure on them. These include Magento upgrades, speed, and security.

This is the time you would like to rent a Magento maintenance company like Pronko Consulting that has the expertise to handle these issues.

Mango IT Solutions

We are an e-commerce agency that focuses totally on the Magento platform. it’s a team of certified and experienced Magento developers who are exceptionally strategic, creative and technical digital specialists that provide technical consulting, performance and optimization, maintenance and support, migration to Magento 2, systems integration, design and testing services.

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The 5 Most Important Benefits of Appropriate IT Asset Disposition

Chris Holroyd



IT Asset Disposition

E-waste and the reckless disposal of IT properties is a global problem. Although we can’t stop technology from progressing, we can certainly monitor how we dispose of our e-waste.

You can do it yourself (which is risky) or employ an IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) firm.

For a variety of purposes, we will recommend the latter. For one thing, your old and obsolete IT properties (such as used telecom equipment) were once used to store and transmit sensitive data. They could pose a security risk to the organization if not properly disposed of, i.e. with 100 percent data erasure (or the nation, if your information is that crucial).

As a result, effective ITAD is critical. Organizations are aware of this. The fact that the ITAD market is rising at such a rapid pace demonstrates this. According to Markets and Markets, what was once estimated at USD 10.12 billion in 2015 is now projected to hit USD 20.09 billion by 2022, with a CAGR of 9.83 percent over the forecast period.

ITAD is for a lot more than just data erasure. This article covers everything you need to know about IT Asset Disposition, including how to do it safely and responsibly.

A Comprehensive Asset Disposition Program’s Key Elements

Let’s start with the fundamentals of ITAD.

IT asset disposition (ITAD) is a company that focuses on safely and environmentally friendly disposal of outdated or unused equipment.

A well-thought-out asset disposal strategy follows four main steps:

Transportation and logistics – The method of sorting out the old and surplus IT reserves based on their reusability, marking them, and shipping them to a location where they will be destroyed.

– Refurbishing – After the equipment has been sorted for usability, we will determine what can be reused and restored. Alternatively, it can be resold at market rates.

The most important aspect is data destruction. Its aim is to ensure that all of your data is securely destroyed after verification. Certificates of data destruction are needed for auditing purposes.

– Recycling and Reporting – Recycling is the final step in the ITAD. If the equipment is classified as “not reusable,” it will be recycled. The equipment will be ‘operated’ here in order to recover recycled components and elements. The remainder will be burned in a responsible manner.

To summarize, the ITAD company you hired manages our e-waste (for example, surplus or used phone equipment) by separating the useful (for reuse), transporting the waste (for data destruction) (confidential data that may pose a threat to your organization), and sending them off to their predetermined end (recycling/incineration). All of this is done while maintaining privacy, protection, and environmental enforcement, allowing you to get the most out of your IT properties.

Five Advantages of a Well-Managed ITAD Program

ITAD efficiency comes with a slew of advantages. The top five are listed below:

1. Inventory Control: E-waste is the term for electronic waste. Averted Crisis…

To run a company, we need IT gadgets (in some form or another). We require telephones, systems, plugs, and so on. And as we grow, so does technology. Telephones (landlines) are becoming redundant, and networks are being updated. There is a crisis.

We are not just averting (or making the most of) the impending (or current) crisis by implementing a standard and effective ITAD software (more on it later). We have a precise count of IT properties that have been properly labeled and disposed of.

2. Keeps Logistics Costs Under Control

Consider the prospect of having to dispose of your old IT equipment on your own. On top of the key workload, imagine the burden of collecting, arranging, marking, packaging, extracting, refurbishing, reselling, and R2 recycling. Consider losing, misplacing, or destroying once-valuable equipment. Consider this…

You will save time and money by hiring an ITAD company to dispose of your obsolete IT assets. There’s also the issue of stress. Running a company is no laughing matter.

They’ll handle everything, including logistics costs. And with reliable reporting, you’ll really know what’s going on with your prized possessions.

3. Provides complete data protection during disposal

The most significant benefit of ITAD is safe and validated data erasure. Data breaches may occur as a result of irresponsible data destruction of old equipment, causing harm to the company and its associates.

Before submitting your data for recycling, reusing, or reselling, ITAD guarantees that it is responsibly destroyed (even providing you with a certificate for verification).

4. Ensures that environmental, corporate, and compliance laws are followed.

Responsible asset disposal necessitates compliance with a variety of environmental, local/national, and corporate laws and regulations, as well as those specific to your sector. Failure to comply may result in public humiliation, a breach of confidence, and a slew of fines.

Guys, this is not a good idea.

