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5 Reasons To Invest in Live Answering for Your Business

Chris Holroyd



5 Reasons To Invest in Live Answering for Your Business

With the fast expansion of digital communication over the last two decades and the wide preference for text messaging, online chat, and video conferencing over traditional phone calls among many young professionals, it’s easy to lose sight of how important it is to maintain legacy communication systems. Most established businesses get it because they have a lot of data about how robust and long-lasting customers who prefer phone communication have been as a population. While your business phone line might not be the most active channel of communication you buy, it’s still likely to be a very important one, and that means you need to invest in the right telecommunications resources, including reception and answering.

Luckily, the cost of concierge services like outsourced reception or after-hours live answering has gone down drastically over the years. Not only do new technologies make it more cost-effective for service providers, allowing them to reduce prices, those same technologies also make it easier than ever for you to navigate those services. When you add in the consolidation of call center businesses and their diversification into a range of telecommunication services for clients across industries in many sectors, it’s easy to see why prices have come down so far. If you still need convincing before you subscribe to an answering service, here are another five great reasons to get your company set up as quickly as possible.

1. Increase Customer Confidence and Repeat Sales

When customers call a company for help with questions or concerns about an order, a personal and professional answering helps instill confidence that they can resolve their issues. This increases customer satisfaction, but more importantly, it also increases confidence in your goods and services. When they have that confidence, they’re more likely to come back, even after a dissatisfying experience.

2. Screen Your Calls Without a Machine

When you work with live answering services like Voicenation, you set the terms for your answering and reception needs. That means you can choose whether customers are forwarded to you or your on-site employees according to criteria that make sense for your business. You can use these services to handle basic customer service questions that can be answered with widely available resources with the right service package, dictate when to take messages and when to pass people through to the right company contact, and which employee receives each class of incoming call. That allows you to stage your communications efficiently even when you’re open and taking calls in real time.

3. Get Detailed Messages With Relevant Context

Professional message-taking is one of the most attractive aspects of paying for an answering service. When customers talk to a real person instead of recording a voice message, there’s someone who is trained to distill their concerns into concise facts you can respond to quickly. The right service will also train their employees to ask clarifying questions and gather additional facts if they aren’t volunteered, so you have the essential background information you need to provide a fast and satisfactory response when you get into your office.

4. Compete With Larger Rivals

Presentation is a large part of successfully competing with established businesses when you are starting out. The more a small business can look like a strong company with deep financial resources and high quality work, the more attractive it is to prospective customers. It doesn’t matter if you’re retailing necessities to the public or providing backed B2B services for other professionals, the same principle holds. Subscribing to services that would take a deep investment to provide for yourself in-house is one way to appear large enough to take on your rivals and strong enough to deliver competitive work, and answering services are among the key features clients can see easily that indicate those things.

5. Increase Customer Satisfaction

Word of mouth marketing is becoming more important than ever in the age of social media, but to take advantage of it, you need satisfied customers who will recommend your work forward. When customers have the ability to reach out to a real person to resolve issues, they are generally more satisfied even if the resolution is the same one they’d get through an online system or automated phone menu. It just makes sense to invest in the tools that customers are happier to use, because it makes them happier when it’s time to write a review, and that does affect your bottom line.

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Surface Treatments for Adhesive Bonding

Chris Holroyd



Adhesive Bonding

To achieve successful extended durability and strength for an adhesive, the surface must be correctly and properly treated, and different materials respond better to different kinds of treatments.


Image Credit There are various different characteristics of surface treatments available, and these include the processes below. The Surface Must Be Cleaned Properly

The overall amount of harmful pollutants, dust, oils, grease and oxides must be reduced from the surface of the substrate to a minimal molecular degree so as to attain the best adhesion upon contact. If cleaning is not carried out correctly and contaminants are not removed to an acceptable level, then these contaminants will interfere with the adhesion and result in bond failure. Therefore, this step is crucial and vital for the activation and increase of surface energy in the surface treatment process for correct adhesive bonding. Depending on surface type, one of the simpler methods mostly suited to industrial applications for the preparation of surfaces is to degrease, abrade and then degrease again.


