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6 Best Spy Camera Of 2020

Chris Holroyd



best spy camera

A spy camera will protect your house from various thieves. However, the most popular brand of spy camera was Minox in the past. 

However, the selection for the hidden camera has expanded, and innovation improved. Hence, every one of us having a mini camera, which is a built-in smartphone in our pockets. 

Nowadays, you will see the spy camera in the form of alarm clocks, USB hubs, pens, wristwatches, doorbells, smoke detectors,  Bluetooth speakers, as well as spectacle frames.

However, this spy camera can be easily controlled through various devices with apps and your smartphone. Spy camera also has multiple advanced features like night vision and motion detection.  

6 Best Spy Camera Of 2020

Below the paragraph, 6 Best Spy Camera Of 2020 has mentioned, which will help you a lot. However, these cameras are coming up with their various advanced features. 

1. Kami Indoor Spy Camera

Kami Indoor Spy Camera

Kami Indoor Camera is one of the best value spy camera with a motorized core for tracking movement. However, it is a rotating camera which is offering coverage of 360-degree.

Hence, the video quality of these spy camera is decent with an impressive staring design. However, the power provided to Kami Indoor Camera through a micro USB port is located near the base.

However, the base of these spy cameras is motorized, which will allow the camera to track any movement it detects. Nowadays, the camera is also set up and controlled through the smartphone app. 


Providing 1920 x 1080px video resolution at 30fps 

Power through USB 

110 degrees Viewing angle


Competitively priced selection 

Rotating camera


Expand storage through subscription

Not hugely well hidden

2. Facamword Spy Camera Pen


Facamword Spy Camera Pen is one of the best spy camera of 2020, which is also perfect for meetings. However, this spy camera is built into a pen, which is very much comfortable to carry.

 Hence, you can easily clip this camera in your pocket to record the meetings. However, Facamword Spy Camera Pen is providing full HD video footage at 30fps.

Hence, you can quickly charge this security camera through the amenity of a USB port. However, the size of this camera is not too large, only 5.9 inches in length. 

Price: $22.99


Providing 1920 x 1080px video resolution at 30fps

The storage capacity is 16GB.

The size of the camera is only 5.9 inches.

Get power through the USB port. 


Records full HD video with sound

This Spy Camera is very discrete.


Recording time is only 1 hour.

Easy to lose

3. Blink XT2


Blink XT2 is a hidden camera that also has two-way audio. However, you can easily use a two-way audio system and control through a Blink app from your smartphone.

Blink XT2 is coming up with 2 AA batteries that will last for two years. Hence, this camera is wire-free, and it is also compatible with Alexa.

However, Alexa will help you to view live video footage and disarm or arm the camera. However, you can easily store the recorded videos in the cloud for up to a year without any fees. 

Price: $179.99


Provides 1920 x 1080px video resolution

Infrared HD night vision


Easily stream video footage through a smartphone.

110 degrees Viewing angle

Provide Cloud storage

Getting power through 2 x AA lithium batteries 

Size of camera is 71 x 71 x 34mm

Weight of the camera is 89g



Full HD video quality 


Requires app for use

It is easily visible.

4. Yaoawe Clothes Hook Camera

This camera is one of the best spy camera for you, which will also increase your house security. However, this spy camera is very much cheap with 30fps video and 16GB of SD card. 

Yaoawe Clothes Hook Camera also has a built-in lithium-ion battery, which is recharged through USB cable. However, the USB port is protected at the back because you have to remove the camera from the wall to recharge it. 

Price: $11.99


Provide 1280 x 720px video resolution at 30fps

Include Lithium-ion battery for power supply

70 degrees Viewing angle

16GB SD card for storing recorded videos

The size of the camera is 4.7 x 2 x 2 inches.


Every house should get one.

Cleverly hidden 


De-mounted to charge the camera

Cheap plastic build

5. Fredi Hidden Camera Clock

Fredi Hidden Camera Clock is the best spy camera to see your room when you are out. It can be easily operated in the daytime as well as night-time, and it has motion-activated.

However, the built-in lens of Fredi Hidden Camera Clock offers a broad 90-degree angle of view. If anyone tries to break this spy camera, then notifications should be sent directly to your smartphone. 

