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Outlook PST Repair – Easiest Way to Recover Damaged PST File Promptly

Chris Holroyd



Outlook PST Repair

Microsoft Outlook PST file is an important file, PST stands for Personal Storage Table, and it holds inbox data such as emails, attachments, Sent Items, Deleted Items, calendar entries, contacts, notes, journal and more. Hence, PST is an essential file for Outlook users. However, many times many errors occur in Outlook which pushes PST file towards the corruption. A damaged or corrupted PST file leads to the severe problem of data loss and also hamper the Outlook performance. Due to the corruption user lose their access from the PST file and it won’t be recover unless it repairs with the appropriate method.

Before going for any resolution of the issues, let’s figure out the main causes for PST file corruption.

Why MS Outlook PST files get corrupted?

If Outlook takes too much time to open up or freezes regularly, or facing unexpected crashes, or often fails to launch altogether, it indicates that the Outlook PST file is get damaged. There could be a number of reasons behind PST file damage/corruption, some are given below:

  • Oversized PST can easily get damaged, so make sure to get backup of PST file data on a regular interval.
  • The unexpected closure of Outlook while accessing mailbox data
  • Virus or Malware infection to PST file
  • Bad sectors of the hard drive, if the PST is stored in such sectors it could become damaged
  • Broken PST splitting / resizing process
  • Discrepancies while transferring PST from one computer on a network

If Outlook PST file is brutally damaged, it will regularly show a pop-up error message which is the sign of damaged PST file. In such condition, you should shut-down Outlook straightforwardly to ensure that no data is written off the data of PST. Once you’ve confirmed that, go for the below methods to repair Outlook PST corrupt file.

Manual Method to Fix Corrupt PST

Microsoft inbuilt a default Inbox Repair Utility called ScanPST.exe. It can find and fix slight issues within damaged PSTs. To recover PST file with free utility tool, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Double-tap the ScanPST.exe home utility
  • Now click the browse switch and select the corrupt PST file
  • Click the Start button and scan the corrupt PST file for errors.
  • The scanning process is being run on your system. Wait until it gets successfully completed.
  • After finishing the process, you can check all the errors and corruption issues.
  • You can create a backup of this scanned file before repairing it. Just marked check and make a backup of scanned file before repairing box. You may also uncheck it.
  • Click the button to repair PST file.
  • You will receive a message flashing “Repair complete”.
  • Click OK to confirm it.

PST Repair tool by Recovee Software The easiest way to recover Outlook PST

Outlook PST Repair tool by Recovee software recover encrypted and password-protected PST files and lets users save selected recovered emails in EML, MSG, RTF, HTML, as well as PDF formats. Users can recover unintentionally deleted emails and also easily ‘Find’ PST in case users are unaware of its location on the device. It has interactive GUI, this tool makes repairing PST files easier for users. Demo version of this tool is available at free of cost.

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Code Obfuscation: What it is and should You Use It?

Chris Holroyd



Code Obfuscation

Certain programming languages like .NET and Java can very easily be decompiled to readable sources. There are a lot of definitions about the code obfuscation, but to explain it better we the code obfuscation is the process that makes your application binaries slightly harder to read with a decompiler. It is a very important tool to protect the intellectual property of your business.

Why Obfuscate Code?

Some compiled languages get converted directly to bytecode, for example C++. If you want to reverse engineer, the only way to work is with a disassembler, which is a complicated and arduous process. Though, it is not impossible, inferring high level app logic from a stream of assembly language is quite difficult.

On the other side, languages like Java and C# are not compiled for any particular OS. They are more complied to an intermediary language, such as MSIL from .NET’s. This intermediary language is very similar to assembly, but it’s very easily converted back into the source code. So this does mean that in case you have a executable or public Dynamic-link library (DLL), anyone who possesses a copy of your executable are able to open it up in, let’s say dotPeek (.NET decompiler), and directly read your source code, and copy it as well.

Any .NET DLL can be plugged into a decompiler, so code obfuscation cannot prevent this process. But what obfuscation does is use a number of things in order to make the source code very annoying to read and debug.