Image Credit The Surface Must Be Chemically Activated

Any surface being prepared for adhesion is required to be in an active chemical state in order to create a chemical bond in the adhesion process. If a surface is chemically inactive, it will be unable to form the required chemical bond needed for sustainable and strengthened adhesion. A plasma polymer composite can aid in chemical activation by increasing the surface energy of the substrate. The Surface Must Be Oxidation Resistant : To achieve optimal adhesion the surface must resist oxidation and remain stable as the active chemical and cleanliness of the surface must be sustained. This can be achieved by using a plasma polymer composite which will achieve stability over a long period of time.

It is also important to note that the surface treatment must promote and enable the formation of bonds (physical and or chemical) across the entirety of the adhesion

The treatment used varies depending on the material being used and its surface energy or lack thereof.

Thermoplastic composites and thermoset composites, for example, have different levels of surface energy and require different treatment processes to achieve optimal adhesion. Thermoset requires plasma polymer composite to increase the surface energy.

Thermoplastic composites require even more surface energy than that of thermoset, and so their treatment must always reflect this to achieve the best possible adhesion.

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Make Adorable your Product with Luxury Boxes



Make adorable your product with luxury boxes

Luxury Rigid Boxes are manufactured from long-lasting, durable, sustainable, and thick cardboard that is known for its extended sustained productivity regarding the safekeeping and immaculate representation of expensive products. These boxes are known to lend an aura of expense and lavishness to whatever they present for sales and purchase in the retail market. The exquisite display of the product that they carry and the dynamic visuals that they have, combine to create an excellent buying experience for the shoppers. These boxes can be made in exact accordance with the product that is supposed to be packaged in them. They can be further beautified with a number of printing and embellishing options. Packaging has come a long way. According to experts, it is now the best way of making customers buy a product. But packaging is of different kinds. And the one kind that has truly dominated the industry is luxury packaging. But what has it got that other options lack? Let us find out.

The Visual Attraction for Products

The word luxury instills a sense of grandeur and grace automatically in our senses. It makes one think about neatly polished surfaces, elegant designs, and exquisite colors. Well, that is absolutely true. Luxurious items are set apart through their appearance. Similarly, in marketing, luxury rigid boxes have taken a whole new and important place. They are now considered a necessity if a brand wants to become impactful and attract consumers. But what makes luxury packaging so alluring? What is in it that makes it such a big attraction for millions of consumers? First of all, design. Humans are fond of seeing things that are designed beautifully, whether they are buildings or boxes. Unique shapes instantly catch one’s attention and as a major attraction. Luxurious packaging has seen some of the best shapes ever created in the history of marketing. These shapes are iconic and have stood the test of time. These shapes of Luxury Jewellery Boxes are still revered by many customers, and the demand is still sky-high. Similarly, the unique combination of colors has had the visual magic that can enchant anyone. Their appeal to the eye is unwavering, and their effect on the senses is unparalleled. The spell of this visual magic is gripping for anyone. When the product is placed inside such packaging, its value goes up manifold. These magical effects of luxury ring boxes are too hard to ignore and cause emotional responses from consumers who are then willing to buy the products that they might never have thought about buying before entering the store.

The Quality of Materials

Manufacturing beautiful packaging is one thing. But making it with excellent materials is another. One can use as many modern graphics and colors on packaging as one likes, but if the quality of the materials is mediocre, the effect of visuals will wane automatically. Luxury packaging can be of great help here. The materials used for custom luxury gift boxes are the best available in the world today and can transform the whole experience for a buyer. They are strong and can withstand a whole lot of pressure and harmful external factors. It is not just an attractive appearance that sets luxury packaging apart; its durability is also a highly important factor in all of it. Sure, a customer might get attracted due to graphics, but once they hold the product in hand, they are sure to find out the kind of materials that have been employing for manufacturing it. If the quality of the packaging is as premium as the printing on it, the brand is definitely going to be rewarded for it by hundreds of loyal customers.


