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10 Factors You Should Consider While Choosing a Mobile App Development Company

Chris Holroyd



mobile app development

Hiring a mobile app development company plays a significant role in the app success. A mobile app development aids you in making an extensive market research, choosing the best tech stack for your mobile app, determining the engaging features, app screens and designs for your mobile app, and launching a perfect app.

But, what if you fail to pick the right mobile app partner? Needless to say, your mobile app development journey won’t be seamless and profitable. You will face numerous challenges while developing your application and more often fail to hit the market with the desired expectation. In other words, your app idea might fail.

Does that sound stressful? Don’t worry!

This article will guide you to how to hire the right mobile app development company for your app project:-

  1. Determine Skills and Experience

The skills and experience of your mobile application development company reflect the quality of the app you will get. If you go with an experienced app development company, the team will be well-versed with the challenges associated with the mobile app development process and ensure that you get a perfect app. Whereas, in the case of hiring a newbie, you might have to struggle if the developers fail to mitigate the challenges that come across the app development process.

So, keep an eye on the skills set and experience of the app development agencies before shortlisting them.

  1. Test their Market Knowledge

There are various mobile application development companies who claim to be No.1 in the market, but are unfamiliar with the latest mobile app development trends and programming languages. Going with any such company implies building an outdated mobile app that no one wants to use, which eventually means app failure.

So, be sure that the app partner you choose is updated with what’s happening in the market and how to introduce those trends and technologies into the app development process before hiring one.

  1. Check Portfolio

Portfolio acts as the pictorial representation of the app development team’s skills and experience. It helps you to see the previous work of the team and determine how your mobile app will look and feel.

If a mobile app development company has a portfolio with the most engaging and interesting apps, preferring to the company would be a good point. Whereas, selecting an app partner with boring and low-quality apps means expecting the same type of application for your needs.

  1. Seek Reviews from Existing Clients

While Portfolio can assist in evaluating how your app will look and feel, the client review can provide you with inside stories. The clients can provide you with an aid regarding the company’s professionalism and the types of challenges they faced while dealing with the company.

This will help you to easily determine which app development agency to go with for enjoying better mobile app development services.

  1. Meet the Team

Many mobile application development companies do not have an adequate number of experienced in-house developers. They hand over your project to freelancers and interns, which means compromising at app quality and cost.

So, it is better to meet the team dedicated to your app project or connect with them digitally. Ask them various questions to test their knowledge, qualification and experience, and once you are sure that the team is perfect to handle your app project, then only hire the mobile app development agency.

  1. Check their Market Presence

When it comes to hiring a mobile application development company, checking their market presence is also a plus point. It helps you to undo the risk of selecting a fraud app partner and provides you with better opportunities to rule the app market.

Now, when talking about market presence, the best way to look into the market presence of a mobile app development company is to check their ratings at popular B2B ratings and reviews portals, like AppFutura, Clutch, and GoodFirms.

  1. Decide the App Cost

Having an in-depth knowledge of how much does it cost to make an app is also a crucial factor in choosing the right app partner. When you have an estimate of the cost of your mobile application, you can skip the fraud app development firms who lure the clients with the lowest app prices. So, look forward to understanding what factors and pointers to consider while calculating app cost.

  1. Analyze their Communication Level

Another essential factor to consider while determining the right mobile app development company for your app needs is the communication level. If a mobile app agency denies to make an interaction during the app development timeline, avoid picking them.

This is because the proper communication level can aid you to gain the right insights about the app project progress as well as provide you with an opportunity to test your app idea and update it during the process itself.


  1. Discuss the Payment Structure

While many companies demand the complete amount at the beginning of the project, others go with Agile strategy in case of payment as well. So, it is essential to discuss the payment structure they follow and choose a company as per your terms.

  1. Ensure Post Development Maintenance

Mobile app development is not a one-time process. With the changing market trends and customer behavior, you would have to maintain/update your application regularly. For this, it is necessary to either remain in contact with the same mobile app developers or have ownership on all the resources, including app code. So, be clear on these terms as well.

