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Complete Fact About Average Timeshare Maintenance Fees, How Much You Need To Pay For Your Timeshare?

Chris Holroyd



Timeshare Costs

If you are buying a timeshare for vacation, you are surely agreeing to pay a certain amount of money every year. No matter you go to the place or not every year but the maintenance fees need to be paid on time. Maintenance fees are ever increasing and it can cage from the actual time of your agreement. Many of the timeshare owners have found a steady increase in the maintenance fee after one year. If you have a complete idea about that, it will be easier for you to sell it fast. 

What is a timeshare maintenance fee? 

Buying a timeshare comes with a lot of benefits. It can save you a lot of money during vacation time. But there is more to come with timeshare than the initial fees. This is the maintenance fees of your timeshare. This is quite a straightforward process like cutting the grass, insulating the windows, etc.  You need to know the average timeshare maintenance fees. You always need to have your own peace of mind by knowing that your timeshare is well-kept, your carpets and furnishings are in good condition, the taxes are paid on time and so the insurance is paid and so the utilities like the phone, television, electricity bills are paid. 

How to know the average fees: 

The maintenance fees vary from companies to companies depending upon the amenities served by the companies. It may vary from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars every year. Sometimes location-wise maintenance fees can also increase. Popular vacation places come with more timeshare maintenance fees. You need to keep in mind several things to calculate average fees. 

When you are buying your timeshare, try to find out the average maintenance fees. It will come according to the period for that you are buying that and the amenities you preferred to have. 

You also need to look at the special assessment of costs that are included in the resale property like a timeshare. Many people sell often their timeshare property as they cannot beat the hurricane damages that can occur. 

If you want to finance your timeshare then you need to pay extra tax. This extra tax can raise the cost to the timeshare property many thousand dollars. Even this tax also depends on the number of years you want to finance. So it is better to use cash while buying a timeshare. To cut the cost of your Maintainance fees and even if you are financing it then does it for a small number of years. It will reduce the cost of your timeshare maintenance too. 

Tools to help you: 

These things are important to consider knowing the average fees of maintenance that you need to pay.  Many companies offer the cost calculators to find out the exact cost of maintenance of your timeshare. These tools are really helpful today because you just need to put some information on that and the tool will give you a complete idea about your average fees. It will help you to sell or even buy a timeshare.

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How To Prevent eCommerce Fraud

Chris Holroyd



How To Prevent eCommerce Fraud

Infographic created by Fiserv, an eCommerce platform company

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Fighting Stress With Fresh Flowers

Chris Holroyd



send fresh flowers online

Stress is a fact of the modern lifestyle. We cannot wish it away. Alternatively, what we can do is to find ways to counter the stress or do something to lower the levels of stress which is one of the reasons why people develop signs of high blood pressure and many problems related to the heart. Stress also makes people look older than they are.

Have you ever send fresh flowers online to a friend or colleague in the hopes of calming their agitated mind? Or maybe someone has sent a floral bunch to you to comfort your anxiety? Fresh flowers have a soothing effect on people. They help us calm down and look at things positively. Thus, reducing our stress levels. This article will help you determine and understand how fresh flowers help us battle stress.

  • Fresh flowers can be an easy and cheap method to de-stress your mind. Remember the last time you went to a garden full of colorful and fresh flowers? How fresh and energetic you felt? Flowers are one of the most beautiful creations that are available in nature. They are bright and colorful, and human beings, like other animals, are attracted to them.
  • Add to it the sweet fragrance of some of the fresh flowers, and they become a perfect cure for your dullness and a sure shot way to recharge you whenever you are feeling down.
  • People buy flowers from both local florists or even from an online flower shop to give them as gifts to others. They do what the tradition is as flowers are considered to be a good gift on almost every occasion or event.
  • Whether you are going to a wedding or a funeral, you can grab a flower arrangement that is suitable for it. Every now and then, you need the services of your local florist or the online flower shop as the use of flowers has become very common and widespread. But rarely do people buy flowers for themselves.
  • It is a known fact that fresh flowers are a great source of cheerfulness and energy. This is the reason why people like to be surrounded by flowers and keep them around the place, whether it is an office or home.
  • In offices, when people feel burdened by the size of the files that they need to complete, they can draw in motivation when a pretty and energetic ambiance surrounds them. And both of those things are provided by flowers. Even for a visitor, flowers are a source of brightness and extend the welcoming aura, making them feel comfortable and completely at ease.
  • Flowers also add to the décor of the place and make the place appear more elegant which otherwise, would have been looking dull and dreary. Besides, their sweet aroma keeps the air fresh, and people need not go out of confined spaces for fresh air. In all, surety, you can say that flowers make a place more hospitable and warm to people, helping them relax and not stress out.
  • Remember, flowers are being used to treat many kinds of illnesses. Hypertension, anxiety, and other stress-related issues are treated with various alternatives of aromatherapy of freshly bloomed flowers. When flowers can be used to cure so many issues, they can certainly be helpful if you keep them around wherever you are.

