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How Testing Services Can Elevate the QA Role?

Chris Holroyd



Testing Services

It is a general practice that quality assurance testers are not given due acknowledgment which they deserve. It was considered that most of the delays in the projects are caused due to testing team but this is surely not true. It is the general misconception and people need to realize how the quality assurance department is the driving force for a company’s success. If you are not certain about the management of this department then it is better to look out for offshore software testing services rather then creating unfavorable scenarios in your own office.

Offshore software testing services come with its own pros and cons but in the current scenario, it is the ideal case for which most of the software houses are opting for. They lookout for a reliable testing company for the job so that their existing team can focus completely on the development purpose. 

Importance of a QA Tester

Quality software can be reflected in various forms and a lot of efforts and considerations should be put in to derive the needful results. Here are a few points where the need or role of a tester can be reflected.

  • Customer satisfaction ratio
  • Complaints generated by customers
  • Development of staff turnover
  • The success of the business goal
  •  Completion of requirements.

In fact, the quality assurance process has a lot more significance then a person may realize and though it may seem a regular part of the software development lifecycle, but this is the only area that decides if the product is going to be a success or not. One needs to realize that how poor quality can rob you off with profit, customer loyalty, and exponentially increase the development cost if the product is not fixed timely. Your brand’s loyalty dilutes with time and every aspect will become questionable. If your business is related to software development or mobile application development then it is surely at risk from different aspects related to technology and looking for offshore software testing services is a necessary strategic move. 

Testing Services always work around a Strategy

To ensure the maximum quality of the system being developed, it is important to come up with a testing strategy and only an experienced person can do that. There are multiple ways through which a system can be tested and testers work in a detailed manner to come up with a way in which highest quality can be achieved while time and cost remain minimum. 

Clear goals along with a list of constraints are considered to design an effective strategy. An expert knows which boundaries to contemplate and which strategies to implement to achieve the results the company is aiming at. Opting for an offshore testing companies is an ideal choice as they propose various testing strategies based on your software and then implement the one which seems appropriate to your team and can be carried out timely. Once the strategy is defined then things become smooth and communication can be carried out in a much more organized way with the management team. It also helps to set realistic expectations. 

Implementation of Best Practices

As these testing services work day and night to ensure quality so they work in a way that no stone remains unturned. Their job is not limited to finding bugs but they also help the development team to come up with the software which meets the client’s expectations. This is the list of some essential practices which you expect from the company proving you testing services:

  1. A compact testing report from the company providing you testing services, the report must contain features that are tested and completed.
  2. Detailed understanding regarding your business and projects. They are clear about your priorities and then work around them. 
  3. Build the base upon regression testing and its coverage. No aspect or area should be left untested before the launch.
  4. Weekly meetings with the development team regarding product quality where suggestions are made to improve the quality and small recommendations are placed which will make big difference in the end. 

One needs to understand that testing plays a crucial part in the success of your software product. If you can’t afford to have a promising quality assurance team on your premises that the best you can do is to look for offshore testing services that are low on pocket and high in quality. 

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How Software Development Services could help Businesses survive the Tough Times

Chris Holroyd



Software Development Services

For many months now, Covid-19 has been a humanitarian challenge of gigantic scale in the world, threatening individuals, businesses, and communities. It’s true that the pandemic has caused a staggering economic damage and left people with no choice but to stay at home. However, the pandemic gives a definite hope to those who’ve been standing on the edge of the recession taking place. 

The pandemic’s business impact could be more intense on the worldwide demand for Information Technology products and services, which include custom software development services. These desperate times call for desperate measures, or to put it better, these extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. 

So, how does custom software development help organizations survive these difficult times?

Custom Software Development services could be the Game-Changer 

Covid-19 and the worldwide economic slowdown that came with it is pressuring businesses to rethink about their return expectations. Companies of all shapes and sizes are facing the challenge of maintaining product and service delivery of the highest value to clients for even less money. 

Since geographic scattering is recognized as among the most effective risk management techniques, custom software application development could help organizations ensure quality and create resilience from disruptions, like pandemics and natural disasters. 

  1. Cutting on Costs

At any time, the aim of a business is to cut down on costs, while maximizing profits. When customizing your software needs, you’d initiate considerable savings on costs that would help sustain your business. Opting to customized software means that most software development activities would go on remotely, even if lockdowns are implemented. 

