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Top 10 Mobile Security Threats You Should Worry About in 2020

Chris Holroyd



Cyber-security threats proliferate our world, and in the coming years, their scale and impact are only going to get bigger. This is especially concerning if you consider that most of today’s corporations have to contend with having their corporate data being accessed on a smartphone. For employees, it is most convenient, but for companies, it is a security nightmare that they would rather not face and they have every reason to be afraid.

Research has shown that mobile phones are increasingly being used to perpetrate cybercrimes that range from corporate espionage, identity fraud, data leakage to crypto-jacking.   In 2020, such threats are only going to be magnified as a result of faster networks (5G), more connected devices (IoT) and the widespread adoption of AI.

One way to keep ourselves safe from future mobile-security threats is to stay abreast with their evolving nature. Cybersecurity experts, after all, agree that knowing the kind of cyber risks that you are likely to run into helps in the adoption of effective countermeasures.  This piece does just that by considering the top 10 mobile security threats, you should worry about in 2020. 

1. #Data leakage 

Data leakage

Data leakage is one of the most worrisome and hardest to prevent threats to enterprise security. Most people, for instance, store passwords on their phones and will leave them lying around without sparing second thoughts on what would happen if they were improperly accessed.

Data leakage perpetuated this way is not nefarious, and because corporations have no business telling adults how they are to use their phones, it is a very difficult threat to control.

Corporate data leakage can also happen when apps have too much access to user’s data. One way to stop this from happening is to install an Android cleaner app that will keep your data from being accessed without your consent. The app can also help manage your passwords and accounts.

2. #Cryptojacking Attacks

Cryptojacking Attacks

Did you know that your phone can be used to mine cryptocurrency without your consent? Cyptojacking is not new, but is nonetheless a recent development in mobile security threats and one that is gaining steam. It started with the hijacking of desktops, but it is now a fully-fledged mobile security threat that can target anyone.

With the use of Mac and PC cleaning software, it is relatively easy to get rid of the threat to computers. On mobile phones, however, it is an entirely different matter because the mobile-specific crypto mining software are very stealthy. The only clue they leave behind is a fast-draining battery and excessive data usage.

Google and Apple have so far moved to contain mobile-crypto mining apps by banning them on Play Store and iOS App Store respectively, and while this has somewhat contained the threat of cryptojacking, cyber-security experts warn that apps from unofficial third-parties still pose a great threat.

3. #Out Of-Date Software 

Out Of-Date Software 

 One of the reasons that software vendors keep on pushing updates is better security. But not all vendors or device manufacturers can provide updates on time a situation that leaves device users exposed to zero-day attacks.

With the coming of the Internet of Things – a real possibility now that 5G is a proven technology- there is an increased likelihood that sloppy manufacturers will leave mobile phone users exposed to all sorts of attacks.

Think about it, every device manufacturer out there will want to be part of the Internet of Things, and they will have to develop some software to facilitate this. With millions of manufacturers and product vendors involved, the potential weak vulnerabilities will be so many and attacks, commonplace.

4. #Social Engineering Attacks

Social Engineering Attacks

Social engineering attacks look for weaknesses in human nature. An example of such a weakness is irresistibly attracted to great discounts or clickbait stories. Cybercriminals use this to their advantage by pushing users to click on emails and URLs that are infected with malware. 

Given that mobile phones are the primary devices through which people access the Internet, such scams are only going to be more pronounced in 2020 and beyond. 

5. #Unsecured Networks

Unsecured Networks

It is not farfetched to think that by 2020 and beyond, almost every city will have public Wi-Fi. While this is a welcome development, public Wi-Fi will nonetheless put millions of people at risk because it is primarily an unsecured network.

Cybercriminals, governments, and intelligence agencies have all mastered the art of eavesdropping on communications over public Wi-Fi.

Most people are, of course, oblivious of this danger and given the amount of personal information that is carried on our smartphones, there is no telling the kind of crimes that are going to be perpetrated on such networks.  Perhaps, the only defense we might have is to avoid them entirely.



Cybercriminals can bypass the security of the App Store and Google Play Store and install third-party apps on your phone. They can do this by compromising Android OS through a procedure called Rooting or Jailbreaking in iOS devices.  While research shows that only 0.1% of iOS devices and 0.5% of Android devices are compromised this way, the security threat is massive if you consider the pool of billions of devices.