An optional SD card is also inserted in this spy camera for 128GB of photo and video storage. However, the battery of Fredi Hidden Camera Clock will provide a massive seven hours of recording.

If you need to secure your house, then install a CCTV camera. However, the perfect see website will help to do installation related to CCTV cameras. 


Provides 1920 x 1080px video resolution at 30fps 

Easily stream video footage through a smartphone. 

90 degrees of Viewing angle

Include 128GB of storage facility through SD card

Power Supply through lithium-ion batteries or Mains operation

The weight of this spy camera is 222g.


Functions like a clock 

Control in a darkness


The media card is additional.

Batteries are more 

6. Sonew Wi-Fi Light Bulb Camera


Sonew Wi-Fi Light Bulb Camera is one of the best spy camera. It is the best idea to fit a lightbulb with a camera acquiring a 360-degree field of view. 

However, Sonew Wi-Fi Light Blub Camera is the best spy camera invention. However, this hidden camera can easily record video at 25fps. 

Sonew Wi-Fi Light Blub Camera also has a motion detector that can easily transmit a notification to your smartphone. However, this spy camera is also providing a two-way audio function. 


Provide 1920 x 1080px video resolution at 25fps

Includes a 360 degrees Viewing angle

128GB additional storage capacity through micro SD card 

Power is supplied through mains.

The weight of the spy camera is 200g.


Practical solution

Small in size and hidden 


Plastic build

It complicated the 360-degree viewing angle.


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The best Micro USB cables in India in 2021

Chris Holroyd



The best Micro USB cables in India in 2021

Micro USB cables are one of the most common cables that are used for charging everything from smartphones and tablets to Bluetooth headphones and gaming mice. They are also used in transferring and storing data from one device to another.

To top it all, they even come packed with a fast charging technology that allows us to not leave our gadgets plugged in for most of the time. Irrespective of them playing such an important role in our day to day lives, cables are one of the most neglected accessories. They are often left or forgotten at places and end up getting lost. They tear and break as we throw them in our bags or pockets. All of these points emphasise on the fact that you need a cable that is durable and can stand the test of the time. Here’s a list of best micro usb cables that will solve your problems in 2021 and stay with you for a longer period of time:

boAt Micro USB 150

Let’s start with one of the most durable and versatile options available in the market!

boAt’s micro USB cable is made up of everything that you could have wished for in a cable! Connect them with any micro USB enabled device – be it android smartphones, windows smartphones, hard drives, gaming consoles, power banks, bluetooth speakers, or tablets and enjoy a lag-free and kink-free connectivity!

The compact Aluminium connector fits easily and allows a seamless connection. It doesn’t matter if you are going to use it for transferring data or to charge your device, this cable will never disappoint you!

It ensures high-speed data transmission and charging by offering 2A fast charging and data transmission at a rapid sync at 480Mps. It can be touted as one of the best fast charging cables that you can consider buying.

The cotton braided build makes it durable and invincible against external damage. Additionally the fact that it is 1.5m long, you can use it without any hassle.

Mi USB cable

This sturdy and durable USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable is good for the people who like to use their wires rough and tough! And if you are someone who is always on the go then just plug it in your charger and connect it to your phone and enjoy a 2A fast charging.

Additionally the 1.2m length of this cable gives you the freedom from standing right next to the charging socket. Now if you are going to use it to transfer data from one device to another then this can easily come handy as it transfers at a remarkable speed of 480Mps.

However, it supports a round cable design which is prone to tangling and can cause you a lot of trouble if you are ever in a hurry.

Amazonbasics Micro USB cable

Enjoy seamless connectivity with this micro usb cable. It features a standard Type-A USB connector on one end and a Micro Type-B connector on the other.

So just plug the Type A connector into your computer and then plug the micro type b connector into your smartphone, kindle, bluetooth speaker or gaming console and enjoy super fast charging, up to 500 A.

The sturdy gold plated connectors are built for connecting and disconnecting again and again without any signal loss. You won’t be disappointed by the speed at which it transmits data from device to another as it supports a transmission speed of 480Mps.

The fact that it is 1.8m long again works in its favor as it ensures a hassle-free usage. However, it is not a nylon braided wire, meaning that it won’t be a fit for people who often forget their wires or leave them unattended in their bags or pockets.

