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How to Migrate Office 365 Mailbox to Gmail (G Suite) – Quick Guide



Migrate Office 365 Mailbox to Gmail

In this article, we are going to discuss how to move from one cloud platform (Office 365) to another(G Suite). But, the question is why. What are the reasons due to which people are migrating Office 365 data to business account Gmail? There are root causes due to which people migrate Office 365 mailbox to Gmail (G Suite) some of them are given below:

  • If the person is changing the organization and he/she wants to transfer the data to G Suite account
  • When two or more organizations are collaborating
  • When a person is sharing the data with another G Suite User
  • When the organization wish to switch from O365 to G Suite

What are the Requirements to Export Office 365 Mailbox to Gmail

To carry out the migration process two things are required that are mentioned below. But, before beginning the process to migrate office 365 emails to Gmail user must be sure that the
destination business Google account should already be created.

1- Office 365 Admin ID and password
2- List of all users source and destination

What is the Best Solution Migrate Office 365 Mailbox to Gmail Business Account

One of the most common manual approaches that come in mind of every G Suite Administrator is to use DMS. With the Data Migration Service users can migrate office 365 emails to Gmail but it is having some limitations. Now, the question arises it reliable to use DMS for the migration process? The answer is No. Because it is an alternative tool that can migrate office 365 mailbox to Gmail without any drawbacks.

Why People Don’t Opt for Data Migration Service

There are various reasons which make DMS unpreferred. Some of them are given below:

1. DMS does not provide the feature to migrate Google Documents (Drive Data)
2. Emails, contacts, calendar cannot be migrated at the same time
3. Require Exchange Server for Contacts and Calendar migration
4. The mail migration process is very slow when DMS is used
5- In case the migration process gets stop then there is no error handler
6- Does not create the complete migration report
7- No incremental migration feature is provided to transfer newly or modified data
8. Manually enter email id of each user of source and destination

Best Way to Export Office 365 Mailbox Data to Gmail Business Account

Office 365 to Google Apps Migration Tool is the most proficient solution to migrate Office 365 mailbox to Gmail (G Suite). This software is capable to migrate various users’ mailbox data to G Suite. This automated solution can move entire data from Office 365 account to G Suite Gmail. This utility overcomes all the limitations of the Data Migration Service. With this software, all emails, contacts, calendars & documents can be migrated at the same time. Along with this, the tool provides the Date filer option to carry-out the migration process.

Other Advantageous Features of the Software

1- In a single attempt migrate multiple O365 mailboxes to G Suite
2- Emails, contacts, calendars, documents can be migrated
3- With Incremental migration feature transfer newly or modified data
4- Provides Priority feature to migrate specific user data
5- With Date Filter transfer the mailbox data of specific date range
6- Gives real-time process status of the imported task
7- Generates detailed & summary report of the migrated data
8- Software is compatible with Windows 10 & above versions

Steps to Migrate Office 365 Mailbox to Gmail

Follow these simple steps to carry out Office 365 mailbox migration to a business account (G Suite Gmail):

1- Download & Run SysTools Office 365 to G Suite Migrator tool
2- After that authenticate the Admin accounts
3- Choose the desired Category & apply Date Filter
4- Lastly, select the destination mailbox email address to source and destination user mapping


Many organizations or users are searching for an easy way to migrate Office 365 Mailbox to Gmail (G Suite). Many small and medium companies need to migrate their mailboxes one cloud platform (O365) to another(G Suite) due to any reason. Here, in this write, we have provided one such perfect solution i.e. Office 365 to G Suite Migrator Tool. With this application program, users can easily export office 365 mailbox data to Gmail business account without any loss.

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How to Fix Windows 10 Error Codes?

Chris Holroyd



How to Fix Windows 10 Error Codes?

Windows 10 is one the best and most innovative operating system developed by Microsoft to perform a wide range of computing actions with a user-friendly interface and interesting AI-backed applications like Crotona. Whatever the level of advancement but you can face issues with such software with unknown errors anytime. But don’t get worried we have the solution for such issues as we provide online tech support to fix windows 10 errors with a quick solution. With us, you will find a one-stop online solution for all types of errors comes into your windows 10 PC.   

