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Is spending Big bucks on SEO worthwhile?

Chris Holroyd



SEO worthwhile

Let’s suppose: You just started a business, you’ve a best product, and you’ve matchless customer support service.

Wait and think for a moment; would you be able to reach your targeted audience using traditional methods of marketing?


You will make some progress.


That will be short-lived, monotonous and less advantageous

Wondering – How?

– Since 2000, more than 70% of newspapers’ revenue has decreased significantly.
– Average response rate of direct mail has decreased to 2.9% – which is lower than ever.
– More than 94% of consumers actually don’t watch TV commercials and skip them.

So if this looks like you after reading this…

SEO worthwhileUndeniably, traditional marketing is dying and it’s losing its lasting impact which it once had.

There are numerous underlying reasons that traditional marketing is of no-use at all.

And reasons?

– 70% of shoppers do online research before doing shopping from any particular store.

– Over 40% of people search any product online while they’re physically inside a store.
– Only in the USA, total number of search engine users will increase from 213.6 million users in 2014 to 239.1 Million users by 2020.
– 93% of an online experience starts off search engines.
– Only in the US, spending on SEO services has increased to $80 Billion as compared to 2016 and 2018 with $65.26 and $79.27 respectively.

An Entrepreneur’s Life-Saving Advice for Startups

Samuel Truett Cathy (March 14,1921 – September 8, 2014), He was an American businessman, author, investor and philanthropist who once said:-

“ The cheaper buyer gets bad meat.”

I couldn’t understand it until I first started my own online business.

It was an Ecommerce store. At first, I was confident enough to take care of my online store’s SEO. Though, I invested a limited budget, and learnt loads of SEO strategies and implemented them carefully.

A month passed by, then Two.. Three, and six months passed, but I made zero sales.

Disappointed and dejected; I contacted my friend. He suggested that I hire a professional agency for SEO to take care of my online store’s optimization.
professional agency for SEOPeople carry a false ‘feel-good’ perception that if something costs a fortune. It must be good. On average, American spend $497.16 per month on their SEO. Likewise, companies pay $500 feel more satisfied with their SEO. It’s a common misconception that is prevalent across the US.

A Study done by Backlinko uncovered some thought-provoking results. Here are a few of the significant findings:-

1- Visual search is new normal. 62% of young consumers want to benefit from visual search. Therefore, if any business wants to appear as a reliable visual search result. Here comes Image SEO into play.

2- According to Cisco, an online video will account over 80% of online traffic by 2021. Even HubSpot tells us that over 40% of searchers even want more videos. If your digital marketing strategy has no room for videos; your strategy is doomed to fail because 55% of all Google search results contain at least one video.

3- Voice searches have increased 35 times since 2008. More than 40% of adults do one voice search every day.

4- Make sure a content matches to search intent. Because if a content doesn’t match to search intent; it’s NOT going to rank.

5- Organic CTRs have declined significantly by 40% since 2015. If you want to stand out in the Google SERPs, you’ll have to make your CTR strong enough to appeal to your visitors.

What SEO is NOT?

SEO practices are effective, helpful and result-oriented. They produce desired results in long-run, if applied tactfully. However, there are certain misunderstandings attached to SEO. I’ve listed down some of them below:

1- SEO isn’t a magic wand of Harry Potter. It is time-taking process which demands hard work coupled with crystal clear vision.

2- It doesn’t guarantee overnight. You’ll have to be patient.

3- SEO is NOT a One-Stop solution. But a part of an overall digital solution Your business needs to implement all-encompassing digital marketing strategy where you could improve your website to help visitors with visual searchers. Likewise, you must be ready for right use of voice technology to help people with voice searches. And, it will help you incalculably in driving ecommerce sales during SEO execution.

4- SEO isn’t FREE. Your time is the PRICE which you’ll have to pay. 

Are you still confused ‘Is spending big bucks on SEO worthwhile?’

Plain simply; Yes. It is.

Search engine optimization or SEO is inevitable for a business success online more than ever. Realistically, it’s not piece-of-cake to win confidence of your targeted audience in one-go.