Renaming is the simplest form of this entity. It is a very common practice to properly name all of the methods, variables, parameters and classes according to what function they do. But of course you don’t have to do that, so there is nothing that is really stopping you from naming them with lowercase L’s and I, or random similar combinations of unicode characters, just to make the code very hard to read and debug. For the computer it is all the same, but to a human is very difficult to distinguish. 

It could look something like this:



(neat, right?)

This process will be handled automatically by a basic obfuscator, taking the output from the build and then converting it to something that is really, really hard to read. By doing this there is no performance decrease to non-obfuscated code.

There are types of advanced obfuscators that can make it possible to change the structure of the source code. This means it can replace control structures with identical syntax but it looks more complicated. 

It can also embed a code that doesn’t do anything, but it would make it harder to read for the decompiler. This means the source would look like ‘spaghetti code’ – which means it would annoy anyone who tries to read the code. 

Hiding strings – is one of the common things. In this way, string obfuscation can replace strings with encoded messages – which are also decrypted, and it makes it difficult to search for them from a decompiler.

There are lots of options for obfuscators, it depends on the language the obfuscators are using. For example, Obfuscar, ProGuard, Javascript-obfuscator. etc.

Another option: You can convert to a Compiled Language

Actually, you can convert one programming language to another one, isn’t that a hard or crazy idea. It is an effective way to secure games from cracking, and it is an important step to do when protecting from piracy and cheaters. For example, Unity uses an IL2CPP converter to transform .NET code into C++ bytecode.

Is it necessary to Obfuscate?

Untrusted environments exist – so if you are using a code, and you want to secure it, it is important to use an obfuscator to make decompiling hard. 

Securing your code is a must. Using an obfuscator is a must. If you don’t want anybody to decompile your app, you should try switching to a language that doesn’t have these problems.

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How To Set A Budget For Your Software Project

Chris Holroyd



software development

So, you’ve set out to develop a customized software product. And the first question you’ll fret over is “Is it going to break the bank?”. Indeed, when we’re talking about development cost estimation, predicting the weather feels like a more doable task. 

Besides defining major expenditures, you’ll also have to factor in a lot of subjective variables into the estimate that can be devastating for the project. Unforeseen requirements can set off unclear results as the project size increases.

However, according to business analysts from DevoxSoftware, clients can avoid unnecessary costs and make an accurate estimate provided they have a profound knowledge of cost estimation types and techniques.

This article will share the foundations of development cost estimation and dwell on the main techniques needed to calculate the price.

Cost Estimation: A Short Primer

From the project management standpoint, cost estimation is the prognostication of financial and other resources required to deliver a project within a defined scope. Cost estimation is applicable to each element needed for the project—from materials to labor to overhead costs. As a result, stakeholders have an accurate number that determines a project’s budget.

Different Types of Estimates

Before making the final decision, software specialists run the numbers for your project to provide a calculation. Therefore, if you want to answer the age-old question about development costs, you also need to understand three main kinds of estimates. They include:

Ballpark or rough estimate

This type refers to a rough numerical estimate that defines an approximate cost range for your projects. It serves as a starting point of future collaboration and answers whether your project is worth pursuing.

Budget estimate

Budget estimates are second-guessings that are taken to lay out the future strategy and resources. Typically, a client sets the budget range to see what can be done for this amount.

SoW (Statement of Work)

This estimate is the definition of the work to be performed. This type of estimate includes various elements such as the general work scope, objectives, tasks, performance requirements, etc. Based on these variables, the contractor makes an accurate estimation.

Now, let’s go over to the software cost estimation techniques that are typically used to produce a good estimation for your project.

Estimating Techniques

The accuracy of an estimate is as changeable as the weather throughout the Project life cycle. However, estimates are vital to any project, since they help put together a schedule, define your resource needs, and draw up a budget. Overall, there are four main techniques used to calculate the costs.


Top-down estimates are usually derived from upper-level management who uses information or prior experience to determine the project duration and costs. After identifying an overall cost estimation for the global project properties, the project is then divided into various low-level components.


In contrast with the first technique, the bottom-up method is more detailed and involves cost estimation at the lowest level of detail. These estimates require more time and effort but compare favorably to other techniques due to more accurate predictions.