How to Check System Errors in Windows 10?

System File Checker in Windows 10 is a utility app that helps to check the system errors or corrupted files on your computer. Users can run it any time to find system errors. To run these app users need to go through the right process as described below.

  • Here in the search box on the taskbar, enter Command Prompt. right-click Command Prompt (Desktop app)from the search results and select Run as administrator.
  • Enter exe/Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth(note the space before each “/”).
  • This process will take a few minutes to start and up to 30 minutes to run and complete.
  • Now enter sfc/scannow (note the space between “sfc” and “/”) to check system error.

How to Disable Windows 10 Error Reporting?

Windows 10 error reporting is alert reporting when a certain program, operating systems errors, prompting and other applications prompting to send the information about the problem to Microsoft to review such bugs and release new updates to avoid such issues. To disable the windows 10 error reporting open registry editor app and go to registry key typing the command “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting”. It will open the registry editor where on the right or create a new 32-Bit DWORD value “Disabled”. Set it to 1 and if it doesn’t work and you can dial windows 10 technical support for help.

How to Fix Windows 10 Error Codes?

How to Remove Windows 10 Genuine Error?

Using the pirated or cracked version of windows 10 will always bother you with a windows 10 not genuine error. This error will come again and again until you install a paid version activated with a valid key. You can also try other options like uninstall all the latest updates and or use third-party software that will disable or remove this error. If you see these errors again just contact windows 10 tech support team and get our online support to make your windows 10 run like a genuine version without showing an error or facing such issues.   

How to Fix Windows 10 Boot Error?

This is one of the most common problems with windows 10 users and comes while starting the system. It is also called Windows 10 startup error mainly comes due to the use of hybrid boot technology that makes the computer boot at a faster speed. To avoid Windows 10 boot error you can disable the hybrid boot in windows 10 and remove the error make a Windows installation USB drive or use bootable windows installation disc on your system. If you need help, take windows 10 help with us and solve windows 10 booting problems. 

How to Fix Blue Screen Error In Windows 10?

Blue screen death of error in windows 10 can come anytime during the use of the system that turns your screen blue with an error message “Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer”. And after this error message, your system will automatically shut down and restart while taking extraordinary time to recover from the error. To fix blue screen error in windows 10 you have to update all the drivers, update the operating system, remove malware, clean registry files, fix hardware issue, and disable all the unwanted startup applications. If you need help just contact windows 10 technical support and get quick-fix results. 

How to Fix Registry Errors Windows 10?

Just like preceding versions windows, 10 can also show registry errors that mainly come when you uninstall a program and its registry records left there. Registry files can hold the information like operating system installation and settings, software install and settings, hardware driver info and user settings that you can delete manually by following the steps given below. If given below steps are not helpful, just dial windows 10 customer support for online help.   

  • Repair your Windows 10 system
  • Run System File Checker scan to fix errors
  • Install a registry cleaner to clean registry entries
  • Refresh your system to restore registry errors
  • Run the DISM command OR
  • Clean your Registry entries to fix such issues

How to Fix Windows 10 Critical Error Start Menu?

Windows 10 critical error start menu comes on your system when some of your system files and settings have become corrupted. It crashes Start Menu and also blocks the access to the installed apps like Cortana and other settings or can freeze your computer. This error can also come due to some native issues or owing to installed or uninstalled some software leaving behind corrupt files or settings. If you see this error code when you start your windows 10 just click on the start button to open the start menu and reboot your system once maybe this error gets fixed, if not, then try the troubleshooting steps given below or call us for windows 10 support.  

  • Install the recent Windows 10 updates
  • Download and run the Start menu troubleshooter
  • Boot into Safe Mode and then return back to normal mode
  • Temporarily hide the Cortana from the taskbar
  • Create another new user account to access
  • Restore system to previous state point

How to Fix Windows 10 Error Code for Free?