You get immediate access to experts who are ready to get the ball rolling in a matter of seven days. It is such a relief to have the development team that you need, without shouldering the costs and burden associated with the training, recruitment, office space, payroll, perks, and so on. 

  1. Maintains the same or even higher service level

Customer service is among the most critical business segments. It could impact the survival of any company. Customer service almost entirely controls all other business areas. Part of the reason why businesses are partnering with a custom software development company outsourcer is that their customer services are on their knees. 

Increasing client turn-around time ensures that you’ve boosted customer satisfaction and productivity. Both are not easy to achieve now with all the lockdowns, quarantines, and stay-at-home protocols. Meaning that customized software helps you do it, and, at a lesser cost. 

  1. Flexibility

Services outsourcing, like IT ascertain that your brand will remain financially stable, particularly during these uncertain times. Demand, like the present worldwide state of affairs is without doubt bound to drop because of Coronavirus. Offshore outsourcing makes sure that you could run your business during the lockdown. 

Furthermore, it also guarantees sustainability in running your company, since you could save a lot more compared to doing all the activities locally, or in-house. Software application development providers used to remote development and working in distributed teams could share their best practices and could help organizations make the development process scalable, highly secure, and effective. 

  1. Keeps you on the competitive edge

Even before Covid-19, competition was tough. All over the world, businesses struggle to make the most out of the crisis. While the pandemic has crippled most industries, you could continue some activities via offshoring. 

Custom software development offers better results. It’s not just cheaper, it also ensures that you don’t experience darkness during this period. This guarantees you a step above the rest, that have their operations grounded until the end of the outbreak.  

Find the Right Software Development Service Partner in Today’s Time

Providing superior service levels to clients in a remote working scenario should be the mindset and not a contingency plan. Developing unique and innovative tech solutions is the requirement of the hour for businesses to navigate through these stormy times. Relying on a customized software development partner with certified developers is paramount. 

Although bottlenecks would be around in some form or the other always, an experienced service provider focuses on the larger picture and ensures business recovery and complete restoration. 

  1. Do Ample Research

It may be tempting to click on the first suggested option on the search engines, but you should take more time to do research. Read reviews, browse the web, ask for referrals, check the profile of the outsources to make sure that you’re collaborating with the right partner. 

  1. Make a Shortlist and Ask Questions to Various Providers

When you’re done with research, make a shortlist of at least three. You could schedule a call and ask questions of each provider. For an offshore service provider, arranging a video call for a detailed discussion of the project with the development team is ideal. Nonetheless, before doing a video call, you should be prepared with the questions you want discussed, including the technologies they would deploy, how long it takes to complete a project, the costs, and so on. 

  1. Check out the Portfolio

Without doubt, entrepreneurs determine the kind of projects they’ve undertaken and for what customers have worked is paramount. The portfolio of the service provider provides you with detailed insights into what kind of work strategy that they have adopted and their work nature. 


Selecting a custom software development is critical in mitigating the impact of Covid-19. All you need is a reliable custom software development service provider that could constantly keep tabs on reports from local firms and health agencies to alleviate any imminent threat that could arise due to the pandemic. Keep in mind that during his economic downfall, only the smartest and strongest organizations would survive in today’s recession. 

In the remaining few months of 2020, it’s difficult to predict what shape the recession and downfall would take. However, preparing with the best solutions ahead of time is the only step that makes a lot of sense in order to survive. Opt for vendors that take effort in understanding the needs of your brand, sets up extra calls with you and sends follow-ups. 

Tough times don’t last, and while we don’t have any idea how long this pandemic would stay, it won’t last as well. Nonetheless, learning how to cope with challenges, instead of totally avoiding them is paramount. 