Since a business owner expects a SEO agency to boost awareness for quick business lead generation. Therefore, it needs a consistent SEO strategy to successfully market yourself or your brand online.
SEO agencyAll-in-all, it’s a SEO which can help you optimize your site for search engines for quick ROIs. So, if you want to come on the first page of Google search results, invest money in hiring professional and trustworthy SEO agency.

Final Word- Why should you invest in a professional SEO agency?

Without an iota of a doubt; quality, professional and targeted SEO always helps brand and business to achieve its online marketing goals and find new customers with ease.

SEO is a novice marketing technique, it always helps. In the long run, it incurs unlimited benefits for businesses. In today’s marketing world, a brand’s web presence is impossible with SEO. With increasing competition and data, the need for well-planned SEO has increased likewise.

So, if you want to move your website or brand to move from nowhere to first page of any search engine, SEO is the ticket to reach heights of visibility, credibility and so much more.

In the end,

If you’re still worried about taking premium SEO service on board; don’t fret, hire professionals and get online visibility with zero difficulty.

Author Bio:

I am John Lawson, Head of operations at Golpik Inc. It’s a technology company that excels in Web development, App development, Ecommerce development and much more. I manage overall marketing activity for the company. I am proficient at developing technical content in various styles for several platforms. I write creative content that engages audiences with a wonderful experience.

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5 Reasons you should Boost Your SEO Strategy Today

John Ocampos



SEO Strategy Today

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is a marketing strategy that is turning into some kind of digital marketing sport all on its own. Almost every visitor starts with a search on the internet, and the moment keywords are typed into that search intent box, the virtual sprint of search engines commences to bring the best possible results of websites bearing those notable keywords. To land on the Search Engine Results Page is the goal of every SEO strategist and webmaster, and to be on its first page, is the golden prize to this marketing athletics. 

Being found on search engines is the key to better business and bigger profits. Something as simple as being found on the first page of Google, Bing, and other search engines involves an elaborate SEO strategy to improve your chances of driving traffic to your website and provide users with the best possible overall experience.

SEO strategies involve tweaking both the form and function of websites. Websites need to be well-designed, visually appealing, efficient, and navigable. The User Interface or design (UI) needs to be optimal also to produce excellent User Experience (UX). Content needs to be of high-quality, with keywords strategically positioned on various areas of the page like the title, heading, subheading, body of content, additional media like pictures and videos, and in meta descriptions and alt tags. The backend factors need to be tight as well, like proper coding, efficient plugins, inbound links, secure backlinks, web security against hackers and cyberattacks, and the like.

Search engines have at least 200 algorithm factors in determining search results, and not everything is at the end of the web developers. Responses of audiences are also included, such as bounce rates and dwell time, click-throughs, returns and bookmarking, engagement, and social sharing.

Bounce Rates and Dwell Time determine if users are lingering on a website or exiting immediately. The lower the bounce rates and the higher the dwell time, the better. Search engine algorithms take these as signals that users are happy on your website, and you are adding value to their search intent. Click-through Rate (CTR) is the actual count of users that click your content on SERP. Algorithms also take note every time users go back to your site, or whenever your pages are bookmarked. Engagements are also measured through comments, reactions, social shares, responses by email, and the like.

Creating a website that meets all these standards can be daunting and overwhelming, especially if you are doing it alone. I strongly recommend that you take SEO seriously and employ a qualified team of people who can handle SEO with you. You may also opt to hire third-party SEO companies to ease you of the burden. No matter what you go for, you need to treat SEO professionally, and not like a backyard, weekend project. 

Good SEO doesn’t happen overnight, but the long-term investment is worth it when you think of all the benefits. The settings and conditions for SEO keep changing. Having a long-term plan to garner good SEO is a logical strategy to have. You should not be lax on the goal of gaining good SEO ranking as this is a good sign that you are providing better service than the rest in the market.

