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Tips for starting up a successful business



successful business

Starting a business is never easy and no one should tell you otherwise. It requires a lot of realistic planning, making of important financial decisions and even handling some legal activities to get set up. You need to have a clear picture of what you expect your business to be and how to achieve this dream. The following are some tips to help you along the process

Every great business starts off with a flawless business plan

Your business plan is what puts your dreams to paper. It defines the specifics of the business. You may need the help of a seasoned professional to write a good business plan. It should contain the objectives of the business, the goals, the various business needs and the road map to get there. It is important to write a detailed and compelling business plan as you can use this to appeal to potential investors when seeking capital funding.

Business support and training

It is important to acknowledge the people who have already been in the industry with the same or similar products. These individuals have a lot of training and experience. It is advisable to sharpen your business skills before you delve into the industry. You can get training and support from these seasoned experts through counseling, workshops and seminars within your industry. You can get great ideas from the professionals to build your business and even advice to avoid the common pitfalls that many business start-ups run into.

Choose a great business location

Location is everything when it comes to operating a business. You need to find a customer-friendly location. A customer-friendly location is easily accessible to many of the consumers who buy the kind of products and services you have to offer. Remember you also need to comply with zoning laws when choosing your business location so take care of that too.

Get financing

Most business startups are often cash strapped. There are so many costs involved in starting a business with no defined period for when this input will be realized in returns. Your personal savings can only do so much. There are various financing options for businesses that are just starting up. Other than asking friends and family, you can also get investors to sponsor your business, get business loans from banks and venture capital grants to boost your business start up. Remember that these loans need to be repaid so you should have a defined plan for paying back this money after startup or else your business will go under.

Handle the legal matters

It is crucial to define the legal structure of your business from day one as this will help develop your business in a better way. You need to decide which form of ownership to register your business under, whether it is a sole proprietorship, Limited Liability Company, cooperative, partnership or a nonprofit organization. Once you have determined the legal structure, you need to register your business name and get a tax identification number. There are a number of state and local taxes that you need to resister for your business. Failure to do so can result in some costly penalties. Finally, you need to obtain business licenses and permits to ensure that all your operations are legal.

Business IT

Information technology is crucial for all establishments today. Business has progressed from the days of stacking files to the ceiling and most business information is stored in well-organized and catalogued databases that make it easy to store and retrieve. With Database administration services, you do not have to worry about your data. DBA services ensure that your business data is well backed up, protected and monitored for the best business operations.

Data base administration services include:

  • Designing, installing and maintaining database systems
  • Establishing the procedures for management of the database
  • Securing information stored in the database
  • Maintaining the database management system
  • Training employees in database management

Build your work force

A business needs a reliable and skilled workforce to succeed. You may need to go through a recruitment agency if you are not experienced in recruiting employees. Recruitment agencies will conduct the necessary education and professional qualifications checks as well as background checks to ensure the team you end up with can handle all the tasks at hand.


This is just a summary although there are many other details involved in each of the steps of starting up a business. Getting support from other professionals in the industry is a great way to get your feet wet in the world of entrepreneurship. Being thorough with the start up process is crucial to setting the pace for growth of the business. If you cover everything at the start, you will hardly have any hiccups along the way and within a couple of months, you may start developing steady business operations.

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Revolutionize Your CONVERT2MP3 With These Easy-peasy Tips




If you are looking for ways to convert a video to mp3 or mp4, then you are definitely a big fan of music. It’s so unfortunate how most platforms do not allow users to download their videos so that they can listen to them offline. Whether its hip-hop, rock, country music, or any other music genre, convert2mp3 has got you covered.

Downloading and converting music with the help of convert2mp3 is super easy. It allows you to convert videos from popular platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and much more. Here are reasons why you should use Convert2mp3;

Access to Millions of Mp3 Files in One Single Click

Have you spotted a video that you would like to listen to or watch offline? Then you can head to our search box and have direct access to downloading it. Convert2mp3 gives you access to millions of mp3 files in one single click. All you have to do is input the keyword in the search bar. Or copy the link of the video to the search box.

