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Three Effective And Easy Methods To Access The Desktop Version Of Facebook On The Ios System

Chris Holroyd



Desktop Version Of Facebook

Are you failing to access the desktop version of Facebook on your phone or iPad? If that is the issue you have been having for a long time, then you are in the right place. Here we will share a few effective yet easy access to the desktop version of Facebook on iPhone and iPad for your ease. 

An Overview Of The Desktop Version Of Facebook In The iOS System:

Any iOS user must have noticed that the aesthetics and the functionality of the application are different. The distinctive appeal of the feed in the desktop version makes the user rely on it more. 

 The difference in the aesthetics is due to the accession of the site from mobile phones. Facebook is one of the sites that have distinct variations for distinct applicability. For mobile, it has different versions; for computer browsers, it has a different one. 

Nonetheless, the accessibility of the features on both phone and desktop will be variant depending on the device. The features that you find on mobile devices are specifically made for the devices. 

However, when it comes to the aspect of the desktop, the features change. For example, you may not be able to attach pdf files while using Facebook using a mobile browser. 

However, it can be done on the desktop. This aspect of the deliverance of certain features that are comparably more on the desktop version is what makes it worthy. 

In Case You Don’t Know How To Get Access To The Desktop Version Of Facebook, The Following Are Some Of The Easiest Procedures…..

Generally, your iPhone or iPad will always showcase the mobile version of Facebook. Even if you are adamant about using Facebook from safari or chrome, it will be there. 

However, many have commented on the toughness of accessing the full desktop version of Facebook. Though it is difficult, it is not impossible. Following are some methods through which you can do it.

First Method: Use Url To Access The Facebook Desktop Version 

Using the URL to gain access to the Facebook Desktop Version on iPhone or iPad is very easy. All you need is the URL and the web browser through which you want to gain an entry. 

  • First, you need to open Facebook on your iPhone or your iPad. By doing so, you will gain admission into the mobile version of Facebook.
  • Now you have to hit the Enter key.
  • Once you click on the enter key, you will be accessing the Full desktop version of Facebook on your iPhone.

Second Method: Gain Access To The Desktop Version On iPhone And iPad Using Safari Browser

Another straightforward method to access Facebook is by using the safari. The safari browser makes the method very simple and quick for every kind of iOS user. 

The share option provided by safari gives an option for the user to request the desktop version. The request makes the aspect of accession of the desktop version easy-peasy. 

  • Open the Safari browser first on your phone or iPad. 
  • Now you need to head to using the safari. 
  • As you are using the mobile device, by hitting the “okay” button, you will be redirected to facebook’s mobile version. 
  • That is it. Now log in to your personal Facebook account. 
  • Now you need to click on the share button situated at the bottom of the menu. 
  • By clicking on the share button, a drop-down menu will appear. 
  • From there, you have to hit on the option of “Request Desktop Site.”

You will be taken to the Facebook Desktop version on your iPhone or iPad by tapping on the option.

Third Method: Gain Access To Facebook Desktop Version Using Chrome On iPhone and iPad 

In case you do not want to use the Safari browser, you can use google chrome. The method to access Google chrome to open the desktop version of Facebook is written below. 

  • Head to the chrome browser on your iPhone or iPad. 
  • Visit
  • Now you have to head to the three dots menu situated at the right corner of the screen. 
  • Tap on the option of “Request Desktop Site” situated in the drop-down menu.

You have to enable the option by clicking on the “Request Desktop Site.” Upon clicking on it, you will have gained access to the desktop version on iPhone or iPad. 

Ending Note

By following the mentioned steps above, you will gain access to the desktop version of Facebook on your iOS system. Nonetheless, if you are still having issues, we recommend taking the help of a professional. Contact the iOS service system to gain knowledge about the methodology of accessing the desktop version of Facebook.

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How to Recover Ransomware Encrypted Files

Vanessa Venugopal



Recover Ransomware Encrypted Files

Businesses of all sizes are the target of cybercriminals. The number of cyberattacks is increasing and becoming sophisticated. In 2020, malware attacks increased by 358%, while ransomware increased by 435% compared to the previous year. 

Due to the increase in the number of attacks, Gartner projected that most businesses would spend around $170.4 billion on security by 2022.

