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10 Reasons Why Mobile App becomes Needs of Every Business




FiOS internet plans

Back in 2015, the importance of mobile devices to access the internet first emerged. Google revealed that in 10 major countries, including the US, mobile searches outnumbered desktop searches. This led to a snowballing of commerce via mobile phones, also known as m-commerce. Businesses began to learn the importance of having a mobile-friendly website. But the next step came when smartphone apps became popular. Yahoo estimated in 2015 that 90% of a smartphone user’s time was spent on apps. Fast-forward to 2018! These days, if a business does not have a mobile app, it is seriously disadvantaged. When everything from a Sony TV to Frontier packages can be bought through an app, why should your business lag behind?

Why does a business need a mobile app?

Businesses generate significant revenues from online sales. Having a mobile-friendly website is just one way to optimize online revenue. Another extension of this is a mobile app. An app lives on your phone, letting you do most of the stuff you can do on a website. But the difference is, apps focus heavily on user experience. They are designed to add value to their users. But the entities that benefit the most from a mobile app are the businesses that own them. Here’s why:

  1. Keeping up with the times
  2. Boost sales
  3. Build credibility
  4. Better UX
  5. Better communication
  6. Streamline sales process
  7. Encourage and reward loyalty
  8. Brand building
  9. Better engagement
  10. Better position to adopt new technologies

Here’s a brief look at each point.

Keeping up with the times

There’s no easy way to say this. If your business is without an app, you are lagging behind. In 2017, a mobile app survey showed that 42% of small businesses have mobile apps. That’s almost half of small businesses operating today. What’s more, two out of three businesses plan on developing a mobile app in the near future. In a world where visibility is everything, you can’t afford to not have an app.

Boost sales

Who doesn’t want more sales? A good way to boost your sales revenue is having a mobile app. Domino’s saw an increase of 28% in online sales after it’s mobile app was released. Just in the first 6 months! Today, Domino’s generates half of its sales revenue online. An app that encourages people to buy your product or service can be a huge help.

Build credibility

We live in a world of appearances. In commerce, appearances count for a lot. Your appearance as an industry leader will add credibility to your business. An app can help you convey this impression to your audience. At the same time, having a well-designed app helps you stand out from your competition. A business that invests in innovations is usually well-received by the masses.

Better UX

User experience is the name of the game in the world of apps. You need to invest in the end-user experience of your app to get the most out of it. Your app should let users do most of the things they can on your website. An app that can offer a personalized experience is worthwhile. Your app should make customers want to use it, which will lead to more people buying on it. There are many ways to offer a personalized UX. Loyalty rewards, shopping lists, and upselling suggestions usually work very well.

Better communication

Your app is a means of direct communication between your customers and your business. Customers can use the app to convey their suggestions, complaints or queries. On the other hand, your business can use it to push notifications and reminders about sales, abandoned carts, etc.

Streamline sales process

A good app can streamline your sales process, a plus for any business. You can integrate systems like your inventory and payment gateways make it easier for customers to purchase things. At the same time, you are saving on human and financial costs that would go into maintaining separate systems.

Encourage and reward loyalty

Repeat customers are always a good target for future marketing. An app can help you do this with an integrated reward or loyalty program. Your app can let customers monitor their standing and claim rewards. People tend to use such programs only if you can make them accessible to them. So make sure that’s a key factor when developing the app.

Brand building

Mobile apps are a great way to supplement your branding efforts. Remember, apps “live” on the user’s smartphone and stay there until deleted. This makes them always just a swipe away, more accessible than other branding mediums. It’s always there to keep reminding your customers about your brand.

Better engagement

Mobile apps let you engage better with your customers. It can get people to interact with your business and share the content you generate on other mediums. This helps expand your social media reach as you gain new followers from customer engagement.

