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The Ultimate Guide For Developing An On-demand Multi-services App Like Gojek

Chris Holroyd



App Like Gojek

The concept of on-demand service apps is not complicated; it is merely introducing ways for people to get essential services at their convenience. These are the platforms on which the service providers and customers can directly interact with each other. This business model eliminates the need for both pirates to meet and negotiate on a price. Several entrepreneurs were inspired by the market potential of these apps and have started to build their custom multi-service app like Gojek. Entrepreneurs can take center stage now as they will have multiple monetization streams to significantly boost their overall revenue. 

Here are some of the popular on-demand services in the current market:

On-demand ride-hailing apps:

The advent of Uber and Airbnb transformed the traditional business models and gave rise to a whole new sector in the market. Since people are always in a hurry in this digital world, they cannot always rely on public transportation. They prefer to be precisely on-time and will not tolerate going late to appointments, jobs, etc. This mindset has triggered an increase in their preference for on-demand ride-hailing apps. They book cabs at any time of the day and can travel faster than regular public transports. 

On-demand pharmacy delivery app:

On-demand pharmacy delivery apps are the go-to option for people to get medicines. They no longer prefer to stand in long queues at the pharmacy stores as they can get necessary medications delivered to their doorsteps. Customers can simply enter their delivery location, choose medicines from the list, or upload an e-prescription to get it delivered within a few hours.

On-demand fashion apps:

eCommerce websites fall under the category of on-demand fashion apps. Customers can get to look through millions of styles from the comfort of their homes instead of visiting the stores. Now that this sector’s sales and revenue are skyrocketing, several small scale entrepreneurs have started to sell their products on these platforms.

On-demand health apps:

People are increasingly becoming health-conscious as most of them have to wear fitness bands and smartphones in their daily lives. These IoT devices keep track of the health data, and some of them can be extensively used to detect health issues. These devices can be seamlessly integrated with your on-demand healthcare app. 

On-demand handyman services:

Gone are days when people used to wait for hours to get their leaky taps and pipe blockage fixed.  Sometimes, the professionals will not arrive on-time and will charge excessively. An on-demand app for handyman services is the best option when it comes to offering these services as entrepreneurs can integrate multiple services seamlessly. 

On-demand roadside assistance apps:

Bridging the gap between travelers and mechanics can be an effective way to establish businesses in this niche. Travelers will be directly connected with the nearest service provider, and the professional will arrive at their location in the shortest time possible.

On-demand plant delivery apps:

As scientific reports have suggested that indoor plants can help remove the harmful toxins from the air and will also be useful to reduce stress levels. People often buy indoor plants as a showpiece and for its sentimental value. Customers can order plans on these apps to get it delivered to their location effortlessly. 

On-demand beauty service apps:

As people live a hectic lifestyle, they barely have time to visit beauty parlors. However, they can effortlessly get professional beauty services anywhere; people can book appointments directly to their homes or office and need not have to wait.

On-demand logistics service app:

As people are always on the move in search of a job, place, and other necessary needs, they require logistics services to move their things effortlessly. With the integration of GPS technology and other essential features, the customers can keep track of their things and will get them delivered on-time.

On-demand laundry service app:

Although coin dispensary laundry machines are available all over the metropolitan cities, people do not have enough time to wash their clothes. They barely get leisure time and will not prefer to spend it doing laundry. With the emergence of on-demand laundry service apps, customers can seamlessly request laundry services. They can also choose from different kinds of washes based on the clothes’ type.

On-demand house cleaning service app:

These apps can be extremely useful as they can get dedicated house cleaning services at any time of the day. Working professionals need not have to worry about tidying the house as they can avail of these services effortlessly. These apps are expected to grow over the years as more people will prefer to use them in their daily lives.

On-demand dog walking app:

The usage of on-demand dog walking apps is expected to increase in a few years. Although people consider dogs as a part of their family, they aren’t able to take proper care of them. Due to their work schedule, they find it difficult to feed and look after them. Entrepreneurs can quickly cover a massive customer base since the demand is high.

How to build an on-demand app solution:

Here are the curated steps that you need to follow in order to build a successful on-demand app solution.

