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Dust Off Your Poor SERP Rankings With 6 Efficient SEO Strategies

Chris Holroyd



SEO Strategies

Businesses aim to make it to the top of Google rankings. That is not only important for their businesses to grow but also to keep generating income. There is no magic button you can press to bring your website up in rankings. However, there are a few steps and strategies which ensure positive results. It takes persistence and dedication to make a lead because of updates in Google’s algorithm. Before you make any changes, it is essential to note the present rankings of your website. After that, there are a few ways you make your website soar to the top of SERP:

Build a Diverse Backlinks Portfolio

Links are an essential part of SEO and play a vital role in the rankings of websites. However, quality links are critical. Spammy links can hurt your website’s ranking badly. There is a trick here too. Webpages that have backlinks only of high quality might be flagged and put for a manual review. That is because your website might look too clean. Mainly, as websites grow, they acquire links from both smaller and more prominent websites. It appears natural to the search engines and also gives your website a diverse profile. As a result, having a backlink strategy is extremely important. 

Create Better Content

Quality content is one of the oldest factors known for better rankings. Even in 2021, this holds significant importance. Users will direct themselves towards informative, helpful, and valuable content. With an increase in the competition, this has also become challenging. There are ways by which you can ensure your content is resourceful.

One way to ensure this is by using data-driven articles. Backing up with proof and accurate data always gains the trust of users. You should use data and stats of recent studies, nothing older than three years. Also, you can use storytelling as a method of articulating. Stories not only capture attention but also keeps the users engaged and keeps their emotions evoked. 

Along with this, it is essential to make sure your content is interactive too. Using images and videos engages the audience more than just written material. Puzzles, quizzes, and surveys keep the users interested and engaged with the content your website has provided. As a result, more traffic is attracted to the website, causing it to come up in rankings. 

Focus on Topic Clusters

Along with keywords, if you focus on themes, your website will benefit a great deal. The Google algorithm has evolved and now understands the users’ intentions and what they expect as answers. As a result, it has become essential to look at the context of any content that you upload. That is known as “user intent,” and it is crucial to consider if you want your website to do better. 

There are a few factors that can help in achieving this. If you know your target audience well, this will not be difficult. For example, a simple search “android” could mean several things. Android help for mobile users, Star Wars fans could be looking for droids, or robotics enthusiasts are searching for Androids’ information. As a result, if you can identify whom you are targeting, it will win your rankings. 

Pay Attention to Technical SEO

Even if you are doing everything as directed but not paying attention to technical, your website will never rank. Technical SEO makes sure the website meets all the criteria of modern search engines. Regarding technical SEO, there are few things you could consider. 

Make sure your website loads on HTTPS instead of HTTP. The S stands for a secure connection. Google warns people before they load an HTTP website and recommends them to visit a more secure website. As a result, a considerable chunk of people might turn away from such websites. Another step you can take is investing in crawling software to help you check your website’s technical health. There are many more factors to consider in technical SEO, as it is detailed and quite complex. 

Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile-friendly 

In 2021, more than half of the users are online from their mobile phones. While to rank well, your website needs to be performing well on cell phones. There are several tests available online that can determine how your website performs on a mobile phone. The results will give you a possible list of issues, if any. The more diverse your website is in terms of its user experience, the better its rankings. It can then target people that use all sorts of devices. 

On-Page SEO

If your keywords get efficiently placed, and you know your target market, using on-page SEO will maximize your website’s performance. Multiple elements fall under on-page SEO. One of them is knowing how to optimize title tags. It is essential to make sure each title tag is unique, to the point, and descriptive. Using the same title tags repeatedly will harm your efforts. Google shows around 60 characters on SERP. However, you should not cut your title off if a longer one suits the content. 

Using structured data markup or Schema markup helps Google to understand your content better. For example, if the suitable schema around the author’s name in the article’s HTML indicates to Google that it is the author’s name, not just any name in the content. Not only does this make Google understand your site better, but it will also make a massive difference in the traffic flow of the webpage. 

