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The best apps for Android



apps for Android

Do you have an Android? Here are the best apps to download on your smartphone or tablet!

Chats, banks, transport … Discover our selection of the best apps for your Android smartphone and tablet.


A smartphone is used for everything, even to communicate!

In recent years, many applications have been created to facilitate exchanges between friends, family, colleagues … Our favorite? WhatsApp and Skype.

WhatsApp is an app that allows you to send messages, photos, and videos to your contacts via the internet. Everything is free, including the video call feature.

Skype is another free application that since 2003 offers the possibility to make video calls over the internet. Reference in the field, the brand has extended its services to professionals and even offers telephone subscriptions.


For many, taking and sharing photos has become a daily activity. For others, it’s just a holiday occupation. In any case, you will like Snapseed.

Easy to use, this application allows you to make professional retouches in a few moments. Filters, blurs, cropping, white balance … Everything is at your disposal and everything is free.

For storage of your photos, we recommend Google Photos. This application saves your photos online (on a cloud) which allow you to free memory on your phone and access your photo albums from any device. Plus, syncing your albums with your cloud is via Wi-Fi, so there is no risk of blazing your mobile internet plan.

TV, movies & videos

Android devices have become perfect devices for watching videos: on the one hand, their screens have grown and their resolutions have increased, on the other, their graphics cards and processors have improved. This perfect combination has been taken into account by TV channels and online video platforms as they have all developed their own Android apps.

The best known is probably   YouTube and if it is not already pre-installed on your smartphone or tablet, we strongly advise you to download it. Dailymotion and Viméo are two other very good free video platforms.

As for the catch-up TV, your options are not lacking … Our favorite application is probably that of Arte, but there is also France TV, TF1…

Finally, if you are ready to spend a little money (around ten euros per month), you can subscribe to an online streaming service like Netflix, CanalPlay or Amazon Prime Video.

Feel free to check their movie catalogs and series before choosing your subscription. You can also switch from one to another according to your mood since these services are without commitment.

To watch your favorite video platform from abroad, check out our guide to the best VPNs.


As reported by the Fevad, the F English are doing more and more to e-commerce, and the three major winner s of this increase in online sales, not surprisingly, Amazon, Amazon Marketplace and the Fnac.

For our readers looking for good deals (which is not?), Take advantage of Groupon and La Fourchette applications to benefit from discounts on many services (hairdressers, sports hall …) and restaurants.

Do you want to be sure that your cosmetics do not contain undesirable substances? We recommend that you download the QuelCosmectic application developed by the UFC What to choose


If you’re using an Android phone or tablet, you can save all your music (up to 100,000 songs) with Google Play Music. Note that to access this free service, you must register your credit card on the site, which could put some users off.

If you want to play it retro, you can use the FM radio of your Android (if, if, it still exists), otherwise we advise you to download the application of your favorite radio!

For streaming music, the two leaders (rightly) are Poweramp and Spotify. Both offer the choice to listen to music for free (with advertising) or to subscribe to a monthly subscription.

Social Networks

If you like social networks, there are plenty of apps for you!

We advise you to download the industry’s must-have: Facebook and Twitter, without forgetting Facebook’s Messenger, which allows you to exchange instant messages, GIFs and other videos with your friends.

If you are more pictures than messages, try Snapchat. We have also created a user guide to turn all beginners into pro-face-swap!

Instagram (dedicated to photo sharing), LinkedIn (professional social network) and Pinterest (shared hobbies) are other social networks to test. Be careful, their apps are very addictive!

Finally, if you are looking for an email to keep in touch with your colleagues, we recommend Slack!


Do you like reading articles on the web? Try the Pocket app. The latter allows you to save all the web pages you want (blog post, articles, videos …), so you can view later, even offline.

Do you prefer to dive into iBooks? Before buying a reader, try the Amazon Kindle app. Its interface is nice and you can access the entire catalog of the American giant.

Finally, if you are more of an audiobook, try Audio Books (free) or Audible (for a fee).


Our smartphones have become mini-computers that power if you like, allow you to access all your documents s profession n els.

At Advisor, we use Google apps (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google drive ….) to collaborate in the office and when we’re on the move.