Jailbreaking and Rooting are going to be persistent threats that we need to be worried about because cybercriminals are always improvising. Not to mention, iOS and Android operating systems are continually having their security flaws exposed and, in the process, leaving their users exposed.

7. #Malware


Malware infection will always constitute a threat to mobile systems. With the increased adoption of AI, it is likely that we will soon be seeing malware threats that are maladaptive. They will be able to respond to anti-malware solutions in ways that our most trusted PC tips and tricks guides are yet to provide answers to.

8. #Privacy Breaches

Privacy Breaches

Closeup picture of Privacy button of a modern keyboard.

Tomorrow’s mobile security threats don’t even have to come from you because if the Cambridge Analytica scandal is anything to by, social media giants, such as Facebook and Google, can leak your data to the wrong entities.

But it is not just Facebook or Google as there are many apps installed on your phone, all of which could potentially be breached and in the process expose everyone’s little dirty secrets. 

How do you protect yourself in such a scenario? The sad truth is that there is little you can do to prevent a dating site from being hacked, for instance or Google, for that matter. You can, however, limit the quantity of data stored on your phone at any time by using cache cleaners.

9. #Withdrawn Support 

Withdrawn Support 

There is a lot of bickering going around between the governments of China and the USA. A recent consequence of this was the recent withdrawal of Android support on Huawei smartphones by Google. This left millions of people with Huawei devices vulnerable to security breaches because they could not download the latest apps on Play Store or access some of Google’s services.

There is no telling how the trade war between the two trade giants US and China will go, but if recent indications are anything to go by, 2020 will be the year when support is fully withdrawn.

10. #Third-Party App Stores

Third-Party App Stores

Some people rightly feel that Google and Apple have an oversized say when it comes to app development, purchase, and control. And as the recent case involving Huawei showed, there is some truth to this.

Third-party app stores try to limit the dominance of these tech giants, but compared to Google and Apple, they don’t offer the same type of security guarantees. In 2020 and beyond, they will continue to sources of multiple mobile security threats.

Wrap Up

Wrap Up

Shall we ever live in a completely safe world? No security expert would answer in the positive, and this is because as our security measures become better, the threats that we face adapt to counter them. The same is true when it comes to mobile phone security threats- we will have to stay vigilant.

Author Bio:

Mathew Ngatia is a computer scientist who currently works as a content specialist at He writes on topics related to tech, VPN, digital marketing, gaming, SEO and more. Outside of work, Mathew is interested in artificial intelligence and programming in general and is an avid book reader.

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Rule Your Cell Phone And Use Your Face To Prove IT!

Chris Holroyd



Android face recognition unlock

Wondering what face lock mean. Available only on Android, Android face recognition unlock is a security lock system. Easy to set up and requiring no memorization, facial lock screen means you only have to bring your phone in front of your face for it to recognize you as the one and only owner of your device. Well yeah it is like the James Bond Movie where Retina of the eye is used as security lock of the Door!

Android face recognition unlock


With Security being the prime factor for every mobile phone user, a user can select from wide many options of security systems such as PIN, pattern gestures, password or others security. Despite this many option security of your device can still be accessed by intruders. However, using the facial reorganization security pattern gives you an edge over all the other intruders as the intruder will have to know how you look or have a clear picture of you to unlock your mobile phone.

Given below is a step by step description on how to setup up Android face recognition unlock and unlock your Android phone with your face.

Step I

Go to the setting bar and tap on the security followed by screen lock. You might have to provide the security code used by you before you reach the next step.

Step II

Tap on “Face Unlock” option. If you don’t find this option than face recognition security facility has not been made available for your phone.

Step III

Your mobile phone will now click a picture of you so that it can recognize you afterwards. You have to remember to be alert and not to make any mistake as you allow your phone to take that picture of you. For better facial recognition and clarity, it is advised to take picture indoors where it is neither too bright nor too dim. Once the photo is clicked tap continue.

Step IV

This step requires you to create a lock-screen pattern or PIN. This is required to be done as a precaution against the time when your device might fail to recognize your face. Yes it can happen.

Step V

Since double checking is always advice, you should now test your phone and its latest security system. Lock your handset and try unlocking IT.