Choosing the right mobile app development company for your app needs is really important. So, pay attention to the aforementioned factors and hire an app partner that takes your app idea to newer heights.


Reasons to Use React Native for Mobile App Development

Chris Holroyd



App Development

To develop a fully native mobile app, it is necessary to develop a cross-platform mobile application. All over the world, developers are going crazy about reacting to native technology. React Native is a very popular framework that developers use on a cross-platform to develop an effective mobile application.

Several developers choose the open-source framework of React Native to develop cross-platform applications. Native tools have also made the migration from a fully developed Native mobile app to a React Native application easy. Mobile app developers are using react-native to make highly effective ad feature-rich mobile applications with ease.

Reasons behind using React Native for mobile app development

Work under tight budget constraints:

Money is a very important factor for a business owner when he is just starting up his business. Every expense needs to be very well planned to make sure that they do not overpay anywhere.

To survive in today’s tech-savvy market, startups want to earn faster returns on their investments. They have to develop at a fast pace and grow stronger. It brings us to one of the biggest reasons to hire a React Native web application development. Hiring a React Native web developer will save you money and save you a lot of time.

Offers cross-platform mobile app development

Usage of the same code has been made possible for both Android and iOS. It has resulted in the same performance outcome without making any changes. It has become very easy to build an application more suitable for your business in a very short period. It has even eliminated the usage of different languages like JAVA, Swift, etc. You require a JavaScript developer who has a good knowledge of UI libraries, APIs, and hybrid mobile app development.

Multiple outcomes under one undemanding solution

React Native mobile app development lets your complex tasks with the help of simple codes. The UI library created by Facebook is used to make code that is straightforward for the implementation and execution of ReactJS. React Native mobile app developer comes with the Live Reload feature, which lets you work on the real-time code changes and make corrections while the application is still running.

The goal is affixed on UI and API

It lets the developer make the UI look more like JavaScript and less like a framework. It is the pattern used to simplify the process and make UI smooth to give a quick response and build an application without complexity. It offers higher satisfaction to the users and makes their journey smooth.

The primary code base for Android and IOS makes things straight forward

The code used on the foundation level programming is the same for both Android and IOS. It makes it feel like sending the same app to mobile having different operating systems. It makes the recompilation of the app very easy without requiring any changes in the framework. To link it with React Native mobile app development, the entire module is written incomparable language.

Transforming the web page to a mobile app is easy

Fragmented modules and intuitive coding have overlaid React Native’s interface clearly and properly. It has made it easier for the developers to learn the sequence of codes being run in an application. It has eliminated the need to keep a team of core developers on the site to continuously access the app. In case of a change of staff members, it gets easier to understand what is going on and not stop the app’s development.

It’s not going to eradicate soon

React Native mobile app development is going to be in the market for a very long time. Developers find it very hard to resist the user-friendly manual and timely assorted framework. Most of the app development market has already been covered by them. Facebook is also making sure that it stays for longer. The framework is developing more and more solutions to our problems with each passing day. It has eliminated the need to learn and code in different complex languages.

Futuristic and flexible approach towards the project

Developing a framework suitable for Android and IOS has made it easy to use the same code, remove bugs, and develop it with each passing day. Even though it has a simple operation, it will stay in the market for a long.

Wrapping up

React Native is a highly business-friendly and very effective framework for developing a cross-platform mobile application. Apart from that, React Native also has a huge community where developers can easily take experts’ help to develop an application easily, which will be functional at a very high enterprise level.

Due to its high performance, benefits, and significant UI/UX delivery on cross-platform mobile applications, React Native is also being used by the top brands like Facebook, Walmart, etc., for their mobile app development.

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10 Of The Best News Apps For Android

Chris Holroyd



Best News Apps For Android

The internet has become the premier source of information for almost everyone. It has changed the way we used to perceive things and has given a new edge to technology. It has also changed the way we view news. Reading newspapers, watching the news on TV is a thing of the past now, as there are several dedicated news application available for Android. Here, we have compiled some of the best news app available for Android that will aid you in staying organized with all the relevant and updated news. So, let us dive straight into the compilation.

