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Outlook Errors Have Been Detected In The File OST 2010 / 2013 / 2016



Outlook Errors Have Been Detected In The File OST 2010 / 2013 / 2016

Fix ‘Microsoft Outlook Errors Have Been Detected in the File OST’ – Top 5 Methods

OST file plays an important role when the user needs to use Outlook in offline mode. Basically, OST file makes its possible for the users to work offline when Outlook is not connected to Exchange Server. However, the situation becomes complicated when ‘Outlook errors have been detected in the file OST’ error message occurs. Due to the occurrence of error the user is not able to access the OST file and workflow of the user also gets interrupted. Additionally, if the issues are not resolved immediately then it can also lead to data loss problems. Thus, in this blog, we are going to discuss different methods to fix Outlook errors have been detected in the file OST issue.


Reasons Behind ‘Outlook Data File Errors Have Been Detected In The File OST 2010/ 2013/ 2016 Problem

  • OST file infected by malware or virus.
  • Abrupt system shutdown.
  • Incorrect termination of Outlook application.
  • Synchronization issues while synchronizing OST file with MS Exchange Server.
  • Corruption in OST file due to exceeding file size limit.

Methods to Resolve ‘Outlook Errors Have Been Detected in the File OST’ Issue

In this section, we are going to explain different methods using which the user can fix error associated with the OST file.

Method 1: Restore From Backup

The user has to replace the corrupted OST file with the backed up copy of the file. To implement this method the user must have the latest and complete backup of the data.

Method 2: Repair OST file via Inbox Repair Tool

To repair issues related to Outlook OST files Microsoft provides an inbuilt utility that is ScanOST.exe. The user has to follow the step by step process given below to repair OST file using Inbox Repair Tool.

  1. Open Windows Explorer and type scanost.exe in the search box.
  2. Now, press Enter key. The system will start searching for Inbox Repair Tool. Once the utility is recognized, click on Run as Administrator option.
  3. Click on the Yes button in the User account control dialog box.
  4. After that, click on the Browse button to insert the corrupt OST file.
  5. Finally, click on the Start button. The tool will start checking that the OST file is corrupt or not.
  6. If the file is corrupt, then click on the Repair button. The software will start the repair process.

Note: The ScanOST.exe software is not able to fix server corruption issues. Moreover, the tool is not available in Outlook versions beyond 2007.

Method 3: Clearing all Offline Data within OST File and Recreating it

Sometimes, removing all offline data present in the OST file can fix the Outlook error has been detected in the file ost issue. Thus, to clear the offline data the user has to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. First, you need to locate the OST file on your system.
  2. Right-click on the folder that contains OST file.
  3. Select Properties. A dialog box will appear, you have to choose Clear Offline Items option and then click on the OK button.
  4. Launch Outlook> Click on Send/Receive tab.
  5. Click on Update Folder.

After implementing all the steps, the user has to delete the OST file. When the Outlook will synchronize with Exchange, a new OST will be created automatically. All the Exchange mailbox data will be downloaded into it.

Method 4: Creating New Outlook Profile

Sometimes, there are issues with the user’s default Outlook profile due to which the error occurs. Thus, to fix the error, the user needs to create a new default Outlook profile.

  1. First, delete your current default Outlook profile.
  2. After that, create a new profile.
  3. Now, set the newly creates profile as the Outlook default profile.

Expert Solution to Resolve Microsoft Outlook Errors Have been Detected in The File.OST 2010 / 2013 / 2016

After implementing all the above methods, if the user is not able to resolve the OST file issue. Then the user can convert OST file into PST file format using an automated solution that is the best OST to PST Converter Software. The software allows the user to convert OST files such as emails, contacts, tasks, calendars etc. into PST file format. Additionally, the software is integrated with various features such as user-friendly interface, high-performance, backup and extract all the Offline OST file data etc. Moreover, both technical and non-technical users can work with software in an efficient way.

Final Words

Many Outlook users face ‘Outlook errors have been detected in the file OST 2010 / 2013 / 2016’ issue while working with OST file. To avoid more severe conditions, it becomes important to resolve error as soon as possible. Thus, in the above section, we have introduced different methods to fix the issue with the OST file. However, it is recommended to use an automated and instant solution i.e. OST to PST Converter to eliminate data loss issues.

