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How To Connect Two Routers

Chris Holroyd



Connect Two Routers

In day to day life, a person can’t work without the internet in any situation of life. Related to their office work to manage their house, a person is now totally bound to the internet. We all know that the education system will become online. Because of which children also came under this, they also need to have netted around them to function.

 So we need such a thing to quickly transfer our data from one place to another without using an additional data source. The best way of using data from one place is by using a router and connecting another router with it. Here I am going to the most straightforward method by which you can join one router with another and use it properly.

Connecting Two Routers With Wires 

  1. Step 1

We will take two routers and three coils of a different color so that we didn’t have any problem. We will connect blue LAN cable or wire with our laptop or computer and yellow LAN cable for broadband or internet and grey LAN cable to connect with another router.

  1. Step 2

Then we have to assign one Ip address to the second router, and there will be a DHCP server type which will enable it automatically.

  1. Step 3

On the backside of every router, there is always given a default ip address.

  1. Step 4

Now we plug out the blue LAN cable and fix it to the second router, and then we will log in its web page through its default ip address. When we log in it with its ip address and after login the page which has opened we will see in the left corner there will be a written setup after clicking on it we next have to click on local networks. 

  1. Step 5

There we have to change the second router’s ip address, which we want to input and then apply it. 

It will restart automatically as we apply it, and we have to wait. When it starts, we will click on the setup option again, and local network too after set up to check the applied ip address, and we will see that DHCP is also enabled yet by default.

  1. Step 6

Then we return to the page and click on the wireless option next to set up and change its name and channel accordingly. And then, changed the security option from the given opportunity to WEP and then input our new password and apply. 

  1. Step 7

And finally, Now we will go back to the main page, again and again, click on setup option and then local network too and click on the DHCP server, which will be enabled. Now we have to disable it by clicking on it. 

In the end, we will connect the first router with the second router by the grey LAN cable, which we have already connected to the primary router, and when we compare it, our router is ready to perform. And now, we can check it by using the internet through a secondary router.

Connecting Routers Without Wires 

 As connecting two routers with wires we have discussed above, now we will connect routers without cables.

  1. Step 1

Firstly we will take two routers, and both should be in the same ip address, and then we will disable the DHCP server on the secondary router, and then we have to enable WDS on any router, preferably on the primary one.

  1. Step 2

We will connect our secondary router to our laptop or desktop to change it’s configuration accordingly. We will log in to its web page through default ip address and then change its password during security. 

  1. Step 3

And then, we back to the page and go on to the advanced setup and change its ip address, and then we have to the disabled DHCP server and click on apply we will enable WDS and connect our secondary router.

  1. Step 4

Now we will log in to the web page of our primary router. A page will open with details. Here we will find that DHCP is disabled. We have to enable it first. 

  1. Step 5

Then we will click on the survey option by which it will show all the networks within the range, and we will connect with our secondary router. Then we will go to the wireless settings to check the configuration. 

  1. Step 4

If everything is fine, we can save and reboot our modem and restart it automatically after restarting it all ready to work in both the routers. And now again, we can check it by using the internet through a secondary router.


These are the methods by using anyway to increase the range of our routers as per need. To know more, you can do so with the help of this article. But by using both methods, we can connect more than two routers.

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7 Awesome Tech Gifts That Will Not Hurt Your Budget this Christmas 2020

Chris Holroyd



7 Awesome Tech Gifts That Will Not Hurt Your Budget this Christmas 2020

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been challenging for everyone. Apart from dealing with lifestyle changes brought by COVID-19, the other unfortunate events that happened this year have taken an emotional toll on people around the world. But now that we’re approaching the end of the year, it’s good to know that the holiday season is fast approaching and the celebrations are still on (with care, of course)! 

Happy times are about to arrive! Christmas may still be a few months away, but it’s never too early to get into a festive mood. Given that the past few months have been tough, offering your friends and family some gifts can go a long way for their emotional well-being.  