There is nothing free in this world, if you get free service either it would be not effective or taking your advantage in another way. Similarly, if you don’t know how to fix Windows 10 errors you need to do some efforts, you can find the best tips for windows 10 troubleshooting error under our blog section with guidelines by the experts. However, if your problem is not solved just subscribe our subscription plan and pay one-time nominal charges and we will fix windows 10 errors freely for the rest of the year at one call as per your ease. We provide online tech support for windows 10 errors to fix the actual problems with assured results.

Scope of Online Tech Support with us for Windows 10 Errors:

  • Support to fix Windows 10 Installation Error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 Upgrade Error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 Update Error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 Uninstall Error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 time sync error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 Stop Code Error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 startup error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 shutdown error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 Setup Error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 Script Host Error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 channel error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 restart error
  • Support to fix wmi error Windows 10
  • Support to fix winload Exe Error Windows 10
  • Support to fix Windows 10 Wireless Error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 VPN error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 video hardware error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 validation error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 reinstall error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 proxy server error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 Product Key Error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 paging file error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 NTFS error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 NSIS error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 Network Error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 Login Error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 java error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 https certificate error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 has stopped working error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 hard disk error message
  • Support to fix Windows 10 Hard Disk error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 grub error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 genuine error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 firewall error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 dump error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 Driver Error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 Download Error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 DNS error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 disk error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 digital signature error
  • Support to Fix Windows 10 Critical Error Start Menu
  • Support to fix Windows 10 boot error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 Bluetooth Error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 Blue Screen Error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 black screen error
  • Support to fix Windows 10 backup error
  • Support to fix user profile error Windows 10
  • Support to fix trust relationship error Windows 10
  • Support to fix system restore error Windows 10
  • Support to fix side by side error Windows 10
  • Support to fix security certificate error Windows 10
  • Support to fix printer spooler error Windows 10
  • Support to fix partition error Windows 10
  • Support to fix keyboard error Windows 10
  • Support to fix kernel power error Windows 10
  • Support to fix Windows 10 application error
  • Support to fix fatal system error Windows 10
  • Support to fix BCD error Windows 10
  • Support to fix bad image error Windows 10
  • Support to fix appcrash error in Windows 10

Quick Online Support to Fix Windows 10 Errors

If you are facing any problem with your windows 10 computer or encountered with an error code just dial our Windows 10 customer support team and get online solution for such issues quickly. We have highly skilled and certified technicians to diagnosis the actual problem causing such errors and fix them remotely with the right approach. Our windows 10 customer service is also open for windows 10 users to help them in solving various other issues and make their windows 10 computer run without any issue with smooth performance.

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How To Choose The Fastest Web Browser?

Chris Holroyd



Fastest Web Browser

What we call a web browser is a software, which enables you to view web pages and other material. Even if you do not realize it, right now, you use a web browser to read this article. In the early 2000s, we had access to a single web browser Internet Explorer, which still comes pre-installed on any computer you purchase. In the mid-2000s, many other companies have introduced their web browsers. We discovered Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. A lot of new experimental features were launched — this motivated web developers for creating websites using Firefox and Chrome in mind.

Nowadays, most of the people keep several web browsers installed on their computers and other devices. In case you can’t open a website, you should just try to do the same in a different web browser. In most cases, this simple trick can solve the issue.

Now, let’s have a look at the fastest web browsers available, which we recommend you to install on your personal computer.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a widely-used web browser, which is available on many different platforms. Using Mozilla Firefox is free. It works on Windows, Android, and Mac. The web browser is built by a big open-source community of web developers. You will have access to many experimental web features. It gets updated automatically to protect users from any kind of online threats and viruses.

Mozilla Firefox


Video streaming, which provides a smooth page scrolling. Mozilla Firefox is efficient to CPU power consumption with YouTube videos. Your power consumption will affect how long the battery lasts.

Enjoyable reading thanks to text scrolling. If you deal with web pages, which contain heavy text content, Firefox makes a vertical scrolling scale to the mouse settings of Windows. It will be easier for your eye to track where exactly you are on a web page. 