Analogous estimation

The technique is based on comparing the current project to the similar one that took place previously and drawing a comparison in proportion to that. It is often used to calculate a particular parameter when the current information is limited or unavailable.

Planning Poker

This one is a game-based estimating technique used by Agile teams. The product owner or a customer presents a specific feature to the estimators at the beginning of the estimation session. All of the team has a series of cards that contain a value like 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13. If the chosen value is similar or the same among the players, then this number is taken as the estimate.

Top Common Project Budgeting Mistakes

With all that constitutes managing a project, making sure things go smooth, on budget, and within the specified timeline could be overwhelming. But it can become even more challenging if you fall victim to the same mistakes.

Top Mistakes Clients Make

Having an incomplete scope definition

Scope changes are unavoidable when building a software product. They do take up some of your budgets, but the team anticipates a little adjustment to the scope and takes it into account at the very beginning. But if a client wants to squeeze up some more functionality in the middle of the road, that’s asking for trouble.

Requirement volatility

Accurate, complete, and document-supported requirements are the soul of the project. On the contrary, ambiguous software requirements result in far-flung implications and overspend as the development cycle kick starts. And whereas this peril can be eliminated within the Agile methodology, Waterfall teams will have to build the whole project from scratch if the requirements change.  

Top Mistakes Vendors Make

Inaccurate cost estimate

Inaccurate cost estimation is detrimental to the whole project. The development can then be canceled due to the cost overruns and waste of resources. The assigned team will have to work with zero increase of costs until completion and the vendor will have to invest his own resources to complete the critical tasks.

Forgetting risks

Neglecting risks is another common mistake that generates huge cost variations. Without a transparent risk assessment, teams cannot envisage the possible fallback and end up with cost overruns. 

Under Qualified team

Software development cost estimation has to be performed by a knowledgeable specialist who has hands-on development experience. If you assign a newly-minted software engineer to this task, expect to end up with over- or underestimation. Also, you shouldn’t forget that the level of seniority is another important factor that influences the costs. Therefore, you should avoid handing over the estimation to an assorted group of junior and senior developers, since they price their services differently.  

The Bottom Line

When it comes to software development cost estimation, there’s hardly a clear-cut answer to what defines a cost for every case. Some costs may lie on the surface, whereas others may show up as a nasty cold sore. To avoid the latter, make sure you evaluate the costs to a tee and avoid the common mistakes mentioned above.

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How Does the Future of HR 2030 Look Like?

Chris Holroyd



future of HR

COVID-19 has completely transformed the role of HR. With such an unexpected change, how should HR prepare for such challenges? The answer is tricky. But we can definitely foresee what kind of jobs will be available in the future. Human resources, after 10 years from now, will be ultimately a different game. 

Let us figure out which trends can shape the future of HR.

  • Remote Working

We have found a new style of working in COVID-19 i.e remote working. Working from home was a luxury before a year, but now it has become a common practice. And it seems as if it will become an essential part of the future too. More personalization will be given to training and development practices, and it will be available through remote devices. To increase engagement among the employees, HR can make use of Slack and Microsoft teams.

  • Rise of Gig Economy

10 years ago, nobody was familiar with this term, but at present, it is one of the best ways to get your work done. The gig economy revolves around freelancers and short-term contracts instead of a full-time job. And after 10 years from now, it will become one of the critical areas for HR to look for while closing a job. Thus, it’s time for HR to revamp its current practices and add more diversity to its work culture by bringing in employees from across the globe.

  • Data and AI

I must say that data is one of the most exciting trends that will bring a transformation in the future of HR. Many HR professionals feel that AI will replace humans and there will be an end of jobs. But the truth is the human decision will always play an important role. HR will get a lot of benefit from technology. We all have heard of chatbots, and they are going to take an important place in the HR department. They can help in screening and shortlisting a candidate and also scheduling an interview. Similarly, recruitment analytics solutions like resume parser can help in automating the recruitment process by extracting resume data in a structured manner.    

  1. Employee Experience

Happy employees deliver perfect results. The traditional employee engagement tools will be revamped, and new tools will be brought into the picture to enhance employee engagement. These can be related to communication, performance appraisal, feedback, etc.

