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Top 7 Automated Cross Browser Testing Tools

Chris Holroyd



Top 7 Automated Cross Browser Testing Tools

All Software Testers will want in their Toolbox

As the name states cross browser testing is a quality assurance check performed across browsers. Cross Browser testing is a common quality assurance check for all the web-applications. With a variety of web-browsers available, and users accessing the web-application on different browsers makes the cross-browser testing very vital. 

Some of the popular browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, and internet explorer. 

You might notice that some websites have distorted display or have issues in specific browsers. Whereas, works fine in some browsers.  

Each browser has a set of guidelines to interpret the information on the webpage. The display is always within the frame of these guidelines.  

Components like Javascript, Ajax request in js, Applets, Flash, Flex, and request handling have different behavior in different browsers.

Hence, some browsers might not support the feature your application has, or the feature might require further customization to run successfully. 

Parameters such as operating system, device features, screen size, and screen resolution change constantly; and impact how the user consumes content. Understanding the diversified user experience is essential to design and deliver a product that has or can have a huge user base.

Cross browser testing ensures the quality of the web application or the website across browsers is good. It includes testing the functionality and design of the web-application across browsers and browser versions.  

It is not just vital but necessary to test the web-application compatibility with different browsers. 

Cross browser testing is done in two ways.

  •   Manual testing
  •   Automated testing

Manual Testing

The term manual testing is self-explanatory; quality assurance engineer or the software tester executes the test cases manually. 

Software tester evaluates the web-application components, design, functionality, and performance by clicking and navigating through different elements of the web application. No script or tool is used to perform the assurance checks. 

Manual testing offers a complete user experience, crossing the touch-points of an end user. Exploratory testing and user acceptance testing methods are for manual testing.

Automated Testing

As the name states, the testing activity for the web-application is either fully automated or partially automated. The testing of the application is carried out by running the scripts or tools designed for testing the application. 

Automation helps in performing repetitive actions on different platforms and browsers. 

Automated testing is swift and accurate in results. Automated testing enables multiple test cases to run parallelly. 

Automated testing is more reliable and is the most efficient way of performing performance or quality assurance check across browsers. It is cost and time effective; it offers the breadth and expansion required to understand the numerous elements and identify issues in the first instance. 

A wide range of automated testing tools is available in the market that loads the web-application on different browsers and checks the application in a continuous workflow to pass the required tests. It also creates a feedback loop for failed test cases. 

These tools help you create applications faster, create visually perfect screens, and minimize defects. These are very user-friendly easy-to-use tools, easily scalable, and maximizes your returns. 

So, let us talk about the top 7 automated cross browser testing tools all the software tester will want to have in the toolbox. 

LambdaTest a cross browser testing tool offers a plethora of features to perform automated and live interactive cross browser testing on 2000+ browsers and operating system on the cloud.  

You can run the automation testing scripts on the scalable selenium grid. It reduces build time extensively. It supports a wide range of languages, framework, and CI tools for easy integration and execution. 

The Key motive of the tool is to provide users perfect experience across browsers, browser versions, and operating systems.

Key features

  • Selenium Web Testing Automation
  • Live Interactive Browser Compatibility Testing
  • Faster Automated Screenshot Testing
  • Parallel Testing For Faster Goto Market Launch
  • API For Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Testing with Continuous Integration tools


  • SmartBear CrossBrowserTesting


SmartBear’s CrossBrowserTesing offers a range of testing products to test 2050+ browsers in seconds. You can conduct tests on the real device and virtual machines.  

The secure cloud-based testing platform lets you run multiple tests parallelly at once and cuts down the testing time significantly.  The tool has full support for Selenium and Appium.

Key features 

  • 10x testing speed for your current automated testing. 
  • Visualize layout and responsive issues in seconds
  • Continuous testing of products
  • Test reports and analysis


  • Experitest


Experitest is an one stop solution for web testing, Appium and selenium testing, cross-browser testing, and more on a SAAS platform. 

Experitest provides an grid execution toll for web and mobile. Experitest accelerates testing and increases the coverage of browsers by running multiple tests on multiple browsers and mobile devices. 

