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15+ Best And Free Explainer Video Templates

Jane Collen




Old days have gone when you pay substantial dollars to ad agencies or animated studios to create videos for your product and services. Nowadays, the presence of an Explainer video production company provides a cost-effective solution for making your private and business videos by using their Free Explainer Video Templates.

What are Explainer Videos?

Explainer Videos are short animated videos to communicate and educate the audience about your story, brands, products, and services in a highly engaging manner. For this, production companies are offering many Free Explainer Video Templates.

Explainer Video Templates

Let’s discuss briefly some of the best Free Explainer Video Templates suitable for specific private and business needs to attract the audience.


  • Video Template for Resume


A video resume is a short video to introduce yourself to a hiring manager and sometimes needs to be submitted in addition to a resume and cover letter. You can customize the free video resume template by choosing from the tons of available presentation animation templates to make a perfect video for your presentation.


  • Video Template for App Demo 


For those who want to present their brand-new apps, then this free 34-second-long explainer video template is the best choice. This free template also allows you to export your private & personalized videos to YouTube for free subject to the condition that you have not used any premium graphics or charts.


  • Video Template for Marketing


This explainer video template includes the style by combining the whiteboard technique with prototype formatting and eye-catching graphics on your own media. This template is very flexible for a variety of projects. You can upload your final video on YouTube as well on the same condition that you don’t import premium features.


  • Video Template for Business Services 


This Marketing video template is the best platform to offer a solution to your audience and aware them of the similar problem stories of people. This free explainer video template can be modified and managed to meet the user’s specific needs.


  • Video Template for Consumer Goods Marketing


This is a typical 47 seconds long free explainer video template with a variety of whiteboard or blackboard styles. Users can customize and include carton board typography for their own media. You can send this template to YouTube for free if you don’t import premium elements.


  • Video Template for Business (Animated Whiteboard) 


This is a free explainer video template contains a whiteboard which is digitally driven and provides the audience with an attractive paper-texture background. This free explainer video template is almost a minute long and is fit for all kinds of business purposes. You can upload your final video on YouTube but there should be no premium package included.


  • Video Template for Real Estate Investors


Designed for real estate investors, this explainer video template includes lots of illustrations that are easy-to-use and gives an eye-catching video. This template also has the option to use with a cartoon character that draws attraction of the audience and benefits accordingly. This is a typical 47 seconds long free explainer video template without any premium graphics.


  • Video Template for Internet Services


This free explainer video template is solely designed for internet services companies. This template introduces the audience with a story having a central character to grasp the attention from the start of the video. This template can be easily edited for the required elements and tools to suit the user’s needs. You can upload your final video on YouTube free without importing premium elements from the typical builder’s gallery.


  • Video Templates for Accounting and CPA Firms


This free explainer video template is exclusively designed for accounting and CPA companies. The video is presented in a simple, flat style with required textures. Although this template is designed for accounting purposes, however, it can be edited and modified for other businesses as you need. This template provides a free cartoon character with a typical video duration of 54 seconds long.


  • Video Template (Animated) for Ad Agencies


This free explainer animated video template is a perfect choice for Ad agencies. The template is exclusively designed in a flat style and can suit to other businesses as well. You can replace the elements with your own text and visual content using an online builder. Exporting of video with the provider’s branding is possible in case you haven’t used any premium graphics.


  • Video Template for Travel Industry


It is an impeccable cartoon explainer video which was designed specifically for travel agencies.  It includes free-of-charge graphics and offers a variety of solutions to users. Once, you have customized the video as you need, you can upload it on YouTube but you are confined not to use premium features.


  • Video Template for Debt Consolidation Industry


This video template is helpful with telling a struggling character’s tale, stuck in debt and was made for the debt consolidation industry. However, you can customize the text and the visual elements to fit your business needs. You can upload your final video on YouTube if you don’t import premium elements from the typical builder’s gallery.


  • Video Template for Event Promotions 


This free template was originally designed for event promos; however, it can suit a variety of business applications as well. This template is basically based on typical typesetting & formatting with options to customize its colors and other elements. This 41-second-long template video can engagingly explain your story.  


  • Video Template for Product Promotion 


This free explainer video template can be downloaded easily for free and flexible video templates for many kinds of businesses using free texts, images, references, etc. You can build an exceptional explainer video to promote your product.  


