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Learn Guitar Chords To Easily Play Guitar



Play Guitar

If you choose to play guitar then learning guitar chords is essential as well as a basic thing in guitar. Only chords can help you to play guitar like a professional. Of course, studying chords is hectic and daunting. But once you become familiar then from easy to difficult notes like undiporaadhey guitar chords seem to be the same for you. So now look into the ways to learn guitar chords and play guitar excellent.

Get strings:

You know strings present in guitar thus when you about to play it firstly study the strings and then understand the connectivity between strings and finger. To make it clear look here,

  • Strings present in the horizontal is depended on the fret positions
  • In the vertical position the strings ranged from 1 to 6 it’s usually called as highest to lowest.

Number your fingers:

Imagining each finger in your hand with a number is seriously useful. It includes index is 1, middle finger 2, ring finger 3 and pinky finger is 4. Specifically, thumb of your finger is symbolizing as “T” its for chords.

Go and learn chords:

There are plenty of chords available from basic to tough. In that give importance to the “C” chords since it is basic. Understand be it any music-oriented thing togetherness of various notes tends to be a sound. Alternatively, the chord consists of 3 to 4 notes. The C chord is,

  1. The lowest note is the 3rd fret of the A string that is C
  2. Next note is 2nd fret of the D string points E
  3. G string no fingers thus the string is idle for C
  4. Highest note points to the 1st fret of the B that means C
  5. Both high and low played on the guitar then it means to C major chord

Best way to learn chords:

Of course, you can study chords of guitar once you understand chord chart. Have you heard about it? Chord chats of the guitar are the one almost musicians and professional guitarist will use why because when you get to know the signs then its never be complicated to play even the complicated note. Likewise, you ought to keep on practicing the notes that are considered as basic as well as an important one. Most of the case when you obtain the way to learn the basic by following the way you can easily learn the toughest one as well.

Increase learning:

If you get familiar with one chord then move on to the further chords such as chord rehat and many more. Furthermore, look for the difficult chords and then start to learn it. Most of the chords sound like another one but there is some bit of difference that let you hear a unique sound. Playing guitar is a fun-filled one but when comes to learn in the proper way chords are must. No need to rush you has to learn in the proper way no matter how many times you learn.

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How to Fix iTunes Error 4013 When Updating to iOS 12/11.4/11.3?



Fix iTunes Error 4013

“I was updating my iPhone to the latest iOS 12 using iTunes, but an error message pop-up came saying ‘iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (4013)’. I restarted my phone but I still have no luck with this. I was really upset. Can anyone help in fixing this issue?”

iTunes Error 4013

iOS 12 comes with many new features and iPhone users cannot wait to update their iOS devices to the latest version. However, updating to a new operating system on a device could brings glitch in one way or the other. In this article, we are going to cover a strange error that comes while updating to iOS 12/11.4/11.3 with iTunes. In other words, we are going to show you how to fix iTunes error 4013. Check out the following solutions.

8 Ways to Fix iTunes Error 4013 during iOS 12/11.4/11.3 Update

  • Tip 1. Check USB Cable & Port
  • Tip 2. Update iTunes to the Latest Version
  • Tip 3. Force Restart iPhone
  • Tip 4. Check Wi-Fi Network
  • Tip 5. Fix iTunes Error 4013 during iOS 12/11.4/11.3 Update without Data Loss
  • Tip 6. Update the OS of Your Computer
  • Tip 7. Try Another Computer
  • Tip 8. Contact Apple Store

1. Check USB Cable & Port

Before jumping to any conclusion, just examine your USB cable and port first. Sometimes, the iTunes error 4013 occurs due to a defective port or cable. Therefore, using only Apple USB cable is highly recommended. Also, try using a different USB port in your computer. The last thing you can try is to plug your device into some another computer. Check if the error appears again. If yes, you need to try other solutions.

Check USB Cable & Port

2. Update iTunes to the Latest Version

If you haven’t updated your iTunes since long, the time has come to perform it. Corrupted or outdated iTunes can be responsible for iTunes error 4013. Hence, without waiting for anything else, open your “iTunes”, click on “Help” and then “Check for Updates”. You will find new version available. Update your iTunes and get the error fixed.