  1. Conduct market research of your niche to learn about the target audience, current market situation, future prospects of the niche, competitors, and more.  
  2. Arrive on a realistic budget for your app development process
  3. Ensure that you hire developers from a professional app development team
  4. Ensure that you follow an innovative marketing strategy for your app
  5. Initially, launch the MVP version of your app in the mainstream market.

What are the three phases in building an on-demand services app successfully:

Idea phase:

Every big venture, irrespective of their niche, has started with an idea. The idea can be so effective that it can keep growing until it has been experimented with or implemented. Make a note of the things that bother you in real-world scenarios and analyze the market’s existing services. Look for their pros and cons to effectively optimize your app. Developing an app with flawless navigation and a minimalist interface is crucial as the app’s ultimate purpose is to offer convenient services.  Since the customers will make online payments on the platform, ensure that your app is built to adhere to the latest payment and encryption protocols.  

Importance of UI/UX design and features of your app:

Your app’s design will be the first thing that will be noticed by the users and ensure that they get nothing less of a premium user experience. It is recommended that you stick with a minimalist approach when it comes to developing your interface as modern consumers will prefer it. Discuss with your app development team to minimize the complexity of your app. Here are some of the essential features that shouldn’t be missed on your app.

  • Push notifications
  • Real-time tracking
  • Activity logger
  • Favorites
  • Wish lists
  • Multiple payment options
  • Feedback and ratings
  • Cancel bookings
  • Reschedule bookings
  • Multiple booking options
  • Store information
  • Customer support team
Scalability of your app:

A minor glitch could mess up your app and eventually lead to the loss of customers. Ensure that your app development team puts their fullest efforts into developing a robust app that can handle a massive number of users and can seamlessly assign service providers for them. The customers should be able to reach out to the customer support team whenever required to get their issues resolved.

The tech stack that goes into developing your app:

The tech stack will be the basic framework upon which your business will function. Ensure that your development team uses best-in-class technologies to build your app. Here are some of the commonly used technologies for building an on-demand services app.

  • Cloud services – Google, AWS, or Azure
  • Analytics – Google, Hadoop, Apache Flink or Cisco
  • Push notifications – or Twilio
  • OTP verification – Nexmo or Twilio
  • Database – MongoDB or Postgres or Cassandra
  • Payment gateway – Stripe, Braintree, or PayPal

What does the future for on-demand solution apps look like:

Several reports have concluded that an average smartphone has installed about 60-90 apps and spends about 2.15 hours on them. These numbers indicate the extensive use of smartphone apps and the level of people’s reliability on them. Business analysts have predicted that consumer spending on app stores will inflate upto 92% in total, which roughly translates to $157 billion worldwide. However, not every app in the market gets popular as most people uninstall it on their first use if they are not unsatisfied.

It is estimated that 100,000 apps are being released on the Play Store every month by developers and entrepreneurs globally. These numbers are almost three times greater than that of the count on the App Store. You need to make sure that your app doesn’t get lost in the haystack of apps. Offer a unique experience for your customers to outrun your rivals and successfully yield profits in the long run.

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How to Reinstall Deleted apps on Android phone?

Chris Holroyd



deleted apps on an Android phone

To begin with, smartphones such as Androids are very famous today. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t use a Smartphone. Furthermore, Android phones are very useful as they include multiple apps. Apps or also known as applications are the most common feature of smartphones.

However, it may sometimes happen that we can accidentally delete an app. Read through the article to find out why apps get deleted and how to fix it?

What is an app?

In the first place, an app is short for application. It is similar to the software’s that we use on a computer. But an app is a small version that can be downloaded on your phone. Furthermore, apps are designed to run a special program on your phone.

Even more, these apps are user-friendly and simple. They can do multiple activities that make life simple. Some uses of apps are texting, calling, video chatting, online meeting, online shopping, fix an appointment, and budgeting.

Reasons for deleting of apps on your phone

As mentioned-before apps is the most common feature of smartphones. Yet, these apps get uninstalled commonly for multiple reasons. Some of the common reasons for deleting apps are as follow:

  1. The first reason why apps get deleted is that changes in phone setting. A common error for deleting of apps in changing the phone setting to factory default. Factory default mode on the phone deletes all non-essential apps
  2. The second reason for deleting apps on phone is virus tools. Using third party virus removal tools can be tricky. As these viruses removal tool can delete apps while trying to clean the phone of a virus.
  3. A lastly and most common reason is unintentionally deleting of apps. We are humans and we tend to make mistakes. Sometimes without any intention, we can delete apps.