However, despite the increase in reported cases of attacks, there are still businesses whose data is compromised regularly. It’s because organizations still lack awareness of cybersecurity and what to do to protect their data.

Also, the growing remote workforce, increasing number of connected devices, and the gap between cybersecurity professionals contribute to an increase in business and consumer attacks.

Ransomware is one of the most common cybersecurity threats that attack businesses and individual users. Most victims of ransomware lack cybersecurity practices or knowledge about the threat.

So, we will discuss what ransomware is, what you can do when you experience it, and how to protect yourself from future attacks.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts the files of the victim. The attacker will soon demand a ransom in exchange for the encrypted files

The average ransom paid was $170,404. However, some businesses pay even millions to retrieve the data. Some organizations paid the ransom and were not able to get all their data.

Paying ransom for data encryption is expensive. It can even cost businesses to file for bankruptcy. For individual users, paying for encrypted files is not an option since it will cost more than they have.

How Can Ransomware Get into Your Device?

Ransomware can affect computers in several ways. However, the most common route is via phishing emails. When an email containing a malicious attachment gets downloaded by the victim, hackers will trick users into giving them admin access. Therefore, they can start encrypting the files of the victim. 

Also, some forms of ransomware use security holes like outdated operating systems or software to infect a device.

Once the malware gains access to the device, it can perform any action. However, most ransomware blocks the victim from accessing their files or sometimes the entire computer. 

Once files are encrypted, the attacker will send a message or flash a message on the screen explaining your files are inaccessible, and the only way to retrieve them is to pay. 

Some malware can also shut the whole computer down or threaten the victim that their files will be leaked.

Who Do Hackers Target Often?

Ransomware hackers often attack organizations of different sizes. Sometimes they even attack individuals of various backgrounds. Hackers target individuals with weak security. Also, they go after organizations that would pay the ransom without thinking.

When your data has been compromised, you might worry that there’s no other way to retrieve the content. However, you can implement some steps that might get your files back instead of paying the ransom.

How to Recover Ransomware Encrypted Files?

Disconnect Device from Network

Once you’ve found out your device has ransomware, disconnect it from the internet to avoid the spread to other devices.

Pay the Ransom

If you can’t wait to retrieve your files because they’re valuable, you can pay the ransom and hope for the best. Some cybercriminals don’t return or give you access to your encrypted files even after payment. However, our advice is not to do it.

Check if Files Are Encrypted or Hidden Only

How to check if files are hidden?

  • Open Start bar.
  • Type Hidden and choose Show Hidden Files.
  • Check the box in front of Change Setting to Show File Extensions.
  • Click Show Settings.
  • Click the circle in front of the Show Hidden Files, Folder, and Drives.
  • Click OK.
  • Go to or open My Computer.
  • Choose an empty hard drive. If it looks greyed out, the files are back.
  • Highlight all files (CTRL + A).
  • Right-click > choose Properties.
  • Uncheck the box of Hidden.
  • Files will be back to normal.

If there are no files, then they might be encrypted by the hacker. So, follow the procedures instructed below.

Restore Backup Data

The best and fastest way to recover files is to restore your backup files. Restore the latest version of data as they don’t contain ransomware or infected files. However, before the restoration process, make sure to get rid of the ransomware first.

There are various ways to get rid of the infected files. However, the best way to entirely remove it from your PC is to reset the system using factory default.

Use the Windows System Restore

If you are using a Windows operating system, you can recover your data using the Windows System Restore in the Control Panel. The use of Windows System Restore is to store a specific backup of your device, which you can access when needed.

Go to the Control Panel > select System and Security > choose Backup and Restore > click Restore Files from backup > follow the instructions provided.

Windows File Versions

You can also choose to restore a specific file or folder using the Windows File Version. It helps when the encrypted file is usually a single folder.

Right-click the file you want to restore > select Properties > choose the Previous Version > select the version to restore > choose if you want to create a copy or overwrite the encrypted file.

Use Data Recovery Software

If you cannot recover your data from your backup files, there are third-party apps that can recover data that is encrypted. Data recovery software can help restore deleted files, corrupted, de-format drives, and repair hard drives.