Luxury packaging is considered luxurious because of several customizations that are performed on it. Without them, the packaging might not be considered as premium and might not reach its true potential. These modifications are crucial in marketing because, through them, brands can attract buyers and generate great amounts of revenues through increased sales. Consider the window design, for instance, for rigid luxury boxes. It is an exquisite design that has become immensely popular due to its strong aesthetics. It can show the product to consumers from a distance. The customers do not even need to touch the box to see the product. Is this not amazing? But the way it has been manufactured is simple. Instead of having a simple, completely opaque box for a product, manufacturers have instead placed a window on the front side of the packaging, and that has made all the difference. How big a difference can little things make! Consider the handle too. The box, again, is simple, but the handle on top of it distinguishes it from the rest of the packaging in an elegant way. These modifications are not huge by any means, but they can make all the difference in marketing. And it is these differences that ultimately decide the fate of brands in the marketplace.

What one can surely say about luxury packaging is that it is transformative for a brand and its products. Its appeal is universal and has been recognized by millions. The marketing strength of premium packaging, when combined with creativity and hard work, can work wonders for a brand and can take it from oblivion to being a mega player in the market.

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3 Signs That Show You Must Downgrade Your Travel Credit Card

Chris Holroyd



Travel Credit Card

Travel Credit Cards are offered by the banks issued or given to the people traveling a lot for business purposes or office tours. They provide a surplus number of benefits and perks as you are given a privilege to them to experience more luxuries in your life while traveling. 

They mainly intend to save your money and flourish your journey to another level. It is believed that only the elites have the right to enjoy their perks. If you believe this, then you are living in a myth. Anyone can access it if they are willing to have one.

Uses Of A Travel Credit Card

Therefore, it saves your deposits whenever you are on a business tour, going to work in some other countries or at the time when you are spending the holidays with your family and friends. Post accessing it, it has a considerable advantage. It plays a crucial role in saving your income, depending upon the card you have taken. 

By accessing it, you have the liberty to get into Lounges at domestic and international airports for free. Unlimited golf, pools, horse rides games to play, fine dining privileges in top restaurant and hotels, discounts on specific airlines plus their personalized complimentary services, discounts on economy class with royal parks, and many more. The list may surpass one perk form another as it varies from bank to bank in which we are aiming to issue one. 

How To Obtain It

To get a Travel Credit Card, there are some eligibility criteria from which you have to go through. To gain access, an ideal must be the age between 21 years and 65 years. Secondly, you should be working in a company on a monthly waged basis. If you are self-employed as well, then also you have the right to access it. 

One of the prime criteria that one needs to get passed is that the bank will also look into your credit scores before you summon your card for access and use. Primarily, it is an integral part as they look into our credit scores annually. High credit scores will eventually contribute more luxuries to your journey.

Who Uses It?   

They are highly used by businessmen, office staff, or employees, and even sometimes, the company provides it to their employees as a part of their promotion. Therefore, anyone can access it if he or she thinks that they should own one. While opening the account for the card, we have to pay a nominal joining fee. 

How Does It Work?

The rate of accessing a Travel Credit Card depends on bank to bank as everyone has their procedures, perks, and norms. It is mainly useful for those frequently visiting due to some work from one destination to another. Post advent, a credit card with a viable CVV had played a vital role in the world of the market itself. Many people seek to own one by looking at their perks and a wide range of services. 

It is said that most of the Travel Credit Cards are in collaboration with some airline companies or any other particular service. They provide a great plus point as they reduce the charges for air traveling depending upon the distance. Hence, it depends on the airline we wish to travel to. It allows you to save your pocket and add more perks whenever you are onboard. 

Annually, many cards with a wide range of features, cash returns, and travel luxuries get into the people’s market to access it. Sometimes, if your credit score plays well at your bank-level, then the bank ultimately summons you to own it for future benefits and perks. An individual may have more cards than the required with them but couldn’t save their annual fee. At that point, you must downgrade your credit card as soon as possible. 

Here are the 3 signs that show you must downgrade your Travel Credit Card:

1. Card’s Annual Fee Is No Longer Worth 

We primarily downgrade a Travel Credit Card when we want to eliminate a yearly fee. We must close the cards which are not in use to save your annual earnings. By this, we are holding the yearly fee for longer terms and other purposes. We must take care while downgrading a card as it could harm your account’s credit scores. For that, we must avoid taking the decisions at a fast pace. 

