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What Do You Need To Know To Protect Your Data

Chris Holroyd



Protect Your Data

Information Security Specialist Denis Gamayunov on the basic concepts of this area. Post-Science continues to talk about modern technologies and competencies of the future in the project “ Knowledge Bank ”, prepared jointly with  Sberbank Corporate University .


Cybersphere, cyberspace (an undefined term) is a context of human interaction, established in digital signal flows. To interact with other people and machines in this digital environment, people must express their thoughts in writing codes and graphic images without using gestures, contacts, or physical presence. Thus, cyberspace is best understood as virtual space or medium.

Internet of things

The Internet of things is a term that means a large and ever-increasing set of digital devices operating on networks with global potential. The concept of the Internet of things describes a computer network of physical objects (“things”) equipped with built-in technologies for interacting with each other or with the external environment. In contrast to the conventional Internet, which is also called the Internet of people, the Internet of things is formed exclusively by intelligent sensors and other similar devices that may be susceptible to cyber attacks.


Cybersecurity is a set of tools, strategies, security principles, security guarantees, risk management approaches, training, practical experience, insurance and technologies that can be used to protect the cyber sphere, Organization & user resources include connected computer devices, personnel, infrastructure, applications, services, telecommunication systems, and the entire set of transmit and / or stored information in cyber sphere.


A hacker is skilled programmer who can find quick and elegant ways to fix bugs or make changes to software. Interestingly, in the Russian-speaking environment, the word “hacker” is often used as a synonym for the word “attacker”: a person committing various kinds of illegal actions in the field of computer science. It’s more correct to call cybercriminals the word “blackjacker” (from English blackhat ).

Computer attack

Computer attack – targeted unauthorized influence on information, on the resource of an automated information system or gaining unauthorized access to them using software or hardware and software. As a rule, an attack exploits one or another vulnerability in the attacked information system or a combination of vulnerabilities.


Vulnerability – a flaw in the computer system, the use of which leads to a violation of the integrity of the system and incorrect operation. The vulnerability arises as a result of programming errors, flaws that were allowed when designing the system, weak passwords, malware, and so on.

Hardware bookmark

Hardware tab – a device in an electronic circuit, covertly embedded to other elements that can interfere with the work of a computer system. The result of the hardware bookmark can be either a complete disabling of the system, or a violation of its normal functioning, for example, unauthorized access to information, modification or blocking. A hardware bookmark can be used to covertly collect data from the system and transmit it to an attacker, and the introduction of such a bookmark is possible both in production and throughout the supply chain from the manufacturer to the end user.


Compromise (hacking) is the result of a successful attack on a system vulnerability. In cryptography, this term is used to indicate the fact of access by an unauthorized person to the protected information, as well as suspicion of it. Most often they consider the compromise of a private key, a private algorithm, a digital certificate, accounts (passwords), subscribers, or other secured elements, allowing to verify the identity of the participant in the exchange of information. They often talk about getting a shell (remote access to the system with user or administrator rights) as a result of successful compromise.

Attack detection

Detection of attacks is the process of constant monitoring of an information system in order to detect and block computer attacks on it. The process can be carried out using special software or hardware, cybersecurity specialists, cloud monitoring centers (the so-called SOC – Security Operations Center ), and even government services. For example, in Russia there is GosSOPKA – a distributed system for detecting and preventing computer attacks, which is supervised by the FSB.

Vulnerability Detection

Vulnerability Detection – the process of analyzing an information system in order to detect possible problems in the security system, assess and eliminate vulnerabilities. Vulnerability detection can include research and reverse engineering of the software and hardware components of the system, analysis of program code using special methods to detect previously unknown flaws – this is done by hackers and security researchers, and if successful, they talk about detecting a “zero day vulnerability” (0 day) . Vulnerability detection may also involve analyzing the system for the presence of known flaws, and then we can talk about “penetration testing” or security analysis using the “black box”, “gray box,” “transparent box” methods. In this case, special safety scanners can be used in combination with manual analysis.

