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New Tech To Add To Your Car For 2019

Chris Holroyd



With new vehicle technology being developed all the time, it’s not surprising that many of us have serious car envy. For those of us who have been driving the same old car for years, it can be frustrating to see all of the new additions to the market. Luckily, there are a few simple ways that you can bring your old car in 2019! We’ve enlisted the help of Motorparks, who offer used Mazda, to show you all of the newest techs to add to your car for 2019.

  1. Parking sensors – For tricky parking situations

Parking can be tricky at times, even for experienced drivers. For instance, a survey that was commissioned by RAC Insurance revealed that 35 per cent of those questioned admitted to having their car pranged at least once after parking it in a car park. Thirty-one per cent said that they had experienced this on multiple occasions, with 28 per cent stating that they had recorded three lots of damage. Staggeringly, 23 per cent noted five incidences.

According to RAC Insurance director Mark Godfrey: “We all use car parks every day so the chances of your car picking up a dent or scratch are pretty high, especially as vehicles have got wider over the years while parking spaces generally haven’t.”

You can overcome this issue by adding parking sensors to your vehicle. For instance, the EchoMaster Rear Parking Display System can clearly alert drivers about how far their car is away from other vehicles and objects once the equipment has been installed.

  1. Blind spot mirrors – Stay safe on the roads

Save yourself stress by investing in a blind spot mirror. Depending on the situation, these blind spots — generally seen on the rear left and right side of your vehicle — can cover a large enough area to block out a pedestrian, cyclist, motorbike or a car from your view.Blind spots clearly cause problems for drivers when changing lanes or merging onto another road. GOV.UK has stated that vehicle blind spots were a contributing factor for 1,250 accidents recorded in 2016 alone, for example, while an analysis of 50,000 road collisions conducted by Accident Exchange revealed that the majority of these incidents were found to be due to issues with blind spot visibility.

The Summit Blind Spot Car Mirror should certainly help If you’re looking to improve your visibility whilst driving and stay safe on the roads.

Failing to properly check your blind spot can result in accidents. According to Direct Line Car Insurance, more than 11 million drivers have been in an accident while driving because they did not adequately check their blind spot. The insurance firm’s head of automotive technology, Nick Reid, reflected: “Letting our eyes drift away from the road while we drive or not checking our blind spot before manoeuvring is dangerous at best and potentially fatal at worst. We urge drivers to consider not just themselves but other road users and pedestrians when driving, as ‘I just didn’t see them’ is not a valid excuse for any collision.

“While nothing should replace driver vigilance, increased take-up of driver assistance technologies such blind spot detection, pedestrian and cyclist warning and automatic braking systems could help reduce the number of unnecessary accidents on our roads.”

  1. Dash cams – Record your driving

Dash cams have become an incredibly popular addition for vehicles all over the world. Purchase a dash cam for your car, such as the Nextbase Dash Cam 212G that provides you with high-quality footage and the ability to record in Full 1080p HD at 30fps, and you’ll be joining a growing number of motorists who are turning to this technology in order to stay safe whenever they go for a drive.

Vehicle safety is paramount and you should always be thinking of ways to make yourself and others safer on the roads. According to a survey by Aviva which involved close to 2,500 motorists, 27 per cent now use a dash cam when on UK roads — 72 per cent of those who say they have enhanced their vehicles with these devices have also encouraged other drivers to follow their lead. The study went on to reveal that 48 per cent of those with a dash cam believed the gadgets will provide them with peace of mind if they suffer a collision while driving, while 36 per cent of those who responded to the survey acknowledged that the devices help to make them feel safer on the road.

  1. Tyre Inflator – In case of emergency

A tyre inflator like this one from Ring Automotive is a simple yet effective way to make sure that your tyres are in good condition for the roads.  These handy gadgets are extremely useful to have in your car, as they make it easy to check that your tyre pressure is within an acceptable range and inflate them whenever you need to. They can also be plugged into your cars 12v power socket and only take a few minutes to work. It’s handy to check your tyre pressure before heading off on a long journey, or if you’ve been driving for a while without inflating your tyres.

