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Johnny Manziel Dallas Cops Open Investigation

Et harum quidem rerum facilis est et expedita distinctio. Nam libero tempore, cum soluta nobis est eligendi optio.

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Johnny Manziel
Photo: Shutterstock

The police departments in both cities said Thursday that their investigations were closed, but Dallaspolice said Friday that it was reopening its investigation after receiving a complaint of a domestic violence assault.

Charlie Sheen has some wise words for troubled Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel.

“Johnny has not responded to us”, Haslam told reporters in San Francisco, the site of Super Bowl 50, “but we will do everything we can to help him personally…”

Paul Manziel is quoted in the Dallas Morning News detailing his efforts to get his son into rehab. Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones is no stranger to ignoring controversy (Greg Hardy) and has already expressed interest in Johnny Manziel in the past (considered him in 2013 NFL Draft, rumored to be interested in signing him as a free agent just this past month).

By initiating their new investigation, Dallas police said detectives would determine what if any, criminal charges Manziel would face. That is when the Fort Worth Police were called to the scene and a helicopter was eventually dispatched to find Manziel after they were told that he was unstable. Crowley said she later fled her apartment and ran to a neighbor’s for help.

“As there are many emotional factors involved, it is not uncommon for a victim of domestic violence to question or delay reporting an assault”, police said. In addition to the protective order, WTAA-TV reported the Tarrant County judge ordered Manziel to pay $12,000 in legal fees associated with the case.

The 24 hours after cops said they would not arrest Manziel for allegedly beating Colleen Crowley last weekend – police now say they will investigate because Crowley is cooperating.

Manziel now has two National Football League seasons with the Cleveland Browns under his belt, and scouts fears have played out in the worst possible way.

Paul Manziel tries to have his son admitted to Carrolton Springs Hospital, a psychiatric and chemical dependency hospital in Carrolton, Texas, but his son is allowed to leave, per the Dallas Morning News.

On Friday, Manziel’s agent Erik Burkhardt also voiced concern for his client and said he is terminating their professional relationship.

Manziel entered the National Football League with a party-boy reputation. Manziel spent months in a drug and alcohol treatment center during last year’s offseason, according to FTW! Now there is a pretty certain expectation that the Browns will release Manziel on March 9. The Browns don’t release Manziel immediately because they don’t have the salary cap space to do so.

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Why Computer Monitoring Software Is So Famous!

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Computer Monitoring Software

Some of you might have already heard about the spy app and monitoring software trends and many of you who might be like me will still new to this whole buzz. Well, there is nothing to be ashamed of if you belong to the latter group. Recently I found out about the use of the spy app and was curious about finding out what’s this all about. Turned out there are many wonderful features that can help a person in their domestic as well work life if he or she uses the computer monitoring software or android monitoring app for cell phone. One of the apps called OgyMogy offers many features that reveal the secret of why these apps are getting in trend and the reason for their popularity. 

Some of the details of the silent features are as follows. Just give it a try and am sure you will understand why you need a spy app in your life.

Real-Time Screen Monitoring Is Not a Myth Anymore:

They say one can watch the screen of the target person in real-time by using the screen monitoring feature of the spy app. I could not believe it but it is true. Now one can make a surprise visit to their teen desktop or can monitor the work of the employees in real-time by using this feature. The activities are also stored in the form of snapshots and video recordings with timestamp information. 

No Need To Ask About The Whereabouts:

I have seen many employees tellings lie about their whereabouts or location or kids who skip school just to have a good time without letting their parents know. Well, this feature is for all employers and parents who are victims of this kind of fraud. One can keep track of the real-time location of the target person at any given time by using the location tracking feature. Trace your teen, employees, drivers, or delivery guys and now about their pinpoint movements the right way.

Access To The Built-In Calendar Schedules and Plans:

Know about the schedule and plans of the employees by having remote access to the built n calendar with the help of computer monitoring software

Internet Is Diversion:

Internet is a huge diversion whether we talk about a teenager or the employees. Track all the browsing history of the target person by using the tracked browsing history feature offered by the spy app. It let the user know about the website visited by the targets in the given period so know if your kid was wasting all night browsing or found out about any porn site on the teen’s device by using this feature. You can track any employees who waste time on useless activities as well. 