  • Video Template for Employee of the Month 


You can recognize the performance, talents, and contributions of your employees with this employee appreciation free video template. You can easily announce and make employees of the week/employee of the month videos just by adding your logo, edit colors/characters, insert a picture, and a video gets done efficiently.


  • Video Template for COVID-19 Company Update 


You can use this COVID-19 Company Update free video template to answer your employee’s questions and provide updates according to your workspace. This is very simple and easy to use template for editing, uploading logo, adjust colors and write text as you need.


Free Explainer Videos Templates are need of the day for a cost-effective marketing tool for any kind of business or private purpose. Thanks to Explainer video production companies providing storytelling, entertaining, educating, engaging & memorable video templates.  

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What Is The Difference Between Web Development And Web Design?

Chris Holroyd



Difference Between Web Development And Web Design

Want to launch your website, and look for some website designers Or, is it a web developer that you should choose?

Is there any difference between web design and web development?

Web development and web design are some of the most common terms that are most commonly confused being the same. Among others, companies failing to describe their service portfolios in a distinct way is one of the major reasons for this confusion.

So, what are the key differences between web development and web design? And, why is it so important to know the difference between them? Let us explore the answers to these questions in the following sections.

Web Development & Web Design

Web designing services include the process of creating the framework, or the look-and-feel of a website. Once the web designers are done with the designing process, the design is passed to the web developers to actually build the website. So, the web developers work on a framework designed or created by web designers.

This is similar to the builders building home based on the floor plan or design created by an architect. Hence, both of these terms are entirely different and should not be confused with each other.

Why is this difference so critical?

Before we move on to explore more, it is important to understand that the difference between web design and web development is critical. While it is possible to find a web development company in Kerala that offers designing services as well, if you don’t understand the difference, you can end up with wasted time and resource pool. Being unable to distinguish between design and development also renders you vulnerable to fraud.

Further, there are many websites that need specific working on its look and feel for better user experience and need both, the designers and the developers.

Now, let us move ahead and learn the key differences between designing and development.

Differences between Web Development and Web Design

1. Designers decide what comes next and what goes where

While the designers are underrated, they are crucial for the development of a flawless and functional website. They decide everything about a website, for example, the images, the colour themes, balance of items and colours, menu display, what control should be placed at what position and much more. They decide the flow of browsing or the album displays as well. They decide what picture or what link should be placed at what position for the best user experience.

So, a sample design process for an e-commerce website might look like the following:

  • Brand logo on the left placed right beside the “menu” button
  • Latest offers on all categories displayed on the top
  • Category selection opens as a pop-up window when the website loads
  • First click must take the visitor to a section relevant to him or her, and so on

Now, all these directions are sent to the web developer, and the website development starts. The developer codes and brings these directions to a life-sized tangible result.

2. Designers design things while the developers do the coding

The web designers use tools such as Framer, Sketch, and Adobe Photoshop, etc to design the aesthetics of a website. They are experts at image designing, graphics, logo designing, and are always in-tune with the latest design trends. Website branding, typography, fonts, colour themes and page layouts are all designed by the website or web designers.

The developers have a job that is inclined towards the coding aspects of a website and write the code for the appearance, functionality and integration of a website. Uploading website data, managing backups, installing add-ons and managing the libraries etc, are some other job roles of a website developer.

3. Developer builds the website interface with which the user interacts

When it comes to the core capabilities, the things that a user interacts with are all created by the website developer by using different languages and platforms. The developers are well-versed with the latest trends in technology and coding. They have a more technical job and have to keep on brushing-up their skills as time passes.

Developers and Designers together do a commendable job!

While you might think that opting for a developer can easily allow you to get your website developed, things are not so. There are many websites that are dependent on a designer for looking at their best. Some of the examples are e-commerce websites, portfolios, picture-based websites, websites with lots of navigation, such as universities and exam-related websites etc. Fashion, entertainment, and content-based websites also require expert designing skills.

So, for the best results, it is crucial to have both, the designers and the developers. We hope this post helps all the readers understand the difference between designing and development of a website.

Thanks for reading!

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How to Retain SEO Traffic during Website Redesign




How to Retain SEO Traffic during Website Redesign?