Its competitor, the Microsoft Office suite, is also a very good choice and works on the same principle.

To learn more about the Cloud, see our guide to the best cloud storage services.

If you have a professional smartphone and want to connect it to your computer to extract or transfer files to it, then AirDroid is for you!


One thing is certain; there is no shortage of games for Android.

We’ve dedicated a whole article about the best games for Android but if we were to suggest you two, it would be NBA Jam Apk, Angry Bird and Plants VS Zombies 2.

Information and weather

Some find that we are drowning in information, others cannot get enough! If you are in the second group, you should download France Info. This application, very complete while remaining simple to use, gives access to the radio and the eponymous channel, to articles, to live news … For information turned towards the international, you have France 24.

The majority of French titles have developed their own mobile application, so if you do not have time to go through a booth, you can find Le Monde, Liberation, Figaro and all other daily newspapers online.

Finally, to know if tomorrow it will be necessary to complain about the rain or the sun (“There is more season my little lady”), then download the Meteor France application!


To avoid unpleasant surprises, check your bank account before starting an online shopping session, for example. From now on, the majority of the major French banks have their own applications to allow their customers to consult their online account:   Ask your bank advisor.

Transport network

You do not have a sense of direction? Google Map and CityMapper will change your life or at least allow you to lose less.

For city-dwellers, simplify everyday life thanks to the public transport application of your city: RATP  (Paris), STAR (Rennes), TBM (Bordeaux), RTM (Marseille) … And, in case you miss the last one bus, download the Uber or Lyft application so you can always go home.

Finally, before you go on vacation, take a look at the application Skyscanner to find the cheapest air ticket s and install to book your room on site.


Many apps are dedicated to job offers, but, first and foremost, download the job center. Once registered as a job seeker, you can use it to update your file, send receipts, and check your allowances.

In addition to the Job Center, explore, among other things, LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, Reed, Apec.


Now that you have the essential apps for your Android, all you have to do is explore the PlayStore.


Interesting Factors About The Trending Video Downloading App



Video Downloading App

Watching video has become the most entertaining choice for many people across the globe. The video is easy to recognize the matter and helps to have a good conversation process. There is a wide range of downloading platforms available for mobile users. Moreover, the tools can be easily accessible in an online. On this modern day, the user needs special gadgets at a comprehensive price in order to download the content. Although the user can get videos by using so many apps, out of that Vidmate is the apt and perfect choice for the video lovers. Since it has numerous videos and provides with high speed.  So, Vidmate download allows the user to download any sorts of video from a wide range of social sites. With such a platform, the user can enjoy and watch the video in their free time.

Because of its convenience, the users can get more benefits from this platform using high-speed internet connections. So, do not miss the chance of downloading this smart app on your device because it provides maximum download speed. Also, it will improve the downloading speed of the content when compared to others.  It is an extremely amazing and trendy app in order to get easy downloads and quick searching. The wow factor about the platform is that, available free of charge for the mobile users. Yes, for all the activities it offers like free video downloads and lives TV show and many more, the source costs nothing for the users.

The platform has a bundle of the facility in order to do activities in an inimitable way. Vidmate app is considering a single stop end solution to hundreds of your online problems. You can enjoy limitless fun and download contents from Hollywood, Bollywood with more videos, movies, and songs.

Reasons to download the Vidmate app:

  • Vidmate can be found on Multiple Platforms:

Since Vidmate is extensively very popular among the users, it can be used on Windows and Android devices. It can support multiple platforms due to the simple user interface nature. Over more than 500 websites are supported by this platform.

  • Vidmate allows the user Watch Live Television:

The platform allows the user to access live TV shows and serials from any time and anywhere in the world. Over more than 50 live channels is streaming using this smart platform. On the other hand, lets you watch approximately 200 live shows and various contents. Simply it is not an entertaining app and the best way to enjoy and watch Live TV programs from various parts of the world.

  • Vidmate allows the users access to Memes

In order to pass the time, the user can watch the memes lets you surf through the various collections. If the user wants to download particular memes you like you can download it directly on your device. Best of all, Vidmate lets you take a picture of any meme from your phone and you can upload it. It might go viral and helps to gain some recognition.