Know About Their General Interest :

Want to know about the general interest of teen or employees activities in the official hours well here is your chance. The spy app gives remote access to the bookmark folder of the target person’s device. You can check the frequently visited web content about their general hobbies and interests.

Social Media In Your Access:

Use social media monitoring features of the OgyMogy spy app and know all about the newsfeed, chatbox, and even voice details activities of the target person. One can check the FaceBook spy app, Instagram spy app, Line spy app, Whatsapp spy app. Snapchat spy app, Tinder spy app, Tumblr spy app, and more. 

Want To Know About Secret Account  Details:

 Use the keylogging feature and know about all the account id and passwords of the target device right away.

OgyMogy computer monitoring software is for Mac and Windows users. One can keep a check the android phones as well through the android spy app version. All the features are offered in the form of bundle packages. Users can select the package that contains most of their desires and needed features. One important thing to mention here is that you have to physically access that target device at the time of installation. Installation is only done when you have physical access to the device. After that, all the monitoring is done remotely. Moreover, the target device must not be password encrypted as you will not be able to install the spy app on that device that is password protected.

Must Read : Best Java GUI Frameworks 2020: Top 5 For Beginners Developers

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3 (Best) Applications of Decision Trees in Classification and Prediction

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Decision Trees
If you’re into a data-driven industry, you already know how tedious classification and prediction process is. It can waste all your productivity if you do not know some of the classic advanced algorithms. The result will be less accurate, and the process will be tiring processing the massive database. Managing single-handedly is never an easy job, and there are high chances that you will miss out on many while doing the analysis. Yes, it’s that tough, to be honest, but there are other ways you can get the best result in no time with high accuracy. And one such robust algorithm is decision trees. In this blog, we are going to learn about five top-notch applications of decision trees. But before hitting straight into it, let’s know a bit more about decision trees and their impact on trending technologies.

What are Decision Trees?

Decision trees are the dynamic and popular tools for classification and prediction models. It’s a flowchart-like structure containing leaf and nodes, where the internal nodes denote the test in an attribute. And each node represents an outcome of the trial, and each leaf node (terminal node) holds a class label.

Construction and Working Process of Decision Trees

The Decision Trees Algorithm is a self-learning algorithm that split the source set into subsets based on the attribute value tests. This process is on loop for each derived subset recursively. The process is complete when the node’s subset has the same value as that of the target variable or the splitting techniques don’t have any value to the prediction. The construction of a decision tree is relatively easy, it doesn’t require any domain knowledge, and it can handle high-dimensional data with higher accuracy. Decision Trees classify the whole data into trees from the root to the leaf node to organize the instances. It starts from classifying the tree’s root nodes, then testing the attributes based on nodes, then moving down into the corresponding value. This process continued for the subtree rooted at the new node.

Highs and Lows of Decision Trees


  • Decision Trees generate understandable rules, can perform classification without much computation while handling both variables ( continuous and categorical).
  • It provides a clear indication about the field that is crucial for classification and predictions.
  • Decision Trees give low accuracy results for predicting the value of continuous variables. They are prone to errors in classification problems having many classes and relatively small training examples.
  • Decision Trees are expensive to train. You must sort them to find the best split. In other algorithms, you can use various fields based on their weights, which is again expensive.

3 Applications of Decision Trees in Classifying and Predicting Models

Customer Relationship Management

If you are already running a business, you understood by now what it takes to run a business successfully. Having varieties of products and services is never a big deal unless you know your customers are in their shoes. When you understand the pain points, you connect with them well, and ultimately it increases customers’ trust, driving more revenues and increasing more sales.

Decision Trees helps in finding out:

  • Users who rarely shop online
  • Users who often shop online
When you measure these two kinds of customers, you get to know how much time they spend on websites, their search queries, or their interest in buying. How frequently they search for that particular item, in other words, the demand and urgency of that specific product. When you have this data, it’s easier for you to make decisions and retain the customer for a longer time. The application of decision trees specifies the customers’ needs and preferences and the success of online shopping.