  • Stellar Data Recovery: It is the best data recovery software preferred by businesses and consumers. It can recover data from Windows, Mac, and iPhone.
  • Disk Drill: Use for Windows and Mac. It can recover any file format, undamaged storage device, and encrypted files.
  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: It is made for Windows PCs to recover from data loss. Whether you encounter an accidental file deletion, virus attack, or system crash, you can recover files from this handy tool.

Try Ransomware Decryption Tools

Ransomware Decryption tools are used to decrypt files using an algorithm created by experts. However, these tools depend on the type of ransomware that infected your device. 

Make sure that you download tools from a legitimate source. 

After installing the decryption tool, follow the instructions provided. 

What to Do After Encrypting Your Files?

After removing the ransomware or infected file and retrieving your data, you need to protect your devices to prevent future attacks.

Here are some tips you can practice to avoid becoming a victim of ransomware again:

  • Avoid opening suspicious emails or clicking on links or attachments.
  • Use an effective antivirus software like Bitdefender. Not sure which Bitdefender product to use? Take a look at this article about Bitdefender Internet Security and Total Security.
  • Back up your files regularly. You can schedule an automatic backup or perform it manually. 
  • In some countries, you can report the ransomware attack as it is considered an illegal cybercrime.

It’s always best to prevent an attack than retrieving your files or getting rid of the malware. Take a look at this Ultimate Cybersecurity Checklist to make sure you continuously keep your business or personal data safe from threats.

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Migrate Data From Lotus Notes to G Suite: Step By Step Guide

Chris Holroyd



Migrate Data From Lotus Notes to G Suite

Have you ever met with an instance wherein you need to Migrate Data From Lotus Notes to G Suite? Undergoing cumbersome time to find the relevant solution for this migration? Then, there is nothing to panic about! Understanding this concerning users query, we have come with this write-up to help users know the best and simplest way to fulfill this complicated need.

In this technical world, Lotus Notes to Google Apps Migration is the demand of many users. Both platforms are well-known, but nowadays many users are showing more interest in Google apps rather than IBM Lotus Notes. The reason is straightforward, it gives several eminent features with a user-friendly GUI. 

If you are also searching for a solution to migrate data from lotus notes to g suite. Then do not worry as you are not the only one with this necessity. Since we have seen numerous people wanting to know this migration process, so we have decided to share the best method to export NSF files to Google Apps. Let’s know how to do it:

“Hi, there! My organization uses IBM Notes as it is a primary email client. Now, we have decided to switch to G Suite but the problem is I don’t know how to do that. Is there any reliable way for exporting Lotus Notes emails to G Suite, as I am scared of losing my data? Please assist me with a safe and secure solution……!”

Now let us move toward the solution to solve such user queries-

Professional Way to Migrate Data From Lotus Notes to G Suite

Use Lotus Notes to Google Apps Migration Tool to export data from Lotus Notes

NSF to G Suite account. Using this tool you can easily migrate data from multiple NSF files in a single go. Using this tool, users can migrate emails, contacts, and calendar data items without any consequences. Also, users can export only a selective range of data using the date filter options, to do so need to provide the “To” and “From” date range. More so, it is completely safe and has a user-friendly interface that makes it very popular among users due to which non-technical or novice users won’t face any trouble while using it.

Step to Migrate Data From Lotus Notes to G Suite

Step 1. In the very first step, download and run the migration tool on your system.

Step 2. Next, select the Source and Destination platforms and apply advanced settings if needed.

Step 3. After that, enter the credential of the admin account and select the NSF files using the Source Folder Path option.

Step 4. Here, enter destination i.e. (G Suite) account details, and click on validate.

Step 5. At last, click on the Start Migration button to finalize the migration process.

Why Lotus Notes to Google Apps Migrator is a Reliable Solution?

There is no direct manual solution that promises the guaranteed resolution for this, hence it becomes necessary to opt for a reliable third-party tool. But there is a question that hovers a user’s mind is – how to find that which is the perfect solution to Migrate Data From Lotus Notes to G Suite. One of the globally accepted software for this data migration is Lotus Notes to Google Apps Migration tool. This utility is specially designed for exporting data from lotus Notes to G Suite account. Besides this there are some advanced features of this tool are:

  • Transfer Emails, Contacts & Calendars from single or multiple NSF files to G Suite.
  • Supports migrating multiple Lotus Notes mailboxes at once with any data loss.
  • Delta migration feature available to migrate newly arrived data from IBM notes NSF files to G Suite.
  • Offer an option to set priority to the preferred mailboxes that you want to be transferred first.
  • Allow users to map user mailboxes using Fetch Users or Import Users p[options.

