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Content Marketing Outsourcing: The Agency VS Freelancer Question

Chris Holroyd



content marketing

Content marketing is the creation and sharing of an online material that intends to arouse its audience’s interest in the product or service. To achieve better results in content marketing, outsourcing must be done. For this, the best option is to choose either a freelancer or agency to handle the outsourcing matters. There are various ways to choose between choosing an agency or a freelancer. But before getting torn between these two, here are some of the reasons why there is a need to outsource your marketing content:

  1. Lack of knowledge
  2. Insufficient bandwidth
  3. Desire to manage the tight budget
  4. Desire to put and incorporate some practices
  5. Intense growth plans and assertive metrics in marketing

Moreover, if there is a gap between the metrics in content marketing and the capacity to execute it, then this is a clear sign that you will be needing outsourcing for your content marketing.

Now that you have identified your outsourcing needs, you can then ponder when to choose a freelancer and an agency.

Agency Content Marketing


–    More and collective knowledge

–    Costing is lower and more practical especially for bigger and complicated projects

–    Wide variety of skills and expertise

–    With higher potential bandwidth for special projects

–    More expertise in contract and agreement drafting

–    Offer more strategies in consultation

–    Deeper vertical enterprise


–    Some of the agencies have relationship issues

–    Risk of having friction between in-house and agency teams

–    The tendency that you have to adjust to the agency’s existing processes

–    Potential for miscommunication

Freelancer Content Marketing


–    Potential to save more compared to SEO agency

–    More practical to choose if the project is simpler and less complicated

–    Better communication since you will have to deal with everything on one person only

–    Possibility of more extreme flexibility in bandwidth and even in scheduling

–    Some freelancers have more skills also


–    Your company will be responsible for hiring and management

–    Some of the tasks like drafting of contracts and quality control (editing) will be done by your company

–    Higher risks of delays can happen because of possible errors and failures

–    More limitation in the time availability

How to Know which Can Work for your Content Marketing

Before finalizing who will you choose, it is important that you know what your company and project needs and the existing resources that you have to accomplish your expected outcome.

Also, other things to consider include:

  1. How much time that is needed to accomplish the project
  2. If there is a need for assistance in terms of strategist
  3. If there is a plan to expand the outsourced inbound marketing, and what kind of expansion
  4. The ability to manage multiple contacts for various reasons like quality control, training, payment, and other matters
  5. The capacity to handle risk and unanticipated delays like sickness of the freelancer or unexpected need to terminate the contract
  6. Having the commitment to more training and education
  7. On-site editing resources available for better assessment and review
  8. The growth trajectory and its rapidness
  9. Budget matters
  10. The control to the process of communication and collaboration
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Top 5 Best SEO Tips to Boost Your Website Traffic

Chris Holroyd



Boost Your Website Traffic
Over the past few years, the world has gone digital and so does have your customers. Whether an individual is looking for the nearest fuel station, wishes to book a taxi, order food, pay bills, or check the best local restaurants, everyone counts on the Internet to make their decision before investing. So, as a business owner, you would have realized that all your potential customers count on online platforms for making critical decisions. In that case, strengthening the online presence of a business becomes a necessity so as to grab the attention of a wider target audience. At this point, business owners and marketers need to be aware of some proven tactics and SEO tips that can help them boost the website traffic and maximize customer engagement in the long run. So, in this post, we’ll discover the best SEO tips that can help you widen the traffic on your website and take your business to the next level.

SEO Tips to Boost Your Website Traffic

More traffic on your website indicates more conversions, boosts sales and improved lead generation. So, the common thing that every business owner aspires to is more website traffic, leads, and sales. To ensure that your business is practicing the right SEO services, we have gathered some expert SEO tips that can actually help businesses to boost their website traffic in today’s tech-driven world. Without any ado, let’s get started and dive deeper to understand how you can boost your website traffic in effortless ways.

Emphasize user experience throughout the user journey

If your website is taking enough time to load or seems outdated, you are likely to lose your potential customers and visitors will leave your website right away. Thus, increasing the bounce rate of your website. So that the visitors remain on your website for a longer time, you need to focus on improving the overall user experience and ensure a rich user journey.
To increase the organic rankings, you need to emphasize optimizing content and improve readability. For this, you’ll need to write quality content, which includes- proper formatting, correct grammar, and ensure there are no spelling mistakes. Make sure you avoid writing long paragraphs and go for short paragraphs. Also, keep the sentences short as long sentences might confuse the readers. To improve the navigation and readability, use sub-headers, bullet points, and have enough whitespace throughout your website content.

