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SEO Audit: SEO Audit of your website



SEO Audit of your website

Prior to the effective implementation of a natural referencing strategy, it is necessary to sift through the strengths and weaknesses inherent in your website but also to analyze the winning strategies of your competitors.

SEO Audit: Web analytics

This essential step is none other than the SEO Audit. When you want to create a website or update an existing version, the SEO Audit is the best weapon to add to its strategic arsenal, and for sustainable efficiency.

This short guide, who is intended to be exhaustive on natural referencing audits, will guide you to become fully aware of the interest of the SEO audit as well as the potential positive spin-offs for your site or your business.

SEO Audit

How to define SEO audit

Before you can get the most out of the SEO audit, it is necessary to establish the basics and to set the definition of the SEO audit. This is to submit your website to professional expertise, usually an SEO specialist, who will conduct a complete and accurate analysis of the latter to determine the areas to improve and arouse the craze of your prospects. This audit will highlight:

  • The technical problems of natural referencing
  • The structural problems inherent to the website
  • SEO problems on the page
  • Potential off-site problems
  • User experience issues
  • Information on the competitive market

An audit is a standard procedure that must take place regularly. This is essentially a form of “checkup” for your website.

What is the purpose of an SEO audit?

Presented in the form of an imposing document, it is an analysis that aims to somehow make an inventory of your website (audit on-site / off-site), a parallel with your sites competitors while aiming to optimize you’re positioning as well as your keywords.

In the light of the various information collected in the context of the SEO Site, it will be possible for us to drastically improve our SEO by implementing the recommendations of the professional whose services we have added. The audit is therefore a purely strategic document for natural referencing that establishes a real pay strategy based on Search Engine Optimization whose goal is to position your website at the top.

What are the elements to analyze on a website?

It would be a twist to reality to say that it is possible to adopt the same strategy for any site. Each site has its own components, be it at the architectural level, in terms of objectives or target. It is necessary to adjust your analysis to the identity of the site in question. However, some unavoidable elements must be submitted for analysis for any SEO audit.

Here are some of the criteria to evaluate for any SEO audit:

  • The keywords and the semiotic universe of the site are subjected to analysis in order to identify the most convincing requests and likely ultimately to generate traffic.
  • Evaluate the on-site and off-site strategies of your main competitors. The goal is to inspire and perfect them to become the top search engines.
  • The history of the site can be observed through the study of performance in terms of positioning and traffic. The strategy will be significantly different as the audited site is already performing well.
  • The study of semantics, content, markup or the architecture of the site can improve the construction of the site and proceed to its optimization, etc.
  • Technical analysis assesses browsing speed, mobile compatibility or the presence of rich snippets. The overall performance of the site will influence the visibility and crawling of Google. Quality control also involves analyzing anchors and backlinks.

A large number of key criteria are therefore scrutinized in order to draw the necessary conclusions in terms of natural referencing.

What recommendations following the SEO audit

The optimization study with natural referencing will make it possible to put in place decisive recommendations. Here are some of these recommendations:

  • Optimization of the SEO architecture of the site or flattening of the internal mesh according to internal requests
  • Troubleshooting HTML markup and semantic level: meta description and title tag
  • Work upstream on each page to optimize the keywords. This includes texts, images but also videos
  • Resolution of mobile incompatibilities, slowness of sites
  • The introduction of rich snippets will be able to maximize the click through rate of the page in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and favor content more supported by the crawler
  • It is essential to implement a net linking strategy to improve the referencing of the website
  • The creation of additional parts on the site as a blog
  • Track Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Following the SEO audit and the implementation of any SEO exhortations, it will be essential to monitor the performance optimization of the site submitted to the audit. Special attention should be paid to:

  • Global traffic- keywords
  • The number of requests
  • Check markup and http codes

Performance indices are tracked over the long term in order to keep a close eye on trends. It is a good idea to submit your site to a qualitative analysis before making any major changes.


The SEO audit will allow you to highlight the few improvements to be made for your site in order to lay the foundations of a winning method in terms of SEO. This is one of the most crucial steps to your success without which it will be difficult to position yourself at the top in the SERP’s.

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The Most Effective Content Strategy for SEO services



The Most Effective Content Strategy for SEO services

Search engine optimizations as well as content marketing are two of the most significant techniques which are accessible to the modern marketer. However, an SEO content marketing strategy may really aid take your brand’s marketing to the next level.

Content marketing strategy focuses on the tactics as well as execution—the actual creation as well as editing of content that’s specially created for the purposes of marketing. This could be anything from blog posts to the confirmation page, as well as is aimed at building a trusted connection between a company’s products or services as well as the market that might end up buying them. It’s about making content that people not only want to consume, but that will also aid them through the sales funnel.

By optimizing your site as well as content for the search engines, your business may help improve online visibility. Most consumers begin the buying process by researching relevant topics on Google as well as other search engines. By ranking for related keywords, you are aiding relevant buyers search your brand in their time of need.