Better position to adopt new technologies

Apps are a gateway for businesses to adapt to emerging technologies. A good example is an Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality support. Amazon has already introduced an AR View, that lets you shop with augmented reality. Your app could become the foothold that lets you easily grasp new technologies in commerce as they emerge.

These days, everybody has smartphones. With convenient broadband options like FiOS internet plans available, more people prefer to shop online on their phones. Having an app can help you tap into this audience and reap the benefits.


10 Reasons Why Swift Is The Trending In Mobile App Development?

Rahim Makhani



Mobile App Development

You may know the whole thing about Swift for app development is here!

Swift has drastically converted the entire way of the iOS app development industry. It is a very fast programming language for Apple operating systems those are iOS, macOS, and watchOS.

The language has introduced new doors to business persons to make their thought work that is impossible anyway for a long time. Earlier iOS app development was very lengthy and hard as well as a higher frequency of app run. 

Before Swift, iOS app development was mainly done with Objective-C, a division language of C with extra object-oriented features of the app development with Objective-C was quite tough. 

Major Features of Swift 

There are many techniques to assess a programming language and two major features are 鈥 Syntax and Capabilities. 

  1. Syntax

Syntax belongs to the practice and regulations that emphasize the order and inter-dependencies of words in a programming language.

Swift was formed before as an essential segment objective C but at present, you can see several other differences which have increased over the years, and also concern about the technical processes, conditions, cycles, the statement of repeatable with, classes, and enumerations.

To end with, the structure is considerably easier than that of Objective-C. It can offer an out-of-the-box user experience and therefore takes your business to the next level.

  1. Capabilities

Objective C is the incorporation of open-source strong libraries that have easy and quick solutions for making the tasks easier and also helps to lower the size of applications and saves more spaces in the memory.

Why choose Swift for App Development?

Swift app development services by Apple are an innovative programming language for iOS, watchOS, and OS X, which can develop apps that run perfectly. 

Swift makes sure safe and secure coding. Also, it exactly deletes all code classes and makes sure to create an environment to make a completely stable way of solution.

Let’s take a look at a few key points of Swift for App Development:

  • Fast and protected
  • Objective-C interoperability
  • Interactive and combined playgrounds
  • Leverages the power of the open-source
  • The advanced fault handling model
  • Advanced, updated, and consistent syntax features

Top reasons to choose Swift for App Development 

Having the succinct yet easy-to-read syntax Swift that helps in developing iOS apps Swift was designed with intense stress on performance. As per Apple, Swift is 8.4x faster than Python and 2.6x faster than Objective-C. The Simple Syntax of Swift and the assisting-hand approach offered by it assist in developing applications quickly.

The most vital programming language, the code, and technology that should open source is identified by Creators of Swift. In a small time frame as its introduction; Swift has obtained the support of a great supportive community and a vast number of third-party tools.

As per the newest rankings, Swift is now the 10th most well-liked programming language, exceeded GO, Objective-C, Scala, and It has over 40K stars on GitHub and more than 187K StackOverflow Questions, this quite young language is on its way to turning out to be leading technologies in the Mobile Application Development Industry.

The Pros of Swift Programming Language:

Swift also helps to combine the efficiency and Performance of assorted languages with the increased openness and interactivity of famous Scripting Languages. We will discuss some of the great advantages of this Programming Language.

Rapid Development Process:

Swift is very easy to Read and Write because it is a fresh and significant language that has shortened Syntax and Grammar. It needs a lot less code carrying out the same takes when compared to Objective-C. Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) that also manages the memory practice of the application and also the developers no need to spend time making it.

Scalability of the Applications:

Not only the development is instant but is scalable too. Swift projects are easy to scale because Swift is future-proof and you can widen the functionalities when the advanced features are required. Furthermore, the point is that Apple is supporting Swift before Objective-C should also be well-thought-out when investing.