You can ensure your on-page SEO by paying attention to title tags, avoid default title tags, and use dashes and pipes between terms to maximize the results. Title tags make or break traffic. 


The essential element that these steps ensure is that the information used is accurate and directed towards the right audience. Some of these steps might seem tedious, but they provide positive results. Identifying and understanding your targeted audience may take some time. However, once you know and work on these points endlessly, you will dominate the SERP rankings with dedication. After following these steps, your website will be able to withstand anything Google throws at it. It might seem not very easy, but once you take these steps in the right direction, the whole thing becomes easy. 

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What Is a Favicon? Tips for Creating an Impactful Favicon

Chris Holroyd



What Is a Favicon

At the point when you bookmark pages on the web, it’s trying to recollect the name of the page. As you jump once again into your bookmarks to discover it, you see a little icon close to the page. You perceive the icon and understand it’s the website you saw earlier. This icon, known as a favicon, is little; however, it altogether affects brand recognition. Through this post, you will come to know “What is a favicon?”, just as a couple of tips for creating an impactful favicon. 

What is a favicon? 

The favicon is a little icon for your website that shows up close to your website’s page name or title tag. These icons show up in various spots, including: 

  • Browser tab 
  • Bookmarks 
  • Toolbar 
  • Recently visited 
  • Search bars 
  • Mobile searches 

This little icon is a fundamental segment of your website’s interface. It permits you to have a basic, unmistakable picture related to your website, so users get comfortable with your brand. A website favicon is much more supportive if somebody bookmarks your webpage and needs to get back to it later. Numerous organizations utilize a straightforward picture, similar to their logo, as their favicon. Outstanding amongst other favicon models is Target. Target utilizes its notable bullseye icon for its favicon. You additionally have the alternative to utilize an icon with one to three characters of text. Wikipedia is a phenomenal favicon illustration of utilizing text rather than a picture. There are numerous incredible favicon models you can take a gander at to get motivation for your favicon. The significant part is that you make a website favicon that is clear, critical, and simple to see.

Creating a favicon 

In case you’re prepared to make an icon for your website, look at these accommodating tips for how to make a favicon. 

  1. Use space thoughtfully 

At the point when you make a favicon for your business, you should utilize space thoughtfully. You would prefer not to make an icon that utilizes so little space that users can’t see it, yet you additionally need sufficient white space. Numerous organizations will utilize their logo as their website favicon. While it’s an extraordinary thought for branding, your logo may not downsize or look great as a favicon. It may not enough utilize the space you have or fit inside the pre-set favicon dimensions. If you need to make another icon, you’ll need to enhance your space. You’ll have to design your favicon to go through the pixel space you’re given, without making it look stuffed or void.

  1. Keep it simple 

At the point when you design your favicon, keep it simple. A favicon makes your business unmistakable however doesn’t overpower the user with a perplexing design. The sole reason for this icon is to support your brand to your audience and help them discover you simpler. On the off chance that you make a favicon with a complicated design, it makes your icon look jumbled. Your audience will make some harder memories recalling your brand or finding your page. The best course includes keeping it simple. Make something clean, brand-related, and conspicuous.

  1. Mirror your brand 

We’ve underlined this couple of times, yet to repeat, ensure your favicon mirrors your brand. Your audience utilizes this icon to discover your business in their tabs or bookmarks. You need to utilize a picture that fits with the remainder of your brand. You need to utilize the correct symbols in your favicon. In this model, individuals partner paw prints with animals. At the point when a user sees paw prints, they expect the business works with animals here and there. If you decide to utilize shading in your icon, you’ll need to adhere to your brand’s colors. A yellow favicon wouldn’t fit with a purple and grey business shading scheme. It’s fundamental to keep your icon similar colors to your brand to help brand recognition.