Wrapping up

In the above article, we have talked about the best approach to Migrate Data From Lotus Notes to G Suite. If you want perfect migration results without compromising the data integrity or loss. It is suggested to use the above-mentioned utility as it provides a safe & secure environment for migration.

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Flutter vs React Native: What is the Right Choice tor App Developers in 2021?

Chris Holroyd



Flutter vs. React Native

In a world where mobile apps are at the center of brand competition, app developers need to choose their tech stack wisely to ensure better mileage for their clients. It is the choice of tech stack that can directly impact development time, cost, availability of quality resources, ease of maintenance and user experience. Naturally, they need to choose the right technology for developing apps.

Hybrid apps are outright rejected by ambitious app projects simply because of their compromising user experience. On the other hand, native apps take longer to build and consume a bigger budget and resources for initial release as well as updates. This is where cross platform development emerged as a great choice by bringing together value propositions of both. Yes, modern cross platform technologies such as React Native, Flutter and Xamarin can deliver almost native user experience in spite of allowing maximum code reusability for both iOS and Android.

But all these cross platform technologies also have their mutual differences and respective strengths and weaknesses. Hence developers are so keen on comparing them and weighing their good and bad before settling for one for their app project. As React Native and Flutter are considered to be strongest contenders for best cross platform technology choice, they are compared more often than others.

React Native is already the most loved cross platform development library that has been used in hundreds of successful app projects worldwide and commands a dominating presence with robust support from developer communities spread all over the globe. In contrast, Flutter arrived later but quickly rose to prominence and popularity simply because of its unique strengths and modular approach of development that particularly benefits startups and low budget app projects.

According to the Statista report, React Native is still the most preferred cross-platform development technology and is chosen by 42% of developers, while Flutter stands very close with a backing of 39% app developers.

Now let us start with our detailed comparison of these two dominant cross platform app development technologies.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open source mobile UI development kit or framework based on Dart programming language. Feature rich cross platform apps made with Flutter can deliver highly native user experience for iOS, Android, desktop and the web.

Key Strengths of Flutter

Let’s now have a quick look at the key strengths of Flutter one by one. 

Fast Paced Development

Flutter has several attributes ensuring quicker development. While maximum code reusability ensures simultaneous development for multiple platforms, hot reload feature ensures faster code changes and instant evaluation. The out of the box access to native rendering engine further lowers dependence on third-party tools and makes development faster. Lastly the presence of custom widgets allow easier and faster UI design without relying on third party tools.

Unparalleled UI Design 

Flutter relies on a lot of UI design widgets serving different purposes such as rendering, animation, gestures, layout and many others. These widgets apart from offering complete control over all design elements of the app ensures optimum flexibility and ease in shaping the user interface step by step.

Guaranteeing Native Experience for All Platforms 

Flutter allows reusing the core codebase for app versions to run on iOS, Android, desktop and the web while ensuring native user experience in all these different hardware and OS platforms. Flutter achieves this flexibility and user experience through its preloaded Skia native rendering engine.

Hot Reload

With flutter, whenever you make any changes in code and save the changes, instantly the changes are reflected in the app functioning. This happens due to the hot reload feature. Any app that needs to be updated frequently will find this feature incredibly helpful.

High Performance

For communicating with the native UI layer Flutter comes loaded with native rendering engine and doesn’t need to depend on a Javascript bridge. This ensures a much faster development and faster as well as smooth native app performance.

The Power of Dart Programming Language

Flutter uses Dart for coding and it is a powerful object-oriented programming language. Dart, apart from offering simple and expressive syntax, comes with several CSS components to make the app design easier.

Customizable Widgets

Flutter comes with a whole array of rich and customizable widgets that can be used for UI design across the lines of Android, IOS and Material Design principles. Apart from ensuring optimum customisation Flutter offers smooth, crisp and engaging user experience across all platforms.

Inbuilt Rendering Engine

Flutter offers Skia rendering engine to communicate with native UI layer and thus completely avoid the need of communicating with the native UI layer through a JavaScript bridge.