Fraudulent Statement Detection

Frauds are everywhere, and fraudsters are looking for customers to get them in their nets all the time, in multiple ways. It comes under the Fraudulent Financial Statement, shortly FFS, where the prime purpose is to reduce government tax using statistical methods. It is sturdy to know all the hidden data and assumptions, so bodies like FFS make your work easy for you by predefining the relationships among the multiple variables in the financial statement. According to recent research, the use of decision trees and models to identify and detect FFS. This model can catch all the non-fraud cases and classify 92% of fraud cases using FFS with high accuracy.

Fault Diagnosis

Detecting faults is a humongous task; how precisely you do this process somewhere, you leave without spotting the flaw or errors. It is because algorithms are complex. You need to know the purpose of using them to make the best use of them. Otherwise, they will produce faulty errors, which will again be a headache if not diagnosed at the earliest stage. Decision trees’ particular use is to remove insignificant attributes using KNN algorithms within the dataset is one of the best contributions of decision trees.

Final Words

You get all the basics you want to know about decision trees. You get to know what decision trees are, the construction, and —however, decision trees’ working process, decision trees’ role on classification and prediction processes. And the positives and negatives of decision trees. Some of the classic examples are maintaining seamless customer relationship management, fraudulent statement detection, and fault diagnosis mechanism. Read Also : Recover deleted data from SQL database file
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Top online jobs 2021

Chris Holroyd



online jobs 2021

1. Internet marketer

One of the most sought-after professions online.

  • What does he do?

Promotes business on the Internet.

Attracts potential customers (“targeted traffic”), and increases sales (“increases conversion”).

What you should know?

  • Analyze the target audience of the project (compose a portrait of the target audience, highlight its various segments, etc.).  This requires a strong empathy.
  • Develop a promotion strategy.
  • Communicate with potential clients
  • Be able to work with a wide variety of sources of traffic attraction – SEO, targeted advertising, contextual advertising,
  • Write sales texts.
  • Create ad creatives – banners and videos
  • Analyze.  Understand the principles of building sales funnels

Necessary personality traits

  • Analytic mind
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility in decision making
  • Ability to quickly adapt to new circumstances
  • Desire to constantly evolve
  • Leadership skills
  • Tenacity
  • Sociability

2. SEO specialist

  • What does he do?

Promotes sites in search engines.

Makes it so that, for example, on the requestPurchase facebook likes, the online store of the client he is promoting is displayed.

What should I know?

  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis and audit of target sites
  • Compose semantic cores
  • Prepare a list of tasks required to advance according to selected key queries
  • Analyze competitors
  • Engage in link building (build up the link mass of the site to grow positions)
  • Optimize site pages – add key phrases to the texts, increase usability
  • Track changes in search algorithms
  • Work with copywriters
  • Report on the work done

3. SMM-specialist

What does he do?

Promotes it only in one specific segment of the Internet – on social networks.

What should I know?

  • Create and design communities / groups / channels in Instagram, Telegram, Youtube, Facebook 
  • Develop a content-plan
  • Think over and create posts
  • Create videos and images for posts
  • Set up targeted ads
  • Collaborate with bloggers
  • Communicate with the audience
  • Handle negative reactions
  • Conduct promotions and contests
  • Analyze your work

Necessary personality traits:

  • Analytic mind
  • Creativity
  • Sociability
  • Discipline
  • Stress tolerance
  • Striving for self-improvement
  • Ability to convince
  • Hard work
  • Initiative
  • Self confidence
  • Responsibility

How to become an SMM specialist?

The easiest way to become an SMM specialist is:

  1. Create your own community on the social network you like.
  2. Promote it.
  3. Get profit.
  4. Make a case out of this.  Describe how much has been invested, what has been done and what has been received.
  5. Apply for 10-15 vacancies (perhaps more, depending on many factors).  Show case.
  6. Get a job.

4. Copywriter.What does he do?

  • If the copywriter is informational, then he should be able to:
  • Look for the information.
  • Create the structure of future text
  • Express your thoughts in the most accessible and understandable way
  • Edit and proofread texts (and it is better to write immediately without mistakes, although this is impossible)
  • Compose headers
  • Search for images / illustrations that match the text or create them yourself
  • SEO-optimize articles

How to become a copywriter?

Read a lot and write a lot.

5. Web designer

What does he do?

  • Draws site layouts
  • Creates banners and other advertising elements
  • Creates community designs on social networks (headers, beautiful avatars, post designs)

What you should know and be able to?