Mivi Micro USB 6 Feet Cable with Khali material

Sturdy and stylish, this is again one of the best fast charging cables available in the market!

The nylon braided wire is extra strong and extra sleek which adds to the overall durability of the product. The 10.5mm aluminium casing is laser welded and is permanently fused over the connectors which ensures safety and reliability.

The premium extra-thick high quality copper wiring maximizes the signal quality and makes it the perfect for constant daily usage. The cable can support up to a charging speed of 2.4A making it the optimal cord for Quick Charge/ Rapid Charge and Turbo charge devices.

It’s further shielded to protect against external signal interference. The fact that it is 6 feet long, you can say goodbye to your charging related woes and enjoy a lazy afternoon, listening to music on your device on your couch while it is still on charge!

Anker Powerline Micro USB Charging Cable

Highly compatible and highly durable, this micro USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable is great for fast charging and high-speed data transfer. Thanks to its wide diameter wires and reduced cord resistance, it enables a smooth and fast charge speed via any charger.

However, what is interesting to note here is the fact that this is the first ever sync and charge cable built with bulletproof kevlar fiber. It’s 10,00+ bend lifespan is good for people who are looking for a wire they can just throw in their bags! However, it is only 3ft long which might be a deal breaker for a few people but the durability of this product definitely works in its favor.

You can definitely buy any of these Micro USB cables with a few clicks on the web and step into the new year with a speed that you want!

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20 Coolest Gadgets Of 2020

Chris Holroyd



20 Coolest Gadgets Of 2020

The world is growing up day by day, and our technology has also grown up over time. Many new technologies introduced and updated in the last few years. Due to Covid-19, the world is affected, but technology is growing fast, even in 2020. Many new products were introduced in 2020. It includes Wi-Fi 6 capable router and a mesh system, which is affordable for a single person. 

Wireless earbuds come after that, and it has a big battery time. Here is the list of Gadgets which are introducing in 2020, and Infotainmentbeats did their best to provide them to us. Some of them are given below:

  1. Arlo Video Doorbell:

It has a lower price with many features. It is on top choice for every person who is interested and wanted to take care of their home and other places like offices. It can tell about the difference between people, animals and other types of vehicle and some packages. It only sends a message or notification to anyone we want. 

A person cannot hear any noise from outside of their house, even from the street. It can Turing off all alerts even we are at home and don’t show where we are.

  1. EZVIz C3N outdoor smart Wi-Fi camera:

It was a security camera, like a tennis ball when it launched. It was just in British style and was bettered by rain and storms and worked on the hottest day. Installing this camera is an easy process, and after that, when we drill it to the wall, it moves in a straight forward place and will be able to see live streaming through it. It records all the footage and saves it for an extended period.

 If someone wants to keep an eye on their child’s even in offices, he/she will be able to see every single movement through this gadget. Daylight vision is satisfied, and night vision is looking like a day because it is using infrared LED’s. It has a full HD 1080p resolution.

  1. SanDisk IXpand Wireless charger:

Our mobile phones are useless without their charger. Some people spend their time flicking old pictures, but the right idea is to listen to music in their free time. SanDisk IXpand is a charger that has a 256GB solid-state hard drive. It can automatically back up our photos, videos, and contacts. It does not take too much space on our mobile phones. It can charge a mobile phone within half an hour

  1. Robot Vacuum cleaner:

The robot vacuum cleaner is a product of Dyson. It has many useful features helpful in our daily life, and it is the product of our household. It is good at navigation and cleaning the dirt from our house quickly. Firstly, it is making a map of our house and then starting work. It is not going far away from the house and work according to the map which is making by a robot

  1. Golf edition Smartwatch:

It is not a simple watch but has many excellent features. It is connected with TAG Heuer. It can build on a GPS. It tracks every single movement of a person and then restores it. It can connect to our mobile phones easily. We can analyze our gulf performance over 4,000 courses all around the world. It is a high-tech material.

  1. Wireless Trackball Mouse:

It is a mouse which is helpful in office work and increases performance. A person will not feel uncomfortable if they have a perfect device while using computers.

  1. Samsung Q950TS QLED 8k smart TV:

It is an active amplifier that amplifies voices. It enhances different voices in the form of a dialogue. In our houses, unexpected noise creates a disturbance, so for this purpose, we can use a smart TV, which keeps you away from any noise. It is really attractive and sales in marketing very high speed. 