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How Large Businesses Can Take Advantage Of Today’s Automated Testing

Chris Holroyd



Automated Testing
Automated testing is the hottest trend in the QA world. Many software testing companies have in their arsenal, among many others, such service as automated software testing. It provides vast opportunities as tests that were previously conducted manually can be committed now automatically, continually, faster, and with low error rates. Actually, it can be compared with the invention of a conveyor belt in the time of the industrial revolution when machines started to perform routine, monotonous tasks instead of humans. Implementation of automated testing requires changes in the business processes and considerable initial investments that are often a stumbling point for most companies. But experience has proven that such investments pay off quickly. To figure out why automation testing is required for large businesses, let’s consider the main benefits of test automation.,
  1. Cutting down of costs
As was mentioned, the initial implementation of automated testing is somewhat expensive. But automated testing is cost-effective in the long-term perspective, as once created, test scripts can be reused 24/7 without additional expenses. The more automated test scripts are generated and used, the higher the return on investment. Nevertheless, manual testing is essential in some situations and cannot be completely replaced by automated testing. Besides, automated testing justifies itself due to a more effective and earlier bug finding. According to the rule of thumb, the earlier a bug is detected, the easier and cheaper it can be fixed. Therefore, with automated testing implementation, your company can avoid additional expenses related to post-release bug fixing and even possible loss compensations to end-users.
  1. Quick development and delivery
Test automation can significantly save your time. Automated tests are carried out rapidly and repeatedly. Tests that previously took several days or even weeks now can be conducted in a few hours. High speed of test execution provides a shorter software development cycle, more frequent releases, and faster time-to-market. So, as you see, automated testing can considerably boost development.
  1. Increased Productivity
Running of automated tests doesn’t require human encroachment. Therefore, the software can be tested at night, and the next morning a QA engineer can check results and take corresponding actions if needed. Due to test automation, QA engineers can spend less time on testing and instead concentrate on other important tasks like the creation of test cases,  exploration of requirements, etc.
  1. High accuracy
By repeating the same tests for a long time, a tester can easily get bored and distracted; it can lead to defect omitting. Automated scripts can be run hundreds of times with minimal effort and maximum accuracy. In such a way, automated tests reduce the risk of failure and provide more precise and effective bug detection.
  1. Maximum test coverage
One of the main advantages of automated testing is that it can help you maximize test coverage. Implementation of automated testing lets QA engineers execute a higher number of tests, while manual testing would require the bulk of testers, limited severely with time. Besides, some types of tests cannot be committed manually at all.
  1. High quality and performance
Due to the improved test coverage, automated testing can provide high quality and performance of a product. Numerous automation testing tools can help test your app against multiple platforms and on several devices simultaneously. Loading and stress testing can also be easily conducted due to automation, helping you assess product performance. In addition, with automated testing, you can quickly conduct complex and lengthy test cases for which you may not have enough time using a manual testing approach.
  1. Easy CI/CD pipeline implementation
If you consider the implementation of continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD), you cannot neglect test automation because it is compulsory for them. In the CI/CD pipeline, every change of the source code must be tested, and it can be done fast and efficiently just with the help of automated testing. That is why, having implemented automated testing, you will have an opportunity to shift to CI/CD pipeline pretty easily. Still, it might be challenging to manage test automation across the CI/CD pipeline, when code complexity and number of test cases increase. But this issue can be settled with effective AI-powered tools.
  1. Fast Feedback
Fast feedback is also one of the most important automation testing benefits. Due to quick test execution, developers regularly receive testing reports and deal swiftly with detected bugs. This approach can considerably ease and optimize developers’ work as there is no need anymore to figure out the code written several weeks ago.


The automation testing advantages are obvious. Implementation of automated testing is inescapable if you are going to optimize your workflow and use the latest development methodologies. There is no doubt, the importance of automated testing will continuously be growing as each year more effective tools appear, and testing frameworks get more mature. So, if you do not want to lag behind your competitors, do not hesitate and work on automated testing implementation.
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Keeping Test Cases Lean with Agile Test Case Management

Chris Holroyd



Test Case Management

With the rising trends of agile and DevOps development methods in organizations, it is becoming increasingly important to seek ways to enhance the testing speed and optimize the testing process without making a compromise on the quality. Improving the testing processes enables organizations to increase productivity and allows them to keep up the rapidly changing dynamic development lifecycle. Especially in case of organizations that have limited resources, capital, and manpower, proficient test case management tools can prove to be quite beneficial. Through these tools, time and cost efficiency is achieved through the optimization of processes, speed, and quality.