Mobile-First Approach

Today, every individual owns a smartphone and they count on these devices while browsing for any sort of services or purchasing any product. Usage of PC is decreasing gradually, and people prefer different sorts of digital devices- ranging from smartphones, laptops, tablets, and so on. In that case, if you own a website that works well on a PC-view but has a poor presentation on other devices, you are simply losing the majority of the customers. If the website visitors find it difficult to browse your website on a tablet and have to regularly zoom in and zoom out while other images fail to load, you have already lost those customers, and they’ll end up investing in one of your competitors. For addressing all these issues, you need to develop a responsive website that works perfectly on all sorts of devices without any glitches. This will ensure a perfect website experience on all types of digital devices that are used nowadays.

YouTube SEO

YouTube is the second most popular social media platform and has a huge number of visitors on a daily basis. To take advantage of YouTube SEO, you need to make SEO-friendly videos. For this, you must ensure that you make the title SEO-friendly and clickable for improving your click-through rate. Do the same for the video titles and you can use the keyword at the beginning of the title? This helps the visitors as well as Google of what exactly your video is about. As most of your rivals aren’t aware of this practice, this helps your business to gain a competitive edge over all of them and stay ahead of the race in the long run.

Technical SEO

Ignoring technical SEO can be a major mistake as it leads to the poor performance of the website. For improving technical SEO, it is recommended that your site loads on HTTPS and isn’t still struggling with HTTP. Considering the safety measures, HTTP websites aren’t safe at all and aren’t preferred by Google as well. So, if you go for an HTTPS website where the data is fully encrypted, you can actually grab the attention of the wider audience. Additionally, you must correct your semantics markups, and if you have 404 errors, you need to fix them immediately by redirecting URLs. The reason being, neither your target audience wishes to see 404 errors on their screen, nor does Google prefers 404 errors at all.

Regular Content Audit

Doing a thorough and well-planned content audit from time to time is an effective practice that helps directly to pull more traffic to the website. You must analyze every single page of your website and note which pages or sections need to be updated with fresh content, consolidated, or removed from the website. For the content that seems no more relevant to your business, either delete it from the website or updated it with new ideas so that the readers go through the updated information and gain attention towards your business. This will help in gaining the attention of a wider audience while retaining the existing ones.

Final Thoughts

Expecting overnight results isn’t what you can expect with these tips. Rather, it is a continuous process that will show results eventually, if you keep practicing all these tips regularly and with the utmost attention. After all, the competition is very stiff in the market, and it is quite challenging to grab the attention of the visitors and turn them into loyal leads for your business. So, it’s high time that you implement these tips into your business and take your business to the next level. SUMMARY: In today’s competitive age, grabbing the customer’s attention is not at all a cakewalk and businesses must know smart ways to drive traffic. From better user experience, YouTube SEO, to content audit, there are many SEO tips businesses must practice. Read Also : Top 15 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2021
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Top 15 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2021

Chris Holroyd



Top 15 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2020

Have you ever heard of ‘Rumble in the Jungle’? 

It is touted by many as the most memorable event in the history of professional boxing. The event hosted two of the biggest names ever in professional boxing: Mohammad Ali and George Foreman. Foreman was the undefeated world heavyweight champion of the time, but it was Ali who would cement his place in history. While the event garnered global eyes for its unique packaging and unfamiliar venue, it became a part of sport folklore for the ‘rope-a-dope’ strategy employed by Mohammad Ali against his rival.

What is Rope-A-Dope?

Rope-a-dope is a boxing strategy wherein a boxer leans on the ropes pretending to be trapped. In this case, the other fighter, George Foreman, spent his energy punching on the arms and body. The loss of energy proved vital, and as was the case in ‘Rumble in the Jungle,’ Mohammad Ali went on to win the match. Table of Contents

Digital Marketing: A Rope-A-Dope Landscape

The ever-evolving digital realm can also have a rope-a-dope effect on your marketing efforts. More often than not, you will end up spending a considerable amount of marketing budget with no real substantial results to show. You can save your marketing efforts from the digital rope-a-dope with a well-planned digital marketing strategy. It will help you generate quality traffic with high purchase intent and deliver instant results.