What is React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript library used for developing cross platform and native apps across both iOS and Android. Ensuring optimum code reusability while building fully functional apps equipped with native UI design, is the key strength of React Native.

Fast paced programming 

React Native just like Flutter allows optimum code reusability across both iOS and Android and further adds to the pace of development through hot reload feature that ensures instant impact of the coding changes during development or updates.

The Power of JavaScript

React Native codes are written with JavaScript, the most popular and widely learned programming language. This ensures easier learning curve, easier availability of resources and well established coding practices nourished by several app projects.

Maturity as a Library

React Native is already more than 5 years old and in all these years it has been used across a multitude of successful app projects across all niches. No wonder, React Native is regarded to be the most robust and feature rich development library.

Huge Community Support

React Native enjoys the support of a massive and robust developer community and boasts of unlimited number of tutorials, UI libraries, frameworks and plugins that are constantly developed and made available for React Native app projects. This huge community support and the background of resources gives React Native developers additional strength in their projects.

The best thing about most libraries and tools created by React Native developers is that they are platform agnostic which means they can used for both native and cross platform app projects.

Which of the two frameworks is better?

Answering this question without knowing about the size and nature of the app project in question is very difficult. Actually, both have their own strengths and weaknesses. Certain strengths can be crucial for one project while other projects will find strengths of other frameworks to be more important.

In terms of faster development, code reusability and reliability, both actually stand quite neck to neck whether in features or in capabilities. Flutter because of its rendering engine can ensure a better development pace, while React Native with its established best practices and reusable components and resources can still ensure high efficiency.

In one particular area, Flutter has an edge and it is nothing but the presence of the native rendering engine. While React Native needs to rely on JavaScript bridge to communicate with native UI layer, Flutter enjoys ready help of native rendering engines. This puts React Native apps at disadvantage in terms of native performance when compared to Flutter.

As for programming languages, both have equal strengths and weaknesses. Flutter uses Dart, which is more efficient and feature rich but less popular. You cannot get a lot of expert Dart programmers around. React Native uses JavaScript which is a widely popular and used language and finding great resources with JavaScript skills is not much difficult.

As for community support, React Native has already an edge and is still the most loved framework globally. Though, Flutter is not way behind and is fast catching up with the popularity of React Native. In fact, according to a StackOverflow report, Flutter enjoys a popularity score of 68.8% in sharp contrast to React Native’s 57.9% score.

React Native still relies a lot on third-party libraries, plugins and tools to shape the user experience of an app. In contrast, Flutter almost offers everything out of the box. Flutter thanks to its customisable widgets also allows starting low and simple and making incremental changes easily in the later stage of app life cycle. This modular approach of Flutter makes it a better option for startups and small budget app projects.


So here we are. None of these technologies can be declared a clear winner over the other. Both have their strengths, weaknesses and respective ideal use cases. What seems to be a bitter rivalry, comes out to be a scope to understand the pros and cons of two cross platform technologies. Well, that’s the best way to describe so called flutter vs react native comparison.

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5 Best Online Tools To Extract Text From The Image

Chris Holroyd



extract text from images
Sometimes you are dealing with many hard copies, Images, and PDF files in different fields. So, it is a hectic task to type or writes this type of data. There is a technique known as the OCR technique used to handle such types of business documents. The method of Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, converts handwritten or typed text from media such as scanned documents or photographs into plain text. Online tools can quickly extract text from images or documents, so there is no need to waste time typing each thing of an image. OCR tools automatically scan, analyze, and convert the image into text through scanning the text and analyzing it. College students who need a specific page from their textbook could use OCR Technique. It is possible to use OCR to read and copy the text in images that have been sent to you by a friend. Travelers can also avail this opportunity when they capture a photo from somewhere and get a text page using the OCR technique. In short, it will save your time of monotonous work, and it will allow you to deal with a large number of hard copies and images in a short period. Here we will explore the Five best OCR tools for the image to text services that can help individuals efficiently in extracting readable text from a photo or an image.