Google News

The first on the list is Google News. It is the best news app in India 2020 available in the Google Play Store. The app covers news topics vastly from trusted sources and provides you all kinds of news. Some of its essential features include,

  • Get all the updates with the latest news
  • You can get your favorite journals and news events easily
  • Get stories to follow up and dig deeper from different sources
  • Also, get the local news and important news


Flipboard is one of the prominent news apps used around the globe. It offers an aesthetic interface that provides you various news articles, sliders, and videos. Some alluring features of the app include.

  • Get news updates from renowned newspapers like The New York Times, National Geographic, Vanity, etc.
  • Get all the latest & top news story feeds on a daily basis.
  • Read on the latest trending events, relevant stories, and headlines with follow-up stories
  • With Flipboard, you can collect and add story themes and later add them to your magazines for a personalized view

BBC News App

We all know about BBC, the biggest news center in the UK. BBC is also the oldest Android news aggregator app that lets you get engaged with all the local and international news. The salient features of the app include,

  • Get enthralled with a TV-like experience with live streaming news
  • You can also enjoy the Live World Service BBC radio
  • Channelize your favorite news offerings
  • Using the feature tab, you can get the follow-up news

CNN News

CNN News is considered as one of the pioneers in news aggregators apps. The app gives you the privilege to view content from anywhere across the globe. Other eminent features of the app include,

  • Turn on the notification alerts and get all the relevant news from around the world
  • You can also enjoy live TV on the app
  • Het breaking news and news story follow-ups
  • Get top stories, news clips, and other relevant news.


Freedly comes with various discovery features that make this app stand apart from the rest. The app covers a large number of news fields from different facets. Other prominent features of the app include,

  • The app lets you organize blogs, articles, and publications
  • Save any topic for reading it later
  • Save articles or blogs on the cloud and share them on social media
  • get multiple layout options, keyboard shortcuts, tagging, etc.

Microsoft News

A product of Microsoft and formerly known as MSN, the app offers a smooth and seamless experience. Now, you can navigate through the app easily with the tabloid layout. The signing process is simple as you have to sign up with Microsoft account and start all the fun. It is also one of the best apps for iPad. The other features of this app include,

  • The app can be used across platforms like Microsoft Edge,, etc
  • You can get Night Mode as well
  • Transitions are smooth and seamless


Reddit has a big database of news and entertainment. The app is a combination of news aggregators, social media, and message boards that create a seamless experience for the users. With Reddit, you can subscribe to specific Reddit topics, make subreddits, and nullify content on the basis of popularity, controversy, freshness, etc. Some of the eminent features of the app are,

  • You can join new communities like TechNews, World News, etc.
  • You can view paparazzi news, headlines, and funny memes
  • You can create your own feed by subscribing to subreddits


The next news aggregator app on the list is News360. The app offers intriguing, authentic, and rich content, and you can find news about the fields of your interest. Below are some of the valiant features of the app.

  • The app can be integrated with iMessage and the Apple Watch app.
  • You can read the news without opening the app using the widget.
  • Get news from the top-rated and local websites.

AP News

AP News has gained immense popularity because it provides breaking news immediately. AP News accumulates and publishes all the trending news and latest stories for the users to read. The other features of AP News include,

  • The app is available in both English and Spanish languages
  • Get all the latest and trending news at a phenomenal browsing speed
  • It offers a user-friendly interface so that users can enjoy large news outlets


Now, this is one award-winning application that analyzes recent news and places them into a specific category. Below are some of the interesting features of the app,

  • Get concrete and concise news every time
  • with ad-free seamless news reading, get all the latest news from different sources
  • When offline, you can read news and follow-ups any time

Time to wrap up: So here are 10 of the best news apps for Android that you can download for free. In case we have missed any of your favorites do not feel shy in mentioning them in the comment section below.

Author Bio:

Akshay Singh is a Senior Content Writer at MobileAppDiary. He has drooled over various topics ranging from App development, Gaming, Technology, and others in a career nearing 3 years. Having a strong academic background in writing makes him a creative, sharp, thoughtful, and intellectual writer. He is always looking forward to exploring new genres and believes firmly in the learning process.