Improved Performance and Safety:

As the name refers, this programming language is built to be swift. The attention here is on speed, performance, and the ability to surpass the predecessor languages. It is said that around 40 percent helps to increase in speed over Objective-C has been proved to be fact as per the benchmark tests that are used as single developers. The next important point of Swift is its security measure, Strong typing, and mistake handling functions prevent code crashes and errors. Developers can come across mistakes errors in the code easily and they can easily repair them on the fly, reduces the efforts and time necessary for solving the issues easily.

Easy to Integrate with Objective-C:

As per the developers, Swift and Objective-C must find out to Coexist. You can add the latest features using swift to your existing Objective-C project or you can integrate objective-C components in your new swift project. Swift language is well-matched with Objective-C and these can be used within the same project. This is very practical on major projects that are increased as well as updated with time.

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Sports App Development Ideas for Your Startup

Chris Holroyd



Sports App

Sports such as football, tennis, soccer, cricket, rugby, basketball, and rugby are everywhere. They have made the sports industry a billion-dollar industry. If you are thinking of sports app development for your startup, you should consider that these sports have a huge fanbase, and creating sports applications will be a good deal.

The Appstore and Playstore already have a plethora of sports applications. So, you need to think something out of the box to make a profitable application. You can hire a mobile app development company to get the unique and best features in your sports app.

You may find it challenging t0 find the best sports app development idea for your business? We have come up with excellent sports app development ideas for your startup. Read this post till the end to get the best sports app development ideas. 

Recent trends in Sports app development

The latest trends always help you to get more engagement with old and new customers. Undoubtedly, these trends are game-changer. You should always search for the latest trends before creating a sports app.

Use of Social Media

Social sharing is one of the best features that help to enhance the user experience and engagement. The people who have registered can share their thoughts and experience on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It helps in building brand reputation and also brings more audience. 

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality 

If you want your app to offer real-life experience, augmented reality, and virtual reality can help. Both technologies have created a buzz in the sports app development industry. Many sports app development companies are using AR and VR to give real experiences to the users.  

Use of Gamification

Gamification is becoming a part of every mobile application. It adds fun elements to the application and gives a great experience to the user while using the app. It can increase the engagement of users. You should take help from a mobile app development company for the better use of Gamification in your application.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is considered equal to human intelligence. AI is now part of everything, and it can provide users with personal experience. You can use AI to design your sports app. Moreover, it automatically resolves the predefined queries of the users. Indeed, AI helps to develop many features in your sports app development.

7 Contemporary sports app ideas for your new startup

Here are innovative ideas you can use while designing your app. You can imply these ideas with additional features to make the app different and attractive. 

  1. Esports Application

You can design an esports app. People like to watch their favorite sports online, and they don’t want to keep it till the laptop screen. You can make a more phone, efficient application. It will give the big screen like experience on a phone display.

Besides this, you can add a few features like live discussion, commenting, highlights, timetable of the next match, and many more. 

  1. Online ticket booking application

You can design an app that can book online tickets for sports like football, tennis, cricket, rugby, etc. Moreover, you can provide exciting offers like coupon codes and rewards to attract sports, lovers, more. 

  1. An online team making app

There are apps on which people can make their team with users for particular sports. You can also design it for multiple sports to enable users to get rewards after winning the game. 

  1. Live match binging app

Live streaming apps can bring you more users due to their love for sports. In addition to this, you can give a reminder option to make users not to miss a single match. 

  1. Online stadium booking app

This app can be a big hit. Before conducting any match, sports organizations need suggestions for the best stadium to organize individual competitions. They hire third parties or visit places personally.

You can provide detailed information about the stadium for specific sports and save time and money. Moreover, the owner and the organizer can connect on this app. 

  1. Application for Team management

The mobile app development company can develop an app for coaches to monitor the training sessions of players. Trainers and coaches can keep track of their physical fitness before and during live matches. Besides this, you can also provide an in-app messenger to contact and communicate with the whole team. Also, you can set a calendar and their performance record feature to help the coaches more. 

