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6 Ways to Manage Employee Stress During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Chris Holroyd



Employee Stress

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the way we manage our personal and professional lives. During this uncertainty, social distancing is the best thing we can do right now to decrease the risk of virus. But at the same time, social distancing and self-isolation can be stressful. 

We all have experienced fear and spikes in anxiety every minute. Flashing of a news report, updated health statistics, and social media posts were intended to keep us updated. However, these best intentions can bring undue stress and worry. 

Don’t you feel that recognizing and coping with the stress in a positive, healthy way can help us remain calm? 

Let’s dig deep and find out how your employee can manage our stress level during this uncertainty. 

6 Steps That Can Help You To Manage Your Stress

  1. Automate Your Tasks: A reliable technology is a crucial part of the organization right now. Managing your work from home is difficult. To make it easy, employees can use recruitment analytic solutions to reduce manual screening of resumes. The tools like a resume parser can parse resumes/jobs in a scalable manner. It allows recruiters to extract the candidate information from resumes in predefined data fields. 
  1. Setup Virtual Social Events: We are working remotely right now that means your employees need to stay connected. Managers can set virtual meetings for team meetups. Start spending some time with your team via virtual coffee breaks or can say happy hours. These will help you to reduce the feeling of stress. Staying in touch with your team, will help you and your team coordinate a lot while working. Also, always stay in touch with your family and close friends regularly via virtual calling, text, etc.  
  1. Be Inclusive While Sharing Information: Make sure to keep your employees informed when any new and important changes occur. Be transparent while communicating with any employee. During such time you should always share important information in a written format, even if you announce it during a meeting. It will also be helpful for each teammate to recall the new information. 
  1. Minimize the Changes: During such uncertain times, most employees’ routines are changing. Try to balance offering flexibility with limiting the number of disruptions. For example, employees are working from a new location but keep them engaged through virtual meetings and calls. This will help your team to maintain some consistency to work and to stay in touch. 
  1. Entertain Yourself: Comfort yourself and get ready to commit hours of your life to view something which entertains you. You can pick up a hobby like painting, cooking, etc. Engage your kids by playing Disney or any other animated movies, keep them occupied for hours at once. Play games like puzzles, a board game, do a treasure hunt, tackle a project, or start a new book unrelated to the current situation. This way, you will get some ‘me’ time. 
  1. Maintain a Healthy Diet: We all know that stress can adversely affect our eating habits and metabolism. The perfect way to combat stress or emotional eating is to be mindful of what triggers stress eating and be ready to fight the urge. Keeping healthy snacks on hand will help nourish our bodies. 

I am following these steps to manage my stress. I believe this will add a sense of normalcy that can go a long way to help you cope with the ever-changing environment. And keep helping those who need your help around you.

Author’s bio:

Lovepreet Dhaliwal works with RChilli Inc, a leading resume parsing software provider which helps in speeding up your recruitment process. An MBA in HR and marketing, he has over eight years of work experience in business development and strategic sales.

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Top Reason Utility Industries Must Shift To Digital Transformation

Chris Holroyd



Top Reason Utility Industries Must Shift To Digital Transformation

Change is inevitable; however, we human beings always resist change. As a result, business entities, technical firms, utility services, and different organizations are slow in embracing new technologies. Although digital transformation is happening across the globe, many companies are yet to consider it seriously. The difficulties in adapting to the new machinery, training the employees to operate, maintain and repair the systems, and financial implications in the installation of advanced components made the firms give a blind eye to the changes. 

It is not distant that all the utility services will be forced to induct digital technology. The COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant restrictions have made many companies think of utility digital transformation. Digital technology aids utility firms to provide uninterrupted service, ensure timely defect rectification and effective monitoring of operations. The top reasons why utility industries must shift to digital transformation are discussed in this post.     

1. Efficient Functioning Even Though Located Remotely

The present scenario brought out the fact that people do not have to be at a single place to work efficiently. They may be located at different places; nevertheless, the discussion, analysis, and deliberations can be undertaken without any interruption. The role of digital technology in all the aforementioned activities needs no emphasis. Companies with well-established digital infrastructure could continue delivering the services without any hassles, even though the technical team, executive members, and top echelons are working from home or faraway places.   