If you have some loved ones that you’d want to show your appreciation to, then you should make a list and start shopping now. To help you get a head start, the guide below will discuss seven awesome and affordable tech gifts you can get for them. 


  • Auvez Bracelet Lightning Cable Charging Cord

Designed for Apple users, this portable lightning cable brings a perfect balance of style and convenience. If you know a cousin or uncle who’s always on the go, they’ll surely be happy to receive Auvez’s Bracelet Charging Cord this Christmas. For only $14.99, not only will this bracelet keep gadgets charged, but it also helps boost their overall outfit.  


  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 

Got a little sister or niece who loves taking photos? Then get her an instant camera! For starters, Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 9 is available in different colors that she will love, and built with accessories that will help her capture precious moments. Priced at $46.85, this gift is sure to bring out smiles. 


  • Fitbit Inspire Heart Rate and Fitness Tracker

Help your best friend stay fit and active! Fitbit Inspire monitors its user’s heart rate to accurately track how many calories one burns in a day. Since recovery is just as important as exercise, it can also track how well they are sleeping, as long as the device stays on the wrist. 

While it may not be as cheap as the mentioned products earlier, this $79.95 gift will prove to be a bang for your back.  


  • Google Cardboard

Entering the world of virtual reality doesn’t have to be expensive. If you’ve got a sibling who loves gaming, why don’t you take his experience to the next level by getting him Google Cardboard? For just $15, this cleverly designed product will let him play games and watch videos in a 360-degree view. 


  • Tile Pro

Does your dad have a bad habit of forgetting where he placed his belongings? If the answer is yes, then we’ve got just the thing for him. Tile is an affordable, capable, and easy-to-use Bluetooth tracker that can be attached to anything. 

It comes in different shapes and sizes, allowing the user to track any items such as phones, wallets, and keys easily. With packs ranging from $36.99 to $99.99, Tile is one of the best gifts you can give for that forgetful loved one.


  • Refurbished MacBook

If you want something grand to give to your spouse, why not get a laptop? With Black Friday and other Holiday sales just a few weeks away, now is arguably the perfect time for refurbished MacBooks. They are just as capable as fresh-out-of-the-box units you can find in your local Apple store, only with budget-friendly prices. 

At the same time, refurbished Mac dealers provide extensive customer support and free customization services to help you get the most out of your unit. 


  • Steelseries ARCTIS 1


Given that schools and public establishments have closed temporarily, your son is probably spending a lot of time on the computer. Online learning has become the new standard, and gaming is the safest hobby he can do, so why not give him a good pair of headset? 

With a standard retail price of $59.99, Steelseries ARCTIS 1 has noise-canceling capabilities, a built-in mic, and a compact build designed for portability and longevity.

Have a Wonderful Christmas

Times have been tough for everyone, but fortunately enough, a new beginning is just around the corner. 

With you and your loved ones making some significant lifestyle changes this year, giving them gifts that can help them adjust better is one of the best ways for you to make them feel special. Christmas is getting closer, so you should start checking out your favorite online stores for some gifts!

In the process of shopping, don’t forget to stay frugal. Going beyond your budget will eventually force you to walk on a financial tight rope, so practice some restraint whenever you’re looking at product catalogs. If you’re planning to buy big-ticket items, always remember to be financially smart with installment buying.

About the Author

Chris Cantrell

Chris is a long-time gadgets enthusiasts, writer, and tech consultant for Macs4u. He is an avid collector of “vintage” gizmos and loves to watch 80s sci-fi movies in his leisure time. 

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How to Combine Outlook Data Files? – Free Manual and Automated Solution

Chris Holroyd



How to Combine Outlook Data Files

Summary: Do you want to combine Outlook data files for better management? This blog describes the solution to combine PST files into a single file using a manual and automated method. Here is a step by step guide on how to merge Outlook PST files without duplicates.