Powerful interface navigation. If you are a web developer, Mozilla Firefox gives you access to modify a web browser’s behavior. Firefox has the most user-customizable interface. 

Mozilla Firefox is a trustworthy and robust web browser, though it needs initial setup for better performance.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers all around the world. It is famous for support for add-ons, fast, smooth performance, such features as voice search, casting, etc. The same features are not implemented in other popular web browsers like Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari.

Google Chrome


Support for the add-on, which is linked to your personal account on Google. Whenever you install a new Google Chrome version on your devices, the web browser will install the add-ons/updates automatically. Chrome has an excellent looking user interface. You will like using the Task Manager, which you can access by pressing “Shift+Esc.” You will see how much RAM/CPU power every add-on uses. It is very convenient for identifying which add-ons causing issues with a web browser performance/battery life. 

Casting support, which is embedded in the web browser. If your TV comes with a Chromecast device, you can open a Chrome tab on your computer and send it directly to a TV. It is possible to cast streaming videos, which are embedded on that tab. This feature is useful for watching videos and giving presentations on a big screen. 

Voice search. You can have access to this feature only in case your PC has a built-in microphone. If you do not like type a search query, voice search will be much in use.


Opera browser is well-known for a long time. People from all around the world use this web browser for more than twenty 20 years. It offers a big range of features. So if you are looking for an alternative web browser, Opera can be a good option for you. You can install Opera for free. 



VPN by using Opera, you have access to free VPN. This option will help you to fool any kind of trackers into being unable to find out from which place you use the internet. Opera VPN will change your real IP address. You will keep your data encrypted to keep you anonymous and safe.

Vertical sidebar: if you prefer to have a full screen while using a tablet or laptop to browse the websites rather than a tall one, Opera offers you a vertical sidebar, which doesn’t take up any of the vertical space. It is perfect for viewing information. Once you have installed Opera, you will have access to such useful features like bookmarks, settings, an instant search bar, MyFlow, shortcuts to WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger, etc. 

Opera has a great screenshot tool, video popout for live broadcasting, conversion on the fly for foreign currency/weights/measures conversion, a big library of extensions, and built-in adblocker.


All web browsers described in this listing are known by everyone who uses a computer and the internet. All of them have enticing features. When you install a chosen browser, you just should check which version (Windows, Android, iOS, or Mac) you use on your device and let it do the rest of automatic settings.

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Learn How to Fix Error 1310 on under Mac OS X

Chris Holroyd



How to Fix Error 1310 on under Mac OS X

If you are facing the error code 1310 on your Mac and you are not aware how to rectify it. Read the post and follow the instruction to know how to troubleshoot this problem on your computer system.

Know what exactly is error code 1310?

You may find error 1310 that comes out and appear on your computer showing a notification, which is “[program name] cannot be operated”. You may also find the error showing “[program name] quit unexpectedly”. Not only this, you may also receive the same error when you start up or shut down the computer, or even when you try to launch a program. These are the actions that are closely related to the error problem that you are facing.

What can be the cause of error 1310?

Mac computer is one of the best high end machines that people love to use because of the exceptional performance and longevity. No doubt the machine is best in every sphere, but the user still can find errors and they might find it problematic to resolve it. To fix the error 1310, it is better that you know the few possible reasons of which some of these are mentioned below:

  • Issues of preferences files
  • Kernel Panic error reports
  • Complete usage of start-up disk or hard disk
  • Issues with the Installed applications

This error 1310 can bring up unexpected problems and issues on the computer, which can irritate you while you are working. Some of the problems that you can face due to error 1310 are mentioned below:

  • Error notification that pops up constantly on your computer
  • Facing problem when you start up or shut down the computer
  • Your computer gets freeze or you face the crash issue frequently
  • You can also find that several applications and system features could not perform as usual on the PC

How can troubleshoot and fix error code 1310 on Mac?