2. Enhanced Operational Efficiency of the Team

The team can monitor the functioning of systems, integrated with digital technology, remotely. They don’t have to travel long distances to reach the spot for inspecting the components. It can be simply done sitting in front of a computer or smartphone. This is the case with defect isolation, periodic inspection, and most of the preventive maintenance tasks. The comfort offered by digital systems makes sure that the productivity of the team is boosted remarkably. 

3. Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to the firms offering different services. Delivering instant support will distinguish the company from others and will result in positive word of mouth publicity. Furthermore, the information on new products, advanced technical features, promotional offers, billing info, grievance redressal and any similar aspects can be automated and attended to, without any delay. Thereby, cementing the credibility and augmenting the growth prospects of the firm.   

4. Reducing Operational Hazards

Technicians working in electrical grids or similar hazardous environments need years of experience and in-depth knowledge to understand the dangers and work accordingly. Defects or breakage in the supply line can turn fatal at times. Digital transformation enables the team to inspect and analyse the system from a remote location. They don’t have to arrive at the location physically. The loss of continuity in electric supply, the component that may be defective and possible reasons would be indicated by the system. It can also help in training the new personnel on the systems. 

5. Smart Way of Working

Smart working processes, including smart metering, predictive maintenance scenario, and enhanced customer interactions ensure optimal output at any given time. The assets spread across different locations will be connected through cloud-based secure remote access management systems and other digital platforms. All data will be available to the authorized personnel, for them to incorporate necessary changes and provide important inputs. With a proven, foolproof, utility digital transformation in place, the firms can obviate human errors and extend exceptional support to consumers.  

6. Explore the Benefits of ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the core connection among different functions of a firm. The production, management, monitoring, and corrections could be handled in real-time. With the support of advanced software and supported by digital technology. The technology enables productive collaboration of stakeholders, employees and customers. Getting all into the same platform the performance of the firm is improved and the possibilities of ambiguities are eradicated.  

The Inference 

It is high time for industries to shift to utility digital transformation. The hesitation to install advanced systems is mainly due to the unawareness regarding the benefits of the same. Digital or cloud-based systems reduce human efforts, give constant input about the performance of the system, remind the technical team about the maintenance schedule falling due, ensure easy operability and elevate productivity.

If anyone is still apprehensive about the advantages of digital transformation, they can talk to us to have a wider picture concerning it. Our professionals will clarify the doubts and deliver more insights about the technology to help you reach a decision. However, you may check through the service providers and choose a reliable one only. The constant support from the firm would be essential for easy utility digital transformation and trouble-free functioning of the system. 

PS: We request your suggestions and opinions regarding utility digital transformation (if any). Do provide us with your valuable input through the comment box below.  

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Blockchain Technology: What Is it and How Does It Work?

Chris Holroyd



Blockchain Technology

What is Blockchain Technology?

Transactional records are stored in the Blockchain technology which is known as the term “blocks”, of the public in multiple databases, which are known as “chains”. They are connected in a network through peer-to-peer nodes. “Digital ledger” is what this storage is typically referred to.

Each transaction is authorized by a digital signature from the owner, which safeguards and authenticates the transaction from tampering. So the information that the “digital ledger” contains is very secure.

Simply put, the digital ledger is just like a Google Spreadsheet that is shared with several computers in a network, where the transactional records are based on purchases that happened. The interesting fact is that everyone can see this data, but no one can’t corrupt it.

Blockchain Technology: Explained

Let’s suppose that you are transferring money to your friends and family from your bank account to theirs. You would have to log in to online banking and then transfer the amount you wish to the other person, all this by using their account number. When the transaction is finished, your bank updates the transaction records. It seems fairly simple, right? But there are potential issues that most people neglect.

These transactions could be tampered. A lot of people who know the truth are wary of using these transactions. That’s why there have been more and more third-party payment apps. But this is the main reason why the blockchain was created.

It’s true that Blockchain, technologically, is a digital ledger that is receiving a lot of attention recently. But what are the other reasons why it has become so popular?  Let’s try to understand the whole concept.

