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Top 8 Ways to Speed up Your Mobile Application Development

Hermit Chawla



In a market full of stiff competition, a quick time-to-market application can make all the distinction. An application that takes forever to develop as well as the release can collapse and shed even before it goes off the shelf. Although Android app development for business is an excellent selection, nonetheless, it is particularly well-known for its sluggish speed. Chief executive officers of businesses are constantly struggling to fulfill deadlines and also take their application to the marketplace prior to competitors pinch the application suggestion. In this tussle between speed as well as top quality, frequently quality is sidelined and also what outcomes are a product that doesn’t fulfill your or your target market’s demands and expectations.

Speed up Your Mobile Application Development

The major goals of any company are to lead the competitors, raise the client base, and also acquire remarkable earnings. In order to accomplish these objectives, businesses plan out several strategies for online and also offline efforts. Undoubtedly, the existence of mobile systems is just one of the first-class methods that aid the business world in getting assured outcomes. The main demand to penetrate on mobiles is to have a robust mobile app. When you look for an best enterprise mobile application development business, you have substantial choices. But it is fairly challenging to identify who is qualified sufficient to provide reliable development within your time restrictions. With time, possibilities additionally escape, as well as competition becomes harder.

The marketplace of mobile applications has seen enormous development throughout the years which results in high competitors in every domain name. Whether you build a photo modifying the application or a Shopping portal, you will certainly get optimal competition in every field. To remain ahead of your competitors, you need to take advantage of the best development methods that can offer eternal performance. the advent of most current modern technologies in the enterprise mobile application development assists in quickening the performance of your application in every feasible means.

Using the latest devices and modern technologies in the enterprise mobile application development process assists in maximizing the application which leads to faster growth as well as efficient performance. 

Top 8 Ways to improve your mobile app development

1. Cross-platform tools

Cross-platform tools

There are several ways to quicken the development process is to use Cross-platforms tools that enable developing a single application for multiple platforms. Because there are multiple platforms offered in the market that includes android, ios, windows, blackberry, and so on, and establishing a specific application for every system will boost the development time as well as cost also. There are numerous cross-platform technologies are offered in the mobile application development market that can be utilized by programmers to develop the application in less time.

2. Low-fidelity wireframes are speedier

Low-fidelity wireframes are speedier

Wireframing is an important action in the app development procedure. Making use of low-fidelity wireframes is a better choice than high-fidelity ones. These wireframes are much less comprehensive as well as more fluid but they give a clear enough photo to programmers as well as UI developers. Going headfirst into coding is not suggested and most seasoned Android application designers understand this. The most essential first step is to obtain developers, developers, programmers, and project managers on the same page. Low-fidelity wireframes do simply that. They are quick to establish as well as are a great blueprint for the entire advancement team.

3. Delegate off-core tasks

Delegate off-core tasks

It’s always a sensible option to offload extra activities such as boosting app involvement, determining application analytics, and converting complimentary subscribers to superior ones. These tasks get a lot of time and also are much better off with pre-designed applets, available at mobile involvement systems. These applets can be included in your ready app with just a few lines of code. Applets make it possible for tasks such as sharing tools, provide notification, new attributes tools as well as feedback tools.

4. Go Lean

A commonly-accepted best practice in Android app growth is to launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with just the standard features and no-frills, as opposed to waiting to develop and release a full-fledged application. The MVP will certainly assist you to collect individual data concerning what’s working and also what’s not. Utilize the build-measure-learn responses loop to obtain invaluable lessons about customer comments. This method diminishes the risk element of your app and also makes for an application that is more likely to appeal as well as do well. An additional element is using short versions or “sprints” to separate the entire application design into smaller, manageable cycles. Each sprint is complete in itself-it has the whole gamut of development actions and also results in an improvised variation of the previous sprint product. Go agile in your advancement procedure. Lower redundancy of effort and resources. This not just helps reduce advancement time but additionally conserves manufacturing expenses. As well as of course, the supreme advantage is a safe product that starts spinning ROI from the minute it’s released.

5. Code Reviews and Quality Assurance

Code Reviews and Quality Assurance

Make a habit to examine your code at routine intervals as well as develop a QA test right after finishing a task. This will certainly aid you in saving a great deal of time and effort. If you will skip this and also wait for the completion of the application after that you might obtain numerous errors due to the existing ones. With this, app advancement will end up being easier and you will obtain your item promptly. You can set your milestones and after achieving them you can run these tests as necessary.