The Need for Test Case Management

The quality assurance team and testers are usually the ones to create a central repository for test cases which are then used to verify various functions of the application. The fundamental aim of the test case management tools is to conduct tests against the software product in numerous operating environments and log the results as well for reference. At the end of the day, the recommendations and insights of the testing teams are the determining factor which controls the release of the software product. Traditionally, because of the lack of advanced tools and mechanisms, the functional testing of the application consumed most of the testing resources. However, in the agile driven organization today where automation testing is a significant part of the testing process, quality assurance teams have more resources for test case development, process improvement, and automation.

Features and Functionalities for Test Case Management

With the use of adequate test case management system, teams are able to generate and save test cases, plan the tests and execute them, and finally create and save test reports as well in one place. The knowledge sharing and common language aspects of these tools allow all the teams to be on the same page and track what is happening in the project easily. Some of the most important features and functionalities of this tool include;

Streamlined tracking abilities – with the help of these testing tools, the teams are able to keep a check on the testing progress at every stage to ascertain that transition from one stage of the project to another is smooth and seamless. The maintenance of testing logs from different stage is helpful for the teams in the current projects as well as the future ones.

Ease of use and flexibility – this feature in the test case management system facilitates the testers in detecting any issues or problems that are hindering the functionality or performance of the application.

Integration of automated testing – the automation of testing process has become an indispensable part of the projects in the agile world, mainly because it saves a lot of time for the testers which could be spent on other important tasks.

Reporting in real-time – as the documentation of the testing progress at all stages is kept in real-time so the tracking of the project becomes easier, and developers are able to get and flexible responses from the quality assurance teams.

Author Bio:

As a Senior Marketing Consultant at Kualitatem, Ray Parker loves to write tech-related news, articles, specifically quality assurance and information security. Apart from his techie appearance, he enjoys soccer, reading mysteries, and spending long hours working over at the New York office. 

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5 Essential Skills for Advanced Penetration Testing

Chris Holroyd



Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is also known as pen testing, is a practice that identifies loopholes in an application that can be exploited with the aim of finding security vulnerabilities that a hacker could use against it. Pen testing is different from vulnerability scanning and security assessments. It helps in identifying some of the most complicated attacks across systems. When you hire a penetration testing company, testers use tools and techniques to identify vulnerabilities that teams are unable to detect during the software development process. 

It is often used to detect the vectors that can be used by attackers to recreate the attack and prevent it from being attacked in the future. It is a major component of various security audits that include PCI-DSS regulation. These audits require pen-tests on active systems and apps that handle payment information. Pen-testers use a combination of manual and automated testing, by using a variety of tools that are a part of the ethical hacking process. 

Internal security teams conduct a risk analysis of their systems, apps, and networks to secure them and help businesses in protecting their systems from cyber-attacks. The highly trained pen-testers think like unethical hackers and employ creative ways to identify vulnerabilities before attackers can misuse them. They go beyond using automated tools to identify these risks. Pen-testers are known as ethical hackers who can also simulate phishing campaigns to identify weaknesses in the security posture of the companies. Here, human intervention and skills are essential to simulate realistic attacks to uncover all the critical weaknesses in a system.

Let’s have a look at the 5 essential skills for advanced penetration testing:

  • As the name itself suggests, penetration testing is all about penetrating into a system to check its security, pen-testers go beyond the available suite of tools to spot the possible vulnerabilities. Testers should:
  • Understand how to secure web communications. They should know everything about registering the web domain name and applying the same to a cloud-IP address. 
  • Pen-testers should secure web communication by generating secure domain certificates. 
  • They should also have the ability to script or write code 
  • Ethical hackers should have effective report writing skills. 

In order to be a better penetration tester, it is important to upgrade skills in their domain. These skills will make them stand out from the rest and make them more effective pen testers. Although when businesses hire a penetration testing company they are sure that they have a secure system. Good pen-testers know how to maintain a proper security stature for business and seal all the loopholes in a system. This allows businesses to be sure that attackers cannot misuse any vulnerabilities in their apps, networks, and systems. The above-mentioned skill is important for pen-testers to excel at their jobs and think like an unethical hacker before they can attack a system. Cybersecurity is evolving continuously, and it makes penetration testing an important process for organizations to invest in and stay safe from malicious attackers. 