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How can Technology Advancement be a Solution to Delivering Successful Events

Chris Holroyd



How can Technology Advancement be a Solution to Delivering Successful Events

All over around the world, the event industry is experiencing immense growth. With such growth comes the need for making use of advanced technology to meet the expectations of consumers and make production much easier. Planning an event can be a demanding process. An event manager needs to make sure every part of the occasion is taken care of properly so that everything can go on smoothly. A successful event requires:

  • Planning the whole event
  • Good budgeting
  • Selecting the venue
  • Acquiring permits 
  • Transportation 
  • Entertainment 
  • Feeding 
  • Security 

Pulling off successful events and conferences is not an easy task – it requires a lot of time, money and energy. But it can be done with the right tools. Technology has made it easy for event managers to organize successful meetings and conferences. In the past, there hasn’t been a shortage of technological advancements in the events company. The challenge is deciding which ones to make use of. Below as some technologies that can be used to deliver successful events. 

  1. Mobile devices

Mobile phones have penetrated more than 50 per cent of the UK market, and it is safe to assume that everyone who attends events will have one. Some ways of taking advantage of the proliferation of mobile phones are:

  • Make your website mobile-friendly: If you have a business or an event website, develop it in such a way that it will be responsive to mobile phones so that it can be accessed on any device.
  • Make an app for the event: This will enable your attendees easily navigate the event location and learn more about the speakers, and figure out which speaker to listen to. This will also help them connect with the other audience. Some of these apps can be used by the event managers to capture leads, by scanning the name badge of the attendees, thereby getting their information at once.
  • Deliver messages: You can send messages to your attendees during the event, to help build a better connection. 
  • During the event, don’t discourage your audience from using their mobile devices. Rather, encourage it. Integrate mobile usage into the event – don’t shut it down.

Mobile devices

  1. Make use of social media

Take advantage of how often people use social media. For your event, create hashtags to promote it on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and so on. Post videos and photos of the event afterwards, and encourage people to share the posts about the event while it’s happening on their social media walls. This can generate real-time excitement, reinforce the right hashtags to use, and encourage the audience to talk more about your event.

Make use of social media

  1. Global team members

If you have events being managed across different locations, chances are you have team members working from different places as well. Ensure you centralize the registration or ticketing platform to for flexible access control across your team.
Global team members

  1. Data of attendees 

The king in most companies is large data. But the potential of data is still unrealistic in the event industry. It is important to gather data both during live presentations and events and using social media profiles to understand the communities attending the events. Technologies such as scannable QR codes can help companies to gather data from the audience during the live event. 

Data of attendees 

  1. Event diagramming 

Are you unsure what your event will look like? Make use of event diagramming software to visually map everything out – all the way to where the microphone will be placed. It is easy to use most of these tools, with a drag and drop approach, seating software and 3D walkthroughs. This software can help event managers to provide a clearer communication for the entire team. 

Event diagramming

  1. Better planning

You can gather information about attendees through crowd shaping, so you can improve the event. The data is gotten through event management apps or social media platforms. Technology advancement also means you can make use of attendee self-service networks, which allows you to spend less on events. Technologies such as: 

  • Live to stream 
  • Marketing automation 
  • Social media
  • Email marketing 
  • Event management apps

Better planning

Email marketing is a great tool for promoting any event. When used alongside marketing automation, this can help event planner to send more personalized emails regarding the event. 

Making use of technologies for planning events can help make the experience of attendees much better. It makes the work of event planners simpler, allowing them to concentrate on the major areas of the event. The key for an event agency in London will be to assess which technology to use to offer the best return on investment, both in audience satisfaction and revenue generation. How can Technology Advancement be a Solution for Delivering Successful events. 


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The Applause Worthy Role Of Big Data Analytics in NGOs.