2. Maintain A Stable Credit Score

The bank accounts which you are not dealing it with anymore should be closed. As we think of it, we must avoid urgency to stop the functioning of your Credit Card as it may unbalance your credit scores. 

The presence of the credit scores on your credit reports is significant. It plays a key role as it may continue to provide you the credits and other benefits on a long term basis. Therefore, before closing the credit card on the whole we must ensure that it must be with us for an extended period. 

3. While Spending The Most, You Could Get More Rewards 

We must try to downgrade the cards which are no longer in use to catch the perks. When we have more cards, then also we must use it wisely according to the plight. 

We must enroll for new cards that could earn bonuses and cash rewards whenever you are purchasing a lot. Therefore, it entirely depends on you on how to use your cards wisely and on a long term basis.

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Top Features of Inventory Management System

Chris Holroyd



Inventory Management System


Inventory management system plays a crucial task in e-commerce, retail, and wholesale industries which need to keep the record of order details, sales, tracking details, and much more. Both the inventory’s software and hardware are equally important in running the business smoothly. 

Let’s have a look at Inventory Management features:

1.  Inventory Management

The feature of inventory management is all about keeping your data functioning organized so you can easily find the details like stock level, product specifications and history of products. Importantly, the data must be synced with other modules that help you run the inventory correctly, which eventually boosts the productivity level and builds a spirit of collaboration among teams.

VMI permits vendors to operate the inventory remotely, and it is helpful for those who are planning to associate with vendors for long-term business plans so that vendors can manage the deliveries part and you need not to worry about it.

2.  Inventory Tracking

Keeping records of your inventory is important, there is software that helps you record the data by RFID tags, serial numbers, and many other IDs.

There are systems which have in-built traceability features. The feature helps us in informing you about the exact location of stock in the warehouse.

This is used for improving the pickup and drop process by making important routes for your employees, which ultimately reduces the labor cost and enhances your productivity. 

3. Reporting Tools

If you’re planning to boost your business sales, then analytics and reporting are some of the finest tools that help you check the patterns in the aspect of demand and sales.

Analytics will give you proper information about the demand and supply. Reporting delivers data in a simpler form, easy to understand and share.

There are many tools available that will help you in creating reports or in finding the information regarding the modules.

3. Barcoding & Tagging

It is one of the most essential features of inventory management technology, which processes an enormous amount of product’s information into data. Barcoding methods help reduce the chance of human errors, which most of the time happen when data is filled manually. Scanning barcode offers fast and secure solutions. Along with this, having barcodes reduce the training and meeting time of employees. Traditionally, it consumes a lot of time and effort to train an employee regarding the procedure of how to record product details.

4. Cloud-Based Software with Real-Time Updates

When you integrate the cloud-based technology with an inventory management system, then you can access the inventory mobile app through any device. It allows you to track the listing in real-time. You can access the system into any device remotely that improves the harmonization between employees. Some major advantages of integrating cloud systems with inventory are: safe and secure, easy to access, and improved efficiency.

5.  Inventory Forecasting

Just imagine how much your customer will feel disappointed when they’ll find that their favorite product is out of stock? The inventory forecast gives you the prior information about the products which are soon going out of stock. That’s one way to fulfill your customers’ needs and to provide an excellent user experience. One of the most important advantages of inventory forecasting is that you can spend money sagaciously. Knowing the detailed information about the products, keeps you more precise in decision making. Inventory forecasting reduces the chance of stock-outs and increases the company’s revenue 

6.  Inventory Security and Backups

No matter which business you are in, security is the topmost priority nowadays. If you have Inventory management systems, you must take care of protecting data. Right from protecting your data to keeping your data backup safe, the inventory management system is secure and protects your data from hacking.

7.  Inventory Alerts

Those days are gone when owners waste their valuable business time and money on storing the stock data. With the inventory alert features, you can find the actual problems directly via email or SMS alert that will help you in the future. Some important aspects of business like shipment detail, issue alert, and shipment status will be easily managed through instant inventory alerts. Along with all this, inventory alert helps maintain operational control and drives sales.