6. Automated Screening

Automated Screening

Developing manual screening of the application will certainly cost you a lot of effort and time. One ideal method to repair this is to make use of the automated testing technology that will certainly run a suite of examinations and will certainly supply responses that can be made use of in the debugging procedure. These examinations can be conducted multiple times and also can be recycled by the programmers. Therefore it results in saving the time as well as cash required to run manual examinations.

7. Connect With Professionals 

Connect With Professionals 

This must be really challenging as you have to pick the best development group from the center. You require to Employ Mobile App Developers that can guarantee you to construct an application with an efficient and also quality efficiency at the time.

8. Third-Party Modules

Third-Party Modules

Team of young casual business people collaborating on an online project using a digital touchpad tablet computer in a bright modern office space. Serie with light flares

Making use of third-party components can aid you to decrease the development time to fifty percent. Because most of the third-part components generate constraints and also disturbance however if you pick the best one after that it will undoubtedly worth it. The mobile application growth process can be incorporated with these third-party components devices to construct your application with the high quality and also efficiency you want to have.

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Top 10 Differences You Must Know Between Native & Hybrid Mobile Apps

Arun Goyal



Hybrid Mobile Apps

Planning to develop a mobile application? But confused, what type of app will work for you? Well, that is not an intimidating task. Here you will get details of the top 10 differences between Native & Hybrid apps. The article is going to be a big savior if you are stuck between choosing the right app type for development. 

Native applications are usually affordable and work only on a single platform like iOS or Android. On the other hand, Hybrid technology requires comparatively more money and sometimes lacks a user interface. Both Native and Hybrid Apps will aim at the mobile audience. With the growing mobile users in the past few years, It is necessary to have an interface that can connect with the target audience. 

The article is about the details of native app development and hybrid mobile app development. You will get to know about some common differences which you might consider before developing any application. 

Native vs Hybrid Application: Which One is Better?

In the world of technology, app development is also dealing with some major preferences like web apps, native & hybrid apps, etc. It has become a confusing part. The process involves all development tantrums but a bad interface, somewhere the interface is good but it is not that affordable. So here is a piece of information that will provide some good native & hybrid app differentiation.

Common Feature of Both Apps: 

There are a few differences which we are going to be pointed out in this article. You will get a clear understanding of the significance, differences, benefits, and snags of both of the applications. 

Native Apps for Mobile Users:

Native applications are single-platform apps. These are built for a solo platform like iOS or Android. The language utilized here is Java. The Cost and User Interface of the applications are extremely awesome.

Hybrid Apps for Mobile Users:

As the name itself indicates, these are the mixture of two components i.e Native & Web Apps.  Hybrid applications are downloadable from the app store or play store easily just like the native apps. Moreover, it holds the elements of web apps which are cross-compatible web technologies.

Development Process of Both Apps

Development Process of Both Apps

Source: Angular Minds

Native Apps:

The development of native apps is a bit tough and runs comparatively slower than hybrid apps. But when it comes to compatibility, native apps can be paired with any platform or any operating system features i.e. microphone, camera, contact lists, etc. 

Hybrid Apps:

Hybrid applications use various methodologies including HTML, CSS, and Javascript frameworks.  Simultaneously the app contains the cross-platform UI which makes it smooth but not that much as native apps. 

A Quick Tour On Hybrid vs Native Apps (Differentiations) 

Here in this table, you will get 10 prominent differentiation between Hybrid and Native Application Development. Both are the masterstroke in their zones. But for those who wish to check a clear difference then here is the tabular representation for you.


Category Native  Hybrid 
Language Used  Swift or Objective-C and Java HTML, CSS3 & Javascript
Nature Not that easy to built Easy to built
Costing of app development Around $100,000 $5000 to $1,00,000
Behaviour Complex Easy to Manage
Deployment Either Android or iOS Compatible with all
Technique Utilize SDK, IDE Xamarian, PhoneGap
Time Duration  3-6 months 2 to 5 months
Development Tools Of  No Use Cross-Platform Tools
Flexibility No Flexibility Complete Flexibility
Growth No Growth React Native (associated branch)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Developing Apps in Native & Hybrid Technology

Benefits (Pros) Of Developing a Native Mobile Application

  • A minimum of 6 months is required to prepare a secure and top-performing native app.
  • Better security and reliability.
  • Easy to implement new features.
  • It can operate in offline mode. 
  • It follows the Android guidelines completely.