How to recover deleted apps or application on Android phones?

Deleting of apps is simple but recovering the same is also easy. There are hardly five steps involved in recovering deleted apps. Even more, these steps are simple to follow and easy to complete.

Steps involved in recovering of deleted apps on Android phone

Open Google play store

The first step in recovering apps on an Android phone is opening Google play store on your phone. After opening the app, make sure it is showing the homepage.

Google play store is an in-built feature of all Android phones. It is a type of app that helps in downloading other apps on your phone.

Look for an icon

The next step after opening Google play store homepage on your phone is finding an icon. Then, look for three dotted lines and click on it. After clicking on the lines, it will open a menu.

Tap on my apps and games

The third step is opening my apps and games in the previously opened menu.

Click on Library button

The fourth step of recovering deleted apps is looking for the library button. Once you click on my apps and games tab, an extended menu will open up. Further, in the menu, look for and select the library tab.

Reinstall the deleted apps

The last step in recovering the apps is reinstalling the deleted apps. In the library tab, a list will appear will all the apps of your phone. Even more, select the open you want to recover and click on install.

Bottom Line:

To sum it up, recovering of deleted apps on an Android phone is simple. Furthermore, for recovering the apps in an Android phone follow five simple steps listed here. 

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Significance of Artificial Intelligence in iOS App Development

Chris Holroyd



iOS App Development

In the connection of mobile apps, particularly iOS mobile apps, customers’ expectations have come an extended way. And as their demands proceed to grow at a tremendous pace, companies that set out such contributions in the market are now using more latest technologies. Why? Because they want robust support to develop products that can lead to the changing demands and conditions of their new-age customers. There is a set of technologies, with each of them giving the potential to allow precious help in this value. Still, the fact is, out of all these technologies, there’s one that leads the crowd: Artificial intelligence.

This multifaceted and powerful technology, which covers things like universal language processing,  machine learning, and deep learning, has now had a pretty influence on iOS app development. Recognition to its ability to reason rationally and reasonably, many like human beings, companies have expanded way to insights and investigation underpinned by action. It has also allowed the development of productive apps that can factor in before untapped aspects such as user input data, behavioral patterns, and so many more.

The functionality of AI in iOS app development

One of the essential functionalities of AI is Machine learning. While analysis and statistical regressions emphasize learning, it can identify patterns in a current of inputs. Apart from the same, AI can decrease down the different features of the world with the formulation of distinct inputs.

Importance of AI in iOS app development

As we already know, the strength of a digitally improved method to perform tasks typically connected with intelligent beings is an essential phase of artificial intelligence (AI). There are quite a lot to avail when developers start to build AI-enabled systems that can efficiently learn from knowledge, discover purpose, and display the capacity to reason. Developers have already begun combining this technology to perform particular tasks such as voice or manuscript recognition, computer search engines, and offering a therapeutic diagnosis.

Here is how mobile app developers can apply AI to develop iPhone app development.


Now that more people see their smartphones as associates than just conventional machines, it is time to give them a purpose as humans to be able to improve the communication method. In iPhone app development, developers can intensify thinking by bringing relevant results to the situation. In these circumstances, it is natural to apply inductive thought which has to do with the acquisition of data and the experimental development of models to adequately predict and describe the future performance.

Developers will be challenged to make a small set of basic rules and assumptions to develop structures of certain theories. Just so you know, this phase of thinking poses one of the biggest hurdles for AI. It is suitable to form conclusions in programming apps, but there is added to it. Developers need to know how relevant conclusions can be brought to proffer reliable solutions to a critical situation or task.


These days, more and more portable users communicate with their devices essentially to seek clarifications to their queries. To help users achieve some predefined clarifications or purposes, many mobile app developers and top iOS app development companies are combing problem-solving as an appearance of AI. A series of potential actions need to be moved out to accomplish the systematic exploration.


When it comes to blending AI into iOS development, it is necessary to understand the various kinds of learning required. Learning by hearing and failure is the simplest method of this intelligence. Sometimes, the business may have to try multiple efforts at random to produce a single purpose, and when it gains the right move, it saves the clarification for future use. And when such a difficulty surfaces again, it will not delay dismissing the previously-stored solution.