Research your target market.                                                

The first thing you’ll require to do while making an SEO content marketing strategy is to research your target market. If you wish your SEO as well as content marketing efforts to be successful, it’s vital that they are focused on reaching the audience that’s best suited for your products or services. That’s where target market research comes in.

Utilize the keywords

Utilize the keywords your audience is finding for. Search engines recognize synonyms and similar terminology, so utilizing related keywords in multiple pieces of content helps the bots know what topics your site covers.

Offsite references, reviews, and social links

These play a role in how your content performs on Search Engine Optimization Services.  Inbound links to your site are still significant, and so is a logical sitemap with internal linking among pages.

The Channels Where It’ll Be Published

Just as you may generate content in diverse formats, you’ll also have different channels you can publish to. Channels may include owned properties, such as your website and blog; and social media properties, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Run a content audit.

Most people begin out with blog posts, however if you want to venture out as well as try producing other content pieces, think which ones you want to make. For instance, if you’ve been performing weekly blog posts for the past year, making an ebook that distil all your blog posts into one crucial guide would be a one way to provide information in a diverse format. We’ll go over several types of content you may utilize further down on the list.

If you’ve been in business for a while, review your content marketing efforts as well as the results from it in the last year. Figure out what you can do another way in the upcoming year as well as set new goals to reach.

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How you write a content marketing strategy for your business



content marketing strategy

Content Marketing is the most popular and easiest marketing strategy to distribute or sell valuable products via sharing content. The content would create awareness about the brand or business. This could perform in several ways through blogs, article, pictures, and videos.  Content marketing is the easiest strategy to create awareness in people. Therefore, mostly marketers prefer it nowadays.

Content Marketing could be anyway from sharing videos about the services or through visual content. It will work in every way. Having numerous advantages from taking a brand to higher leads, to generate more sales content marketing have so many other advantages. As content marketing is the simplest way to promote a brand, there is also a need to understand and know some of the marketing strategies as well.

Not everyone is an expert in content marketing; to all new marketers, there is a need to learn at least the basics of content marketing. This article will describe the systematic guide on how to write a content marketing strategy.

To build up and write a strong content marketing strategy some simple steps are as follows:

Create an Outline

The very first step for writing a content marketing strategy is to start with an outline. Creating an outline for your written work makes it easier to perform the writing task and provides step-by-step guidance about writing the content.

The outline must involve all the detailed titles about the content from start to end and makes a reader understand what the article will contain. Moreover, it must be responsive to the most frequent queries like what is this content about. What kind of content will it provide? What are the main objectives?

Including all these aspects in the outline will help both the reader and the writer. A writer can write easily according to the outline and a reader can understand the content easily. Therefore, it should be the first priority.

A precise Introduction

The next step of writing must involve an introduction. The introduction must not be too long that it simply distract the reader and blow his mind away from the actual topic. It should be brief to a limited extent but must be accurate. Accurate enough to describe the actual meaning and aim of content marketing, as well as why this brand needs awareness.

For all the content writers it is necessary to understand that introduction is key of any type of content. Therefore, neglecting it is not a good idea. Content without an introduction is useless, as it serves to be the base of the content.


Define the main Objective

Another important step for writing a content marketing strategy is to define and explain the main objective of content marketing. The objective here means what type of nature is your business or online store and what is the main purpose of the marketing. Why is there a need to create a marketing strategy?

This makes a sense in a way that it will provide the main aim or purpose of the marketing. Describe the detailed description of the brand, and what makes it different and unique from others?

Explain what services you are offering

This step must include details about your products and services. What kind of business is this? In addition, what it will involve? After describing the nature of the business or store, go for the product and service description. This will be helpful for a reader to understand clearly about the brand.

As this will create awareness in people about the brand as well as it will raise the chances for better sales. This step will be perfect in every way for both the reader and the writer. It will give a chance to the writer to describe every single detail about the product and services.

Highlight the important features of the Services

Make a section of all the important key features of your services. This will be helpful in attracting more audience towards your brand as it will point out the unique features of the service. This will also be helpful in a way that people who are searching for specific products having those features can easily find you. Which in return is a great achievement?

Moreover, you can make use of keywords and search tags for a purpose that will increase your visibility to reach a maximum number of people. Make use of more highly searched tags that will be more helpful for generating more sales and increase the visibility of the content.

Do not forget to Summarize

The last step while writing a content marketing strategy to make it better is to summarize and conclude the result. This will make content appear great and makes it easy for a reader to conclude what this content is offering. The summary or a conclusion for any kind of article is a necessary step that requires special attention too.

Although, it must be precise and accurate to the extent that it describes everything to the reader in a few words or lines. As most people prefer to know what the whole article summarizes. Therefore, it should be more accurate.


