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Type of smart elements that can be added to create an interactive InDesign document



interactive InDesign document

Technology has gifted us with a multi-shade of means to socialize with the outside world. The notion of impression and expression acts as the most important tool to push effective communication in the world of social or online media. You can publish an interactive and attractive book by creatively experimenting with InDesign. The sole reason behind using InDesign is that it accompanies with so many brush like tools that enable you to create entertaining and engaging documents.

If you aspire to digitally publish your text book, magazine, newspaper or a comic book. And wish to add a layer of creative makeup with the help of InDesign. You are required to catch a handful of knowledge regarding the various types of elements that exist for the appropriate use of InDesign.


  • ADD ON LINKS: Adding links help to tie a bond which makes the audience reach and read every link available online. Links are essential root to grasp valuable information for every e-book worm.

There are three main different types of elements used to help you apply clickable links to your documents.

Hyperlinks: Hyperlinks act as a hotspot area to a text or object where you can tap and which helps you to easily navigate your way to multiple parts or areas of the documents or web pages.

Hyperlinks can also be used to send an electronically generated mail.

Hyperlinks can be applied to frames or to a text inside of a story.

Hyperlinks can actively run itself on applications including FXL ePubs, Publish Online,  HTML5 and DPS.

Cross references: Cross reference helps to put strong references or links to the other parts of the document. Cross reference enables you to insert dynamic text that introduces itself as the referenced text and at the same time creating a hyperlink to the uploaded digital document.

Table of Contents: Table of Contents acts as a magnifying glass to help your readers easily navigate to the desired section of the document. You have to opt for Choose Layout > Table of Contents to your InDesign document.

  • BOOKMARKS: A bookmark helps you to easily reach to a desired destination in the document. Bookmarks are visible in the Bookmarks pane of Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat and can be produced automatically using the Table of Contents.

You can jump to a specific bookmark with a Button action.

  • AUDIO OR VIDEO FILES: The media panel helps you to add sound effect and add little moves to your dull and constant file. You can control audio and video with custom buttons. Audio and Video works exceptionally well in layout ePubs, PDF (Adobe reader/Acrobat with Flash Player), Publish Online, HTML5 and DPS apps.
  • MULTI-STATE OBJECTS OR MSOs: Multi-state objects (MSOs) acts as a multi-purpose object to help you create a single element that can help showcase various texts or graphic objects.

MSOs can be used for slideshows. Interactive features such as buttons and movies can be included as the most efficient part of an MSO.

  • FORMS: A form element can be used for PDF reading or in  HTML5 to enter details or to select check boxes or radio buttons.
  • ANIMATIONS: InDesign’s Animation and Timing panels lets you add wheel moving like motion and some extra special effects to page elements. Animations are highly compatible with buttons and multi-state objects.

Animations are available for fixed layout ePubs, Publish Online,  HTML5 and DPS.

  • PAGE TRANSITIONS: Page transitions create an effect when the viewer steps forward from one page to the other. Page transitions are available for SWF and PDF based files.
  • OVERLAYS: Overlays helps you to add a layer of creative effects including slideshows, scrolling text, pan & zoom and image sequences. Available for DPS apps and in  HTML5.
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How can your start-up identify malware attacks despite having anti-software?



AntiVirus Software

Let us first take the example of your own personal computer.

Yes, when you were given a computer, internet security was probably drilled into your mind. On the first month you bought a computer, every security system was in place. You did not browse the unwanted websites, took care to download and many more. As time passed, you became more aware of the dangers and followed fewer precautions. But yes, you want to keep your computer a safe secure place because it contains your vital information. In this article on does your anti-software take care of any attacks, we give the valuable points.

So, What Do The Antivirus Programs Offer?

Every anti-virus program offers the same to their clients. You know the deletion, scanning, system scans and many more. The antivirus software is designed so that it can identify abnormal behavior of a virus or malicious material and then put a complete stop to its actions.

