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Top 10 Apple Accessories in 2019



Top 10 Apple Accessories in 2019

These days Smartphone has become the most important gadget in our life. Whether you have an Android, Windows or iPhone you will need few accessories to make more from your smartphone.

There are tons of useful smartphone accessories available in market but if own an iPhone or other Apple devices there accessories may be different from Android and Windows.

Apple is one of the biggest tech giants having a huge user base worldwide. I have created a worthy list of top 10 Apple accessories to buy in 2019 and if you use a shipping service, you can easily get it shipped anywhere in the world.

1.Power Bank

Power Bank

No matter whichever smartphone you have; running out of power will clearly not be great idea. iPhones are great but one of the most common cons of these devices is that they run out of juice quickly if compared to Android smartphones.

You will need a quality power bank to ensure your iPhone or iPad never run out of juice. I have listed Anker PowerCore 20100mAh high capacity power bank. This ultra portable power bank comes with PowerIQ technology which charges most of your devices on the go.


  • Power – 20100mAh
  • PowerIQ technology
  • Output – 4.8A
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Compatibility – iPhone, Kindle, Sony Xperia, Google Nexus, Samsung

2.Multi-Port Charger

Power Bank

We are getting fond of technology and spend a lot on buying latest gadgets and gizmos these days. Charging multiple devices at a time using a single output can be both difficult and messy.

You must look for better and more convenient accessories to charge your Apple devices. A multi-port charger can be proved worthy in charging multiple devices at a time. This Beikell 4 USB port charger comes with fast charging technology.


  • Fast charging technology
  • Charge 4 USB devices simultaneously
  • Universal charging
  • Ideal for travelers
  • Compatibility – iPhone, iPad, Samsung Smartphone, DSLRs, Gaming Consoles, Tablet, MP3, MP4 and more.

3.Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless Charging Pad

Gone are the days when you need to deal with the messy wired chargers. Now you can charge your iPhone and other Apple devices wirelessly using latest wireless charging pad.

I have included this Belkin smart wireless charging pad here. This charging device is specially designed and optimized for iPhones. The Belkin wireless charger is also compatible for almost every QI enabled devices including Samsung, Sony, LG and more.

4.Screen Protector

Screen Protector

iPhone itself is an expensive tech product and it will be very difficult for anybody to afford a broken screen. Whenever you buy a Smartphone make sure to cover it with a quality screen protector.

Nowadays screen protectors are made with extremely hard and thick tempered glasses. These screen protectors are capable in protecting your iPhone’s screen from minor crashes and accidents.


  • Fingerprint resistance
  • 9H hardness
  • Scratch resistance
  • Bubble free
  • 3D touch
  • High sensitivity

5.Apple Watch

Apple Watch

What will be better than pairing your iPhone or other Apple devices with an Apple watch? That will be really great, no doubt. These watches can do a lot of things despite of their small size.

You can make calls, send text messages, emails, check weather, time, and location, and track your fitness and many more. Smart watches are one of the most innovative gadgets of 21st century and being smarter with every passing day.


  • GPS
  • Heart sensor
  • Digital crown
  • Dual-core processor
  • Gyroscope and accelerometer
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth available
  • Water resistance up to 50 meter

6.Car Adapter

Car Adapter

Most of the four wheeler don’t have inbuilt adapter for charging. If your vehicle is one of them then you can gift your vehicle a good quality adapter for charging your smartphone and other devices while driving.

I have featured an Anker high speed charging car adapter here. This adapter is also comes with PowerIQ technology for fast charging. This car charger is compatible for most of the Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.


  • High-speed charging
  • Compact design
  • LED illumination
  • Dual USB charging ports
  • Wattage – 24W
  • Output current – 5V

7.VR Headset

VR Headset

Virtual Reality has become very famous over few years and now you can also experience it using a quality VR headset. Just pair it with your iPhone and watch breathtaking videos and play VR games. Explore the world of virtual reality with this DesTek VR headset which provides 103 degree VR view.