  1. Consult a designer 

Suppose you don’t know what to do with your favicon, you can always consult a web designer. A web designer is a brilliant choice because they give you a remarkable favicon. You’ll get a favicon scaled accurately for the web. Many businesses depend on generators to create favicons. While these generators are easy to utilize, they expect you to search through databases of icons to track down the correct ones for your organization. You at that point have to resize and scale it appropriately. With a web designer, you don’t have to pull a stock image from a database. You get a customizable favicon that’s remarkable to your business, effectively scaled, and intelligent of your company.

A favicon is a critical segment in building brand recognition. Creating and uploading your website favicon assists users with perceiving your business and discover it rapidly on their browsers. So, be wise when creating a favicon for your website.

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How To Maintain Your WordPress Website (For Beginners)

Chris Holroyd



WordPress Website

WordPress maintenance services refer to a set of operations used to continually monitor the performance of a WordPress site. These operations work to improve a website’s loading times, overall functionality, usability, and, most importantly, security. The maintenance tasks are executed on a monthly, weekly, or even daily interval. 

If your WordPress website is not updated with the latest protocols and is not well-optimized, it can lead you to irreversible damages. So, it is essential to focus on website update services to keep your site well-protected from malware.

Now let’s talk about how beginners can maintain their WordPress site.

  1. Look Out For Broken Links

When you unpublish a post from your WordPress site, the content on that URL is deleted while the link itself stays. Links are also known as broken links. Broken links are among the most common reasons why WordPress Sites go down because they are vulnerable and an easy target for cyber-attacks.

While running a regular check on your site,you need to look out for the broken links and remove them. Another good practice is to use a redirection plugin to transfer the traffic from broken links to the live pages.

  1. Check Your Name Contact Form

Now, this a crucial part as your customer reaches out to you through the contact forms. There are times when the contact form looks fine from the outside, but things are broken inside it. Even when a customer fills out a way to contact you, there is a high chance he won’t reach you. This often happens after the updates.

It is crucial to carry out monthly checks on your contact forms, especially after the updates, to see if it’s working the way it should.

  1. Delete Cached Data

Your site’s speed is a crucial factor determining success. There are times when your website experiences slow loading speeds. The causefor this is quite straightforward; as time passes on, your WordPress website’s database can store tons of cached data. Your website and, worst of all, no longer need this data. It causes your website to slow down. 

It is recommended to delete such data using WordPress database optimization tools to ensure that your website loads faster. However, before doing optimization on the database, backing up the website is a must.

  1. Get Rid Of Spam Comments

Spam comments below your posts can badly damage your site’s reputation because they’re counted in with negative SEO. It is vital to review comment spams on the website regularly using spam plugins. These plugins place allpotential spam comments into the quarantine section from where you can delete them permanently or restore them if they are not spam. 

It is recommended to remove spam comments from your website posts weekly to ensure that your posts seem relevant.

  1. Get Rid Of Unwanted Front-End Changes

Unwanted frontend changes often occur when you update the plugins of your WordPress website. 

You can always restore your plugins to the pre updated version. It is important to remember that you shouldn’t carry out significant software changes or updates on the live website unless you have tested them out on a staging or testing site.

Now that you know how beginners can execute these basic tasks for regular WordPress site maintenance let’s briefly discuss why regular WordPress site maintenance is important.

Why Is It Important To Maintain Your WordPress Site?

  1. It Protects You From Malware

A notable number of WordPress sites go down each day as they become prey to issues like malware and cyber-attacks.Getting your website maintained regularly would reinforce your guard against cyber-attacks and malware and keep your valuable data secure.

  1. It Improves Your SEO

Your website would only be able to make revenues if it is visible to potential customers. Therefore, SEO is a practice that is implemented on websites to boost their visibility on search engines. 

Updating your website regularly with timely information and fresh content helps boost your SEO efforts, ultimately improving your rankings in the Google SERPs.