So, the next time you are feeling down, make sure that you have a great-looking bouquet near you. Keep looking at it every now and then, and you will not feel depressed or stressed out. Fresh flowers have the ability to recharge everyone around them. If you have flowers, you will feel light and energetic. If you are exhausted, you can find solace in the company of these beautiful flowers.

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Is It Worth Investing In An App Clone Solution For Your Online Business?

Chris Holroyd



Online Business

We live in 2021 where technology has made the greatest impact in our daily lives. Today, online businesses are booming as people are widely using online platforms to fulfill their day to day tasks. Nowadays, there are plenty of online platforms that offer services such as food delivery, grocery delivery, medical services, taxi booking, and so on. These services are offered to the customers at their doorsteps with just a few taps on smartphones. So, there is no doubt that there is a great demand for online services today.

Considering this demand for online platforms, many business owners are willing to start their online businesses. But not all those business owners who venture into online businesses will succeed. Only those who arrive at a feature-rich online platform can attain success in their online business venture. But, building an app or online platform is not as easy as it sounds. Every step has its own challenges and it takes a lot of time to proceed. Let us discuss the challenges in building an app for business.

Common challenges faced while building an app for business

Cope up with customer demands

While developing an app, you must have one thing in mind, you are developing the app for users, not for yourself. You must have an idea about the requirement of the target audience and must develop an app that fulfills those requirements.

Unique Platform

Unlike others, you must build a unique platform to attain success in your business venture. only if you build a unique app, you can attract more users. That is where you can stand out from your competitors. 

Device compatibility

It is essential to develop an app that supports multi-platform compatibility and must have a responsive design. The app you build must be adaptable for both android and Ios platforms  Also, the app must be able to fit with different screen sizes.


Security issues in-app will be a nagging concern while building an app. If you are not conducting appropriate testing and checking, then you cannot detect the exact issue that needs to be solved. You must keep in mind that only an app with enhanced security will build trustworthiness among users. Therefore, you should build a safe and secured app to enhance the reliability of the users.

Trendiest inclusions

To develop an impressive app, you must never resist exploring every available option. You must build an app with the trendiest features that satisfy the current demands and support future inclusions to meet anticipated demands.

These are the challenges that you face while building an app clone solution. Now, you may have a question about how to overcome the aforementioned challenges. From my point of view, I would definitely suggest going for an app clone solution. In this blog, let’s see the overview of app clone and its benefits. Also, we can see the essential points to consider before choosing an app clone solution.

What is App Clone

App clone is an online solution that includes the basic functionalities of an original app. Using a readymade clone solution incurs less cost and time when compared to developing the app from start. Therefore, by using a perfect app clone solution, you can build a reliable app that suits your online business requirements.

I hope now you can understand what is app clone solution. Now let us discuss its benefits for your business.

Benefits of App Clone in building your online platform

  •  With a ready-made clone solution, you can build a top-notch online platform. You can improve the user experience by including many attention-grabbing features.
  • With a customizable and complete online solution, you can develop an impeccable app that satisfies your online business requirements.
  • People usually prefer a convenient and safe online platform to make their purchases without any difficulties. With a fully-featured online solution, you can build an amazing online platform. With this, you can enhance the reliability of your online platform.
  •  Using a readymade clone solution saves a lot of development time. It also saves the cost of designing and research when compared to building an app from scratch. 

From the above section, you might have understood the benefits of the readymade clone solution. Let us now see what are the crucial factors to be considered while going for this online solution.

Factors to be considered while choosing an app clone

  • The app clone you choose must be tested and verified. It must also ensure security, should be user-responsive and show good performance. Also, it must be free from bugs and other technical issues.
  • It must be compatible with multiple platforms. So that it can support multiple devices such as Android and iOS.
  • It must include all significant features that suit your online business model and concepts. It must be customizable to suit your online business requirements.
  • It must also include some lucrative revenue-generating factors to run a profitable online business. 