Protected software

Protected software (safe software) – it is customary to talk about software development methodologies that developers can or should use to minimize the likelihood of vulnerabilities in their programs and, as a result, reduce the possible consequences of attacks on these programs. Many large companies have already moved or are actively transitioning to the secure software development cycle, in which hackers play one of the key roles.

Encryption key

An encryption key is secret information (a set of numbers and letters) that is used by the algorithm to encrypt and decrypt information. There are symmetric ciphers (in this case, one key is used for encryption and decryption) and asymmetric, in which each participant has their own key pair: public and private. The public (public key) is accessible to everyone and is often used to encrypt data when the browser accesses the server using the SSL / TLS protocol. Private (secret key) is known only to the owner of the site. Used to decrypt data sent by the browser. In practice, public and private key encryption is used to negotiate a symmetric cipher key between the browser and the server at the very beginning of HTTPS interaction

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Secure Data

Tips On Securing Your Business Website From Hackers

Maricar Morga



Tips On Securing Your Business Website From Hackers

Establishing your web identity is a vital part of your marketing campaign. On the other hand, as you concentrate on enhancing your online presence and ranking in search engines, you still need to be alert in responding to cyberattacks by securing your website from hackers

Web protection is a dynamic and ever-changing challenge. Every so often, the scenery for cybercrime shift. New and more efficient security features and functions for websites are evolving daily. However, hackers and cybercriminals are also continuously reinventing themselves to navigate these security features and target insecure pages.

How Can Hackers Hack Your Business Website? 

You must understand your website’s potential to become vulnerable to attacks. Online protection, otherwise known as cybersecurity, can be considered a means of defending the website from cyber threats and assaults. Although complicated, it includes setting up features and taking steps to protect your data and visitors to your site from cybercriminals.

Here are several different ways that hacking presents itself:

  • Malicious software: This is a significant threat that hackers use to steal data and facilitate unwanted access to the site.
  • Blacklisting: If a search engine detects malware on your site, it could be omitted from the search results that eventually reduce your web exposure.
  • Gibberish Hack: You’ll see lots of auto-created pages loaded with keywords and gibberish to get them to rate on Google for key phrases. When clicked on, they’re going to redirect to a dubious link.
  • Ransomware: The hacker would threaten to reveal your data and deny access to your site until a separate ransom fee is paid.
  • Malicious code/viruses: If a malicious code or virus is introduced into your site, your site may crash, or you may not be able to access it. You will find that all of your hardware is impaired as well.
  • DDoS attacks: These attacks slow down or crush your server, rendering it unavailable to visitors of your site.
  • Vulnerable exploits: Involves attacking and removing data from your business website through its weak points and loopholes. 

Ways To Protect Your Business Website

Hackers are not only attacking large and established businesses. They also aim at small enterprises and personal websites. That reason should be enough to ensure that you add and do all the appropriate security features and precautions if you have a website. Here are a few things you can do to reduce the exposure of your site to hackers.

1. Update Your Website System

Hackers still learn how to navigate current security features. That is why upgrades are required as they come with new technology and components for better security features. It is also a must that your site is running on the currently available software with the latest and most robust security features. 

When searching for new hack sites, cybercriminals often attack insecure websites with obsolete components such as themes and plugins, among other elements. They are easy to browse, circumvent, and obtain access to the restricted areas of your website. 

Keep your applications up to date by updating and evaluating all the software elements on your website. Do a simple search report to determine what needs to be updated. If there are components with an auto-update option, and the program documentation makes automatic updates without disrupting the web functionality, toggle the feature. 

2. Have an SSL Certificate

Another thing that you must not forego is that you must have an SSL certificate on your website. You also need to encrypt data, such as login details, that moves between your server and your visitors. There are various SSL levels you can get; eCommerce sites that handle payment data, for example, can use a more sophisticated version. 