What Is Your Opinion of Anti-Virus?

Usually, being the general public, we see the virus or any unwanted computer worm as an enemy Or let us say, an outsider. So, when the virus tries to enter your computer, you visualize of the antivirus stopping the outsider right at the entrance. This is the general view of the public for antivirus software. But hold on! Is there also space, that the antivirus does not take care of? Which part of the antivirus program can become vulnerable? These points, we are focusing on the article.

Outside Devices

Outside Devices

Just imagine the situation, two decades ago. There were only computers and laptops. There were no external devices such as tablets, smartphones. In recent times? You have every device which is connected to the internet. So, network security has become vulnerable.

There are many start-ups which have the scheme of employees bringing their own device to the workplace. In other words, personal devices. So, even though the start-up companies can benefit, there are dangers lurking such as a virus harboring device. If it gets into the mainstream, then it can spread to the entire network.

The only method, that start-ups of a similar nature can do, tightens their security regarding networks. In short, install a perfect Firewall service. Employ the services of a computer geek to plug the loopholes and close all the vulnerable gaps. The company guidelines should make it mandatory that before plugging to the network, the existing devices should complete the antivirus scan.

Insider Threat

Insider Threat

There are chances of an insider threat also for your start-up. The disaster strike can be led by an insider and they may have various reasons to do the task. There may be some employees, who feel they are wronged and can release a virus to your network.

There can also be some situations, where an employee, without his knowledge, passes on vital information to a fake website impersonating a client.

Then, there may be some employees, who opened a phishing email cleverly designed as an official email letter. The software then gets downloaded, and it will wreak havoc on the network.

Some of the reasons, that the security of an organization may become compromised because of an insider are as below –

  • They may want to uncover sensitive client information, personal data to sell to competitors.
  • Their main intention was to sabotage the operations of the company
  • They may want to transfer money (in case of a BPO) to their own accounts or to other accounts.
  • They may want to release confidential information of personal health data to the media for a benefit.

In the next step, we will talk about the Advanced Persistent Threats or APTs.

So, what are APTs?

So, what are APTs?

How do you define a time bomb? The explosive device, which is set to explode at a particular time. Similarly, this malware or virus can also bypass the security checks and wait for the exact moment to strike. Till the time of activation, they will lie dormant and wait for instruction from remote controllers. Usually, they are designed by professional hackers, or they will be working under the guidance of a Government.

Let us imagine a situation. If a stranger has deployed APT, then they can steal any type of data (financial info, business secret, and other sensitive information). The best example, you can have is of the Remote Access Trojan or RAT. The malware will lie dormant and wait for the activation by the controller. So, when it is life, the remote controller will gather information with ease without detection. This program has advanced network protocols for communication. And the information passed will be in very simple language. So, the firewall or software will not identify the information leakage.

So, how do you identify the working of an APT?

Imagine you are in Bangalore as the CEO of the start-up. You have an office only in the morning. And during the night, if you notice any log-ins, then the operation could be by the APT.

  • Then, you have the backdoor Trojans. The hackers have installed this malicious material throughout the network. So, the system access is granted. Even if you shut down and completely eliminate one from a single system, they can get access via the second system.
  • If you see a large number of data transmissions getting transferred to an unknown source, then your company info is getting leaked without your knowledge.
  • If you, by a stroke of luck, discover a large number of data concentrated in a single location, then it is a sure chance of leakage. All the data has been archived in an encrypted format.
  • If you are the owner of a company, it is vital to know the strongest points of your network. It is also necessary you have a computer security expert in your payrolls to take care of your company logins and other duties.


The hackers are professionals. Before attempting to infiltrate your system, they will first check against similar firewalls to ensure that the program passes by unnoticed. Then, if they achieve success, will gain entry to your system. If not, they will identify the vulnerabilities in their program and then they will try again.