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A Full Guide on Creating a Video Editing App




Creating a Video Editing App

Today it is difficult to overestimate the importance of video content in our life. Cisco predicts that by the end of 2020, the share of global video traffic will reach 79% of global Internet traffic. And some of the huge popularizers of video content are video editing apps. As a result, many entrepreneurs want to enter this market with their own digital solutions. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know to create your own video editing app, including must-have features, monetization model, and tech challenges. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Types of Video Apps

Before you start defining your app idea, it would be wise to get acquainted with video editing app types so you can choose the one that suits your business needs.

There are several types of apps on the market:

  • Video recording apps
  • Video editing apps
  • Apps that combine both recording and editing
  • Screen recording apps
  • Apps that include both screen recording and editing

Moreover, before developing your idea, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with famous video editing apps on the market. This will help you better understand with whom you have to compete and what features your rivals have in their apps. There are several popular video editing apps that you should be aware of:

Adobe Premiere Rush

It’s a video editing app made by Adobe and available both for iOS and Android. This app’s main feature is a significant simplification of the video editing process. Users can tweak video speed, overlay photos on videos, add music, various effects with an easy drag-and-drop system. All creations users can on Adobe cloud with 100GB of free space. You can see its interface down below.


Quick was made by the GoPro team, and the main goal of the app is promoting GoPro’s products. Quick have a set of powerful tools for editing videos on the go. For example, this app has an auto-analyzer that scans video searching for the best moments like panoramic views, jumps, smiles, and high-speed moments to highlight them. Besides that, users can customize their videos with 28 tweakable templates. Check out its interface on the picture down below.


Splice is an iOS exclusive video editing app. This app has an easy-to-learn functionality where users can add text with various fonts, tweak transitions, arrange video clips, apply different effects, and add music tracks to their videos. Speaking of music, Splice can be synchronized with iTunes for convenient music adding to the videos. You can see its interface down below.

Diving Into Analysis

Creating your app from scratch is a long process, and in order to end up with a first-class product, you need to polish your idea before starting development.

Streamline Your Idea

Your idea should bring something unique to the market that your competitors don’t have. This will set you apart from others and will allow you to conquer your audience. And besides this, do not forget about the benefits for the user. To do this, it is worth conducting a deep analysis of competitors to find out what they offer to users and their weaknesses.

Make a List of Features

Video editing apps have a stack of features they can’t do without, as well as additional features that are optional but can significantly improve the user experience.

Must-have features for video editing app are:

  • Trimming and adding frames
  • Merging separate files into one (photos and videos)
  • Adding music or sound effects
  • Color correction and transition settings
  • Sharing to social networks (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube)
  • Save/load video

Additional features list will look like this:

  • Syncing with various music services
  • Cloud storage
  • Speed up/slow down settings
  • Reverse video option
  • Picture-in-picture option
  • AI editing assistance

Choose Your Monetization Model

In addition to the app features, you need to decide how you are going to make money on your application. There are several models of monetization for video editing apps, and we will briefly discuss each one.

  • In-app advertising. This means the app is free but contains ads.
  • Freemium model. This model stands for a free app with in-app purchases that unlock certain features.
  • Subscription model. Your app is free, but the user can unlock more functionality for a monthly subscription fee.
  • Paymium. This monetization model is pretty rare. Apps are paid to download and have in-app purchases at the same time. The most famous app with this monetization model is LumaFusion for iOS.

Time and Cost

Now it’s time to talk about how much it costs to make your own video editing app. It doesn’t matter whether you want to build an Android app or an iOS app. The creation of a video editing app will take time. Besides, the more features you want to implement, the longer the development process will be. We’ll provide you an approximate estimate of video editing app development cost.

This estimate is based on must-have features development time multiplied on average European hourly rate $50.