Benefits of a Digital Marketing Strategy 

Effective audience targeting is not the only benefit of having a digital marketing strategy. A strategy will allow you to track and monitor your marketing campaigns continuously. The insights will help you to further refine your marketing campaigns for maximum impact. Moreover, a strategy will help you adapt quickly to changes that occur far too frequently in the digital realm.

15 Digital Marketing Strategies With Example

To help you create digital campaigns that deliver on all your business goals and objectives, here are 15 digital marketing strategies that you must try in 2021.

Marketing Strategies for SEO and Content

SEO and content will continue to add shine to your online visibility. Follow these three tips to enhance your SEO and content marketing efforts further.

#1. Make the Most of Featured Snippets

Google will continue to show more featured snippets in SERPs. Snippets appear at the top of the SERP results. Also known as position zero, you can get your snippets featured by writing concise and valuable answers to research-intent queries.

#2. Create Content to Serve All Stages of the Buyer Journey

A piece of content that’s attracting significant traffic but has an equally high bounce rate indicates that the material fails in meeting user expectations. Remember, people never buy products or services based on first impressions alone. The customer goes through multiple stages before making a purchase decision. Hence, the content must offer potential customers the right boost at different stages (Top, Middle, and Bottom) to move towards a purchase.

#3. Fuel Your Efforts with Collaborative Content

Partnering up with a different brand can be an excellent opportunity for expanding your reach, but you have to make sure you’ve chosen the right brand. At the end of the day, you need to make sure that the content you put out with your partner is engaging, and you also want to make sure that your audiences understand why you’re partnering up. An excellent example of collaborative content that made an immediate impact is the Uber & Spotify Car-Music playlist partnership. The collaboration allowed premium Spotify users to connect their Spotify to the Uber cars radio and listen to their favorite music. The association gained instant hype for the personalized and unique experience it offered.

Marketing Strategies for Social Media

Social media platforms have undergone a considerable makeover over the last decade. They are now more feature-rich and command the speed and reach of information on the internet. In 2017 one million people joined a social network every day. These are staggering numbers that perfectly highlight the power of social media.

#4. Host Contests For Added Value

Contests are an effective way to garner your target audience’s attention, turn followers into community members, and collect valuable feedback. You can offer attractive prizes and benefits for contest participants. These contests can be used to achieve almost any business goal you can think of. You can use a contest to promote your product, promote your brand, perform market research, attract new customers, and so on. For example, Mission Foods, a famous American manufacturer of tortillas and tortilla-related products, used a ‘voting’ contest to learn more about customer preferences.

#5. Don’t Underestimate Video Content.

Following the explosion in popularity of video-sharing apps like TikTok, most social media platforms have added a video-sharing feature. Video is easy to digest and allows brands to be versatile and trigger the right set of emotions and create a strong impression on the audience. If planned right, video marketing can generate massive ROI from advertisers. Given these advantages, video is going to have a substantial impact on audience engagement in 2021. Here’s a perfect example of how a video can connect with the audience at much more emotional levels and help the brand shine. GoPro’s Fireman Saves a Kitten

#6. Be Relatable

Whether you are sharing a single post or live streaming an event, your content must strike a chord with your target audience. No matter which platform you target, if your content is authentic, accurate, and offers excellent value to your audience, it will not be long before you garner a following and name for your brand or business.

Strategies for Paid Advertising

Digital advertising allows you to expand your reach beyond your existing audience and reach out to prospects that have shown some intent or relate with your products and services. However, this in no way guarantees that you will gain followers or sell your products quickly. Paid advertising will only take you to the doors of your lookalike audience. Whether the door opens or not depends on many other factors. Here are a few tips to help you turn ads impressions into clicks and higher conversion:

#7. Behavioral Targeting

With behavioral targeting, you can ensure that ads reach only those audiences who are most likely to buy your products and services. A lookalike profile is created by collecting data of users who have visited your website or shown interest in your product and services.