Convert and Download Your Audio Files in Seconds

There is nothing that beats downloading and converting your favorite audio and video files in seconds. This is precisely what Convert2 mp3 does for you. Once you have identified your ideal type of song, you can proceed to download and convert it in seconds, no matter how big the file is. Provided your internet connection is reliable, you get to listen to your audio files offline in a short duration.

The Site is Ad-Free

As effective as online ads are, some people are misusing them. Convert2mp3 is one of the few sites that understand the importance of providing clients with smooth conversion services. From the minute you open up the site till your audio file is downloaded and converted, you won’t run into any irritating ads.

At Convert2mp3, there is no limit to the number of files you can download and convert in a day. The choice is entirely up to you. We understand how hard it can be to find mp3 formats for videos or audios in popular platforms such as Youtube. This is why we have built this excellent tool to help you gain access to millions of offline mp3 and mp4 audio files.

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5 Hurdles To Overcome In Your Business Life



Pothole Repair Sydney

When you are craving for healthy business growth is the vital sign behind it. With growth, you will witness the growing profits, employment of several other staffs and other exciting facets that usually comes along. 

You need to undertake different solutions to address different issues and opportunities that come up. If your business continues to thrive, you need to recognize the challenges that can emerge with growth and catering for them becomes quite imperative. 

The step that you take today to build a solid foundation to decrease the issues for the future is what you need to ensure. 

Business growth is often affected through the collated transformations challenges and you need to know well how to overcome them. 

These are what we are going to discuss here today.

1. Understanding the niche platform of your business

It comes out to be a continuous act when it comes to market research. The conditions of business are subjected to significant change especially when your business grows. 

Your business will have to be able to adapt as necessary as you need to stay informed with the knowledge of who your competitors are and what they are up to. 

For combatting the competitors’ marketing campaigns, this will help in a lot to set a competitive strategy for pricing. Your products and services that are there in the present market in terms of the life cycle should also be watched out for in businesses. 

For creating new offerings to the market this will direct the profitability and where you need to make your investment more.

2. Understanding your cash flow

When you know that you are facing tight funding, it is very important to have great cash flow management. It is very crucial for effective management of credit with the control of the overdue debts.

The key element that is there in your business planning and with the assertion of new opportunities you need to make the best use of your finances. 

When you have a limited amount of cash flow it jeopardizes businesses so your business might have to take the passage of promising opportunities in consideration.

They have become increasingly important as the business grows with the good inventory stock control and the effective management of supplier. 

It might become a problem that needs periodic clearing up in regards to obsolete inventory stock in the warehouse. 

You also need to budget everything even to the regular things that happen in your workplace such cleaning and removal of junks, as well as when you hire pothole repair Sydney services to mend the exterior of your business place. 

You need to reduce the delivery cycles and switch to the suppliers and the systems to handle timely delivery.

3. Having all the systems in place

There is a lot of information upon which the businesses rely on. The financial documents that are present along with the interactions of the customers and employee information are all included in a well-managed system. 

​Without the right systems in place, handling the data can seem pretty impossible. As your business grows, these tasks would be delegated accordingly. 

You will also not be able to manage your data effectively and efficiently without a strong information management system. It is very important to place the right systems in place.

It is also very important when it comes to documentation, policies, and procedures. In a growing business the documentation, policies, and procedures have become quite important.

4. Hiring the right talent

It is very important to delegate all in a proper manner for potential business growth. Workloads can quickly intensify themselves when your business is on the road of growth. 

You need to make sure that your staffs are not overloaded and you have kept a place where people can easily walk in. you need to make sure that your business hires the right staff.

5. Fostering the change

A major threat to a growing business is complacency. You need to have regular revisits and update of your business plan for reminding your business of the market change conditions and the requirement of responding to them for overcoming this issue. 

You can well identify the main aspects of your business here. Business owners might have to come out of their zone of comfort as it is very important to be committed to your strategy. 

Business owners are usually facing some difficult decisions with growth. These hurdles may appear in the form of making employees redundant or replacing your old suppliers with a new one because your old suppliers are not able to fulfil your requirements. 

