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Xbox One –best gift This Holiday Season



Xbox one

Time for playthings as well as time for joys! We are no in November as well as we are beginning the matter down up until we all obtain the fantastic (or not so wonderful) presents that we have actually been desiring all year long. Warm on this checklist is video game gaming consoles.

With Microsoft, Sony, as well as Nintendo all having following gen video gaming consoles on the marketplace, as well as the variety of brand-new twisty, various other gizmos as well as bendy laptop computers, what is the very best video gaming system?

I have actually constantly been a PlayStation guy, nevertheless I did quickly possess an Xbox 360 prior to the red ring of fatality obtained it. Concerning 6 months earlier, my PS3 blew up. I discovered that the GPU, the system that drives the graphics behind the 2 equipments, PS4 and also Xbox One, were both developed by my favored CPU/GPU developer, AMD.

The PlayStation 4 (PS4) does have a quicker, greater quality of ram memory in it as it makes use of DDR5 as well as the Xbox One still utilizes the basic DDR4. I was leaping at the little bit to obtain my hands on the PS4. I am grateful I did not.

I located an excellent bundle offer that had the Xbox One console, the Kinect cam, and also a $60 video game tossed in for the laughs. That was the day-to-day package rate at that time.

For beginners, what might not be discovered off package the Xbox One includes, is that the Xbox One is created to utilize the cloud developed by Microsoft called Azure. Having the ability to use this cloud (several, several web servers systems linked with each other) the Xbox One can harness the power of the web servers it is linked to, providing the console the capacity to be 4 times more powerful than the equipment that is confined in this console. This was the crowning achievement for me.

Include that the Xbox One has both an HDMI out in addition to HDMI in to make sure that you can connect up your high def wire box to this console, to make sure that you can regulate what you see on TELEVISION with voice command as well as hand motions, this console simply obtains even more amazing

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The Dark Side of Free VPNs: Do FREE VPNS Really Work?





A VPN connection is basically the extension of a private network that includes links across shared or public networks, such as the Internet. VPN connections enable organizations to send data between two computers across the Internet in such a manner that emulates the properties of a point-to-point private link.

VPNs are used to overcome geographical obstruction, to access a remote network securely, and other different purposes. They are used by organizations to share resources across various office locations. VPNs have also gained widespread usage in bypassing country restrictions to access blocked services.

When people search the internet for ways to bypass website restrictions, they have a inclination to find and opt for free VPN services. Many people do not want to pay for a service that they might not use frequently. But, should we actually use free VPN services? Let’s find out if they actually deliver the services they promise.

Let’s look at some of the common ways through which free VPN providers exploit you:

  1. Tracking your data and selling it for profit

VPN encrypts and tunnels your data so that your ISP cannot see what you are doing online which means ISPs can’t keep track of you, but the VPN provider can. Free VPNs also collect user data through tracking libraries, which they can sell for advertising and analytics to some other agency.

  1. Malware

Injecting malware to your device is one of the most common traits in free VPNs. Such malware can be used to steal sensitive information from your device and to encrypt your data.

  1. Stealing of Bandwidth

Free VPNs might also be stealing your bandwidth and selling it to other organizations for money.

  1. Browser Hijacking

It refers to redirecting your browser to websites without your permission. HotspotShield free VPN promises its users shielded connections, security, privacy enhancement and ad-free browsing too. But, the CSIRO study found that HotspotShield redirects user traffic to and through its partner networks Conversant Media and Viglink, respectively.

Experts also says that “AnchorFree’s VPN app HotspotShield performs redirection of e-commerce traffic to partnering domains and when a client connects through the VPN to access specific web domains, the app leverages a proxy that intercepts


When it comes to VPNs, the ones that don’t charge you money eventually end up costing you the most by draining your privacy and security.

You might have noticed how most streaming services are either blocked abroad or not yet available in your country. The common solutions to bypass such geo-restrictions are proxies and VPNs, since they reroute your traffic to make it appear as if you’re located somewhere else.

There are lots of different options available that also allow you to change your location to access restricted content, and since everyone enjoys things that are free, people often fall victim to scams through free VPNs.  But when it comes to proxies and VPNs, the ones that don’t charge you money will cost you the most in privacy and security.

In this article we’ll tell you exactly how free VPNs use your connection for dangerous activities and how a reputable, paid premium VPN service can let you access blocked sites while also saving your privacy!