Update iTunes to the Latest Version

3. Force Restart iPhone

Another thing you can try to fix iTunes error 4013 is to force restart your device. Just take your iPhone and hold and press the “Volume Down” and “Power” keys (if you are iPhone 7 user), and “Home” button and “Power” button for iPhone 6 and earlier model users. Keep holding until you see Apple logo and release the buttons once you see.

Force Restart Your iPhone

4. Check Wi-Fi Network

4.1. Reset Network Settings

When you reset your device’s network settings, you will be able to start the connectivity of iPhone with Wi-Fi all over again. And this can resolve iTunes error 4013 since poor connection may disconnect the process giving you that annoying error message. Therefore, following is the process of solving the issue.

  • Unlock your iPhone and from the menu, click on “Settings” and then go to “General”.
  • Next, hit “Reset” and “Reset Network Settings” afterwards.
  • Enter passcode and again tap “Reset Network Settings”.

Reset Network Settings

4.2. Restart Wi-Fi Router

The next thing you can do to check Wi-Fi network is to restart Wi-Fi router. You just require unplugging the power source and waiting for a minute. Connect it again then and try updating to new iOS again. See the problem is fixed or try another solution.

Restart Wi-Fi Router

5. Fix iTunes Error 4013 during iOS 12/11.4/11.3 Update without Data Loss

Here is another fix which can help you removing the error message without affecting any data if the above tips don’t work. This can be done with the help of iMyFone iOS System Recovery which is the one of the best program for fixing iOS issues. It’s a trustworthy tool which promise 100% security. Here are the features of this program.

iMyFone iOS System Recovery (iOS 12/11.4/11.3 Supported)

Key Features:

  • All the common iOS problems can be spotted and fixed using this software, for example, iPhone gets frozen, iPhone not turning on, black screen of death, and more.
  • It provides 3 modes and the Standard Mode of it will fix your device without any data loss.
  • It is entirely user-friendly and easy-to-use software.
  • It’s compatible with almost all iOS devices.

Try It FreeTry It Free

Here are the steps on how to fix iTunes error 4013.

Step 1 – Open the Software

Download iMyFone iOS System Recovery and install it. Following this, lauch the software and open it to start the process. Connect your iOS device to the computer via a digital cable and run to the “Standard Mode” option from the three given options on the screen.

 Choose the “Standard Mode” option

Step 2 – Put the Device in DFU Mode

After clicking the option, you will be prompt to set down the iOS device in DFU mode. Follow them and as soon as you are done, your device and model will be successfully detected by iMyFone iOS System Recovery.

 enter DFU mode

Here is how to enter the Recovery Mode.

 enter Recovery mode

Step 3 – Get the Suitable Firmware

The next move will be to download the recent and the compatible version of software for your device. Hit on the “Download” button and since the software has detected your device earlier, it will download the suitable firmware on its own.

Get the Suitable Firmware

Step 4 – Fix the Glitch

Lastly, hit the “Start to Fix” button and wait for the completion of the process. When finished, your device will reboot and you can check whether the problem is solved.

Fix the Glitch

6. Update the OS of Your Computer

Similar to iTunes, an outdated operating system of computer can also be the reason of iTunes error 4013. Thus, follow the steps to update it.

For Windows Users:

  • Begin with hitting on “Start” icon given on lower left corner. Type “Update” in the search box.
  • From the results, look for “Windows Update” and click on it.
  • Go to “Check for updates” and hold on until Windows notify for the newest version if available.
  • Choose the important updates and hit “OK”. Now, hit “Install Updates”.

Update the OS of Windows computer

For Mac Users:

  • Open Mac and go to “App Store”. From the toolbar, choose “Updates”.
  • Click on “Update” if there are updates available. It will download and install them.

Update the OS of Mac

7. Try Another Computer

A yet another way to solve iTunes error 4013 is switching to another computer. The problem is possibly happened due to a technical issue. So, try updating with another computer and see if it gets resolved or not.