SEO Strategies that Boost your Website and Ensure its Success

  • Good SEO Provides Better User Experience

Good SEO Provides Better User Experience

Image Source

When you begin to implement SEO techniques, you improve user experience and therefore increase organic traffic to your site. Google continues to develop and tweak its algorithm to serve users better. Google has learned how to recognize and decode favorable or unfavorable user experiences. Positive user experience has become an essential element in the success of a website, and quality SEO always aims to give a positive user experience, leveraging it to benefit their brand. The change in focusing on UX showed that we now have real marketers in the helm rather than spammers. And good SEO should be a by-product of giving proper and fast user experience. The change also shows that we are now focusing on the visitor, clients, and users and their experience on the site. And the algorithm that Google has been developing shows this. So that means that websites that provide better service to their clients get better chances of landing on the first pages of search results.

  1. Good SEO provides a Competitive Edge 

Good SEO provides a Competitive Edge 

Image Source

SEO helps a website obtain domain authority and a large portion of the online market share. Many consumers decide future transactions with your brand or company through your website. So, if you are optimizing your SEO strategies, you get better chances of being a step ahead of your competitors. On the other hand, If you are not doing SEO correctly, other websites who do will outrank your site and dominate the online marketplace. In any part of any strategy, gaining a competitive edge means that you have done your homework and have done your research in getting the required ways and strategies that you can apply to your marketing strategy. Having good SEO shows proper research has been done and implemented in your campaign strategy for your website.

  • Good SEO Increases Organic Traffic

Good SEO Increases Organic Traffic

Image Source

Organic search is mostly the primary source of website traffic.  It’s a key component in the sales funnel to get users to engage and eventually to convert to customers. At the moment, having great content that helps your clients and users meet their needs results and attracts organic traffic to your site.

 Google dominates the search market over Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, and many others. Google owns about 75% of the overall search market. Since it’s the clear-cut leader, its search engine algorithm guidelines have become the benchmark SEO strategists follow. 

Google is the most visited website globally and is also the most popular email provider with more than 1 billion users. YouTube is also the second biggest search engine. Most of the world visit Google at least once a day, so to get it right by Google as a trusted brand will work well in your website’s favor.

  • Good SEO Increases Your Trust Rating and Credibility Factor

Good SEO Increases Your Trust Rating and Credibility Factor

Image Source

The goal of any SEO expert is building a strong foundation for a captivating website with a superb design, impeccable user experience, abreast with current trends and threats to cybersecurity, is easily discoverable accessible and navigable. Easy-peasy, isn’t it? Not entirely, but with persistence and purpose, it can be done.

Many elements go into establishing search engine domain authority. Authority accumulates over time as a result of factors like the ones already mentioned above, and some others like quality backlinks, positive user behavior, optimised on-page elements and content, and many more. Authority is not an overnight deal, but something websites builds carefully over time. SEO experts must not rest on their laurels as they hit their targets. SEO should be an ongoing thing to make sure the website remains strong in the years to come. 

  • Good SEO is for the long haul.

Good SEO is for the long haul

Image Source

SEO should not be a one-hit-wonder but a long-term strategy. Many of your SEO decisions today will not be as obviously felt as after a year or so. The impact of doing SEO right today essentially lasts more than several years.

Trends will change, and the market will evolve, but as you focus on building, improving, and revolutionising your SEO strategies, you will not fall behind when shifts occur. But even a website that does not have a lot of great SEO recommendations implemented will improve from basic SEO best practices being employed on an honest website offering a great experience for its users.

And the more time, effort, and budget you allot for your website and your SEO strategies, the better and longer a website stands to be a worthy contender in the market.

Conclusion: Always be Updated with Your SEO Practices

SEO standards continuously change. You should do the same. Regularly re-evaluate your site to keep it optimised. With a long-term strategy at hand, do not be complacent about providing strategies that would provide better service to your clients. Be open if you will come to a threshold where it can no longer be improved, and a revamp would be on the way. There is nothing that lasts forever, especially in the online world. If you don’t move, you become stagnant. If you don’t change, you’ll get left behind. So stay proactive in monitoring significant changes in the algorithm and align your SEO strategies to the trends so you can keep your brand competitive. 

Employing the right SEO strategies is like training for the Olympics. You are in it not just for now but for the long haul, you prepare way beforehand, and invest time, resources, and a whole lot of effort. But once it’s time to perform, your preparation will reap you great rewards. It’s the same with your website. Just keep at it. Do SEO correctly today, and as your efforts gain traction, your website will surely hit the ground running. 