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Top 5 Mobile App Development Company in India

Chris Holroyd



Mobile App Development Company in India

Lately, India has emerged as a big market for the smartphone industry. A 2019 survey confirmed that the number of smartphones in the country reached the prestigious mark of 500 million. As the demand keeps increasing, several smartphone manufacturing giants, such as Apple, Samsung, and a number of Chinese manufacturers are building infrastructures and production facilities in order to strengthen their supply chain in the country. 

Mobile App Development Company in India

The growing number of smartphones is resulting in a sharp surge in demand for mobile applications. Therefore, these days, you can see a rapid increase in Mobile App Development Solutions. The arrival of more number of app development agencies will be instrumental in ending the existing monopoly in the market and resulting in competitive pricing. But, on the other hand, it will be difficult for businesses to choose the best service provider in the crowded market.

So, here, in this article, you will get to know about five reputed Mobile Game App Development Services that you can trust easily. 

1. Mobzway Technologies

Over the last couple of years, this Jaipur-based company did a remarkable job when it comes to Mobile Game App Development. The organization is known for to the point customization and smooth gameplay experience. Their competitive pricing and timely delivery is something that most users will find hard to ignore. Currently, they are operating in 15 different countries across the globe. 

Therefore, if you are planning to develop your own mobile gaming application for popular games, such as Poker, Teen Patti, Rummy, etc. across the platforms, you can go with Mobzway Technologies for the best possible result. 

2. HBMobileLabs

HBMobileLabs saw its inception way back in 2009, and the organization never looked back since then. They provide applications compatible with all the major platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows, etc. The best in class service and attractive pricing contributes the biggest chunk in their growing market share. Their mobile application developers are backed by years of experience in this particular field. As a result, they can offer you the most suitable form of solutions according to the current market trend. You can definitely go with HBMobileLabs without worrying about their credibility. 

3. Sourcebits

Sourcebits, a Bengaluru-based company, was founded in 2006. The organization is extremely famous for developing high-quality chatbots for multiple reputed websites. Besides, the company is specialized in developing a number of essential features, such as app development, UX design, and so on. Over the years, the organization has transformed itself into the best Mobile Game App Development Company in the region. 

4. Openxcell

Openxcell is located at Ahmedabad in the Gujarat state of India. The organization develops high-quality applications for both mobile and desktop platforms. By now, they have successfully created more than 900 applications, which speaks volume of its success. With more than 11 years of experience and around 900 worldwide clients, Openxcell stands in the same platform with other industry leaders. They have a dedicated team of developers who will take care of all your requirements and offer you a customized solution. Their client-centric application development, relatively lower cost, and timely project delivery present them as one the best choices for the clients. 

5. Smarther

Smarther is famous for iOS and Android app development. In fact, they are often considered as the best mobile game development company in Chennai. Apart from these services, Smarter also has expertise in popular services, such as Search Engine Optimization, Web Development, Online Marketing, and the list will go on. They are also active in the global platform as well. If you want to develop an application for your business, you can opt for Smarther for a better overall experience.

Wrapping it off

As mentioned earlier, the number of application service providers are increasing like never before. And, in the age of the internet, each of these companies is selling themselves by claiming them to be better than their competitors. As a result, it is quite confusing for a client to choose the organization for an assured and reliable overall experience. 

All these five above-mentioned firms are backed by a massive amount of experience, and their services are loved by their customers as well. All of them are flexible enough to mould themselves according to the changing atmosphere in this dynamic industry. Therefore, their services will not let you feel regret, even in the long run.

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Top 8 Ways to Speed up Your Mobile Application Development

Hermit Chawla



In a market full of stiff competition, a quick time-to-market application can make all the distinction. An application that takes forever to develop as well as the release can collapse and shed even before it goes off the shelf. Although Android app development for business is an excellent selection, nonetheless, it is particularly well-known for its sluggish speed. Chief executive officers of businesses are constantly struggling to fulfill deadlines and also take their application to the marketplace prior to competitors pinch the application suggestion. In this tussle between speed as well as top quality, frequently quality is sidelined and also what outcomes are a product that doesn’t fulfill your or your target market’s demands and expectations.