#8. Contextual Targeting

In the digital realm, contextual advertising allows advertisers and business owners to display ads based on a website or app’s content. For instance, let’s say you have an online rental service for tourists in Florida. Then you can use automated systems like GoogleAdsense to target websites with content related to your website. So if a user is on a Florida travel booking website, you can place your ad on the site. Another significant advantage of using contextual targeting is that there is minimal dependency on online users’ data. With contextual targeting companies need to worry little about GDPR and user data compliances

#9. Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is changing the rules of online advertising. Instead of relying on real ad buyers, ads are purchased via AI-run machines. The automation gives marketers diverse, real-time targeting options such as locations, interests, language, demographics, and more.  
An excellent example of programmatic advertising is programmatic audio where ads are inserted into online audio broadcasting content like podcasts, digital radio, music streaming apps, and more.

Strategies for Email Marketing 

With an ROI of 4400%, it would be naive to question the effectiveness of email marketing. Companies with a robust email marketing strategy enjoy higher sales, strong customer relationships, and unwavering customer loyalty. Over 3 billion people use email services. It is still the most cost-effective tool for creating awareness, sharing product/service information, gathering customer feedback, promoting new services, and gaining customer loyalty. Follow these tips to boost your email campaigns in 2021.

#10. Create Mobile-Friendly Email Campaigns

Most people prefer to read and respond to emails from the comfort of their mobile. If your email campaigns are not mobile-friendly, they will never generate the desired results. For this reason, you want to make sure to follow these guidelines:
  • Do not exceed your image width and size beyond 600 pixels
  • The email font size should be at least 13pixels
  • Make sure that the call to action buttons are at least 40 x 40pixels

#11. Keep Your Message Short Yet Valuable

It’s unwise to bombard your users with too much information and aggressive design. Instead, keep the message short and simple. Moreover, ensure that the subject line is attractive, promises value, and convinces your audience to open the email.

#12. Do, But Don’t Overdo

There is no particular rule that states how often one should send marketing emails. At the same time, shooting emails day in and day out can backfire. Especially if you are selling products online, too many email campaigns may lead your subscribers to believe that your offers are too good to be true. Most marketers agree that 2-3 emails in a month should be enough to deliver desired results. If these numbers seem small, consider monitoring your email metrics over time. Depending on your subscribers’ response, decide on the frequency of your email campaigns. For example, here is a snapshot of a welcome email from ‘Taylor Stitch.’
The design is simple and pleasing to the eye. The message is clear, precise, and cleverly highlighted. The call to action is also equally prompting and strategically placed.

Integrating Emerging Technologies

Intelligent use of new technology can add wings to your marketing campaigns. However, the key is knowing the right technology to integrate. Here’s a list of the top 3 emerging technologies that offer immense potential to marketers in 2021.

#13. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Customer expectations and desires are always changing. AR and VR allow marketers to address these changes in a uniquely engaging manner. A well-designed AR and VR experience can trigger discussions and strengthen brand value.

#14. Chatbots 

Chatbots remain uncharted territory for the marketing industry. However, a well-designed chatbot can prove to be an exceptional tool for improving website bounce rates. Who would not love to spend time with a chatbot, which is AI-powered, has a sense of humor, and answers all relevant queries correctly? 

#15. AI and Data Analytics

Marketers collect gigantic amounts of data daily. That said, turning this data into actionable insights is time- and resource-consuming. Thanks to the advances in AI and data analytics, marketers now have access to smart tools that can gather, identify, and analyze intent data quickly and accurately. This makes integrating data analytics and AI a top priority for the modern marketer.

The Secret to a Perfect Strategy 

In digital marketing, any strategy is a good strategy so long as it gives you the desired result. But to create the perfect strategy, you need to look beyond the dos and don’ts and first listen to what your customers are saying and then work backward. Author’s Bio:- Sean Davis is the Content Manager at DashClicks, a white label digital marketing fulfillment company that helps agencies satisfy their clients’ needs. He has previously written for Cracked, Shopify, and Harvard Student Agencies. In his free time, he enjoys having heated arguments over capitalization rules. He really, really wishes people would stop misusing semicolons. When in doubt, a period works just fine.
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How to Measure SEO Performance and Results




There are plenty of metrics that the experts working for the top digital marketing company in India would be looking at to figure out the performance of your SEO. Ensure that you know what they are and how you can measure them so that you can also look at the performance and gauge if any changes need to be made yourself.