SSL encrypts the information that travels through your website and your guests. Google now alerts users when they reach a site without an SSL and also “discriminates” individual pages in their search results. It is essential to provide SSL protection if you accept payments via your website or request login information. Without this, any data is unprotected and open to hackers.

3. Have A Powerful Password

Your password is like a lock in your room. The heavier the bolt, the more challenging it is for someone to break in. Go all out on your passwords to make them as robust as possible. The aim is to make your passwords as unique as possible so that no one will guess them. 

That means keeping away from obvious choices such as using the name or common passwords such as “qwerty,” “Password,” or “123456.” A strong password involves a mixture of letters and symbols. The longer the password, the better. The common fear people have when constructing complicated passwords is that they won’t memorize them. However, you can use password managers to help you remember your passwords and refrain from being logged out of your accounts and profiles. 

4. Have A Password Encryption

That is especially relevant for websites that enable consumers to include their personal information and login with a password. To protect them, encrypt their records, including their password. The security of your website is also related to the security requirements of your web host. They can also retain secure passwords on their servers to preserve any of your hosting pages’ integrity.

5. Find A Secure Host

It is also essential that your hosting company for your business website is reputable in their field. They should offer a security feature that will keep your website safe from any possible attack. Your chosen web host provider should also provide a backup feature where it can store your data. If an attack happens, it should be able to retrieve your backup data any time of the day. Your host should have come with technical support 24/7. 

6. Secure Your Comment Section

While it is excellent to have received comments from your website visitors, sometimes you have to be cautious as not every commenter mean well for your site. You may receive comments from fake accounts, bots, trolls, and spammy links that may contain malware. When one of your website visitors accidentally clicks on it, it can pose a danger to your website and your visitors as well. 

To refrain this from happening, you can set to accept comments manually. That will help you identify malicious statements and delete them right away. You can opt to use a plugin or anti-spam software that will help you eradicate unsafe comments. 

7. Place Security Plugins

Experts advise that you can also expand your website’s protection by placing security to protect it. It will provide another layer of protection and prevent hackers from infiltrating your business website. Moreover, having security plugins will stop cybercriminals from spying on your site’s login details that will allow them to enter your website. It will also help secure loops that make your website susceptible to attacks and be on the lookout for malware and viruses. 

Final Thoughts

Having a business website is one of the most critical moves for any company in this digital era. However, securing your website is a must not compromise your hard work. There is much personal information found on your site. If you do not take security seriously, it can pose a massive threat to your business, existing clients, and potential customers.

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Secure Data

5 Ways To Keep Your Donor Database Engaged

Chris Holroyd



Database Engaged

When it comes to running a successful nonprofit, it’s essential to keep your donor base engaged. Otherwise, you could end up losing essential support over time and compromising your ability continue providing services. There is so much nonprofit data to consider on a regular basis that it’s easy to temporarily lose sight of one of your top priorities—which is earning and keeping the loyalty of your donors. Here are five ways to keep your donor database engaged.

How Nonprofit Data Can Help You in Understanding Your Donor Demographics

Though it may seem overwhelming at times, analyzing nonprofit data is essential for helping you understand our donor demographics. To do this effectively, you need some type of tool that can help you make sense of the numbers. Raiser’s Edge donor management software can make data importation and organization a cinch.

As you analyze the information in your database, you can gain insight into your donor demographics. Once you understand who your donors are, you can create a more targeted outreach approach that will feel more personal to your donors and will be more likely to earn their engagement and interest. When you consistently focus on targeting your content to your various donors, you’ll experience greater success in your efforts.

Leverage Your Nonprofit Data To Help You in Donor Outreach

Developing an effective donor outreach takes skill, but it also takes a lot of data. Blackbaud Salesforce Integration software provides you with an effective way to drive your fundraising efforts while utilizing leading data intelligence. This tool can help you segment and score your most likely future donors without spending exorbitant amounts of time doing so. There is no easier way to manage your nonprofit data so you can use it to maximize donor outreach.