  1. People Analytics

HR professionals now feel the need to have data to identify gaps in skill sets, evaluate recruiting methods, and assess where talent is available. Organizations are now paying attention to Predictive analytics. Now HR is not looking for what happened and what is the reason behind it. They are focussing on what will happen in the future. Thus, people analytics is going to take an important place in the HR strategy.

  1. Dealing with Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is going to be one of the biggest challenges for HR in 2030. There will be a need for forming new WFH policies and cyber rules to deal with challenges like employee privacy and data confidentiality. KPIs for HR heads will also be a part of change management.  

  1. No Face-time

HR managers and recruiters have a tendency to judge candidates through their body language. Remote working makes it difficult to see these gestures. Zero face-to-face interaction can lead to misunderstandings and miscommunications. HR needs to draft policies to ensure best practices for proper communication.

These trends will define the future of HR. 10 years from now will see a major breakthrough in the working of HR. Let’s wait and watch and keep ourselves well-prepared for the future and the challenges. 

Author’s bio:

Lovepreet Dhaliwal works with RChilli Inc, a leading resume parsing software provider which helps in speeding up your recruitment process. An MBA in HR and marketing, he has over eight years of work experience in business development and strategic sales.

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Role of HRMS in Organizations – Impacts and Benefits

Chris Holroyd



Role of HRMS in Organizations – Impacts and Benefits

The human resource management system regulates the multiple HR practices and transforms according to organizational culture, employee measurement, work routines and so forth. Nowadays, the businesses have moved out of the point of manually handling their employees maintaining themselves within the constraints of using documents and documents to handle.

Now with all the strong competition and increasing number of employees inside the business, the newspaper documents, and only excel sheets cannot help out with the tasks. There urges the demand for a self-reliant, effective and powerful program tool for handling the employees. There comes the demand for complete automation of processes connected to workers, in order to keep everything compact, pragmatic and organized. To be able to stand in the fast-paced world, the requirement for a human resource management tool increases to guarantee maximum production and involvement from both sides of employees.

It’s a program of numerous human resource policies which are internally consistent concerning a human resource intention. HRMS also indicates the integration of human resource management and information technologies to automate and ease HR actions. The overall idea of an HRMS assists small-business managers craft a suitable human resource strategy based in their area of business and company development phase. In order to improve the businesses and organizational workflows, numerous companies rely on the cloud based HR software that support and improves multiple HR operations. 

Mostly an HRM tool guarantees systematic organizing of information and Information with regard to employees in a company. This merely enriches the outcome of company actions and progress.

The decision making is made easier and faster since HRM tools assist the businesses to rapidly recover the worker information. Regardless of your information is dispersed across different sections or diverse layers of the company, with the assistance of an integrated human resource management tool, an individual can instantly identify and glimpse at the employee information, invent necessary decisions and place actions underrun.

Among the substantial benefits of an individual resource management Tool is that it’s highly flexible and may perfectly pitch into the company needs. The tool could be changed concerning features and functions, which makes it perfectly tailored for your small business need. Obviously, both small and big company can equally gain from the HRM tool, as it assists the company to keep all organized, compact and nicely structured.

Here are the tactical Benefits of utilizing a human resource management system

Organizational Effectiveness

The human resource management program of a business has a significant effect on organizational and individual effectiveness. A fantastic HRMS brings attention to human resource management practices and enhances human relations in the provider. A successful HRMS relies on a tactical goal and operates by improving worker knowledge, skills, motivation and participation opportunities. According to their overarching target, human resource management methods contribute to organizational effectiveness in numerous ways.

Handling the Employee’s Regularity

The achievement of any organization is in the selfless participation and dedication of its employees. The worker existence or employee presence issues the most to some of the firms. The characteristics help the company managers or HR professionals to keep tabs on the employee’s presence and leaves within an organization. Both parties may easily process their orders. Employing the presence monitoring system or employee attendance control system, the supervisors can quickly take a look at the overall numbers leaves to the day, consider the decision on a worker leave, whether to accept or accept and thereby examine the tendency of employee leaves or leave generally. Additionally, on the flip side, the workers could quickly process their leave request via logging in to his or her system. He can acquire literate of his staying leaves that are casual, unapproved leaves and a great deal more out of it. The first scenario of confusion within worker presence is completely overruled with the support of HRMS.