Keep reading on to know more about the various metrics that you need to monitor to find out what the results are.

Metrics to Monitor for SEO Performance Results

Every digital marketing company in India is going to know what metrics would need to be measured to see the performance and results of SEO, but do you? Here are just a few of the top metrics that you should be watching and monitoring, including:

Organic traffic – 

This is the amount of traffic that you would be getting if you aren’t using any paid methods to bring them to your website. You can find out how people are finding your website by checking out the keywords they searched for or the websites they clicked on to find your site.

Keyword Ranking – 

Another thing to check out is the ranking that you have for a specific predetermined keyword and see how much it is growing or even if it is decreasing. This is important since these are the keywords or phrases that would be used to find your site, so make sure to monitor these and change them as needed.

SERP Visibility – 

Also, you want to make sure that you are checking out your SERP visibility, which means where you are going to be visible on the search engine results. Monitor this to find out where you are when you first start the work and then how much you are increasing in rank over time.

CTR rate – 

This is going to tell you how many people clicked on your page from the SERP and this will be able to tell you how effective your meta descriptions and title tags are. If you aren’t getting as many clicks, then you might want to consider changing these up until you see a higher level of performance.

Bounce rate – 

You also need to consider the bounce rate for your website and this is how many visitors are clicking on and visiting your website, but then leave before any more interaction is completed. You want to have a low level of this, so make sure to figure out what you can change if this is high.

Backlinks – 

If people think that your website is an authority figure or if they think the content that you are posting is worthwhile, then you are going to get plenty of backlinks. However, it isn’t just how many you get, but also the quality of the sites that are connecting to your page to see if your strategy is working.

Make sure that you are checking out all of the metrics to ensure that you are seeing just how well your SEO and current strategy are working for your website.

When you are working with the top digital marketing company in India you want to make sure that you know what they might be looking at in terms of SEO performance and much more. Ensure that you are checking out the keywords that are being used to find your website and that you are seeing your current organic traffic level.

You want to keep monitoring everything to do with your website so you can see how the performance is increasing and if you would need to make any important changes to the strategy.

Must Read : Why Advertising on Google (Google AdWords) is Advantageous to Business

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Best SEO Tools You Need for Your Small Business

Chris Holroyd



Best SEO Tools You Need for Your Small Business

Are you looking for a few correct SEO gears to get your small enterprise off the ground? With thousands of errands to run, small enterprise proprietors and marketers find it hard to make time to discover the first-class search engine marketing equipment for little enterprise. While small businesses understand the importance of search engine marketing, they often count on time eating or manner too luxurious to research and implement.

The precise information is, this doesn’t seem right. 

Today, quality SEO tools for small commercial enterprises make this a lot greater easier. It can be pretty comfortable with the assist of some online tools. You can go to a few online dialogue boards, YouTube videos, and articles to get a better picture. While search engine optimization practices sound challenging, they will steadily make the experience and bring you closer to better organic rankings. Well, it might appear to be you want sources to regularly hold up with all of the algorithm updates that Google makes each year.

However, you need no longer bend over backward to apprehend and easily hold up with all the SEO recent posts using some of the adequate SEO tools for small businesses. In our efforts to keep your precious time, we have prepared a few of the best SEO gear for small businesses. The following small search engine optimization equipment is excellent SEO software for small commercial enterprise.

Which are the best Seo Tools For Small Businesses?

You are looking for some affordable SEO equipment that helps you get your small business up and going? Well, then we’ve got were given you covered.

This free equipment for small business proprietors will genuinely help you make the maximum out of your small business.

Google Keyword planner

It is considered one of the excellent Google equipment for small commercial enterprises. Selecting the proper key phrases is the key to success in your short commercial enterprise SEO process.

This Keyword Planner tool helps you identify related ad businesses and keyphrases relevant to your niche. You will be capable of seeing what sort of terms people are looking for and how frequently they seek. This device also breaks up your critical phrases into influential organizations – “keyword competitiveness” and “seek volume.”

Keyword Planner also shows various other key phrases which might be searched using other human beings for your area. This list affords you with the keywords having low opposition and excessive volume, which you in no way knew that it existed and will add plenty of value to your search engine marketing efforts.

Google Search Console

It is again one of the excellent gear for small commercial enterprise owners. It is perfect for observing what Google thinks approximately your website from the backend perspective.