Calculate Your Donor Retention Rate

In addition to the tools above, you can also keep your donor database engaged by calculating your donor retention rate. Then, you can focus your efforts on ways to improve donor retention rate.

Be Creative

Donors love to be thanked for their support, but if you always thank them in the same way, it can get boring. To pique their interest and keep them engaged, treat your donors to new and exciting shows of gratitude. For example, you may consider taking time to make some in-person visits with gift baskets in-hand to show your gratitude to top donors. Talk with your team and brainstorm new ways to help your donors feel appreciated and valued.

Get Feedback

If you’re not sure how to keep your donors engaged, why not ask them? You could create a poll or send out an email inviting your donors to tell you why they give to your organization. The idea is to learn what motivates your donors to give. Once you understand their motivation, you can come up with more effective ways to reach out to them. You can also post a survey on social media welcoming donors to explain what they like about your nonprofit and what you could do to improve your relationship with them.

Author Bio:

Rohan Biswas is a Writer and a Blogger. He loves to write any category content, but his Favourite is Lifestyle. He is the founder and CEO at Solvingbee, Where you can find any type of how to post.

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Why is it important to invest in Cybersecurity for SMB customers ?

Chris Holroyd



Cybersecurity is important for Small and Medium Businesses with breaches happening regularly across businesses of all sizes & SMB customers are becoming soft targets for cybercriminals. They often find themselves in a situation where they do not have enough budgets to invest in advanced security solutions in spite of a recent spike in attacks on SMB customers. For most of the SMB customers, the IT Security starts and ends with an Antivirus and a Firewall.

Cybersecurity for SMB

Main attacks targeting SMB include Ransomware, Business Email Compromise, RDP attacks, credentials takeover, and hacking of Servers and PABX. Following a basic checklist can make sure that SMB customers stay secure without getting caught by surprise. Given below are the main areas of cybersecurity for SMB customers that need focus :

Backup your Data Regularly

Malware attacks or accidental deletion by employees can put companies in awkward situations where important data goes missing. By regularly backing up you’ll ensure your business will be able to function not only in the event of a cyber attack but possibly through the impact of a fire, physical damage, or theft. It is also important to make sure that one copy of your organization’s data is available offline. The same shouldn’t be accessible from within the network as attacks like Ransomware encrypts data stored on connected devices like NAS drives. Having a good offline backup is the most important aspect of having a good Cybersecurity for SMB. Companies should follow a 3-2-1 rule when configuring backups, which advocates having 3 different copies of data on 2 different media with one of them being off-site.

Strong Boundary Defense

Firewalls are the entry point for an outsider to any corporate network. The Firewall needs to be hardened or configured with best practices to make sure that intruders are not allowed into the network. Deploying a Firewall with a proxy is a best practice that SMB customers should follow. It is also important to change the default password on your firewall when you install the same.

Protection from Ransomware

Good antivirus software can help organizations to stay secure from new and emerging threats. However, Ransomware infections can be fatal to business as it encrypts the data stored on Servers and NAS devices and asks for a huge amount of money to be paid as ransom. This is why it is important to deploy Anti-Ransomware products like NeuShield that can also help organizations recover data from Ransomware attacks.

Email Phishing & Spoofing Protection

Email is the main entry point for the majority of malware that comes into your network. Emails contain links and attachments that could be malicious and the same needs to be removed before end-users receive the mails. Most SMB customers are victims of email impersonation & phishing attacks. Domains without proper SPF, DKIM & DMARC records make it easier for phishers and spammers to spoof emails. This happens because receivers cannot reliably separate and block fraudulent emails that mimic your domain. You need to implement Sender policy framework(SPF), Domain keys identified mail(DKIM) & Domain-based message authentication reporting and conformance(DMARC) to stop spoofers from using your domain. Solutions like Vircom modusCloud help SMB customers with Email Security.