Doing the contrary would result in disaster for your website as it will lose its position to the competitors, and you will eventually lose your website’s traffic.

  1. It Helps you Stay On Top Of Website Design

Conducting Regular website maintenance would ensure that you’re an early adopter of all the latest technology and design trends. Moreover, getting used to the latest features would help your back-end run smoother, your website design stellar. It helps you easily outrun your competition.

Over To You

If you ignore the importance of regular website maintenance, it can badly damage your reputation as a brand or, worst of all, andyou might need to create your site from scratch. Therefore, staying on top of your website maintenance game is quite crucial as it’ll repay you with higher ROI and peace of mind.

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Instagram For Business: 15 Leading Practices Businesses Must Follow In 2021

Chris Holroyd



Instagram For Business

Instagram is one of the most celebrated and well-known social media channels. Its engagement is ten times higher than Facebook, which shows it’s more popular than you imagine. Selecting Instagram as a marketing tool for your business is actually not a bad idea. You could spot plenty of brands and companies on Instagram who marked their footprint and fruitfully marketed their business. Marketing on Instagram is nothing but posting engaging pictures and videos.

This article will show some of the leading practices for businesses that need to follow in 2021. 

Let’sLet’s get started,

Post Frequently 

It is crucial to stay active on Instagram, especially if you are business owners trying to entice followers and increase engagement rate. You may have doubts about how often you need to upload content, right? It is recommended to post at least two times a day, keeping you fresh and energetic. When it comes to being consistent is essential; at the same time, it’s essential to know when to post. 

The research study shows that 8 PM to 9 PM and 2 PM to 5 PM will be best for your first post, next 5 AM for your second. 

Give Them A Real Story Instead Of Educating 

Instagram has filled millions of brand posts, but some may forget to use visual content to showcase their business. You can lure audience engagement and attention through images, visuals, text, and plain message alone. Be a storyteller on Instagram to boost your engagement rate. Currently, people love to engage with genuine and engaging stories. Through your story you can emotionally connect with your audience. Do you know? Building emotional connections among your audience will encourage them to connect with your brand and business. 

Show Off Your Brand Personality & Its Value 

Three pillars you need to concentrate on Instagram to expand your business are consistency, innovation, and perfection. Remember, unplanned with poor structure won’t work for your business. Pay attention to key factors such as style, background, the way you approach, brand voice, posting impressive images, using the right hashtags. With the proper plan and framework, you can easily maintain your brand presence and its value. 

Post High-Quality Visuals 

Pictures and videos are everything on Instagram, so it is necessary to upload visually impressive content to increase more engagement. As a business owner, you need to grow more customers for your new products launched recently in the market. So that, drive more engagement for your newly launched product post, through  instant Instagram impressions to escalate user engagement to your post. It makes your post more visible and many can get to know about your newly launched product in social media.

 Make Use Of Trending & Relevant Hashtags 

Using the most relevant and trending hashtags in your post is essential to make your post appear at the top of the feed. It is better to pick industry-specific hashtags related to your content than most latest hashtags. If you feel your business is becoming low, you can create branded hashtags. It helps to increase your discoverability and can build a strong network for your brand.

Harness The Power Of User-Generated Content

One of the best pieces of content for businesses to build awareness and authenticity is user-generated content. It attracts more audiences and encourages them to connect and use your brand. You can increase user-generated content by posting visually enticing posts. Also, value or appreciate people if they share your content or reviews.

Be Updated With Current Features & Changes 

Instagram keeps on updating its features and adding new ones, according to user preferences. Within two years, it has come up with new trending features called IGTV, stories, reels. So go the trend, be updated with current features and effects. Be the first person to get updated; it helps to beat your competitors.