Speed up Your Mobile Application Development

The major goals of any company are to lead the competitors, raise the client base, and also acquire remarkable earnings. In order to accomplish these objectives, businesses plan out several strategies for online and also offline efforts. Undoubtedly, the existence of mobile systems is just one of the first-class methods that aid the business world in getting assured outcomes. The main demand to penetrate on mobiles is to have a robust mobile app. When you look for an best enterprise mobile application development business, you have substantial choices. But it is fairly challenging to identify who is qualified sufficient to provide reliable development within your time restrictions. With time, possibilities additionally escape, as well as competition becomes harder.

The marketplace of mobile applications has seen enormous development throughout the years which results in high competitors in every domain name. Whether you build a photo modifying the application or a Shopping portal, you will certainly get optimal competition in every field. To remain ahead of your competitors, you need to take advantage of the best development methods that can offer eternal performance. the advent of most current modern technologies in the enterprise mobile application development assists in quickening the performance of your application in every feasible means.

Using the latest devices and modern technologies in the enterprise mobile application development process assists in maximizing the application which leads to faster growth as well as efficient performance. 

Top 8 Ways to improve your mobile app development

1. Cross-platform tools

Cross-platform tools

There are several ways to quicken the development process is to use Cross-platforms tools that enable developing a single application for multiple platforms. Because there are multiple platforms offered in the market that includes android, ios, windows, blackberry, and so on, and establishing a specific application for every system will boost the development time as well as cost also. There are numerous cross-platform technologies are offered in the mobile application development market that can be utilized by programmers to develop the application in less time.

2. Low-fidelity wireframes are speedier

Low-fidelity wireframes are speedier

Wireframing is an important action in the app development procedure. Making use of low-fidelity wireframes is a better choice than high-fidelity ones. These wireframes are much less comprehensive as well as more fluid but they give a clear enough photo to programmers as well as UI developers. Going headfirst into coding is not suggested and most seasoned Android application designers understand this. The most essential first step is to obtain developers, developers, programmers, and project managers on the same page. Low-fidelity wireframes do simply that. They are quick to establish as well as are a great blueprint for the entire advancement team.

3. Delegate off-core tasks

Delegate off-core tasks

It’s always a sensible option to offload extra activities such as boosting app involvement, determining application analytics, and converting complimentary subscribers to superior ones. These tasks get a lot of time and also are much better off with pre-designed applets, available at mobile involvement systems. These applets can be included in your ready app with just a few lines of code. Applets make it possible for tasks such as sharing tools, provide notification, new attributes tools as well as feedback tools.

4. Go Lean

A commonly-accepted best practice in Android app growth is to launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with just the standard features and no-frills, as opposed to waiting to develop and release a full-fledged application. The MVP will certainly assist you to collect individual data concerning what’s working and also what’s not. Utilize the build-measure-learn responses loop to obtain invaluable lessons about customer comments. This method diminishes the risk element of your app and also makes for an application that is more likely to appeal as well as do well. An additional element is using short versions or “sprints” to separate the entire application design into smaller, manageable cycles. Each sprint is complete in itself-it has the whole gamut of development actions and also results in an improvised variation of the previous sprint product. Go agile in your advancement procedure. Lower redundancy of effort and resources. This not just helps reduce advancement time but additionally conserves manufacturing expenses. As well as of course, the supreme advantage is a safe product that starts spinning ROI from the minute it’s released.

5. Code Reviews and Quality Assurance

Code Reviews and Quality Assurance

Make a habit to examine your code at routine intervals as well as develop a QA test right after finishing a task. This will certainly aid you in saving a great deal of time and effort. If you will skip this and also wait for the completion of the application after that you might obtain numerous errors due to the existing ones. With this, app advancement will end up being easier and you will obtain your item promptly. You can set your milestones and after achieving them you can run these tests as necessary.

6. Automated Screening

Automated Screening

Developing manual screening of the application will certainly cost you a lot of effort and time. One ideal method to repair this is to make use of the automated testing technology that will certainly run a suite of examinations and will certainly supply responses that can be made use of in the debugging procedure. These examinations can be conducted multiple times and also can be recycled by the programmers. Therefore it results in saving the time as well as cash required to run manual examinations.

7. Connect With Professionals 

Connect With Professionals 

This must be really challenging as you have to pick the best development group from the center. You require to Employ Mobile App Developers that can guarantee you to construct an application with an efficient and also quality efficiency at the time.