  1. The first thing that you can do is to uninstall the program that causes the error. There are many program files that do not support and this is when errors get triggered. In order to fix error 1310 well, you need to firstly uninstall the app thoroughly on your PC, and then consider reinstalling it if the app is supported to use in your OS X.
  2. The second that you can do in order to fix error 1310 is to clean associated preferences files. There may be corrupted or overloaded preferences files on the Mac computer and this can cause and trouble you. Most of the Mac users choose to uninstall a program through Trash, but this program removal method many a times cause problems because the preferences files cannot be cleaned well on the Mac. So, it is better that you should clean the associated preferences files, and then restart the related program to see if it behaves normally.

The process is s follows:

  1. Click on Go to the top menu and then select “Go to Folder…”
  2. Type “/Library/” in the box, and press the Return key
  3. Open the “Preferences folder” in the Library, and then locate the preferences related problematic app.
  4. Select it to remove to the Trash
  5. Finally, restart the application and check if your computer is operating smoothly without error 1310

Error code 1310

  1. The third thing that you can do to fix the error 1310 is to disable the useless start-up items and the process is as follows:
  1. Click on the Apple icon (top left corner) and then select the System Preferences on the sub-menu
  2. Open the Users & Groups pane, where you will find a list of apps that gets started automatically when you start your Mac
  3. Select the item you need to remove from the list and then click on the minus sign button.

Error code 1310

  1. To fix the error 1310 make sure that you clean the junk files on the hard disk

You can also make use of the utility to complete this fixing step automatically. There are advanced optimize utility that can manage the start-up items and clean useless files and ensure the fixing tasks very easily in a short time.

So, follow the above-mentioned points to ensure that the error 1310 on Mac gets resolved easily.

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All You Need To Know About EPF Registration Process



EPF Registration Process

EPF stands for the Employees’ Provident Fund, and this is an important factor when it comes to your job. This is a fund that is to be provided by you when your salary starts getting credited to your account. This is a registration for an organization which is known as the EPFO or the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization. The provident fund is a compulsory saving for your retirement which is managed by the government of the country. There are a few things that you should know about this factor when it comes to the registration of the EPF.

Things to Know About EPF Registration Process

  1. UANThis is the Universal Account Number, and this will help you to have the money saved up in one account. UAN is something that you will get when you are registered, and the money will be saved here.
  2. EPF Contribution – The EPF is paid both by the employee as well as the employer of the company. You should know and fix the EPF contribution with your employer.
  3. Interest Rates of EPF – The interest rates of the EPF is something that you should know about so that you can anticipate as to how much you can expect at retirement.
  4. Automatic EPF Transfers – Through the new systems and the registration to the EPFO your accounts will be merged, and the transfers will be made in an automatic manner.
  5. Online Helps– You can also get help from online sites, and this is a beneficial aspect when it comes to EPF registration.
  6. Withdrawal of the EPF Money – You should also know everything about the withdrawal and how much you can expect to receive per transaction. You can also check as to how to withdraw the money.
  7. Paperless registration Services – You should also know all about the registration services where you don’t need any hard copies or papers.
  8. EPF Advances – You can even get the EPF money in advance before the retirement, and you should know about this as well.

Documents Required for the EPF Registration

  1. Name of the Applicant – The name of the applicant is important, and this is what identifies the applicant.
  2. Job Proof – He or she has to provide proof of occupation on the documented format.
  3. ID Proof of the Person – Any form of officially recognized ID proof can be availed from the person.
  4. Address Proof of the Applicant – The address proof of the person is also important for the registration of the EPFO.
  5. Office Address of the Applicant – You also have to submit the address proof of your workplace as well.
  6. Contact Details of the Applicant – The contact details of the applicant is also a must need for the registration.

EPF Registration Process

Step-By-Step Registration Process for the EPF

Step 1: Documentation

The documents that are needed as listed above are to be kept ready before you start the online process. These should be in a soft copy format.

Step 2: Go to Link

You can check out the for the EPF registration process online.

Step 3: Check for the Registration of New Employer

Then you will find an employer button from there you can find the option for the registration of a new employer.