Key Features

  • Cross platform test execution
  • Seamless integration across tools and framework
  • Parallel test execution
  • Real-time test execution view
  • Easy debugging
  • Continuous integration
  • Network visualization and monitoring
  • Advanced reporting and analytics


  • Ranorex


Ranorex Studio provides test automation framework for testing desktop, web-based and mobile applications.  With Ranorex you can build and deploy reliable and maintainable tests with or without coding. 

Easy to use framework enables testers to build modular scripts that are reliable, scalable and efficient regardless of programming expertise. 

Key features

  • All-in-one test automation
  • Same-day productivity
  • Powerful reporting
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Tool for everyone 


  • TestComplete


SmartBear’s TestComplete is a functional automated testing platform for Windows, Androis, iOS and web applications. 

TestComplete is easy to use automated UI testing tool with AI. The automated UI testing tool makes it easy to create, maintain, and execute functional tests across desktop, mobile and web applications.   

It is industry’s first hybrid object and visual recognition test engine. 

Key features

  • Object recognition with AI
  • Build and maintain automated GUI test faster
  • Supports script based and no script tests
  • Native BDD support
  • Continuous testing


  • Browsershots


Browsershots is a testing tool for web applications. You can test a website in any browser and operating system. It is widely used for the simple usage and customizations available

Key features

  • Cross browser compatibility test
  • High degree customization
  • Automate screen shots
  • Supports 61 browsers


  • Browsera 


Browsera is an automated website layout testing platform. It automatically detects cross-browser issues and scripting errors.

Key features

  • Discover layout problems across browsers
  • Locate Java script errors
  • Test entire site
  • Test pages behind login
  • No installation 
  • Test dynamic pages

The choice of the tool is totally based on the requirements you have and the tools listed above covers almost all the requirements. Automate the cross-browser testing using the best tools and get hand on the niche issues to deliver world-class web applications. 

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Tips to Boost your Experience in Chatbot Technology for Marketing

Chris Holroyd



Chatbot Technology for Marketing

As a businessman, you are surely aiming at growing the business, right? That’s why, you need to learn how to come up with a good marketing strategy like integrating chatbot technology. Today, a lot of entrepreneurs are using this technique in acquiring clients or customers and building brand awareness. Therefore, if you are willing to also invest in this, then check out to hire individuals with such capability. From there, you will know more about how this system works and what these experts will do with your marketing team.

Basically, they will help in creating a bot, advertising it and engaging the audience as well as growing your business. But your team still needs to work on converting these viewers into potential customers. I supposed, this is not a big problem because these experts are not just after the technological advancement, they are also marketing specialists. So, they know how to build and manage your strategies well. They will help you turn your dreams into a reality. I guess, this is a good reason, why you should consider this innovation as an investment.

If you are going to read reviews or experiences of entrepreneurs, who have incorporated chatbot in their marketing strategies, then you will learn how it feels like to have one. However, what you have read and heard from other people, may not be applicable to you, especially when you are in a different niche. That’s why, it is still best to integrate it in your own strategies. Through this way, it can help in your marketing and expanding your business as well. Basing from your initial investigation, you already know other’s experiences, but the experts have ways to help in boosting your own experiences, using bots.

Chatbot Technology for Marketing

Conversational Flow

The experts are responsible in preparing a relevant set of questions and answers, which are actually part of the content. You should know that it would be very difficult for the system to satisfy the users, if the answers to their questions are not right.

That’s why, before using this system, the experts will have to make sure that there are answers for every question. Actually, the whole team of the marketing department will need to plan this in advance. Due to their efforts, they can come up with a good flow of conversation.

Thoroughly Researched Content

It is very important for your system to have a high quality and relevant content. As a user, questions will be raised and accurate answers are expected. Therefore, the bot needs to provide information, according to the needs of the audience. Through this way, they will be satisfied and you will receive a good rating as well. Go here for content examples of various chatbots.

This is done by carefully and thoroughly researching on the content. You should be able to put yourself in the shoes of the consumer, so that you will know what they want to ask or find out about your products and services. 

Anyway, it would be a great strategy to provide the consumers a more detailed information about what they are seeking for. This will make them aware that you are reliable. Aside from that, it will make them think like they are actually chatting with humans and not bots.

Live chat

One of the best features that you can derive with chatbot technology, is the live chat. There are users, who is seeking for immediate responses. Let’s say that this is an urgent situation like complaints and must be answered by a human support.