Stay Patched

Hackers and malware look for vulnerabilities in your operating systems and applications to compromise the network. Patches are necessary to keep machines up-to-date, stable, and safe from malware and other threats. Applying these security patches at the right time will greatly reduce security breaches of various kinds. Patch management also helps with increased productivity. Often patches come with performance improvements for the products they apply to or fix crashes. It is important to patch operating systems and commonly used software on a regular basis.

Strong Passwords & Multi-factor Authentication

A strong password provides essential protection from financial fraud and identity theft. One of the most common ways that hackers get into systems is by guessing passwords. Simple and commonly used passwords enable intruders to easily gain access and control of a computing device. Brute-force attacks are quite effective against companies with obvious usernames and simple passwords. Hackers run automated programs that try different password combinations for a potential password. Organizations should enforce strong and complex passwords and the same should be changed every 120 days. Using a password manager helps organizations with managing passwords by generating and retrieving complex passwords, potentially storing such passwords in an encrypted database. Multifactor authentication makes sure that the right set of users only gets access to applications and systems that make it a key focus area when it comes to cybersecurity for SMB customers.

Insider Threat Management

Employees can pose a significant cybersecurity risk to the organization. This includes employees with a grudge, malicious actions such as leaving with a database or human error. Sensitive Data should be protected so that employees do not misuse the same. An integrated Data Leakage Prevention solution that uses behavior analytics and employee monitoring can prevent data leakage and insider threats. It can give proactive warnings about probable data loss through notifications and alerts to identify and block the same.

Cybersecurity Training for employees

Employees are the weakest links when it comes to cybersecurity for SMB customers. Cybersecurity training helps employees to protect themselves and the company against cyberthreats like phishing attacks. Training empowers employees with up-to-date knowledge on how to recognize and mitigate a cyber-threat. With vigilant employees using strong passwords, flagging suspicious emails, and alerting supervisors about unusual communications or activity, the company itself becomes less vulnerable.

Try Managed Security Services

Recruiting people with proper IT Security knowledge is the biggest challenge faced by SMB customers. This couple with the fact that cybersecurity space is ever-changing makes it much more difficult for companies to survive an attack, whether it’s an intrusion, ransomware, or a simple DDoS attack. Managed Security services are a good solution for cybersecurity for SMB because they let you access a dedicated team that is ready to deal with all the cybersecurity problems that come your way, without having to create or hire an internal department. A service like WatchTower will monitor your network on a 24X7 basis to identify threats in the early stages before it gets out of control.

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Recover Data from USB Drive/Pen Drive/Flash Disk to Unhide and Recover Lost File

Chris Holroyd



Recover Data from USB Drive

Summary: Recover Data from USB Drive/Pendrive or other Flash disk is one of the commonly faced problems by may users either working on Windows OS or other platforms. In this section, I want to solve your problem in how to recover data from USB Drive or a Pen Drive including other removable drive data. USB flash drives have replaced the floppy disks or CDs that were used before for storing data, keeping back-up and transferring computer files from one place to another.

Recover Data from USB Drive

Being small and faster medium of carrying all your crucial data which may have thousands of times more capable of storage. Sometimes a perfectly fine drive can become corrupt due to invalid data in the GPT or MBR or directory structure on the USB drive itself, you may lose the data from the flash drive.

In such cases, you might find out that your USB is inaccessible or unresponsive while accessing that device on your Windows platforms when you insert the USB drive into a USB port of your system.

If this happens, there is no need to getting upset about it because you can fix it!

Reasons for Data deletion or corruption of USB Flash or Pen Drive.

One of the very much known reasons of data loss from a USB flash drive is removing the media from the computer incorrectly or Virus attack. As a result, the file system gets damaged and lots of data are sometimes hidden. Basically, in such situation like hidden data the drive’s content are not actually damaged nor the data is lost.

In some cases, the unsafe removal can damage cells, which hold the internal flash drive information, and cannot be accessed or repaired by operating systems. To extract information from this kind of failure you need help from a professional data recovery services.