Native Mobile Application

Source: CleverTap

Cons of Native Apps:  

Each and everything in the app technology has some Pros as well as Cons. Here we are going to discuss some of the snags which you might face when it comes to the development of Native Mobile Apps. 

  • The developers will develop the native apps each time you need a different platform.
  • Each development code has its time frame which increases the development time and costing both. 
  • Different skill sets are required to develop an app. 

Benefits (Pros) Of Developing a Hybrid Mobile Application

  • It holds a faster development process. 
  • The coding does not go complex, it remains easier due to compatibility.
  • Flexible UI/UX development
  • Cost-effective. No need to spend huge money on development.
  • Contains features of native and web apps.

Here in this section after getting an eye over the differences, pros of both app technologies, you can check the Cons (disadvantages) of developing an app in both techniques. This would be additional information you will get and thus can make the decision of developing an app in the required format.

Hybrid Mobile Application

Source: CleverTap

Cons of Hybrid Apps:

  • The 3D, HD Games, High-Graphics Oriented apps, and other performance may not work well in Hybrid Apps. 
  • It has dependencies on different frameworks like Cordova, Ionic, etc.
  • Hybrid is always dependent on Native plugins. This also adds complexity to the development. 

Final Words:

In conclusion, Hybrid Mobile App and Native Mobile Apps work well with great interfaces but there are a few limitations that make them confusing. Hybrid apps use both features of native and web apps but it also caters complexities. On the other hand, Native apps are not that time taking but each time your development will be unique for each type of platform.

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The Ultimate Guide For Developing An On-demand Multi-services App Like Gojek

Chris Holroyd



App Like Gojek

The concept of on-demand service apps is not complicated; it is merely introducing ways for people to get essential services at their convenience. These are the platforms on which the service providers and customers can directly interact with each other. This business model eliminates the need for both pirates to meet and negotiate on a price. Several entrepreneurs were inspired by the market potential of these apps and have started to build their custom multi-service app like Gojek. Entrepreneurs can take center stage now as they will have multiple monetization streams to significantly boost their overall revenue. 

Here are some of the popular on-demand services in the current market:

On-demand ride-hailing apps:

The advent of Uber and Airbnb transformed the traditional business models and gave rise to a whole new sector in the market. Since people are always in a hurry in this digital world, they cannot always rely on public transportation. They prefer to be precisely on-time and will not tolerate going late to appointments, jobs, etc. This mindset has triggered an increase in their preference for on-demand ride-hailing apps. They book cabs at any time of the day and can travel faster than regular public transports. 

On-demand pharmacy delivery app:

On-demand pharmacy delivery apps are the go-to option for people to get medicines. They no longer prefer to stand in long queues at the pharmacy stores as they can get necessary medications delivered to their doorsteps. Customers can simply enter their delivery location, choose medicines from the list, or upload an e-prescription to get it delivered within a few hours.

On-demand fashion apps:

eCommerce websites fall under the category of on-demand fashion apps. Customers can get to look through millions of styles from the comfort of their homes instead of visiting the stores. Now that this sector’s sales and revenue are skyrocketing, several small scale entrepreneurs have started to sell their products on these platforms.

On-demand health apps:

People are increasingly becoming health-conscious as most of them have to wear fitness bands and smartphones in their daily lives. These IoT devices keep track of the health data, and some of them can be extensively used to detect health issues. These devices can be seamlessly integrated with your on-demand healthcare app. 

On-demand handyman services:

Gone are days when people used to wait for hours to get their leaky taps and pipe blockage fixed.  Sometimes, the professionals will not arrive on-time and will charge excessively. An on-demand app for handyman services is the best option when it comes to offering these services as entrepreneurs can integrate multiple services seamlessly. 

On-demand roadside assistance apps:

Bridging the gap between travelers and mechanics can be an effective way to establish businesses in this niche. Travelers will be directly connected with the nearest service provider, and the professional will arrive at their location in the shortest time possible.

On-demand plant delivery apps:

As scientific reports have suggested that indoor plants can help remove the harmful toxins from the air and will also be useful to reduce stress levels. People often buy indoor plants as a showpiece and for its sentimental value. Customers can order plans on these apps to get it delivered to their location effortlessly. 

