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Turkey Creates a New Revenue Model for Internet Cafes in the Middle East




MenaPay allows 84% of the population of the Middle East who don’t use modern banking systems or online shopping, to convert cash to digital assets, in internet cafes in their regions.

20.000 Internet Cafe in the Middle East can now have an additional income by selling MenaCash with the agreement made with Handy Cafe, the largest internet cafe software company in the region.

MenaPay, the first interest-free payment platform, dealt with Handy Cafe which has 20,000 Internet Cafes in the Middle East, to offers a digital payment method suitable for Islamic finance for the first time to the people who do not use modern banking system and use only cash. Internet cafes in the Middle East can provide additional revenue by being as a part of this digital transformation. With Blockchain technology, MenaPay Payment Platform allows people to make secure and fast payment transactions in every area of their daily lives without using the banking systems. With the MenaPay’s Reseller Network, Internet Cafes will become MenaCash provider which is MenaPay’s digital money and thus will create a new revenue model for Internet Cafes.

Cash at 20,000 points can be easily converted to digital

With the agreement signed between MenaPay and Handy Cafe in January, more than 20,000 internet cafes using Handy Cafe software will be part of the MenaPay Reseller Network.

This new digital ecosystem eliminates the financial problems of the Middle East. Believing that people in the region are very important to reach MenaCash, which is the digital money of MenaPay in daily life, MenaPay CPO, ‘’As a result of our agreement with Handy Cafe, access to MenaPay’s digital currency MenaCash is much easier.

Our goal in the process of building the world’s largest cashless society is that people of the region can easily access MenaCash and transfer cash to the digital. With Handy Cafe’s extensive internet café network, we will make great progress in our aim. Internet cafes next to the exchange offices, jewelers and grocery stores will be able to use MenaPay’s dealer application easily and they will be able to create an additional source of income by selling MenaCash.

Internet cafes will provide an additional income to their existing business

MenaPay offers a brand new business model for local shops and businesses that will provide additional revenue for their current business. The 20,000 Handy Cafe points, MenaPay’s digital currency, and MenaPay, which are participating in the MenaPay Reseller Network, have eliminated the boundaries in the region for their local community as a MenaCash provider. 1 MenaCash can always be used as a common currency of the entire Middle East, and always equals $ 1. MenaCash can be used anywhere in the daily life where money is required.

E-commerce sites, restaurants, shopping malls, gas stations, and vending machines form some examples of the daily use of the MenaPay Payment Platform.

The Internet Cafes and shops participating in the Reseller Network will be able to reach a flexible income model by identifying their own commission rates as well as the expanding customer portfolio.

Thanks to MenaPay Dashboard merchants can see the records of customers

Thanks to MenaPay Dashboard, merchants can see records of customers. Using the MenaPay interface will be able to track the number, volume, customer ID, revenues of the transactions made via the MenaPay Platform and they can reach detailed reports in seconds. Merchants can access data about their customers’ payment history and their consumption habits. Reseller Network where they can regularly report their sales designed specifically for MenaCash sales.
MenaPay resellers can determine the commission rate over MenaCash and they can create their sales commission system according to price ranges. In addition, they can follow their consumer’s behaviors regularly and they will have a special platform to report their records.

Cultural integration will be ensured through the Islamic Finance Compliant and secure Blockchain system

MenaPay, which was put into service in the entire Middle East region, which has difficulty in accessing modern banking services as the first interest-free payment platform of the Middle East, provides easy control of user trust and system transparency thanks to the controllability of Blockchain technology. The MenaPay Payment Platform, which offers a transparent payment infrastructure with interest-free and more than 2 witness systems, completes all transactions with MenaCash safely and quickly via blockchain technology. Offering the first payment gateway and reseller dashboard in accordance with Islamic finance, MenaPay brings a revolutionary business model to the Middle East region by converting more than 20,000 Internet cafes to top-up point for smartphone users. This new business model is a brand new source of income alongside the existing business of physical stores. The new business model introduced by MenaPay leads the start and continuity of digital transformation in the region with the Reseller Network and new partnerships.

About MenaPay; MenaPay is the first payment system based on blockchain technology in the Middle East and Africa. MenaPay makes payments through the encrypted blockchain network instead of traditional payment methods. It provides a secure and transparent payment network for every user and every aspect of everyday life.

Launched in November 2017, the MenaPay project aims to provide advanced payment services to 420 million people living in 18 countries in the region. MenaPay will distribute 75% of its total revenue to MenaPay Token owners. This sets a new standard for the crypto-foreign exchange sector that goes far beyond the normal level of incentives available to users and investors.