As you can see, the bot will respond to this user. But since this calls for a solution, the system will be able to transfer the line to the humans for a live chat. This is a good way to accommodate all the audience, since the system is capable of filtering the type of interactions, which is AI to user and human to user.

Any consumer, who is given such priority will be very happy. Pretty sure that every effort will be appreciated, whether they are chatting with an AI or human beings.


Consider personalizing your bot and treating it like a human, even if you know that it is just a set of program. You have to think about giving it a name because this is how the audience will remember this chatbot. Make sure that this name is noticeable and easy to search or write. Make it simple and convenient for them.

In my opinion, this is a good way to enhance the experience of the audience, regarding the use of your bot. Actually, since your name is easily remembered, then it would be easier for the viewers to find you when assistance and customer support is badly needed.

Replacing Newsletters

After incorporating this technology in your marketing strategy, you may now replace the sending of newsletters via email. Keep in mind that every time you start a conversation with the viewers, you will be able to keep their contacts.

The point is, before or after the interaction ends, you may ask the user, if he would like to receive subscriptions or not. Because of this, you do not need to send notifications to those, who are not even interested to receive one. I guess, this is a good way to keep consumers, who are very much willing to hear from your products and services. Is it really better than sending emails

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5 Important Features for Strengthening Cloud Security

Chris Holroyd



Cloud Security

Organizations become conscious when they shift to the cloud. Before they invest in cloud-based solutions they focus on their cost-savings, scalability and increased agility. But due to their quick decisions, they often overlook that their current cyber security measures will be enough to secure their distributed multi-cloud environments. But cloud security is a whole different game, with new risks emerging in the market.

It is important to hire a security testing company that can ensure your data is safe, secure and compliant in the new cloud environment. Security experts should ensure that their cloud solutions are protected and they are compatible with solutions across the distributed network. They should also understand the shared-responsibility model. The security testing teams are responsible for data security assurance. They cannot just secure cloud-based solutions by applying traditional security measures.

The truth is that cyber-criminals are always in search of misconfigured cloud security controls. According to Gartner, in 2020, 99% of all cloud security incidents will be due to device misconfigurations, and customers will be responsible for it. In case of a successful attack, the enterprise will put all its sensitive data at risk and cause an interruption in its business operations. It can damage an organization’s reputation and they may have to face penalties of having weak security controls in place. 

Following are 5 important features of cloud security controls that a security testing company needs to provide when testing cloud-based solutions:

  • Centralized Cloud Infrastructure 

Cloud security controls include centralized visibility into security policies, configuration settings, and user activity. It also includes risks that may be present in online data stores. It reduces the risks of security teams overlooking vulnerabilities in cloud security due to misconfigurations, or any suspicious activity that indicates an attack. 

  • Integration into Cloud Security Systems

Cloud-based solutions are based on a shared-responsibility model, customers control some of the security settings and others by the public cloud vendor. To gain visibility into security posture across clouds require close coordination between the teams and the cloud environment. 

  • AI and ML- Powered Web App Protection 

There can be alot of security gaps when it is not clear who is responsible for protecting the cloud infrastructure. Machine learning and artificial intelligence can protect cloud-based applications and implement protection measures in ways that no human can do, in terms of speed and accuracy. 

  • Threat Intelligence Feeds

If you have a complex cloud environment, enterprises prefer the use of multiple vendors, which means they become more vulnerable to threats. A security testing company should ensure that they provide comprehensive services to cater to all cloud-based apps under one roof. 

  • Security Automation 

With the increasing cyber security incidents, the gap between the current security posture of businesses requires attention. Security experts are in high demand and their existing security teams are not enough to do the needful tasks. So it becomes important to automate security controls leaving no room for security vulnerabilities in the cloud-based applications. 

Author Bio:

Ray Parker is a Senior Marketing Consultant with a knack for writing the latest news in tech, quality assurance, software development and testing. With a decade of experience working in the tech industry, Ray now dabbles out of his New York office.