AntiVirus Software

AntiVirus Software

Yes. It is a must. Agreed, there are some operating systems and programs which have inbuilt antivirus software. But, it is mandatory that the system should still have protection. Based on your company requirements and projects, your computer security expert should know the type of antivirus software that is needed.

Do you have a small company? With less than ten employees? Then install the best software in the market. And please update the recent versions. Every anti-virus software keeps updating as the numbers of malware increase. You should move in tandem with the recent updates. Do you have a small office in Pune? Do you need a software security expert? Then download the bro4u app, scan the profiles of the best software security experts in town and book as per your convenience. All the professionals on the list are qualified and verified technicians. You can even get your doubts clarified.

So have you read the article of how can your start-up identify malware attacks despite having anti-software? If you want to know more, our newsletter is free. You can subscribe to our newsletter for the recent updates.

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8 Amazing Ways to Optimize Magento 2 Store Speed




Magento 2 store

Do you know that Magento 2 was actually built to serve tons of users at a time? The store is lightweight but one shouldn’t use it without proper optimization. Otherwise, it can become a pain to really use and an overwhelming eyesore to even look at! A slow Magento 2 store can really be a bad experience. One of the worst things that a modern user doesn’t want is wasting time. Wastage of time leads to frustration and fewer sales. The frustration is similar to how we feel it when our Charter Spectrum Internet is slow. Just like a contemporary user hates lagging internet speeds, same is the case with any website, software, and store speed.

Moreover, Google clearly discriminates between the slow and fast websites. A slow Magento 2 is bad for Search Engine Optimization too. When a store is taking its good sweet time to fully load, Google is sure to notice it. And then, it will rank it lower than your competitor stores. This means fewer people will end up finding your store online. Let us help you make your Magento 2 store snappy to use and noticeably fast.

Speed Up Your Magento 2 Store with These 8 Useful Tips

Magento is famous for performance and speed issues. A user tries to make sure that their e-commerce solution is fast. The speed is one of the most significant factors when it comes to SEO rankings, sales, abandonment rate, and the overall shopping and user experience. According to Kissmetrics, if a site is earning $100,000 a day, a delay of even one second can cause a potential loss of $2.5 million every year. That’s a lot! Read the following tips to improve the speed noticeably:

  1. Get the Latest Version
  2. Implement a Content Delivery Network
  3. Utilize Browser Caching
  4. Utilize Caching
  5. Enabling Flat Catalog
  6. Page Caching
  7. Cleaning Up Magento Logs and Database
  8. Enabling Magento Compilation

Let’s elaborate on them.

Get the Latest Version

Consider it a rule of thumb to have the latest version of every software and store that you use. To experience the best performance and speed, you need to get your hands on the latest version. Updates include performance improvements and bug fixes. So, update your Magento to Magento 2 if you haven’t already. Following are the main steps of Magento upgrade:

  • Install the fresh version from the Magento file tree
  • Simply run the installer using the file tree on the top and upgrade the database
  • You have the option to move the custom extensions and themes from the older version to the recent version

Implement a Content Delivery Network

It is a wise idea to implement CDN or Content Delivery Network with Magento. It is one of the most effective and easiest hacks to instantly decrease load times. When you decide to do this, you are ensuring to serve your assets such as JavaScript, product images, CSS, and so on. You are making them better from multiple locations across the globe. This means you are ensuring quick delivery of your services or products to your shoppers.

Utilize Browser Caching

Browser caching is a form of catching. You can cleverly leverage it to experience better speed. You can add various snippets. For instance, you can enable Gzip compression or you can add expire headers. With Magento 2, the shipping is with a .htacess file. You can achieve the same goal with it.

Utilize Caching

Just like browser caching, you can implement various other forms of caching with Magento. Many people have experienced success by combining APC + NGINX + Varnish caching + Memcache. Magento 2 comes with a built-in, convenient caching module. However, third-party solutions seem to yield better results.