Note: Because of such reasons it is important to safely remove the external device from the system and never unplug any USB drive while it is reading or writing information.

An easy method to Recover data from USB Drive or Unhide?

When you find out that USB Drive is not showing any data, which you recently stored in it. Sometimes what happens is that due to virus attack data or files within the flash drive it get hidden and we literally format the Pen drive because the virus has attacked it. Though there is a solution of format disk before formatting, the disk tries and unhide the data from the Flash Drive first.

For that you just have to type some special symbols in the search box; i.e. “.*” if the data is hidden in the USB drive it will unhide the files and you can see it. The second method that you can perform to recover files due to virus attack.

  1. Plug in your removable drive, memory card or USB to your computer
  2. In the start menu, type in “cmd” in the search bar, hit enter and then you can see something named “cmd.exe” under a list of programs.
  3. Right click “cmd. exe” and then you will get the command windows that allows you to recover virus infected files. Type in “attrib -h -r -s /s /d drive letter:\*.*”, for example, “attrib -h -r -s /s /d G:\*.*”.

After all these steps, Windows will start repairing the infected drive, memory card or USB drive. It usually takes some minutes. Please wait for while patiently. After the repairing process has finished, check if you can see all of the files.

If you have successfully recovered the data from the USB drive, memory card or hard drive which was infected by virus, Congratulations! But if not, please don’t despair. You have another option. Just try the USB data recovery software!

Alternative Method to Recover Data from USB Drive

As Recovering Data of USB Flash Drives by the manual way is quite a risk and sometimes there is not an accurate result. But now you can easily Recover files from a USB Flash Drive by using Removable Media Data Recovery aka USB Data Recovery.  This software is very good windows utility well programmed to recover data from corrupt or damaged removable media, such as Compact Disc (CDs), Digital Versatile Disc (DVDs), Blue Ray Disc, External Hard Drives, USB Pen Drives, USB Flash Drives, SD Cards.

Can successfully restore all your missing data of the USB Flash drive, there no doubt. Pen Drive Recovery supports recovery from formatted drives can also be done successfully without any harm to the external drive.

Final Words

This is one of the best methods to recover data from the USB drive or to unhide data. But if the above-mentioned technique does not work out then you can use SysInfoTools Removable Media Data Recovery to restore/recover the corrupted data from a hard drive or USB Drive without any further data loss.

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FoneDog Android Data Recovery Review

Chris Holroyd



FoneDog Android Data Recovery

Have you ever experienced that you carelessly deleted your significant data, such as photos, message, and files on your android device, however, no matter how hard you tried, you just could not restore them. At this time, you may quite upset with your carelessness and want to scream. You swear to god that you won’t let this happen again, but who can predict that when you will accidentally break your android device. Fortunately, with the development of the technology, a lot of third party android data recovery toolkit is made, with which you can restore your lost data easily.

Here comes a question: there are many third party android data recovery software, but which one is more efficient and safer for us to use. Don’t worry. We know what you need, so we highly recommend FoneDog Android Data Recovery to you.

Part 1: What Is FoneDog Android Data Recovery Toolkit?

FoneDog Android Data Recovery toolkit aims at providing an easy way to do data recovery. It can restore lost data on Android devices from many common reasons, such as accidental deletion, OS/ Rooting Error, Virus Attack, SD Card Issue and so on. The recovery software supports many types of android devices (from android 2.3 to android 9.0), for example, Samsung devices, Huawei devices, Motorola devices, LG devices, HTC devices, Sony devices, Google Chrome and so on. The program is able to restore many types of files, like WhatsApp, messages, contacts, videos, photos, call history and any other data of your android device.

As for the recovery steps, just one click to restore your lost files on an Android device, and the process is done on your PC, for which you do not need to worry about the disclosure of personal information. What’s more, you can not only try this data recovery software for free and have a look on your lost data before you purchase it, but also enjoy the 30-day money-back guarantee after you buy this data recovery software.