  • Know and apply color theory and typography
  • Own tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Paint, Figma, GIMP, CorelDRAW, NotePad ++, FineReader.  In some cases – Colormania, Adobe Flash, GIF Animator
  • Know at least a basic level of HTML and CSS
  • Have artistic taste and style
  • Know the basics of marketing
  • Draw (preferably)

6. Data Scientist

What does he do?

Analyzes data and draws conclusions based on the analysis that are useful for business.

For example, it analyzes user behavior on the site and draws conclusions on how to increase sales.

What should I know?

  • Know statistics and linear algebra
  • R and Python programming languages
  • MySQL and Postgres databases
  • Data visualization and reporting technologies (Power BI, Google Data Studio, Tableau, Plotly and others)
  • Hadoop and MapReduce

Necessary personality traits

  • Analytic mind

7. Targetologist

What does he do?

Sets up ads that target a specific audience.  Most often on social networks.

What should I know?

  • Analyze information (advertised product, promotion results)
  • Understand people’s desires
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment
  • Know the rules of the platforms on which you set up ads (Instagram + Facebook, MyTarget, TikTok, Google Ads)
  • Master the basics of marketing
  • Good at Excel
  • Own additional tools to make your work easier – TargetHunter, Sociate, Active Traffic and others

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4 Reasons Why Data Science is Must Have for Startups

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Data Science
Startups are a venture by their founders around an idea to give the best (permanent) solutions to the problem with business opportunity and impact. Here the actual development starts even before having an idea, and the process to strengthen it, and to solve a meaningful problem, building commitments, see the same vision, carry the same mission, and turn them into reality?

Why Are Startups So Much in Demand?

Imagine you want to live a life where everything you would have at a click of a button. Just like you want groceries, you do not have to go to shops to have them. Instead, they deliver at your doorsteps with some handy discounts. You never need to go to restaurants to have your favorite food. You just open apps, choose the food from the menu. You get it delivered to your room, and when you open it, you get the smell like it is from home. How would you feel it, and won’t you go for it again and again? I am sure you will once and many times. A decade back, this was a dream life for everyone. Now the most common way everyone lives their life. Technologies evolve with time, bring new stuff into the market. As they make revolutions, show a better way to living a simple and hassle-free life. And at the same time, they need a lot of research to understand their customers and deliver them according to the demands. Therefore, data science plays a crucial role in startups, and that is one of the top reasons why startups are always in demand.

Why Do Lots of Professionals Prefer Startups To Kick-start Their Careers?

Anyone who does a job, or joins startups or any agencies, looks for salary, benefits, job security, and work-life balance on top of everything. No matter even if they are foreign firms, people trust them easily and always find a great place to work and start or restart their careers. Career performance is paramount everywhere a company’s culture, growth potentials, and work-life balance matter. It is why startups are a great place to explore many possibilities being into one line, and you get exposure for your hard work, and your career in startups thrives.

How Data Science Plays A Vital Role In Startups?

Data science is not only for tech companies anymore; it has broader applications in almost all industries. If you see the companies are so successful these days. They know how to use personalization skills and serve their customers better. It is not easy to do and practice unless applying data science. And gathering the data and resources about the company. And customers and provide them the best solution to match their demands.

4 Reasons Why Startups Need Data Science the Most To Scale-up Their Business Growth

Collect Those Data That Really Matters

Data is the foundation of everything, as it is the fuel to drive any business and maximize profits. And even without the right set of data. Even the best data scientists professionals cannot do anything remarkable for you or your company. Therefore, collecting those data that bring impact is a tough-notch challenge. Suppose you do not know what exactly you need. But you want to grow your business; data science can help you broaden. Give you a different angle to investigate the data, collect and measure those things that matter. Therefore, data science is must-have for startups.

Make Better and More Accurate Decisions 

No companies thrive on bad decisions; they ultimately perish with time. Therefore, decision-making is crucial for every business, no matter if they are startups or established ones. Companies need to be careful while making decisions. Their intent should be accurate to what they are looking to have and how far these decisions are beneficial to the companies. Many make mistakes choosing the wrong process, getting the incorrect results. Why because their objectives were not clear to them. They tried it randomly without getting to the root level. Thus, making the right decisions will get you on the right track, maximize your profits, give you an extra-edge over competitions, and find the loopholes.