It is comparatively easy to achieve this manageable memorizing knowledge of methods and procedures commonly understood as rote learning. Another phase of learning is generalization. It is understood as the obstacle of performing which can be a tiny more challenging than rote learning. It involves the process of correcting analogous new situations by applying experience. In short, it is a type of learning that works based on events.

Example of Top-Notch AI Application for iOS Development: 

1) Cortana

Cortana brings out a broad range of businesses. Direct from rescheduling conferences, running track of the eventing, assigning notes to forward emails, it takes all. Cortana is introduced for smartphone users and also for desktops. It will serve to obtain relevant information, classify out the same, and now with the help efficiently.

2) Understanding AI

Another applicable artificial intelligence application curated for iPhone development, Understanding AI serves as a support. It is so because people who are visually damaged can communicate adequately in their environment. It builds a new meaning to the people who never would have thought of embracing such a benefit in front.

3) Replika

It is known as one of the most excellent artificial intelligence applications of utter importance for the iOS app developer. Doing an all-in-one app serves the diverse demands and requirements of a user’s daily life. The characteristic that keeps drawing user’s awareness is that Replika can have conversations with the user. It looks like you are discussing with a normal human.

4) Airpoly

Related to Seeing AI, Airport is completely concentrated on helping the requirements of the visually impaired. This application is profoundly intelligent and recognizes nearly 3 targets in a single second. So, you can say, it can do to see and recall just like a human.

Final Words

Developers want to discover the right pathway to offer their users the perfect iOS app. Users are more likely towards their smartphones and mobile applications and with the implementation of AI in the iOS app, there is a whole new phrase to the online industry. The ruling characteristics of AI combining in the development of AI-based iOS apps are paving the new chance for the users to bring unbelievable experience and a human-like associate.

Author Bio:

Harnil Oza is CEO of Hyperlink InfoSystem, one of the leading app development companies in New York and India, having a team of the top app developers who deliver the best mobile solutions mainly on Android and iOS platforms. He regularly contributes his knowledge on leading blogging sites.

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Why Outsourcing is A Good Choice For Mobile App Development?

Chris Holroyd



Mobile App Development

As per the latest stats, the outsourcing app development market has a whopping $88.9 billion size. The same report from Deloitte says that more than 60% of IT outsourcing experts expect an exponential increase in this market size in every year from now. Deloitte’s report also expressed that the IT outsourcing services are going to increase more than 30% each year. 

 Whether it is web development or building enterprise apps or custom software solutions, the demand for hiring software outsourcing companies is steadily growing. You outsource a company to get the development work done and stay relieved from all the tasks and responsibilities of hiring and managing teams. It is a lifesaver for many companies when they focus on building their apps or digital solutions. 

Why do companies prefer hiring IT outsourcing companies instead of raking onboard a team of talented app developers with the required skills and expertise? The exponential growth of technology landscape and the demand for IT solutions across industry niches can be the right answer. 

Here we explain some of the key reasons to hire IT outsourcing companies for mobile app development projects. 

Getting onboard the best talent 

In the end, it is the required skills for the app project, and the availability of talented developers forces you to decide to hire mobile app development companies. In case your company is large enough with thousands of employee strength, hiring developers for building your entire app from the start makes sense. Otherwise, it is wise to go for a development company with the right talent pool and a decent quote in terms of cost. 

What type of mobile app development company should you choose? Well, this also depends upon how much you can afford to pay. Cost considerations apart, the right development company should have proficient coders, experienced strategists with an understanding of the business and designers who can develop a winning UI/UX design. 

So, finding the right talent for your app project is the most important consideration. A robust app development team should consist of a product manager, app designer, iOS developer, Android developer, quality assurance manager, user experience and user interface designer, API developer, and backend engineer. Most companies find hiring the right talent pool and managing the entire development team and process and team difficult. Hence, they go for outsourcing the project. 

Cost-effective solution

Outsourcing the mobile app development project can help you stay in better control over the development cost and ensure building the app at a lesser cost. Apart from helping you save a lot on the overhead cost, outsourcing a project you can save considerably regarding spending on IT resources and IT infrastructure. 

According to many studies and surveys, companies who outsourced development companies for their mobile app projects could make huge savings by reducing the cost of overhead expenses, IT resources and infrastructure. 