8. Third-Party Modules

Third-Party Modules

Team of young casual business people collaborating on an online project using a digital touchpad tablet computer in a bright modern office space. Serie with light flares

Making use of third-party components can aid you to decrease the development time to fifty percent. Because most of the third-part components generate constraints and also disturbance however if you pick the best one after that it will undoubtedly worth it. The mobile application growth process can be incorporated with these third-party components devices to construct your application with the high quality and also efficiency you want to have.

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10 Mobile Application Development Trends to Watch Out in 2020

Hermit Chawla



10 Mobile Application Development Trends to Watch Out in 2020

The high use of mobile phones has actually assisted in the growth of brand-new technologies. Mobile developers actually require to include the current mobile app growth approaches to make sure success. Mobile holds the power to boost the visibility of any kind of brand. The mobile application sector has actually revealed huge growth, which will continue in 2020. Despite the sort of business you own, you must take on the latest java mobile application development technology to reach out to a broad audience. According to recent recommendations, the mobile App Development market is broadening at the fastest rate. 

10 Mobile Application Development Trends to Watch Out in 2020

The mobile application sector has in fact been improving business for many years currently. Regardless of the business domain, every business needs to integrate one of the most as much as day mobile application development contemporary technologies to gather optimal growth as well as enhance the ways to reach the target audience. According to specialists, the mobile application market is simply among the leading fields that are increasing at the fastest speed. According to Statista, applications are anticipated to create $189 Billion United States bucks in profits by 2020. However, simply carrying out the proper mobile application advancement method will not guarantee the success, you call for to integrate the latest patterns in mobile applications. As well as to complete that, you furthermore require to have a team of professional application developers. The java mobile application development industry is one domain name that maintains refining practically daily. So, to keep up today with the ever-increasing consumer demands, you need to bring the needed modifications while doing so.

Trends of Mobile application development

The Growth of Beacon Technology

The Growth of Beacon Technology

Sign innovation is the really first mobile application innovation trend that is essential in addition to is swiftly welcomed by sectors like Galleries, Hotels, Treatment, and so on. It’s of wonderful use in place innovation as well as range advertising and marketing, as well as a result of its simplicity of use, a regular customer can rapidly get utilized to it. Beacons are wireless transmitters that utilize Bluetooth technology to send out signals. It helps in the info exchange of sales. For instance, Beacons can be helpful in the retail area, particularly when incorporated with IoT. Mobile application market patterns for Sign technology in 2020:Mobile payments indications;

  • AI-enabled chips;
  • Automated machine learning;
  • Sign prize searching.

APM along with EMM

APM along with EMM

Application Performance Management (APM), as well as Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM), are the two aspects that enter into the endeavor mobile app development procedure for long. APM is the mobile metrics that acquired integrated into Google in 2016. It was presented to get rid of the grab that tends to slow down the application effectiveness, and also by doing this, APM helps to boost the general performance. And as a result of its importance, APM has actually become a favored tool of quality assurance testers for the app screening procedure. Whereas, Venture adaptability tracking or EMM is a platform that permits companies to securely enable smartphones that are being made use of by the employees, which much better improves business procedures by helping in mobile computing. It includes the adhering to parts:

  • Application security;
  • Managing funds;
  • Preserving the application.

EMM not only strengthens the defense structure yet similarly assists the employees to be extra effective by permitting the exchange of applications as well as data over smart devices.

The eminence of Wearable Devices

The eminence of Wearable Devices

Wearable devices are not new to the market. We have actually presently experienced smartwatches, health and fitness bands, trackers, as well as likewise even clever rings. All these wearables have in fact altered the means we communicate with sensible tools. Taking a look at the substantial opportunity in the wearable tool market, mobile applications require to receive wearable modern innovation. Yet extremely, numerous apps don’t come incorporated with wearable gizmos. Every wearable gizmo needs a collection platform to run. As an instance, Apple Watch requires watchOS in addition to Android smartwatches sync with WearOS. Therefore, the programmers have to keep an option to include their applications with wearable devices. Feasible wearables patterns in 2020:

  • The surge in using fitness trackers.
  • Once the application is made to work with wearable tools, it ought to be kept close to the wise device to operate.