Chris Holroyd



Big Data Analytics in NGOs

Nonprofits are the organizations that are built specifically to help the people. The main aim of any nonprofit is to make sure that the basic or the most urgent needs of the people are met. And, there are different ways through which the NGOs work. Traditionally, nonprofits used to operate offline, by making a shelter for the needy people and then arranging for their basis needs. One of the most generic example of a traditional NGO is an old age home, where aged individuals who require support and care are helped in any way possible. For the traditional setups or in the earlier times, the finds were raised through offline campaigns, door to door activities etc. However, now, nonprofits or fundraising has become digitalized. This automatically means that now, there is a lot of data which is being generated and which can be used by the nonprofits. 

The digitalization of nonprofits 

Nonprofit organizations have now become a lot more digitalized. We can easily find a website of a nonprofit organization as well as their social media pages. Nonprofits know the significance of digital presence. And, if they want to actually raise higher volume of funds, then the best way to reach a large audience group is via the digital mediums. Especially, the social media channels help the nonprofits to deliver their message to a huge database of users. That’s not it. With the digitalization of the NGOs, the people who want to actually help also find it a bit easy to donate or provide any kind of support that they can. Earlier, even if you want to help, the main hindrance that came in the way was the right direction and the ease. And, as the nonprofits are accessible digitally, therefore, people find it a lot easier to provide any kind of support. 

The role of big data in NGOs

Digitalization automatically means the generation of a large volume of data. The data can be related to the people who need help as well as the people who can and want to help as well. Not just because of digitalization only, otherwise also, Big data consulting services can be used very effectively to help the NGOs do better. With the help of big data analysis as well as the research and statistics, the nonprofits can identify the areas that require more concentration or the people who require help. There is no doubt about the fact that big data helps the NGOs to support more people. 

How is big data helping in fund raising?

Fund raising is an important element of nonprofits. The main aim of the nonprofits is to make sure that maximum funds are generated for the help of the people. In fact, nowadays, there are several agencies which are helping the nonprofits raise finds as well. And, most of the activities of the fund raising are done online. The agencies create advertisement and campaigns to help the nonprofits or the people who are in need to get help. Now, in order to create powerful advertisements or campaigns, the agency will have to first understand where to direct the campaigns. And, only when the campaigns are directed in the right way, then only the chances of raising funds will increase. 

In fact, a lot of agencies and even the nonprofits are also collecting data and analyzing it in order to get insights to attract the right audience. Some of the agencies or NGOs also try to catch the attention of the companies. Therefore, the plans are directed to create an impact on the company. But, only when the big data is collected and studied properly, then only the NGO or the agency will understand which company or group of companies to attract. 

Big data is transforming the world in several ways. And, it is helping the NGOs in a great way as well. This is definitely a fantastic way to allow the NGOs to raise more funds for the needs of the people. Not only big data, but other latest technologies, like Artificial Intelligence are also used extensively by the NGOs in order to get more support, and clearly the new technologies are definitely helping the nonprofits in various ways!

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How technology is redefining the Indian economy!

Chris Holroyd




No one can deny that technology and economic growth are interrelated and rapid economic growth is only possible through technology. Historically, we know that a change in technology accounted for a rapid progress of economy and in many cases technology proved to be the primary source for economic development. In this context, the role of technology in the Indian economy is interesting to understand.

 India is the fastest growing economy today and the government aims at making it 5 trillion USD by 2024. India is currently a 2.8 trillion USD economy and in order to achieve the 5 trillion mark, the country needs to get rid of the problems like corruption, tax evasion, parallel economy and inefficiency which has been troubling India for decades. And technology is one of the best weapons to fight all those problems. From improving efficiency in the various sectors to checking tax evasion, technology can help in every aspect of the economy. The best example of it is the E-Way bill.

The E-Way bill: 

Implemented in April, 2018 under the GST, the E-Way bill has been instrumental in reforming the logistics sector of the economy. The bill is generated online and carried by individuals or companies undertaking movement of goods above RS 50K and is mandatory. 