For detailed information;
First and Last Name: Ece Şimşekalp
Tel: 0535 983 40 37

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Quicken Premier: New And Improved Features In 2019



Quicken Premier: New And Improved Features In 2019

Quicken Premier is known for the best close to home fund programming for its simple to-utilize stage just as amazing venture apparatuses. Likewise known for its straightforward planning highlights. It sets the bar for individual money programming. Utilizing Quicken Premier you can without much of a stretch synchronize your bank, venture records, and charge card straightforwardly to Quicken. Here we’ll examine Quicken Premier and its surveys in detail.

Let’s note down some important points:

  • With Quicken Premier, you can expand your ventures as it incorporates everything in Deluxe, in addition to:
  • Simply check how your ventures are performing with an educated purchase or move choices.
  • Look at for acknowledged and undiscovered additions and persistently refreshed statements.
  • Additionally helps in limiting assessments on ventures.

Access key highlights of Quicken Premier

  • With Quicken, you can see adjusts, records, spending plans, and exchanges.
  • You can see spending patterns and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  • You can without much of a stretch check venture execution.
  • Likewise, you can look exchange history.
  • It stays up with the latest.
  • Utilizing Quicken Premier, your information matches up crosswise over the work area, web, and portable.

2019 Reviews


The geniuses in Quicken is that it enables you to adjust with your money market funds. Additionally helps in track speculations and screen the execution of your venture portfolio.


You can’t get to your record on another PC since this is a work area application.

Quicken New Version in 2019

  • It can without much of a stretch deal with your cash in a hurry procedure crosswise over the work area, web, and furthermore on the portable. (NEW)
  • Fare register exchanges to Excel(NEW).
  • Email reports specifically from Quicken(NEW).
  • Effectively include charge pay “top choices” into new Bills dashboard.
  • You can see every one of your updates in a solitary bills dashboard(IMPROVED).
  • Gives refreshed 2018 duty rates and mileage rates(IMPROVED).
  • It additionally incorporates a large number of client asked for upgrades in addition to altogether enhanced unwavering quality.

The best thing about Quicken Premier is that you can deal with your cash anyplace. All things considered, this is out of the blue you can deal with your cash in a hurry with Quicken on the Web.

Improvised Factors Of Quicken 2019


When beginning another planning framework, physically entering many exchanges and conceivably missing one that will divert from your entire spending plan can be a cerebral pain. To evade that issue and potential human blunder, Quicken Premier matches up specifically to your monetary establishment and investment funds, exchanging exchanges, exchanges, and balances and consequently refreshing new data as it comes in. At the point when exchanges enter the framework, the program naturally orders them into spending plans dependent on the birthplace of the charge.

This doling out procedure is very exact, however, should the framework mistakenly surmise an exchange, you can alter it. You likewise can alter the classes as required, including the exchange type, gathering, and depiction. You can likewise change the expense detail, for example, posting a paycheck as profit pay. You can conceal any unused classifications to decrease mess.

Enliven Premier is expected to be utilized just on PCs. Revive offers a different program for Macs. Is anything but a program based program, yet rather expects you to download the product onto your PC, so you need to make sure you have enough room on your hard drive for the program.


One of the essential elements of the best home money related programming is the capacity to make a financial plan so you can remain over your accounts and avoid the red. Revive Premier makes this procedure snappy and simple to finish. You can choose which classifications to the spending plan, forgetting the ones you don’t require.

For example, stopping or tolls. A rundown of things to spend at that point populates, and you essentially enter as far as possible for every classification.

Most different administrations have green, demonstrating you’re inside spending plan, yellow indicating you’re nearing your point of confinement and red demonstrating which classifications have surpassed their breaking points. Be that as it may, Quicken doesn’t utilize yellow.

This can be a reward on the off chance that you realize you have a set farthest point for a particular bill or cost every month and would prefer not to see a visual cautioning when you realize you won’t go over the spending plan. In any case, for different classes, this might be less useful on the off chance that you need a notice when you’re nearing a cutoff.


Reports give you an outline of your ways of managing money and patterns just as your spending versus your pay. Stimulate Premier offers a few accommodating reports that you can put something aside for your records or use in different projects.

Report classes incorporate managing an account, spending, correlation, contributing and charge reports. The reports in these classes incorporate income, spending by the payee, spending plan and salary versus cost, among various different decisions. You can browse a foreordained date go, for example, month to date or year to date, or pick custom dates. Numerous reports are basic information and number reports, however, some likewise give visual portrayals of the information, similar to a bar or pie graph.