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How to Download Instagram Photos or Images in A PC For Free

Chris Holroyd



Download Instagram Photos

If you are looking to download photos or videos from Instagram on your PC for free, you need to look for an Instagram downloader tool. There are several effective applications or websites you can choose from to save your favorite Instagram photos, videos, and stories on your computer, or mobile phone. Some of these tools are mentioned below:

Just Follow this Steps to Download Instagram Photos on Your PC.

  • Instagram Downloadr – It is a simple Instagram downloader site which allows you to download everything and anything available on Instagram including stories, posts, pictures, videos, profile pictures and user albums. No need to download any app or register anywhere, you can use this tool without any such hassle. The site provides you the option to choose the format in which you want your video/ pictures to be downloaded so you can choose one according to your preference 
  • SaveFromWeb – It is a free Instagram downloader site to download Instagram photos, videos, stories and profile pictures in original sizes. All you need to do is copy the link of the post or Instagram profile username you wish to download, paste it into the textbox and click on the download button. This will not download the content instantly; instead you will be redirected to another page where you have to reconfirm your choice.
  • Save Clip Bro – The next software on our list is not only an Instagram downloader but also a video converter. Perhaps you don’t wish your video to be stored in the MP4 format; possibly you want it in the WMV format? This can be done using the Save Clip Bro site as it enables you to download & convert the videos in multiple formats.
  • Insta-Downloader – This tool works as a multifunctional Instagram video downloader that can cope with any type of video or static image content. With a click of the button, you can save live streams, stories, highlights and any individual post directly to your device. It works with all browsers and is a free tool to use.
  • DownloadGram – DownloadGram professes to be the easiest tool in the world for downloading Instagram images and videos. Mass stories and video downloads are supported here. Just one click and it allows you to upload photos from your PC as well. However, currently the website doesn’t authorize video uploads from your PC, but the creators say that it will be a reality soon.
  • W3toys – If you’re searching for a simple Instagram photo downloader or video downloader, W3toys got your back. W3toys is an add-on which provides to its users a direct download button for Instagram videos and also comes with a preview button which allows you to preview the clips before finally downloading them. 
  • Insta Offline – IGTV has been recently introduced on Instagram and that has left many wondering on how to download the IGTV content along with the Instagram content. Insta Offline site will help you download IGTV videos as well as other Instagram content such as videos, pictures, posts, stories, and profile photos with ease. And the best part, it is 100% free.

If you are looking for the best websites to download Instagram content on your PC, the above-mentioned ones are the best bet for you. They are easy to use, come with an intuitive interface and are absolutely free.

Download high-quality Instagram photos for free, click here!

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Digital Marketing

How AI Will Change the Future of SEO

Chris Holroyd



Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is changing the world as we know it. In the not too distant past, the majority of people thought that artificial intelligence could only be used in a limited number of industries such as manufacturing, production, etc.

But artificial intelligence can do much more than that. Artificial intelligence is now able to do tasks that previously could only be done by humans. In some cases, AI has outperformed or is near to exceeding human experts. And SEO is one such area. 

Here is how AI will change the future of SEO:


Personalization is going to be a key factor for SEO in the future. 

Search engines like Google want their users to have the best experience possible. What that means in terms of search results is that users will only see results that help them and answer their queries.

Google is already using machine learning in its algorithms. RankBrain was a machine learning-based upgrade that came out in 2015. What RankBrain did was focus on context instead of what the user typed in.

If you want to maintain a competitive edge in SEO, you’re going to have to make sure that your content is personalized. Content that does not solve any problems will only end up going in the SEO trash pile. 

Personalized user experience increases the dwell time for a user which is an important SEO metric. Having a free live chat app for website will help you provide your audience with the best user experience possible. 

Make personalized content and personalization a key theme in your SEO strategy, and you will be much better equipped for the future.

 Better content.

Creating fantastic content should already be a crucial part of your SEO strategy. 

There are AI tools available on the market that can generate content on a particular topic. Currently, the content generated by these tools is not great. But in the future, when the quality of content improves, SEO experts will be able the use the AI-generated content.

Quill is an AI tool that can be used to generate content. Quill is even able to properly use statistics, as well as facts and figures in the content it generates.