Monitor Your Performance 

Knowing your place among your competitors is a great benefit. Monitoring your performance is vital to improve your progress. Using the Instagram analytics tool, you can get the following information, 

  • You can track your post-performance 
  • Know what is trending 
  • Measure comments & hashtag usage 
  • Get engagement rates 
  • Find influencers 

With the help of Instagram analytics, you can know what is working and what is not working. 

Come With Promotional Offers 

Using Instagram, you can drive traffic to your websites. To increase traffic, you can post more promotional offers, seasonal deals, and offers. By doing so, it will boost your click-through rates.

Team Up With Micro-Influencers 

On Instagram, influencer marketing is becoming quite trending and popular, especially picking micro-influencer to build authenticity to your brand. Businesses can work with influencers to market their business and display their promotional activities in front of a wider audience. 

Host More Contest 

The contest is one of the great content to drive instant engagement from your audience. The research study shows that contest has resulted in giving 3.5 times more likes and 6.4 times more comments than regular content. 

Be Active On Instagram Stories 

One of the exciting and popular features on Instagram is a story; story alone has 600 million users daily. Be wise to provide regular stories in your feed, ensure you have used all features, effects. To get maximum views, try to create engaging posts for your storyboard. 

Add More Emojis 

Do you know? Nearly 92% of people are using emojis to express their thoughts on social media. So, keeping in mind, make use of emojis wisely.

Cross-Promote Your Channel

Try to make your Instagram account popular and familiar with your other audience group, that is, to other media followers. Place your Instagram handle to famous media like Facebook, YouTube.

Include Call-To-Action

People on Instagram like to engage with Instagram ads; your main point is to convert them as your leads by adding catchy call-to-action. Try to add call-to-action whenever possible. 


In fact, you have plenty of ways to promote or to get success on Instagram, but you need to pick the right marketing practices to make your audience engaged and happy with your content. I hope this article will assist you in enhancing and growing your business effectively on Instagram.

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at SnapHappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

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Influencer Marketing For B2B Brands

Chris Holroyd



Influencer Marketing

When we think of what influencers usually sell, our minds probably jump to trendy fashion, beauty products, or hotel stays in exotic locations. And that’s not wrong! The influencers who have become the most famous in our cultural zeitgeist tend to work in those sectors.

However, influencer marketing is a much broader market, where really any brand can recruit key opinion leaders to promote their products on social media. Even B2B brands, which at first glance may not seem like top candidates for the influencer treatment, can benefit from employing this strategy.

What is B2B?

B2B stands for business-to-business, and the idea is just that: B2B transactions are between two businesses. For example, fashion labels have to buy textiles and sewing supplies from somewhere, so they’ll turn to a supplier who deals in those materials. Or, that same fashion label may hire an accounting firm to audit their finances, or a PR agency to handle their press relations. 

B2B is typically held in contrast with B2C, which stands for business-to-consumer. These types of companies sell products directly to individuals. Most of what the average person buys is from B2C companies. Your Spotify subscription, your most recent soft drink, and even more expensive items like your iPhone all came from the B2C environment.

When it comes to marketing, there are some key differences between these two areas:

  • B2B requires closer and more personalized relationships with the customer, while B2C is less personal and designed more for mass communication
  • B2B customers want educational, informative content that isn’t usually necessary with B2C products
  • B2B decisions are made based on metrics and analysis, while B2C decisions are more driven by emotions
  • B2B markets are generally more niche, while B2C markets are more broad
  • B2B purchases on average take much longer than B2C ones

How can influencers help your B2B brand?

Just like with B2C influencer marketing, B2B influencer marketing relies on the idea that potential customers trust peer reviews more than they trust the marketing communications that come directly from your brand. A recent study found that 74% of B2B marketers agree that influencer marketing improves customer and prospective customer experience with the brand.

Basically, finding experts and opinion leaders in the sector you’re targeting can help get your brand out there, build awareness and trust, and maybe even lead to some sales.

How do I start my B2B influencer marketing campaign?