It was used by the site owners to monitor the pages that have been down. Now, that is used for SEO purposes as it highlights several vital portions of data, which can’t be found anywhere else. Besides, you will also be capable of finding the backlinks associated with your internet site, the variety of clicks and impressions that it receives every day, week, month, and year and keeps you alert approximately the crawl mistakes indexing errors and 404s. The tool additionally suggests where you rank for some keywords and how users locate your internet pages. With all these statistics, you could enhance your internet site and make it higher for the users.

MOZ Keyword Explorer

Get assistance in determining which key phrases you should use. Moz Keyword Explorer will inform you which key phrases you’re presently rating for and how hard it’ll be for your internet site to rank for more competitive or famous seek terms.

Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) empowers you to manipulate the statistics that show up approximately your business in Google Search and Maps. Having a GMB list can increase your probabilities of showing up in organic seek results. After claiming your listing, you could optimize it with the aid of adding your commercial enterprise’s address, telephone number, and hours of operation.

Delux Business Listing Scan

Find out how your commercial enterprise appears in extra than 40 exclusive online directories, including Yelp, Yahoo, and Facebook. The Deluxe Business Listing Scan will tell you which guides you’re indexed in and which statistics wishes to be brought or updated.

Google Analytics

This tool affords you a wider variety of features than you may ever imagine. Analytics offers insights on who goes to your web page, most regularly considered pages, and how traffic land for your page. It helps you recognize whether you’re getting visitors organically from Google or are part of your social media platforms’ referral visitors. Next, it enables you to tune your ROI based totally on unique goals, identify key phrases that “drive” and “no longer drive” visitors, strive for new ways to improve your website’s usability, etc. While it might take time with a view to learning to use Analytics like a Pro, there are numerous informative videos and tutorials available throughout the Internet to help you leverage Analytics to boost your internet site optimization.


WooRank is an easy-to-use sem analytics tool. It quickly gives the keywords that get the highest search volume, tracks search terms by region or language, and help you discover critical phrases based on content material that’s already on your website.

Using these best SEO tools for small businesses will help marketers examine real-time data, the latest trends, and critical metrics. It empowers small business owners like you an edge over your competition.

Are you looking for more links, the better want or need of a facelift SEO content overall, this is a list of the best SEO tools for small business can help you get the desired result. There are more such free and important tools, you can always take the assistance from best Seo companies to make the election for right tools.

Using the appliance industry to examine critical metrics, real-time data, and trends over time give small business owners a competitive advantage in the remaining and relevant.

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A Complete Guide To TikTok Influencer Marketing in 2020 & Beyond




TikTok Influencer Marketing

Need to reach your products to the target audience on TikTok? Are you admiring how to join hands with the Influencer marketers on TikTok? Are you struggling to raise your business on TikTok? Pick the useful TikTok tricks on Influencer marketing campaigns.

How Does TikTok Influencer Marketing Work

TikTok has become the utterance for every business combining with the Influencers. You can easily pick the influencers for your business to market the sponsored content with tools like “TikTok Creator Marketplace.”

Also, TikTok content has a high ability to reach millions of users. Getting to succeed in an Influencer campaign needs a high planning level for platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

Content includes a product image, some exciting stories, or video content with the products when you join the hands with Influencers on Instagram. The primary part of the sponsored partnership is to market with an influencer to get massive engagements. Partnering with creators for your campaign results in more TikTok views for your content and helps your business reach out. Influencers’ contents on TikTok often market the products.

Here we can see how to create the Influencer campaign on TikTok.

Select Campaign Type For TikTok Influencer Marketing 

Before your business starts to do partnerships with influencers on TikTok, it’s essential to know about the different campaigns on TikTok you can make through these partnerships. 

Challenges on TikTok

User-Generated Challenges(UGC) are the most famous video contents on TikTok. The main path to bring success for your content on the TikTok platform through the hashtag challenges. 

When an Influencer on TikTok makes a challenge with a specific hashtag, it allows the user to shoot and post the videos with the respective hashtag. TikTok lists numerous trending hashtags on the Discovery page, so hashtags challenges are promoted organically inside the platform.


Duets allow every TikTok user to shoot the community’s existing video through the side-by-side panel with spontaneous content.