Wrapping Up

From the above sections, I hope you can understand the app clone and its benefits. Also, you may have an idea of the factors to be considered before going for an online solution. But, now you may have a question about where to find such an appropriate app clone solution. You can find one such suitable ready-to-use app clone solution at Appkodes. Appkodes provides readymade clone solutions that are prebuilt with the latest technologies to develop stunning clone apps. Therefore, succeed in your online business venture with an astounding app clone solution.

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How Will A Remote Working Setup Help Your Business Survive

Maricar Morga



How Will A Remote Working Setup Help Your Business Survive

Identified as working from wherever, anywhere, remote working setup was a full-time global labor trend long before the coronavirus pandemic caused millions to work from their homes. In 2018, 50% of the U.S. population were expected to venture into remote working. 

This working setup provides workers the freedom to work when and where they choose as long as they can produce positive results. As the pandemic struck, many of today’s top businesses provide complete, half, or partial remote jobs. Working remotely should not only mean “from home,” either. Anyone may use it if an individual is developing mobile apps, working on content management, or understanding the latest design trends off-site, whether they are located in a quaint coffee shop or a versatile workplace. 

The Evolution Of Businesses With Remote Working Setup

Businesses are evolving and continue to shift direction in modern times. CEOs will either welcome change or lose out on the pivots that will affect their businesses’ future. Until COVID-19 and back in 2013, 81% of people between the ages of 35 and 44 chose to work from home. Today, however, because of the COVID-19 crisis, the world has seen the most detailed remote work trial ever performed. The pandemic not only altered the way businesses operate, it significantly improved the volume of work and the pace at which employees were expected to work. 

Businesses that had previously transitioned to cloud storage solutions and had employees worked remotely at least half of the time had the fastest and most visible transition to remote working setup. Most of the workforce have already learned how to do their task remotely, and they are already familiar with the tools needed to do remote work. 

However, the change was a little rockier for specific workplaces that had never allowed online access to work before. Early on, businesses were more concerned with efficiency than with protection or work-life balance. But as it became apparent that this was going to be the trend for a time, businesses started to make changes as they sent employees home to keep the business going.

Ways Remote Working Setup Will Make Your Business Survive

The disruption brought by the pandemic proved that remote working setup could become a key to make your business survive in a difficult time. Here are some ways this setup will help your company thrive. 

1. Saves Budget

With fewer employees in the workplace, businesses can condense their real estate footprint, allowing for more productive use of workspace. A study conducted involving remote employees helped the participating organization save almost $2,000 per employee on their office space rent, allowing more effective space use. 

Social media giant, Facebook, announced the idea of transferring its employees to 100% remote jobs, which decreases the corporate office’s environmental footprint. It found potential financial incentives to change local compensation for executives. This move could save more significant corporations millions of dollars by encouraging employees to operate in multiple cities around the country and tailor their salaries to their choosing. There are actual dollars that you can use to improve your business, reward and recruit workers, and reinvest in new goods and services.

2. Reduces Turnover

Organizations that lead to discovering new ways to improve workers’ remote job opportunities can find the advantages of better executive satisfaction and participation. It can also present lower executive turnover. If remote or flex employment is not permitted or promoted, many workers will cease to aspire for higher positions in the company. They will control their career development and starve the talent pool of top-level talent.

This executive turnover is essential for leaders and companies to consider and react. The company’s best talent is not sidelined or sidetracked, particularly in under-represented communities such as women executives, people of color, and other minority leaders. When businesses aim for diversity and incorporation, they become better companies. 

3. Encourages Teamwork

One of the most significant advantages of developing a comprehensive remote work setup is that workers and managers typically do more tasks. The supervisor who can be anywhere can handle tasks despite the location at any given moment. When remote work is established, your management team can blend life and work in unity to manage their time, commitment and outcomes more efficiently. From a simple time point of view, as the manager is allowed to turn time to output time, both the manager and the company can become more productive and profitable.

4. Promotes Employee Well-being

There would not a need to commute, no lunch hour rush, and no extended hours away from families or friends in the workplace. Remote working setup will improve employees’ well-being by minimizing stress. Above all, it can restrict exposure to potentially ill acquaintances. However, employers must not miss a physical and mental activity initiative in the remote work setup.  Participation in business wellness services, such as access to a spa, is just as essential for someone with a flexible work schedule. The benefits of remote employment continue to keep workers comfortable, engaged, and satisfied. 