Artificial Intelligence Making the Application More Intelligent

Artificial Intelligence Making the Application More Intelligent

Artificial Intelligence or AI has actually continued to be in the center of attention for the last number of years with a substantial development in new technology in mobile application advancement. Its Mix with mobile applications not just has, in fact, made the applications smarter, however, it also saves a large amount of time, effort, and also cash for the mobile app development business. Google has actually likewise presented Duplex, an AI program that can make get in touch with behalf of human beings to repair a visit with a regional company. It demonstrates exactly how AI is developing so quickly to benefit the application industry. With time, finance & accounting, client support, health care field, as well as also far more services are integrating AI into their indigenous applications. Here are future AI mobile application development patterns that may be a reality promptly:

  • AI automated DevOps through AIOps
  • AI-enabled chips
  • Automated expert system
  • Interoperability among semantic networks

Be it Online Personal Assistants (VPAs), Intelligent Apps, Cyber Protection, and also IoT, every element of the innovation industry will definitely use Expert system capacities to its treatments.

Influence of 5G Wireless Provider

Influence of 5G Wireless Provider

5G modern innovation is not just going to be just one of the leading trends in mobile application advancement yet in addition, but it will certainly likewise absolutely be of excellent relevance in 2020 along with the past. The first thing that features the 5G network is the price, which is defined to be 100 times faster than the 4G network. If we review 2020, it’s still time for 5G to get in the groove, yet by year-end, we can anticipate seeing a shift from presently made use of 4G solutions to the 5G cordless network. But also prior to its intro, the market professionals are wagering high up on the 5G modern technology. The applications of 5G service are not restricted to speed up just; it likewise accommodates different other abilities such as:

  • Information defense;
  • Rate;
  • 3D video gaming;
  • Enhanced reality as well as likewise a lot more.

To jump onto the most approximately day mobile application advancement in modern innovations development, mobile businesses like Verizon and also Samsung presently around present their committed 5G-capable chips. Also, LG is planning to fuse 5G services right into its devices.

Android Instant Applications

Android Instant Applications

Google released Instant apps in 2016 for making points easier for designers along with consumers. These are the indigenous apps that function like sites and can draw in individuals with their capabilities. To place it simply, Instantaneous applications can be taken into account as an examination for various applications that customers can obtain access to without downloading them. Complying with are the advantages of Immediate applications over regular applications:

  • Smaller sized in size;
  • Possess performances of a site;
  • Superb user experience;
  • Device memory is not used.

Google Fraction of second applications is used for the users in the Play Purchase accessing apps immediately without the requirement to download and install and mount. But for now, there is a marginal variety of Instant applications offered in the Google Play Shop.

Development Through AR and also VR

Development Through AR and also VR

While Virtual Reality redefines the world, AR is the topping on the electronic cake. Apple in addition to Google took advantage of AR systems for including the AR capabilities in their corresponding applications. There are several applications like “Ikea” that are already making use of contemporary technology for uplifting the specific experience. A number of such apps get on their methods to be a part of this revolutionary change. In 2020, the AR mix will certainly be a crucial action for the mobile application development market. The upcoming AR/VR mobile application market patterns can be:

  • Mobile AR interruption
  • AR in advertising & advertising
  • AR in healthcare
  • AR in production

IoT Integration in Mobile Apps

IoT Integration in Mobile Apps

The Web of Points is not a new principle in addition to its principles are quite familiar in the mobile application field. With its diverse applications, we can most definitely consider it as a future pattern. The Web of Information has really become a market itself that is progressing with time. Using this development, people can control non-IT gadgets via push-button controls or applications. This convenience has really become an essential part of the person’s life, which makes the programmers maintain their application IoT pleasant.

Mobile Wallets Importance

Mobile Wallets Importance

The boost in eCommerce, along with online banking, has really added to the extraordinary advancement know the web settlement choices conveniently offered for the users. Yet, Blockchain is surprisingly participating in the mobile settlements as well as also powering the applications with even more protected money bargain alternatives.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) right into Activity

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) right into Activity

AMP is a job from Google in collaboration with Twitter. It makes it feasible for designers to create a hefty internet site and websites with the rapid packaging rate decreased bounce rates, as well as high performance throughout all mobile phones. With an excellent AMP rating, you will certainly acquire a far better conversion cost, lowered bounce price, optimum individual retention, as well as will definitely be a superior boost to the private experience.