  1. Bluetooth sandbar:

It is beneficial because it comes with Bluetooth APTX technology. It can able us to connect our devices through wires. It connects every device through wires and works in between many devices. Soundbars are slim and easy to set up, and the best soundbars can emulate a full-featured surround sound system. The soundbar is much powerful to deliver all things.

  1. Clean pad UVT sterilized:

It is a very small sterilized. It helps kill germs. It is like soap and works the same as the soap’s working. We can put this in our bags even outside e house and use it because it uses a Laser. It is working like soap.

  1. Cordless Vibration Messenger:

We are living in this world, and our wish is to send our message to someone else. In this world, we have an opportunity to sends our message through this messenger. It is a fast service device that sends a message within a second. It is like a mobile phone, but it is more foster than that and quick response.

  1. iPhone SE:

iPhone is affordable for every person and has a minimum price. It is smaller and less stunning than iPhone 11. It launched at the start of 2020, but it became more famous due to its sale and work. It has many other features with a high-quality camera and storage. iPhone SE comes in a good design, reinvented from the inside out, and it is the most affordable iPhone. 

  1. Wi-Fi compact outlet:

It can control many electronic devices easily. It works when we attach our electronic device with this gadget. It allows us to run our devices through this outlet. Smart plugs are easy to use as an introduction to the world of home automation because they can perform their functions independently. It allows us to control whatever appliance is connected to its plug without the need for any separate smart hub.

  1. Tattoo making Device:

Many people are fond of making tattoos on different parts of their bodies. This gadget is beneficial for them. It has 5000 designs and makes a tattoo on any part of the body. It can change the different shapes in the cartoon. It is used for advertising processes like product advertising, marketing, and many other processes.

  1. App Control Desk:

We are getting tired after completing a massive amount of work. This is making for giving relaxation to people who tired. This desk can change the way of work. It gives relief from stress and fit for office work. Dealing with other people becomes easy by using this app controller.

  1. Neck Relax:

A person Is doing their job for 8 hours and getting tired and has neck pain experiences; it is affected our whole body and health. Neck Relax uses a leading message technology that will stimulate our muscles and release the work’s tension. It does not rely on other moving parts. 

When it sets on a given same part, then it cannot move up-down. We need to set it on the exact location and then feels free. Neck Relax does their work in 3 modes.

  1. Range XTD:

Sometimes we need a fast Wi-Fi connection even in the bathroom, but we cannot work correctly due to our standard Wi-Fi connections. Range XTD is a device helpful even in the bathroom, and you can easily use your mobile phones by sitting in the bathroom. It is a super-strong device with lightning-fast internet all over the house.

Wi-Fi signals are slows down in the basement and other areas of the house. So, through this, we will work over a high-speed internet connection.

  1. Fixed:

Almost everyone has some problems related to their cars. Sometimes, it may a simple fix, and sometimes it maybe not. We cannot drive it more if we don’t have a mechanic. FIXED is a device that is introduced to solve this issue. We can drive any place without any worry about the problem related to our car. 

It can plug into any part of the car and any car since 1996. It can fix almost 8000 potential issues in a minute. It monitors our car in our driveway

  1. Smart Dot:

 We face almost 100 million times more radiations than pasts surrounded by TV, mobile phones, Internet, laptops, etc. Smart Dot is a small device that connects to our laptops and phones to stop the radiation from entering our body. Thousands of users already using this device just because of its useful features and good work

It gives more energy, makes our mood fresher, and fewer headaches. It becomes more popular because parents and child quickly use mobile phones and their tablets at home.

  1. Sleep connection:

 Every person wants to sleep after getting tired from whole day work. But toss and turns make your partner uncomfortable. He/she cannot sleep due to this problem. Sleep apnea is caused when our muscles are being relaxed, but it causes the airway blocked, and maybe it is dangerous for health.

 It is similar to our wristwatch. It noted our snoring and gave us an alert on the wrist. It enables a person to change their sleeping direction easily and then stop snoring during sleep. 