Grammarly is another popular tool that uses AI to make your writing better. I’ve personally used Grammarly and found it to be a one-stop-shop for all grammar related issues. 

Bad grammar and writing can be a massive turnoff for many people, and tools like Grammarly can help you prevent any mishaps.

Optimize your content strategy. 

Having a content strategy is essential for SEO success. Without a well thought out and detailed content strategy, you’re always going to be one step behind your competition.

The key ingredient in developing an optimized content strategy for SEO is to use the data and insights available in a way that yields the most results. 

By using AI, you’ll be able to develop a content strategy that is potentially far more superior to what most SEO practitioners can come up with. 

AI can collect and interpret data in a way that is far easier to digest and use for SEO. Your content strategy will only be as good as your ability to gather data and convert it into information.

Several AI tools are being available that can help improve your content strategy. 

Influential is an AI tool that connects your business with relevant influencers. These influencers promote your brand on their channels, and because their audience is more focused, the results yielded are much better. 

Better analytics.

Analyzing data is not an easy task. Even the most visible pieces of information can be hidden away in piles and piles of numbers.

But AI doesn’t face the same difficulties and problems as we mere mortals do. In fact, artificial intelligence can provide much better suggestions and analytics with regards to SEO.

For the most part, success in SEO depends on solid research and analytics, both of which can be done exceptionally well by using AI. 

Better analytics means that you’re able to make better decisions. Gone are the days when people used to rely on their guts and intuition to make decisions. 

If you want to be efficient at making predictions for the future, you’ll need to be a master of analytics. AI tools make data analysis a piece of cake. All you need to do is act upon the findings. Then note the impact of your decisions on your SEO results.  

Meaningful insights.

To be successful at SEO, you’ll need to find insights that other people don’t notice. But that can be a tough job. With so much data floating around, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for a human expert to make the right decisions.

AI tools are much better at the more difficult tasks in SEO like analyzing trends, finding what your competitors are up to, knowing what your customers want from your site, etc. etc.

By using these meaningful insights, you’ll be able to have much better SEO results. 


AI is known for automating all kinds of industries, and SEO is no different. The world of SEO is full of time-consuming tasks, most of which are focused on researching and information gathering.

By using AI, you can save a significant amount of time on these important, but time-consuming tasks. 

Auditing your SEO strategy is a lengthy process. An SEO audit should be conducted on a fairly regular basis to ensure that things are going in the way that they’re supposed to. AI tools can aid you in auditing your SEO strategy too.

Keyword research, analyzing your competitor’s work, optimizing content, internal linking, etc., can all be done by an AI tool of some sort. All you need to do is find one that meets all your needs and fits your budget. 


Artificial intelligence has proven itself to be a disruptive force in several industries. In the near future, we can expect to see AI making a significant impact in the world of SEO.

Modern marketers and SEO practitioners already have a lot on their plate. AI will significantly help reduce the more time-consuming tasks that professionals have to do so that they can focus on the more essential aspects of SEO.

Hamzah Adil is a digital marketing executive who has a background in computer science. He enjoys writing about business, technology, social media, and entrepreneurship. He is currently working for a startup that has developed a new live chat application called SwiftChat. Live chat softwares help businesses to increase their sales by providing customer support to their online visitors.

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Why Are Every Business People Giving More Preference To SEO Service?

Chris Holroyd



SEO Service

Nowadays most people are started to use the internet so it will be the perfect place to promote your business. That is the main reason for most of the people are choosing the seo service in chandigarhYou will also examine the value of this including another one then only you can get a better idea about this. Some characters do thinking that this can be more costly but this remains not like that you can get this at an affordable price. 

Reason for everyone choosing it 

Day by day several characters do begin to utilize this plus they do all giving positive feedback about this. Everyone must try this for getting a greater experience from this also sure you can never disappoint about this. Still, there is no drawback is present on it including it indicates that everyone likes to use it with more satisfaction. There are so many people are having gained from it plus they are all giving positive feedback about it. 

This is simple also an effective way of promoting your business shortly. Most of the characters do not get succeeded in their company because they don’t know how to improve their sales. That’s why everyone giving more preference to the SEO service. Every process was carryout by deeply prepared professionals including they are always giving their best to everyone. 