8. Contact Apple Store

The last resort for fixing iTunes error 4013 that left is Apple Store. Since any of the fix didn’t support you, so the problem is to another level i.e. hardware problem. Contact Apple Store and hand over your device to the Apple expert. But remember to make backup prior to giving your device to the store.

Seeing a new available update is always excited but some of us may feel the disappointment that comes with the error message such as iTunes error 4013 while updating it . But without getting so crestfallen, you can smoothly fix the issue with number of tips. We are ending this post with a hope that the mentioned solutions worked in your case after iOS 12/11.4/11.3 update.

Reference Source:

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5 Creative Ways To Improve Performance Testing



Performance Testing Services

A lot of researches have been done to figure out the root causes of the websites performance failures. One of the main reasons for these kinds of failures is poor quality assurance and performance testing at the time of developing.  The main purpose to implement the performance tests on web applications is to prevent the website from poor quality customer experiences. Small mistakes at the time of development and testing can lead to a huge financial loss.

Everyone knows testing is a process to develop high-quality product and also to ensure smooth website operations. The absolute quality of technology in a business organization is also the reasons to grasp and produce the methods and techniques to enhance your performance testing.

The following is the list of best ways which you can implement while enhancing your performance testing to get better results from performance testing phase

1 Conduct Mixed functional tests

When you perform a load test on your server then you will receive a clear picture of the website performance regarding the user’s experience. You are working to characterize the round trip that may start with the user’s reaction or click on the website. Load testing or performance testing basically focuses on creating a mass load on the website to check the performance of the website in heavy traffic.  With the load test, it is easy to simulate many clients on the real-time browser with the client. Here the idea is to combine the load and some browsers to conduct a mixed functional testing scenario. This thing is beneficial in measuring the real-time user experience with the website and also to analyze the results of server-side load due to so heavy traffic at a single point of time.

2 Conduct mobile testing

We are in the mobile occupied world where mobile devices take over desktops or computer systems. While doing performance testing keep this point in your mind always. Most of the testers test the website for desktops; they skip mobile interface testing of the application. To do performance testing of a web application from mobile devices takes care of the following things:-

  •    To test the mobile experience of the website use different mobile devices and networks.
  •    Check combined stats of both backend servers and loading time of website in real-time.
  •    Try to use real mobile devices instead of device simulators.

There are so many tools available which can help you to check the performance test of the website in the mobile interfaces as well. Kindly choose the tool wisely for testing.

3 Use tools to isolate issues

A load testing tool is capable to identify your system to unsurface issues. Mostly the testing provides the test results according to the server side statistics.

If your application is having performance issues then you have to drill down the code and make it an isolated piece of code to fix issues. To make it possible you have to take help of APM (Application Performance tools) tools. This load testing tool will help you to see the interrelationship between all the modules of the website in real-time. You will be able to locate the issues quickly in your system. And you can easily fix the code causing issues in the performance of the website. The only thing to be focused on is that be careful while drilling and fixing the code.

 4 Integrate tests with DevOps processes

To keep the development trends agile and faster, you should extend the load testing to check the application delivery methods like DevOps and continuous delivery. It is easier to reach the performance testing goals with multiple departments and teams in cooperation. With the help of DevOps processes, the performance of each build will be checked and validate automatically. So, try to use tools which can test continuous integrity, deployment and delivery processes of the application. Some of the tools also generate an alert when the website leads the way of bad performance. Below are some performance factors which can lead to improving the delivery pipeline.

  •    Response time
  •    Error Rate
  •    Hits and requests per second
  •    An average throughput
  •    Server memory and CPU usage
  •    Loading time

5 Use more external tools

Your performance testing tools may be capable of providing outstanding reports and analytical reports. These reports can answer only 95% of your questions. But the needs of reporting and analysis are bit different. You have to use a specific angle to view and represent the test data. To enhance your performance testing reports, you should learn how to export test results and use it in further tools to manipulate the results. This thing is easy with the homegrown system. You should know the various methods to export data like SQL queries, restful API, etc. This will also help you to do calculations and present your own manipulated insights.