Step 4: Get the Instructions

After that, you will get a PDF of instructions, and you will read the document and click the check button at the bottom.

Step 5: Register

After that is a process of registration. This is the place where you fill up the form for the registration, and then you submit it.

Step 6: Fill in the Fields

You should fill in all the fields which are marked red and then you may or may not fill the rest of the blanks of the application.

Step 7: Generate the PIN

You will have a PIN generated for you, and after that, you will have the confirmation email to your account.

These are the various things to know about the EPF registration process. The online registration is the best way to register, and this is one of the best ways to do it.

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How to Build a DevOps Toolchain That Scales



DevOps Toolchain

DevOps pipeline has a variety of tools sets which are connected. In an end to end connected system you won’t get to know where exactly is the bottleneck. It hampers the efficiency across the enterprise. If you will not remove it then it would add to delay in delivery and customer would not get satisfied. But have you ever thought what are the problems which are not allowing your DevOps toolchain to scale and how can you actually scale it? If the answer is No, then you don’t need to worry as we will let you know the exact reason and the way of scaling it.

Problems that don’t allow a DevOps toolchain to scale

In this era of organic growth of businesses, there are very chances when you will see teams sitting to each other. The teams are distributed across various regions and hence sometimes they use different tool sets. There is some interface between the scattered teams which allow them to share the resources and data. If these two teams are working on different toolsets then it becomes a major issue to coordinate the teams as the synchronization will take a lot amount of time.

Sometimes, even in the same team, people start using different tools because of previous expertise. They would be using different processes for doing the same job and hence the efficiency of doing processes in integration decreasing.

Can using the same toolset solve the issue?

It’s very unlikely that using same toolset will solve your issue. First of all, if you decide on a particular toolset and the whole team is asked to switch to that toolset, you may get various issues. The first problem is acquiring licenses. You have to take the licenses of the new tool which you will ask the whole team to work on. Maybe the tools which are already being worked on would be paid earlier for licensing but this would put an additional cost on the organization.

A second important problem is refactoring of code. If you will ask the team to replace the toolset with the new toolset then it would require massive refactoring of code. Infrastructure might also need to be changed or updated based on the new toolset so in short, it would add to the task done by the team.

The third important problem is the knowledge required for the new toolset. It is not necessary that everyone in your team might be aware of the toolset so there might be a delay in the learning process. It is also not guaranteed that the folks who are trained recently on the new tool will deliver the product as they used to deliver earlier.

So, using the same toolset for a team won’t work for big organizations. There should be some another approach to deal with it which will get to know in the latter half. Let’s have a look at the guided approach which can solve your issue of scaling your toolchain.

Solution to the Problem for scaling the toolchain

Now, we will look at the approach which should be followed which would help us in scaling the toolchain. You should have a more integrated system where every team would be allowed to work on toolset which they find relevant and build their pipelines. There can be one DevOps toolset which would integrate those tools which would provide all the required collaboration between the teams. Let’s see the approach in detail.

There are some integrated DevOps toolsets which are available on various cloud service providers. You can use these toolsets and they come with pre-configured integration. You don’t need to do anything to do any configurations as manual settings are already been configured. You can use them immediately. These tool sets will not ask you to change the code or infrastructure. So, in short, your manual efforts would be decreased but if you feel the need of changing the toolset later for the better efficiency then you can do it and integrated toolset would work on it as efficiently as it used to do with the earlier toolset.

You can even have a dashboard which should have the aggregated information from all the tools. These tools will feed the data in the delivery pipeline and that data would be visible on the dashboard. In this way, all stakeholders of the product will be well aware of the statistics of the data and toolsets being used. Along with that, you can have scaled agile framework where the different toolsets would be integrated. It will definitely help in scaling the pipeline.

This approach will help in scaling up the toolchain. In this way, you won’t put any additional burden on the Devops solutions team to learn new toolset and even you don’t need to change code and infrastructure to adapt to the new toolsets.