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Instructions to Use a Voltmeter to Check Your Portable Generator’s Output



Portable generator

Do you claim a Portable generator? You should think that it’s significant. Indeed, a versatile generator can be an incredible thing that you will use in an assortment of circumstances. It may be the case that you need to control devices, and you are a long way from the closest electrical cables. Or on the other hand, maybe you require a power source as a crisis reinforcement. It may be that you are enjoying nature or are in a closely following campaign and need to prop things up. In every one of these circumstances, a Portable generator is exactly what you need. Ensure that your generator has the correct voltage. Nonetheless, how might you tell that the voltage is correct? You just need a voltmeter to do that.

Safety First

It is crucial to adhere to a couple of security rules when utilizing a voltmeter to check the voltage in your generator. Here are a couple of valuable tips: 

  • It is savvy to step on an elastic tangle and wear non-conductive-sole shoes. This is superb insurance to make preparations for conceivable electric mishaps that can hurt you. 
  • Abstain from contacting the wires situated anytime in light of the fact that this could prompt electric stun. You particularly need to abstain from contacting the voltage controller for similar reasons. 

It is basically a clear procedure to test the generator yield. By the by, you should practice extraordinary alert to thwart threats or the probability of deadly mishaps. 

Method to Check Your Generator Output 

  • Try these basic suggestions 
  • Turn on the voltmeter after the first commencement of the generator. 
  • While the generator works, turn on the voltmeter. Ensure the voltmeter is set to the “air conditioner Voltage” position. Except if this is done, your chance to blow a circuit. 
  • Do this utilizing the dark lead. To do this, append the meter to the edge of the generator (on the off chance that it grounded!). 
  • There is a gator cut found on the lead. This is valuable for connecting the meter to the motor edge. 
  • Join the red lead to the yield plug. 
  • Contact the red lead to where you need to connect the apparatus device. 

Troubleshooting the AVR 

In the event that you find that the voltage perusing is underneath desire, you can find a way to cure that: 

  • Does your generator have a programmed voltage controller (AVR)? This may be the reason for the low voltage. 
  • Test this by finding the AVR and expelling the two leads. 
  • There is a red and dark lead going from the AVR up to the brush set. Evacuate the leads. 
  • This will keep them from contacting one another or contacting the lodging. 
  • This can be a vehicle battery and gator cuts. Snare the clasps to the brush set that were expelled from the leads. 
  • Set your battery by snaring the positive line that you simply appended to the brush set. 
  • Guarantee the positive line is constantly set towards the bearing. At this stage, disregard the negative line. 
  • Presently start the generator. 
  • Give the generator a chance to run for somewhere in the range of ten seconds at that point snare the negative line from the brush that is set to the battery. 
  • Use it to test the initial two leads that were isolated from the AVR. 
  • Attempt to make it read 60v. Ordinarily, a 12-volt battery test is sufficient to determine the issue. You will find that the leftover attraction of the generator is reestablished through this test. That is all that is expected to fix the issue. 
  • On the off chance that this neglects to work, you may need to supplant the AVR. On the off chance that the AVR isn’t the explanation behind the low generator yield or absence of intensity, it may be the case that another piece of the motor is flawed. 
  • In the event that some other piece of the motor is causing issues, you should take the machine to a certified professional for administration. Ensure the maker affirms the chose expert. 


In this blog, we can discuss the instructions to use a voltmeter to check your portable generator output. I hope all the detail is helpful for all the generator users. If you need more detail about our New and used generator. So contact our EO energy team for help.

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Top 10 Trendy Certifications for the IT Enthusiasts

Chris Holroyd



Top 10 Trendy Certifications for the IT Enthusiasts

Are you one of those IT enthusiasts who are yet to figure out how to start and from where to start? One of the best options is to start by building up your academic profile. It is also important to be involved in some of the trending current diploma programs for a better career.

Now, keeping that fact in mind, searching for the right course is another thing that can offer you sleepless nights. Amidst several courses, here is a list of some of the most important ones.


JAVA is now covering almost all the major sectors across the globe. Hence having a certification in JAVA will always offer the candidates an upper hand over the others. The problem arises when the candidates do not exactly know the important areas. J2SE, J2EE, STRUTS, and SPRING or HIBERNATE are some of the crucial frameworks that are really helpful in today’s industries. To get a JAVA certification, there are no such mandatory qualifications. But having a degree of Bachelors’s or Master’s in computers always adds up to the resume.