Is it effective?

Under the previous system, tracking and taxing movement of goods involved a complex and inefficient process for which the entire logistics sector suffered. However, the new E-Way billing system is not only simple and efficient but also beneficial for both the government and the traders. Some of those benefits are-

    • Goods vehicles and long haul trucks can run more in less time. They are no longer required to stand in long queues outside inter and intra state checkpoints. The checkpoints which were found frequently served the purpose of checking documentation of goods vehicles. However, they proved to be bottlenecks and frequently were associated with corrupt practices


  • E-Way billing system has also streamlined the movement of goods. Under the previous system, multiple documents were necessary as tax from state to state varied. Moreover, precious time was also lost while filling tax documents from place to place as centralized system existed and the entire process had to be done manually. 

Find the E-way bill system complex?

Any change comes with the problem of adaptation. Moreover, in a country like India, embracing technology and getting accustomed to it can be very challenging. Although, the entire process of generating online E way bill is easy yet understanding the system and negotiating it every day can be a real hassle, especially when you are very busy. However, you need not worry about it too much as there are many good software’s in the market which can not only guide you through the process every day but also make the entire task quite easy. 

Some of the perks of using a software to file online E way bill:

  • Hassle free task.
  • Daily updated information and alerts.
  • Advanced planning for activities based on upcoming shipments.
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Why Should You Invest in Modern Business Technology

Chris Holroyd



Modern Business Technology

It is less a question of whether you should, but more the question of what you have been waiting for until now. It is understandable if you are in any kind of business that deals with “old school” basic materials, such as oil are very much aware of that. Investing in new technology is a long-term solution to the question: What to do next?

Thinking about software

Software solutions are always an interesting thing to consider. Even the simplest ones can bring about a solid change in thinking. Even large companies are always on the lookout for a startup with the next big idea. On the other hand, the number of people who are not settling in and working from 9 to 5 is also growing exponentially all around the world. Just a few years ago, no one was even thinking about cloud solutions. Today, so much is happening in the cloud that there are serious solutions deployed, with Saas (Software as a Service) being a very profitable branch.

Another thing to be aware of is that today’s startups have access to so many things their predecessors could not even dream about. Communication is instantaneous around the world and practically free. Computer architectures that could not be dreamed of 20 years ago are now present in a laptop whose thickness is less than a matchbox. These are all advantages that show the speed and magnitude of changes in the software industry. And it all starts with the imaginative startup. Are you sure you want to risk not being on the cutting edge of the next great development? 

What’s next for the internet?

What’s next for the internet?

It is funny to think that it has only been some 25 years since the Internet became public domain. A resource to be used by the entirety of the world, that was going to bring about an unprecedented age of information access. Looking at it today, it has certainly brought access, but the “information” part got a little diluted in the process. Regardless, ever since we first started sharing funny cat pictures, it has become important for us to improve the speed of our internet connections. And that is where exciting things are happening right now. 

Lately, people have been getting excited about various options that increase internet speed to unbelievable levels. Lately, the new technologies have been entering all the nooks and crannies in the world, from mobile internet in Africa, broadband in Polynesia, or access to fiber optics in Jordan, there is no stopping the appetite of people for speed. Not to mention that Amazon is working hard to bring the internet to literally everyone in the world through a constellation of satellites. The future is here and now, but it is also the tip of the iceberg of what is cooking in the startups around the world.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

The developments are constantly happening. What is next in quantum computers? Will the new developments in AI save the environment or end of the human race? Will humans soon be upgrading their brains? So many questions of the future and yet there is only one answer: no one knows what is going to happen, but everyone keeps trying to bring the future here faster.

That is exactly what the future is, a combination of luck and hard work. If you don’t take the steps towards the future, someone else will and that is the exact moment when you slowly start drifting. Without investing in new technology, as a business you remain dependent on others to deliver that for you. Yes, they will spend huge amounts of money in R&D, but those amounts might take them to strategic positions you will not be able to reach.