Keeping a record of data transactions is very important for the business. Most of the time, this information is passed through third-party brokers like lawyers increasing time, the cost for the businesses. or brokers, or it is handled in-house. But fortunately for everyone, Blockchain avoids this long process and helps to make the transactions very quickly, saving money and time.

Most people assume Bitcoin and Blockchain can be used interchangeably, but that is not the case in reality. Blockchain is a technology that supports different applications that are related to industries like supply chain, manufacturing, finance, and more. Bitcoin uses Blockchain technology in order to be more secure.

With many advantages, Blockchain is an emerging technology, in an increasingly digital world:

  • Highly Secure: To conduct fraud-free transactions, it uses digital signatures, making it impossible to change the data and corrupt it.
  • Decentralized System: You would need the approval of regulatory authorities like banks or the government for transactions, but with Blockchain, transactions are done with the consensus that is mutual between users. This results in safer, smoother, and faster transactions.: 

How does Blockchain Technology Work?

Recently, it is possible that you might have noticed that Blockchain technology is being integrated by a lot of businesses. But we need to understand, how does this technology work? Is this a simple addition or a significant change? The advancements of Blockchain have the potential to be revolutionary in the future, but as for now, they are very young. Let’s begging to explain this technology:

Three leading technologies are combined for forming Blockchain

  1. Cryptographic Key
  2. Peer-to-peer Network with leading technologies.

Cryptography keys – consists of two keys. One of them being the Public Key and the other Private Key. These keys make sure that the transactions are successful between all the parties included. Every individual possesses these two keys. They help to secure digital identity references which is the most important aspect of Blockchain technology. Digital Signature is what is what this identity is referred to. 

A peer-to-peer network is merged with the digital signature, a huge number of people who act as authorities, use digital signatures to reach an agreement among other issues on transactions. When the deal is finalized, by a mathematical verification it gets verified, which does result in a successful and safer transaction between two network-connected parties.  

The Process of Transaction

The way it confirms and authorizes the transactions is one of blockchain technology’s best features. For instance, if two people wish to perform a transaction with a public key and private key, respectively, the first individual party should attach the transaction information to the public key of the second individual. This information is gathered into a block.

This block does contain a timestamp, a digital signature, and other relevant and important information. It should be noted that the block does not include any of the identities of the parts included. Block is later transmitted across all of the network nodes, and when the right person uses his private key, the transaction gets completed. For the transaction a digital wallet is needed.

A Bitcoin wallet is a software program in which Bitcoins are stored. Bitcoin wallets facilitate the sending and receiving of Bitcoins and give ownership of the Bitcoin balance to the user. Besides that, wallet, Ethereum Wallet is also very popular.

How Blockchain works:

  • Hash Encryptions: This technology uses hash encryptions in order to secure the data, using mainly the SHA256 algorithm to secure the information. The receiver’s address, the transaction, the address of the sender, and his/her private key details are all transmitted via the SHA256 algorithm. This encrypted information is called hash inception and is transmitted all over the world, and after the verification, it is added to Blockchain. This algorithm makes it impossible to hack the information.
  • Mining: The process of adding transactional detail to present digital/public ledger, in Blockchain Technology is called “mining”. Even though it is associated most with Bitcoin, it is used to refer to other Blockchain technologies as well. What mining does is generates the hash of a block transaction, which it is very tough to forge, ensuring the safety of the whole Blockchain, and it does all that without needing a central system.


Blockchain Technologies can be set up to operate in different ways, by using different mechanisms for the transactions, which is seen only by individuals who are authorized to, and everyone else is denied. The most well-known example of this technology is Bitcoin. It just shows how huge this technology has become. Blockchain founders are always researching other applications in order to expand the level of technology and influence of Blockchain. It seems that blockchain will rule the future world of the digital world.

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Export Webmail Contacts to Outlook Using Simple Steps




Export Webmail

Are you a Webmail user who wishes to switch to Outlook? If you are confused about ways to export Webmail contacts to Outlook, then read this blog to know how you can do that.