On-demand beauty service apps:

As people live a hectic lifestyle, they barely have time to visit beauty parlors. However, they can effortlessly get professional beauty services anywhere; people can book appointments directly to their homes or office and need not have to wait.

On-demand logistics service app:

As people are always on the move in search of a job, place, and other necessary needs, they require logistics services to move their things effortlessly. With the integration of GPS technology and other essential features, the customers can keep track of their things and will get them delivered on-time.

On-demand laundry service app:

Although coin dispensary laundry machines are available all over the metropolitan cities, people do not have enough time to wash their clothes. They barely get leisure time and will not prefer to spend it doing laundry. With the emergence of on-demand laundry service apps, customers can seamlessly request laundry services. They can also choose from different kinds of washes based on the clothes’ type.

On-demand house cleaning service app:

These apps can be extremely useful as they can get dedicated house cleaning services at any time of the day. Working professionals need not have to worry about tidying the house as they can avail of these services effortlessly. These apps are expected to grow over the years as more people will prefer to use them in their daily lives.

On-demand dog walking app:

The usage of on-demand dog walking apps is expected to increase in a few years. Although people consider dogs as a part of their family, they aren’t able to take proper care of them. Due to their work schedule, they find it difficult to feed and look after them. Entrepreneurs can quickly cover a massive customer base since the demand is high.

How to build an on-demand app solution:

Here are the curated steps that you need to follow in order to build a successful on-demand app solution.

  1. Conduct market research of your niche to learn about the target audience, current market situation, future prospects of the niche, competitors, and more.  
  2. Arrive on a realistic budget for your app development process
  3. Ensure that you hire developers from a professional app development team
  4. Ensure that you follow an innovative marketing strategy for your app
  5. Initially, launch the MVP version of your app in the mainstream market.

What are the three phases in building an on-demand services app successfully:

Idea phase:

Every big venture, irrespective of their niche, has started with an idea. The idea can be so effective that it can keep growing until it has been experimented with or implemented. Make a note of the things that bother you in real-world scenarios and analyze the market’s existing services. Look for their pros and cons to effectively optimize your app. Developing an app with flawless navigation and a minimalist interface is crucial as the app’s ultimate purpose is to offer convenient services.  Since the customers will make online payments on the platform, ensure that your app is built to adhere to the latest payment and encryption protocols.  

Importance of UI/UX design and features of your app:

Your app’s design will be the first thing that will be noticed by the users and ensure that they get nothing less of a premium user experience. It is recommended that you stick with a minimalist approach when it comes to developing your interface as modern consumers will prefer it. Discuss with your app development team to minimize the complexity of your app. Here are some of the essential features that shouldn’t be missed on your app.

  • Push notifications
  • Real-time tracking
  • Activity logger
  • Favorites
  • Wish lists
  • Multiple payment options
  • Feedback and ratings
  • Cancel bookings
  • Reschedule bookings
  • Multiple booking options
  • Store information
  • Customer support team
Scalability of your app:

A minor glitch could mess up your app and eventually lead to the loss of customers. Ensure that your app development team puts their fullest efforts into developing a robust app that can handle a massive number of users and can seamlessly assign service providers for them. The customers should be able to reach out to the customer support team whenever required to get their issues resolved.

The tech stack that goes into developing your app:

The tech stack will be the basic framework upon which your business will function. Ensure that your development team uses best-in-class technologies to build your app. Here are some of the commonly used technologies for building an on-demand services app.

  • Cloud services – Google, AWS, or Azure
  • Analytics – Google, Hadoop, Apache Flink or Cisco
  • Push notifications – or Twilio
  • OTP verification – Nexmo or Twilio
  • Database – MongoDB or Postgres or Cassandra
  • Payment gateway – Stripe, Braintree, or PayPal

What does the future for on-demand solution apps look like:

Several reports have concluded that an average smartphone has installed about 60-90 apps and spends about 2.15 hours on them. These numbers indicate the extensive use of smartphone apps and the level of people’s reliability on them. Business analysts have predicted that consumer spending on app stores will inflate upto 92% in total, which roughly translates to $157 billion worldwide. However, not every app in the market gets popular as most people uninstall it on their first use if they are not unsatisfied.

It is estimated that 100,000 apps are being released on the Play Store every month by developers and entrepreneurs globally. These numbers are almost three times greater than that of the count on the App Store. You need to make sure that your app doesn’t get lost in the haystack of apps. Offer a unique experience for your customers to outrun your rivals and successfully yield profits in the long run.