  1. Sports news app

The sports news app will be a big hit. Whether it’s rugby, cricket, football, and basketball, every sports lover wants daily updates and news on their favorite player and sports. You can create a sports app to make sports lovers complete news on their favorite sports and players. 

Wrapping up

Hence, it was the list of ideas that you can include while designing your app or starting a sports-related startup. We have provided you the unique ideas to bring more audiences and the latest trends to maintain user interest while using a particular app. 

Sports is a big industry. You can design applications uniquely according to the interests of the fans. New startups can develop some apps for laptops only and some for android or iOS phones.

You can hire a mobile app development company to keep up with features and advanced technology.

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Deliverable Or The Complete App? Which App Delivery Strategy Works Best?

Jane Collen



App Delivery Strategy

Looking at the market landscape today, businesses of every kind are trying to pursue every strategy possible to stand at the top of the competition. With the number of mobile users continually rising, having a mobile app can provide a cutting edge to these business owners; mobile apps have become a fundamental element for businesses. This is no different for the app developers as they have to build more great apps every day to meet their clients’ requirements. 

Whether it is an Android app development company or the iOS app development company, there are mainly two app delivery strategies you can choose from; complete app delivery or deliverables. 

This article will discuss what complete app delivery and deliverables strategy are and why you should implement deliverables over complete app delivery. So let’s dive into it.

What Is Complete App Delivery Strategy

Complete app delivery strategy is when a stakeholder or client pays for the services provided in the end when the final product is delivered, quite simple. 

What Are Deliverables

The deliverables, in comparison to the complete app delivery, is quite a different strategy. Here the stakeholders pay the service providers in different phases throughout the development cycle. These deliverables are typically the building blocks of a project (app) meant to be delivered.

To be more detailed, you can say that deliverables are smaller goals within an app development cycle that you need to carry out to meet the project’s main objective and the expectations of a client. Deliverables significantly support an app’s results under the development process and determine the time and money required for its completion.

Now you might be thinking, what’s the better pick for you? The reason why more companies implement deliverables strategy is that it breaks down work structure into phases. It makes the work cycle easier to understand and execute. On the other hand, by implementing the deliverables strategy, a project manager can quickly determine the required time and cost for completing the app development cycle. Here is a list down of some potential benefits of pursuing a deliverables strategy for your next project.

Why Choose Deliverables Strategy Over Complete App Delivery Strategy

Well-Planned Workflow

One of the most notable benefits of deliverables is an effective and well-planned workflow. With the implementation of deliverables, project managers’ work like scheduling each phase, fixing the prices for each phase, and assigning tasks to the teams becomes more organized and effective.

Boost In Productivity

With the deliverables strategy, the development cycle is executed in different phases, helping determine the right people with the right skills to perform in each stage. 

With the right people working in each phase, the task could be completed more effectively within the provided time. These members who completed the assignment before the deadline can help other teams complete their tasks and boost overall productivity.

Identifies Risk Ahead Of Time

Now, this is one of the most significant benefits of implementing the Deliverables strategy for app development. When your development cycle is executed in different phases, it gets easier to identify risks in each phase ahead of time and eliminate the chances of them to occur. 

Even though it is not full insurance that you would not face any critical conditions throughout the development cycle, it minimizes your chances to affect your team’s accomplishments.

Provides Detailed Information

Since the app development cycle is executed in different phases, each phase’s information and objectives are more detailed and specific, which helps the developers understand what they need to do. With better and detailed information about their tasks, the developers can work smoothly and more effectively. 

Deliverables strategy also narrows down the scope for each phase, which outlines the minor factors that can cause critical issues for the overall development process.

Value For The Customers

With the Deliverables strategy, a customer has to pay for each phase when it is completed. If the customer is not satisfied with the provided deliverable, he can always ask the developers to either make changes to it or redesign it completely. This brings a sense of value to the customer, as he will only receive what he wants.