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Download Vidmate App To Acquire All Your Favorite Videos On Your Device




Download Vidmate App To Acquire All Your Favorite Videos On Your Device

There are a lot more fun activities available which make you spend your time into a valuable one. The Vidmate app is the one which helps you to acquire various tapes in the desired quality plus format. When you do Vidmate download then you can easily get any number of videos without any restrictions. You are required to register in this application so then you can able to obtain tapes limitlessly. Not from one website you can download videos from various website and channels available on this platform. There are no complications in downloading videos plus evident the speedy download.

Get all features of Vidmate:

In order to download various numbers of websites are available in this tool like facebook, youtube, Tumblr, Vimeo and many more. This video streaming website supports any channels so you don’t want to reduce your download. With the help of this application easily access websites and reach the content. When you want to download any videos from any of the portals then click and copy the URL of the content. Once you copied the URL just paste on the Vidmate window. With this, the app will take you to the particular content plus it will provide more suggestions based on the content you are searching for. You have to select the content from the list then at the top right corner will notify the download button.

Click it to start the download before that you have to choose the quality and format of the content. After that, only the download process will get the started.

Easy to download:

When you start the download, the download manager will be screened on the window. In that, you can see various buttons such as pause, start, stop and resume the download. Thus the users can easily navigate their download in a flawless manner. In case you wish to resume the download which you paused beforehand then the process will be resumed where it has been left. This is what the extreme feature of this application. You can work with some other task while downloading any videos since its going to run behind. At the same time if the download manager is hidden from the screen click on the download button in the app.

Steps to download and install Vidmate:

The downloading process is easy to do but you have to make use of some tricks in order to install it. Since this app is a third party no way you have to get this application outside the Google play store. As like, you can acquire this app from any source effortlessly.

  1. Once this app downloaded on your device you have to install it from the downloaded file
  2. You have to click on the file and then it starts to install
  3. (But your Android device won’t allow you to install this application)
  4. In such a case, you have to enable the “Unknown Source”

By this Vidmate download on your device from now get started to use it.

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Download Vidmate App Process and Lots Of Features



Vidmate App

Many people like to choose varied aspects of entertainment during leisure time. It is more possible for downsides to require on your any devices. However, you can avoid more downsides for benefits than watching videos. a large number of all in detail recorded beneath all together as well as you have to more comfortable due to download videos with known about the speed of web signals. You can get all the devices for your customer needs.  On another hand, you can handle more benefit gets with more installation of this app is very simple and tapping setup switch on Google play store. If you are looking business with your more development of process and access to procedure out case you have some pressing work. One of the best platforms of your get advantages is Vidmate App that offers fast process and more available from all check speed of the web to their customers.

Superior quality:

You can download the all process with most extreme speed for more performing multiple tasks while working with all reason to dependably remain dynamic in the app. Currently, there are present the all know to is a powerful tool and access the lots of more users with developing the watching their favorite shows that are only available with an internet connection. However, you have to connect the more online and offline process with visible to access every website and app available. The professional team expects to your consideration the fact that filled with an infinite amount of using form way to getting bored in your free time. On another hand, you have to love the fact that there are no limits in place as well as you take with more possible competing software on the regards to all massive restrictions from down this route at all more few video pieces of which is compatible with a variety of different file formats. Moreover, you can also file formats from able to all want without any issues.

Simple To Use:

When you are looking for all know too difficult convoluted and not very intuitive as well as more piece of design from the ground perfect for that new world of computers. In addition, you can find out the easier to use the software and simpler to use. It is one of the best processes with more download it from the site straightforwardly as well as more their gadget. In the main factor, it is not sure about the all application with more allowed to purchase administrations from more moderate rate and energizing process. If you are looking more effective and more accessible for free from access with more upgrade your execution. There are available for setup information through to upgrade your execution on the web as well as a magnificent approach to think about the precision for more simple and speedy perusing. If you are looking the all using this application from the more user-friendly interface and it is one of the large numbers of plenty of internet across the world. Moreover, it is one of the best processes to enhance your fast access for lots of options as well as remove form forward and browse the app. In fact, you able to all different files, with going your internet connection speed

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Download Vidmate App To Acquire All Your Favorite Videos On Your Device

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Download Vidmate App Process and Lots Of Features

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