To achieve exact test results is a bit difficult. If you want to keep your website in the high competition and achieve a reputed position in the market, then you must produce premium quality web applications. Improvement of the quality and performance of the website is totally dependent upon the resting of the application. Don’t try to skip the testing phase while focusing on the development. Your test strategy has the power to make a high-end product or website to provide the users with amazing browsing and surfing experience.

Bad testing and poor quality testing practices also put the website in the way of destruction. The above-stated points will definitely help you to enhance the performance testing of the website to achieve the testing goals. If you are skipping any of them then implement as soon as possible to get the best testing results. Always remember no tool and a human being can provide 100% exact test results. But If you will analyze the errors carefully then you can easily get better results. The most important thing is that before choosing a specific tool for testing, try all the tools to get the best tools.

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A User’s Guide to Getting Prepared before and after Using Local Healthcare App



Local Healthcare App

The mobile app development industry has gradually taken over every sphere of human life. Google is surely everyone’s favourite pal but the service apps are making their way in the market. Most importantly, technology has reached a peak where people take care of their health online. Yes, you heard it right. A healthcare provider may be just a tap away now.

Currently, the service apps bring an entity of medical professionals under one umbrella. Read authentic online reviews and pick an expert who can scrutinize the symptoms for your wellbeing. The whole facility helps when you don’t even drive miles after miles to reach the hospital. But because of this new style, you may not be prepared fully. So, go through the following things and understand how to choose a local doctor near you.

Decide the Healthcare Service in Need

For a regular person like you & I, medical treatment is never an easy thing. It is pretty difficult because many of the specialists treat the same problem. For example, you have been suffering from crucial pain in the back for a long time. At this time, should you visit a neurosurgeon, a rehab specialist, a general physician, a rheumatologist, or an orthopedist? The whole selection process depends on your symptoms. If you choose a neurosurgeon from local healthcare app, your problem may be with something else. In the end, you will only lose money.

Of course, the state of being confused is never likely to end. Looking at both sides of the street, you may go with a primary care physician. The consultant is certified and experienced to suggest the specialists further.

Help Yourself, Bare it all

You cannot expect to get proper treatment when your healthcare professional does not know everything. The experienced healthcare provider from the app always wants to know what the problems are. From the medical history to the current symptoms, the professional needs the details. Did you go under an outpatient surgery? Or, did you have the gallbladder removed? Mention everything to the medical expert. This task extends to your habit of taking laxative or sleeping aid. In addition to your exercising habit also matters. Don’t worry about privacy, the app and the medical professionals prioritize confidentiality.

Contact the Doctor Later on

It is very normal to be confused after the doctor’s visit. You may have a hard time to understand what medications to take and when. Even if you forget to take the doctor’s contact number, the app with you. Open the app and get the contact address. Email the healthcare professional or call when the time of need arises. You are freed from the worry of going to the hospital again and get the contact number. Hence, a healthcare application limits your worries.

Get the Second Opinion for Peace of Mind

You opened the app, checked the healthcare professional’s profile, and got an appointment. There are only certified medical consultants but his/her visit did not exactly match your expectations. When the doctor does not cater to your needs, you may opt for someone else. The long list of professionals can never dissatisfy you, at the end. For instance, as a patient, you may have doubts about whether the treatment is the best option. At this moment, another expert’s advice might show you light. If the second doctor also seconds the previous advice, you are in the safe zone. That’s why; there is always a treatment option for you, no matter how critical or simple your condition is.

So, isn’t the task of using a healthcare app for getting quick treatment easy? And to your relief, you can even hire other service providers when you require. Create a free account with your email address and phone number, benefit out of professional tutoring or local handyman app. 

Author bio: John Clarke, an experienced app reviewer with quality write-ups, has penned down his thoughts of choosing local handyman app. He mentions 4 aspects to remember before and after taking help from local healthcare app.