These all are imperative decisions for the development of business. The right decision can take your business towards new heights; otherwise, it may lead to the costly detriment

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Best institutes for PMP Certification and its scope in India



PMP Certification

A number of leading companies are willing to deploy their IT projects to Indian companies as they are cost effective. They also trust their capability of managing the projects efficiently. So this has created an increased demand for PMP certification in India. A report by the “Project Management Skill Gap” published by PMI shows that there is around 60% hike in the roles of project managers in India by 2020. It also says that by 2020 there would be around 4 million new jobs for PMPs in India.

India’s popular industries seeking PMPs

Almost every industry and organization in India is looking for hiring certified PMPs. They are in high demand in almost every industry like IT, banking, multinational, architecture, pharmaceutical, telecommunication, etc. So the people in India having a PMP certification are more than welcome in every industry.

The expected salary of a PMP certified manager in India

Many types of research show that a PMP certified professional could expect a median salary of INR 1.4 million working in an IT sector. In the banking sector, he could expect to earn a median salary of around INR 1.89 million. Having a PMP certification could benefit from earning 20 per cent higher salary than those without it. The surveys show that the experience of project management casts a big impact on salaries globally

PMP training in Kolkata

Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal and famous for its intellectual breeding as it is a birthplace of many renowned leaders and thinkers. PMP training in Kolkata is offered in many modes like classroom oriented lectures, virtual classroom, percent warning. The PMP certification conducted by different institutions is engaging the students to study in a disciplined environment having a modern approach to prepare themselves for the PMP exam. The institutions offering PMP training have an expert panel of trainers who efficiently work to train all PMP certification exam participants in all modules of PMP syllabus.

PMP certification in Kolkata has a bright future as it is preparing the aspirants to take up challenges to fulfil the commitments in their professional tasks.

Training Modes

Here are 3 different modes of PMP® Certification Kolkata institutions:

1 Classroom training

2 Self-learning mode

3 Instructor-led mode or online training

1. Classroom Training

The PMP classroom training cost in India varies anywhere between INR 10,000 to INR 18,000. In this kind of training, an instructor conducts the class for a set of students usually from 9 AM to 6 PM. This is the best option as it increases the chances of your clarification of ideas discussed in the class. You could also discuss your experience of learning with your classmates that would bring direct results. But if you are already a busy project manager then a classroom training with fixed timings would be quite tough for you.

2. Percent earning mode

These courses are good as they offer self-discipline and self-motivation. It also saves you money.

3. Online training

This is the most picked one options by PMP aspirants in India. It offers immense flexibility of time and accessibility. It is preferred as when a project manager intends to go abroad as a part of his job, then PMP online certification training helps him in continuing his management. It gives you access to videos that could be viewed at any time for the revision of all topics.

PMP training at Indian Institutions (especially Kolkata)

Due to the rapid increase in PMP professionals’ demand, Indian institutions are introducing internationally competitive training courses. These institutions are trusted as being a body of knowledge in project management. They are working seamlessly to integrate expert project managers for the future scope of project management.


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8 Different B2B Apps Earning More Revenue in 2019

Manan Ghadawala



The amount of time people spends using mobile apps is skyrocketing. The benefits of B2B eCommerce app are unimaginable. Consumers are conveniently engaging in purchasing, playing games, educating, socializing and working because of mobile apps. Apps account for 89% of mobile media time, with the other 11% spent on websites for business purposes. There are a number of B2B business examples that are stepping up their game with B2B mobile app services.

B2B Apps Earning

84% of millennial B2B buyers believe their mobile device is essential to their work. Every mobile app development company in the list of most profitable small businesses is catering to provide a smoother B2B experience. Most profitable businesses 2018 experienced success due to B2B apps. And the B2B company list is extensive and the scope to grow B2B apps is extensive. Therefore, with B2B examples in E Commerce making an impression, there is a lot of scope for B2B apps.

  • B2B Mobile Apps Equals Accelerating Trend

A number of B2B companies are utilizing the date of repeat orders of their consumers. Providing digital platforms to customers in this age of technology and digital space with mobile apps are things that help a brand thrive. B2B business examples are proof of this.