As the trends, technology, and user expectations are rapidly changing over time, if you want to remain competitive, discarding outdated website and implementing a site redesigning is crucial. However, this often poses a threat from the SEO perspective. You sure don’t want to lose your valuable traffic earned through the continuous SEO efforts? Be cautious as some little mistakes can cost you dearly and may get you to back to square one!

In this article, we will explore some web design mistakes that can affect SEO. A wholesome idea of this will help you to avoid potential pitfalls while redesigning your site. Let’s dive in then.

Loopholes in Website Redesigning that May Affect SEO

Here’s a list of common site redesigning mistakes that you should avoid at any cost.

  1. Deleting Pages without Redirecting

While redesigning your site, you may find out that some pages no longer carry any value. Less experienced web designers will simply delete them or rename the pages which in most of the cases lead to a change in URLs.

This is a huge mistake as some of these existing pages may already rank well. They may also have several inbound links pointing to them or visitors may have bookmarked them. Once you delete these pages, you will lose all the SEO values from the links. This in turn, adversely impact ranking. 

Further, people clicking these links or bookmarks will come across a 404 page that creates a negative user experience. And as you may already know, Google considers user experience as a crucial ranking factor.

This is why reliable website design company professionals recommend to redirect these pages to the most relevant page existing on your site. A 301 redirect comes in handy in such cases. This informs the search engines that the old pages have permanently been moved to a new location. That way, you won’t lose any SEO traffic or link juice.

  1. Not Performing a Functionality Check

We understand that you had a highly functional website. But this cannot make you settle down peacefully that even the redesigned website will exhibit the highest functionality. Once your redesigned site is migrated to the live server, make sure to review all the functionalities. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Search bar functionality
  • Check out page functionality
  • Contact forms
  • Site loading Speed
  • All the payment methods
  • Multimedia players
  • Interactive tools
  • Backend analytics
  • Inbound links
  • Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Tool verification

Remember, site performance is a crucial aspect in technical SEO, so website functionality check is a must!

  1. Not Configuring Plugins

After migrating a website to a live server, you should immediately check the configuration of WordPress along with all the plugins. This may seem to be an irrelevant step (and often overlooked by many) but trust us when we say, it leaves an adverse impact in the long run. It can affect how the search engines treat your site.

Here’s a list of plugins you must keep an eye on:

  • SEO
  • Caching
  • Sitemaps
  • Redirection
  • Schema


  • Failing to Perform a Full Crawl During Site Migration


While migrating a website, usually you will first migrate the site into a development environment. After executing the changes and performing adequate tests, you will again send it back to the live server.

Now, this process can be a bit overwhelming and you can make undesirable mistakes if you are not proficient in this. One of the most common issues we have found is some links pointing to the wrong place. Let’s analyse it with an example.

A web page or a post on a live website may display a link that points to:

Once it is migrated to the development environment, it may look as follow:

Now, when you migrate the modified site back to the live server you sure expect the link to display the earlier format ( However, sometimes we find that the migrated and live website display the links pointing to the pages within the development environment (

Mind you, this is just one example. A website contains numerous links including links to JavaScript, essential image, and CSS files.

A thorough crawling can give you a break from all these. You may use tools like Screaming Frog or SEMrush that can crawl all the links present on your website. Modify accordingly and you are good to go! This will also enable the search engines to better crawl your site and index. 


  • Changing Image Names On Pages that Rank High


If a web page is ranking well and you need not execute too many alterations (like redirecting it) try not to change the name of an image. As part of a redesign process, you may end up replacing old images with a larger, high-pixel image but without a proper alt tag. Simply writing image1.jpg will not carry any value to the search engines. Either use a similar image (in higher quality) and keep the alt tag as it is or change the image following the proper alt tag optimization practices.


As you can understand, gone are the days when website designing and SEO were two distinct things and web designers need not require much SEO knowledge. But as the competition is increasing in the digital world, all the elements are getting interlinked and one has the potential to affect another. This is why web designers essentially need some SEO knowledge these days. Be cautious before hiring a website development company for your site design as a little mistake can cost you dearly!

These little mistakes are not any difficult or complicated to avoid. We hope the article will come in handy once you plan to redesign your website.

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Step for Hire Top PHP Developers For Your Web Development

Hermit Chawla



Step for Hire Top PHP Developers For Your Web Development

PHP is one of the most used and omnipotent, general-purpose, server-side scripting language programming languages. It is by far one of the most popular programming languages for developing robust and dynamic websites and web applications. It provides the developers with a fast, secure, and reliable scripting language for web development and is compatible with both sequel and no – sequel databases like MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, etc. 