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Top 7 Types of iPhone XR Cases in 2020

Chris Holroyd



iPhone XR

Even though it’s been a while since it released, the iPhone XR still boasts an impressive combination of style and power. Given its sleek look, you’ll undoubtedly want to get the best cases for your iPhone XR. So check out this helpful roundup and take your pick from a variety of styles and designs.

#SupCase Unicorn Beetle Case

SupCase Unicorn Beetle Case

With a dual-layer of hard polycarbonate shell and flexible TPU, this case provides excellent protection against accidental drops and bumps. It has a two-piece design made up of front and back covers. The front cover includes a touch-sensitive screen protector that prevents scratches without compromising sensitivity. The back cover features a side-mounting belt clip swivel holster for carrying convenience during work, travel or play. The slim, sporty design looks good too! It comes with a 1-year warranty and is available in 5 attractive colors, namely black, blue, pink, yellow, and metallic red.

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#Spigen Ultra Hybrid Clear Case

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Clear Case

If you’re looking for iPhone XR cases that flaunt the beauty of your phone, then this crystal clear transparent case is an excellent option for you. It’s ergonomically designed for a secure grip and has raised bezels that keep the screen and camera lifted off flat surfaces to prevent scratches. Its super convenient as it supports wireless charging and is lightweight. Apart from the clear version, you can also get this case in blue, coral, and red variants, Go for it if you like heavy-duty protection with a sleek look. 

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#Tozo Slim Fit Cover

Tozo Slim Fit Cover

Keep your iPhone XR looking sharp in this new design hybrid technology TPU edge soft matte case. It has a clear polycarbonate back panel that gives a sturdy yet smooth grip. Not to mention, it showcases the sheen of your phone. It lends protection on all four sides and has a raised edge to protect the screen. It has 4.5 stars with over 2000 customer ratings on Amazon, which speaks volumes for its quality. The best part is that it’s a steal at just under 10 dollars!

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#Otterbox Symmetry Series Case

Otterbox Symmetry Series Case

For fans of the minimalist look, this case has a thin, sleek, stylish, pocket-friendly design. At the same time, it offers durable protection shields against drops, bumps, and fumbles, with raised, beveled edges to protect your touch screen. The one-piece design pops on and off in a flash. Make your iPhone XR the talk of the town with this sophisticated case that also comes in unique colors such as lavender, sunflower yellow, and slate grey. Moreover, Otterbox Limited Lifetime Warranty ensures customer satisfaction.  

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#i-Blason Cosmo Full-Body Bumper Case

i-Blason Cosmo Full-Body Bumper Case

Get superb 360-degree coverage with this attractive marble-pattern iPhone XR case. It features a shock-absorbent TPU bumper and scratch-resistant polycarbonate back plate. It’s been 10-feet drop tested and has cushioned corners that provide augmented protection from falls. The front cover includes a touch-sensitive built-in screen protector that helps prevent scratches and cracks. The stylish metallic detailing accentuates the look of your phone. Choose from dazzling colors, including ocean blue, purple, and pink. 

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#i-Blason Ares Full-Body Rugged Clear Bumper Case

i-Blason Ares Full-Body Rugged Clear Bumper Case

While some cases for iPhone XR are rugged and others are stylish, this one is both! Yes, get the best of both worlds and enjoy full-body protection plus stylish looks with this iPhone XR case. Equipped with a built-in screen protector, responsive buttons, and multiple layers of TPU in the bumper, you can be sure that your iPhone XR will survive the occasional drop without any severe damage. A frowhnt piece with an integrated screen protector, coupled with the scratch-resistant back panel creates a defensive body that’s convenient and lightweight to carry. 

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#X-Doria Military-Grade Defense Shield

iPhone XR

When it comes to iPhone XR cases with superior protection, it doesn’t get better than this. With hard polycarbonate, soft rubber, and anodized aluminum metal, this military-grade case can survive drops over 10′ (3M). 

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Moreover, it’s sleek rather than bulky, with a transparent back panel that showcases the elegance of your device. An integrated sound channel amplifies the bottom speaker and redirects sound to the front of the case for the best sound experience. Get it in eye-catching colors like purple, rose-gold, red, and an iridescent rainbow one. 