Thankfully, every ITAD company ensures that all of your disposal is completed in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

5. Recovering the highest possible value

Nowadays, asset disposal is more than just a cost. It also refers to asset recovery, which refers to the money (or value) gained from reselling or refurbishing electronic waste. A well-designed ITAD program will help you get the most out of your used IT and telecom equipment both directly (through resale costs) and indirectly (through elements recovered during recycling) (by saving you from breaching compliance and the resultant penalty).

Overall, ITAD is vital to the success of your business. When the time comes, you should not overlook this choice.

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How to Setup Chromecast on Windows 10 Computer

Chris Holroyd



Chromecast on Windows 10 Computer

If you have bought a high-end TV recently and are looking forward to experiencing vivid colors, how about casting your favorite movies and videos of other devices?

Now you can either cast the content of your devices or mirror them on TV. With Chromecast, projecting your computer screen to TV becomes easier.

What is a Chromecast?

Chromecast is a device that lets you cast and stream the content of your computer or other devices ( Smartphones, Tablets) directly on your TV. For example, you can watch your favorite videos, listen to your favorite songs and play games. 

Chromecast on Windows 10 Computer

It is like a smart dongle that connects to your home network. You can search the Chromecast app for windows 10 Moreover, the recent versions of Chromecast can stream 4k quality!

Why do you need a Chromecast?

  • Cast your favorite shows and movies on TV.
  • You can also cast projects on TV during an office meeting.
  • Watching something on a big screen offers more entertainment and efficiency.

In this article, we will be showing you how to set up Chromecast on your Windows 10 computer. 

Required setup for Chromecast

It is very easy to set up Chromecast. Moreover, it can be used on any device. You can get a Chromecast app for windows 10 as well.

But to set up the Chromecast, we need the following requirements. 

  1. A Google Chromecast device
  2. A computer with Windows 10 installed. 
  3. Also, you need to download the Google Chrome browser on your PC
  4. A Television screen
  5. A secured wifi connection 
  6. A Google account

If you have all the required items arrayed, then we can start with the process. But firstly, make sure to plug the Chromecast device into your television through the HDMI port.

  • Connecting the ends 

Firstly, find the HDMI end of your Chromecast device and plug it inside the HDMI port of your TV. Then, plug the USB end into the USB adaptor.

  • Change the source

Next, use the remote of your TV to change the source ( for example, there are sources such as ‘TV, ‘AV).  Make sure to change it to the HDMI port into which you have plugged the Chromecast device ( for example, HDMI 1, HDMI 2).

In most of the tv remotes, there is an option of the ‘source’ button. Press the button until your TV screen shows either HDMI 1 or HDMI 2.

Once you have successfully set up the Chromecast device with your television, the next step is to set it up on your Windows 10. It’s really easy. Just follow the steps shown.

  • Install the Chrome Browser 

Installing Google chrome browser is simple. If you are not using a google chrome browser, you need to download it.

You can search it up on any search screen of your current browser, or you can go to and download the file on your Windows 10 computer.

  • Setting it up smoothly

Then, you can run the Chrome Browser on your PC and go to From there you can start setting up the Chromecast. 

Next, you will see a prompt of privacy terms. Click on the ‘accept.’

  • Searching the available Chromecast device

After agreeing to the conditions, the webpage will look for available Chromecast devices that are connected to your secured wifi network. But, if your computer is unable to find the Chromecast device, disconnect it and try once again.

  • Connect to the Chromecast device

Next, click on the ‘set me up’ button that should come up after your computer finds the device. Then check the wifi icon on the bottom right of the taskbar of your computer. By clicking on it you might find a list of available connections. 

In addition, make sure you know your Chromecast’s open wifi network ( it varies). Then connect it to that wifi network. 

  • Connecting the codes

Next up, you will see a matching code appearing on your pc screen with that of the tv screen. Click yes to proceed.

  • Provide a name

On the next screen, you have to provide a name for your Chromecast. You can type any name of want and click on ‘Looks good.

  • Confirming the wifi settings

After that, you need to confirm the changes made to the wifi settings. Thereafter, go to the wifi network and enter the password of your connection and click on ‘connect.’

  • All set!

Now you are all set to enjoy your shows on the big screen. Files on your pc are now ready for casting.

However, only setting up your Chromecast won’t let you enjoy the shows on screen. As you know, buying a tv doesn’t give you access to channels right away. The same applies to Chromecast. 

Thus, you can download the Chromecast app for your windows 10, like Netflix, Disney Hotstar, etc, and make accounts with each streaming platform to stream unlimited content on your big screen.

Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy using your chrome.