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Digital Marketing

6 Tips on How to Improve Your Marketing Campaign



Marketing Campaign

The world is a place of competition and full of challenges. If you are not strong enough, you’ll be seeing yourself in a cell, confined with sadness, failure and regret. That is why God gave us the ability to adapt and face the challenges that have been given to us. Sure it will be a hard and winding road but if you know what is needed to be done, then there is nothing that can stop you from claiming that sweet pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Marketing can sometimes be a pain in the butt. Although there are so many ideas in the world, only a handful will seem effective, but only a pinch will succeed. But the real reason why entrepreneurs have a hard time improving their marketing campaign is that they lack the knowledge on how to do them correctly. This is alarming because it is a waste of time, money and effort. So if you want to improve your marketing campaign, here are some tips on how to really do it.

1. Research your target audience

Who do you really want to reach out? What age group are you targeting to get? These are just some of the questions you have to answer in order to identify who your real customers are. It is important to have a specific target because you will be able to focus on this group and dissect every piece of information about what they want, how they want it and when and why they need it.

2. Increase your PR Skills

Being good at public relations will most significantly improve your marketing campaign and be acknowledged as one of the better choices. Good PR among your potential customers will bring more leads to you and in the long run, provide a venue for regular customers.

3. Measure your KPIs

Measuring Key Performance Indicators is also necessary to improve your marketing campaign simply because you will be able to see the things that you are achieving with your current efforts. Think of it as a measuring tool for success, with targets that must be achieved in order to reach a certain amount of revenue.

4. Be updated with the completion

Knowing your competitors is one thing, but being updated with what they are doing is another. You can formulate new strategies for your marketing campaign by knowing what the other party is offering. Be better, bolder and more client-oriented than your rivals.

5. Be Big in Social Media

Social media is one of the best platforms to market on but how do you really make the most out of it? Simple, be ruthless and restless in introducing your products to the netizens. Create polls, stories, post feedbacks and create freebie competitions that will allow you to pierce through the veil of your clients. You can also acquire ad services, just make sure that you put in the same effort in free marketing to compensate for the expenses.

6. Create Linkages

Creating linkages with other businesses that you are not in direct competition with is also an effective way to increase your marketing campaign. You can offer discounts and freebies to those for their existing clients. This will help you gain new leads and better potential customers.

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Web Design

9 Responsive Web Design Issues: We are here with Solutions



website designer in India

The Internet is evolving and more & more multinational corporations like Sony, Microsoft, and Nokia and online behemoths like Expedia are swapping quickly to responsive web design in order to offer the most dynamic experience to the users and to reach a more wider audience of customers.

As more corporations and online giants are deviating towards responsive design, it’s essential to discern the limitations that arrive with it and how to deal with them.

  1. Helter-skelter visual stage

Designing has become a bewildering and mutating process of sketching and prototyping where the entire focus should be given on designing elements their rearrangement based on various device dimensions and different resolutions otherwise it becomes chaotic.

  1. Navigation

Although Navigation is so easy with the three bars at the top left corner of the page representing the navigation “button,”, yet some users find it difficult especially when the website is constructed in a convoluted structure.

  1. Background images and icon

In responsive web design, flexible images and icons play a great role to let users enjoy the graphics on high pixel density devices. So to assure that the images don’t appear fuzzy and clumsy is a challenging job for every dedicated website designer and developer.

  1. Displaying Data on Small Screens

Showcasing data tables like airline flight timetables on small screens is a big hurdle when the tables are complex and complicated.

  1. Not Offering Flavorful Experiences that Load Instant

Having a proportionate and standard balance between rich user experience and the speedy loading is one of the biggest challenges because the traffic attracted by the Responsive from both desktops and mobile gadgets sometimes slow down the loading times. This consequences loss to the business as most mobile users leaves the site without waiting for more than 5 seconds for the result.

  1. Lengthy durations of Designing, Developing, and Testing

As responsive websites perform fantastically on multiple devices while showcasing ample functionality and arduous design elements—they generally demand longer durations to design, develop, and test.

  1. Concealing and Deleting Content

Websites with complicated UI elements, advanced search specifications like data tables, multi-step forms, calculators, dashboards with third-party scripts, etc have superabundant information that they need to conceal or delete or content from users. In such cases, people are unable to approach all information/the full interpretation (version) of the website they are browsing.