This money related administration programming gives charge reports, which you can fare to various assessment programs. This is the main programming in our lineup that has this capacity, and it very well may be unmistakable in addition to in case you’re searching for a program that makes it simple to exchange information from your financial plan to your duties.

Final Thoughts

In this Article, we have talked about over the Quicken Premier and its audits. Also, Quicken Premier offers more cash the board includes when contrasted with some other individual money programming application we utilized or checked on. Everything we can say is that it’s a general convenience, natural stage, and incredible highlights set it apart from its opposition.

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Create a Facebook Fan Page for Your Blog




Just a note to mention that my business broke up with Facebook and no longer has a fan page. However, this learning still works and you are welcome to set up a facebook page for your website or blog it you want. If you are want to Create a Facebook fan  page in your weblog may be anxiety-inducing, mainly if you’re looking to hold your real identification separate out of your running a blog identification. However, it doesn’t should be complicated – once you see how clean it’s far, you’ll wonder why you waited for goodbye.

Firstly you are logged into your personal Facebook account when you create your fan page.

When I made my first one, I was terrified that my last name, personal profile, or other information would be linked to it. After setting it up and testing form my son profile though, I learned that I was worried for nothing. It you have a different email address, It is going to be a lot more hard to control because of all the logging inside and out. Second, at the same time as a few human beings like to set up an ordinary Facebook profile with their weblog call, it’s better to installation a fan web page. That way your enthusiasts can “like” your weblog without having to add you as a pal, and the page capabilities may be simpler to govern.

How to Make a Facebook Fan Page for Your Blog

  1. Go to create a page.
  1. Click on brand or product in the upper right box. You will be prompted to choose a category.
  2. In the case of the dropdown, select website.
  1. Type in your blog name under the category dropdown box, check the box to agree to Facebook and click get started.
  1. You will be requested to offer some fundamental statistics about your net page. Fill in an outline, your net web page URL when you have one, and pick out a completely unique Facebook URL to your fan net web page. You’ll moreover be asked if your net web page represents a real commercial business enterprise, product, or emblem – no concerns if yours doesn’t! It certainly depends on whether or not you bear in mind your weblog a corporation or logo, however answering “no” is first-rate in case your weblog is only interesting.
  1. the next step, you will be upload a profile picture. If you have a logo, this would be a good time to upload and you can always add a new picture later.
  1. You’ll be taken to your page, which has the admin panel across the top. you are free to the various settings and options. There are all kinds of information to help you understand what to do.
  1. you are all done. There are some other things you will need to do and like mention your facebook fan page on your blog with a link button

You can contact Facebook Tech Support for any help

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How to Solve Yahoo Email Sending and Receiving Issue



How to Solve Yahoo Email Sending and Receiving Issue

Yahoo works proficiently as a search engine as well lets you send or receive emails. You can use the search engine to look for any information you want as well share the information via emails. There is also an option to create filters for your Yahoo account as per your convenience.

There comes a time when you are not able to receive or send emails from Yahoo and this can be very frustrating.  Nevertheless, there are several ways using which we can definitely fix this issue and Yahoo Support Number is one of the options from where you can get required technical help.

Before proceeding to the troubleshooting process, make sure that the internet connection you are using is working fine as it can be one of the reasons for the concerned issue. Also, there can be several other reasons which are not letting you send or receive the emails through Yahoo.

Given below are the steps which can be applied to resolve the issue while sending emails:

  • Check in the sent folder if the mail has been sent otherwise it will be in the drafts folder.
  • Make sure you have entered the correct email address otherwise you will receive a sending error.
  • It can also happen that the receiver is receiving your emails in the spam folder and is not checking it.
  • Ask receiver if he has mistakenly added your email address to the block list.

If you are not able to receive emails, follow the given instructions:

  • Check your Yahoo account for any error. Send yourself a mail and check if you are getting any error.
  • Check account settings of your Yahoo account that if you have mistakenly added the sender to the block list.
  • Go through the spam folder. It might happen that you can receive some of your genuine emails in the spam folder.
  • Check the filters you have set for your account. Setting a wrong filter can send your mail to the wrong folder.

For any further queries or doubts, we are here to solve all your issues with Yahoo mail with the support of our experienced staff. Just use our Yahoo Phone Number to get all the issues fixed by our tech experts. The technical staff has the required experience as they are serving Yahoo users from a very long time. Hence, you can contact us anytime you encounter an issue with the Yahoo email client.

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