5. Quality Employees

Employers who widen their workforce can increase the efficiency of their business. A large number of the population will be eligible to retire in the next five years, and with more employees under the age of 30, companies need to do more to draw younger generations to work with them. That is highly important for essential skills staff who are in high demand. Leveraging technology and making it scalable allows smaller businesses to compete with more prominent companies. Small businesses need to give the next generation of employees attractive benefits to retain the most productive workforce.

Final Thoughts

Businesses with a keen desire to keep the economy running and their businesses working would be smart to use all the resources to accomplish that goal. As a business owner, it is vital to adapt to what you think would be the best for your company. Moving on to a remote working setup is one of the most promising tools in keeping your business afloat in these challenging times. 

Remote working is more than just a movement in the workplace. The idea of working from anywhere at any time is the potential state of employment. Technology is going to get more sophisticated and get people altogether. It will continue to connect workers and businesses throughout time zones and continents. Your employees may not all be physically in the same space, but work may be just as effective, if not more, than the conventional working model. Today is the best time for the management and employees alike to accept the modern world of work and recognize the opportunities of working remotely.

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Are House-Buying Companies Worth Your Time For a Fast Sale?

Chris Holroyd



Where You Should Spend Your Marketing Budget

Life is all about knowing your options and selling your house is no different. As a seller, you don’t have to rely on the average home buyer to purchase your property. One option available that you may not have considered is to look into companies that buy houses!

You’ve probably seen those ads from companies claiming that they’ll put cash in your hand today and buy your house tomorrow! But, how legitimate are these companies? How much do we really know about companies that buy houses? 

Well, this guide is the perfect place to start your research!

What is a house-buying company?

A house-buying company is a company that deals with the homeowner directly to purchase their properties. Selling your house to these companies is a faster (and often simpler) way to sell your house without dealing with a real estate agent or trying to sell the house on your own.

There are 4 types of house-buying companies: 

  • House flippers buys the property, renovates it, and sells it for a 10% to 15% profit, depending on size, location, and depth of repairs and renovations that need to be done.
  • Buy-and-hold companies will buy a property and use it as a rental property. These companies can be small ma-and-pa type property management companies but there are large companies that do this, too. 
  • iBuyers is a business that relies on technology and real estate market data to make an immediate offer on a house, sight-unseen. These services will charge a fee to handle the marketing and sale of the house. If the home inspection shows any repairs need to be made, the business usually asks for credit at closing. 
  • Trade-in companies will offer to buy you a new house and will use your current home as collateral. Sometimes the company will even allow the homeowner to rent the new home until their old one is sold.

How does the process work?

The way the process works to work with a house-buying company will vary from company to company, but here are the general steps you can expect: 

  • Either the seller or the listing agent will contact the company and will share pertinent information about the house. 
  • The company will make an appointment to tour the home to check out the condition of the home and see if any repairs need to be made. 
  • The company will do it’s research to find out the market value after repairs have been made – also known as after-repair-value.
  • Company makes an offer that includes the price they’re willing to pay, terms of sale, and possible closing date. 
  • Negotiations ensue and the closing date is finalized once agreements have been made. 

Pros and cons of house-buying companies

Before you make any big decisions, you’ll need to weigh the pros and cons. 


Fast sale – Usually selling a house will take anywhere from 21 to 24 days. However, these companies can close on your house in as little as seven days! 

Sell as is – House buying companies aren’t afraid of a house that needs some work because they’re willing to make the improvements necessary to be ready to rent or resell. 

Inspection contingencies – Selling to one of these companies typically reduces how intense the home inspection will be. 

No staging – If you’re selling, you’ll typically want to get your house in showing condition. You don’t have to do that when you’re selling to one of these companies because they don’t care about the pets, personal touches, and the cluttered playroom!


Low offers – These companies aren’t looking to pay top value for your home – they want to buy below market value so they can make a good profit. Sellers accept this because the company typically pays in cash and will close quickly. 

Backdoor buyers – There could be a chance that the company you’re selling to could sell the house to another buyer who could back out of the deal, meaning your deal falls through.

Risk of being scammed – As a whole, home buying companies are legit, but there are some that aren’t. If this is something you’re considering, you’ll need to do your research to be certain you’re working with a reputable company. 

According to insights from top agents, millions of homeowners are at the risk losing their homes once the mortgage forbearance ends. Selling to a house-buying company could be your way to avoid potential financial ruin. And, with the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine and real estate market improving, you could take the money you earn from the sale to find a home that best suits your needs at this time. 