  1. Incompatibility of Older Versions of Internet Explorer with CSS3 Media Queries

Websites do not give a proper presentation on older versions of IE with mobile-first techniques. The problem here is the incompatibility of an older website on mobile devices with CSS3 media.

  1. Methodologies for responsive design are still undergoing improvements

The methodologies for responsive design are still not fully refined and tested. This leads to ambiguity and bewilderment for clients.

How to Fix these loopholes?

  1. Helter-skelter visual stage

There are two ways to fix this problem.

  • One way is to design sketches for a desktop home page and for another website page also, and then acclimate them for the screen sizes and dimensions of the most preferred gadgets (tablet, mobile etc).
  • Another way is to use paper followed by the communication with the client to exhibit design layouts and their outflow on various screen sizes.
  1. Navigation

Designers should deeply dig and understand users—how and why they browse the site and analyse the website’s content and information structure to tailor a website with perspective and self-explanatory navigation followed by its testing on as many products and times as possible.

  1.  Background images and icon

Making icons which are retina ready and scalable, by using the SVG format which maintains the high quality while keeping them lightly, is the solution to let users enjoy the website without lowering down the quality in the form of sluggish loading & dull images on any gadget.

  1. Displaying Data on Small Screens

          Responsive tables are the chalk for now. The other solutions include


  • Discarding the grid layout and building a smaller table that doesn’t have horizontal scrolling;
  • Creating condensed pie charts from tables;
  • Substituting tables with shorter versions while providing a link to the complete bigger version;
  • Concealing insignificant stuff on small screens accompanied with the drop-down menu to access the full table;
  • Rainbow tables where hues replace columns;
  • Flipping the table on its side to fit in the space.
  1. Offering Flavorful Experiences that Load Instant

Conditional loading is the solution for this as it allows loading of only what users need. It comes with many automation tools for scaling and caching images, it eases and quickens the future alterations to the site. Make sure that the user connection is perfect enough to offer high performance.

  1. Lengthy durations of Designing, Developing, and Testing

Instead of testing the website for long periods which are costly and lengthy, Responsive sites should be left for gradual evolvement, preserving owners’ time and effort in the long run. Step by step approach is best here.

  1. Concealing and Deleting Content

Prioritise and cut is the solution for this wherein unnecessary elements should be removed from early drafts and focus should be given on the core structure of the website while making the efficient arrangement of the content and offering the users with an option to access the full version of the website.

  1. Incompatibility of Older Versions of Internet Explorer with CSS3 Media Queries
  • An experienced designer can readily change page layouts by using JavaScript on the basis of the size of the browser window.
  • With a goal of maintaining the original layout, the fix is to use polyfill, code that let web developers utilise an API of regardless of whether or not it is compatible with a browser
  • Another solution could be to use a conditional IE stylesheet with elementary styling.
  1. Methodologies for responsive design are still undergoing improvements

Showing the benefits of responsive design in action is the best idea to grab optimistic response and approval. Responsive design can justify itself by showcasing its major benefits like multi-device functionality, approach to the far-reaching audience and easy future fixing.


Talk about any technologies, it comes with pros and cons. Good news is the innovators of responsive design is not leaving any stone unturned to improve experiences and opportunities for users.


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Digital Marketing

Top Voice Search Optimization Strategies 2019

Ravi Sharma



Search Optimization Strategies

Working on anything that needs you to research for data and information while multitasking is quite difficult. Thanks to the introduction of voice search which makes it very convenient to learn or work your needs right away without any need to type long queries.

A recent report shared by PWC has shown that only 10 percent of users in the United States were found to be unfamiliar with the voice search and related devices. However, out of the remaining 90 per cent of the users left, 72 percent of users were using voice assistant searches in their routine.

The most interesting part which you may miss with the concept of voice search is that most of the times, users were found to get different results for the queries when the SERP results for voice and typed queries were compared. However, considering the trends in voice search, it is becoming more of an essential to work on voice search goals to engage with your customers and make the most of your online business presence.