Enabling Flat Catalog

Generally, Magento 2 uses the Entity Attribute Value (EAV) model to store and save product and customer data. You can enable the flat catalog for products and categories and merge all the product data conveniently into a single table. It improves the performance by quickly responding to the MySQL queries. If you own an e-commerce store for above 1000 products, this can be really beneficial.

Page Caching

It is another very powerful way to speed up Magento 2. Page caching can take the load off the web server. It does it by serving pages, which are visited already from the cache. Hence, Magento 2 runs a lot faster. Of all the extensions available for page caching in Magento 2, we recommend the following:

  • Full Page Cache Pro
  • Zoom Full-Page Cache
  • Brim’s Full Page Cache

Cleaning Up Magento 2 Logs and Database

The default setting of Magento 2 keeps the logs up to around 180 days. Resultantly, your database grows quite large. But the good news is that you can change these settings. Change it to a smaller time frame like a couple of weeks (14 days). You can save an enormous amount of space like this.

Enabling Magento Compilation

With Magento 2, you get a compilation feature that can give it a performance boost up to as much as 50%. The default settings in Magento 2 makes the search process of app files in a particular order. And that remains the same for every time any page loads. This results in many reads of the filesystem. The compiler helps in reducing the reads as it copies all the files in a single directory. It also caches the ones, which they use frequently. Just like your Spectrum TV adds Spectrum HBO in the list of favorite channels by default because you watch it more frequently!

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Videoder apk | Download & Install Videoder App for Android!



Install Videoder App


Videoder is a powerful multimedia downloading tool for Android that is currently very popular among the users. The applications downloads videos, movies, images, audio files and other multimedia content from various authorized websites as searched by the user. The application features an extensive search engine that supports almost all kinds of videos from the famous video hosting sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Tumblr etc irrespective of their popularity and content.

Starting from the Bollywood and Hollywood entertainment videos to songs, comedy, animation, movies, trailers to all possible entertaining categories as well as the manually searched ones by URL, the application gives you access to all from different online sources. It supports HD quality videos to medium and lower resolution ones based on device storage space and supports file formats like MP4, FLV, and 3GP. The application via vidmate download is dedicated to the Android Platform while the PC and MAC users can also download it in their system.

Features of Videoder Application

  1. Unlimited Free Downloads

The application provides an opportunity to the users to download unlimited video, audio and movies from various trustable online streaming sites like Youtube, Tumblr, Dailymotion etc at extremely fast speed without spending a single amount of money and saves them directly to the device SD card. All you need is a good internet connection and ample memory space in your device.

  1. Downloading Feature

The application not just allows users to download video files but also supports various file formats and resolutions from normal to HD to let users choose their desired file format, resolution and then go for downloading. It also facilitates users to convert the video files in Mp3, Mp4, and other audio file formats as per their choice.

It features 50+ online streaming sites in its interface for downloading videos and movies and also located targeted result through manual keyword search from the existing online platforms even if it is not featured in application’s interface.

  1. Concurrent Audio and Video Download

The applications let users have multiple downloads of videos and well as the conversion of video into audio files at the same time without waiting for one download to finish for beginning another.

  1. Simple UI

The application features a very easy to use interface where the trending, popular and the most watched videos are featured in the home page for user’s convenience as well as the integrated channels for easy search. There are separate sections like ‘Running’, ‘Completed’, ‘Interrupted’ to track the download process. The integrated search bar at the top helps you search for any videos from the application’s interface.

How to Download Videoder Application

  1. a) Videoder application for Android can be downloaded from here vidmate apk featuring the latest version.
  2. b) To install the file, turn on the ‘Unknown Sources’ option from Settings and follow the installation process to launch the application in your android device.
  3. c) PC and MAC users can also download the application by using Bluestacks or other android emulators. First, they need to download the emulator and then install the APK file for Videoder to launch the application in their system.


Videoder is an amazing video downloading tool for Android dedicated to user’s preferences and also serves as a budget-friendly choice for being absolutely free of cost with strong performance.

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