Employee Commitment

An HRMS focused on raising employee loyalty will amuse selectively, provide employees with intensive instruction, and give a high amount of reimbursement. As an instance, a tiny medical practice serving neighborhood senior citizens may concentrate on recruiting and keeping caring staff to offer superior support. Recruiting will require running many interviews to be certain that the character of the candidate matches the needs of the position. When the correct person is chosen, intensive job coaching and merchandise compensation will be supplied to boost worker satisfaction, job performance and organizational commitment.

Employee Empowerment 

The concentration of an HRMS could be raising the participation of workers and enabling them. Under this system, workers are granted more decision-making capability, and teamwork is encouraged. By way of instance, a small-business owner might want to change from focusing on the daily purposes of their company to expand the enterprise. This requires trusting employees, training them and providing them with more decision-making power.

Professional or the company manager does not end with streamlining the worker presence of leaves. They must indulge in the tradition of boosting employee welfare and worker well-being. A happy workforce is that which finally interrupts the success of almost any provider. Hence, the empowerment, thus the gratification of employees must be among the keen schedule of their direction. An enabled employee triggers to generate additional, showcase their entire set of ability, favoring business expansion finally. Thus, several practices such as worker training, the support request can incredibly raise the development of your small business.

Caring for Employee Rights

Employee rights are equally significant to worker benefits. It’s the main use of the company organization to safeguard its employee rights concerning salary, overtime, office security, wrongful termination or discrimination. With the support of a human resource management tool, an individual can effectively work on the individual rights of workers, maintaining them jobless. You may be entertained by how. Allow me to clean it out. The resources such as payroll management program assist from the effective calculation of worker salary taking care of arrears, bonuses or insurances of workers. There are lots of country-specific HR applications tools which come integrated with attributes pertaining to this national law. This preceding program’s take good care of worker rights with regard to their own wage calculation. Additionally, there come applications with managerial purpose like worker loan direction, focusing on worker loan allocations and their deductions each month from employees’ wages package. All of this help together in smoothening the worker welfare and well-being at work.

Occupational Safety

Occupational injuries and fatalities could have catastrophic consequences for employee’s morale. Such events can also potentially endanger the company. In a small manufacturing firm, supervisors can concentrate the HRMS on enhancing occupational safety. This necessitates hiring dependable, educated and detail-oriented individuals and providing extreme safety training.


Clubbing together all of the aforementioned organizational importance, personal importance, and societal importance, an HR tool finally moves the business closer to its enshrined aims and objectives. An individual can economically march towards the professed aims as each individual resource process are compact and satisfactorily managed. Via boosting employee function, the team and the group spirit as a complete only take the company to its assignment.

A successful Human Resource practice is what finally leads to higher rewards and better performance. Finally, that helps the organization to achieve its chance to enter the new company and start a new wandered Hurry, improving the market.

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How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Helps in Software Development

Annie Adams



How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Helps in Software Development

The pace in which AI is progressing is amazing, thanks to the availability of cloud computing and data. AI technologies today are meeting people’s expectations after years of developing and testing. AI and machine learning have both disrupted every business, including manufacturing, retail, transportation, and customer support. 

Custom software development is no exception in which machine learning and AI could boost the traditional software development cycle process. AI apps are visible in Alexa of Google, in Google Photos, as well as autonomous cars like those that Tesla made. Nowadays, since the apps are common, there’s speculation about how they would impact the development of software solutions. 

Software Development with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

As machine learning continues to gain more capabilities, it’s exciting to keep in mind that Artificial Intelligence is progressing to other sectors. AI, in software development, aims to allow developers and testers to become more efficient. Also, it aims to help the experts in making faster work progress. 

1. Help in Nurturing Young Developers and Programmers

Young developers and programmers form an integral part of the developer community, the same as the seasoned and more experienced ones. Furthermore, it also seeks to provide these developers with a chance to gain better insights on how to develop good solutions. AI-powered tools enable programmers to coordinate on software projects. 