1. Prepostseo Image to text converter Image to Text Converter is one of the best tools for extracting editable text from an image. It has an easy-to-use user interface and is quite impressive. It depends upon the OCR technique. OCR technology enables the converter to convert images into useful text quickly. It will take a short time to perform the image to text process using this converter. The easiest way to extract text from a picture is to paste the image directly into the converter or to upload a file from the system, then submit it. Utilizing OCR technology, this converter scanned the entire image, analyzed the editable text, and converted it into text.
The following formats can be converted from text by Image to Text:
  • Picture/JPG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • JPG
  • Using a URL to Extract Text: This online converter allows for extracting text from an image by using a URL.
  • Text from low-resolution images: Most of the students take pictures of low resolutions from their notes. These pictures mostly blur due to the poor resolution quality of a camera. So, this converter is best to extract content or text from such kind of low-quality pictures.
  • Free to use: PrePost SEO image to text converter is free to use.
  • Support multiple languages: This online image to text converter provides another important feature: converting images into multiple languages. Like English, Portuguese, Espanol, and more than 30 languages.
  • Download Results: In addition, there is an option to download the results report with a single click.
  • Recognize math equations: For math geeks, you might have some images of algebraic or geometric formulas. As a side benefit to using this OCR tool, you can extract complex mathematical equations and simple text.
  • Available on any device:  Mobile devices can use the Google image-text converter, and it is perfect for converting images to text. You can avail of this opportunity at any device.

2. Img2go Image to Text Converter

You can use it to convert JPG, PDF, and DOC files into another format. With Img2go, you can upload files directly from your computer, and you can also upload files from Google Drive. Online tools like this one have an intuitive user interface. To extract text from an image, upload the file, select the desired format, check the OCR checkbox, and press “Start.”
  • Web-based upload: Uploading images through a URL is offered by the tool. Uploading videos into the converter is as easy as pasting the links into the input box and selecting the download option.
  • DropBox: This tool allows users to upload a file directly from DropBox within seconds.
  • Convert images to PDF: This cool tool lets you create one PDF document from multiple images.
  • File Protection: Multiple methods are used to protect the uploaded files in this online tool.

3. Editpad Extract text from image

With an Image to Text Converter, you can convert images into editable text. The user interface is very easy to use, and it is quite impressive. The OCR technique completely determines the outcome. Through OCR technology, the converter can quickly convert images into useful text. Using this converter, you can convert an image to text in a few seconds. The JPEG (Joint Photograph Expert Group) format is easily converted to text files with this. Suppose you need to convert an image from a .jpeg format to a text format online. A .jpg file is converted into a .txt file using this tool. Typically, this tool does all the conversion online for free and is used in an official and personal capacity.
We frequently take pictures of texts in our daily lives due to time constraints, and this tool assists them in converting everything from the photo into text. The tool is also used in education by teachers and students who can save time by taking photos and converting them easily to text files. Features:
  • Extract image through URL: This online converter allows for extracting text from an image by using a URL.
  • Safe and secure: This online image-to-text converter is safe and secure for its users.
  • Multiple languages: You can convert text into many different languages with ease using the converter.
  • Free to use: Editpad’s image to text converter is free to use for everyone.

4. Convert image into Text by Developer toolkits

Developer Toolkit provides an innovative way to convert images into useful text forms online. A user can easily extract text from images by using this online tool. Supported formats for this online tool include:
  • BMP
  • GIF
  • JPEG
This tool also utilizes the optical character recognition OCR technique to extract the text from an image easily. You need to browse the file system and “Extract” the image into a text file to use this online tool. Further scanning of the photo extracts text, which is displayed in the Result Box: Features:
  • Uploading Files: Using this tool, users can quickly upload files directly from their computers.
  • Copy/Save: This feature allows you to copy the entire extracted text with a single click instantly. As an added feature, this converter lets you save the extracted text file in your system.
  • Safe to use: The tool is completely safe to use, and results are obtained within a few minutes.
  • Text Clear: If you want all the extracted text to be erased after using search, you can click on “Clear” to do so.

5. Brannan’s Image to Text Converter

The text can be extracted from photos using this online tool. A conversion program for image files in BMP, TIFF, or PNG format is available. Additionally, it can extract text from photos rapidly and supports multiple languages.
There are quite a few cool features of this online converter, including an easy-to-use user interface. It is necessary to upload an image to the system and then click the ‘Browse’ button to extract the text from the image. Features:
  • Multiple Language Support: This converter allows the user to convert text into many different languages with ease.
  • Clear and Copy: This application allows users to copy the extracted text and clear it all with one click.
  • Online Direct save file: These tools allow you to save your extracted text to your computer directly.
  • Text extraction from Google: It is possible to extract written text from Google using this online tool, which utilizes its latest technology.
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How to Archive and Unarchive Emails in Gmail

Chris Holroyd



How to Archive and Unarchive Emails in Gmail

Are you tired of deleting your emails? Deleting mail one by one is nothing but a painful ordeal because who has that much time to check before deleting, right? If you want a hassle-free method of getting rid of your email stocks, then you are in the right place. 