Register screen – 6 hours ($300)

Login screen – 19 hours ($950)

My videos screen – 50 hours ($2500)

Adding photos/videos from the gallery – 3 hours ($150)

Trimming – 40 hours ($2000)

Adding frames – 14 hours ($700)

Merging separate files into one (for photos) – 28 hours ($1400)

Merging separate files into one (for videos) – 22 hours ($1100)

Adding music and audio effects – 28 hours ($1400)

Color correction – 320 hours ($16000)

Transition settings – 106 hours ($5300)

Social networks sharing – 16 hours ($800)

Save video – 2 hours ($100)

Load video – 16 hours ($800)

Total – 670 hours ($33500)

Wrapping Up

We’ve covered everything you need about video editing app development. Now you’re armed with knowledge and ready to make your own app to meet your business and customers’ needs.

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Key Benefits of iPhone App Development for Your Business

Hermit Chawla



iPhone App Development

iphone applications have been the center of focus amongst mobile individuals. They are known to be of excellent quality and also revenue-producing for companies. Therefore, start-ups and small companies are looking for a quick return on their investment, depending on iphone Application development for their iPhone application development. as an organization, you are considering the production of applications to take your venture to the next degree of success, read on to find out about the various benefits of iPhone App Development. It will certainly aid you in understanding why companies can not neglect the Apple app store. Mobile applications play an essential role in the modification of various industries. The bulk ventures are investing in iOS application development to embellish their service reach and appeal to more clients. Though you were delegating run your start-up and chose to go with the iOS system, we might tell you what profits it can bring to your company.

Better Consumer Experience

Owing to the unique requirements of equipment, customer assistance, and perfect software application features, apple iphone users are many pleased clients. Users are guaranteed that every application they download and install from the app store would work smoothly. while there are several apps under the android discussion forum that fail to operate on specific phones after being downloaded. This variable is a clear indicator that apple iphone application advancement is the first choice for consumers to pay.

Great Security

iPhone application development for services calls for adherence to Apple’s Play Store’s high-quality standards before they are made available. iphone app developer helps entrepreneurs uphold information privacy and customer identification. The objective is to shield them from any possible external security risks like malware, virus, hacking, phishing, and extra. Also, the iPhone application is hugely safeguarded for in-app acquisition and even the app-based deal. Apple uses a premium protection layer consisting of data file encryption to eliminate data duplication, data breach, or theft for the business. Overall, the degree of safety and security offered by iOS applications is tough to discover. For this reason, a huge one among the advantages of iPhone application growth.

Less Complex Yet Efficient Testing Practices

Apple has a lesser variety of tools in the marketplace, and for that reason, the versions are additionally limited. Also, it releases just one update each year to its existing OS. Consequently, iPhone applications need to meet the required criteria of the prevalent iphone versions. It causes a significant reduction in the testing time and proposes a faster time to market for iphone applications. It is among the noticeable advantages of creating an iphone application. The lower fragmentation in iOS makes it possible to introduce more recent and upscaling of existing applications. While with Android applications, the development teams have to evaluate it on numerous variations of the os. As a result, the development, testing, and improvement cycles are longer. Additionally, it equates to a more excellent price of the development procedure.

Versatile Interface

Every company wants to offer maximum consumer satisfaction. A benefit of apple iphone application growth is that existing customers are already accustomed to and pretty pleased with the Apple device’s integrated environment. It would undoubtedly be effortless for enterprises to boost their sales with advancements, as they are familiar with individual preferences.

Greater Market Access 

Apple has a large presence in established markets such as the US, Australia, and the UK. For any organization desiring to target these markets and even more, iOS apps are a win-win. Apple’s tradition and also top quality help warranty success for iOS applications. As a benefit of the iphone application development, the enterprise-grade iPhone app meets the ever-changing organization needs effortlessly. It is implemented with higher scalability as well as adaptability based upon the target audience. Further, the combination of sophisticated attributes in the apple iphone app aids remains pertinent for the company amid the expanding competition.

Filtering system Audience

The popularity of Apple’s iphone across the globe needs no mention. What services require to realize is that just a particular piece of society use iPhones. The tech-savvy audience on the look-out for a primary yet efficient interface would decidedly like an apple iphone gadget. Offered this scenario, you have got a great target market right there to buy the software program or items you are planning to implement or develop.