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40 Tricks To Master Telegram to The Maximize



40 Tricks To Master Telegram to The Maximize

Telegram is the most complete messaging application. In his eternal struggle against WhatsApp may not have achieved so many users but a long time ago that offers many more possibilities. Today we have to do a thorough review of Telegram, with all the tricks that we have been learning over several years of use

Here we made a list 40 Telegram tricks. It is an extensive list but it has been easy since Telegram has hundreds of options in almost all the sections. Tricks related to the chats, with our contacts, with the sending of files, with GIFs, stickers, storage in the cloud, call… without forgetting the best channels and bots.

The application founded by Pavel Durov in 2013 has constantly evolved and we have no doubt that it will continue to do so, so in the future, we will have to add new tricks. Its application is used by more than one hundred million users around the world and the satisfaction rate is very high. If you still have doubts or want to make the most of it, here are the best tips and tricks for Telegram.

  1. Saved messages: chatting with oneself was never so useful

One of the classic tricks of Telegram is to open a chat with oneself. For what? Mainly to send all kinds of files quickly and synchronize between all devices. Perfect for sending files between two phones or to pass screenshots or photos between your phone and your PC. It also serves to save notes, messages or links that we want to read later. Recently this option has been updated and now this personal chat is called “Saved messages”.

  1. Unlimited storage

Telegram is not just a messaging application. It also offers unlimited storage in the cloud to save thousands of photos and files. All from a very simple interface and compatible with all types of files. In fact, Telegram allows sending files of up to 1.5GB.

  1. Send voice notes and video messages

If in WhatsApp we have the popular voice notes, in Telegram we can send all kinds of sound and multimedia files. If we keep the microphone button pressed we will send a voice note, but if we also click we can send an associated video. In addition to these video messages, we can activate from Settings the option of Elevate to speak to be able to send voice notes only when lifting the mobile.

  1. How to write in bold or italic

It will not be the most complex trick in the world but we are sure that many will want to know something like that. To write in bold, italic or monospace we must simply place a series of symbols before and after each word as if it were Markdown. In particular double asterisk for bold, cursor for italics and triple quotes for monospace.

** bold ** for bold

__cursive__ for italics

“ `monospace“` for monospace

  1. Messages in drafts

Sometimes we do not want to send a message but to keep it in mind. Message drafts in Telegram are multiplatform. That is, if we start writing it on the mobile, it will appear on the computer or another mobile phone even if we have not sent it. A way to send messages without leaving a trace since they are not even sent to the chat.

  1. Customize the text size

From the Telegram settings, we can customize the size of the text, from size 12 where we will see the letters in tiny to size 30 for those who prefer large letters. Simple and useful for example if we want an older person to use Telegram.

  1. Access code to protect your messages

From Settings> Privacy and Security> Access Code we can configure that you ask us for a PIN code each time Telegram is opened. Another option is to unlock it using the fingerprint. From this privacy option, we can also block the screenshots or configure the autoblocking in a specific period of time.

  1. Destroy your Telegram account after a period of inactivity

The telegram also allows self-destruct and block the account after a period of inactivity that goes from month to year. If you do not connect in all that time the account will be blocked and all chats and messages associated with your phone number will be deleted.

  1. Link a photo album to your avatar

With Telegram, we also have the possibility to associate not only a photo but an entire album to your avatar. When any user accesses your profile you can see more than one associated image. In fact, from this new option, we can see the previous photos that were established as an avatar. Something similar to what in other social networks exists as the profile photo album.

  1. Storage use

When we send so many files and images from Telegram it is important to erase the cache from time to time and above all to establish when and what type of files are self-discharging depending on whether we are under mobile or Wi-Fi connections. This will help us to spend fewer data and better control of what is spent.

  1. Send photos quickly and choose your order

Send photos from Telegram is very fast. Simply clicking on the file clip we will get a preview with the latest photos that are on the device. This is very useful to send photos but it is also by clicking on them we will see some numbers that indicate the shipping order.