Finding Investors Who Will Support Your Startups 

Investors refer to the person who invests the money. Who helps you make your dream come true by investing in your business so that you reach more people, drive more sales, and maximize profits. It is a financial investment in a company. It is on product development, manufacturing, sales & marketing, inventory, etc. Most of the startups do fundraising as they grow big and scale their operations. 90% of the startups fail because the business needs concrete and unique ideas. And to envision those into the business, you need a business and marketing plan together. And even you should master the skills of raising funds from different investors.

Measuring Your Results and Investments 

How do you define success as investments? For many entrepreneurs and people, it is like gaining more profits. And for others, a smooth run of startups and their growth and expansion. Success depends on many criteria; it differs from one startup to another based on accomplished goals and objectives, winning customer’s trust, and retaining them for a lifetime.

Wrapping Off

Startups are always a game-changer, a revolution in how we live our daily life and the evolution of a better future. Startups are even a great place to kick-start your career and hone your skills with ample opportunities. That is one of the top-most reasons why professionals prefer startups and enjoy lots of opportunities. Data science plays a crucial role in tracking tons and tons of data. Research what customers want to have and provide them with the best product and services. In this blog, you learned about four must-have reasons for data science in startups. Read Also : SEO Tools You Need for Your Small Business – A Definitive Guide
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5 Great Tools For A Paperless Office

Chris Holroyd



Paperless Office

It’s really quite remarkable just how far we’ve come with technology and yet we still rely so heavily on dead trees to communicate with one another. It’s said that you should be the change that you want to see in this world, so if you want the rest of the world to move forward, then you’ll want to make those critical first steps toward running a truly paperless office.

The advantages of a paperless office are mostly self-evident. You can clear out so much clutter from your desk, you can save so much money, and you can be a lot more mobile as a result. Yes, it’s true that I still have a multifunction printer in my home office, but I use it very rarely to actually print anything. Here are a few key tools and apps that help you go paperless too.

Billing and Statements for a Paperless Office

Let’s start with the obvious. Traditionally, you’ll receive your monthly bills and statements in the mail in printed form. This costs the vendors money, because they have to print and send these to you, and it’s an added inconvenience for you. If it’s offered, you should sign up for paperless billing wherever you can. The digital documents are far more convenient, they can be stored to the cloud for anytime and anywhere access, and if you set up pre-authorized payments, they can save you a lot of time too. This includes your heat, electricity, Internet service provider, cellphone service, and whatever other regular bills or statements you may have.

Contractually: Digital Signatures

Digital Signatures for Digital Contracts

Digital Signatures for Digital Contracts

It’s a little strange that, after all this time, we still need people to physically sign a document in order for it to be a real contract. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. One great service for this purpose is Contractually, which specializes in digital contracts. This includes version control for the contracts themselves, cloud storage for all your active and archived contracts, and the handling of digital signatures too. You are that much closer to a paperless office when you don’t have to deal with paper contracts anymore.

CamCard: Scanning Business Cards

Scan All Your Business Cards

Scan All Your Business Cards

You could just email someone a vCard that is easily imported into Outlook or Gmail, but in-person connections still traditionally involve paper business cards. What happens when you return from a conference is that you have a stack of business cards that you must then manually input into your contact list….or do you? A handy app for iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry is CamCard. Just snap a picture of the card and it takes care of the rest. If you have a gigantic stack of cards, you can look into any number of business scanning services too.

CutePDF: Virtual PDF Printer Driver

PDF Documents for a Paperless Office

PDF Documents for a Paperless Office

By and large, you could say that PDFs have become the de-facto standard for so many digital documents. It’s easy enough when you have documents that are already in that format, but what if you need to convert other files into a PDF? One of the best (and free) tools you can get for your paperless office is CutePDF Writer. What it does is create a “printer” on your computer that outputs a PDF file. This way, you can “print” a PDF from any program and any software that has a “print” function.

eFax: Paperless Inbound and Outbound Faxes

Send and Receive Faxes Over the Web

Send and Receive Faxes Over the Web

In an age of email and smartphones, it still boggles my mind how many businesses and organizations still rely on faxing for communication. They may still be dinosaurs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a paperless office. There are many online fax services and one of the better ones is eFax. You can use it to send and receive faxes over the Internet, including the ability to archive them for later reference. There’s a 30-day free trial, followed by a $12.49 monthly subscription for up to 150 pages in each direction. If you only send the occasional fax, then you can do it for free at FaxZero, though it doesn’t support receiving faxes.