  • HD lenses to protect your eyes
  • 103 degree VR view
  • Anti-reflective
  • Great VR gaming experience
  • Comfortable wearing
  • Compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Moto, LG, HTC, Huawei smartphones



When it comes to top Apple accessories you can’t ignore AirPods. This new generation earphones are totally wireless and provide best quality crystal-clear sound.

This wireless earphone is equipped with twin beamforming microphones, optical sensors, accelerometer, motion-detector and many other necessary sensors to deliver best performance to its users.

9.Lens Kit

Lens Kit

Your iPhone camera is great no doubt but it can be upgraded using quality external lenses. The best part of these lenses is that they can be attached easily and makes it possible to capture superior quality images in less effort.

The Olloclip lens kit included here is developed to work with all of your iPhone’s camera apps. This lens kit is great for capturing elegant pictures, videos, panoramas, time-lapse and even 360 degree VR photos.


  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Fisheye, Marco 15x and super wide capturing
  • Made with premium element
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with all camera apps

10.Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick

This list will be incomplete without a selfie stick. Selfie is old; it’s time to click gruopfies using a good quality selfie stick. I have featured a selfie stick kit in this post having a selfie stick, tripod and a Bluetooth remote controller.


  • Lightweight and extendable
  • Multi-functional
  • Compatible with smartphones, GoPro and DSLR cameras
  • Non-slip handle
  • Bluetooth remote
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How To Fix The Issue Of Server Connection Failure In Yahoo Mail On iPhone?



Connection Failure In Yahoo Mail On iPhone

While accessing the Yahoo Mail Account on your iPhone, you may encounter the server failure errors. There may be many reasons behind this issue in the Yahoo Mail. Mostly this issue occurs due to improper settings iOS Mail app or any other error in the Yahoo Mail Account. There is no need to worry about this situation as it can be easily resolved just by following some easy steps recommended by Yahoo Support Team. It is advisable to check your internet connection and your account settings before moving further to the troubleshooting steps.

Methods to resolve the issue of the connection failure in Yahoo Mail on iPhone:

Method 1: Check whether your account works without using the iOS Mail app

  •    Firstly, open your preferred browser on the computer
  •    Then, just make a login to your Yahoo mail account by entering the required credentials
  •    After this, compose a new mail and add your email address in the “To” field
  •    Send this email and check if you have received this mail within the 5 minutes.

Method 2: By updating the Operating System

Apple frequently releases the updates to the operating system. You are required to make sure that you are using the updated Operating System in order to get rid of any issue which may arise due to this reason.

Method 3: By removing and Re-adding Yahoo Mail Account to the iOS Mail

You need to remove your Yahoo Mail Account first and then re-add it to the iOS Mail. This prevents the chances of settings of Yahoo Mail Account in the app to be corrupted. After removing your Yahoo Mail Account, you can again add it to the iPhone Mail.

Method 4: By adding the Yahoo Mail to iPhone Mail by using IMAP

  •    If the process of automatic setup doesn’t work to view the correct information of the server then you can type in the settings manually.
  •    For this, remove your yahoo mail Account from the iPhone mail
  •    After this, reset your account in iPhone Mail manually by using the IMAP settings of Yahoo Mail
  •    If the issue still persists, there are chances of something wrong with the device.

The methods explained above will resolve the issue of server connection failure in Yahoo Mail on iPhone. If you are still facing any trouble related to it, directly contact the experts for right guidance.

Get in touch with the technical team of experts through Yahoo Mail Support 

Users facing any issue related to Yahoo Mail Account can easily contact us through Yahoo Mail Support available round the clock. Get prompt solutions from the dedicated, experienced and well-qualified technicians at an affordable rate as our main aim is to provide 100% satisfaction to the users.

Author Bio : Hey, this is Barbara!  I have been working as a Digital Marketing Manager for last 9 years. I have written many articles and blogs related to the issues faced by different email users. For the quick resolution of your issues related to Yahoo Mail.  

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How To Make Your Mac Device Restart Automatically Whenever There Is Power Failure?



Mac Device restart automatically

Sudden power failure in your device may lead to the loss of important data and files. And you may have to restart your device again and again. But thanks to the Mac OS X, your files, and other data are completely safe in case of power failure.