Webmails are slightly different than web-based email service providers. They enable you to send or receive messages over the internet where you directly interact with the servers online. A Webmail requires zero configurations with the help of cPanel, unlike other email applications. Being a web-based email service, it also consists of some major disadvantages enough to shade its merits.

You are bound to have an internet connection all the time and if due to any reasons, your connection breaks, you cannot work with Webmail.

Webmail provides three major clients namely Horde, Squirrelmail, and Roundcube. Recently, cPanel has discontinued SquirrelMail, therefore, for the sake of this article, we will only discuss the other two.

How to Export Webmail Contacts to Outlook?

MS Outlook only accepts either CSV or PST files. But Roundcube exports its contacts only in vCard format, therefore, we need to import vCard contacts to outlook. A VCF/vCard file is a business card that is the universal contact file accepted by the majority of the applications. So, let us first learn how we can export contacts from various Webmail clients.

Export Contacts from Horde Client

  1. Log in to your webmail account and you will reach the interface.
  2. Click on ‘Address Book’ and choose ‘Import/Export’ from the panel.
  3. Under the Export Address Book area, click on vCard as the format.
  4. Later, choose the contact list you want to move to Outlook.
  5. Tap on the ‘Export’ button and this will save your contacts.

After discussing Horde, let’s see how we can perform the same action with Roundcube to help you export Webmail contacts to Outlook.

Export Roundcube Contacts

The process to export contacts from Roundcube is much easier when compared to Horde. It involves only a few steps as follows:

  1. Sign in to your Webmail account.
  2. Click on ‘Contacts’ from the top right corner.
  3. Select the contact list you want to export.
  4. Now, click on the ‘Export’ button in the left panel.
  5. This will export your vCard contacts to a local folder.

After having learned the ways to export contacts from Webmail, let us see how you can import them to MS Outlook.

How to Export Webmail Contacts to Outlook?

Import the contacts to Outlook – Since Outlook does not support the VCF files, we have to convert them to a friendly file format. To make sure you are not corrupting any of your data, install the PCVITA tool to import vCard contacts to Outlook. It provides multiple features as discussed later. But first, let us learn the working of this tool:

  1. Download and install the software and add vCard files you just exported.
  2. This will now provide you a preview of all the details and attributes of the contact files.
  3. While you export Webmail contacts to Outlook, you can choose the destination as well. You can decide if you want to create a new PST file for your contacts, put them into an existing one, or directly import them to a default profile.
  4. Finally, choose a destination to save this file and hit the Export button.

Features of the Tool

This software provides numerous benefits to export Webmail contacts to Outlook as discussed below:

  • Automatically matches the custom fields of the contacts.
  • Import vCard files in bulk in a single attempt.
  • Supports all possible VCF/vCard files such as 2.1, 3.0, 4.0.
  • Preserves all metadata and data integrity along with folder hierarchy.
  • Compatible with all MS Outlook versions such as 2019, 2016, 2013, etc.

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In this blog, we explained the best approach to export Webmail contacts to Outlook. Here, users will find solutions depending upon the cPanel client they use. The tool that we recommend here is a highly preferred utility providing accuracy and perfection of results.

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How to Effortlessly Delete Gmail Emails In Bulk





delete gmail emails in bulk

Gmail is a well-known client application that is extensively used for personal and corporate use. Where ever you go either school, college, hospitals, malls, shopping complex, or likewise you need to provide your email id. This thus fills up the inbox with numerous incoming mails.

It is important to delete Gmail emails otherwise it will bounce back the incoming mails. The bounced back mails cannot be retrieved and as a result, you will lose out the important mails.

Therefore, you should delete Gmail emails in bulk to make some room for new incoming emails and also to add/store new data into your contacts list, calendars and drive.

Step to Delete Gmail Emails

If you want to search the mail with a particular date then you can do so with search by date. There are some formats that can help you to search the specified search.

If there are certain emails that are of a specific date and are to be deleted, then you can type in the format: YYYY/DD/MM. For example 2021/01/01.

In case of the older mails before the date 1 January 2021 are to be deleted then you can use the format ‘before:2021/01/01’.