Combining multiple PST files into one is necessary for the users to manage their large number of PST files. If you are among those users who also want to manage PST files and searching for a way to combine Outlook data files. Then this blog is all about your request. Here you will get to know the methods that helps you to combine PST files into one.  

MS Outlook is the top-rated and most used email client all over the world. Users creates multiple email accounts in Outlook for storing emails and other items. But when it comes to managing these multiple accounts PSTs, user face many difficulties such as hanging, opening, sharing, importing, etc. To fix all these issues, the possible solution is a single PST file. Before going to the solution, first let’s know the importance of merging PST files into a single file.

 Why Combining Multiple PST Files into One is Important?

  • Single PST file is easy to open, view and share with someone
  • Users can easily manage PST files of multiple accounts in one
  • It is easy to migrate from Outlook to other email client with single PST
  • To secure and prevent data from deletion and corruption, it is necessary to merge PST files
  • Single PST file can be easily import into Outlook application

Methods to Combine Outlook Data Files

There are two methods that can be used to merge Outlook PST files which is manual and automated like Outlook PST Merge Tool. In the next section, we will discuss both the methods step by step. In the end, you can choose any of the method that is easy and meets your needs. So let’s start.

Method 1: Combine PST Files Manually

The manual method is not direct; it has two step process. Follow the below instructions to perform this task:

Step 1: Create New Outlook PST

  • Open Outlook and click on Home Tab
  • Click New Items >> More Items >> Outlook Data File
  • Select location to save the new PST file and click OK.

Step 2: Import PST to New PST File

  • In Outlook go to the File tab
  • Click Open & Export and select Import/Export option.
  • Click on Import from another program or file and click Next.
  • Select Outlook Data File (.pst) and hit Next.
  • Browse for a PST file you want to import.
  • Choose required option like do not import duplicates.
  • Select folders to merge and also include sub folders
  • Click on Finish button.

Limitations of Manual Approach

 Manually, you need to repeat step 2 for combining multiple PST files into one. Because Outlook supports to import only a single PST file in a single attempt. Moreover, it is quite lengthy and complicated for any novice. There is a chances that you can lose your data if you execute any wrong step. 

Method 2: Combine Outlook Data Files Automatically

You can use the PST File merge tool that allows you to combine PST files into one file. This is a professional solution that helps every user to easily combine two or more PST files without any technical knowledge. It supports to merge Outlook emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc. The software also has option to remove duplicate items while merging multiple Outlook PST files into one. Using this utility, it is easy to merge large PST files without any file size limitations. 

Steps for Combining Multiple PST Files into One are as follows;

Step 1. Run the software and add PST files.

Step 2. Select option whether you want to merge or join

Step 3. Select folders and choose merge in New PST, Existing PST or Outlook Profile

Step 4. Choose mailbox items which you want to combine.

Step 5. Hit the Next button to combine Outlook data files.

Features Provided by PST Data Merger Tool

  • Easy to use by any non-technical user
  • Remove duplicates while merging
  • No 2 GB file size limitations at all
  • Supports PSTs of Outlook versions
  • Works with Windows 10 and other versions
  • Merge PST files without Outlook using New PST option
  • Option to split large sized PST file
  • Combine PST files without deleted items and junk folder


For managing large number of Outlook data files, combining multiple PST files into is the best option. Here we have discussed the two methods that helps you to combine Outlook data files. Manual method is quite tricky if you have several PSTs. To overcome this issue, we also discussed professional method that is capable to combine unlimited PST files without duplicates and data loss.

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Migrate Google Drive Data to New Account – Simple Tips & Tricks

Chris Holroyd



Migrate Google Drive Data

Google Drive is a reliable solution for cloud data storage, storing thousands of user data on G Drive around the world. Due to the rapid growth of cloud data storage services, many individual and business users have become the customers of G Drive. However, storing this data is not a long-term solution and users may need to migrate Google Drive data to new account because of the free storage constraint. Most Google Drive users don’t know how to migrate data between two G Drive accounts. This article describes some of the simplest techniques to migrate data from one Google Drive account to another.