Summing Up…

So, as you can see, there is a lot of variety when it comes to choosing iPhone XR cases in 2020. From transparent ones to military-grade options and minimalist designs, there’s something to match your unique style.

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iPhone Vs Android, Which One Is A Better Choice?

Chris Holroyd



iphone vs android

Whenever a person plans to buy a new smartphone, they are left to choose between two operating systems: iOS or Android. If you ask someone which software is better? You might get into an endless debate with them. It is pretty easy to start an argument by merely mentioning the iPhone is better or vice versa. 

Just like there are two sides to every coin, the iPhone vs Android debate also has different people supporting each option. There is no definite answer to this, but one can easily make a comparison and analyze the results. For some people who overthink, making a sound decision might be a little more complicated than they would expect. It can happen because of many reasons which we will get to know later. 

iphone vs android

So why did people start comparing the two operating systems? Well, they might have based their answers on personal opinions since Android and iOS have competed forever. For some people, however, personal opinions may not matter more than technicalities. Such people might prefer doing thorough analysis before investing in either one of the operating systems. 

Honestly, there is nothing wrong with doing the ‘risk analysis’ when getting a new gadget for yourself.  Since this is a one-time investment, people should evaluate different options and see which works best for them. 

So what do you think is a better choice? For your ease, some key aspects you can base your judgment on are listed below. Let us have a look at them without further ado!

How much does it cost?

We have noticed that the iPhone prices in Singapore are more towards the luxurious end with a not-so-reasonable price range. It is mainly because of its fit and finish, which stays unique from other smartphones. On the other hand, Android smartphones can be bought for a minimum $100 or less, which is not the case with the iPhone. Not only is Android super affordable, but consumers can buy a smartphone of their choice with the custom fit and finish. 

How easy is it to use? 

When talking about the user experience, we may end up with mixed reviews. Due to the frequent updates in these operating systems, users can find both of them convenient to use. However, people prefer iOS over Android over here because of the sleek user interface, which is extremely easy to use. Now, Android is keeping up with the iPhone by updating its software at a remarkable pace. 

What about its battery life?

It is pretty evident by now that the iPhone needs to be changed multiple times a day. You might not relate to this problem if you are an Android user. It also depends on the phone usage, but usually Android has long-lasting battery life.  

Which one has a better app store?

Neither Android nor the iPhone can surely win in this segment without a few exceptions. Apple’s App Store is comparatively easier to organize with much better user experience. Android’s Play Store does a good job as well, making it easier to install applications from laptops or PCs. However, where the Play Store lacks is where the App Store is good at some places. With your Touch ID, you can easily buy apps on the iPhone -a feature still unavailable in Android. 

Who wins at customizability?

This one can be answered without thinking much as Android sets the tone with a higher level of customizability. From setting up the phone’s layout to adding widgets and installing user-friendly launchers, anything can be done in an Android. With the iPhone, only a few changes can be made, like the background and wallpaper, as it gives us limited options. Nonetheless, you can personalize your Android and have complete freedom whatsoever. 

Which one has a better camera?

It can be a tricky question to analyze. In Android phones, different versions have different camera sets. Now, some of them can perform better than an iPhone, but they might lack consistency. The iPhone 11 Pro and Max have won the race by providing excellent quality cameras and amazing features. As in Android phones, the camera quality may vary according to the budget. 

What about data storage?

Many users complain about the limited cloud services iPhone offers with only 5GB iCloud backup accessible on Mac, iOS, and Windows. Google Android, on the other hand, offers up to 15GB storage for free to its users. Moreover, the charges to buy additional storage are pretty reasonable with Android, and the iPhone always exceeds that price limit. 


Generally speaking, both operating systems have some ups and downs, depending on the different categories. Now, it all comes down to the specific consumer requirements and which category is given more priority over others. Due to personal taste and preference, some people will go for an Android while others will buy an iPhone. Yes, comparing the two is not easy at all as both systems try to stay competitive no matter what happens. They keep coming up with better versions, trustworthy software, and hardware. 

So go ahead and buy the smartphone you prefer over the other as soon as possible! Ultimately, you will know the answer to this question and end the debate right there and then.

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