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Types Of Educational Apps And Their Varied Features

Chris Holroyd



Types Of Educational Apps And Their Varied Features

Remember when kids used phones for long and parents would chastise them for it and pluck the phones away? Oh, how the tables have turned! Educational apps are the lifeblood of parents these days, especially since a pandemic ravaged the school grounds. 

Since smartphones came into existence, they’ve been used for children even as young as a year old to keep them engaged. And rightly so. Technology has advanced so much to the likes of augmented reality, video chats, and gamification which are used predominantly in E-learning apps. Nowadays schools, colleges, universities, and private institutions alike rely on educational apps for, well, everything. And not just students use apps these days! Even a 70-year-old who wants to learn a new language can do so. They have changed the educational landscape forever.

In 2020 alone, there have been 500,000 downloads of educational apps. It’s the third most popular category on the app store followed by games and business, and the 2nd most popular in Google Play. Its revenue is expected to expand by $46.9 billion with a CAGR of about 26%. Google Classroom has been identified as the e-learning platform with the most downloads in April 2020 (28.2 million), followed closely by YouTube Kids. These numbers clearly show that the need of the hour is Educational apps.

So, you might be an entrepreneur, or a well-established business looking for your next big break. Investing in an educational app is the way to go. It is a highly lucrative industry at the moment and the scope is wide. With no limits to the ideas that can be used to build an app, anything is possible. Let’s look at some of the types of educational apps that are out there so as to give you an idea of what’s in store. 

  • Classroom Education apps

These are some of the widely used apps in the past few months. With schools mostly shut and children learning through online mode, students, teachers, and parents would need a reliable platform to assess, review, grade, initiate discussions, announce information, share notes, and conduct virtual classrooms. Classroom education apps do it all. They usually have a very interactive and user-friendly interface which makes the learning experience seamless.

Examples of such apps include Google Classroom, Edmodo, and Blackboard Learn.

  • Playful learning apps/ educational apps for kids

Who said learning is not fun? These apps have revolutionized the age-old mechanism of learning by integrating play and games into the learning environment. Information presented is simplified with lots of colors, games, songs, and rhymes. These apps particularly cater to kids below the age of 12. They boost creativity and encourage curiosity and intrigue to think outside of the classroom and the general learning environment. E-books and encyclopedia apps also fall under this umbrella.

Examples include Dr. Panda, Toca Lab, and Kindle.

  • Apps for online courses

These apps have also gained a lot of attention in the past few months owing to the wide range of topics they cover. Be it a 2-week course on baking or a full-fledged graduate program in management, these apps offer courses from all over the globe. The information is dispersed through videos with instructions over audio, accompanied by a virtual board. In some cases, teachers Livestream lessons. Study material is sent online or in-person too. These apps are interactive and track the progress of the pupil.

Examples of these apps are Byju’s, Udemy, Khan Academy, Coursera.

  • Language learning apps

Everybody loves learning new languages. Even if they don’t get to actually go to the native country and speak it. Language learning apps have made this easy like cakewalk. A wide variety of apps are available to choose from and lessons are dispersed in a fun and attractive way. Vocabulary, dialects, reading, comprehension, and pronunciation are all covered, making learning a new language convenient and fun for all ages alike.

Apps like Duolingo, LabbaYo, and Memrise are examples.

  • Exam preparation apps

These apps predominantly cater to the large population of students preparing to take big exams like the SAT, aviation exams, IELTS, etc,. They have a big database covering a lot of subjects and offer scheduling and assessment systems. Pupils learn through tests, quizzes, and flashcards. These apps usually integrate mock tests, FAQs, tips, and curricula to help students practice often. 

Examples include Grade up and Pocket Aptitude.

Features to be integrated into educational apps

When it comes to educational app development, it’s all about the features. Users will look for ease of use, interactive user base, and accessibility. So including effective and exceptional features are mandatory. Consider the following.

  • Registration and login
  • User profile
  • Feed
  • Social media integration
  • Push notifications
  • Audio and video streaming
  • Search
  • Scheduling
  • Offline mode
  • Database 
  • Feedback 

These are just some of the basic features that are normally included in educational apps. On top of this, you can add more advanced and unique features based on your ideas. 