The popularity of the language is a huge factor in contributing to the rising demand of PHP developers. As of today, hiring a PHP developer is not that easy as the requirement of the developers exceeds that of the number of experienced  PHP developers in the industry. So if you are also looking for hiring a skilled and experienced PHP developer then you can hit the internet for searches like PHP development in India, USA, Israel, etc., as these countries have one of the most skilled, and experienced developers. These countries also have many highly skilled PHP freelancers that work on project bases for small businesses and enterprises. With virtual hiring and assistance being the idea in this new normal post pandemic you can look for the best of the talent without any constraints.   

However, if you are worried about your recruitment process then hold on a bit we are here for you.

But before anything a basic question is “what kind of developers can be termed as good PHP developers?”.

This is one of the most basic questions that crosses every recruiter’s mind looking for a PHP developer, especially those who have no technical knowledge about PHP as a web development language. So, to help you understand the qualities of a good PHP web developer, here are some tips you can use while interviewing a developer. 

Skills to Look For In Your PHP Developer

There are several different skills you should be looking for in a good PHP developer. Just being able to write code for a webpage is not enough to make a developer expert in the art of web development using PHP. Keep in mind PHP is one aspect of the web development process and if you are looking for a full stack developer we would highly recommend testing your developer for other technical skills as well, such as knowledge about HTML, CSS, Javascript is must. Apart from this, a good PHP developer needs to know how to effectively query different types of databases. 

Well, these conclude the skills a developer must have apart from PHP to be able to utilize PHP up to its full potential. However, if we consider web development as a whole you can point out that all these languages and databases are just tools for the development process. The way a developer uses these tools for developing highly affects the quality of work you can expect from development. So make sure to also test you’re developing for his/her problem-solving skills. There are certain basics you can cover or ask from such as data structures, algorithms, systems designs, dynamic programming, optimization problems, data modeling, control systems, etc. 

Experience With Frameworks 

Apart from learning a plain programming language, the web development process is highly influenced by the use of frameworks. There are several frameworks available in the market for just PHP such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Cake PHP, Yii, etc. You need to make sure that your PHP web developer must have knowledge and experience of working with at least one of these frameworks. This is crucial as web development without a framework is extremely slow, ineffective, and hard to frank. Web development frameworks provide the developer as a base to build upon and a PHP web developer who is not familiar with a framework is either a genius or a complete fool.

Now the where to look for such highly-skilled, knowledgeable developers. Although there are several places where you can look for a PHP developer both online and offline. However, choosing the right developer with appropriate skills for your project needs is very important. 

But before you go out looking for a developer you need to ask yourself these simple questions- 

  • What’s the time span for which you have to hire a developer?
  • How many developers do you need for both backend and frontend?
  • What kind of project are we looking at here? Does it require a highly skilled professional or can a beginner manage it or not?
  • Are you up for remote recruitment?
  • What’s your budget?

These simple questions will determine the type of developer you are looking for. For instance, if you have a good budget and need to develop a complex website then go for an experienced and highly skilled professional, but they will charge you accordingly. However, if you have a low budget you can look for beginner level developers which are a lot cheaper. 

Well as far as looking for a developer goes you can either go hire a recruitment agency or look on online platforms like LinkedIn, StackOverflow, GitHub, etc. 

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How AI Will Change the Web Development Trends in the Future?

Chris Holroyd



How AI Will Change the Web Development Trends in the Future

During the early 90s, websites were basic as designers had a lesser number of tools. Plus, internet connections were slow. Now, feature-rich websites with multiple functionalities can load within seconds due to high-speed internet connectivity. Thus, no one wants to compromise when it comes to the website’s features. 

Web developers often find themselves in a new environment every year due to continually changing technologies. Most of the business owners wish to keep their website top-notch. So, engineers need to adopt these changes and implement the same in their projects.

Designers need to remain well-versed with the latest technologies and trends in the world of web designing. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the newest entrant, and this technology is set to introduce drastic changes in website development. Companies want developers to use revolutionary AI and other techniques for creating feature-rich web and mobile apps. Here’s how artificial intelligence technology is introducing new trends in web development. 