You can even search by how old the emails are. The format for such a query would be older_than:1y. Such a search would give you all the results for the mails which are older than 1 year. You can use ‘m’ for months or ‘d’ for days in place of ‘y’ for years in the format. In this way, the search can be customized according to the requirement.

In order to delete all such mails, you can click the check all boxes and click on ‘Search all conversations that match this search. Then, click on the ‘Delete’ button. This would delete all the mails that is matching with the criteria.

Delete Gmail Email by Size

If you want to search the mails with specific attachments then you can use the format ‘Has:attachment smaller:10MB’. This would show all the mails having the attachment smaller than 10 MB.

You may use the format ‘Has:attachment larger:10MB’. This would search all the files with the attachment larger than 10 MB.

After the search, you can select the searched emails and then delete them.

For refine a search, you can also look for ‘Advanced Search’. This would create the filtered search and give you the desired results.

The above are the search techniques that help to filter your search for emails and then delete them.

However, In order to delete Gmail emails in bulk manually, you can select only 50 mails in a page for deletion.

What if you have to delete more than 50 mails to create some space in the Gmail account?

Deleting only 50 emails will hardly have any effect on the storage space. In such a case, you need to delete more than 50 emails to generate some space.

Note: Before deletion of Gmail emails in bulk, it is recommended to take a backup first for future needs.

Methods to Backup & Delete Gmail Emails in Bulk

If you just want to take backup & then delete emails using the aforementioned solution, then you can take the help of Google Takeout.

Google Takeout is the feature provided by Google. It provides the backup of all the mailboxes or the other folders whichever is necessary. The backup ensures that the data is safe and can be used to refer to in future use.

Once the backup is taken then you can proceed with manual deletion of emails one by one.

However, it has certain limitations which are as follows:

  1. Google Takeout is a tedious and lengthy process.
  2. The export process may take several hours or days depending upon the amount of data.
  3. The data might get lost during the export process.
  4. The data gets exported in MBOX format only.
  5. It does not provide the date and email filters to further refine the search.
  6. It does not delete the emails after taking the backup.

Using Automated Tool For Backup & Deletion Task

To effortlessly backup your Gmail account data & delete Gmail emails in bulk, you can take the help of Best Gmail backup tool. It is a professional solution that provides ‘delete after download’ feature to backup emails and simultaneously delete them from the Gmail server. Once the process is complete you will have the backup of your data and all the emails will be deleted from your Gmail account.

For deleting particular folder emails or according to a certain date-range, then you can enable the Apply Filter option available inside the tool. Using this you can choose the particular folder and also set the date range for selective email backup.

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Some of the Prominent Features of automated tools are as follows:

1. It efficiently takes the backup of Gmail emails with the attachments.

2. It can save the emails in PDF format with the attachments inside it.

3. It provides a folder filter to select the specific data for export.

4. Email filter provides the selection of only specific mails.

5. Delete After Download helps to simultaneously take the backup and delete them from the server.

Final Thoughts

In the above blog, you have learnt the ways of searching the desired mails using the search technique and then manually delete them. Google Takeout helps to take the backup before manual deletion with certain limitations.

However, in the case of thousand emails, it becomes quite cumbersome to delete them one by one. So, here comes the role of automated solutions! It resolves our issue by taking the backup and delete Gmail emails in bulk from the server.

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10 Tech Trends That Will Disrupt Businesses In The Next 5 Years




Tech Trends

The time has come for businesses to stop seeing technology as a threat to their livelihood and embrace it via on demand app development company professionals. Don’t get us wrong, many of them have, but still, there’s a whole section of society who are so afraid of change that they stick to ways that were only effective years ago, in the name of a “tried and true” business strategy. But sadly, it may have been a foolproof plan back then, and it may have generated results back then, but it is not true now. The world is moving ahead if they keep being stubborn their businesses will cease to exist. 

Currently, Software development company services are focusing more on understanding the new tech trends. Here, we have listed the top 10 tech trends that have the potential to disrupt businesses in the next 5 years.