The Dangers of Proxies and Free VPNs

“Free” here isn’t completely free when it comes to accessing blocked websites through free VPNs. These services actually allow malicious third-parties to snoop through your personal data, or, even worse, it lets others use your internet connection to conduct illegal activities on the web.

Free VPNs can log and keep track of all your content, your IP address, the types of sites you visit the exact thing VPNs are actually meant to protect you from. In addition to privacy issues you would want to hide your IP, you may also experience slow browsing speed, unstable connections, data usage caps, and outdated encryption too.

Many of these “free” services will sell your personal information to third parties, with some even going as far as placing extra advertising . They may even distribute your IP address, welcoming criminal activity that is traced back to your machine and not theirs.

How To Avoid: Always use a free VPN app from a reputable VPN service provider, or best of all, start using a premium VPN service instead.  In this way, the security protection is more guaranteed for you.

You can use tunnelbear’s free 500 mb to get started. Here is an article that compares tunnelbear alongside nordvpn, two very popular vpn options.

It is always a good idea to check the app  you want to install on your mobile device to prevent any security problem in the future. Don’t just pick an app only based on the ratings or popularity in the Play Store. You have to atleast ensure that the free VPN app is completely safe for you to use.

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Outlook Errors Have Been Detected In The File OST 2010 / 2013 / 2016



Outlook Errors Have Been Detected In The File OST 2010 / 2013 / 2016

Fix ‘Microsoft Outlook Errors Have Been Detected in the File OST’ – Top 5 Methods

OST file plays an important role when the user needs to use Outlook in offline mode. Basically, OST file makes its possible for the users to work offline when Outlook is not connected to Exchange Server. However, the situation becomes complicated when ‘Outlook errors have been detected in the file OST’ error message occurs. Due to the occurrence of error the user is not able to access the OST file and workflow of the user also gets interrupted. Additionally, if the issues are not resolved immediately then it can also lead to data loss problems. Thus, in this blog, we are going to discuss different methods to fix Outlook errors have been detected in the file OST issue.


Reasons Behind ‘Outlook Data File Errors Have Been Detected In The File OST 2010/ 2013/ 2016 Problem

  • OST file infected by malware or virus.
  • Abrupt system shutdown.
  • Incorrect termination of Outlook application.
  • Synchronization issues while synchronizing OST file with MS Exchange Server.
  • Corruption in OST file due to exceeding file size limit.

Methods to Resolve ‘Outlook Errors Have Been Detected in the File OST’ Issue

In this section, we are going to explain different methods using which the user can fix error associated with the OST file.

Method 1: Restore From Backup

The user has to replace the corrupted OST file with the backed up copy of the file. To implement this method the user must have the latest and complete backup of the data.

Method 2: Repair OST file via Inbox Repair Tool

To repair issues related to Outlook OST files Microsoft provides an inbuilt utility that is ScanOST.exe. The user has to follow the step by step process given below to repair OST file using Inbox Repair Tool.

  1. Open Windows Explorer and type scanost.exe in the search box.
  2. Now, press Enter key. The system will start searching for Inbox Repair Tool. Once the utility is recognized, click on Run as Administrator option.
  3. Click on the Yes button in the User account control dialog box.
  4. After that, click on the Browse button to insert the corrupt OST file.
  5. Finally, click on the Start button. The tool will start checking that the OST file is corrupt or not.
  6. If the file is corrupt, then click on the Repair button. The software will start the repair process.

Note: The ScanOST.exe software is not able to fix server corruption issues. Moreover, the tool is not available in Outlook versions beyond 2007.

Method 3: Clearing all Offline Data within OST File and Recreating it

Sometimes, removing all offline data present in the OST file can fix the Outlook error has been detected in the file ost issue. Thus, to clear the offline data the user has to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. First, you need to locate the OST file on your system.
  2. Right-click on the folder that contains OST file.
  3. Select Properties. A dialog box will appear, you have to choose Clear Offline Items option and then click on the OK button.
  4. Launch Outlook> Click on Send/Receive tab.
  5. Click on Update Folder.

After implementing all the steps, the user has to delete the OST file. When the Outlook will synchronize with Exchange, a new OST will be created automatically. All the Exchange mailbox data will be downloaded into it.

Method 4: Creating New Outlook Profile

Sometimes, there are issues with the user’s default Outlook profile due to which the error occurs. Thus, to fix the error, the user needs to create a new default Outlook profile.

  1. First, delete your current default Outlook profile.
  2. After that, create a new profile.
  3. Now, set the newly creates profile as the Outlook default profile.