Optimising efficiency

When you hire a development company with years of frontline experience in building iOS and Android apps for diverse niches, including your own, you can rely on their efficiency. That’s a big incentive for outsourcing development companies. 

Moreover, a reputed development company with a solid portfolio of apps have everything under their control ranging from a team of dedicated app developers to modern tools, equipment, licenses and a fully loaded development environment. They can also evaluate and test your app through manual and automated testing as needed. 

 Robust, experienced and well-coordinated teamwork 

Reputed outsourcing development companies come with fully staffed facilities and dedicated developer teams with several high-value project experience under their sleeve. The team members also have worked on many projects and can courier dînâtes and collaborate perfectly from the start to put the best of their abilities for the app project.   

With a well-established development company, the project gets a team following optimum communication protocols to deliver optimum transparency. The outsourcing company also provides you with a dedicated project manager who continually stays in loop on all issues and facilitates iteration and communication throughout the project. 

Optimum agility, precision and latest development approach 

A proficient app development company is most likely to be versed with the agile and DevOps methodologies and MVP development approaches. These latest methodologies and practices are the results of the fast-paced evolution of mobile and software development. Thanks to an expert outsourcing company, your project can be the beneficiary of these advanced methodologies, practices and approaches. 

The agile methodology allows continuous testing and evaluation helping any project with optimum output. Agile method is also known for constant iteration, and value addition as the entire project is broken into small sprints with their respective milestone or deadline. 

On the other hand, a DevOps approach allows you to incorporate the operation team’s feedback and inputs into the development process with ease. A proficient development company can also help you control the development cost with the MVP approach and build a minimal app product with key features while allowing value additions through updates based on user feedback.  

Post app launch support 

Building an app is just the beginning of a long and strenuous journey. After you launch the app in the market, the real task of leading the app to success begins. Managing the app from the tech point of view and rolling out updates with improvements, enhancements, and security patches is a crucial task that a dedicated development team can take care of. For this post, launch support also needs; outsourcing the app project can be a great option. 


As of now, it must have been clear that outsourcing the mobile app development project will help you on cost, app quality, efficiency, post-launch support and almost in all regards. No wonder, the world’s leading app projects from all major brands now opt for outsourcing their app projects.

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Establish A Profitable Online Taxi Business With A Unique Uber Clone Solution

Chris Holroyd



Establish A Profitable Online Taxi Business With A Unique Uber Clone Solution

With the technological enhancements, we are able to carry out our day to day tasks easily and we can get everything at our doorstep. The same applies to the taxi service as well. You need not go to any place to book a taxi or to get the one. With the help of online taxi booking platforms, we can book a reliable taxi service in just a fraction of the second.

So, nowadays, the number of online users looking for on-demand taxi services is increasing rapidly. This is also mainly due to the ultimate comfortableness the users enjoy when booking a taxi online. Therefore, the online ride-hailing industry is certainly one of the fastest-growing and revenue-making industries in this digital era. And so, many entrepreneurs are now plunging into this flourishing market in order to make an immense profit.

This in turn makes the competition much fiercer. There are already many popular on-demand taxi service providers providing best-in-class taxi services such as Lyft, Uber, Ola, Grab, and so on. So, starting an online taxi business is easy but being successful in such a highly competitive industry by running a lucrative online taxi business is quite a challenging task.

Therefore, you need to understand what actually people want from an online taxi booking platform. Usually, people will get impressed by an online taxi booking platform that provides them a safe and comfortable ride without any delay in time. Also, there are some tricks and techniques that are needed to be followed in order to attain success in this profit-making industry.

So, if you want to establish and grow your online ride-hailing business in 2020, then this blog is totally for you

From this blog, you will get some success ideas and key factors to launch and raise your online taxi business in this current market trend. We will be also seeing why a rigorously built Uber clone solution is the best choice for developing a robust online taxi booking platform; and how you can survive the cutthroat competition in the online ride-hailing industry with a Uber clone app. 

Success factors to get ahead in the online taxi business

Let us see some of the vital factors that should be considered to beat the competition in your online taxi business

Have a strong online presence

Only with a powerful digital presence, you can promote your online taxi service across the globe and can enhance your brand awareness. You must understand that without an impressive online taxi booking platform, you cannot stay ahead of the tough competition in the online ride-hailing industry. So, build a unique online platform for your taxi business and thereby boost confidence in the minds of the users to utilize your on-demand taxi service.    