  1. Screen Klein:

We want our mobile with a smooth screen. Screen clean is a carbon-based nanotech that uses the same technology used by NASA. It lifts away dirt from the screen and cleans it carefully. It stores a high gloss and clears the screen as it is out of the box for the first time. It is the best solution for cleaning many devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

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A Complete Guide For Webcam Testing

Chris Holroyd



Webcam Testing

In this technology era, webcams are a useful tool to communicate with people. To check whether your webcam is working perfectly or not , this online test tool will be a great help for you. With just “one-click” you can test your webcam on your laptop, TV, tablet or smartphones. It is necessary to test a webcam to know about the picture quality, the colour effects, resolution, frame and other specifications. Testing your webcam in this detecting tool can help you find defects in the camera, and you can also get help to fix the issue. In this article, you can know more about how to run an online webcam testing

The benefits of online webcam testing 

  • Resolution

A webcam is used for personal and professional reasons. So, it is important to check the picture quality. Poor quality webcams might create problems in communication. By running an online webcam test, you can see whether the picture is clear and bright. In this test, you can check if the resolution of the webcam is between 720 p to 1080 p definition. 

  • Video effects 

This online webcam test allows you to check the video quality of your webcam. You can see how you look on the screen. Moreover, in this test, you can explore if there are any special background video effects available in your webcam. 

  • Frame rate 

The ideal frame rate is 30 frame rates per second. Through this webcam test, you can check if the video quality is smooth and supports clear recording. 

  • Microphone 

This online webcam test helps you to check the audio quality and to ensure if there is a built-in microphone in the webcam. A high-quality microphone will smoothly communicate the audio to another screen. 

How to run an online webcam test 

  1. The first step 

This online webcam testing can be done effortlessly. For this test, you do not have to download any application. To begin this one click webcam test hit the “check webcam” button. 

  1. Check the camera access. 

After running a webcam test, the browser automatically checks if the camera is accessible. If your device default setting does not allow camera access, then adjust it and enable this setting. Also, check other details to enable the camera access. 

  1. Launching the camera 

After the access, the camera will be launched, and you can see yourself on the screen. If your image appears on the screen, then the webcam is working. If there is no video or image on the screen, then there might be an issue in the web camera.

  1. Check the audio 

Now it’s time to check the audio quality of the web camera. In this audio check, you can ensure whether your webcam has an inbuilt microphone. You can also see the audio quality percentage on the screen. 

  1. Buying a new camera 

If your web camera doesn’t produce an image or video, then it might have some issues. Even after adjusting the setting if your web camera doesn’t support the test, then you might have to buy a new camera. 

What to do if the web camera is not working 

  • If your webcam is not working, the first step is to check whether the camera wire is connected to the device. 
  • The webcam may not work if any of the camera settings are disabled. 
  • It is important to check whether your device supports the online test.
  • Check the device camera access setting to enable the device camera. 
  • The web camera may not work if it is damaged. 

Online webcam testing is a great tool to check the features of your web camera. Use this excellent test to see your webcam is working properly.

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How Your Smartphone Can Help You to Be Better Sports Enthusiast




How Your Smartphone Can Help You to Be Better Sports Enthusiast

Are you a sports enthusiast? If yes, then you don’t need to keep updated on what’s happening around the world of sports via your newspaper and television. 

If you have a smartphone, then you can make the most of being a sports enthusiast. Yes, it is possible by installing a few of the noted apps that are made just for you so that you can check scores of live matches, trivia, facts and much more. 

Read on as we present to you the best of the apps that a sports enthusiast must download and help stay well informed!

  • ESPN

If you live watching multiple sports on your television on your couch, then you should surely download the ESPN app on your smartphone. It is a mobile phone app that brings to you all hot and happening sporting news and sports around the world. From daily breaking news to live scores to updated leaderboard to information on your favourite teams, everything is available on this app. You can download it your mobile phone and forget about tuning to your TV for all the updates. You can now use the ESPN app from anywhere while you are on the move. 

  • Cricbuzz 

Are you a Cricket crazy fan? If yes, then you must download the Cricbuzz app on your mobile phone right away. It comes with the ball by ball commentary of all local and international Cricket matches being played across the globe. You don’t need to switch from one channel to another while watching live games on your TV. Instead, you can download this app and keep track of all match scores on a single platform. It also comes with details about each team’s schedule, daily updated news and much more. Overall, it is a must to have an app if you happen to be a cricket-crazy fan. 