PHP Training

PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for Web development. PHP is now installed on more than 20 million Web sites and 1 million Web servers. Originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995.DAAC Initiated the PHP certified training based on “Project based training by Corporates” so that students learn the way and methodology to develop web application and not only include one more language to their resume. Student should enroll for PHP training in Jaipur and get trained with experts.


With a rising amount of data and its usage, data analysis is considered as one of the most desired job options as of now. SAS or better known as Statistical Analysis System is mainly an architecture. It indulges the candidates in learning data related activities such as data entry, management, graphics, mining, and many others.

Candidates who have taken up the course can have a bright career in segments such as business planning, project management, application development, warehousing, human resource, the pharmaceutical industry, and many more.

The demand for candidates certified is high and will be the same over the next few years.

System Administration

Though, not much in demand as of now, system administration is estimated to have some opened up doors ahead. System security, package installations, user management, risk management, and many other profiles can be handled by candidates with a certification in system administration.

The best thing about this certification is that this can be also taken up by the candidates who are not from the IT background. But of course, having an IT background such as an IT graduate degree is always an added potential for the career ahead.

Microsoft Technologies

Microsoft can be simply described as an IT ocean. There are so many things to go for from desktop management, software, cloud, and so on.

There are so many firms that prefer to hire IT individuals for Microsoft dealings. Having a certification in Microsoft is a must for such candidates by now. To get training and certification in Microsoft, it is not highly important to have an IT background. Mainly having some basic knowledge about computers is considered enough to get a certification offered by Microsoft.

Animation & Graphics

Animation and graphics market is crazily booming today and candidates have an interest in sectors of web designing, fine arts, visual graphics, and similar others that can actually have ample opportunities in hand. The course in animation or graphics will train the candidates on a diverse number of topics such as texture painting, using 3D, concept designing, wax modeling, and so many more.

Having basic computer knowledge is what a candidate needs to have to get started with the animation and graphics course. Having a hand upon programming is always an added advantage. Of course, having an interest in artistic work is another important thing that the candidate needs to have.

CISCO Technologies

The world is operating online and the online task happens smoothly only because the network of cables and connections are connected properly and the data is flowing smoothly. If you have got an interest in such tasks, CISCO technologies are the ultimate course that you need to do to fetch a growing career for you.

CISCO comes up in five levels and these are entry-level, associate level, professional level, expert level, and the architect level. There are seven subjects that in the course and these are design, switching, service provider, network security, wireless, voice, and storage network.


AS mentioned in the context of SAS earlier, the market for data is booming today. So, if you are someone who is not able to reach out to the right aim of yours, data is the right thing that you can think of. Data Administration is all about creating, maintaining, and then managing huge files of data.

There are so many basic levels such as Oracle and others where the candidates can start up with data-related learning. Post such course, a higher course such as that of Data Warehousing and similar others is also helpful in enhancing the career.

Cloud Computing

The high amount of data and the equally increasing amount of threats have now a very amazing solution in the form of cloud computing. This has actually led to high demand for cloud services. Such a high demand for cloud services has accelerated the need for courses in cloud computing.

Candidates taking up the course of cloud computing mainly have focus on some of the important topics such as infrastructure, software, storage, data, platform, network, security, and database.

Mobile SDKs

The mobile market is rapidly growing and already impacted human society in a massive way. Developing new applications is no doubt a fruitful career today in this current world of smartphone dependency. The only thing is that yet now there are just limited numbers of operating systems available.

Candidates interested in mobile application development programs just need to have expertise in options such as Java, C++, and other related programs. But having a certification in hand can open doors towards multinational firms.


Today, when almost everything is dependent on IT, software plays a major role. Whether it is online shopping, or an operation, the need for software is there almost everywhere. In this market, having a certification course in Software Quality Testing is another option that is quite worthy.

Regular graduates in IT can easily get such certification and a job in such a field. A tester job will have a wide range of prospects in the near future.

Apart from these important courses mentioned, there are also many other possible courses that are steadily gaining market importance. The main fact that remains here is that gaining a certification course is the best possible strategy in the current market for IT enthusiasts.