1. OTT Video Streaming Solutions

Let’s start with the one that is very clearly making headway. OTT or Over-the-top media service is a OTT video streaming solution that provides stream-able video services directly to users via online platforms. This generally means they go over the other media-controlling or distributing platforms that have been around for quite a while such as cable, satellite and broadcast television platforms. Some of these are free to watch while others are monetized after gathering up similar streams to one particular platform.

2. The Real Estate App Solutions

Real estate brokers usually take a pretty big chunk of the contract agreement, which makes sense because of the amount of labour they have to do to match a customer to a particular estate that they are affiliated to. The whole profession in itself is a fair one but it’s not very efficient. Each broker has one particular set of properties that they are allowed to negotiate and give out, but most of the properties are out of their familiarity zone, therefore, they won’t be able to give the customer much of a bargain. This and if you consider the ease by which you can add as many filters you want to the real estate app solution, to get exactly what you want only gives it an upper hand.

3. Matrimonial App Solutions

Marriage is another one of the businesses that require a broker or mediator. Like mentioned above, almost everyone has way too many particulars while selecting a corresponding partner. Hence, the small list of people who are registered with a particular mediator is definitely not enough or would be unable to match to all the criteria set up by the families. Thus, making the matrimonial app development as one of the top trends for a mobile app development company.

4. Event Booking App Solutions

This Event Booking App Solution is one of the top tech trends for the next upcoming years. Efficiency and time are very important during event planning and finally, execution. Events have many aspects to themselves, and they all need to go hand in hand to bring it together. To gather all aspects of a client’s idea is very tedious, especially when the clients themselves are not good at communicating what’s in their mind. 

5. Food Delivery App Solutions

This was an inevitable change well catered by food delivery app solution providers. Those restaurants that are not registered yet are completely forgotten now. More than the ease of delivery of the food, it has become a platform to bring every type of food available against every price of that particular type available. IT company apps cater to every whim or craving of any type of customer from anywhere.

6. E-Commerce App Solutions

An E-Commerce app solution is one of the highly demanded and growing trends for next five years. For clothing as an example, if you go to one specific store, pick out a dress that fits you exactly and then go online and find the same thing there is probably a better offer on it. Even if there is not, it saves you from the whole hassle of travelling till the store and aimlessly walking around till you find what you are looking for when you could just simply apply a filter on any ecommerce app developed by a web development company.

7. Ride-Sharing App Solutions

There are still big groups of transportation labourers that are not putting their services online or affiliating with a big company for their service. Of course, there is the downfall of the web development companies taking quite a commission from each of the rides, but in general, the total number of people ready to walk till the stands and bargain the prices with the drivers has severely gone down. So, even if a commission is taken the total number of rides is going to be higher and makes the demand for ride-sharing app solution providers higher.

8. E-Learning App Solutions

When big universities turned their classes into online modes, we realized that it wasn’t an impossible feat like we were once made to believe. E-learning app solutions have a better-structured content than most university or school-based content, hence it has unofficially become a go-to place for your academic doubts and cravings.

9. Delivery App Solutions

There is a huge growth in demand for a delivery app solution in big cities nowadays. At first, it did not seem to be a very viable business, but then the realization that instead of physically travelling and getting something, having it delivered for a much cheaper rate and reducing the risk of travelling through the pandemic has really helped to make it feasible. Software development companies are hired for making such apps.

10. Laundry App Solutions

Laundromat applications have a very sophisticated view of the simple activity of cleaning your clothing. From a well created laundry app solution, you can select from a variety of services, select the timing of the pick-up and drop off and even select the kind of products you want to be used on your clothes using a mobile application development company. Unlike before, clothing has become a very costly commodity. No one really wears clothes just to cover themselves. It has become a method of showing your personality.


Outsourcing work has always been around for tech companies especially, but it was always kept aside for talents that were difficult to find locally. Nowadays companies hire dedicated developers, it becomes easier and more viable. It would make the work cost-effective, will get better time management, better talents etc.

There are many different apps for almost everything nowadays. Businesses are getting more inclined towards hiring the on demand app development company to fulfill these growing trend needs. A lot of businesses are unintentionally getting disrupted, but it’s inevitable with the advancement of technology, and is expected as competition between businesses in the same sectors.