8.  Inventory App Integration with Other Systems

Companies who are using software related to enterprise resource planning can easily integrate with an inventory management app and provide amazing features. Though you can also choose not to integrate ERP into the inventory system.

There are advanced and standard features which you will use in inventory applications, integration of other technologies into inventory systems helps you in customization.

9.  Mobile Support

The mobile support feature solely depends on the hardware that you are using and how you remotely manage things? Several systems offer mobile web pages to permit users to access data from any system.

 If you are using a mobile phone or tablet, then it is important for you to check that your vendor is offering you a traditional mobile app or not? Because mobile support only a few operating systems which you need to keep in your mind during the development of the app.

Most owners try to make apps for all platforms so that the inventory management app runs smoothly on any hardware.

Final Words

In simpler words, it is important to understand the right features you’ll require for the business and the purpose of using that feature. More than that, doing proper research should be the first task that you need to do. After the completion of the research, you need to find an inventory management software development company that offers amazing solutions. When you are selecting the company, you need to evaluate if the company can do a project or not. After confirming everything like development procedure, time duration, cost of inventory management app, then you are ready to start the work.

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What young entrepreneurs aspiring to start Export Business need to know about the Export Incentives in India.

Chris Holroyd



These days small businesses/Startups has gained lot of popularity, Individuals are much interested in becoming entrepreneurs by opening their own business. 

An startup is a company whose goal is to expand rapidly and grow consistently. There are 6 different types of startups.

  • Lifestyle Startups
  • Small business Startups
  • Scalable Startups
  • Buyable Startups
  • Large Company Startups
  • Social Startups 

We have seen major growth in export-import of goods/services in India by seeing this more and more startups are venturing into this.

Getting Started for Import-Export business:-

There is the following way to start the import-export business in India. 

  • Set up  
  • Obtain a Pan card for the business 
  • Open a Current Account
  • Get the Import-Export Code
  • Obtaining the Registration cum Membership Certificate (RCMC)
  • Opportunities available with exporters
  • Government Incentives available to the exporters

Government is giving economic assistance by giving Incentives to the exporters to help them secure foreign markets and to make Indian Products Competitive in global markets. So it is very important for young entrepreneurs aspiring to start export business need to know about the Export Incentives in India.

In this post we are mainly going to discuss about what is the Government Incentive Scheme available to the exporters & how they can avail it India.

Under Government Incentive Schemes exporters can avail the benefits of 2%/3%/4%/5%/7% on the FOB value of the eligible exports, There are the following Schemes available to Indian exporters:-

 Export Incentive Schemes

  Merchandise Exports From India Scheme (MEIS):-

  • MEIS Scheme is the Government Incentive Scheme under which goods exporters can avail the benefits of 2%/3%/4%/5% on the FOB value of exports in the form of Duty credit Scrip which can be transferable in nature or it can be used in the waiver of import duty payment.
  • The objective of the MEIS scheme is to  offset infrastructural inefficiencies and associated costs involved in the export process.
  • To claim benefits under this scheme Applicant has to do online application on DGFT site –
  • License Registration is mandatory under this scheme and the license is valid for 24 months from date of issue.

Service Export From India Scheme (SEIS):-

  • SEIS Scheme is also the Government incentive scheme under which service exporters of notified services can avail the benefits of 5% – 7% on the net foreign exchange earnings.
  • The Objectives of SEIS Schemes are – to promote exports of notified services & to make services more competitive in the global markets.
  • SEIS scheme replaced Served From India Scheme which was present in earlier FTP for the service exporters.
  • Same like MEIS scheme the application under SEIS Scheme shall be done on dgft site and custom verification of the license is must for using it at the port.

The Rebate of State & Central Taxes and Levies (RoSCTL) Scheme:

  • Exporters of readymade garments and Made – ups can avail the benefits under RoSCTL scheme in the form of transferable or sellable Duty Credit Scrips depending on the FOB value of exports in the Foreign exchange from 07/03/2019 to 31/03/2020.
  • The application has to be done on DGFT site. License obtained under SEIS scheme shall be valid for 24 months for utilisation at the customs.