AI in cybersecurity 

Corporates, government agencies, and even billionaires are often becoming victims of cyberattacks around the world. Unfortunately, with the current tools, cybersecurity professionals can act and diffuse attacks only after a considerable amount of damage has already been done. Breaches are detected, reported only as historical events. But now, AI-powered robots that crawl websites are proving to be game-changers. 

Cybersecurity robots do not go on lunch break; they don’t need to be paid on an hourly basis. Most importantly, they can detect the problem as soon as it starts occurring. So, the chances of mitigating the damage are higher. 

One of the most highlighted examples is the AI-based cybersecurity solution developed by MIT. The software, tentatively named AI2, successfully detects 85 percent of the attacks before they happen.   

As per stats released by research firm Statista, by the year 2025, businesses from around the world are expected to spend $2.5 billion on implementing AI cybersecurity solutions in their web properties. The trend is here to stay. 

AI and ML-based chatbots 

Machine learning and artificial intelligence-powered chatbots are set to become a crucial aspect of every website. Thousands of businesses worldwide have already implemented chatbots as a part of customer service to keep visitors engaged. 

ML, AI algorithms in chatbots become efficient and smarter with every chat, every query. Chatbots blur the lines between websites and messaging platforms even further as they can also be integrated with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. 

From hotel chains, e-commerce portals, to the healthcare and hospitality industry, businesses realize the potential of chatbots as they can be programmed to answer all the basic-level questions. They improve customer satisfaction ratings and reduce the unnecessary burden on the customer service teams. 

Approach any mobile app development solutions provider, and they would elaborate on the significance of chatbots for any given website. Research work from Oracle has recently highlighted that roughly 80 percent of the online sellers plan to use chatbots. The trend is expected to increase further. A study released by Grand View Research suggests that by 2025, the chatbox market is set to reach $1.25 billion. 

Captivating motion UI for capturing user attention 

While browsing the internet, the average person’s attention span is roughly eight seconds these days. So, websites find it difficult to keep visitors engaged. 

Developers are slowly increasing the use of motion UI to grab visitors’ attention and keep them glued to the screen. 

At present, Motion UI is often used for telling a visual story, drawing attention towards areas of importance on the website and for welcoming users on the site’s landing page. As more and more engineers are using this technology, the effectiveness of this strategy would be visible by 2021. 

Voice search and conversational AI

Today, a considerable percentage of internet searches are performed using virtual voice assistants. Voice search queries have increased more than 35 times since 2008, as more and more teens prefer virtual assistants instead of typing text. 

People are getting habited to use devices like Amazon’s Echo and Alexa, Google Nest Mini, Apple HomePod, JBL Link 20, etc. These devices have brought conversational AI into the spotlight. 

On the other hand, apps like Siri as well as Google Assistant are also driving voice search. Surprisingly, Google Assistant works on even a basic feature phone with KaiOS. Thus, overall, integrating voice search API on the website has become a necessity. The portal also needs to be optimized for voice searches. Optimizing the content and keeping rank zero snippets in mind also becomes crucial as voice assistants answer the user’s question with the same.

API first designing approach 

Not just laptops, PC, and smartphones, but even gaming systems, smart cars, and smart home devices are connected to the internet these days. As the arrival of new tools with IoT, AI components are on the rise, the numbers of APIs in applications keep on increasing. 

Usually, developers design the app and then use the necessary APIs developed by back-end teams. Front end teams complete the work on SDKs and then double-check the interactions with APIs. The procedure requires an excessive amount of coordination and time as front end developers cannot complete their job unless back-end developers complete their work on APIs. 

The new API first approach works the other way around. Developers work on APIs first and then develop the product on top of the same. It helps in getting the job done a lot faster. 

No matter if it is a web, mobile apps, or an IoT app development company, several engineers are opting for this approach. 

Coding and testing made easy 

Several AI-powered web development tools help developers in automating time-consuming tasks. Artificial Intelligence-powered applications can help create code from scratch, and develop smarter apps faster so that they can reach the market in record time.

AI algorithms can also help in the repetitive and mundane tasks involved in software testing. Developers can use these robust solutions to improve testing speed and performance.  Thankfully, most web developers have already started implementing these trends in their projects to ensure their work remains future-proof.

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A Complete Guide to Website Designing

Chris Holroyd



Website Designing

Web designing is a unique method of planning, arranging and conceptualizing content with the help of Internet connection. Modern web designing procedure is all about beyond the aesthetic look and functional ability of the website. 