What if you invest and it goes south?

The fear of this happening is ultimately a realistic option. Not everything needs to succeed, which hits even harder home if we look at Google’s list of failed or canceled projects. However, they are still up there with other technologically minded companies (hint: Alphabet is Google’s parent company after restructuring) exactly for the reason that they did not fear to invest into uncertain new products and services, just like everyone else on that list. 

There is a lesson to be learned after each new investment. It might not be the ground-breaking achievement you were hoping for, but it has pushed you forward and something else might come along. That is exactly how it has been happening throughout the 20th century, when some of the worlds greatest inventions came along. The fear of investing in the unknown is ever-presenting, however, it is useless, as every time something new is created, new value has been added to your company and the world itself. 

Keith Coppersmith is a business and marketing expert who has experienced both the rise and fall of many businesses. As a regular contributor at BizzmarkBlog, he enjoys writing and providing insight into the marketing industry based on both practice and theory.

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Yes, You Can Get Better Roi With Magento 2

Chris Holroyd



Magento 2

Magento 2 is one of the most advanced eCommerce platforms. The adoption rate of Magento 2 is extremely high and it is expected to rise. The platform is perfect to build superb eCommerce sites which are up to the mark with the latest trends. Recently, the company has added plenty of cutting-edge features to make sure that Magento 2 has everything that the new-age eCommerce site owners need. Magento 2 not only helps to develop world-class eCommerce sites but to also optimize the sites in order to perform better. There are several functions in Magento 2 which are apt to automate the performance of your eCommerce site.

Can you speed up your site using Magento 2?

Magento has several interesting and useful features which help to optimize and speed up the eCommerce site. However, eCommerce site owners have to make sure that they perform certain steps on a regular basis in order to make sure that the site’s speed is up to the mark. Starting from inspecting each custom plugin which is installed to reviewing the TTFB with a profiler. All these steps play a major role when it comes making sure that the speed of the site is maintained. At the same time, the developers can even merge, pack, and minify JS as well as CSS to speed up. There are numerous benefits of boosting the speed of your site. As no user would like to explore a site that is slow, thus, the speed of the site plays an important part in retaining the visitors. Therefore, if you have chosen Magento 2, make sure that you optimize the site properly, else the site won’t load at a high speed. 

Speed of the eCommerce site is the core of eCommerce store optimization

Optimization of every Magento 2 eCommerce site is extremely important in order to make sure that the user experience that the website offers is impressive. For example, if your website will take even a few more seconds to load, the users would rather prefer to shop from a website which loads faster. Slow sites have more chances of losing customers, and it is definitely one of the major reasons behind more cart abandonments. As per one of the reports, 40% of the users would abandon an eCommerce site which takes more than 3 seconds to load. Thus, it is extremely important to focus on the speed of the eCommerce site. Now, when it comes to optimization for better performance on a search page, there also speed plays a major role. 

Optimization of an eCommerce site and it’s a relation with Return on Investment (ROI)

Magento 2 is one of those eCommerce platforms which contain several interesting features that are perfect for optimization. It is just that, you have to prepare a proper plan to make sure that you have used all the techniques to optimize the site. Starting from allowing the website to use efficient Search Engine Optimization techniques to enabling the site owners to optimize every web page. Magento 2 offers a lot of flexibility to every site owner. 

Optimization of the website is connected to the Return on Investment. Only when the site is properly optimized, then only you will get a chance to get the best returns that you make on the investment on the site. However, in order to get the best ROI, every site owner needs to ensure that customer satisfaction levels are maintained. There are several interesting factors that are linked to customer satisfaction level. And, there are plenty of useful Magento 2 extensions which help the site owners to increase the performance of the site. If the user experience of an e-commerce site is topnotch, the site loads fast, the site is easy to navigate etc., then the customer satisfaction level would definitely be higher. And, when the customers are happy with your site, then automatically, you will get more customers, which will eventually lead to better returns. 