In the next few minutes, we are going to have a quick ride for the voice search optimization strategies suggested by some SEO Expert Company in India that can help you reach your voice goals enabling better engagement and conversions:

Uplifting Featured Snippets Goals

Though there may be chances that you are not informed about the term featured snippets, it is very likely that you must be familiar with the fact that how they appear on the search result pages. Featured Snippets are about the most relevant content which is placed in the form of clickable snapshot sharing the most precise information on your query.

Featured snippets are very similar to the tested queries which are framed on search results. However, this may need you to present the quality information on your website making it possible for a search engine to reach your website.

Understanding The Intent Of Users

One of the most essential needs which you need to fulfil for quality voice search optimization is to understand the user intent. It is entirely on your part to know your user’s goals behind raising any search query i.e. either they want to buy a product or they just need some information? So, it is all about analyzing the user query typed in the search bar to present precise answers to understand the user intent. However, sometimes you get to know the user’s intent just with their search terms like what is, how to, sell, buy, etc. but other times, it may get tough to crack the intent.

Moreover, if you want your website to be crawled and indexed by google for voice search results, it is essential to stay in harmony with hummingbird to get your web page displayed for relevance. This means you have to be very specific while creating the content which has the potential to land as featured snippets and be the immediate answer to any voice operated query.

Targeting Long Tail Keywords

When we use voice search to look for anything, the search queries are not just keywords, they are more of the conversational stuff which includes phrases and questions. And if you are informed about SEO, long tail keywords and queries are something that is good for both SEO as well as voice search optimization. In fact, the better reality is that long phrased keywords are likely to rank better because of less competition.

For instance, if you would go for a typed search finding a local coffee shop, you may simply write it as “Coffee shop near me” or “best coffee shop”. But these queries change when are used on voice search as they come in a more natural way like “find me the best coffee shop near me” or “find me the best local coffee shop”.

However, to create a more voice-oriented experience for the users on your website, you can simply take benefit of keyword research tools that can provide the most relevant voice search queries related to your business. This may also need you to frame the relevant H1 and H2 headings on your website complementing the user search queries with precise answers.

Upgrading Page Speed

Page speed is all about the time your website takes to load a page. It is one of the most significant factors that decide your presence on the Search engine result page. In case, you have a website which is taking more than 10 seconds to load, a user may bounce back from your page increasing the bounce rate and adding bad experience tag on your website before google.

Think of you as a user who needs to use the voice search for reaching any query results.  You would expect the search query to be responded with the right answer quickly the moment you say Hey Siri or Ok Google to learn about anything.

Thus, to make your webpage load quickly, you can take the benefit of tools like google page speed insights that can provide suggestions for improvement to increase the load speed. This is a crucial part of making your website mobile friendly because most of the voice queries are raised through mobile devices which needs a quick loading website with the best information.

Implementing Structured Data

Structured data is used to present useful information before the search engine using an HTML code. This is very similar to highlighting the stuff which you think is important from the user point of view and could help you present the content in a better way. The structured data enables the search engine to read your content in a more efficient manner which means you could display the data in the perfect form which is preferred by the Google Algos.

Structure data markup or schema markup is not just good for voice search only, rather it helps you to improve the CTR and traffic on your website when you have a highly competitive niche. The structured data also improves the chances of your webpage to reach featured snippets and ultimately shared through voice query results.


People are taking the maximum advantage of technologies like voice search to make their life more convenient and easy. Therefore, it is entirely on your part to step up and reach to the latest trends which are prevailing with the search methods. It is all about targeting the essentials of voice search optimization to make a perfect search experience for any user who needs relevant to their needs.  

Moreover, Voice search optimization is all about better visibility on the web to land better into the SERPs and take your services to the users. For this, you may also need to target SEO or specifically local SEO for delivering the needs of the users at the local level establishing a dominant impression even for the voice. All in all, the voice search trends are growing and it is essential for every business on the web to work on some strategies that can benefit with more conversions from voice search and to chase such goals, all we need to do is work on above ideas and reach every potential voice user. All the best!

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9apps- Comprehensive Solution For Android Applications

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Huawei Honor 8 Pro Is Going To Amazon

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New Age of Child Care

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What is the difference between Traditional and New business?