If you are able to download both of these apps, then you don’t need to install any more apps on your mobile phone. Although there are many more similar apps available, we have come up with only the best of them to help you save time and download them. 

If you want to buy a new smartphone to access any of these apps, then you don’t need to spend too much. The competition in the Indian market can help you buy the latest phone at a lower price and yet loaded with all advanced features. Have a look at a few of them: 

Oppo A3s

  • 3 GB RAM + 32 GB ROM, expandable up to 256 GB
  • 6.2 inch HD+ DotNotch display 
  • 13MP + 2MP dual rear camera 
  • 8MP selfie camera 
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 processor 
  • 4230mAh battery 

It is phone under 10000 in India that you can consider buying. 

Redmi Note 7 Pro 

  • 4 GB RAM + 64 GB ROM, expandable up to 256 GB
  • 6.3-inch FHD+ DotNotch display
  • 48MP + 5MP dual camera 
  • 13MP front camera 
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 AIE processor 
  • Splash-proof – protected by P2i 
  • Quick Charge 4.0 support 
  • 4000mAh battery 

It is one of the top phones under 15000 to buy in India. 

When it comes to paying for buying any of these phones, you don’t need to worry about spending the entire amount at once. 

You can divide the cost over a suitable tenor and pay only fixed EMIs on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network in India and save big. Bajaj Finserv also presents pre-approved offers on financial products such as EMI finance and more. It can ease off your loan formalities and make everything fast. 

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Things You Should Know About Electric Scooters

Chris Holroyd



Electric Scooters

If you wish to commute in overcrowded areas filled with vehicles and traffic ingestion, the best way to do it is by using an electric scooter. It is a perfect solution that will take you wherever you wish to go, and it is more efficient than cars for short distances.

You are probably tired of renting scooters or taking a car outside each time you wish to go a few blocks away. Even though they are not highly expensive, searching can be overwhelming and intimidating especially since you can find numerous types and brands available on the market.

You can check out Smartwheels to learn more about the different types of electric scooters and their specifics.

Electric Scooter Buying Guide

Electric Scooters

  • How Far You Wish To Go

The first consideration that you should make when it comes to finding an appropriate electric scooter is whether you plan to use it daily, and how far you wish to take it in the first place.

The range is one of the most important factors when finding them because you wish to find the one that will have enough battery juice to take you anywhere you want. 

Most of them have travel ranges up to 15 miles; however, everything depends on carrying weight, overall speed, conditions of the tire, terrain and other factors.

Before choosing, you should anticipate how often you would use it and the distance you wish to cover with it. By mapping your daily routes through a mobile device, you can predict the miles you pass and whether you can handle everything with a single charge.

Another good feature is that some of them can fold up when you run out of juice. This is an advantage because you can take it with you on a bus or metro line, to finish your journey with ease.

  • Sit Down or Stand Up

Even though you have noticed that some electric scooters require for you to stand, if you wish to sit along the way, you can find the one that features a large deck for feet resting and comfortable seats as well.

If you are not sure whether you wish to sit all the time, some models will come with a detachable and separate seat, so that you can install it in case you want to rest. The best way to learn everything about e-scooters is by clicking here

  • Weight and Folding Features

If you have to haul it up to stairs or into the elevator, you should find the type that comes with lower weight in general. Some electric moped types are simple to ride and look neat, but they are not simple to carry around when you reach your destination.

Instead, you should choose a foldable alternative that you can bring along under train or bus seats and place it in a closet in the garage. You should have in mind that overall weight is a highly important consideration because it will determine whether you can carry it or not.

  • The Terrain

In case you live in the suburbs, and you wish to ride back and forth between school and home, you can rest assured because streets will be smooth and paved along the way.

This is a perfect consideration for any e-scooter, so it does not matter if you choose a high-performance or basic model.

However, if you reside in a city where the hills are minimal but filled with potholes, you should find the one that comes with larger wheels. The best choice for cruising on suburban streets is with solid rubber tires, but they are not effective in the case of potholes.

Inflated air tires that are between six and ten inches in diameter are much better than regular ones in these environments. The main reason for that is that they can absorb shock and provide you with a more comfortable ride than the other.

The main disadvantage is that you should watch for nails, glass and other sorts of things that are commonly found on the road, because tires can blow up as well. You have to ensure that tires are filled accurately between rides.