On the other hand, with each deliverable provided, a customer can easily estimate the cost and time required to develop the kind of app he wants.

Insurance Of Sustainability For Smaller Agencies

As mentioned above, each phase of the app development cycle requires resources, time, and cost to be completed. If the smaller agencies implement the complete app delivery strategy, they will have a hard time sustaining throughout the whole development cycle. 

Deliverables strategy is vital for smaller agencies, especially for startups who do not have enough capital to sustain throughout the development cycle. It acts as an insurance of sustainability for such agencies as with each deliverable provided to the client; they receive money that could be invested in the resources needed to continue the progress.

Better Monitoring

A well-organized structure of the work phases makes it easier to identify deliverables facing delays and the reasons behind these delays. Since you can quickly identify the causes of delay, you can address them more effectively in lesser time. 

The well-monitored workflow ensures that each resource is motivated and connected in doing their work with dedication.

These are some of the many reasons why more development agencies prefer a deliverables strategy over a complete app delivery strategy. Keeping these factors in mind, you can quickly tell the better approach to leverage for your projects.

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How To Create An Online Taxi Booking Application Like Uber?

Chris Holroyd



How To Create An Online Taxi Booking Application Like Uber?

On-demand ride services, better known as ride-hailing or ride-sourcing services, which include Uber are market arenas where consumers, in this case (riders) and service providers, in this case (drivers) meet each other. Drivers for these services might not necessarily be licensed professionally but are private citizens using their vehicles to make that extra buck. This simple idea, which blends the purest form of consumer demand is the main driving force behind these services, and that is why they are also available in almost every corner of the world, something which is missing in traditional taxi companies.

What individual requesting transport services do is request the app. After it has been made, the nearest driver will then receive a notification with all the essential details on the request like location and point of destination. Hence, it will be up to the driver to either accept or reject the offer. 

In the case a driver declines, the request will still be allocated to the next nearest driver and so forth. In case the driver accepts the offer, then he will drive to where the customer is located and pick him up. After that, both the passenger and the driver will get an option for rating one another.

How It Works Under The Hood  

It is not usually straightforward to launch applications of such magnitude, as it will immensely input from both client and server-side development. A central server is thus needed for managing interactions between multiple users, in this case,  passengers and drivers, for them to perform complex calculation involving cost calculation, ETA, commission subtraction, among other complexities, as well as the aim of business and data storage functions. Best Uber Clone has been able and still maintains numerous different geographically servers, strategically distributed to save on times of response, by eliminating failures, while providing continuous service delivery.

These Are Must-Have Features For Both Driver And Passenger Apps:  

  1. Registration And Authentication

Uber and other related apps must offer social media and email/password signup and login options, where one creates a profile, apart from improving customer retention. This is a mandatory requirement for services involving mobile payments. Another additional compulsory requirement is for drivers, profiles to be verified and approved by the service provider.

  1. Profile Editing

Passengers and drivers should, therefore, be able to edit their profiles comfortably.   The driver app should also have the driver’s license and information about the vehicle, including the manufacturer, year of production, car class, color, and license plate number, and possibly its picture. Driver and the passenger should also be able to view one another’s profile. This makes it easy for easy recognition during pick up.

  1. Matching

It allows a passenger to connect easily to the nearest available driver. It uses a myriad of complex calculations like passenger location and nearby drivers. Uber can show up to eight drivers in one go, their status, and rating, car models, among others. Uber gives 15 seconds for a driver to accept before moving to the next.

  1. Navigation

The main driving force for all taxi-hailing app is the GPS tracking system. This system enables you to identify current locations of passengers and drivers, it can also draw paths between them,  and at the same juncture, set pickup and drop-off points. GPS can easily track the car’s movement and even calculate how much the ride will cost and the arrival time.

  1. Notifications

At the moment, most taxi-hailing apps use SMS, push notifications, and email for notifications.