Mac users can make their System to restart automatically whenever there is a power failure. This is very beneficial when you are working on some important project or data. Our certified technicians are available 24*7*365 to resolve your issues There is no need to boot, the computer for this process. You can read the below-mentioned steps to configure auto restart on your Mac device:

How do I stop programs from opening on startup on my Mac?

  1.    First Mac users have to go in the System Preferences section to make necessary changes. You need to take some precautions so that any other settings not get disturbed or changed. Click on Apple from the Context Menu visible on the uppermost left corner of the screen.  System setting is used for making the required changes to fix the issue.
  2.    Click on the Energy Saver option under System Preferences. Users will find 2 options there including Battery and Power Adapter. Turning on Mac energy saver mode helps you save battery and have an extra backup in case of shortage of electric power supply.
  3.    Under Energy saver, you will find Power tab located showing the option to configure MacBook for auto restart after the power failure.
  4.    Now just select the option of Startup Automatically which will enable this function and your MacBook will restart automatically without any notification after the power failure. Now you can enjoy the uninterrupted running of you Mac Laptop.

How do I stop email from opening on startup Mac?

However, you should be very careful while performing these steps to avoid any other issue. It will be better to take help of Certified Technicians if you are facing any issue. This process can be applied to all Mac computer devices running on Mac OS X. For further query or Support on this, contact Apple Support . For all your queries on making your Mac restart automatically after the power failure or other issues related to Mac,

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7 Drawing Tips for Beginners



7 drawing tips for beginners

A kid’s initially jotting is something which it attempts to express on the off chance that you give a pencil in his grasp. Drawing is generally extremely basic and simple expertise and is something with which you can have a ton of fun. It is likewise generally not an over the top expensive side interest and can begin with paper and a pencil. It can go on till securing exorbitant pen and tablets – a PC equipment through which you can draw on your PC. It is expensive; anyway, the exactness for flawlessness is high.

In contrast to prior days, getting data on illustration and outlining is simple and reasonable. You can seek data on Google and get different destinations which instruct drawing. Likewise, these days this work of art is preferred by numerous youths. Like all other works of art, with consistent and deliberate practice one can turn into an extraordinary craftsman.

Recorded beneath are few illustration tips which can enable anybody to enhance their expertise and turn into a craftsman. Perusing and rehearsing these in your day by day schedule will enhance your ability.

  1. If you are drawing and you are correct given individual, guarantee that the light is from your left side. This will keep your hand shadow falling on your paper.
  2. The first advance when you work on illustration – you should work on illustration line, straight line, bent line, dotted lines, and your hand ought to comply with the order of your musings and dreams. You should control your hand and you ought to have the capacity to bring out what you need.
  3.  You should additionally create drawing circles, oval shapes, crossed lines and strong and thick lines. Much the same as how an infant creates from creeping stage to strolling stage, your craft ought to likewise create well ordered.

If you are looking for lastest entertainment news, business news, health news, technology news and more you can check daily mail news headlines where you stay update with all latest news.

  1.  These lines and bends resemble columns to a building. The establishment ought to be sufficiently able to have a decent building; comparably these underlying little lines and bends will go far in your vocation. You ought to likewise begin controlling the weight on your pencil. You ought to have the capacity to get the right haziness and thickness the lines what you draw.
  2.  Initially, you won’t have the capacity to draw a circle or an oval shape accurately, in any case, don’t get disheartened. You should practice and practice until the point when you get flawlessness. You ought to likewise keep every one of your illustrations cautiously from the begin to know how you are making strides. You could likewise date your portrayals and safeguard it for what’s to come.
  3. You should gather in the territory where you believe you are feeble. In the event that you are not ready to shade appropriately, adapt more. You can experiment with your very own style of shading. Manufacture your very own uniqueness, never duplicate from another craftsman.
  4. Last however not the least, utilize great quality materials. 4B and 6B pencils and great diagram paper or scratch pad with great quality paper ought to be adequate, to begin with. Quality unquestionably matters consequently never trade off on quality.
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