Highly preferred one  

You will blindly trust the value of this plus surely you can never disappoint about this. After choosing this you can see the immediate growth. You can save more time also money by choosing the seo service in jalandharOnce you understand the quality of this surely you can never choose another one at any time. It is not a simple thing to make your business as trending on in a short time because it will take more time including money. 

You can save more by choosing this service. This is the ultimate method to make your brand as a familiar one to all. These are all the advantages you will have from it so let’s started to use it plus suggest it to all of your friends also neighbors. Still, you do not begin to utilize this you remain missing the excellent opportunity so please don’t miss this for any reason. 

Try to get it soon   

Hereafter you no need to confuse about the benefits of choosing the SEO service. there is no one can underestimate the worth of it because it is the most wanted one for all industrial people. Day by day there are so many companies that are evolved in the same field so it better to be unique including familiar ones than the other. 


If you make this as the optional one you can be in danger. Now you can have a fair idea about this so try to share the benefits of this with everyone. Get ready to lead your business successively.                    

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How to Become an Instagram Influencer

Chris Holroyd



Instagram Influencer

To become an Instagram influencer, you’ll need to find your niche. You can’t be popular in every category—so it’s best to pick one that you’re good at and knowledgeable in.

If you love fashion, fill your feed with outfit-of-the-day posts. If you’re passionate about skincare, focus on trying new skincare lines and partnering with indie brands to recommend products for your followers. After you pick a niche, you’ll need to stick to it. Picking something you’re genuinely interested in and passionate about can help you create an authentic brand and ensure your long-term success.

If you’re serious about becoming a full-time influencer, consider starting your own niche blog in addition to your Instagram account. Starting a blog can engage your audience, strengthen your brand, and connect you to a wider demographic. While becoming an Instagram influencer can serve as a lucrative source of income, creating a blog can help diversify your voice and spread your influence across multiple platforms.

Create an Instagram Business Account

Becoming Insta famous requires getting serious about your account analytics. If you’re just starting out as an influencer, creating an Instagram business account can help you build a strategy for posting content. Instead of uploading pictures randomly, you can focus on posting content your followers enjoy during peak activity hours.

Instagram business accounts provide a variety of useful tools for influencers, including Instagram Insights, which reveal the demographic data of your followers. With Instagram Insights, you’ll be also able to recognize fluctuations in your follower count, identify top locations and peak times, and gain valuable insights into your profile views and website clicks.

Interact With Your Followers

Instagram is a social platform, so interacting with your followers is key to gaining a strong following. If you’re new to Instagram, start by searching for users who are interested in the same niche as you. For example, if you’re an influencer who loves fashion, try searching the hashtag #OOTD to find potential followers in the comment sections of posts.

Be sure to check out the feeds of potential followers and reach out to them with comments and DMs. Creating a positive first impression can help you build valuable connections and contribute to your long-term success.

When interacting with other Instagram users, it’s important to keep in mind that not everyone is who they say they are. Spotting a fake Instagram profile can be difficult, and sharing personal information with the wrong person can put your safety at risk. If you’re not sure whether you can trust someone, conduct a people search using GoLookUp to reveal their criminal records, hidden social profiles, and images and pictures.

Collaborate With Brands

After you build a strong following, you can start collaborating with brands in your niche. To maximize your chance of success, aim to gain a few thousand followers before reaching out to brands. Participating in your favorite brand’s campaigns and using brand-related hashtags in your posts can help put your account under their radar. Additionally, you can send a DM or contact brands via email to let them know you’re interested in collaborating.

Before partnering up with brands, be sure to try and test their products. For example, if you’re a makeup influencer, try reaching out to high-quality makeup brands like Glamnetic. Glamnetic’s highly pigmented black liquid magnetic liner makes it easy to draw a perfect wing on the go, and its magnetic properties magnetize to Glamnetic lashes to lock them in place in for all-day wear. Offering honest recommendations for high-quality, affordable, and easy-to-use products can help your followers fall in love with new brands and help you build credibility.