Nowadays, it reaches further by exceeding its own limitation to user interface, mobile applications and web application design. If you are interested about it then this guide can be your ultimate companion to design an efficient website.   

Web Designing Elements

During website designing, both functionality and look should be given equalled importance for the professionalism of the site. Integration of such elements in the design helps boosting the site’s performing ability. So, let’s know which prime elements of website designing are from the below section.  

Visual Elements

Let’s have a look at the elements that must be considered at the time of website designing so that it comes at efficient, perfect, professional and flawless. 

Written Copy 

The website look and its contributing factors run parallel along each other. One cannot be separated from another. So, content writers and designers should work together rather separate so that they can result in making a more efficacious website with professional design. 


During website designing, one must choose easy-to-read pairings of font for complementing the design. It is important as it helps in finding the ideal match of the font for your website. Certain apps and web designing tools offer this facility to make your choice from a number of font pairings. 


Colour is the most significant element to consider while it is about website designing. Remember a number of misconceptions are there regarding the colour psychology. After selection colours to use it must be aligned properly with the message that you brand wants to convey. 


Have you ever thought about the ways to put dramatic impacts on the website’s functionality and appearance? Although there are no certain rules regarding the website’s layouts yet a couple of principles are there which you need to follow. Some basic principles are prevalent to be versed with otherwise; you will get stuck in the halfway of website designing with your limitations.     


For over the last couple of years, the demand of graphical elements is remarkable! Certain things can be accomplished by making a beautiful combination of shapes and colours. It helps in dragging the visitors’ attention to any specific direction as well. It faces a challenge as well during any design implementation with relying on the code.  


A space always exists within every element of web designing whether it is the letters, the lines, the paragraphs and the images! According to Thumb Rule, spaces are much better than that of cramming of the things together. This emerges to the whitespace concept in the mind of the modern website designers.  

Images & icons

Communication can be greatly done to lots of information within a few minutes by superb web designing ideas. It can be successfully accomplished with the help of using powerful icons and images. A quick search on Google for icons or stock images results in generating millions of options. Some of the remarkable ones are mentioned below:  

Free icons and images

  • IconMonstr
  • Unsplash
  • Pexels

Premium icons and images

  • Shutterstock (Getty)


Nowadays videos are the trendiest amongst other web designing strategies. If it is used by the web designers properly then it will enhance the UE and UX of the website which is simply unexplainable. Eye-catching videos are main elements for distraction and can’t compete with the content. 

Functional Elements

Now, it’s time to have a glance at the functional elements of web designing:


It is regarded as the prime component for determining that working ability of the website. It can meet several purposes depending on your audience. It assists the first-time visitors in discovering your services and offerings. 

At the same time, it guides them to find out varied sections of the site as well. All you have to do is to make the navigation perfect with the help of the best web designing practices.  


Slow loading time is the main culprit of high bouncing rate of the website. Despite the flawless, manicured and professional design if it fails to load on time, it will be definitely turned out as worthless. 

Although leading website developers will compress the content for maximizing loading times yet it can’t give guarantee that it will work. Therefore, you must keep its alternative for ensuring optimal performance and fast load.  


Tons of techniques for web animation are available there for accomplishing the web designing by an array of tasks ranging from buttons, forms, giving feedbacks to garnering the attention of users. In case you are newbie then it is always advisable to adhere to the simple animation initially. More development intervention is needed to use complex animation. 

User interactions

The visitors of the site can obtain numerous chances to interact you from the site. Of course, the communication type will be varied on the basis of the used devices (typing, clicking and scrolling). But best web design is always all about simplifications of the interactive facilities so that users get impressed with the full control of them. Some instances are mentioned below for your reference: 

  • Avoid scrolljacking
  • Avoid pop-ups
  • Develop mobile-friendly forms
  • Don’t underline any text except the clickable ones
  • Don’t offer auto-playing feature of audio


The structure of the website has an imperative role to play for both SEO and user experience. In case the navigation is too complicated then there is a high chance that crawlers and people will get lost in it. 

Although free sitemap builder tool is available online for assisting small websites yet the best option is to lay the page on just a piece of white paper or on a white board.  