The tools, furthermore provide sharing insights convenience with both novice and experienced developers, thus letting them learn from one another. These tools could be used by young developers to move further in their careers. 

2. Help Developers and Testers Spot and Fix Bugs

With credits to AI, developers now could code better, see bugs and fix them. They need not worry about ending up with files that are filled with bugs. Moreover, developers get the convenience of using specific machine-learning algorithms in software testing. 

The effort aims in boosting the tested programs overall quality. Aside from developers, testers could use AI-powered bots as well in finding bugs. As AI continues to advance, both developers and testers look towards using tools that are AI-powered with the ability to find flaws and fixing the code automatically. 

3. Intelligent and Smart Coding

When writing code, developers could experience challenges, like duplication of code or omission of certain code parts. No longer are errors made when coding with the use of machine-learning algorithm powered coding tools. The tools could help determine simple mistakes in coding. 

Moreover, they provide developers with a code editor, which formats code parts based on the methodology or programming or language in use. 

4. Controlling Deployment

AI technologies promise to boost deployment control efficiency that is related to software development. In the realm of developing software, deployment control necessitates the phase of development in which developers upgrade apps or programs to new versions. When developers are unable to properly execute the process, they could run the risk of ruining the app or program. 

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, developers in a software development company could run the new app or program versions without having to worry regarding risks, like failed deployment. Also, they could scan for issues that are related to the process of deployment with machine-learning algorithms. 

5. Cloud-Based Integrated Development Environments Introduction

IDE or Integrated Development Environments provide developers a place for editing, debugging, and compiling code. With IDEs that are cloud-based, one could write and store code on the web. The platforms provide software programmers with a convenient and safe place to work with code. 

No longer are losing work after their laptops go missing or their personal computers crash are among the top worries of developers and programmers. Amazon’s Cloud 9 is among the most popular cloud-based IDEs. The platform provides an IDE for developers, which syncs data input with a cloud computing platform that is provided by Amazon. 

Through these platforms, developers could build next-generation apps. They could, furthermore, use intelligent coding features offered by cloud-based IDEs. 

The Advantages of Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Building Software Solutions 

Establishing the difference between traditional and AI-enabled development is vital. The traditional process will not be going away. Nevertheless, let’s check out how AI and machine learning benefit various areas of development that are too complex for humans to understand. 

Smart Development Assistants

Smart and intelligent development assistants help save time in preparing code. They provide on-time recommendations and support. This minimizes the huge amount of time spent on reading the documentation of a project. 

They help with debugging code as well and provide insights such as the needed libraries, code examples, dependencies, and so on. 

Quick Prototyping

In developing a software solution, businesses need a lot of time and planning. Machine learning helps shorten the process through developing algorithms, which minimize documentation time. These technologies include visual natural language interfaces that recognize and keep tabs of historical patterns. 

Error Handling and Analytics Automation

Developer assistants help save time as they analyze system logs. It enables early detection of error for a much proactive and fast flagging of errors. In the future, there’s a great possibility that the tools won’t detect errors but enable the software to execute corrections without human intervention. 

Automatic Refactoring of Code

Developers want to have clean and simple code all the time. Tools that are AI-enabled provide code refactoring ease since it promotes team collaboration that’s efficient. This is great for big upgrades with big-scale refactoring as well as long-term maintenance. 

Strategic Decision-Making

AI analyses the performance of both past and present projects. AI-enabled platforms, therefore, gain experience from past project mistakes. This is what’s called smart programming. It helps the team of developers to identify loopholes in the design and maximize the assessment of risk. 


It’s a good thing for developers, programmers, and even testers to know that despite AI and machine learning proving to make certain software-related tasks seamless doesn’t mean that they would lose their jobs in the future. Keep in mind that to develop an executable program requires experience and skill. 

The aim of Artificial Intelligence is to help both developers and testers to be more productive and efficient. While these technologies are transforming the development cycle, it will not affect activities like coding and integration, which rely on technical skills and programming.