  1. This message will self-destruct in …

Since Telegram 4.2 not only we have secret chats with the possibility of sending messages that self-destruct, we can also send photos with an expiration date as well as GIFs or stickers. And in Telegram fun and privacy are not at odds.

  1. Edit and delete messages already sent

WhatsApp added the possibility of deleting messages sent between sender and receiver, but Telegram, as usual, already had this option active for some time. Simply select the message and click on delete. Very easy. If we want to edit it also by clicking on the message we will see the option to edit just above the delete.

  1. Free voice calls from Telegram

From Telegram, we can also make free voice calls under the internet. They work very well and the audio quality is good, although here we have to point out that video calls are still missing, with Telegram officially being the last to offer them.

  1. Set messages on favorite channels and chats

In order not to lose any information there is the option to anchor. We can use it in messages where we are administrators. This message will be marked at the top of the chat regardless of what is written. Equivalently, we can also select a chat to anchor it in the first position of our list. In my case, I have the own chat of “Saved messages”.

  1. Choose who can see your last connection

From Settings> Privacy and Security> Last connection we can establish who can see our last connection. Also from this section, we will choose the privacy of our calls, who can add us to a group, block users and add exceptions to these rules. So we can show the connection for everyone except for whom we do not want.

  1. Resize photos automatically

Telegram is my preferred application to automatically resize to 720 pixels wide the captures I make with my mobile. In fact, these screenshots of Android that you see have been previously automatically reduced by Telegram. This serves so that they all have the same size and do not occupy so much. If we want to send them with their original size, we must send them as a .jpg, .png or the corresponding file.

  1. Create your own GIFS

Telegram allows you to send GIFs from the camera of the application itself. We just have to send a video and mute it, then we can save it as a GIF. Another much faster and fun option is to use the @gif bot that allows us to search among hundreds of Giphy’s GIFs.

  1. Add emojis by name

If we do not want to send GIFs and simply with an emoji is enough we should know that Telegram suggests emojis from the name. If we write to heart, the related ones will appear and if we press the “:” most of them will appear. In addition, these emojis will have their own associated sticker.

  1. Add and send personalized stickers

One of the most colorful add-ons of Telegram is stickers. We have hundreds of them but we can also incorporate personalized stickers. Stickers packs to express all kinds of emotions and ideas. Here we explain how to install them and where to find the best Stickers for Telegram.

  1. Use Telegram as your music player

A telegram can also perform music player functions. Simply send an mp3 file and you can play it directly, with the pause, forward and reverse functions. The idea is that if we have several songs, Telegram will detect it as a list and allow us to play them in a loop or in a random way. And is that this application also has a good creative commons music community.

  1. Internal Telegram Browser

The goal of Telegram is to be able to surf the internet without having to leave your application. In the same way that other apps like Twitter have their integrated browser, in Telegram as well. Here when sending a link we can open the article to take a look without having to really leave the chat. Also, this brings us to the next trick.

  1. Create your own anonymous blog

Telegraph, is a small platform integrated into Telegram to compete with Medium. We can also create an article feed and send them directly through a channel. In addition, the Quick View option is added so that those articles are loaded immediately. To use it, simply enter the web from your mobile, add a title and the name you want to use and you can start writing. While your browser session is still open, your posts can be edited. Of course, they are anonymous.

  1. See Youtube in a floating window

Thanks to the Picture in Picture mode that came with Android 8.0 Oreo we can have floating windows and see for example three apps at once. But with Telegram, we do not need to have the latest version of Android, at least not to have YouTube videos in a floating window. A very useful option to use the mobile in other things and keep watching the video.

  1. Send your location in real time

From Telegram 4.4 we can share our location in real time and establish how long we want the other person to know our precise location. Be 15 minutes for something occasional or eight hours if, for example, we do not trust where they will be or we do not want to lose track during the day.

  1. Use Telegram from any platform

We are a specialized media in Android but we are also glad that Telegram is available on any platform. Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Linux, Mac or even from the web browser. All synchronized seamlessly and without the need for the mobile to be on as it happens with WhatsApp Web. This is an excellent advantage and one of the applications where synchronization between devices is faster. One of the most important reasons for its success.