 Author Bio:

As a Senior Marketing Consultant at Kualitatem, Ray Parker loves to write tech-related news, articles, specifically quality assurance and information security. Apart from his techie appearance, he enjoys soccer, reading mysteries, and spending long hours working over at the New York office.

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How eCommerce is Adapting and Reacting to the Coronavirus

Chris Holroyd




The coronavirus is spreading day by day all over the world. People’s life has been greatly affected by it. We are not able to do our outdoor activities in the same manner as we used to do earlier. It has also become difficult to purchase the things of our daily use from shops in the market. It has greatly affected ecommerce, advertising and marketing. Some other fields like FMCG, entertainment and travel are also affected by it.

Now I will show you how e-commerce is adapting and reacting to coronavirus.

1.Behaviours are changing- As we all know that there is a great chance of infection if we go to stores, so we should avoid going there. There is a shortage of stocks at the stores also. Therefore, the people are shifting towards online shopping for the ease of getting items. Now since the people have started purchasing the items through online shopping, they will continue it even after the end of the coronavirus.

2.More use of eGrocery- Due to the coronavirus issue there is a rapid increase in the use of eGrocery. The sales of seafood, meat and vegetables has increased three times in the Meituan Dianping company, China. The grocery orders have been doubled in Alibaba Group’s part named as and the sales have increased four times in JD Daojia.

3.Different way of selling food- Due to this outbreak some people in China have adopted smaller stores, e-commerce and omnichannel instead of selling them in retail channels which is an offline method. An example of this is beverage and instant noodle producer- Master kong. The supply chain was adapted as a result of keeping an eye on retail re-opening. Because of this the recovery of the supply chain has been increased by 50%. This helped master kong to provide beverage and instant noodles to about 60% stores which was much more as compared to other producers. Some people who were interested in cooking themselves by keeping themselves at home were offered half cooked food from some restaurants.

4.Delivery of food- Because of the crisis in china there is an increase in the number of networks for food delivery. Customers could not go to the restaurants to eat because of the outbreak. The only option was the delivery of food to them. By doing this they earned good profit.

5.Better use of labor- Because of the outbreak the people were not going to the cinemas, restaurants and hotels. As a result, the employees there were useless. Alibaba used those employees in its digital-first supermarket known as Hema. The job of delivery was given to those employees.

6.Benefit from cosmetics- Due to the outbreak around 40% of the cosmetic stores of Lin Qingxuan company of China were compelled to shut down. People working there became influencers who were originally beauty advisors. This made them achieve a growth of 200% in comparison to the year that has passed.

7.Services of healthcare- For supplying medicine to the patients, a service of free online consultation was launched by JD health. Alibaba decided to provide products to hospitals present anywhere.

A software known as t shirt designing software helps customers to put their own design and written statement on the t shirt and then customers can purchase the t shirt from e-commerce stores.

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Front-End Web Development: What You Need to Know

Chris Holroyd



Front-End Web Development

Recently, a lot of individuals raise what they must learn to become a front-end developer. A way to learn front-end whereas there area unit such a lot of things to be told, everything changes thus quick, new technologies, new standard libraries virtually once a year. Once you begin reading articles and news concerning it, you’ll feel lost. Of these technologies React, Angular, Vue.js, jQuery, Javascript, even Bootstrap area unit stoning up everyplace. And at now, you most likely marvel however and wherever to begin and eventually become smart at it. In this article, I’ll try and answer this question, illustrate to you what front-end developers do on a routine and what steps you must fancy come through your goal, what’s essential, and what not most.

What is front-end Development and what front-end developer does?

Front-end Development is that the part of the application that we tend to as users will see and act with. From a lot of technical purposes of reading, it’s accountable for collecting knowledge from the user and spending it to back-end and for displaying back-end knowledge to the user. However, front-end developer has an extra task; he or she must implement designers concepts.

So, what skills will the person have to be compelled to be an honest front-end developer?

Start with HTML

The first talent (the essential one, really) that you would like to own is hypertext mark-up language (HyperText Markup Language), it’s necessary for the front-end of WordPress development company. Hypertext mark-up language creates the skeleton of our web site or application. It creates blocks, components like the menu, image, text, video, table, inputs, etc. however, the excellent news is that it won’t take an extended time to induce conversation in it. Once concerning one week of learning and active, you’ll be ready to produce the first project in a hypertext mark-up language. Bear in mind that hypertext mark-up language doesn’t apply colors and every one the sweetness to your components. Here comes consequent talent you would like to own.