With the online education sector being highly remunerative, an investment is sure to bring in immense ROI. If you’re looking for expert app developers to bring your ideas and objectives to fruition, consider Inoru, an app development company proficient in developing clone apps like Byju’s clone, Udemy Clone, and Lynda Clone. Connect with us to know more.

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Best 8 Future Trends in Android Development You can’t Miss In 2021

Hermit Chawla



Android Development

Android has been around for quite some time now and every smartphone user on this planet knows what the Android OS is like. Initially introduced in 2008, android was an upgraded version of Linux kernel for smartphones, that quickly took over the market in a span of a few years. As of now, there are more no of android phone users than any other mobile OS like apples ios, blackberry OS, etc. As a matter of fact, all the big mobile manufacturing companies around the globe use Android as their operating system. 

Now android being this amazing and easy to use operating system is not the only reason why it became so popular. There is probably another mobile os that was either as good or better than android os at the time it was released. The reason why android is so popular is due to its ability to run all sorts of native applications, apart from this creating native Android applications was really easy. Any developer that can effectively code in java at that time was able to create his own application, as of now the official android development language has been replaced by Kotlin, and other modern languages and frameworks like to react-native. If you are also someone looking who is either starting with android development or looking for someone who can create an android app for you in a small time span, then we recommend looking for react native android development services

However, getting your hands on an android application for your business won’t be enough as android is an evolving platform and new updates are released regularly. This changes the way an android application behaves and what it can do, with each update some additional functionality is added to the platform, which can also be utilized in your application. Now, its not just the android updates, there are a number of other technologies that are making their way into the android app development world. Due to these factors, the android development trends keep on changing a, and important that you keep yourself updated with these latest trends. So, here are the best 8 future trends in android development you can’t miss in 2021. 

VR ( Virtual Reality )

Yes, VR is still not what everyone imagines it to be, but this technology is constantly being integrated with android applications to create some of the amazing android applications in the market. Some companies are also investing in creating a suitable gear for mobile phones that could help them run VR based android applications. 


If you might have noticed, there are a number of android applications already in the market that utilizes this technology. Yes, all the applications in the market that allow you to make a safe transfer of money use blockchain in the backend. For instance, Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, etc. 

All these applications that do not require your credit card or debit card details, yet support safe funds transfers are all practical implementations of blockchain technology and blockchain is going to be one of the most prominent trends in the mobile development industry in the upcoming years. 

AI (Artificial Intelligence) 

We all know what AI is the buzzword of the century. Now, a few years back AI seemed out of our reach but now as the computation power of our machines has increased drastically, AI has started coming to life. There are a number of applications that integrate AI with native android applications. Some prominent examples are Chatbots, AI-based Search Engines, AI assistants, etc. 

Cloud Storage 

Storing and accessing data online on the servers has been one of the most underrated trends. All of us, every day either access the cloud or store data on it, without even knowing. But as the data connectivity is increasing this tech is going to be a major player in the industry. Some latest applications of this tech are Google Stadia and there are more to come. 

Instant Apps 

This is a new technology, but it is a great one for sure. This is going to be one of the most prominent trends in the android development community as these instant applications do not require any installation whatsoever and yet they act like native applications. 

Server-Side Development 

Now some of the major companies have started to offer online services that allow you to create an online virtual machine like a Linux kernel which can be used for server-side development. 

IoT ( Internet Of Things )

Android apps are a major solution for the IoT industry as they provide an interface for users to connect with IoT components. For instance, if you are automating your house, then naturally you would like a simple android application that could help you interact with the automation system. 


The concept of wearable technology has been around, and there is a number of breakthroughs in it. Some major wearable tech in the market are watches, googles, bands, etc which all seem to require heavy os to run. But this is taken care of by connecting these wearables to an android smartphone, that uses an android application. 

Read Also : 10 Reasons Why Swift Is The Trending In Mobile App Development?

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Agency For The Development Of Mobile Applications

Chris Holroyd



mobile applications

Mobile application development agency that brings together experts in the design of bespoke and profitable applications. Schuja also affects the digital world. No wonder the number of mobile application users is skyrocketing. The daily usage time is 3 hours according to the annual web development agency Annie study on Webentwicklung Agentur applications. It must be said that the benefits of using them are numerous. This also applies to companies: Applications are a communication and loyalty tool, they generate data traffic and enable sales.