  1. Share your group via URL

In Telegram, we can create groups or supergroups, where all new members can see the history and can participate up to 100,000 users. The creator of the supergroup can appoint administrators with limited privileges and create a very interesting community. There are hundreds of groups, some of the public but others private where we can only access through an invitation URL. These addresses are customizable if the group is public. If you are thinking of gathering a lot of friends to talk about a subject, Telegram is an option to be taken into account.

  1. Know the groups in common with someone

A small function under the profile of each user is that it allows us to know the groups that we have in common and what they are. When we are in so many chats and others sometimes it is good to know what connections we have with each person.

  1. Create your alias and look for people

Through the alias of Telegram, it is very easy to find someone and be able to talk to him directly. If in many messaging apps we have to give our phone number to be found, with Telegram only knowing the alias we can start chatting after looking for it.

  1. Personalized notifications for each contact

If we click on the profile of one of our friends and access the Notifications section, we can silence that contact, deactivate its warnings or personalize them. From there we can set a unique sound for that contact, choose a different priority or choose the different LED color when we receive notifications from that contact or group. Maximum customization for an app that takes care of these details.

  1. Search by message date

From the chat with a person, if we click on the settings and we will search, we will see that an icon of a calendar appears in the text box. Pressing will open the calendar view and when choosing the day we will go directly to the messages that were on that specific date. An excellent tool for searching old information.

  1. Masks and photo editor

Telegram has a fairly complete photo editor that allows you to modify the brightness, color, contrast, blur and add bullets. It also includes various masks that through the use of face recognition technologies allow us to incorporate glasses, hats, wigs and all kinds of add-ons.

  1. Themes for Telegram

Telegram allows you to change the wallpaper and also for themes. Here we recommend a few. Very useful to give your chats the style you like. Thanks to the developer Rafalense who also offers us an independent app to incorporate extra themes.

  1. Create your own theme

Not only do we have a list of available topics but we can create our own. Here is the tutorial to create your theme for Telegram. Time and patience but with very good results.

  1. Increase Telegram personalization with unofficial apps

The creator of WhatsApp Plus switched to Telegram and offers us a client based on the official API but with more customization options, different sources, better compression of files, adding members from the channel and a whole series of functions without offering something radical they do improve the experience even more.

  1. Automate Telegram with IFTTT

IFTTT is a tool with support for all kinds of applications and fortunately, Telegram is also among them. We have recipes of all kinds to automate Telegram: from sharing a location if we mark it on Foursquare, send photos by telegram if we upload a photo to a social network or receive an email when someone posts a new message on a channel to which we are subscribed. The possibilities are huge and easy to implement through the bot @ifttt.

  1. Find the most popular channels

Channels are one of the most interesting tools of Telegram. It is an excellent way to find out about all kinds of topics and many groups and media use them to send messages that we consider relevant. From the search section, Telegram itself will recommend the most popular channels.

  1. Minigames

Thanks to the excellent platform of bots Telegram is also an application with a huge amount of mini-games, some of them with very good quality. In part, it reminds us of the mythical MSN Messenger that many took advantage to play. With Telegram thanks to the bots of @gamebot and @gamee we have more than 30 minigames developed in HTML5.

  1. Best Telegram bots

One of the best additions of Telegram are the bots. And there are dozens of them ready to facilitate any task. We only have to mention the bot and when clicking on its name we will open a private conversation with the bot. We already explained how to create your own Telegram bot and here are a few that we consider very useful.

@youtube : find the video you want from Youtube.

@wiki : search the Wikipedia encyclopedia.

@YTaudiobot : download the audio of the Youtube video.

@TweetItBot : Tweet from Telegram.

@ytranslatebot : translation via Yandex.

@rollembot : dice thrower.

@wolframbot : assistant Wolfram Alpha.

@dotobot : create a list of notes.

@calcubot : a fast calculator.

@politibot : for lovers of politics.

@pollrbot : create simple surveys.

@SciHubBot : search for scientific articles.

  1. Best Telegram channels

To get information about anything Telegram offers us the channels. Here there are thousands and we could create an infinite list depending on the topics we would like to read.