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Migrate On-Premise Exchange 2013 to Office 365 – Full-on Guide




Migrate On-Premise Exchange 2013 to Office 365

Do you want a solution to migrate On-Premise Exchange 2013 to Office 365? You should stay here and read more as you have found the right page with the best solutions. In case you don’t know, a lot of companies have realized that it is highly beneficial for them to migrate their on-premise mailboxes to a cloud-based email client like Office 365. Of course, it is critical to switch email platforms for organizations as there is a lot of risk of losing the data.

If you do not want to lose any data, we would suggest you to transfer the mailboxes with full guidance and a proper plan and tools. Office 365 provides various benefits which is why users are attracted to Exchange Server 2013 to Office 365 migration. There are some issues that you may experience while transferring from one platform to another. The issues faced are listed as below:

  • There may be some users who are still working on the old version of MS Outlook
  • Sometimes, stability and corruption issues occur in the Exchange environment
  • The process may take more time if the network connection is slow
  • During the migration process, On-Premise Exchange Server stays down.
  • The firewalls and proxy devices may be configured incorrectly

You can get over these issues by using the automated tool. Learn what tool is it and how it works in the segment.

How to Migrate On-Premise Exchange 2013 to Office 365

This automated tool that we are going to talk about is the Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool. This tool is a secure and reliable way to migrate On-Premise mailbox from Exchange 2013 to Office 365. There is full liberty to the users as to how many accounts they want to transfer utilizing the features provided by the tool to the best. Let’s check out the features that are provided and how the tool works.

Features of the Tool for Exchange Server 2013 to Office 365 Migration

  • You can migrate multiple user accounts at the same time
  • Migrate only the newly arrived data using the “Delta-Migration” option
  • Use the “Date & Category Based Filters” to export only the required data
  • A “Concurrent Migration” option to improve efficiency
  • Live-Progress Report of the migration process
  • Choose the “Include Sub-Domain” option to migrate Data from Sub-Domain users
  • The tool has a migration speed of 40GB per hour

Steps to Migrate On-Premise Exchange 2013 to Office 365

Follow the steps as mentioned below:

  1. Download and launch the tool. Make sure the tool is activated, go to the bottom left corner and click on the “Activate”
  2. Now, choose the Source as “Exchange” and Destination as “Office 365” and apply filters.
  3. After that, enter the “Admin Credentials” for Exchange and hit “Validate”.
  4. Then, enter the “Admin Credentials” for Office 365 in the destination field, click on “Validate” and hit “Next”.

Note: Choose the fetching process for which you will find two options provided by the migration tool for Exchange. We are going for the “Fetch Users” option.

  1. Choose the “Fetch Users” option and enter the source and destination emails. Set priorities if required and hit “Validate”.
  2. Start the migration process for Exchange Server 2013 to Office 365 Migration by choosing the “Start Migration”

You can choose to download the summary report by choosing the “Summary Report” option or generate a detailed report of each file in CSV by choosing the “Detailed Report” option. You can also Re-Run the migration process in 3 modes:

  • Retry Failed Items: To migrate all the failed or skipped items.
  • Re-Run Full Migration: In case you want to run the migration process again.
  • Delta-Migration: Choose this option for migrating only the newly arrived data with no duplicity issue.

Manual method for Exchange Server 2013 to Office 365 Migration

The following manual method can be used for the migration process:

Hybrid migration

This type of migration process is capable of migrating both on-premise and online mailboxes. The data is gradually migrated to Office 365. This type of migration is best suited to migrate on-premise Exchange 2013 to Office 365. It can also be used to migrate Exchange 2010 mailboxes of around 150-2,000 members in small batches.

Drawbacks of Manual Exchange Server 2013 to Office 365 Migration

  • This process takes a lot of time and is a very lengthy process.
  • The downtime of Exchange 2013 is increased using this method.
  • The Exchange Admin needs to have good knowledge of mailbox migration.
  • In some cases, the data is lost while using the manual method for migration.


In order to migrate On-Premise Exchange 2013 to Office 365, you need to use the safest method as the amount of data you are migrating will cost a heavy loss if any disaster happens. To be more careful with the migration process, you can use the third-party tool that we have mentioned. It securely moves the data from Exchange 2013 to Office 365 with no data loss or modifications to keep your data safe and you, satisfied.