The advantage of using the above approach for scaling toolchain

Now, you don’t have to mutually decide the toolset on which all the teams would be working on. Teams can have the flexibility to decide toolsets on which they want to work on. Using the above approach will allow them to easily synchronize with each other without putting the scalability at risk. You should definitely bring in the concept of an integrated tool kit that will actually integrate different toolsets and different teams making your delivery toolchain more scalable.

Every team can use the tool which they find best to work on and it won’t even put add on their heads to complete the learning process of the new toolset. Customers would get speedy delivery of the product and what else one wants?


Implement the integrated toolset and make your processes more sstreamlinedand give flexibility to teams to use their own toolset. Hence, it will make your toolchain more scalable. All the best!!

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How do I Import an MBOX File into Outlook?



Import an MBOX File into Outlook

Looking for a solution to import MBOX to Outlook for Windows? If yes, then this is not an easy task because Outlook does not support MBOX file format. Therefore, in this article we will discuss all about MBOX to PST converter which is the best tool for converting MBOX file to PST & import into Outlook. First of all let us discuss about MBOX and PST file format and why need to convert MBOX file to PST format.

MBOX is a common file format used to collect email messages. It is supported by many email client applications such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Spicebird, SeaMonkey, Netscape, Evolution, Opera Mail and many others.

PST is a file extension of Microsoft Outlook that stores complete information about Outlook such as emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, etc. Outlook supports PST file to export and import data in Outlook.

Why Convert MBOX to PST for Outlook?

  • If the user had to switch company using Mozilla Thunderbird or another application, and the new company uses the Outlook application. In this case, to use Thunderbird files, the user must convert MBOX to PST file format.
  • Users can not open MBOX files directly in Outlook. At this point, you need to convert MBOX into PST to import an MBOX file into Outlook Windows.
  • Microsoft Outlook offers advanced features and security factor to send and receive emails for personal as well professional usage.

MBOX to PST Converter – Solution to Transfer MBOX Files to PST

If you want to go with manual solution, then no problem. However, this is very time consuming and tedious. There is a possibility that data may be lost or damaged using manual process. To accomplish this task, you can use a third-party tool like Indya MBOX to PST Converter. This utility offers complete conversion result without losing or damaging any data.

The software offers various advanced features to easily import MBOX to Outlook Windows. Using this tool, users can easily convert MBOX file PST format. It fully supports all MBOX-based email clients to do the task.

How to Import an MBOX File into Outlook?

First of all, Download MBOX to Outlook PST Software by clicking this link Then, follow all the given steps.

Step 1. Install and run the tool on your Windows machine.

Step 2. Add MBOX files and select Output Folder location to save converted data at desired path.

Step 3. Click on the Convert button to start the process. Once the task is done, you will receive “Conversion completed successfully” message on your screen.

Step 4. Access the converted file from selected location and import PST file into Outlook using Import/Export Option.

That’s how you can import MBOX to Outlook easily and quickly without losing any data.

Why Choose MBOX to PST Converter Tool?

  • This software provides the most accurate MBOX to Outlook conversion without any file size and file number limitations.
  • With this tool, you can export MBOX file to PST in bulk manner without data corruption.
  • The utility allows to convert MBOX emails to PST for Outlook including all attachments.
  • The tool maintains the integrity and folder hierarchy of MBOX files while conversion.
  • It supports to import MBOX to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and other version.
  • The software gives facility to save converted file at the desired location for easy access.
  • You can easily run this software on any version of Windows including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc.
  • The software completely supports all MBOX associated program to perform the conversion. You can easily export Thunderbird to PST, Apple Mail to PST, Entourage to PST, Eudora to PST, etc.

Concluding Words

The article discussed about the best and easiest way to how to import an MBOX file into Outlook for Windows. The software provides accurate result for converting MBOX file to PST format to import into Outlook Windows. Free Demo Version is also available with this tool so that users can easily check the efficiency of the tool before any investment. Free Trial Version allows to convert 25 MBOX emails to PST format. For unlimited file conversion, you can simply purchase the license keys.

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