The dance category is to be recreated by the users, and it is similar to the hashtag challenge. These posts contain a piece of specific theme music or song with a catchy look.

When an Influencer content on TikTok attracts their audience, then the posted content will acquire vast engagements.

Make Use Of “TikTok’s Creator Marketplace” To Pick The Right Influencers

It is time to get an Influencer on TikTok if you have a content strategy for your Influencer campaign on TikTok.

You can search limitlessly and find a perfect influencer for your business through TikTok’s Creator Marketplace. You need to request to access the platform if you want to get influencers for your campaign. You can start to search and pick the perfect influencers once your request is granted. You can sort out influencers using the many filter options.

Creator data – It is a type of filter that helps you do the search depending on the creator’s profile. It may contain the influencer’s country, topics covered, engagement reach, average views, etc.

Audience data – if you get an influencer whose followers were your targeted users, then you can receive the expected results for your campaign. It is a type of filter which helps you to search depending on the audience profile. It contains a region or country, age & gender, etc.

Devices – it is a type of filter to search by audiences who use a specific device(iOS or Android). It will satisfy if you are promoting an ad for podcasts or app installation. 

Examine Every influencer In The Creator Marketplace on TikTok

The marketplace lists a creator who meets your criteria once you have completed the search using available filters.

Top metrics automatically display on every creator profile, including reach, average views, country, and audience by the age range. If you click on any creator’s profile, you can see the full metrics of the creator. Remember that these creator’s metrics are the average of their last thirty video contents. It includes Likes, Comments, Total Views, Shares, Engagement rate. You can also absorb the various analytics of an influencer by clicking the tabs “Audience Demographics” and “Performance Trends.”

Proceed Your Influencer Campaign On TikTok With Your Chosen Partners.

Make a shortlist and bookmark your influencer profile once you have selected an influencer to partner with. 

Then tap on the “New Campaign” option to set up the campaign. Here, you need to fill in the various details such as your brand’s name, objectives of your campaign, dates, and a message to send to influencers. Otherwise, you can attach the files to show the summary of your campaign. There will be template messages on TikTok to send messages to your influencers. After finishing your campaign’s work, choose the influencers on the right side of the page from your saved lists.

Submit your campaign now. Influencers will receive your campaign invitations, and they choose whether to agree to your request on partnership.

Analyze The Performance Of Influencers

If you have picked a smaller-sized influencer to partner with on TikTok, but they are not displayed in the creator marketplace, unfortunately, then it becomes hard to get the insights of the performance.

Knowing the influencer’s metrics drives all the campaigns successfully. Many tools help analyze TikTok profile performance and hashtags, songs, and video content.

Monitor Your Sponsored Hashtag

The powerful way to grab viral engagements on TikTok will be the hashtag challenges; businesses are starting to join hands with the influencers to begin the hashtag challenges of their own.

Naturally, it is tough to monitor the influencer’s post-impact on TikTok with the hashtag. Because the monitor of hashtag success is not by uploading just one video, it’s the path to gather the campaign’s overall performance as a result.

You can monitor each hashtag and analyze the data performance. It allows you to get the impact of your influencer’s post. Keep on watching your hashtag performance with influencers. If it does not go well, you have picked the wrong influencer for your campaign. Just change your influencer for your campaign reboot through decent searches. 


Brands are using TikTok as a preferred tool to grow their audience. Many famous brands like Levi’s and Calvin Klein use the TikTok to drive a massive engagement for their contents. While it gives success to the brands, they also preferred the platform’s famous faces to partner with to multiply their audience. 

You want to grow strong relationships with the creators and involve them throughout the campaign, like all other influencer marketing campaigns.

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Digital Marketing

Best Email Marketing Tools

Jignesh Vaghasiya



Best Email Marketing Tools

Trends and channels of marketing change over time. Although some trends come and go fast, Email is one platform that has stayed more or less the same. In reality, for both B2C and B2B marketers, Email continues to be the top platform for content marketing. It is used by 87% of B2B marketers and 77% of B2C marketers to nurture their audience.

It can also help you amplify your other forms of marketing, such as social ones. With that said, in their email marketing campaigns, marketers also face a lot of challenges. Marketers can waste a lot of time designing and sending out emails. It doesn’t look beautiful without adequate resources. This hinders effectiveness as your email marketing ROI is being dragged down.