Method 1: Manual Procedure 

If you want to migrate Google Drive data to new account without going through the download and upload steps, follow the steps below.

  1. First, log in to the Google Drive account from which you want to migrate the data.
  2. Then select the files or folders you want to include in other G Drive accounts.
  3. Then you need to right-click on the file or folder and select the Share button or the Share icon.
  4. Next, you need to enter the email address of another Google Drive. Then click the Details button and change the permissions to owner.
  5. Click the Submit button to start the migration process. Then you need to log in to another Google Drive account. Then, from the left panel click on the Shared Items option.

Finally, you can go back to your main Google Drive account and delete files from the bin.

Likewise, select entire files and press make the copy option to migrate data from one Google Drive account to another. Also, rename the file and copy them to newly created folder.

Results of the Manual Method

However, the Google Takeout Option is the best and most effective manual solution to migrate Google Drive data to new account. However, this also has many drawbacks.

  1. You need a fast and smooth network connection.
  2. This is a very long and time consuming migration process.
  3. If the on-going movement is interrupted in the middle, you cannot continue it and may incur data loss.

Migrate Google Drive Data to New Account – Simplest Approach 

To overcome all the limitations to manual migrate data from one Google Drive account to another, users can seek help from automated solutions such as the SysTools Google Drive Migration tool. It is specially designed to migrate Google Drive Docs to another Google Drive account without the risk of data loss. The utility has many advanced features such as pause and resume options, the ability to maintain folder hierarchies during conversion, and the ability to create comprehensive status reports. With a simple graphical user interface, even beginners can understand the operation without the help of an expert.

Easy 7 Steps of the Software

1. Download, install and launch the SysTools Google Drive Migration tool.

2. Click Setup to select the source and destination platform. In this case, the source will be G Suite and again G Suite for the destination.

Start screen
  1. Proceed to the settings screen. You can select Category under Workload Selection. Select the category you want to move. In addition, you apply filters to migrate Goole Drive data to new account.
  1. Then, carefully add details to the Source screen. Upload your certificate file or p12 file. Alternatively, click Validate and grant permissions. Click Next to Migrate Google Drive data to new account.
Source screen
  1. Now go to the Destination screen. Here, fill in details for Office 365 as the target and re-authenticate. Furthermore, once the validation gets completed, click Next.
Source screen
  1. You can add users in many ways, for example: Fetch users, import users, and download templates. Select and go for the solution which meets to your requirement in order to migrate data from one Google Drive account to another.
  1. Once users are added, you can give them priority, if required. Then, click Start Migration.
Begin Migration

Once the process is complete, users can download a detailed migration report. This generated report can be used for future options. Displays the total number of successes and failures of each item moved.

Concluding Statement

In the article mentioned above, we mentioned an automatic method to migrate Google Drive data to new account. We’ve also included a manual process to migrate data from one Google Drive account to another. Now our users must choose the best way to migrate Google Drive documents to another Google Drive account.

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3 Ways to Fix – USB Files Not Showing but Space Used

Chris Holroyd



USB Files Not Showing but Space Used

USB Files Not Showing but Space Used 

When I connect my USB drive to the computer, I can see it and it shows occupying space. However, when I try to access its files, I cannot see any files. I have no idea why my USB drive shows empty even when data exist. I have some important files on my USB hard drive! Have you ever encountered the same question? Why the USB hard drive not showing data but space used? This is because your USB drive is infected with virus/malware or you accidentally hide all files and folders on your USB.

Are you annoyed by USB drive has data but not showing issues? Luckily, We know many science and technology websites have proposed solutions to blue error, such as PCWorld, Lifewire, MiniTool and etc. That is, this error is fairly common for windows users.Here, we will show you how to get data back from USB drive whether the data is hidden because of virus invasion erased by antivirus software or by human mistake.