Image credit: Quinn Dombrowski / Flickr

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How Smartwatches Measure Heart Rate

Chris Holroyd



Measure Heart Rate
The smartwatch and fitness bands are very popular gadgets nowadays, they can do something more than just showing you a time such as they help us track our fitness activities, heart rate and sleep monitoring. But when it comes to heart rate monitoring, one question is always blowing in my mind: How does smartwatch measure heart rate? Or how smartwatch works to measure heart rate. So, in this article, I’m going to share with you a piece of information about how smartwatches and fitness bands measure heart rate. So with no further ado, let’s get started!

Before we dive in deeper, let’s understand what is heart rate?

In simple terms, a heart rate is a specific number of times your heart beats in a minute. It depends on what you are doing, if you are resting, it beats slower or if you are doing exercise; it beats faster. As you get older, changes in the rate and regularity of your pulse may change and may mean heart disease or some other condition that needs to be treated.

How Smartwatches or Fitness Bands measure Heart Rate?

If you are using the smartwatch of a fitness band, you might have noticed the green light and photo plethysmogram (PPG) sensor on the device. This green light and PPG sensor play’s vital role in measuring the heart rate. Our red blood absorbs the green light and reflects red light, that’s why we see that most of the smartwatches or Fitness bands have green LED lights on the back of the device. When the blood flows in hand, the smartwatch or fitness band flashes LED green lights hundreds of times per seconds, meanwhile the PPG sensor measures the number of heartbeats (heart rate) per minute. Are you wondering how this PPG sensor works? Next, let’s understand how this PPG sensor works. Photo plethysmography (PPG) is the process or technique to be used to detect the volume of blood flow in order to understand the change in heart rate through the skin. Traditionally, ECG (ECG) sensors have also been used to measure heart rate and detect rhythms, but ECG sensors are a bit bulky and cannot be used to detect heart rate when the body is moving. ..

Principles of photo plethysmogram (PPG)

As mentioned above, PPG uses low intensity infrared green (IR) light. As light passes through living tissue, it is absorbed by bone, skin pigments, and both venous and arterial blood. Light is absorbed more strongly by the blood than the surrounding tissue, so the PPG sensor can detect changes in blood flow as changes in light intensity. The voltage signal from PPG is proportional to the amount of blood flowing through the blood vessels. This method provides greater accuracy because even minor changes in blood volume can be detected.

How does this technology work?

According to the Valencell, the smartwatches or fitness bands use four major components :
  1. Optical emitter
  2. Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
  3. Accelerometer
  4. Algorithms
Optical emitter  The optical emitter typically includes at least two LEDs that transmit light waves into the skin or wrist. Due to the enormous differences in skin tone, thickness and morphology associated with the diversity of consumers, most OHRMs use multiple wavelengths of light that variably interact with different levels of skin and tissue. Digital Signal Processor (DSP) When the light transmits into the wrist through the smartwatch, some lights reflect towards the sensor which includes the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that that detects the light and converts those signals to another zero which can be measured into meaningful data of the heart. Accelerometer Accelerometers measure motion and input to the PPG algorithm along with DSP signals. Algorithms  The algorithm processes exercise-tolerant heart rate data such as VO2, calories burned, RR interval, changes in heart rate, blood metabolism levels, and blood oxygen level signals from DSPs and accelerometers.

Are Smartwatches accurate for heart rate?

The smartwatches or fitness bands are most likely they are not accurate as compared to professional medical devices. But they will be nearly closer to measuring the heart rate, not precisely accurately. So it is recommended for you to not rely completely on this kind of device for critical monitoring instead of the doctor.Most of the time smartwatches and fitness bands fairly measure accurate heart rate, but it is not a means to use this device for critical heart rate monitoring. You can use these kinds of wearable devices as features, not for the medical equipment. I hope this piece of information helped you understand the functionality of the smartwatch and fitness tracker’s heart rate monitoring.
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