All in all, becoming an Instagram influencer can help you earn an income doing what you love, work with your favorite brands, and connect to thousands of people. Although you can’t become Insta famous overnight, following the above steps can help you gain a following and gain influence in your field.

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What Is The Difference SEO Content Writing Vs. SEO Copywriting



In fact, most people who aren't SEO copywriters or content writers never suspected there was a difference.

Both characters have different results 

The creation and writing of SEO content is linked to the words of each page, but each has its own purpose.  This result is important because it helps you determine the method you need to get the desired result.

Both things can be confused or effectively combining the two and the result can be worse.  To choose the right method (and author) for your project, you must take into account the differences.

“Difference between content creation and writing?” 

  • The main goal of SEO content creation is to generate natural traffic via search engines.
  • The main goal of copywriting is to convert traffic into leads and sales.

Can content creation and writing be possible?  Of course.  In practice, however, the difference is that the task at hand and some methods are better.

Therefore, it is advisable to find someone who can achieve the following objectives given the short-term and final objectives of the project.

Is there anything like “SEO phrase”?

  • Where can we use SEO writing when content creation and SEO content writing are different?
  • I think the term “copy of SEO ad” is the result of many SEO specialists who confuse these two types of writing.
  • I had a very different answer when I accidentally investigated a Facebook team of SEO experts.
  • Some SEO experts say that the content of the two sentences is the same.
  • Others say it’s different. Others say there is overlap.
  • There is usually no agreement on “copy writing” or non-existence.

However, there is no doubt that the term “referencing phrase” exists itself and that users perform an active search online.

But is “SEO Advertising Copy” a searchable term? 

Read Out : Duplicate Content in SEO

Since “SEO advertising copy” is a term used in the industry, there is no doubt that a keyword with a high search capability has been created.

SEMrush keyword data for “SEO ad copy”

According to SEMrush, “Search Engine Optimization Writing” performs 880 searches per month, slightly more than “Create search engine optimization content” (770 per month).

This term is used to find online content services.  As a result, all content editors and intelligent SEO content agents draw a lot of traffic to their websites, targeting the “SEO copy”.

The loop continues.

When to Hire SEO Content Creators

Hire SEO content writer to drive more natural traffic to your website with high quality content optimized for keywords.

A writer who understands all the ways to create rich and attractive content for SEO.  But you do not need to know how to create a switch record.

SEO content has many uses, including:

  • Improve the ranking of the keywords of the site.
  • SERP click guidance
  • Attract prestigious backlinks
  • Direct users to another page on your site.

Convert visitors to the website into purchases, subscribers or potential customers.

Therefore, to increase natural traffic, you need to hire SEO content writers to create website content (mainly web pages and blog posts).

Hiring a good SEO content writing has other benefits.

Good content promotes sharing on social networks, helps users stay longer on the site and improves conversion rates.  It can also help you strengthen your authority in niche markets and increase brand awareness.

Types of SEO Content Projects

SEO content creators deal with specific types of content elements, which usually ends with the goal of increasing natural traffic.  Sometimes the goal is to attract links to your site.

SEO content creators typically deal with the following: 

  • Friendly blog post for SEO.
  • User friendly SEO page.
  • Local SEO Content for Businesses
  • Service page.
  • PPC landing page
  • Connect the contents of the building.
  • SEO guest post.

All creators or SEO content agents are slightly different.  You can choose to run other blogging projects, such as creating blog posts in general (without SEO), creating social media posts, e-books, and video scripts.

The important thing to note is that you need to hire an SEO content editor if you want to increase your immediate target natural traffic.

If you do not focus on traffic and want to know how to manage it as quickly as sales and leads, you need to hire a sales rep.

When hiring contributors

Surprised!  There are several types of writers, as if there were actually several types of copy projects.

Consider all the platforms that must be replicated.  Google ads, Facebook ads, landing pages, social media ads, print ads, large format ads, sales pages, product pages – too many lists to mention.

You will need to engage contributors if you have transformed your primary target traffic into sales or sales opportunities.  This traffic is natural, but it may be direct traffic, social networks, and paid advertising.

Therefore, to study the exact type of copy you need and know how to translate this type of traffic, you need to hire an editor.

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