FoneDog Android Data Recovery

Part 2: How To Recover Data With FoneDog Android Data Recovery Toolkit?

After you have a brief understanding of what FoneDog Android Data Recovery Toolkit is, you maybe want to know how to use this perfect third party data recovery toolkit to restore lost data. Therefore, let me show you an easy step by step guide. Here are as follows.

Step 1: Install FoneDog Toolkit and Connect Your Android Device

First of all, go to the official websites at to down FoneDog Android Data Recovery toolkit. Then initiate the program and use a USB cable to connect your android phone with your PC.

Install FoneDog Toolkit and Connect Your Android Device

Step 2: Permit USB Debugging on Your Android Device

After connecting your android device to your computer, you need to permit USB Debugging on your android device. FoneDog Android Data Recovery will request you to permit USB Debugging on your android device if the debugging mode has not opened yet on your phone. Please don’t worry. USB Debugging mode just a way to connect your android device with your PC by using a USB cable. Here shows you how to get into this mode in different types of android devices.

  • As for earlier to Android 2.3: go to “ Setting”> press “ Applications”> press “ Development”> choose “ USB Debugging”
  • As for Android 3.0 to Android 4.1: go to “ Setting”> press “Develop options”> choose “ USB Debugging”
  • As for Android 4.2 to latest one: go to “ Setting”> press “ About Phone”> in order to get into a developer mode, press the “ Build number” several times > go back to “ Settings” > press “Developer options”> choose “ USB Debugging”

When the steps were done, press “ OK” on FoneDog Android Data Recovery and click “OK” on your android phone.


Permit USB Debugging on Your Android Device

Step 3: Select Data Types to Recover on Android Device

When the process of software detection of the android phone is finished successfully, the FoneDog toolkit will show all the files types it can restore.

If you don’t take any further action, the program will detect all the file types automatically. Or you can select the data types, which you want to restore. After that press “ Next” to start the process of scanning.

Select Data Types to Recover on Android Device

Step 4: Select the Missing Data to Restore

When the process of scanning starts, please patiently wait for a few minutes. After the scanning process finished, the detail information of the selected files will show to you.

You can have a look before you take further action. The files you want to restore can be marked and then press “ Recover” to store all of them on your PC.

Select the Missing Data to Restore

Step 5: Patiently Wait for the Recovery Process

How long does the recovery process take depending on how much data you want to restore. Besides, the phone memory and the number of overwritten data also have an influence on the time of the process of recovery. Thus, please wait patiently.

Part 3: In Conclusion

Accidentally missing some important data is a super upsetting thing, especially only at this time do we know may have a high possibility of not restoring them anymore. Therefore, in order to not let this happen, we do need an Android data recovery toolkit. That’s why FoneDog Android Data Recovery is quite good for android device users. It can guarantee the safety of your personal information, meanwhile, help you to recover your precious data. Come on and download the FoneDog toolkit right now, and use it to restore you lost data. Don’t forget you can have a try before you purchase it and enjoy the right of the 30-day guarantee. Just get start it!

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Which platform is best for your online store?




Electronic commerce has always been a booming industry at every step of technological evolution. People on the Internet are increasingly creating a great demand for online shopping channels. There are many new online shopping sites that appear every day.

When you are planning to sell online, choosing a custom e-commerce platform is one of the most important tasks. It is sometimes difficult to make decisions about the choice of a particular platform. Most of them provide services based on standard functionality. In the same way with the ability to show products from an online catalogue, accept online payments, manage orders and customers and provide after-sales support.

Some of them provide more sophisticated functionality, such as the function of online marketing, advanced security, inventory management, smart business, the ability to manage or integrate with any other API makes the difference compared to standard features.

In this post, we review the main e-commerce platforms CMS in which you can check all the details that are current trends and that are available for an online store.