Cross-device & Cross-browser Compatibility 

A professional and well-manicured web design will look perfect on every browser (along with Internet Explorer) and device. Cross-browser testing tool is highly recommended when the site design is scratched from somewhere. This tool helps in making the site fast and much efficient. 

Moreover, if any website designing platform is used cross browser testing assists the web development team to put focus on the design only so that it becomes flawless. 

Website Design Types 

Already you have come across a set of website designing styles like fluid, static, fixed and many more. But in this mobile-first era only two relevant ways are there for designing a website properly. They are responsive and adaptive websites. 

When there are lump sum tools for modern web designing, there is no importance in knowing coding for tailoring attractive website with accurate compatibility on every device. By going through the pros and cons of both website deigning styles it will be easier for you to determine the most suitable one to create your website.

Adaptive website

In this web designing multiple website versions are used for customizing it in varied screen sizes. Furthermore, it can be divided into 2 prime categories in terms of detection style of the website to determine which version should be displayed. 

Device Type-based Adaption

After developing the connection to the website in the browser (client), it will pop up a HTTP request comprises of the user agent field. With the help of this feature, server will be informed every time any new device attempts to visit the website. 

This clearly depicts that the most displayed version (mobile or desktop) is properly know by the site. In this case, a problem may be faced that is shrinking of the browser will not be effective for desktop and as a result it will not get adapted to any other screen size. Moreover, it will keep showing full desktop version every time. 

Browser Width-based Adaption

Rather utilizing the user-agent, breakpoints and media-queries can be used for switching within versions. So, its compatibility is depended on the versions such as 480px, 768px and 1080px instead mobile, tablet and desktop versions. To provide much flexibility at the time of designing, this feature enables the responsive look as per the browser size on wider and larger screen. 


With custom web designing, websites can be prepared easier and faster than ever without using Cross-browser and cross-device code. It is entirely based on WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). The pages load very fast with assured compatibility on multiple devices. 


When type of device becomes the prime concern of the websites, it may appear as broken if viewed on small-sized browser window of the desktop. It is only responsive websites which can accomplish limitations on multiple effects.  

Responsive websites

A great flexible grid combination is used for designing responsive website. Grids are used on the basis of the percentage to that of the breakpoints (media queries) for catering custom look for each screen size. 

The basic difference of the responsive website to that of adaptive site it layout changes as per the size of the screen. On the other hand, adaptive site gets adapted only after being hit by any breakpoint. 


Despite the type of device, it ensures outstanding user experience on each size of screens. The developing tools of responsive website are really rigid which is why the design is really hard to bend or break. Thousands of templates are available to start with website designing. 


It needs extensive testing and design for achieving quality (if started from scratch). If custom design is done without getting the access of code then it will be most challenging task to complete properly.  

Efficient Tools for Website Designing

Primarily 2 vital methods are there for designing any website- utilization of website builder or utilization of any desktop application. The technical essentialities of the website, site’s type and budget and team size are contributing factors in determining the right tool for designing.  

Desktop apps 

Sketch and Photoshop are the famous desktop applications for designing the website. All it needs a designing layout to be prepared and send it to the developers for transforming it into code. It is the basic standard of complex and large websites as the team of web designers only emphasizes on the feel and appearance by leaving every technical challenge for the development team. 

Unluckily, it results in time-consuming and pricey procedure due to the involvement of specific skills and multiple resources. But you can get the job done at affordable prices with the help of the website builder in creating an efficient website with less technical needs.   

Website Builders

Naturally, a number of options of website building are available in the marketplace. However, not every one of them is regarded as the reliable tools for web designing. As most have editing limitations it will be hassle to make the website customized only by making use of the code. 

As you already know 2 web design types are there, now; it is the time to have a look at the leading web designing tools on the basis of generated code type.  

Adaptive Websites

PageCloud and Wix are probably the best visual web builders can be found! They make use of the adaptive approach along with the dragging and dropping facility of WYSIWYG ability. It clearly represents that any design can be made for the website without writing a single letter of code. 

After introduced in 2006, it comes with a plethora of templates and features for accommodating your everyday business requirements. Now, it is regarded as the easiest and most effective tool to use during website designing. 

On the other hand, since its implementation in 2014, it brings a revolutionary technology for allowing the developers and designers to get collaborated in the visual editing experience outstandingly. Now, it is well-known as the easiest customizable web builders. Though both of them are competitors to one another, you have to remind a couple of things while selecting any one of them. For customizing the experience PageCloud is good. 