Author Bio:

Jayapal reddy, a Tech journalist and chief editor atVinstechs,  contributed many works at various blogs. Being a freelancer, hewas highly interested in online marketing and web designing.




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Technology Trends for 2019 that could reshape your business events



Technology Trends

If you are running your own business then you will definitely make effort to provide it a sufficient place in the market which will help you out to generate handsome revenue for the future benefits. Every business should have to accept modern technology and its benefits for the respective business by all means. Furthermore, it is also very much important to focus on future business correspondence to make new contacts in the market to improve productivity of the business. As we all know very well business events are the best and efficient way to provide sufficient and possible ways for every type and size of business to grow positively in the market.

With the improvement in technology, there are a lot more IT gadgets have replaced the old concept of using projectors and manual working system efficiently to use them in the respective event.  No doubt, iPad is one of the most advanced and useful gadgets which has provided a lot more benefits to the business field to make it efficient by all means. Furthermore, iPad is also very much costly in price and it will be a difficult task to manage a bulk of iPad to use in the business event by all means. The best and impressive way is to get utilize the iPad hire for events option to get secure way to perform well throughout the event.  

There are several service providers you will get in the list which are efficiently providing iPad hire services to their reputed clients to make the business events meaningful by all means. These service providers will also provide you with the required and essential accessories for the event to provide you complete help and assistance throughout the event respectively.  Moreover, we will also discuss here the technology trend of 2019 which can actually reshape the business through its benefits.


  • Efficiently use an iPad in the business event


An iPad is the best and intelligent devices for the business events which can actually make it accurate in information and use by all means. Event attendees will also appreciate your effort that you are describing the product specification with the help of iPad and it can easily get attached with the giant screen as well to provide the sufficient view of the product which you want to launch in the market. Moreover, it also has the quality to provide any type of information via searching from the google or any other preferred sources. It will also make the display of the product impressive and unique which will really be appreciated by the people in the respective event. You can also utilize iPad Rental for events option to make it easy for you by hiring the desired quantity of the iPad respectively.


  • Virtual Reality Concept for the product


No doubt, virtual reality concept has changed the behavior of this era in which everyone can get the real view of the product through 3D effects. It can modify the view of the product impressively to make it unique in look and shape. Business events really appreciated the trend of using the virtual reality concept to make the things real and authentic by all means.


  • Audio Video Devices


Audio video devices are also very much helpful for the business events to provide the best coverage to the product and brand name respectively. These devices can easily get attached with the iPad to produce better products for the brand and it can also grab the audience towards the respective brand respectively.


  • Distribute Giveaways


Distributing the giveaways among attendees in the respective event will definitely provide you a lot more benefits and it will also show your love for them. It is the best strategy to grab the audience towards your brand and people will also get to know about you and your actions for a long time. It is the best and simple way of branding the business name in the business events. You can frequently use anything to distribute among the attendees on which your brand name should be stamped. It will promote your brand name in the market without doing any extra effort by all means.

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Top 10 Apple Accessories in 2019



Top 10 Apple Accessories in 2019

These days Smartphone has become the most important gadget in our life. Whether you have an Android, Windows or iPhone you will need few accessories to make more from your smartphone.

There are tons of useful smartphone accessories available in market but if own an iPhone or other Apple devices there accessories may be different from Android and Windows.

Apple is one of the biggest tech giants having a huge user base worldwide. I have created a worthy list of top 10 Apple accessories to buy in 2019 and if you use a shipping service, you can easily get it shipped anywhere in the world.

1.Power Bank

Power Bank

No matter whichever smartphone you have; running out of power will clearly not be great idea. iPhones are great but one of the most common cons of these devices is that they run out of juice quickly if compared to Android smartphones.

You will need a quality power bank to ensure your iPhone or iPad never run out of juice. I have listed Anker PowerCore 20100mAh high capacity power bank. This ultra portable power bank comes with PowerIQ technology which charges most of your devices on the go.


  • Power – 20100mAh
  • PowerIQ technology
  • Output – 4.8A
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Compatibility – iPhone, Kindle, Sony Xperia, Google Nexus, Samsung

2.Multi-Port Charger

Power Bank

We are getting fond of technology and spend a lot on buying latest gadgets and gizmos these days. Charging multiple devices at a time using a single output can be both difficult and messy.