Content marketing is a great way to promote any type of business and brand online and it is widely known to be the best marketing strategy. While writing a content marketing strategy special care and attention are required. As not everyone is an expert in writing, therefore, this article described proper guidance to the beginners to write a marketing strategy in a perfect way.

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5 Amazing Tips to Increase Blogging Productivity



Increase Blogging Productivity

Being creative comes at a cost. As a Blogger you should try hard to set your mind in a place and falling in love with an idea. There may arise so many difficulties or problems when you try so hard to become a successful blogger and many of you can relate to this as well.

Might be possible you can’t find easily and exactly what you want to write about or you might get distracted super easily while doing some research on the net. Alternatively, you might be suffering from a mental block. There can be so many such reasons which can lack down your productivity.

Ask yourself. Do have ambitions set for writing? On the other hand, do you have the proper tools that you use for being productive? Below are mentioned some of the tips and techniques which will help you build a strong and productive blogging journey. There can also be productivity tools, which will help you, be you are best like FindFocus, which help you be productive and make money working online.

1-         Write

When it comes to writing do, you ever stared at a blank page when started writing, and have no idea what to write? ‘Blank Paper Complaint’ is also one of the causes of the lack of productivity. Writing becomes easy when you know exactly what you want to write or when you have an idea in mind about what you are going to write and getting started often becomes a problem for bloggers.

For this a practiced advice to get start blogging is Just Get Started, this may sound weird but it is the best way to write. Open up and start writing with a blank page and write what comes in your mind. Direct towards the topic you need to write about. But the best practice is to on your own this is the jump start to your thinking process. This method of writing is called free and has been used for a year to enhance all types of mental block.

Freewriting has the best advantage. It provides you treasure to be polished in the future. Let’s keep it simple. Before writing you just think of the stuff which has no sense. You write stuff that may be silly and have no worth but it doesn’t matter. Reading it in the future may activate something that you have saved in the past. Reading it again may enable you to start writing and this is the first step of getting started.

The next thing you should keep in mind which will maintain your interest is Don’t Stop Writing. Write on a daily basis whatever comes in your mind. Write for a set period of time even if you write a little content. Keep practicing on every single day and never quit because you will find your worth one day, but if you quit and stop writing there may be chances that one day you will be sitting in front of a blank screen finding out how to get started.

2-         Avoid Distraction

Distraction can also be a common problem of lack of productivity for bloggers or writers. This can also happen due to a reason especially when you sat in front of your computer screen and start doing some research online.

This online place can also become distracting for you sometimes if you are not careful enough. Social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. is a great place for writers or bloggers to do some kind of networking.

You can find a lot of work, stuff and even clients from there if you are a freelance writer but this can become distracting for you sometimes as well. But when you are writing you are supposed to keep away from these things, the best practice is to turn off the notification you may not get disturbed.

No doubt social media is a great place to get answers of your questions and suggestion for the idea flow of your work, but once you get your answer or suggestion the best advice is to leave that place immediately. It’s not good to stay there and waiting for the answer you may continue your work.

3-         Plan

The third step in increasing productivity includes a Plan. Once you have your vision clear in mind its time to plan some important things. The best advice for you is to spend a few moments in preparing an outline so you can write with a clear vision in mind.

The outline provides you ease of work and can help you to divide your work into small chunks so you do not feel any burden of writing. An example can be writing an article of 2000 words on furniture shops, you might start with the major five topics you want to cover in this article.

This will make your task easier if you divide it into parts like writing a 200-word introduction, 100 words for the conclusion and the rest of the words to cover in other headings, which are less than 500 words. Planning does not take much time it will simpler your tasks in a way.

4-         Set Goals and Schedule

Like all other jobs Blogging itself is a job which needs proper times and goals to set to achieve a higher rank. While blogging you are your own boss, so it is important for you to set your own deadlines and goals.

If you schedule things in a manner and order then you will be achieving your goals in a short time and can a set benchmark in the blogging world within short time-span.

Goals are also important as the schedules are. A schedule can help you set a proper time of doing work. While goals help you know how much work needs to be done in a given schedule. Therefore, to increase your productivity you should take these two things together with a balance between them both.

5-         Use Productivity Tools

There can be a number of tools, which writers use to increase their productivity. Some of them you also should know.

Stay focused

Stay focused is a chrome plugin, which helps you avoid distractions like browsing Facebook for no reason while searching out for something. With this tool, you can easily avoid distractions and can be more focused on your writing.


It is a place to store information also an amazing place to organize projects such as amazing articles. You can also add other people working with you in Trello which is the best part of this tool.


Evernote can be the best place to store some of the free write work. You can clip anything you see online with the help of Evernote. You can also create a notebook for each project and can clip pieces of research into the project. 


In this article, there are shown five ways through which you can increase your productivity in blogging. And each step describes in details how you can be good at blogging on your own. Furthermore, this article focuses on enhancing your writing skills by not stopping or quitting for one day when your work has worth.

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