But it is not just the consumers that reap the benefits of B2B eCommerce app. Mobile and electronic commerce is assisting the sales as well as the marketing of small businesses. B2B mobile apps provide a way to enhance engagement with mobile users.  For businesses that want to deliver on the promise of mobile, this turns their site visits into actual purchases.

  • B2B Apps That Are in The Limelight

It is vital to go through a number of example of B2B E-commerce apps and the best B2B apps. Here are 8 different B2B apps that are earning more revenue in 2019.

  • Amazon

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform that operates in 14 countries across the world. The organization has professed to be the preeminent entity in the e-commerce industry. They have a huge number of employees of 250K full-time experts. These experts offer the most unique and original resolutions. It supports brands in empowering themselves to beat the best. Amazon is the most booming B2B platform and a dependable platform with secured payment modes. B2B mobile app services are turning the wheels of revenue.

  • Alibaba

Alibaba provides businesses with cutting edge solutions. It is done on the foundation of a far-sighted approach and a solid strategic framework. There is a gigantic variety of products. The sky-high level of customer support highlight its uniqueness. It supports an array of small businesses, new age entrepreneurs along with big retailers. Its market value is  $140B and IPO value is $15B. B2B ecommerce mobile app is responsible for its success.

  • eWorldTrade

This is the fastest growing wholesale enterprise in the B2B company list. The platform provides an amazing customer support service. Highly user-friendly portals is eWorldTrade’s highlight. With the ease to browse products, eWorldTrade has earned its place within a short span of time. This has happened due to its huge array of products and services. The company operates in more than 18 regions and delivers uninterrupted services to customers. Due to its well-protected services, it generates opportunities to bring potential customers and reliable sellers closer.

  • eBay

eBay has topped the charts with its amazing services and strong mobile app development by operating in 24 countries. It has 117M active buyers and made $422M revenue dollars in app downloads. eBay promotes businesses that have dignified standards of customer support services. They do it by provisioning their every single need. Advanced technology, including AI algorithms helps. High definition features are a must. This shows that with an advanced mobile app development company, gaining revenue is a simple task.

  • IndiaMart

It holds up to 60% of the total market share within the Indian region. The company has been providing services to a number of established brands and companies. A proficient lead generation system is being provided by IndiaMart to sellers along with growing credibility. It offers a profitable ground to entrepreneurs and enterprises to dig out new possibilities with outstanding services. And the benefits of B2B eCommerce app are apparent. Every B2B app developer works towards providing this.B2B mobile app services is the key to this success.

  • Global Sources

Global Sources has been into B2B e-commerce industry for almost 50 years. It is one of the strongest B2B business examples The company serves millions of customers, 1.5 M buyers across 94 countries globally. The top 100 retailers in the globe account for most of its customers. The year 2012 saw Global Sources gain revenues up to $231.7M. By introducing the English language on their website, they have made a connection for trading companies in China. This works especially for brands who are based overseas.

  • Etsy

Etsy attracts millions of customers with its unique and creative goods. Etsy offer a hassle-free experience in e-commerce. It does so with the vision to make shopping smoother. It is motivating brands by providing top quality products. Business to business websites are turning to B2B apps for upgradation.

  • Reverb

Known as one of the largest music e-stores, Reverb is here to stay. It is for musicians who yearn to experience the old and new music creations and tools. The business has over a million active users. Reverb caters to the taste of musical items and gears. Its innovative techniques and amazing quality of music gears is helping Reverb make a statement. B2B mobile app services are making a huge change in the marketplace.

B2B Apps Earning


With an expanding B2B company list, the B2B application market is an established giant and is expected to grow exponentially in 2019. The list of most profitable small businesses is expanding rapidly thanks to app development services and B2B ecommerce mobile app. B2C apps, along with B2B e-commerce mobile app, are gaining traction. With the B2B examples in eCommerce and the benefits of B2B eCommerce app discussed, most profitable businesses 2018 are proof of the power of B2B mobile apps.