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Here’s How 5G Technology Impacts The Digital World

Chris Holroyd



5G Technology

Do you wish to experience rapid digital growth than ever? Well, the next generation of wireless technology (5G) is all ready to reshape the connectivity across variant networks. It is especially important as the IoT devices are increasing in number, an enormous amount of the data is getting generated at a faster pace. 

5G TechnologyThe 5G tech helps to enable rapid data transfer speed from the current 1Gbps to 10Gbps and creates tremendous opportunities for variant industries. It is expected that by 2020, the majority of industries will be pivoted with the 5G networks and plenty of IoT cellular connections will use 5G connection across the globe. From improving the livestock management to automating remote robotic surgery, 5G is set to make a huge difference to a plethora of the world’s largest industries.

In this article, we will be having a look at a few industries which will be impacted by the 5G technology innovation. Let’s get started with. 

  • Manufacturing

The manufacturing sector comprises more of the hardcore machines to make do their work using the human force. With the help of 5G technology, it can help the production operations to become more flexible and efficient thereby ensuring much safety. This can be a sigh of relief for the manufactures as it helps to introduce the concept of ‘smart industries’ and leverage the power of AI-oriented automation. All of the hitched or unhitched robots can be controlled, reconfigured and monitored over the 5G mobile networks which lead to an increase in its adoption due to high bandwidth and low latency.

5G Technology


  • Education

Due to the boom of 5G trends in variant industries, how can we forget about the most precious Education industry to transform the educational methodologies of your kids? 5G mobile connections can be used by the teachers to introduce new education methods or techniques. By taking advantage of AR/VR educational platforms, helps to provide numerous benefits over the traditional methods thereby bing much cost-effective, lowering risks and increasing retention. 5G seems to be a boon for the students studying in high-risk fields like aviation and medicine where they can experience VR learning for easy knowledge transfer.

  • Gaming

Due to the emergence of 5G, the gaming industry is going to get benefitted the most as the users will experience a smooth-play experience. The technology can help to solve the latency problems by reducing the time and providing a real-time streaming update. It is seen that the streaming videos for computer games are reprimanded for their significant expenses and conflicting encounters. To avoid this blunder, 5G can help to improve their quality and make them cost-effective. Even, we can expect the Xbox games to introduce on PCs, consoles and mobile devices for a much better experience. 

  • Advertising and Marketing

The role of 5G can play a changing showcase publicizing towards the vivid social encounters by bringing the substance and end-clients together. This can assist the organizations with overcoming their benefit scale, conveyance and estimation issues while managing the mobile advertisement campaigns.  Marketers have an enormous opportunity using 5G by transiting from banner-oriented advertisements to moving videos and images. By doing so, these can help to generate more business and boost your sales by saving the time of your customers and yours as well. 

  • Retails

How can we forget about the current trends set for an online store? With the hype of e-commerce platforms, mobile shopping is increasingly popular among all the customers across the globe. For such a huge trendsetter, all regards go to 5G/LTE for providing a rich shopping experience for mobile users. Now, imagine how your shopping experience gets boosted if you have a 10X faster mobile connection. It is estimated that the 5G technology can help to open an opportunity to virtual reality dressing rooms and mobile AR experiences from the stores to your home directly. 

  • Supply Chain Management

By introducing 5G-empowered IoT sensors on the items, the partners are encompassed by the mass measure of information in the inventory network continuously  These data contain location, moisture, temperature, pressure and other related information which is crucial for managing the products in a supply chain. By bringing 5G IoT sensors into inventory chains can diminish the misfortune because of lost compartments or manual inefficiency. As 5G technologies are introducing more and more intelligent supply chain management, there is a potential increase in production and streamlined logistical processes with the reduction in costs.

Wrap Up

Here, we come to the end of the article. We can expect the latest innovations in the variant industries of Healthcare, Security, Defence, Tourism, Restaurants and much others to bloom with the emergence of 5G technology for seamless and smoother customer experience. There are a lot more benefits of 5G to your business. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity now and keep learning!

Author Bio:

H.P Morgan working as IT Consultant at, A Custom Software development in Australia. He is having seven years of experience in a Technological domain and helps the organization of all shapes. He loves to travel to Spontaneous places. You can visit here to know more about his companies.

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10 Things Every Entrepreneur Learns From Event Advertising

Chris Holroyd



Event Advertising

There’s no denying that event advertising is hugely important, but you may not realise that it’s actually a great learning experience. Here are some of the top things you will learn as an entrepreneur when you advertise at events. 