  1. Analyzing And Showing The Charge Of A Ride

These apps allow both the driver and passenger to know the estimated fare beforehand. This estimation is the work of the server, where information is relayed. IT usually calculated using the following parameters. Distance between pickup and drop-off points, cost of fuel, peak hours, traffic, possible discounts, car type, and weather conditions, etc.

  1. Rating And Feedback

After the trip is over, both passenger and driver can rate each other. There is a provision for that on the app. This feature helps maintain a high degree of service, and drivers with low ratings will no longer be able to use the service. Passengers with low scores cannot also get a ride. It is also vital for passengers to provide feedback in regards to their trip, which is generally displayed in the driver’s profile for others to see.

  1. Booking And Payments History

This should be easily accessible to both drivers and passengers on their profiles. This data includes. Previous trips, date, time, cost, driver to the passenger name, car model, pickup and drop-off locations, rating, among others.

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How to Deliver a Successful Android App for Business?

Chris Holroyd



Android App for Business
  • In this competitive commercial business world, a mobile app has become an important tool for businesses to gain success. At present, almost 87% of the global mobile operating device marketplace is dominated by means of Android. 
  • Because of this Google play store has more mobile apps in comparison to Microsoft App Store and Apple App Store. According to statistics, it is expected that there will be more than four million mobile phone users because apps have grown to be the modern a part of living.
  • With the regular utilization of Android apps, many ecommerce app development company are completely targeted on growing applications of all forms of tactics. To make an app greater efficient almost each mobile app development business enterprise is making an attempt to combine particular and advanced functions of their apps.

Right, here are the 12 tips & tricks which Android app developers need to keep in mind before handing over a successful android app for the commercial enterprise: 

  1. Get an idea or problem:  

  • How everybody can measure achievement in the event that they don’t decide their goals earlier than. Equal applies within the app development method in case you don’t have a concept about for what because you’re growing an app then how you can degree your outcomes at the give up?
  • For this have deep and first-class communication with your customer and get the concept and motive of the app. In the event that they already have an app and dealing with a few problems with it then get to understand the problem so that you can provide them the satisfactory solutions for the identical.
  1. Know the target audience:  

  • Earlier than developing an app it is essential to understand the target market of a utility. An app always should be evolved keeping in mind the goal and end-customers of the app so the main motto behind the app development may be finished.
  • An app that is developed in line with the target user’s interest, age group, location, etc., Usually enhances the success ratio of the app. 
  1. Put the UI/UX first:  

  • Making an android app is not sufficient, your app has to have a strong place amongst other hundreds of thousands of apps. For this, you have to pay attention to the app’s UI/UX. 
  • By keeping the format simple and eliminating the layers you could make the UI responsive.
  • Increasing user interaction is the main motto and this will be carried out while the UX is simple to apply with a minimum number of clicks to reach an item or service.
  • So it is a must for android app developers to integrate responsive designs into their app development to deliver the first-class experience to all its users.
  1. Select the right platform:  

  • One of the most vital steps in app development is choosing the most feasible platform for the app. There are many options available for app development like a web app, local app, or hybrid app, and choosing one among them is relying on your business requirement.
  • Choosing the right platform for business is depending upon the time and price range constraints of a consumer.
  1. Follow Android layout tips: 

  • Being android app developers you should hold in thoughts the android design suggestions. To build a robust mobile app Google facilitates developers with the aid of recommending Android layout tips.
  • Google recommends constructing the Android app with fabric layout and additionally offers a hard and fast tool to enforce the recommendations.
  • You may create an app without following the suggestions released via Google however make certain you’re following the trendy and advanced recommendations even as developing an app that capabilities effectively and offers the best user experience.
  1. Use improvement tools & frameworks:  

  • Without the use of any development tools and frameworks it is tough to construct, maintain, and test the android app.
  • Via using the tools and frameworks you could upload the capabilities and functionality to the app without writing any extra code which makes it smooth for you to test and hold the app with no hurdles.
  • You could additionally use the open-source Android app development tool to speed up the app development system without increasing the project budget.
  1. Embed the latest technologies: 