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What are Emerging Trends in Accounting Software (e-Accounting)?

Chris Holroyd



Emerging Trends in Accounting Software

Hello, welcome to my blog & in this article I will simply explain the emerging trends in accounting software. We will stick to e-Accounting services, that are radically changing the business domain. 

The impact of integrated accounting services, marketing regulations, & automation technology have simplified the accounting management. 

How does a financial accounting firm handle and open large books? Accounting software is the answer to all your business needs! Accounting is an integral part of a business organization and helps to obtain information about profitability and losses.

Simple accounting software enables companies to track costs and revenue and automate reporting tasks by manually deleting consolidated items. With the development of technology and automation, we have seen a significant increase in cloud accounting in India.

Many Indian companies rely on this online accounting program to manage their basic financial reports like income statements, balance sheets etc. and help business owners, investors and other creditors to track financial gains or losses.

What is an Accounting Software?

An accounting software is a toolkit used to perform accounting functions, research & management. The primary job of the accounting software is to keep the financial status of your company. Process all your transactions like a ledger, payroll, payment receipts, billings etc. through an accounting software.

What is latest trend in accounting software?

The latest trend of accounting solution is use of an online service. The online accounting service is best for the businesses to manage their resources. 

Online accounting solution model shapes the financial data between the multiple branches. Today, Online accounting services are widely deployed on various devices. The biggest benefits of using an e-accounting solution are its compatibility on multiple devices like mobiles, laptops or tablets. 

Carefully evaluate all the features of the accounting system and then make a choice that will help you make these important business decisions. However, there are times when, despite all the considerations, you are still confused.

Benefits of Online Accounting Software:

Here are many benefits of online accounting software. Here is a list of them that are explained below:

Easy & online access:

The prime benefit of having online accounting software is its very easy & online access. The online accounting solutions are hosted on cloud & hence can be accessed on any OS or platform i.e., Mac, Windows or iOS. It will ask only to enter the login credentials of accounting software i.e., username, password & server path.

100% Safe & Secure:

It is a completely secure accounting service without fear of data theft. Modern accounting software is very suitable here. You should choose software that provides data encryption and allows unauthorized access. There are no accounting data stored in the database.

Manage Accounts Data Online:

Online accounting solutions maximize unique opportunities to provide streamlined solutions in complex business areas. View reports and performance analysis to make quick decisions. Get an overview of each reason for managing capital management and accounting complexity. The user can manage all the resources on his account in an electronic environment.

Fulfils GST Compliances:

E-accounting software also meets the needs of Indian users. GST is the latest law change in the Indian tax system. It is also divided into four different tiles that require careful compliance with the conditions. The electronic accounting solution enables easy and error-free submission of GST receipts. The risk of revoking GST as a compliance partner can now be reduced.

Stay Online All the Time:

No matter where you are or what device you use, online solutions help you access your accounts and manage your business. It is the right platform for all growing companies in terms of accessibility and important resources. Online solutions offer tailored resources for different business areas. 

Top Online Accounting Solutions for Businesses:

  • Tally ERP 9 Accounting Software: Tally, I mean wow, it has really won the hearts of many business users for the management of their accounting data. Unfortunately, Tally software doesn’t come online on cloud. You have to use a third-party application for the hosting of Tally accounting software on cloud. NetForChoice Tally Server on Cloud is a very powerful way of running your services. Tally software can be implemented online & information can be accessed virtually on multiple devices through a web login portal.
  • Quickbook Notes: Modern companies use passionate accounting software that delivers clear and comprehensive data in one tool. QuickBooks India is a comprehensive and modern accounting management tool that brings out the best in your business. With this software, companies can track sales, generate invoices, and upload and download databases from the cloud portal. QuickBooks is designed for beginners and requires no experience in managing a financial account.
  • RealBooks: RealBooks is one of the best online cloud accounting software in India and offers a wide variety of system features and functions. It is one of the best accounting software in India and is scalable for small businesses with multiple offices and corporations under one roof. Free accounting software specially developed for one user with up to 500 entries per year. It’s not just an online accounting software. It is an advanced cloud accounting software. With RealBooks, you can add unlimited concurrent users, different locations and different branches can be accessed by clicking on the front panel.