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Difference Between Loans From Banks And Private Money Lenders

Chris Holroyd



Difference Between Loans From Banks And Private Money Lenders

You may come across a common question when you want to borrow money for your business of for your personal reasons- whether to borrow it form a commercial bank of from a private money lender. Well, both have different characteristics and pros and cons that you should consider to make your final choice. When you look for the answer to your question, which is a better source to borrow money, the answer is pretty simple: it is the one that you get approved for.

However, most people, especially businesses want to have their loans approved from a bank. There are even a few business owners who are of the opinion that it is their bank which is the only and most reliable source to get a business loan. This however is far from the truth.

The lower rates

Nevertheless, most people want to take out a loan from a bank rather than any private money lending source whether it is from or any other. The primary reason for this preference is that banks typically offers loans at a much lower rate of interest rates as compared to the private money lenders.

Now, you may think how it is so and how can banks afford to sustain offering loans at such a low rate of interest. There are several reasons to this.

  • Banks normally have a very low cost of funds as compared to other lenders.
  • Moreover, they have a large number of depositors who ideally are their retail customers, who keep a lot of money in their savings and checking accounts.

This means, the banks have a large amount of money that is easy to access. They can lend this money out at a lower cost which in turn reduces the rate of interest.

  • Moreover, if the banks do not pay interest on the deposits made by their customers or pay a very low interest such as half a percent as they do today, then these funds are available to them at a much cheaper cost to use and lend out.
  • In addition to that, all commercial banks have the legal right to access federal funds. These funds are also offered at a much lower rate such as 2.5% now as compared to the rate of the previous times that were as high as 4%, 6% or even 19%.

On the other hand, the private money lenders face a dissimilar set of challenges.

  • They usually have limited funds available at disposal. This means they have to make the most out of the available funds.
  • Apart from that, they also have to get these funds from other investors whom they need to attract with better returns and higher rates as compared to the commercial banks.
  • Moreover, they also have a higher cost of operation and marketing for both attracting the depositors as well as the borrowers.

All these factors raise the cost of acquisition of funds as well as the cost of lending by these private lenders. This high cost is usually passed on to the borrowers who have to pay higher interest rates on their loans to acquire these.

This means the commercial banks can easily earn their spread on their loans disbursed in terms of the direct expenses and the cost of overhead. On the other hand, it is not so easy for the private money lenders, which is why they offer loans at higher rates.

Banks are more opportunistic

In spite of easy accessibility to funds and capability of lending money at a much lower rate as compared to the private money lenders, the commercial banks are also very opportunistic for that matter. They hardly do lend money at a very low rate. This is because:

  • They consider the private money lenders as their main competition that lends money out at higher rate of interest. Therefore, all these banks have to do is offer you a loan at a rate lower than the rate offered by the private lenders to win your business. This rate is much higher than the minimum rate margin they could have afforded while lending out the money.
  • They also make use of the other avenues to the maximum to earn more money. That means they really do not care or worry much if you do not want to pay high rates of interest for your loan. They can still make a lot of money in terms of banking fees. They can even earn a lot by investing this huge sum available at a cheaper rate by investing them in stocks, bonds or through other acquisitions.
  • Moreover, the commercial banks have a very stiff set of regulations to follow which almost compels them not to lend money to new or small businesses. These regulations are however designed by the government and put in place simply to protect the money of the depositors. These regulations however tie the hands of the commercial banks while making a loan. These regulations include specific things such as high credit score requirements, longer time in business, low Debt to Income Ratio and high cash flow requirements.
  • Lastly, banks also do add a lot of other costs while disbursing a loan. These include different types of fees, covenants, reporting requirements and others that are usually not included in their rates. However, these costs increases the overall cost of your loans.

The private lenders, on the other hand, do have such restrictions or any other alternative ways to make money apart from the loan origination fees which is only applicable when they close a loan. In fact, their business involves only and only making loans. This is why you will find it easier to get approved and avail a private loan rather than a loan from a commercial bank, especially if you want it for your new business.

However, getting a loan can be signified as putting your head on a double edged sword. You may get cheaper loans but those will be hard to find or you can get loans easily but may come with higher rates of interest.