A web application is software that is hosted on a server and is accessible through a web browser. An application makes it possible to connect two or more different people.

We currently have a few teams who are passionate about web application development. If you have a large project to create a web app, the web development company is at your disposal.

Technology: Symfony, Codeiniter, Laravel, Node.Js, Java, Python … etc.

The three (03) reasons to choose our web development company

1- We have passionate web developers

2- Many companies have trusted us

3- We offer competitive prices with no quality degradation

Application development services

This mobile app development agency has it all. We provide application design and development services for every phase of your mobile project. App Design’s mobile application development services focus on the customer to create a complete and personalized solution. Leading digital agency focusing on UI / UX design. We develop websites, mobile iOS / Android applications and produce Schuja.

Development agency for mobile applications for iOS and Android

Our web agency develops beautiful mobile applications and responsive user interfaces. We develop applications for TPE, SME and ETI. We therefore work together to turn your ideas into reality. We use the latest digital technologies to design your IOS and Android apps. With hybrid or native mobile applications, we offer you the technology that is adapted to your goals and budget. As a leading development agency for mobile applications, we look forward to putting our expertise and experience at the service of your digital projects. We are also a source of suggestions for optimizing your ideas and have very specific skills in designing powerful mobile solutions.

Our developers have a solid background in creating native iOS apps. We practice an IT technology watch to ensure that our products meet the latest standards. This ensures that we run perfectly on the latest mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad.

Our proven development process ensures that your mobile app is stable, secure, and powerful, as all of our iOS apps are continuously quality assured at every step.

Android mobile application development

We work closely with your company to design and develop digital experiences on Android. Our goal is to create an attractive Android app that is important to your customers and fits your budget.

We have been developing mobile Android applications for 7 years to support companies in implementing their ideas. Web. In every phase of the product life cycle, we advise you on developing your Android solution and making it attractive and relevant for your industry.

We develop multi-platform applications with flutter technology. This framework can be used to build a single application that works efficiently on many platforms such as iOS and Android. This helps lower the development and maintenance costs associated with supporting Android and iOS.

Our cross-platform designs are product-oriented and focus on business. Our vision is also to give you advice, guidance and strategies to make your mobile application the expected success.

Agency for the development of mobile applications

Flexi Apps is a mobile and web application development agency specializing in mobile device design and development for Android and iOS, website creation and web application development. Our team consists of developers, designers and project managers, all experts and pride themselves on the mobile applications and websites we create for our clients.

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UberEats Clone: What Makes It a Good Business Idea & Future Opportunities

Chris Holroyd



UberEats Clone

It is often stated by business gurus that you never sell a product or service but a solution! The solution can be in terms of convenience or efficiency people have always loved restaurant food for the variety and the unit test they offer but there was a time when people had to essentially go to restaurants to enjoy that food. There was also a possibility to pack the restaurant food and get it home, but it still meant that you needed to go to the restaurant.

Food delivery solutions presented a great opportunity for people to enjoy restaurant food in their homes. The ushering of food delivery on-demand applications has opened up a new avenue for restaurants, people looking for gig engagements, and even for aspiring entrepreneurs to build a business out of these applications. UberEats can be considered one of the pioneers when it comes to delivery applications. The very presence of the term ‘Uber’ has given the credibility to be the market leader when it comes to food delivery on demand.

Today, a lot of businesses that embark on food delivery on-demand having looking to build an app like UberEats. UberEats has been considered the gold standard for food delivery apps. A lot of businesses look forward to emulating the business model of UberEats in every sense.

The Revenue Models

For any business, it is important to figure out the different channels of revenue that keep the profit flowing in. For a business like UberEats, there are different channels of generating revenue.

UberEats charges a flat delivery fee for all deliveries, and at least they used to. Today, the delivery fee is calculated based on parameters like the distance between the customer and the restaurant. It varies anywhere between $2 and $8 per order. All this might seem like a small amount on paper, the sheer number of orders, and the volume of business makes it a huge stream of revenue.

It cannot be denied that UberEats is creating a new stream of revenue for restaurants and they are making restaurants enjoy the fruits of some businesses that they would never have had access to. For this gesture, UberEats charges a commission from the restaurants for all the orders that are made via their app. The charges are anywhere between 15% and 40% of the order value.

Just like any other platform that has accumulated quite a good number of users, UberEats also has its own sponsor platform. Any new restaurant that would like to gain more visibility can pay the app and earn themselves a sponsor listing. Even this premium listing contributes to the revenue of the app. 