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The Best Social Login Plugins for WordPress




In the online world, our personality is controlled by a username and password. We make an exceptional identity for various online stages we have a record in. The more records we have the more troublesome it can get the opportunity to recollect this data each time we need it In this manner what we need is a safe yet simple approach to sign in to our records. Since the vast majority of us have a record in at any rate one web based life now, the most ideal path is to interface your records with internet based life. This will be a lot simpler social login plugins to the clients. 

There are huge amounts of modules accessible to help your WordPress site to empower social login. Here is a rundown of a couple of the best social login modules alongside the portrayal of their highlights. 

1. Social Login for WordPress 

Social Login for WordPress module lets you effectively utilize social login on your site or online store. Utilizing this module you could empower sign in through Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn. What makes this module well known is its simple and easy to use arrangement choices. 

The most striking element of this module is that it offers alternatives to empower social login on your WooCommerce sign in page, WooCommerce enrollment page, and on WooCommerce checkout page with just barely a single tick. You are in finished authority over which of these pages ought to have social login alternative in it alongside the typical username-secret word mix sign in. Empowering and incapacitating these settings are simpler also. 

2. Nextend Social Login and Register 

Nextend Social login and register module permit login by means of web-based social networking like facebook, google, and twitter. This module lets your clients to effortlessly connect their record with their web based life profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Google). You have the alternative to characterize custom divert URL after enlistment utilizing any of the social records. 

One of the cool highlights of this module is that you get the opportunity to show Facebook, Twitter, Google profile picture as Avatar. Login gadgets and short codes make it simple for you to manage the module settings. On the off chance that you wish to make your login page somewhat alluring for your guests, you can make them utilize this module since it gives adjustable structures to coordinate your site. 

3. WordPress Social Share, Social Login, and Social Comments 

What makes this module unique in relation to other social login modules is that with this module you can coordinate with your site social sharing and remarking alternative. Utilizing this module you can empower social login in your site through ten diverse informal organizations Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Xing, Steam, Twitch, and Live 

4. WordPress Social Login (Facebook, Google, Twitter) 

This WordPress social login module empowers social login, social sharing, and social remarks together utilizing famous social stages like Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Windows Live, Instagram, Amazon, and Salesforce, and so forth. 

There is no set up required for default social login applications in the event that you are utilizing this module on your site. This module lets you set up your own social login application with APP ID and APP Secret for Facebook, Google, and Twitter. 

You could empower social login symbols on the WooCommerce Checkout, Login, Registration pages, and so forth. The symbols are completely adaptable, you could modify the shape, topic, space, size and even content of social login symbols and get a sea of these symbols. 

Choice to match up social profile picture with WordPress and connecting social record to WordPress record and profile finishing. 

5. WordPress Social Login 

WordPress Social Login permits your site per users and clients to enroll on utilizing their current social records IDs, wiping out the need to round out enlistment shapes and recollect usernames and passwords. Alongside that it additionally permits you to import clients contact list from Google Gmail, Facebook, Windows Live and LinkedIn. 

Since this module gives you total power over clients access to your site there are sure guidelines and limitations you have to set up. This module accompanies a basic however adaptable and completely adjustable validation gadget, which makes customization and incorporation much progressively simpler. 

Contingent on the crowd you’re focusing on, you can look over a wide assortment of suppliers and administrations including informal communities, microblogging stages, proficient systems, media, photograph sharing, software engineers and gamers systems. 

6. Social Login Lite For WooCommerce 

On the off chance that you are searching for a free module with just basic highlights to make things straightforward for your site, at that point this is the module you ought to go for. 

Utilizing this module your clients could sign in by means of Facebook and Twitter. You could decide to transfer a symbol of your inclination, for Facebook and additionally Google+. You could likewise include social login mark your login page, register page, and checkout page. Notwithstanding it, You will likewise gain admittance to a report on the quantity of associations that you have through Facebook and Google+ unmistakably. 


Utilizing social login on your WordPress sites will climb the quantity of guests to your site. This component fills in as a simple answer for client’s login stresses as it is a protected, secure, and simple approach to enter your site. This article will direct you in picking the privilege module for your store. If are you searching best WooCommerce print invoice and delivery note plugins, your search is end here. You can visit our web page and best plugins list 2020.


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New Age of Child Care

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