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Ways To Cover Up Finance For The Law School And Enjoy A Bright Future Later

Chris Holroyd



Ways To Cover Up Finance For The Law School And Enjoy A Bright Future Later

Whenever you have decided that you are going to attend the law school, you might always understand that by doing so you are actually taking up a financial burden on your shoulder. Even though some of the law school graduates might go on to work for some of the bigger law firms and can end up earning huge salaries, there are so many other new attorneys who will have to go through the struggling path for repaying the debt they have taken while registering their names under law school.

However, by preparing one proper law school budget and strategizing ways to reduce the current cost of the law school, you might always have to put yourself in the best position for the sake of paying for the law school. You will learn a bit more about those services straight from and get the best response now.

Understanding the cost of law schools first:

When calculating the potential costs for the set law schools, you have to consider the cost of fees and tuition, room and board. Furthermore, you have to work your way out on the student health insurance, supplies and books as well, before registering for the law centre for covering your educational needs.

  • Recent studies have indicated that in 2012, the average cost of the fees and tuition for the public law school as the in-state resident was around $23K and for any of them out of resident, it was around $37K. The average price of the fees and tuition for any of the private law school will be more than $40K.
  • The board and the room costs are subject to vary based on the current location of law school. These law schools are able to provide information on the websites. Let’s take one example. In terms of Harvard Law School, it has been stated that the moderate standard of living for a period of nine months will be of around $22K. Then you have UNC School of Law, where the students’ budget needs to be around $18K.
  • For the cost associated with supplies and books for one academic year, the rates will be ranging between $1000 and $2000. Along with that, you might have to purchase a computer or laptop, which will add another layer of cost around $700 to $1500.
  • In case, you are lucky enough to have health insurance through spouse or parent, you might be able to just avoid this cost. Well, the law schools will often require the students to just demonstrate that they might have health insurance. In case, they do not have it, then they might have to purchase one student health plan. These plans are subject to cost you around $1800 to more than $3K, for a year.

Work hard to create one law school budget:

Even before you just apply for the law school, it is vital to consider how much you are willing to pay. Then you have to strategize on ways to save bucks and then plan ways to reduce the current cost of the law school while meeting the financial obligations on a daily basis. The budget of the law school is likely to be more or less similar to that of the regular budget along with added law school based expenses. The budget that you are planning to create should have expenses of three years included in the said and that of summer right after you have graduated.

Estimating cost of the law school:

The budget over here must include all the major costs, related to law school. If you have already made up your mind regarding the class or university you want to attend, then you can search for the school’s website for the costing schedules and fees. Or you might have to estimate the cost, depending on the amounts set forth for it.

  • Here, you might have to calculate the cost of transportation and travel. The cost of this section will be impacted dramatically by whether you are taking public transportation, driving, walking or even biking to school.
  • As a special guide, the Harvard Law School might recommend a budget of around $1500 on a yearly scale for the travelling cost. Then you have another recommended calculation from UNC Law School, where the rate is around $1442 on a yearly count to be covered under travelling cost.
  • Later, you need to calculate the cost of all the other financial obligations over here. While you are trying to consider this budget based item, you have to calculate the cost of the credit card payments, cell phone bills, food and clothing allowances and any of the other costs, which you might be held responsible to pay.

Consider and calculate your present source of income:

Apart from that, it is always your duty to calculate the source of your income as well. While creating a budget for your upcoming law school, you might have to include any source of income that you might have while focusing on this new venture of your life. Understand the areas from where the money is going to come. It can be from your savings, family members, income from any of the summer or part-time job or result of student loans. In terms of student loans to apply for the law school, you have to be sure of the amount you are applying for. Make sure to understand that you have to repay the amount on time to avoid a higher rate of interest and falling for debt. If you can cover the amount with its set of interest rate, the student loan will be a good option to consider.

Ask the pros for help:

If you are thinking about ways to calculate the price and then apply for the law firm, then you need to ask pros for some immediate help in this regard. These experts have already been in this place for long and would like to help you big ways.

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New Age of Child Care

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Huawei Honor 8 Pro Is Going To Amazon

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How Does Buying of Automatic Instagram Likes Work?

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Utilize The Ultimate Factors Of 9apps Apk Download 2018

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