How to Archive and Unarchive Emails in Gmail

Though the option of deleting the emails may seem easier, archiving the emails is more favorable. You do not have to go through the bin; all you need to do is run to the “Unarchive” section to get the archived mails. 

In Case You Don’t Know How To Archive And How To Unarchive The Mails In Your Email, Then Keep Reading…

Archiving emails in Gmail is the easiest and fastest method than deleting them. However, the option of archiving the emails is not available to many users. 

There are certain emails that one cannot afford to delete; that is where the archiving procedure comes in. 

Gmail’s deliverance of archiving important emails simply moves the emails. Consequently, it shifts the emails from one “Inbox” to “All Emails” Folder situated within Gmail.

How Does The Activity Unfold? 

As we have already mentioned, archiving the email does not mean deleting them. However, it only shifts from one folder to another. Namely, it shifts from inbox to another dedicated folder situated under your Gmail account. 

Accessing the emails that have been archived is easy. Because the system transfers it to another folder, one can even choose to unarchive it by going to the “All mail” option. 

However, you can even choose to search for the archived email using a search bar. Generate a keyword for that particular email and search through it. 

Note: The archived emails will pop back on the primary inbox if you receive a reply from the recipient. 

Now That You Know The Mechanism Of It, Let’s Discuss How To Archive And How To Unarchive Gmail….

To archive the selected emails, you have to follow the steps written below. 

  • Log into your personal or intended Gmail account
  • Select the email or number of emails you want to archive. 
  • Once you have selected the emails, tap on the icon that suggests archiving situated at the top. 
  • Upon selecting that, you have to select the option of “ok” to confirm the archiving of the selected emails. 

How Do You Archive All The Emails In Gmail?

If you want to archive all the emails in bulk in your Gmail, follow the below method. 

  • Tap on the drop-down icon situated right beside the refresh button. 
  • Opt for “all option” from the drop-down menu. 
  • You need to opt for the “Select All Messages” link that occurs right below the top menu bar.
  • You will see that all the messages are selected. 
  • Now tap on the archive icon located at the top of the menu bar. 
  • Tap on the option of “Ok.” 

The selected messages will be shifted to the archive section from their current location. 

How To Unarchive Gmail?

One can unarchive the email at any time of the day. Hence, to do it, you have to follow the procedure. 

  • Tap on the option of ” more” situated in the side menu. 
  • Opt for the “all mail” option. 
  • Once you enter all the emails, you have to select the emails that you prefer to unarchive. 
  • Click on the option of “Move to Inbox”.

All the emails that you have selected will get right back to your inbox. In other words, it will be shifted from the archive to the main inbox. 

How To Archive The Email In Gmail On The Android And iOS Systems?

Nevertheless, the essence of these systems is very different; the procedure to archive the emails is the same. 

  • You need to open the Gmail application on your phone. 
  • Tap on the email or number of emails you choose to archive. 
  • Click on the option of the “Archive” icon found in the top menu.

All the mails will have shifted from Inbox to the “All Mails” section by clicking on this option.

How To Unarchive Gmail On Android Or iPhone?

The procedure of unarchiving the emails is almost similar to the unarchiving method we have already shared. However, there are certain changes to the procedure. 

  • You have to open the Gmail application on your android or iOS device. 
  • Click on the 3-line menu icon. 
  • Opt for “All Mail” situated in the drop-down menu.
  • In this section, you have to select the number of emails you wish to unarchive. 
  • Once you select the emails, click on the 3-dot menu again. 
  • Click on the “Move to Inbox” option situated in the drop-down.

Furthermore, when you do it, all the preferred emails will be unarchived and moved back to the inbox. 