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Five Reasons Why A Messy Office Is Bad For Your Business

Chris Holroyd



Five Reasons Why A Messy Office Is Bad For Your Business

Is your desk buried under papers and documents? Are there sticky notes lying on the floor? Although businesses pay a lot of attention to productivity and efficiency, they sometimes fail to acknowledge the importance of clean working spaces. They don’t mind if the office keeps looking like a junk piece as long as employees meet deadlines and goals. You might come across feeble justifications like ‘Einstein’s desk was messy too,’ but not every person can be Einstein, right?

Believe it or not, but the clutter inside the office can be physically and emotionally draining. Employees’ performance coincides with workspace cleanliness and hygiene, which means messy desks will undermine productivity levels. At the same time, what impression are you leaving on clients and investors? Perhaps, of an unreliable business that can’t even maintain a clean working space, ruining business reputation.

If you still don’t realize how a messy workplace can impact business practices, have a look below. Here we are listing six reasons why a dirty office is terrible for your business.

1. Increases Chances of Diseases & Illnesses

The accumulation of dirt and debris on desks can give birth to many health problems. Some employees might encounter breathing problems, while others can suffer from consistent allergies, flu, and cough. And in today’s time, poor hygienic conditions can pose a Covid-19 threat. We’re still facing a deadly pandemic, remember? The entire world is battling to fight a fatal virus by taking precautions and maintaining hygiene. Governments have also issued multiple SOPs for offices to protect employees from this threat.

Thus, to ensure workers don’t get affected by Covid-19 in the workplace, get rid of the mess. You can remove objects that don’t belong in the office, create shelves, or use cabinets to arrange all the paperwork. And use sanitizers and cleaning products to clean up. It would improve wellness in the company while ensuring compliance with SOPs.

2. Undermines business reputation

To you, the mountains of clutter might seem like ‘ooh-so-much-work.’ But, to onlookers and clients, it is unfashionable disorganization. Imagine investors and clients finding their way through dirty floors and desks to reach the conference room. They would reconsider their decision to work with your company while taking a dig at your lack of work ethic. At the same time, customers would use the available office conditions to evaluate your products, or should we say, devaluate.

After all, if you can’t keep the office in order, how can you provide excellent services? Indeed, this reasoning can be incorrect, but this is how clients perceive things. They look for clues that will indicate your professional competency.

3. Impacts productivity levels 

According to Entrepreneur, an average worker wastes $48,000 because they are trying to find something. Hence, messy and cluttered offices have a direct impact on productivity levels. It slows the workflow, increases additional costs, and also spikes the employees’ downtime. Simultaneously, the unclean environment also stifles creative mojo. As a result, tackling a new project feels like an uphill battle. Moreover, clutter can be super repressing for the organized personalities who perform the best in clean spaces. It can significantly reduce employee morale, which can affect business efficiency and profitability in the long run.

4. Creates a stressful culture 

The overflowing trash cans and piles of paper boxes stimulate a stressful culture inside offices. It makes it arduous to find things, increasing the likelihood of additional stress. If a client rings up regarding their work, employees will have to spend several minutes looking for the file. In addition to increasing mental pressure, workers feel guilty because they cannot perform at their full potential.

Researchers also believe that there is a limit to stimulation a human mind can endure. This means too much clutter can make employees feel trapped and overburdened. Therefore, consider hiring a team of professional cleaners and janitors who can spruce up your office without costing a fortune.

5. Reflects an Unprofessional Behavior 

You might think you are giving your employees freedom in the office by not emphasizing cleanliness. More than reflecting an independent office environment, it projects unprofessional behavior. Potential employees coming for an interview will raise questions about your professionalism after seeing all the messy desks and clutter. It might also indicate that the organization is in disarray and might run out of business soon. If you don’t want to drive away from the potential candidates, purge away the clutter and create a professional working space.

To Conclude, 

Undoubtedly, doing business can be chaotic in today’s fast-paced world. However, digitalization enables businesses to reduce the mess caused by useless paperwork drastically. This frees up more time to focus on other aspects of cleanliness. You might think a messy office doesn’t matter much, but it makes all the difference in reality. From affecting productivity levels, reducing self-confidence to creating health concerns – an untidy working space is a big turnoff. Here’s some pro advice; hire a professional cleaning service, and keep your office neat and clean!

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