Regardless of industry or sector, influencer marketing campaigns must always be thoughtfully defined from the get go. You have to establish your objectives, define your target audience, and make other key decisions about how, when and where you’re going to launch your campaign. If you’d like to learn more about this stage of influencer marketing, check out our influencer marketing guide, Chapter 1.

Now, when it comes to B2B, let’s break down some of the different things you have to consider when organizing your influencer campaign.

Like always, find the right influencers

Influencer marketing isn’t as simple as collaborating with the first influencer you find. You need to make sure that they align with your brand. In other words, does the influencer help you reach your target audience and work toward your objectives? 

There’s not so much difference here between B2B and B2C; in both cases, you want to find influencers who connect you to the niche you’re trying to get your message to. For example, if your company makes editing software for film production companies, find an editor or maybe a director who can speak to your product and why it’s relevant within that niche.

Additionally, metrics matter, too. Check into any influencer’s profile before reaching out. Make sure their growth, engagement, post frequency and content is up to par with what you want.

So where can you actually find influencers? You could start:

  • Among your own employees, executives or consultants
  • In your followers on social media.
  • With an influencer marketing platform, which works like a search engine.

Just remember: In addition to vetting what we mentioned above, check carefully for any potential conflicts of interest before choosing influencers. You never know who may have a stake in a company, or already be collaborating with a competitor, etc.

Choose your channel wisely

Instagram springs to mind when we think of influencer marketing, and with good reason: almost 90% of influencer campaigns use that channel in some way. And if you’d like to use Instagram for your B2B influencer campaign, great! As long as that’s where your target audience lives online.

Do your market research and find out where your target audience is most likely to see your content. For B2B, LinkedIn, Twitter, or even blogs, may be more useful channels, but really, every brand is different. There’s no  one-size-fits-all solution, so find out what fits best for you.

Extend your timeline

In B2B influencer marketing, you should extend your campaigns into the long-term. Focus on working with fewer quality influencers long-term, instead of lots of influencers in the short-term. This is because, as we mentioned above, the B2B sales cycle is longer. In fact, research shows that around 75% of B2B sales to new customers take around 4 months to close.

This is much longer than the amount of time it takes someone to see a cute dress on their favorite Instagram influencers, navigate to the B2C brand’s website, and buy the same product. B2C purchases are usually decided by emotional or gut reactions. For most individuals, seeing something, wanting it, and buying it is a fairly straightforward process. But with B2B, that’s not the case. 

When one business is trying to decide whether or not to buy from another business, emotions play a minimal role, if any. These decisions are powered by metrics and analysis of past results. Moreover, the decision isn’t limited to the whim of an individual. Entire teams are involved, and they’re often dealing with a chain of command, which can even further slow down the process.

B2C influencer campaigns can be as short as just a few weeks. But as it can take months for B2B brands to close sales, you need to give your influencer marketing strategy more time to take root.

Aim for educational content

B2B influencer campaigns should focus on providing information or educating potential customers about the brand’s products and services. Think about questions like:

  • What problem do you solve for your customers?
  • How can they use your product or service to maximum benefit?
  • Where will they see results?

Content like guides, case studies, reviews, podcasts or video tutorials can help you answer these questions and show potential customers what to expect from your brand and its products.

Influencers can help you answer these questions and at the same time, put their own unique spin on what sets your brand apart. But for this to work well, it’s important that you spend a bit of time educating them on your company and its values. 

Once you share what you think is important about your brand, give the influencer a chance to contribute. They may have ideas you never thought of, so listen up. And remember, when working with influencers, you are collaborating: they best know how to communicate with their followers, so make sure you give them creative freedom when doing so.


B2B influencer marketing may not be the first thing we think of when we think of influencer marketing in general. But just like for B2C, influencers can help B2B brands amplify their message, connect to their niche, and find new leads on social media. Just focus on finding the right person who can tell your brand’s story in an informative and authentic way.