  • To keep the popularity & profitability of the Android app for an extended period of time your evolved app ought to be in step with the modern trends and technology.
  • It is the duty of a top mobile app development company that it should supply the app to its customers with state-of-the-art and superior features. Being Android app developers ensure you are embedding the latest features and technology in your developing app in order that the app can preserve a strong role within the app market.
  • Sometimes it will become complex while integrating all the modern-day technology in an app so; it’s advocated that you must pick one or two of them as in step with the requirement to meet your commercial enterprise desires.
  1. Focus on app security: 

  • App security is the most important feature while developing an app. Whether it is a consumer or an app owner every person is aware of their data protection. So mobile app developers need to embed the robust protection functions into the app to preserve the person statistics safe and at ease.
  • Before deploying the app to client you need to perform security trying out of the app to pick out the problem in records security. An app with advanced security features is always the first desire of users so at the same time as you growing an app attention on app safety.
  1. Integrate analytics device: 

  • There are so many tools to be had within the marketplace like; Flurry, Maixpanel, Localytics, Google Analytics and greater via which you could track the visits, downloads, user engagement, user conduct and plenty of greater things in your app.
  • Google Analytics is one of the exceptional tools which lets you perceive the fulfillment ration of your app by means of seeing the number of downloads, person behavior, and visits to your app. So earlier than deploying the app to the customer makes sure you have incorporated the analytics tool with the app.
  1. Install the app: 

  • Once you are done with the above matters then it’s time to install the app to the checking out branch.
  • Offer the android app to the QA team and ensure that the right components are launched. Remember that the fine checking out and QA services always make contributions to the delivery of a successful project.
  1. Get the feedback:  

  • Once the android app goes live at the play store, the primary set of customers’ usage and conduct will supply the proper remarks about the app.  They may give you a precise response approximately how you may enhance your app and enhance its visibility. Continually keep a watch on the user’s feedback due to the fact enhancement and modifications are consistent so preserve them building.
  1. Upgrade the app & Introduce new functions: 

  • When you capture the metrics it’s miles crucial to upgrade the app with improvements and introduce new functions.
  • Getting non-stop feedback from customers surely helps you within the improvements of the app in an effort to beautify its visibility along with a variety of downloads of the app. So, take into account that the up to date variations and introducing new functions are essential for app development.

After exploring the above points, now you can keep in mind that successful shipping of an android business app is not a too difficult task however for this android app builders need to observe the above tips so they can get the positive feedback no longer from their customers simplest even from users too.

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11 Essential Apps For Your Android Phone

Chris Holroyd



Beyond question, smartphones are assuming control over the world. Mobiles have become like oxygen, utterly essential to our daily lives. As we now spend additional time on mobile than on the work area or PC, ensuring you don’t miss out on these essential apps that will keep you running and engaged even during the pandemic.

VLC for Android

VLC for Android

VLC is one of the most reliable free, open-source, portable, multi-platform media player software that supports both audio and video files of almost every format. It further network streams (including adaptive streaming), DVD ISOs, like the desktop version of VLC and disk shares. As it supports a wide range of formats like MP4, MKV, MOV, FLAC, Ogg, TS, M2TS, Wv and AAC, VLC, it is the first to pop on our mind when talking of video players.



Plex is one arena that is recently seeing a leap in 2020. Do you frequently allow a storage problem, with several videos on your phone? Then, Plex is the hit on the solution to it. Plex lets you set up a server on your PC and stream content directly from your PC to smartphone. Sounds easy as a doodle, right. Clears up a lot of space for you and doesn’t require you to keep files on your device.