Secured Transactions

iPhone application development services provide a secure environment for online transactions through the apps on the system. The applications are developed with ultra-safe and fast attributes that protect the os from dangers like hacking, phishing, etc. They ensure the online transaction is secured.

Visually Designed Symbols for Applications

As compared to Android, iphone icons of a bulk of the apps are way more attractive. They are designed dynamically, and a couple of apps show notifications even without having to log in. This would certainly aid your service to communicate effectively with individuals.

Strong Brand Value

Apple is among the globe’s most trusted brand names, and it is anything related to it would indeed be relied on too. iPhone users realize that Apple thoroughly tests mobile applications readily available to them before being considered for downloading. Thus, the brand name worth of iPhone application development drives much more clients to trust a service app.

Better Scalability

To expand service, scalability of items is a significant variable, and mobile application is the most convenient way to do that. It is possible with personalized iPhone app advancement to make certain revenues for your organization at some point.

Encourage Your Company in the International Market

iphone powered tools are much preferred in established countries like the United States, the UK, and Europe. For any firm with a vision for growth, iPhone application advancement would certainly be a terrific possibility to put themselves in the international scenario.

Higher Roi

Enterprises can reap optimal returns on their investments by developing iPhone apps. With better reach towards targeted customers, the apple iphone is a more advanced alternative when contrasted to Android regarding leading a brand name in the direction of success.

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How To Use WhatsApp Without Phone a Number Or SIM?

Chris Holroyd



WhatsApp Without Phone a Number

People can’t imagine using WhatsApp without a phone number or SIM Card. It is possible to use this popular messaging system without a mobile number or SIM card. You can use it on your android phones, tablets, PCs, or iPads. Let us discuss it briefly here.

Use WhatsApp without a phone or SIM Card:

There are two different methods to use WhatsApp without a SIM card or phone number. Here we will discuss the two methods briefly. You can use any one of the convenient methods from these methods.

You need to understand certain prerequisites about WhatsApp. Such requirements are important to use WhatsApp without a phone number or SIM card.

  • If you don’t have WhatsApp on your PC, tablet, or phone, you need to download it.
  • If you have WhatsApp on your PC, tablet, or phone, you need to verify it. Check you have already verified WhatsApp or not.
  • Some people have already verified WhatsApp on your PC, tablet, or phone. Such people have to delete the current phone number from WhatsApp. You will do this by uninstalling the application and reinstalling it again.

Method 1:

Use TextNow to verify WhatsApp:

The first method is to download the messaging application called TextNow. You will get a unique phone number from this application. Use the same to enter into WhatsApp for verifying your account.

  • Download TextNow to your device:

Use Google Play Store or iTunes Store or Windows Phone Store to download this TextNow app to your device. Open and search for the Android emulator to download WhatsApp on your computer.

  • Open the TextNow app and note down your number:

Download the TextNow application to your device and finish the setup process. After finishing the setup, note down your number.

You can use the below steps to note down the number from the TextNow app:


The TextNow app opens on your android phone. On the top left corner of the phone, you will see the 3 line icon. Click on it to note down the phone number.


Here, you will see the 3 line icon on the top left corner of your iPhone. Click on it and note down the number.

Windows Phone:

Move to the people tab of the application to get your phone number.

  • Open up WhatsApp and verify the number:

Note down the TextNow number and open WhatsApp on your phone or tablet or PC. You can follow the below steps now.

Step 1: Enter your TextNow Number into WhatsApp

You need to agree to the terms and conditions of WhatsApp. You need to enter the phone number, as it prompts for it. Enter the TextNow number and select the country.

Step 2: Wait for SMS Verification to fail

Wait for 5 minutes to fail your SMS verification time. You will get notifications to get a call for your number. Click on the “Call Me” button to get the automated call from WhatsApp.

Step 3: Get your WhatsApp verification number

On your device, open the TextNow app. You will get a call from WhatsApp, which you need to answer. Through the call, you will get an automated voice telling your verification code several times. You can note down this number.