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How to Build a Successful Agency-Client Relationship

Chris Holroyd



Successful Agency-Client Relationship
Yours could be the best agency in the world in terms of results, but if your clients find it difficult to work with you, or you don’t align with their philosophy and culture, the working relationship is likely to fail. At Aprais we know stronger relationships build stronger businesses. It’s also true that for agencies, creating good working relationships can reap wider rewards – more than 50% of digital marketing agencies say their main source of new business is from client referrals. It shouldn’t always be the case that the client chooses the agency. The agency should also be clear that the client is a good fit. Sometimes it’s a better business decision to pass on projects. Beyond this, there are a few basic principles to follow to build and maintain positive relationships. Quick Takeaways:
  • Positive agency-client relationships are the key to business success for both parties.
  • Good communication is vital, as is having clear expectations on both sides.
  • Evaluation improves relationships and can even save failing ones.

1. Build trust with transparency and accountability

Be realistic about what you can achieve and hold yourself accountable. If you’re unsure, it’s best to err on the side of caution. Look at it this way, if you complete a project a week ahead of the deadline, your client will be delighted. If you deliver a week late, you’re risking losing their business.

2. Set clear goals and measure success

Ideally goals are set as a team, but if a client doesn’t set them this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t. Research by the Content Marketing Institute shows more than 50% of B2B content marketers either don’t measure ROI or are unsure if they do or not.
Further to this, only 4% of respondents stated that they were “very proficient” at using metrics to measure the results of their content marketing success.
This presents a clear opportunity for agencies to differentiate. Setting clear goals for success and presenting the results of campaigns in the form of measurable figures demonstrates value. It builds trust, boosts communication and accountability, and helps challenge by identifying future improvements.

3. Communicate regularly and effectively

It’s important for your clients to be actively involved in their campaigns and projects, and have the opportunity to ask questions and request changes. You should make it clear from the start how your clients can contact you and how frequently they should expect to touch base. This might include:
  • Answering emails within a set time
  • Having scheduled weekly phone calls to discuss projects
  • Setting up regular review meetings
  • Sending reports and results of campaigns on a monthly basis.
Clients should be able to reach you on short notice in an emergency, but our data shows frequency of contact doesn’t in itself improve relationships. When you enter into a new agreement with a client, make sure that they know what level of contact to expect and also what you’ll need from them in order to work effectively. Transparency is also key – if things aren’t going well, don’t gloss over the details. Your client will appreciate the honesty and you can work together to challenge and improve processes going forward.

4. Work in partnership

The best relationships are where both parties work as a team, rather than from a client-supplier model. Keep your clients informed and involved with your processes so they can better understand how members of each of your teams can work together. Allow yourselves to be challenged and listen to feedback on how you can improve your processes. Commit to ongoing innovation through regular brainstorming sessions and sharing of information so you can learn and grow together. 5. Evaluate the relationship – Our own data shows that evaluations improve relationships. Not all evaluations are created equally and using internal processes can create an ‘inhouse bubble’ and skew interpretations. For best results evaluations should be conducted on a six-monthly basis and incorporate a process whereby both parties evaluate each other. A regular process of evaluation can help turn around a failing relationship, which is ultimately more efficient and cost-effective than a lengthy pitch process. This requires a transparent, two-way conversation.
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B2B Telesales Data: Cold Calling Guide

Chris Holroyd



B2B marketing
As the B2B businesses step into the modern days of business, the various ways of B2B marketing and collecting B2B marketing data are undergoing major changes. Customers demand a more personalized experience from the marketing sectors, which will help them solve their issues. When one looks into the business data analysis, they can find out that people prefer less complex methods of interacting amidst the pandemic. One of the primitive ways of B2B lead generation, known as cold calling, rose the ranks during this time. Cold calling facilitates a more personalized experience as it involves a one-on-one discussion between the customer and the salesperson of the company. Here we will throw some light upon how a company can go about with cold calling, but let us understand what cold calling is before we proceed. WHAT IS COLD CALLING?
Cold calling refers to a strategy used by a company where a salesperson personally calls up individuals and informs them about the company’s products and services. This B2B lead generation method works with only those who were never associated in any business with the company. Cold calling as a telemarketing initiative allows a company to convince customers about the high quality of their goods and services. Another variant of cold calling is warm calling, where the salesperson dials in those customers who have previously shown some interest in the company’s products. You make this job easier by hiring expert companies like bizprospex who provide various data appending services and make data verification and address search an easy job to do. BENEFITS OF COLD CALLING: As a B2b lead generation strategy, Cold calling made it through the tides of time and remained one of the most preferred ways of telemarketing. Moreover, the basis of cold calling is customer interaction and direct conversation; therefore, it helps in generating good leads for the business. Cold calling has three main benefits;
  • It helps in finding new customers and reaching out to them.
  • It enables you to make your sales pitch get near perfection.
  • Establishing a human connection with the prospective customer.
According to the data released by ZoomInfo, 76% of salespeople reveal that connecting at the right time increases the chances of converting a prospect into a customer. 27% of the marketers exhibit that a direct phone call to the customers is much more effective. Besides this, Phone contacts respond to up to 57% from the c-level and VP buyers. STEP-BY –STEP GUIDE TO COLD CALLING: When you want to initiate cold calling, it is important to keep in mind that there are two steps;
  • Pre calling tasks
  • Actual execution.
So, let us try to understand the five stages blended in these two steps; 1. Prepare a prospective list: It is essential to prepare a list of customers you wish to contact. Arrange them in the order of preference so that you can contact the customers out of whom you expect reciprocation. While this might be a hard nut to crack, data show that 49% more contact attempts proceed the discussion by 88%. companies like wahleads will help you build customer lists so that you can contact them without any delay. 2. Utilize the organizational charts and departmental inputs: The organizational charts made by the research team and the department’s inputs help you make a better attempt. Following their data verification will help you contact the best leads without wasting any time. Their inputs will help you proceed with a discussion and convince a customer. 3. Finding out the people and identifying their phone numbers: It is the most important part of cold calling, where you need to identify your prospects and find out the correct phone numbers. Various companies offer help to make phone search an easier job. You will waste your time if you keep dialling into wrong numbers and bump across wrong people. 4. Using auto dialers: Automated dialers make your job way easier by facilitating smooth contact with your customers. It will help you dial lots of people at a stretch without wasting any extra time. 5. Use a prepared script: Prepare a script for yourself if you are a beginner. Having a written script in front of you will boost your confidence and help you talk to the customer without any hesitation. Besides that, smooth-talking will help in a smooth transfer of information to the customer. Now that you know the relevance of cold calling and its impact, it is better not to waste any time contemplating. There are various firms like bizprospex that can assist you with their data appending servicesskip tracing services, and make cold calling a cakewalk for you.
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Why Computer Monitoring Software Is So Famous!