Finally, if you live in hilly areas, you have to find the one that comes with at least 250-watt engines, which will help you with an uphill climb. If the hill rises more than 10-degrees, you should get at least 350 watts engine. 

Otherwise, you will not be able to handle it, which means that you will find yourself walking up the hill, which may be healthy for your fitness regiment, but it brings out the question of why you bought an e-scooter in the first place.

If you wish to learn how to drive it, we recommend you to visit this link:

  • Weather

Weather is another important factor that will help you determine the best scooter for your needs. 

Have in mind that if you live in a hot and dry area such as desert, you will reduce the performance of the scooter. Therefore, you should keep it in an enclosed and cool area away from heat especially while charging.

When it comes to driving, remember that scooters will not be able to achieve maximum distance if the weather is too hot. The same thing goes for icy-cold climates because they will also affect overall capacity.

You should avoid driving it during heavy rain because deep puddles and flooded streets can damage the battery and its electrical system.

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Smart Home Tools You Didn’t Know You Need

Chris Holroyd



Smart Home Tools You Didn’t Know You Need

Science fiction writers have been predicting smart homes for over a century — since E.M. Forster’s 1904 novel “The Machine Stops” predicted we would only talk to each other via screens or when “The Jetsons” depicted helpful robots doing household chores. With Black Friday and the holiday season rapidly approaching, you might be eying a few tempting smart tools to add to your budding home system.

However, before you start lusting after the brand-new Amazon Echo Show or Philips’ latest  smart light starter kit, you should know that there are a few smart home tools you should start with to ensure your system runs efficiently and securely. Here are the most important smart tools to put at the top of your shopping list.

Device Manager

Smart devices are a bit like potato chips — you can’t have just one. However, the more smart devices you buy, the more difficult it becomes to manage all of them. If you have dozens of devices around your home, manipulating each of them with a discrete app could be much less convenient than having an old-fashioned, non-smart home.

That is, unless you have a smart device manager. Device managers are tools that connect to the same network as your smart home tech and help you manage them from one straightforward portal. Often, managers will also track the availability of updates and alert you to security patches to keep your home network safe. Though it might not be the flashiest smart device, a manager is a must.

Energy Monitor

All smart devices run on electricity, whether they require intermittent charging or constant connection to an outlet. Unfortunately, even when an electrical device isn’t in use, it pulls power — a phenomenon long called energy vampirism. Your smart home could be utilizing an above-average amount of power, raising your energy bills and harming the environment for little reason.

That’s why it is good to have a smart energy monitor attached to your network from the get-go. Energy monitors will give you greater insight into how your home is consuming energy, perhaps even notifying you to dangers, like a broken appliance that is pulling much more power than it should. By using an energy monitor, you can gain more control over your smart home, making it as efficient as possible.

Flood Sensor

When you have so many devices in your home that rely on electricity, the last problem you need is water damage. Unfortunately, homes often experience water damage, sometimes from a leaky pipe in the wall, sometimes from a busted water heater or HVAC and sometimes from improper drainage in the surrounding property.

Water can kill smart tech fast, so the sooner you know that your home might flood, the better. A smart flood sensor detects the levels of moisture in the air and on the ground, sending you warnings when water seems to be getting high. Again, flood sensors aren’t as sexy as some other smart tech, but they will keep your home exceedingly safe.


Smart technology isn’t cheap — and for good reason. It takes time to engineer a device with unique functionality that includes firmware that can be controlled from near or far. Still, it will take time and a good amount of your budget to swap every single item for something smarter. Smart Home Tools

An excellent hack for rudimentary control over some devices is using smart outlets. Smart outlets might not allow you to control every facet of your device — for instance, you can’t change the brightness or color of your lamps plugged into smart outlets, but you can turn your lamps on and off without getting up. Smart outlets area workaround for devices that don’t yet have smart counterparts — or a more affordable trick to raising the intelligence of devices you can’t yet afford to replace.

Currently there are smart egg trays, which tell you when you are getting low on eggs and need to buy more. There are smart silverware, which tell you how fast you are eating and at what times you enjoy your meals. There are even smart toilets, which raise and lower the lid, warm the seat and provide other services for you. You should pick and choose whatever smart devices fit in your home — but you should remember that more functional smart tools are worthwhile, too.

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