The Different Delivery Models

Another aspect to be figured out before you start a food delivery business is the business model that you will be adopting. Some food delivery business can find their responsibilities only in the territory of facilitating Orders and the delivery is left to the restaurant. Some other platforms handle everything from end-to-end starting right from facilitating orders until delivering them to the customer.

The 2nd model is preferred by both the restaurants and the users because it presents a host of advantages for all the parties involved. On one side, restaurants can find themselves preparing and packing food which can be considered their core responsibility. The users do not have to coordinate between multiple parties to ensure that their food gets delivered. The presence of multiple touchpoints only contributes to conclusions and delays. Finally, the order-and-delivery model provides gig employment opportunities for a lot of delivery executives and the fleet of delivery executives could include people looking for part-time income and even students.

Both models offer lucrative monetization avenues and have their own share of advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your capital, your market, and your competency,  you will need to arrive at the right business model for you!

Researching Your Market

When it comes to choosing the right business model, market research is of paramount importance. Only upon understanding your customers and your market will you be able to arrive at the perfect business model, and even decide on whether or not your app idea will work. Sometimes, it would be a good idea to define a profitable niche within your target market. For example, you could start a food delivery app exclusively for vegans or diabetics.

To research your market, you will need to ask the right questions. You will need to understand the social characteristics of your target including but not limited to their gender, age, and income spectrum. You will also need to understand the way in which your target audience spends their free time. A strong correlation has been found between Netflix-watching habits and food ordering habits. You will also need to position yourself competitively against the other players who have already established a presence in the market.

The Usual Features

Creating an app like UberEats involves putting together a lot of models that need to function in tandem to execute the desired task.

  • Your app needs to facilitate easy registration including simple mechanisms like email address, phone number, or using legacy logins like Google and Facebook.
  • The app needs to be equipped with a robust search feature that can help users search by the dishes they want for the restaurant they want to order from. The search feature should also have a filter in place, so the users can easily narrow down on their choices like vegan or Chinese.
  • One of the greatest advantages brought about by the on-demand ecosystem is the presence of GPS and its assistance in tracking. Once the order has been placed, the user should get live updates on the order including but not limited to the status and the movement of the delivery executive.
  • At a time when the whole world is plagued by the coronavirus crisis, contactless delivery needs to be insured at all costs. One simple step that can be taken towards this endeavor is to make your payment gateways versatile. You will need to tie up with a payment service provider like Braintree or Stripe that can accommodate multiple payment options including debit cards, credit cards, internet banking, and wallets.
  • To keep the entire system democratic, you will need to have a review and rating system in place which helps users to rate the restaurant and the delivery experience distinctly.

Some Finer Points

Most of the food delivery companies look at the technological and the operational perspective of the business. However, they forget the aspect called customer delight. There are certain trains that need to be taken into consideration when you develop your app like UberEats.

Social media plays a major role in your food delivery ecosystem. You can use social media for facilitating an easy login and registration, and can also use it as a channel for providing customer support through specific hashtags. In addition, some food delivery ecosystems even enable ordering using social media. Domino’s, for example, lets you order pizza through a treat but you will need to create a pizza profile to ensure that your orders are spot on.

The entire world is moving or rather ambling towards Artificial Intelligence and virtual assistance. Your food delivery application should facilitate ordering through chatbots and messengers. More often than not, ordering involves choosing a specific name and figure to find the quantity, and in rare cases, it might involve customisation and addons. Given this factor of monotony, ordering using virtual assistants can make the entire experience interactive and fun! Domino’s, GrubHub, and JustEat have already embarked on facilitating orders using chatbots.

Smartwatches are slowly catching up to becoming a global craze. The number of smartwatches is all set to breach the 60 million mark and it can only be expected to grow faster than before. Therefore, having a smartwatch app can go a long way in ensuring customer satisfaction. Simple updates about your order to this can be updated on the smartwatch, so people do not have to take their phones out every time there is a notification.


Food delivery was already looking at a steep curve moving up and toward the right and the COVID-19 crisis has only catalyzed the magnitude of rising. If you would like to ride on this wave and surf on the profits that it promises, all you need to do is get in touch with an app development company that specializes in white label clones of UberEats. They will not only take care to develop your UberEats-like app but also customize it according to your business needs.

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