With the lockdown on, most of us are bored with cooking, and stepping out to buy groceries is a scary thought; that’s when Swiggy comes to our rescue. Even with the prevailing pandemic situation around, the ever-favourite food delivery app Swiggy makes every food lover’s dream come true by delivering food and essentials to peoples’ doorstep. These apps have gone to the next level of adopting several precautionary actions from implementing contactless delivery options and covering sanitization measures.

Google Pay

Google Pay

Google Pay is presumably the most common digital payment found on almost all our phones. It proudly boasts of 100 million plus users and offers all of you a safe and secure money transaction instantly, anywhere, and everywhere. The app manages to track all your bank accounts and saves you from the hassle of loading wallets and verifying your KYC. In better words, paying the electricity bill is no more a nightmare;-)



JioSaavn is the most recommended music streaming service among Indian millennials. The app provides a tailor-made interface for service-oriented music streaming. This is an excellent spot for discovering latest and trending Bollywood Hindi songs online. You can even set caller tunes with specially curated playlists. The best part is the app includes playlists, stations, and other discovery features for free.


As their motto says, “Ideas worth spreading,” TED will astonish you with more than 3000 influential videos from expert speakers globally, on education, business, science, tech, and the only limit is your mind. One of its essential features is that it lets us browse the entire TED Talks video library, with subtitles in over 100 languages.

Files Go (Now Files by Google)

Google’s owned Files application has made considerable progress since its introduction. It includes features like tidying up your phone, analysing files easily, browsing files, sharing files offline, cloud backup and a rapid transfer have made the app gain huge popularity among its users. From managing files to storage, its features all work hand in hand, delivering a simple and user-friendly interface. Files make it breezy and practically even charming to peruse through your phone’s local storage and find, share, or organize any files you’ve downloaded or transferred onto the device. You can browse through folders and even sort items by type like documents, images, videos, and so on. The app has a powerful search system and offers a simplistic method to share any locally stored files to Google Drive in just a few taps away.


Kinemaster is a video editing tool that creates an unbelievable video. It’s a full-feature video editor packed with powerful tools. If you are using a free version of the app, be ready to see watermarks on your completed videos. Paying to the premium version lets you get rid of them once and for all. The notable feature here is the multilayer support of video, images, stickers, and more. 

Norton App Lock

Most of us have a fear of others accessing our private gallery, documents, banking apps, or even social platforms. Norton app is a top-rated antivirus and security app. It is a big name among the antivirus software merchants. The application protects your phone from interlopers with PIN or Pattern secret password lock and delivers your device virus-free. It has an alluring element of capturing photos of intruders who attempt to unlock with the wrong password and sends it to your email instinctually.

Moreover, it also prescribes the list of apps to be locked. With most of your apps having singular locks, leaving your phone open is not a concern anymore. 

Nova Launcher

If you always wanted to add life to your phone, then Nova Launcher is the right option. Nova is a ground-breaking, adaptable, and flexible home screen substitution. The app lets you plan the layout of your Android phones, modifying background, symbols, and custom actions. Nova launcher is the most favoured in this class. It stands apart with its adaptable swipe gestures. It offers unique highlights to upgrade the homescreen, and the straightforwardness makes it an immense success among the users. The app provides exceptional features to personalize your Android phones’ layout, add app drawer tabs, hidden folders, use gestures for quick navigation, customize wallpapers, icons, and custom gestures.

Keyboard apps

Not many of us realize that the keyboard is one of the most neglected apps on our phone. Be it from editing reports to chatting with your beloved ones or as straightforward as searching for a query on google. A large portion of us clings to the default keyboard that comes default with our Android device. Apparently, missing out on the other noteworthy third-party keyboard apps for Android with a wide range of features, input methods, and unique user experiences. 

With that comes the Marathi Keyboard App, which is arguably the best Marathi language keyboard app out there. The app gives you an easy and smooth typing experience, either by transliterating English to Marathi or changing over your content into Marathi by typing in the Marathi keyboard. The app also offers an endless library of free & funny regional comic stories with yours, or your friends face on it. 

It is definitely worth the download.

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