The Verge: Many business users can easily manage their accounting resources. Accounting and business skills increase the use of accounting software. These systems help to minimize manual data entry, reduce human error and increase efficiency, speed, and accuracy.

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Top Reason Utility Industries Must Shift To Digital Transformation
Technology4 days ago

Top Reason Utility Industries Must Shift To Digital Transformation

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Blockchain Technology: What Is it and How Does It Work?

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Best Solution to Fix SQL Database Access Denied Error

5 Top Security Tips for SMBs on the Web
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5 Top Security Tips for SMBs on the Web

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What Is a Favicon? Tips for Creating an Impactful Favicon

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Why Computer Monitoring Software Is So Famous!

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Why We Should Buy Instagram Followers Brazil?

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Code Obfuscation: What it is and should You Use It?

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Dust Off Your Poor SERP Rankings With 6 Efficient SEO Strategies

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3 (Best) Applications of Decision Trees in Classification and Prediction

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How To Maintain Your WordPress Website (For Beginners)

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Instagram Marketing: 12 Interesting Hacks To Get More Engagement In 2021

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Instagram For Business: 15 Leading Practices Businesses Must Follow In 2021

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Easy Methods to Open EML File in Outlook for Mac & Windows

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Export Webmail Contacts to Outlook Using Simple Steps

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Top 7 Lessons About Web Design Services To Learn Before You Hit 30

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10 Ways Social Media Helps Your SEO Strategies

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Influencer Marketing For B2B Brands

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How to develop an E-commerce website for growing your business 2021 and beyond?

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Fixing missing Safari icon on iPhone or iPad in simple ways

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How to Reinstall Deleted apps on Android phone?

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Different ways to Restore the App Store icon on the iPhone

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Top three ways to access desktop version of Facebook on Android Phone

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Five simple ways to fix EER_CONNECTION_CLOSED in Google Chrome

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How to Use Whatsapp without Phone Number or SIM?

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How to Setup Chrome cast on Windows 10 Computer?

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How to Fix Face Time Icon missing on iPhone

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How to use Whatsapp on PC without mobile phone?

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How to Effortlessly Delete Gmail Emails In Bulk

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How to Sign up in Hotmail?

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Download Carrom Pool Mod APK for Android

Difference Between AC and DC
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Difference Between AC and DC

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Steps To Fix Arlo Base Station Offline Issues

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How to Fix MacBook Pro HDMI Not Working?

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How To Play Takken 3 Using Epsxe Apk Latest Method For Android

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Best Java GUI Frameworks 2020: Top 5 For Beginners Developers

Loans No Credit
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Loans No Credit Check No Guarantor – Relieve Your Stress and Enjoy

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How to connect your Epson Printer L355 with a Wi-Fi Network?

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How To Fix Apple Mac Error Code 8060?

Vedic Astrology, Puja
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Astrology well explained and so the Benefits

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How GRP Drain Covers are Beneficial for the Industry

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Spy App for Remotely Control Any Android Device

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How to Make a Missing Poster Online?

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How to Troubleshoot MacBook Air Fan Making Loud Noise?

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Quick Help for your Safari Network Error 303 on Mac

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Water with Light Bulb Using Salt Water And mini Magnets – Free Energy 100%

what is digital seva kendra
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Udta Punjab
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Censor Board can’t remove Punjab without a Letter, says Rohit Shetty

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Outlook PST Repair – Easiest Way to Recover Damaged PST File Promptly

Nail Salon in NYC
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Nail Salon in NYC – produce beautiful nails and toenails

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Microsoft Dynamics signed $1 Million deals with two Companies

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How to Spy WhatsApp Chat with TOS Spy App

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New Age of Child Care

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Colours And Designs Forming Beautiful Background For Indian Wedding Cards

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What is Sentiment Analysis and How It works? Examples & Benefits

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How to Combine or Merge Two Companies Office 365 Tenants?

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How Does Buying of Automatic Instagram Likes Work?

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What is difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

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Zivame Undergarments Coupons–Pretty Lingerie makes it All Better