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Is it time for you to consider IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

Answers to Most Asked Basic SEO Questions by Business Owners
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Answers to Most Asked Basic SEO Questions by Business Owners

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How to Use Social Media for Small Businesses? – [15 Simple Tips Included]

Top Reason Utility Industries Must Shift To Digital Transformation
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Top Reason Utility Industries Must Shift To Digital Transformation

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Blockchain Technology: What Is it and How Does It Work?

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Best Solution to Fix SQL Database Access Denied Error

5 Top Security Tips for SMBs on the Web
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5 Top Security Tips for SMBs on the Web

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What Is a Favicon? Tips for Creating an Impactful Favicon

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Why Computer Monitoring Software Is So Famous!

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Why We Should Buy Instagram Followers Brazil?

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Code Obfuscation: What it is and should You Use It?

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Dust Off Your Poor SERP Rankings With 6 Efficient SEO Strategies

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3 (Best) Applications of Decision Trees in Classification and Prediction

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How To Maintain Your WordPress Website (For Beginners)

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Instagram Marketing: 12 Interesting Hacks To Get More Engagement In 2021

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Instagram For Business: 15 Leading Practices Businesses Must Follow In 2021

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Easy Methods to Open EML File in Outlook for Mac & Windows

Export Webmail
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Export Webmail Contacts to Outlook Using Simple Steps

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Fighting Stress With Fresh Flowers

Top 7 Lessons About Web Design Services To Learn Before You Hit 30
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Top 7 Lessons About Web Design Services To Learn Before You Hit 30

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10 Ways Social Media Helps Your SEO Strategies

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Influencer Marketing For B2B Brands

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We Can’t Wait To Explore New Trends In Boat Website Design For 2021

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How to develop an E-commerce website for growing your business 2021 and beyond?

Fixing missing Safari icon on iPhone or iPad in simple ways
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Fixing missing Safari icon on iPhone or iPad in simple ways

How to Sign up in Hotmail?
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How to Sign up in Hotmail?

Difference Between AC and DC
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Difference Between AC and DC

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Download Carrom Pool Mod APK for Android

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Steps To Fix Arlo Base Station Offline Issues

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How to Fix MacBook Pro HDMI Not Working?

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How To Play Takken 3 Using Epsxe Apk Latest Method For Android

Best Java GUI Frameworks 2020
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Best Java GUI Frameworks 2020: Top 5 For Beginners Developers

Loans No Credit
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Loans No Credit Check No Guarantor – Relieve Your Stress and Enjoy

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How to connect your Epson Printer L355 with a Wi-Fi Network?

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How To Fix Apple Mac Error Code 8060?

Vedic Astrology, Puja
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Astrology well explained and so the Benefits

GRP Drain Covers
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How GRP Drain Covers are Beneficial for the Industry

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Spy App for Remotely Control Any Android Device

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How to Make a Missing Poster Online?

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How to Troubleshoot MacBook Air Fan Making Loud Noise?

Safari Network Error 303 on Mac
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Quick Help for your Safari Network Error 303 on Mac

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Water with Light Bulb Using Salt Water And mini Magnets – Free Energy 100%

what is digital seva kendra
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Outlook PST Repair
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Outlook PST Repair – Easiest Way to Recover Damaged PST File Promptly

Udta Punjab
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Censor Board can’t remove Punjab without a Letter, says Rohit Shetty

Nail Salon in NYC
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Nail Salon in NYC – produce beautiful nails and toenails

Microsoft Dynamics signed $1 Million
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Microsoft Dynamics signed $1 Million deals with two Companies

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How to Spy WhatsApp Chat with TOS Spy App

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Colours And Designs Forming Beautiful Background For Indian Wedding Cards

New Age of Child Care
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New Age of Child Care

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What is Sentiment Analysis and How It works? Examples & Benefits

How to Merge Two Companies Office 365 Tenants – Complete Solution
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How to Combine or Merge Two Companies Office 365 Tenants?

How Does Buying of Automatic Instagram Likes Work?
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How Does Buying of Automatic Instagram Likes Work?

What is difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO
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What is difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

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Zivame Undergarments Coupons–Pretty Lingerie makes it All Better