Event Advertising

  1. How to Utilise Technology – As technology develops, it is being used more and more at events. Not only are event organisers using it as a way to improve the overall experience for attendees, but entrepreneurs are also using it to make their experience a successful one. iPads are being used to capture the contact information of customers, sales are being made quicker than ever before and people are learning more about brands through easy to access websites. Technology has made many aspects of event advertising a lot easier and more efficient.
  2. There Are Different Types of Event – A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that all business events are the same, but this couldn’t be any further from the truth. As an entrepreneur, you won’t have to attend many events to realise that there are a wide range of options to choose from. Regardless of the industry that you work in or the type of business that you are interested in, you will find three main event types. There are conferences, which are large scale events and some of the most popular. Conferences can be B2B or B2C and are centred around speakers, workshops, networking and advertising. There are trade shows, which give businesses a place to showcase new products and services in a professional way. These are usually themed around a specific industry and businesses set up booths, entrepreneurs are also able to network. There are seminars, which are the most intimate type of event. The focus at a seminar is to educate attendees and to share knowledge.
  3. To Attend Events Regularly – There are a lot of events for any entrepreneur to attend, which is why sticking to one or two doesn’t make any sense. The more events you attend, the more advertising you do and the more people you reach. Though you won’t want to take too much time away from regular business proceedings, finding opportunities to attend regular events can make a big difference. This is because some customers will attend one event and not another, and some competitors favour certain events over others. By attending more, you can cover all the bases. 
  4. The Importance of Promoting Attendance on Social Media – Once you have confirmed your attendance to an event it’s important to promote this by letting customers, potential customers and other entrepreneurs know. Social media platforms are great for this, as they provide a quick and easy way to spread the message. Plus, they’re free! Unless people know that you are at an event, they won’t know to come and seek you out. You can drum up interest on social media about a specific product, a special deal that you are offering or something that you are giving away for free. 
  5. Subpar Advertising Materials Don’t Work – Though you may be able to save some money by choosing cheap and low quality advertising materials, you are unlikely to achieve the same results. Sometimes, spending more money on banners and leaflets really is best. Not only does it ensure that they will last long enough to use at multiple events, but it also reflects well on the business. Cheap advertising materials may cause people to think of you as a cheap business. 
  6. Planning Ahead is Key to Successful Event Advertising – You won’t have to attend many events to realise that planning ahead is the key to success. Not only does planning ahead reduce the chance of any last minute stresses and strains cropping up, but it also ensures that you are organised and read to do your best. Event advertising isn’t just about turning up and showing off a product, it’s about highlighting the entire brand and building strong business relationships. 
  7. The Benefits of Networking – Before advertising at an event, a lot of entrepreneurs don’t realise just how beneficial networking is. Though it’s something that everyone has heard happens at all business events, many people underestimate just how helpful networking can actually be. You don’t have to spend too long at any event to realise that networking can lead to more customers, big sales and long term business relationships. 
  8. What Makes a Good Banner Design – Ask anyone at and they will tell you just how important banner artwork is at an event. When you are advertising a product or service, it’s vital that the banner stands out and conveys a strong message. It’s not enough to simply throw together a banner design at the last minute and hope for the best, as this is unlikely to make a statement and stand out. Instead, take the time to design something that is going to engage potential customers and evoke a response from those passing by. A good banner design is one that is clear, informative and stands out from a distance. 
  9. Competitors Can Be Helpful – Don’t make the mistake of assuming that all competitors are detrimental to your success, as they can be helpful. When an entrepreneur attends an event, they will see what other competitors are doing and how they are advertising their products or services. This is a great way to see what other similar businesses are doing and what is working for them. If there’s a way of advertising that everyone else in the industry is using but you aren’t, this will be highlighted.

Event Advertising
Brand Awareness Won’t Boost Itself – Brand awareness is one of the main reasons to advertise at an event, but it won’t boost itself. Even with a high quality banner and impressive advertising materials, every entrepreneur will still need to go out of their way to improve awareness. This includes talking to passersby, answering questions and ensuring the business name is conveyed. You should aim for people to leave an event knowing who you are and what you do.

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