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How to develop an E-commerce website for growing your business 2021 and beyond?

Hermit Chawla



E-commerce website
In this digital era, everything changes fast. Ecommerce has revolutionized retail. It has expanded to meet the changing needs of people, and to make online shopping easier. At the point when it began, eCommerce was absolutely restricted in its abilities. But new trends keep showing up, whether it’s customization, enhanced return policies, or improved integration, all of these changes have taken the world of eCommerce. The good thing in the world of eCommerce is you don’t need to reconstruct your shop in order to upgrade it.  A good eCommerce design should create a magnificent customer experience. The future of eCommerce trends will prove that e-commerce isn’t just rapidly growing, it’s here to stay. To take the eCommerce business to the next level in 2021 and beyond, make sure to take advantage of emerging trends in the eCommerce industry. Now the question comes up: why is it important to develop an eCommerce website for growing your business? The eCommerce world is becoming increasingly competitive. To stay ahead of the competition, eCommerce trends need to be constantly monitored. No matter how flourishing an eCommerce store is right now, if one doesn’t keep up with eCommerce trends then obstacles will arise. As we move into 2021, we need to know some trends in order to take advantage.
With the impact of COVID-19 there are a lot of changes.Every individual couldn’t visit actual stores, therefore they switched to online shopping. Even now, more and more people prefer buying things online because they are not willing to step out and risk exposure. With the technology becoming more consumer friendly the consumer is going online to purchase the product of their choice. There are  numerous points to note down about how to develop an eCommerce website for growing business in future.
  • Great web design – While designing an eCommerce website always keep in mind about mobile and other screens. Thus, having responsive design increases Visit to the website. More people are now buying online by mobile. Also keep in mind when you are selling online make sure that your website represents who you are. Also make sure that the website does not look heavy because it simply creates confusion for customers. And in addition to this proper location of product is also necessary, in this way users can find products easily. Also good eCommerce website design must have a simple navigation right from the entry point. Various studies show that users leave the website because of poor connection. So all these points are to be noted down for website design for business growth.
  • Revolution of artificial intelligence – Artificial intelligence (AI) is continuing altering the world of online shopping. Today, AI is changing the manner by which e-commerce stores work and offers types of amenities to their clients. The innovation offers trending approaches to examine huge data and assist e-commerce organizations to attract with their clients on a new level and create excellent client experiences. Artificial intelligence in eCommerce can be used to create a virtual buying assistant, which helps consumers decide which products or services to buy. They help us in making a modest change from “composing in” to “standing up”. It will surely change the game and also ensure the best customer experience.
  • Expand business with influencer marketing – Influencer marketing is rapidly becoming one of the methods to attract more and more customers. Influencer marketing is a procedure that organizations use to advertise their products by coordinating with popular social media users. Influence’s have large, engaged audiences that can help in growing business. In 2021 and beyond, we will see brands looking for influencers as content creators to support content creation. And also working with influencers can be cheaper than paid advertising and is much more effective.
  • New payment options available  – Currently digital wallets are widely implemented by eCommerce companies. These digital services allow people to make purchases through  electronic transactions, thus allowing more effortless shopping experience. And now people are demanding these types of digital payment. In fact, most people expect that digital payments will overtake cash and cards by 2030.
  • Marketing Automation – Marketing automation tends to be important to help online businesses. As a business owner, there is no time to email every new subscriber, taking out time to post about sales and promotions through email. That’s where marketing automation comes in. It grants to manage promoting processes and consequently  runs campaigns across different channels. Plus, it tracks analytics, so you can see what’s working and what’s not so you can modify and make adjustments. Automating some of your marketing tasks frees your team up from manual processes. It also creates a sustainable foundation for the scalability of your marketing efforts.
  • After knowing some points we know how an eCommerce business website turns your small eCommerce business to a million dollar company by just upgrading your website.
Final Thought  By selecting to sell online it can take business to the next level and utilize the potential of eCommerce websites. Always implement the latest eCommerce development trends on your website to make sure that it is fully updated. Also remember that not every trend will suit your business. There are many trends to make sure you’ve picked the right one before you invest money. You can also follow the top eCommerce trends for 2021 and beyond to develop a robust website that involves all excellent functionalities.
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How To Write An Engaging Guest Blog