Hence, if you want to get better profit using your Magento 2 e-commerce site, all you have to do is make a proper strategy using Magento development company India. Use the right kind of techniques and extensions to make sure that the site performs well. 

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How Is The Print Technology Industry Staying Sustainable

Chris Holroyd



Industry Staying Sustainable

A guide to a sustainable future for the print technology sector

The print technology industry faces more pressure than ever to remain sustainable and overcome negative connotations of being particularly destructive to the environment, largely due to deforestation and the various oils which contribute to the creation of ink. 

However, the industry is evolving and slowly demonstrating that it can become more economically sustainable. Take a look through our guide below as we explore what is meant by the likes of ‘green paper’ or ‘eco-ink’. Find out which companies are implementing them into their practices, making a conscious effort to establish themselves as a more environmentally responsible business. 

Deforestation increases air pollution

Forests cover approximately 30% of the world’s land area, however, the rate at which they are being cut down is a serious cause for concern — 502,000 square miles getting the chop between 1990 and 2016. These trees are vital for absorbing carbon dioxide alongside a host of other dangerous greenhouse gases. Tree felling not only causes an increase in air pollution but it also one of the primary causes of flooding. 

One study has pointed to the fact that 10% of deforestation has been carried out to cater for the supply of wood products — which includes paper. 

Recycled paper

So, what’s being done in terms of reducing the amount of paper we use? In order to be classified as eco-friendly paper, the paper must have been created in a greener way than traditional paper would have been, therefore having a smaller carbon footprint. Recycled paper is beneficial because it doesn’t involve the use of fresh trees, it’s simply using the ones that have already been cut down. 

This process of reusing paper starts at home with your recycling bin. After the paper is collected it is taken to the recycling centre, where it is then shredded and pulped. Following this, the paper is rinsed thoroughly to remove any ink or glue-like substances. Reports have suggested that this process can be repeated a further six times before the usable life span of the paper reaches its climax.

FSC paper

Alternatively, as opposed to recycling paper, another option is available. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international not for profit organisation who certifies the sourcing of paper to be sustainable. The group assess forest management agencies using 10 rules, which include the impact the deforestation has on both the workers and those who live indigenously in the forest or the land around it. 

Unlike recycled paper, which does not return high-quality prints and can often cause gritty imagery, FSC paper is indistinguishable from normal paper. This sustainable certification has led certain companies to opt for it as opposed to recycled paper. So far, FSC has certified 174 million hectares of forests worldwide.


Unfortunately for the printing industry, resolving the issue of the paper being environmentally unfriendly, is only half the battle. Initially, the ink was made from plant-based sources, however by the 1970s, everything had changed. Due to particularly high demand, vegetable oils were no longer able to meet the needs of the country, and so manufacturers turned instead to petroleum-based products.

These petroleum oil inks are otherwise known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Reports have suggested that offset printing uses more than three million tons of hydrocarbon-based inks and chemicals every year, releasing large quantities of greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Industry practices that offer less damaging effects to the environment

Companies have, however, started to invest in alternative methods that are less damaging to the environment. These include vegetable-based eco-solvent inks and waterless-based ink. Vegetable-based inks consist of 51% sustainable materials, and unlike their petrol counterparts, which release high amounts of VOCs, vegetable-based inks only contribute between 2-15%. 

Similarly, thanks to technological innovation, significantly less water can be used in production. In the past, vast amounts of water were used to make the ink and in the same sense, keep it dry, whereas now, waterless technology is helping the industry develop.

One such company who is placing an emphasis on becoming an industry leader within sustainable printing is UK book printing specialist, Where the Trade Buys. The company, who have bases in London, Sunderland and Surrey, has significantly invested in becoming an FSC partner, helping to talk care of forests and the people who live in them. 

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Digital Marketing10 months ago

Digital Media Marketing Helps to Establish Strong Online Presence

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Colours And Designs Forming Beautiful Background For Indian Wedding Cards

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Digital Marketing10 months ago

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