Develop an astonishing taxi app

As people widely use mobile phones these days, developing a fully-integrated taxi app will definitely help you in growing your online ride-hailing business. The taxi application that you develop must include all significant features like scheduling/rescheduling/canceling rides option, approximate ride fare estimate before the trip, location tracking option, rating and feedback option, and so on. These features will provide a rich taxi booking experience for your users.   

Enhance customer loyalty

If you want to boost your online taxi business growth, you must understand and fulfill the needs of your customers. Provide them the reason to pick your on-demand taxi service. Only then your online taxi booking platform will cross their minds first whenever they are in need of on-demand taxi service. Therefore, with the best customer experience, user engagement, and service that you provide on your online taxi booking platform, you can retain your valuable customers in the long run.

Analyze your competitors

To stand unique from others in your online ride-hailing business, you must do competitive research and understand your competitors and know the offerings that set them apart from all other online taxi service providers. The competitor analysis will surely help you to know some important measures that can be taken to enhance your on-demand taxi service.

Leverage trending technologies

People will show a keen interest in using an online taxi booking platform only if it includes highly advanced technologies that are not available in all other ride-hailing platforms. Therefore, to amaze your users for a long period, it is more essential to incorporate state-of-the-art technologies into your online taxi booking platform.

I hope you have now got some key ideas to shine in your online taxi business venture. From this section, it is very much clear that building an outstanding online taxi booking platform and application with exciting features, functionalities, and modern technologies is a must to grow your online taxi business. But, how can you arrive at such a stunning online taxi booking platform within your budget?

Uber clone solution for developing an impressive online taxi booking platform

If you are really into building a phenomenal online taxi booking platform, then it would be a very smart approach to make use of a readymade and comprehensive clone solution of a popular online taxi booking platform. This is because by utilizing such a ready to use online solution, you can succeed in building your own online taxi booking platform quickly and effectively. Uber is one such complete online taxi booking platform that is providing remarkable on-demand taxi services worldwide. 

So, when you use a meticulously built clone solution of Uber that most perfectly fits your online taxi business model and needs, you can develop your own feature-rich online taxi booking platform within a very short timespan.

Also, it is wise to choose a versatile Uber clone solution. Because you can include all necessary features and functions in your online taxi booking platform easily in the future depending on your varying target audience requirements. Therefore, to say in a nutshell, materializing your online taxi business dreams will be just a piece of cake when you go for a reliable and dynamically adaptable Uber clone solution. 

Now we can see what are all the key concepts that should be considered to popularize your Uber clone app in this competitive online ride-hailing market

How to maintain a competitive edge in your online taxi business with your Uber clone app

Focus on the safety of passengers

People will prefer to use the taxi app that provides them the options for having a safe and hassle-free ride. So, you must focus on including multiple security options in your Uber clone app in order to ensure the safety of your riders. Thereby, you can build trust among your valuable customers to make use of your on-demand taxi service frequently.

Smooth communication between drivers and users

Your taxi app must facilitate communication between drivers and users. So that the users will be able to contact the drivers whenever they need to know about their arrival to begin the ride and for other purposes. You can pave the way for such seamless communication by integrating a robust internal messaging system into your taxi app. 

Provide personalized experience to your users

The Uber clone app must be able to give a personalized experience for each and every user. It is completely possible with the accurate tracking and analysis of user data and activities on the application and offering them an individualized experience. You can send personalized notifications and messages to users, allow users to pick a location for a ride quickly from the list of his/her saved destination and current locations, and so on. This will eventually increase the customer retention rate.   

Include distinguishing features

To make your taxi app to stand out from all other normal taxi booking apps, you must add some unique features in addition to the standard features of the taxi app such as the history of rides and upcoming scheduled rides, multi-payment gateway integration, effortless signup and booking process, precise ride details, ride-sharing, smart multiple drop-offs, and so on. 

Apart from these striking features, there are also various remarkable inclusions for a taxi app. To know more about those additions, you can have a quick look at the Trending concepts to establish a lucrative online taxi business blog

Final words

From the above sections, I hope you can understand the key strategies and concepts to raise your online ride-hailing business. As mentioned above, utilize a top-notch Uber clone solution and build a stunning online taxi booking platform with unrivaled performance, attractive user interface, and innovative inclusions. But, be cautious while choosing a ready to use Uber clone solution as all of those online solutions available will not be an appropriate option for your online taxi business model.