Step 4: Enter the Verification Code in WhatsApp

Enter the verification code into WhatsApp and finish the setup procedure. Now the creation of a WhatsApp account is successful without a phone number.

If this method doesn’t work for you, you can try with the application “textplus”. 

Method 2:

Use Existing Landline to verify WhatsApp:

The second method involves the use of a landline number to verify WhatsApp. Just follow the below steps to use WhatsApp without a SIM card or mobile number.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your phone, tablet, or PC

The first step is to open the WhatsApp application on your tablet or PC or phone.

Step 2: Enter your Home Phone or Landline Number

Enter the phone number and choose your country. It will ask your landline number or home phone to enter it.

Step 3: Wait for Verification by SMS to Fail

Wait for 5 minutes to fail the SMS verification. You get the option “Call Me”. Click on it and get the call from WhatsApp to home phone or landline number.

Step 4: Enter the Verification Code

You will get an automated voice call from WhatsApp to the home number. In an automated voice call, you will get a 6 digit verification code many times. You need to note down this verification code and enter it into WhatsApp.

Step 5: Complete the Setup Process

After verifying the phone number, complete the setup process. You can start messaging your friends on WhatsApp without using a phone number or SIM card.

The Bottom Line:

You can use any one of these two methods to use WhatsApp without a phone number or SIM card.

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How To Recover Deleted Apps On Android Phone Or Tablet?

Chris Holroyd



Recover Deleted Apps

People delete some android applications on your android phone accidentally. You will find them on a Google Play Store and you download the application again. Some of them don’t know to recover the deleted apps on your android phone or tablet. Let us discuss them briefly in this article.

Possible Reasons for Deleted Applications:

There are some reasons for the android users deleting the apps unknowingly. Such users feel difficult to install the apps and recover the deleted apps. Here are the possible reasons for android users to delete the apps.

  1. It is common for people to delete the apps accidentally. Most people do this unintentionally on android phones or tablets.
  2. To get your password or for other phone issues, you will use Factory Default Settings. If you use the factory default settings option, it will delete some applications on your phone. It will delete the unnecessary applications or data present on your mobile phone.
  3. One more reason for getting the deleted applications is the viruses. Some applications corrupt with the arrival of viruses in android phones. To clear the virus, you will use the virus removal tool. Such third party tools will delete some applications in your phone. The virus removal tools remove some applications and infected files from your android device.

For many reasons, you will delete the apps from your android phone. You don’t have to worry about deleted apps, as you can recover them easily. Let us discuss the steps to recover the deleted apps on your android device or tablet.

Recover Deleted Applications on Android Phone or Tablet:

You need to follow the below steps to recover the deleted applications on your android device or tablet. After recovering them, you can install them on your phone successfully.

Step 1:

The first step is to visit the Google Play Store. 

On your android phone or tablet, you need to open the Google Play Store app. Ensure that you are staying on the homepage of the play store.

Step 2:

The next step is to tap on the 3 line icon. 

After reaching the homepage, you will find the “3 line” icon on the left top of the screen. You need to click on this icon.

Step 3:

The third step is to tap on “My Apps and Games”. 

You will get some options by clicking on the 3 line icon. From such a menu, you need to tap on the option “My Apps and Games”.

Step 4:

The next step is to tap on the “Library” tab. 

If you tap on the option “My Apps and Games”, you will get three tabs. They are

  • Updates
  • Installed
  • Library

From these three options, you need to tap on the “Library” option. Now, you will get a complete list of applications. The list of apps includes the list of deleted apps on your device. Such applications are no longer present in your device. You need to recover them all back on your mobile device.

Step 5:

The final step is to reinstall the deleted applications.

You will get a list of deleted applications that you need to reinstall them back. The applications come with an “install” button. You need to tap on this install option to reinstall all of the deleted applications.

In the library section, you will get the list of applications in the downloaded order. The most recently deleted application will appear at the top of the list. Others will come next to it.

The Bottom Line:

With the above article, one can easily recover the deleted apps and reinstall them on their android device.

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