 How to Fix USB Files Not Showing but Space Used

 Method 1: Show hidden files

Step 1: Connect your USB drive to PC.

Step 2: Press Windows+R to open the Run dialog, then type control panel in the empty box and click OK button.

Step 3: Select Appearance and Personalization.

Step 4: Click Show hidden files and folders in Folder Options.

Step 5: Click Show hidden files, folders, and drives, and uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended).

Step 6: Click OK button.

Now, you can re-access your USB drive files. If you cannot access its files, try the following solution to get rid of the USB drive is visible but the content is not an issue.

Method 2: Unhide files using CMD while USB drive not showing data

  • Connect your USB drive to your PC.
  • Press Windows +R button.
  • Type CMD and press Enter button.
  • Typediskpartand press Enter.
  • Type following command, and then press Enter button.

attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.*

(Here, the g is the drive letter of my USB hard drive. You can replace the drive letter with the corresponding drive letter of yours.)
  • Type Exit and press Enter.

If you still cannot see your USB drive files after trying the above solution, your files might be deleted after virus invasion. In this situation, what should you do?

Want to know the best way?

Method 3: Recover lost files when USB drive not showing data but space used 

According to user’s feedback, a large number of users successfully solved the USB drive shows empty even when data exist by recovering data. Some of them choose data recovery companies to get lost files back. Some of them choose data recovery software to get USB drive files back. There are strong and weak points in both data recovery solutions. For instance, if you don’t want to spend time learning a new program, you might choose data recovery companies. A piece of professional and simple data recovery software equipped with high security is the best choice for people who don’t want to bear the risk of data leakage during file recovery.

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Choose TP-Link router for fast Gaming and streaming Videos

Chris Holroyd



TP-Link router

Stuck at home due to the Coronavirus pandemic and getting bored? Well, most of us are in the same situation and that is why currently my daily routine consists of streaming videos or spending time playing online games all day. I think most of us are doing the same. But what is the most important thing for fast gaming and streaming? You can guess it – it’s the Wi-fi connection.

If you have a great PC or Laptop, best gaming equipment and even a great gaming chair or you have a comfortable couch, pillows, blankets, snacks and streaming service subscription but if you don’t have a great wi-fi network then it’s all incomplete. We need a strong Wi-fi connection to enjoy fast streaming without buffering and Gameplay without lag.

Simple Technology Blog Banner.png

This article is about the best TP-Link routers  for gaming and streaming for you.

  1. TP-Link Archer A7 AC1750

If you are looking or a budget friendly option then Archer A7 is the best for you. If your priority is mainly to get 4K streaming then it might be the ideal choice for you.You can even use it via voice commands by connecting it to Alexa. The only downside is that its max throughput is lower as compared to the other TP-Link models.


Top Speed 1,750 Mbps

Wi-Fi bands 2

Price $64.99

Alexa Compatible Yes

Switch to TP-LINK Router.png
  1. TP-Link Archer C5400X

TP-Link Archer C5400X is one of the Best gaming routers especially made for gamers. It is a tri-band Wi-fi with advanced gaming features including solid speed, built in antivirus security features, Q.o.S settings and Parental controls. It is quite expensive but if you are a big gaming fan then this might be the ideal choice for you.


Top Speed 1,000Mbps

Wi-Fi bands 3

Price $279.99

Alexa Compatible Yes

  1. TP-Link Archer AX6000

If you are Looking for a router which can allow high speed streaming on multiple wi-fi devices simultaneously then TP-Link Archer AX6000 might be the best option for you. It not only support Wi-fi 6 speed it also has some advanced features like MU-MIMO technology, Q.o.S featureand tri-band Wi-Fi. You can enjoy speed gaming while your other family members are enjoying watching videos on different streaming service.It has 8advanced antennas for excellent range and if you are looking for a budget friendly alternative to NETGEAR Nighthawk AX12 then this might be just the best choice for you. While its top-speed may not be able to exactly match AX12 but it can still handle all your 4K streaming and gamingneeds without issues.