Expert Solution to Resolve Microsoft Outlook Errors Have been Detected in The File.OST 2010 / 2013 / 2016

After implementing all the above methods, if the user is not able to resolve the OST file issue. Then the user can convert OST file into PST file format using an automated solution that is the best OST to PST Converter Software. The software allows the user to convert OST files such as emails, contacts, tasks, calendars etc. into PST file format. Additionally, the software is integrated with various features such as user-friendly interface, high-performance, backup and extract all the Offline OST file data etc. Moreover, both technical and non-technical users can work with software in an efficient way.

Final Words

Many Outlook users face ‘Outlook errors have been detected in the file OST 2010 / 2013 / 2016’ issue while working with OST file. To avoid more severe conditions, it becomes important to resolve error as soon as possible. Thus, in the above section, we have introduced different methods to fix the issue with the OST file. However, it is recommended to use an automated and instant solution i.e. OST to PST Converter to eliminate data loss issues.

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Secure Data

What’s the difference between cybersecurity vs information security?



information security


Whether small or large, every business today relies on digital technology. With the advancing pace of the technology, people are spending too much of time on the internet.

Since everything is going digital, why not make the business digital as well? We live in the era where the online presence is significant for any business to stay in the market. From accessing the services to knowing about the products, with the mere click, everything becomes more comfortable and quicker.

However, remember as the technology evolves, it comes with a lot of threats, and one of them happens to be cyber attacks that occur every now and then.

To prevent it from happening, the role of various security systems, cyber-security and information security came into existence.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is the way of protecting the data and information from hackers. It is not only large businesses, but small businesses or business services providers are also vulnerable to cyber attacks. That is why almost all the companies hire IT department to install robust protocols that will protect their business.

The professionals provide you with the security to the servers, networks, intranets, wireless connections and computer systems. Additionally, it also ensures you that only authorized users can access the information and the devices.

Since we are always with the evolving of technology, one has to stay updated with the latest measures for cyber-security alongside to know about the various attacks that take place.

The most common cyber attacks are phishing, malware, SQL injection, Man-in-the-middle attack and so much more is included.

Now let us see what exactly information security means.

What is Information Security?

The name itself suggests that information security means the perseverance of the data and information. Another name of the information security is also known as the “data security”.

Often people misunderstood that the data and information hold the same meaning. There is a thin line difference between the two. Not every data is the information. However, when the data is interrupted in some form of the context is known as the information.

For instance, “4321932948” is just a data that is much unheard about. Then you come to know about the digit that it is the phone number of someone. That proves when data has some sort of meaning it is called information, thereby also known as the “data security”.

Difference between the Cyber Security and Information Security

The first difference between the cyber and information security is related to the safety.

  1. If you have a lot of confidential document lined up, then there is no doubt you need physical protection in shielding the data so that no one ends up stealing it from you.

As everything is becoming digital, the data and information are also stored on the server and cloud. It becomes            immensely essential to protect it with the advanced tools and methods.

So if you cannot put the lock on the computer or any other device, you can still padlock digitally your servers,                intranets, and computer systems – that is cyber-security.

While information security deals with the protection of information assets from the unauthorized access into                the system.

  1. In both the scenario of information and cyber security – the significance of the data is very crucial. In cyber-security, the primary motive is to protect the confidential data of the company through the latest hacks and innovations.

Information security deals with the prevention of information assets from the threats.

  1. The fundamental goal of information security is to manage the information assets along with their integrity, confidentiality, and of course availability.

Cyber Security copes up with the threats and other attacks that may or might not have their existence in the                  cyberspace like protecting the social media accounts and additional personal information.

  1. The professionals of cyber-security deal with the advanced and insistently repetitive threats. It merely means that the danger is about to occur, breaking into the cyberspace and then getting all the sensitive information.

Whereas information security is the core foundation of data security. The experts involved with it will prioritize the resources first and then deal with all the threats and attacks.

We live in the world where everything is becoming digital. We are continuously sharing information on the platforms. One has to become extra cautious, as there are a lot of threats on the internet.

A minor mistake and the threats can enter into your systems thereby gathering all the statistics. It is very crucial to stay updated with the ongoing threats. Therefore, to prevent all of it, cyber-security and information security appears and plays an important role.

Though, there is a difference between cyber-security and information security. We have jotted down in the above article what exactly it means and how cyber-security and information are different from the other.

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