Continue with CSS

The next factor that you certainly need to grasp is CSS(Cascading vogue Sheets); it sits progressing to be with you throughout all of your front-end careers, therefore higher get terribly at home with it. You’re proceeding to use CSS to feature your page to some trend. With CSS, you’ll produce all the positioning of components, provide them colors, alignment, fonts, sizes, margins, and even some animations. From one purpose of reading, CSS is extremely simple within the starting; however, once you attempt to master it, then you’ll see what percentage of things are activity behind that you had no plan concerning. Your approach for CSS ought to discover that you can learn new tricks throughout all of your life.

Now it’s the time to apply, having markup language and CSS you’ll produce stunning websites, dashboards, UI or UI components. A lot of you’ll produce, the higher your data can become.

At this time, it might be nice to require a more in-depth investigation of UI libraries like Bootstrap or UI linguistics or Foundation. Don’t be afraid; it’s enough to find one amongst them to understand the way to use all. I might suggest ranging from Bootstrap as a result of it’s the foremost widespread one, and many firms use it.

Also, at this time is an additional factor to say. You would like to search out what responsive style and media queries as a result of, in 2019, your needs to be mobile-friendly. Currently, we will move to the succeeding step.

Go deeper with Javascript

Now let’s start with more serious things. You should learn JavaScript if you want to increase the functionality of your websites. With javascript, you can add a lot of things like image sliders, forms validation, popups, tooltips and lots of other interactive elements. You can also create a connection to back-end and send data through API calls. If you face any problems during development, you can always look at the documentation or ask other Javascript community members on any Facebook group, Stackoverflow, or any programming forum.

It seems like that’s it? Unfortunately, we should learn a modern framework for front-end development. Let’s go to the next step.

Use JS frameworks

Now let’s begin with additional serious things. you’ve got to be told Javascript to feature additional practicality to your web site or application. With JS you’ll be able to add image sliders, forms validation, popups, tooltips and much of different interactive parts. you’ll be able to additionally produce an association to back-end and send information through API calls. Of course, you’ve got to apply tons after you got the Javascript data. If you face any issues throughout development, you’ll be abe to invariably inspect the documentation or raise different Javascript community members on any Facebook cluster, Stackoverflow, or any programming forum.

It sounds like that’s it? sadly not, currently, it’d be sensible to be told a number of the fashionable frameworks for front-end development. Let’s move to the consequent step.


It’s a component-based library created by Facebook; it’s a superb tool for building UI. ReactJS isn’t difficult, it shouldn’t be if you recognize Javascript without delay, and there’s a large community of developers and tones of sources that you might use to clarify everything you wish to grasp.

If you’d prefer to get accustomed to ReactJS, take a glance at the tutorials we’ve prepared:


It’s a really common front-end framework from Google and here is one difficult factor, to use Angular, you would like to update your information and add matter (it’s terribly just like Javascript. However, it’s typewritten and has some a lot of extra features). Angular conjointly has wonderful documentation, scores of resources, and a giant community.


 It’s a replacement framework that gained immense quality; it’s a component-based framework. Creators of Vue.js tried to make it as easy as attainable in order that it should be the proper selection for the beginner. On the opposite hand, resources to find out aren’t terribly huge, and therefore the community is tiny, however growing.

Now it’s time for you to pick out. If you’re unsure, perhaps it’s an honest plan to create a take a look at the project with every one of them and check that one you’re feeling snug with. It’d seem to be it’s everything you would like to understand, however, there’s still another necessary factor. Let’s visit the last step.

Finish with Git

The final thing you must learn is skunk (Version management System); junior developers typically skip it, however virtually every WordPress development services provider uses it, and it’s unbelievably helpful to grasp; however, it works. It’s primarily used for the collaboration of developers on one code. You must begin learning skunk by putting in it on your machine. It’d be right for you to make your repo on Github or Bitbucket and store your code there. Take a glance at the documentation to establish|to be told} basic commands and find out what’s a branch, commit, or code review. It looks like that’s it.

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