Summing it up:

No one wants to get lost in the unnecessary clutter of the emails in Gmail. Furthermore, finding the email you require is time-consuming. Archive those excessive emails to separate the important mails from the needless ones. You will be saving time and effort. Nonetheless, follow the methods mentioned above to do it. 

Hopefully, you will master the activity of archiving emails flawlessly.

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Tips & Tricks

A Guide of Uploading Videos On YouTube From iPhone

Chris Holroyd



Upload Videos to YouTube From iPhone

Now, who hasn’t heard of YouTube? In today’s world, our days remain unfulfilled without watching a single video. Moreover, It has had such an all-pervasive influence on us. 

Needless to say, It is the biggest platform in the digital medium to upload and watch video content. 

More than millions of video content have been uploaded to this platform. Furthermore, each day the number keeps on increasing. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to make your content and share it with the world!

In this article, we will show you how to upload a video to youtube from your iPhone.

It’s not a hassle to upload videos from a device like an iPhone. On the contrary, Youtube’s easy user interface makes it a walk in the park to upload videos than you can expect. A user can upload their creation straight from the iPhone photos app. Besides that, it’s also easy to upload using the YouTube App as an option. 

Make a Google account

Firstly, make an account on google. Without a Google account, you won’t be able to upload any videos to YouTube. 

Added to this, a user needs to install the Youtube app for IOS on their iPhone. It’s also an important step to consider. 

Now before jumping straight to the procedure, let’s talk about some important points on YouTube’s privacy settings for a comprehensive understanding of video accessibility.

Privacy settings 

It’s important to have a good grasp of YouTube’s privacy settings before uploading your videos. 

Private videos 

Just as the name suggests, by making your videos private, only you would be able to see them. Neither those videos appear on your YouTube Channel, nor do they appear on the platform by searching. Other users won’t be able to see ‘private videos’.

However, you can choose whom to provide access by selecting from your list. 

Videos selected as unlisted 

Selecting your uploaded videos as unlisted would only provide access to those with whom you’d provide the video link, hence, those videos cannot be found through the ‘search function. They won’t be available to your channel as well.

Videos that are selected as ‘Scheduled’ 

This setting allows you to fix a specific time for a video to be viewed.

Finally, With this information on privacy settings, we can now move onto our main goal. There are two ways by which you may upload your videos to YouTube from an iPhone.

Upload Videos to YouTube From iPhone via the Photos app

Needless to say, it is perhaps the easiest method of uploading from an iPhone. You can directly upload them from the Photos App. Using the share option opens before you a few options. 

  1. Firstly, go to Photos App on your iPhone
  2. Then, you will find the Videos folder or any customized folder
  3. Find the video you want to upload.
  4. Then, you will see an ‘up arrow’ like icon. It’s the share icon. It provides various mediums where you can share your file.
  5. After tapping it, there will be a few options. 
  6. Next, scroll down and choose ‘YouTube’. You might get a prompt asking you to log in to your google account in case you are not logged in.
  7. After that, a screen will show up. You need to provide a suitable title for the video and a brief description according to the content. 
  8. Choose a category for the video. For example, humor, action, Tutorial, etc. 
  9. Edit the privacy settings. If you want to make your video available to everybody, click on ‘public’. Otherwise, you may also choose other options ( unlisted or scheduled ).
  10. Once you have successfully put all the required information, you are set to publish it. Tap on ‘publish’ located at the top-right corner.

Upload via YouTube App

Uploading your video to YouTube from the app gives you more options. You can customize and edit your video before uploading it.  Here’s the process.

  1. Open the YouTube app.
  2. Next, find ‘My Account’ on the top right. 
  3. If you haven’t logged in already, then you will be asked to log in.
  4. After signing in, click on the Video-like icon.
  5. Also, If you are uploading it for the first time, you will see a pop-up. It will ask you to give access to Photos App. you may click on ‘OK’
  6. Then, select the video you want to upload from its location.
  7. Next up, you will see a scissor icon. This option will allow you to trim down your video to your liking.
  8. You may also apply filters and customize your video. Moreover, You can also add music if you want.
  9. Tap next and choose a perfect title and brief description for the video. And also make sure to choose the desired privacy setting.
  10. Finally, click on upload. Congratulations! You have successfully uploaded a video.

In the end, it was easy to upload a video from your iPhone right? At first, the process may look complicated. However, it’s really simple. Hope you found this guide useful.

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