It is one of the most popular and largest open source platforms that contains many features that will help your online business. It is one of the best e-commerce platforms that offer a scalable and high-performance service for all online stores of small, medium and large sizes. It also provides unlimited customization options to run the store in the cloud or on your own server and control everything that is offered.

Depending on the requirements of your company, you can choose a platform (cloud, community, company).
It has an extensive library of demonstrations that will help you build an online store with amazing features that you might need.

Advantages, disadvantages and characteristics of Magento

The Magento development process is different compared to other platforms, but what makes it different are its characteristics.

The development of a store with Magento offers a lot to the owner and the developers of the store with powerful marketing, also with tools of catalogue management and SEO. Even when you are interested in changing platforms, it is easy to migrate through Magento Migration.

It is an e-commerce platform that is highly full of rich features and allows the store to make efficient use with the flexibility of the functions that it disrupts.

Mobile response capability
SEO Compatibility
Omni order management channel
Business intelligence tool
B2B integration
Multiple languages and currency support
Unlimited product attributes.
Payment of a single page
Customization of the order status


Shopify is one of the e-commerce solutions that helps create an online store for companies. It is a software as a service (Saas) solution for the web development of an online store. It is not necessary to install any software on your computer.

Shopify has very prominent user support that will help you solve any problem you have regarding the platform. The monthly rates to make configurations of your store are low and it is one of the splendid options for the start of your business if you are an inexperienced user. It also offers you a mobile application that allows you to manage your store from anywhere. When you have problems, the Shopify support team will always be there to help you.

Read more at website not showing on google

Advantages, disadvantages and features of Shopify

Shopify has its own POS (Point of Sale) system that allows one to sell their products at the Go or Brick and Mortar store without additional tools or machinery such as cash registers, etc.

Visually attractive online store
Integrations with applications
Mobile response capability
Exceptional customer service
Excellent loading speed


Even after analyzing all the advantages of Shopify that are mentioned above, there are also some disadvantages. One of the most important parts of it is an additional transaction fee that you will be charged for not using Shopify payments.


It is a free WordPress plugin. This is an open source platform that provides users with a feature with extensive and easy to use experience, which makes it perfect for new e-commerce companies. It even helps you to have an idea of an online business that is easy to understand without creating any doubt about it.

WooCommerce can be downloaded for free and, despite being free, offers a huge amount of extensive functions, although it is also extremely flexible in nature.

Advantages, disadvantages and features of WooCommerce

Woocommerce never forces the user to go beyond their comfort zone; It helps you with more open doors. Help you build an incredible online store.

Many customization options
Professional and simple
Applications in abundance
Great flexibility


When it comes to a complete solution for e-commerce, there are some priorities that must be met and completed with plugins that are used mainly, but woocommerce uses only the WordPress plugins.

WooCommerce is free, but there are many plugins that are needed that are not, this plays a vital role in the development of an online store.

The WooCommerce platform does not offer any hosting solution, which means that everything from security to any other problem depends on you.


Prestashop is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, which is easily available for free because it is an open source eCommerce CMS. It is designed to create, manage and launch successful online stores without any licensing fees. This platform was created using PHP code and MySQL data management for web 2.0.

It is compatible with several payment gateways such as Google Checkout, PayPal or several banks. Prestashop’s web development requires fewer servers and resources compared to other eCommerce platforms.

Advantages, disadvantages and features of Prestashop

It is completely free and, although this helps you save a lot in cost, especially if you want to develop it at an affordable price, unlike others, it also has a premium version.

Demographic assistance
Economic choice
Limited scalability (Prestashop is especially for small and medium stores)
The backend interface is very attractive
Debugging is much easier


The payment gateway modules generate some errors with the response time of the gateways, so they must be controlled.

There are some incidents that are generated during the operations in the time frame because the system is not perfect and also keep the stock is complex.

The incidents cannot be recognized in the databases for more than 10,000 products that can slow down the operation of the online store.

Some modules must be purchased since they do not come with the base package.

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