You must look for better and more convenient accessories to charge your Apple devices. A multi-port charger can be proved worthy in charging multiple devices at a time. This Beikell 4 USB port charger comes with fast charging technology.


  • Fast charging technology
  • Charge 4 USB devices simultaneously
  • Universal charging
  • Ideal for travelers
  • Compatibility – iPhone, iPad, Samsung Smartphone, DSLRs, Gaming Consoles, Tablet, MP3, MP4 and more.

3.Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless Charging Pad

Gone are the days when you need to deal with the messy wired chargers. Now you can charge your iPhone and other Apple devices wirelessly using latest wireless charging pad.

I have included this Belkin smart wireless charging pad here. This charging device is specially designed and optimized for iPhones. The Belkin wireless charger is also compatible for almost every QI enabled devices including Samsung, Sony, LG and more.

4.Screen Protector

Screen Protector

iPhone itself is an expensive tech product and it will be very difficult for anybody to afford a broken screen. Whenever you buy a Smartphone make sure to cover it with a quality screen protector.

Nowadays screen protectors are made with extremely hard and thick tempered glasses. These screen protectors are capable in protecting your iPhone’s screen from minor crashes and accidents.


  • Fingerprint resistance
  • 9H hardness
  • Scratch resistance
  • Bubble free
  • 3D touch
  • High sensitivity

5.Apple Watch

Apple Watch

What will be better than pairing your iPhone or other Apple devices with an Apple watch? That will be really great, no doubt. These watches can do a lot of things despite of their small size.

You can make calls, send text messages, emails, check weather, time, and location, and track your fitness and many more. Smart watches are one of the most innovative gadgets of 21st century and being smarter with every passing day.


  • GPS
  • Heart sensor
  • Digital crown
  • Dual-core processor
  • Gyroscope and accelerometer
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth available
  • Water resistance up to 50 meter

6.Car Adapter

Car Adapter

Most of the four wheeler don’t have inbuilt adapter for charging. If your vehicle is one of them then you can gift your vehicle a good quality adapter for charging your smartphone and other devices while driving.

I have featured an Anker high speed charging car adapter here. This adapter is also comes with PowerIQ technology for fast charging. This car charger is compatible for most of the Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.


  • High-speed charging
  • Compact design
  • LED illumination
  • Dual USB charging ports
  • Wattage – 24W
  • Output current – 5V

7.VR Headset

VR Headset

Virtual Reality has become very famous over few years and now you can also experience it using a quality VR headset. Just pair it with your iPhone and watch breathtaking videos and play VR games. Explore the world of virtual reality with this DesTek VR headset which provides 103 degree VR view.


  • HD lenses to protect your eyes
  • 103 degree VR view
  • Anti-reflective
  • Great VR gaming experience
  • Comfortable wearing
  • Compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Moto, LG, HTC, Huawei smartphones



When it comes to top Apple accessories you can’t ignore AirPods. This new generation earphones are totally wireless and provide best quality crystal-clear sound.

This wireless earphone is equipped with twin beamforming microphones, optical sensors, accelerometer, motion-detector and many other necessary sensors to deliver best performance to its users.

9.Lens Kit

Lens Kit

Your iPhone camera is great no doubt but it can be upgraded using quality external lenses. The best part of these lenses is that they can be attached easily and makes it possible to capture superior quality images in less effort.

The Olloclip lens kit included here is developed to work with all of your iPhone’s camera apps. This lens kit is great for capturing elegant pictures, videos, panoramas, time-lapse and even 360 degree VR photos.


  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Fisheye, Marco 15x and super wide capturing
  • Made with premium element
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with all camera apps

10.Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick

This list will be incomplete without a selfie stick. Selfie is old; it’s time to click gruopfies using a good quality selfie stick. I have featured a selfie stick kit in this post having a selfie stick, tripod and a Bluetooth remote controller.


  • Lightweight and extendable
  • Multi-functional
  • Compatible with smartphones, GoPro and DSLR cameras
  • Non-slip handle
  • Bluetooth remote
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