You can get such an optimal online solution from a well-known online solution provider like Appkodes. They have been delivering impeccable clone solutions for various online business verticals. So, you can get an apt Uber clone solution for your online taxi business at Appkodes. Therefore, reach Appkodes and discuss your online ride-hailing business ideas with their team of experts and thereby turn your online taxi business dreams into reality.

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Reasons to Use React Native for Mobile App Development

Chris Holroyd



App Development

To develop a fully native mobile app, it is necessary to develop a cross-platform mobile application. All over the world, developers are going crazy about reacting to native technology. React Native is a very popular framework that developers use on a cross-platform to develop an effective mobile application.

Several developers choose the open-source framework of React Native to develop cross-platform applications. Native tools have also made the migration from a fully developed Native mobile app to a React Native application easy. Mobile app developers are using react-native to make highly effective ad feature-rich mobile applications with ease.

Reasons behind using React Native for mobile app development

Work under tight budget constraints:

Money is a very important factor for a business owner when he is just starting up his business. Every expense needs to be very well planned to make sure that they do not overpay anywhere.

To survive in today’s tech-savvy market, startups want to earn faster returns on their investments. They have to develop at a fast pace and grow stronger. It brings us to one of the biggest reasons to hire a React Native web application development. Hiring a React Native web developer will save you money and save you a lot of time.

Offers cross-platform mobile app development

Usage of the same code has been made possible for both Android and iOS. It has resulted in the same performance outcome without making any changes. It has become very easy to build an application more suitable for your business in a very short period. It has even eliminated the usage of different languages like JAVA, Swift, etc. You require a JavaScript developer who has a good knowledge of UI libraries, APIs, and hybrid mobile app development.

Multiple outcomes under one undemanding solution

React Native mobile app development lets your complex tasks with the help of simple codes. The UI library created by Facebook is used to make code that is straightforward for the implementation and execution of ReactJS. React Native mobile app developer comes with the Live Reload feature, which lets you work on the real-time code changes and make corrections while the application is still running.

The goal is affixed on UI and API

It lets the developer make the UI look more like JavaScript and less like a framework. It is the pattern used to simplify the process and make UI smooth to give a quick response and build an application without complexity. It offers higher satisfaction to the users and makes their journey smooth.

The primary code base for Android and IOS makes things straight forward

The code used on the foundation level programming is the same for both Android and IOS. It makes it feel like sending the same app to mobile having different operating systems. It makes the recompilation of the app very easy without requiring any changes in the framework. To link it with React Native mobile app development, the entire module is written incomparable language.

Transforming the web page to a mobile app is easy

Fragmented modules and intuitive coding have overlaid React Native’s interface clearly and properly. It has made it easier for the developers to learn the sequence of codes being run in an application. It has eliminated the need to keep a team of core developers on the site to continuously access the app. In case of a change of staff members, it gets easier to understand what is going on and not stop the app’s development.

It’s not going to eradicate soon

React Native mobile app development is going to be in the market for a very long time. Developers find it very hard to resist the user-friendly manual and timely assorted framework. Most of the app development market has already been covered by them. Facebook is also making sure that it stays for longer. The framework is developing more and more solutions to our problems with each passing day. It has eliminated the need to learn and code in different complex languages.

Futuristic and flexible approach towards the project

Developing a framework suitable for Android and IOS has made it easy to use the same code, remove bugs, and develop it with each passing day. Even though it has a simple operation, it will stay in the market for a long.

Wrapping up

React Native is a highly business-friendly and very effective framework for developing a cross-platform mobile application. Apart from that, React Native also has a huge community where developers can easily take experts’ help to develop an application easily, which will be functional at a very high enterprise level.

Due to its high performance, benefits, and significant UI/UX delivery on cross-platform mobile applications, React Native is also being used by the top brands like Facebook, Walmart, etc., for their mobile app development.

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10 Of The Best News Apps For Android

Chris Holroyd



Best News Apps For Android

The internet has become the premier source of information for almost everyone. It has changed the way we used to perceive things and has given a new edge to technology. It has also changed the way we view news. Reading newspapers, watching the news on TV is a thing of the past now, as there are several dedicated news application available for Android. Here, we have compiled some of the best news app available for Android that will aid you in staying organized with all the relevant and updated news. So, let us dive straight into the compilation.