Top Speed 5,952 Mbps

Wi-Fi bands 3

Price $299.99

Alexa Compatible Yes

Wi-Fi 6support Yes

If there’s another TP-Link model that you think is the best and should be added to this list, let me know in the comments.


My name is John Smith from Bellevue, USA. I am writing blogs related to various Networking and IT support such as troubleshooting, latest technologies and devices. Apart from this, I am Digital Marketing Expert!

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How to Turn Your Old Router into Range Boosting WiFi Repeater

Chris Holroyd



Boosting WiFi Repeater

We all are living in a time where the internet is an essential item in our life. A day without the internet it is unimaginable. At this particular time where everyone is trying to survive, we have stepped aside from our daily routine and put our tracks on this place called the internet world.

With different speeds of the internet, with varying ways of using it, and with varying internet connectivity forms, we all are doing our jobs. 

But have you ever got into a problem by using poor network connectivity or with less wifi signal?

Before that, have you been using a wifi network to do all the jobs? 

Boosting WiFi Repeater

When you move from a part of your house, you may be having a weak signal. To strengthen your signal to anywhere you are at. You will have to create a separate wireless access point that may be connecting separately from the original access point, in which you will at least be able to switch to a new extended router. 

You can have your extended network in two ways:

  1. Wireless repeater 
  2. Wired

So, you will need a whole wireless router for making a wireless repeater, which should get the wireless signal from the main router. 

Using a wired extender, you will need an actual WLAN wire to connect between the main router to the extended router, and then it can be used by other devices. 

The advantage if you use a wired extender is that you will get it at full speed, full bandwidth. 

But on the other side, if you are planning to use it as a repeater, you may have to face signal loss problems from the main router to the repeater and then from the repeater to other devices at times. 

It would be best if you also were careful when you place the repeater. If you set it far away from the main router where you are already getting a weak signal, it’s harder for the repeater to amplify the weak signal. Whereas if you are placing it in the middle of the place where it is somewhat nearby the primary router, you can get better signal strength. 

Here is something that may help you out to extend your wifi network with an old router: 

You Will Need A Primary As Well As A Secondary Router

You may not find every router to perform as an extender. First, switch on your old router and then press on the reset button to factory reset.  Once the factory reset is completed, the router should be connected with a LAN cable to the laptop or desktop. 

You have to connect the router using a LAN wire to your computer and not wifi because you will have to change the router’s IP address first. 

  1. After connecting, open the web browser, and you can type your IP address on the URL address bar. 
  2. A window will appear on your screen for authentication, but you will have to enter your password and your username as admin. 
  3. In the end, click on the Save button. 
  4. Your next step is to log in, after entering and bring username as well as password.
  5. When you log in, you will get into the settings page of the router. 
  6. You will have to select a network LAN, then change the IP address and then save.
  7. When you save, you will get an option to reboot. 
  8. Click on the ‘ ok’ button to reboot. 

When the router restart, you will see the IP address changed. Again you will have to enter the details in the authentication page on the screen, which occurred in the last time. 

Wireless Settings 

Login again and go to wireless settings from the given option. 

Here you can change your network name and then enable WDS bridging. When you allow this particular option, more options will come below in which you have to select the survey button. 

After clicking on the survey button, you should select your network, which displays your name on it, and then click on connect in the newly appeared details on the screen. After that, you can select essential type WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK and then enter the password below in the space given and save it. 

Wireless security

select WPA/WPA2-PSK personal(Recommended). when you select this option, you will have to enter the password again. Once you enter your password, you will have to save whatever changes you have made and then click ok. 

DHCP Settings

Disable the DHCP of your router having the address 192.168.l.3 first and save. 

Then you will get an option to reboot. When the router is rebooted, the router will restart. Only then will we get internet access, and you can check it by surfing through your browser.

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New Age of Child Care

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