Wix is better for offering less yet easy design. PageCloud can be your assistance along with developers but with templates Wix is always ready to serve you. However, PageCloud gives shortcuts facility as well. There is nothing to worry as both provide free trials so that you can try each and figure out the best one for your business.   

Responsive Websites

Obviously development of full responsive site is really difficult. Irrespective of that certain tools are there accomplishing the dream of generating it. Boxes and grids are used for its editing facility due to which unique designs can be offered to the site and that too without extensive coding. 

It is the space where much complicated web designing tools to fill the gap. As there are numerous competitors, know the basic pros and cons to figure out the ideal one for your business requirement. 


It has the capability for designing custom responsive websites with no necessity of code writing. It offers unrivalled control for each designing element and can export code for hosting the site anywhere else. 


It comes with slow design procedure to that of the builders of adaptive website and complicated tools for step learning. 

Web Designing Inspirations

Almost every website designer and developer looks for somewhere else to find out inspiration to curate unique, jaw-dropping, professional and effective websites. Some of the best spots have been named here for your reference:

  • Instagram 
  • Pinterest
  • Webdesign Inspiration
  • Best Website Gallery
  • Site Inspire
  • Awwwards

Whenever you will set out to design any website from now onwards, this guide can help you to choose the right elements and designing styles. Now all you have to do is to select a reliable designer from a number of leading website designers in India to get the job done. It must be chosen on the basis of considerable aspects.

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Web Design

Why and where should you use React for Web Development?

Chris Holroyd



ReactJS development company in CA

There are a lot of reasons why React, a JavaScript library is considered as an optimum alternative for developing websites. Today, all the leading brands have established an appealing presence over the internet because of this technology as it is dynamic and versatile. It is popular amongst developers as it is easy to learn, allows to reuse the components, renders abstraction layer, vibrant ecosystem, and more. A professional ReactJS development company in CA can build a wide array of websites like social networking, eCommerce, Q&A websites, dashboards, etc. Let’s have a look at some more reasons that can convince you why using this technology can be the best decision. 

Why should you go with React for web development?

As already discussed above, this library is versatile and is capable of serving diverse requirements when it comes to making websites. 

  1. It is productive

Reusable assets like components, codes, developer tools in this library are some of the reasons that make this technology highly productive and speedy. When the codes become reusable then the headache of writing the same code repeatedly is eliminated leading to saving in time and resources. 

  1. Fast rendering

Thanks to the “Virtual DOM” characteristics of React that allows expeditious rendering of heavy applications or software. It translates the whole process into a smooth and seamless one. Virtual DOM also makes it possible to incorporate SSR without updating the complete view whenever an update is released. In simple words, the complexities are eradicated making it much easier to quickly implement the changes irrespective of project size. 

  1. SEO friendly

What some of us might not know is that the majority of the search engines including Google cannot crawl the applications that are based on JavaScript. However, ReactJS development services in California can scrub this problem as it can be made to run on a server and send back the DOM request to execute a normal webpage on the browser. This technique helps the crawlers to read the website or application since the webpages are loading in a regular style. 

  1. Strong community 

React JS has a strong and large community base of developers from different parts of the globe on popular platforms and forums like Github, Stack, Reactiflux Chart, etc. One of the benefits of such a community is that the queries or doubts ranging from simple to complex can be shared in front of experienced developers or members, so that smooth functioning and perfect execution of projects can be easily done when stuck. Another advantage is advanced learning and competitive exposure that members gain because of sharing. 

Where should you use React for web development?

It is not tough for a leading ReactJS development firm to deliver any kind of web project using this technology but there are some specific kinds of websites and applications that work and serve best when made via React. For example, an eCommerce website is complex as it serves a variety of things but can be easily developed with the help of Atomic design that this technology follows. 

Single-page applications having rich navigation and inspiring UI can also be delivered through ReactJS irrespective of the type of industry that these apps are meant to be served. This is made possible because of the routing technique. Some other websites that can be best developed include business websites, auction sites, membership sites, eLearning modules, job boards, sites similar to Quora, media-centric sites, etc. 

The aforesaid finding reveals the wide coverage and scope of ReactJS development services. It is popular and will keep rising in the future to support the needs of changing business and digital landscape.

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