Many businesses settle for this situation. It is because they cannot invest in an instrument to simplify the operation. Email marketing tools don’t always have to be costly, but. You will find several free resources for email marketing that can help save you time and money.

  1. Marketing of HubSpot Email

HubSpot has recently released a free email marketing tool. It is best known for its marketing automation platform. It can support many of the transactional email needs of a small business. HubSpot Email Marketing’s free edition will do that if you need to send kickback emails from lead deals. It can also send thank you emails after buy, or support current campaigns. Its ease of use is one of the best aspects of HubSpot’s free email tool. The tool features a convenient visual drag-and-drop editor. It also comes loaded with ready-made models to get you up and to run. Of course, what distinguishes HubSpot Email Marketing is its native integration. It integrates email marketing with other HubSpot instruments. That will create a centralized contacts database, organize it into lists, and manage and check email output.

  1. Sender

With features to ensure deliverability, Sender is one of the best free email marketing tools on the market. Without any HTML awareness, it lets you create stunning newsletters. Only choose a template and customize it with images, videos, and text elements. To make an even more significant effect, you can even personalize your newsletters for each recipient.

One of the best reasons why it’s on our list is the Sender’s robust analytics feature. It helps you to check who opened your emails when they were opened and clicked on the links, and more. Based on your subscriber behavior, it also helps you build reliable buyer profiles. The reason behind this is you can refine your current email strategy and compelling craft offers.

  1. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a forum for marketing communication, incorporating both email marketing tools and more functions. It is such as management of customer relationships and the development of landing pages. The email design functions of Sendinblue make it easy to create a great-looking email. The Email with over 70 design templates. Plus, all these models are sensitive, and you can preview your results to ensure that your design looks in any screen format the way you want. You can use functions such as A / B checking and segmented recipient lists. It is after designing your Email to take the manual effort and guesswork out of optimizing your campaigns and targeting your ideal audiences.

  1. Omnisend

Omnisend is a sophisticated marketing platform for e-commerce. It incorporates all the contact channels in one location. Its free plan contains Email, but it is more than enough to help small and medium enterprises‘ email marketing efforts. It enables you to automate your Email delivery using behavioral stimuli and time your messages based on your customers’ convenience.

To send out more important email marketing messages, you can use its extensive audience insights. Using time-saving features such as the Product Picker helps you choose all the items you want to include in your inbox. You want to include it to craft beautiful newsletters. To further maximize your email efficiency, scratch cards, discount coupon codes, and gift boxes can also be included.

  1. SendPulse

As a multi-channel marketing site, SendPulse advertises itself. Its email marketing feature is the most common. It comes with many email templates crafted that you can customize using a drag-and-drop editor. You can then set up these personalized emails based on user actions, event cause, and other variables to be sent out at the right time. An excellent way to recognize the most critical subscribers is the subscriber rating feature of SendPulse. It allows the open and clicks rates and each subscriber’s read and unread rate to be analyzed. To customize your emails by name, gender, date of birth, age, and job position, you can even set replaceable text fields.

  1. Email from Benchmark

For an email marketing tool, Benchmark Email is a great choice. It is an excellent choice to design responsive emails that look great no matter which device they are displayed on. You can also edit the image right on the website if you need to add pictures to your Email. The email editor allows you to add effects, stickers, and text to deliver your message.

Based on sector, form, and occasion, you can choose from loads of pre-designed templates. You can also use the editor to create emails from scratch for the more HTML-savvy. The dual view lets you see your Email’s design as you edit it, simplifying the whole process of creating emails.

  1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a pioneer you’ve already heard of in email marketing software. Their free plan offers you basic features of email marketing, such as designing and scheduling emails. What makes this an excellent tool for email marketing is its smart recommendations feature. It gives you valuable feedback from the audience to maximize your marketing efforts.

You are using Content Manager, where you can store your photos and files for easy access. It is easy to design emails on the platform. At critical stages of the buyer journey, Mailchimp helps you automate your emails. It is to send out welcome emails, order confirmations, abandoned cart reminders, and more.

  1. MailerLite

Sophisticated features such as the landing page creator and the customizer pop-up make MailerLite stand out among the market’s free email tools. It is to create beautiful emails, besides the basics like the drag-and-drop email builder.

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