Chris Holroyd



Guest Blog

Guest blogging is the process of content marketing. In this process, you write a blog for others’ websites. It is the best way of building links and authority on search engines. If you are looking forward to getting into this competitive search engine landscape or are a blog owner wanting to drive traffic in abundance, guest blogging is the most excellent option.

In this blog, you will understand how to write an engaging blog post, why you should invest time in guest blogging, and many other useful insights. 

How Guest Blogging Helps Your Business?

Guest blogging is the best inbound marketing strategy. It can help your new and existing business to attract the audience from search engines. It can also help you in the below-mentioned ways:

1. Build Your Authority

When you publish your content on the high DA PA website, you create authority on your content’s search engine. When others promote your business, Google feels you are good at what you do. And that’s how Google starts ranking you on search results.

2. Gain Brand Exposure

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to create brand awareness. Publishing engaging content drives traffic back to your website.

3. Building Links

Building links is an essential step in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Hence, guest blogging boosts your link building process and helps you get links from the best publications.

Don’t Know Where To Start From? Here’s a Blog On How To Find Guest Post Websites

How To Create An Engaging Guest Blog?

According to Blogging Statistics –, 79% of editors say guest content is too promotional. When the content is too promotional, the audience will likely feel disconnected as the blog says a lot about the products or services rather than the audience themselves.

If you want to raise your engagement ratio and decrease the bounce rate, you should start writing an engaging guest blog. Here are some easy and tested tips to attract a consistent audience and engage them with your content.

1. Tell Your Audience A Story

Remember how intriguing those bedtime stories were during childhood days? Well, stories connect to us in the same way as before. Many brands have marketed their product with stories and have become successful in the market. Have you written a story for your business yet? If not, try it once, as marketing is all about experimenting with different things.

2. Talk To Your Audience

Your audience is a human being with a lot of emotions and wisdom within them. When you write your content in the third person, it sounds like you are speaking to a machine that is not at all engaging. Instead, you should write content in the first or second person to engage them.

3. Use Power Words In Headlines and Sub-headings

Always use power words to attract your audience in the first place. Power words such as Easily, Instantly, How-to, Unexpected, Surprising, etc., trigger the emotions in readers’ mind making them read your blog. You can use power words based on your industry.

4. Be Conversational And Less Promotional

Your readers have opened your blog to get help on something or if they want to read about new things. And, if you start sounding promotional from the very beginning, chances are they might go away from your website and NEVER return.

“You should write your blog as an expert writer instead of a salesperson.” 

5. Use Attractive Graphics In Guest Blogs

Graphics such as images, informative infographics, engaging videos, etc., are some of the best ways to hook your readers. Visualization also helps the audience to remember your brand. So, create eye-catchy visuals for your guest blog.

6. Proofread Your Copy

You must proofread your copy to check grammar, spelling, plagiarism, tone of the content, readability, etc. Proofreading your blog makes your content error-free and worth-publishing.

7. Ask For Feedback

If you ask your audience questions, opinions, feedback, etc., on your guest blog, it gives them a feeling of importance. It also enhances the engagement ratio as the audience may write a comment or email their feedback.


Following the steps mentioned above, you can create a conversational and engaging guest blog. This type of blog can help you drive the audience to your website.

About the Author:

Amruta Nadar is a Content Creator at Certitude News. She loves to connect with people through her writing. She is Scorpio, and loves to research almost anything. She is a gregarious being, nature lover and a Reiki healer. You may find her doing meditation, pampering her dog or traveling alone at her leisure.

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