Chris Holroyd



Computer Monitoring Software

Some of you might have already heard about the spy app and monitoring software trends and many of you who might be like me will still new to this whole buzz. Well, there is nothing to be ashamed of if you belong to the latter group. Recently I found out about the use of the spy app and was curious about finding out what’s this all about. Turned out there are many wonderful features that can help a person in their domestic as well work life if he or she uses the computer monitoring software or android monitoring app for cell phone. One of the apps called OgyMogy offers many features that reveal the secret of why these apps are getting in trend and the reason for their popularity. 

Some of the details of the silent features are as follows. Just give it a try and am sure you will understand why you need a spy app in your life.

Real-Time Screen Monitoring Is Not a Myth Anymore:

They say one can watch the screen of the target person in real-time by using the screen monitoring feature of the spy app. I could not believe it but it is true. Now one can make a surprise visit to their teen desktop or can monitor the work of the employees in real-time by using this feature. The activities are also stored in the form of snapshots and video recordings with timestamp information. 

No Need To Ask About The Whereabouts:

I have seen many employees tellings lie about their whereabouts or location or kids who skip school just to have a good time without letting their parents know. Well, this feature is for all employers and parents who are victims of this kind of fraud. One can keep track of the real-time location of the target person at any given time by using the location tracking feature. Trace your teen, employees, drivers, or delivery guys and now about their pinpoint movements the right way.

Access To The Built-In Calendar Schedules and Plans:

Know about the schedule and plans of the employees by having remote access to the built n calendar with the help of computer monitoring software

Internet Is Diversion:

Internet is a huge diversion whether we talk about a teenager or the employees. Track all the browsing history of the target person by using the tracked browsing history feature offered by the spy app. It let the user know about the website visited by the targets in the given period so know if your kid was wasting all night browsing or found out about any porn site on the teen’s device by using this feature. You can track any employees who waste time on useless activities as well. 

Know About Their General Interest :

Want to know about the general interest of teen or employees activities in the official hours well here is your chance. The spy app gives remote access to the bookmark folder of the target person’s device. You can check the frequently visited web content about their general hobbies and interests.

Social Media In Your Access:

Use social media monitoring features of the OgyMogy spy app and know all about the newsfeed, chatbox, and even voice details activities of the target person. One can check the FaceBook spy app, Instagram spy app, Line spy app, Whatsapp spy app. Snapchat spy app, Tinder spy app, Tumblr spy app, and more. 

Want To Know About Secret Account  Details:

 Use the keylogging feature and know about all the account id and passwords of the target device right away.

OgyMogy computer monitoring software is for Mac and Windows users. One can keep a check the android phones as well through the android spy app version. All the features are offered in the form of bundle packages. Users can select the package that contains most of their desires and needed features. One important thing to mention here is that you have to physically access that target device at the time of installation. Installation is only done when you have physical access to the device. After that, all the monitoring is done remotely. Moreover, the target device must not be password encrypted as you will not be able to install the spy app on that device that is password protected.

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What is difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

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New Age of Child Care

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How Does Buying of Automatic Instagram Likes Work?

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