Google News

The first on the list is Google News. It is the best news app in India 2020 available in the Google Play Store. The app covers news topics vastly from trusted sources and provides you all kinds of news. Some of its essential features include,

  • Get all the updates with the latest news
  • You can get your favorite journals and news events easily
  • Get stories to follow up and dig deeper from different sources
  • Also, get the local news and important news


Flipboard is one of the prominent news apps used around the globe. It offers an aesthetic interface that provides you various news articles, sliders, and videos. Some alluring features of the app include.

  • Get news updates from renowned newspapers like The New York Times, National Geographic, Vanity, etc.
  • Get all the latest & top news story feeds on a daily basis.
  • Read on the latest trending events, relevant stories, and headlines with follow-up stories
  • With Flipboard, you can collect and add story themes and later add them to your magazines for a personalized view

BBC News App

We all know about BBC, the biggest news center in the UK. BBC is also the oldest Android news aggregator app that lets you get engaged with all the local and international news. The salient features of the app include,

  • Get enthralled with a TV-like experience with live streaming news
  • You can also enjoy the Live World Service BBC radio
  • Channelize your favorite news offerings
  • Using the feature tab, you can get the follow-up news

CNN News

CNN News is considered as one of the pioneers in news aggregators apps. The app gives you the privilege to view content from anywhere across the globe. Other eminent features of the app include,

  • Turn on the notification alerts and get all the relevant news from around the world
  • You can also enjoy live TV on the app
  • Het breaking news and news story follow-ups
  • Get top stories, news clips, and other relevant news.


Freedly comes with various discovery features that make this app stand apart from the rest. The app covers a large number of news fields from different facets. Other prominent features of the app include,

  • The app lets you organize blogs, articles, and publications
  • Save any topic for reading it later
  • Save articles or blogs on the cloud and share them on social media
  • get multiple layout options, keyboard shortcuts, tagging, etc.

Microsoft News

A product of Microsoft and formerly known as MSN, the app offers a smooth and seamless experience. Now, you can navigate through the app easily with the tabloid layout. The signing process is simple as you have to sign up with Microsoft account and start all the fun. It is also one of the best apps for iPad. The other features of this app include,

  • The app can be used across platforms like Microsoft Edge,, etc
  • You can get Night Mode as well
  • Transitions are smooth and seamless


Reddit has a big database of news and entertainment. The app is a combination of news aggregators, social media, and message boards that create a seamless experience for the users. With Reddit, you can subscribe to specific Reddit topics, make subreddits, and nullify content on the basis of popularity, controversy, freshness, etc. Some of the eminent features of the app are,

  • You can join new communities like TechNews, World News, etc.
  • You can view paparazzi news, headlines, and funny memes
  • You can create your own feed by subscribing to subreddits


The next news aggregator app on the list is News360. The app offers intriguing, authentic, and rich content, and you can find news about the fields of your interest. Below are some of the valiant features of the app.

  • The app can be integrated with iMessage and the Apple Watch app.
  • You can read the news without opening the app using the widget.
  • Get news from the top-rated and local websites.

AP News

AP News has gained immense popularity because it provides breaking news immediately. AP News accumulates and publishes all the trending news and latest stories for the users to read. The other features of AP News include,

  • The app is available in both English and Spanish languages
  • Get all the latest and trending news at a phenomenal browsing speed
  • It offers a user-friendly interface so that users can enjoy large news outlets


Now, this is one award-winning application that analyzes recent news and places them into a specific category. Below are some of the interesting features of the app,

  • Get concrete and concise news every time
  • with ad-free seamless news reading, get all the latest news from different sources
  • When offline, you can read news and follow-ups any time

Time to wrap up: So here are 10 of the best news apps for Android that you can download for free. In case we have missed any of your favorites do not feel shy in mentioning them in the comment section below.

Author Bio:

Akshay Singh is a Senior Content Writer at MobileAppDiary. He has drooled over various topics ranging from App development, Gaming, Technology, and others in a career nearing 3 years. Having a strong academic background in writing makes him a creative, sharp, thoughtful, and intellectual writer. He is always looking forward to exploring new genres and believes firmly in the learning process.

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