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Affiliate Marketing mistakes



affiliate marketing mistake


I understand that it is probably tough to think that anybody can make an income through affiliate marketing, but this is 1 time where this statement actually rings true.The reason why you do not hear success story after success story would be since there are some rather big mistakes that many people make when they get into the business.

Below are the top 10 mistakes that affiliates make and how you can avoid them into your own business.

Everybody will click my link

As an affiliate, it isn’t your job to”sell” but rather to”pre-sell”. And this procedure entails more than just simply adding a link to your website and expecting all your website visitors to click on it. It takes a bit more effort than that. What advantages will the product have on your website visitor? It’s possible to really give first-hand accounts or favorable recommendations regarding the product in the event you truly own the product yourself.

If I build it (my site ) folks will come

Website traffic that comes free of charge (that is, organic traffic from the search engines) is completely feasible to realize! But it doesn’t come without a great deal of work at the own end. Just because a website exists doesn’t mean it will get noticed. You need to help it get noticed by submitting articles to article directories such as this one, writing completely free eBooks that you give away on your site and all around the internet, and having really fantastic articles on your website that people find interesting and beneficial.

Believing in only 1 marketing plan

Some affiliates are under the belief that simply because you publish an guide to an article directory, so that all of a sudden you’ll find all the traffic you want. When you restrict yourself to a strategy, you’re passing up plenty of additional visitors that can be found elsewhere. Instead, find advertising avenues. Write an eBook, provide it to eBook directories, produce videos which can be submitted to internet video directories, etc..

Maybe not paying attention to your own operation

Most people are worried about something and that’s how much money they have earned that day. If they chance to see they aren’t earning as much as they expected, instead of simply adjusting their strategies and attempting to resolve the problem, they simply give up entirely. It’s important to comprehend things like how so many men and women are visiting your website, just how many of them are unique, just how many come back, how much time they’re spending there and so on.

Failing to obtain an affiliate program that offers products that people actually wish to buy

Some affiliate programs may offer as much as 95% commissions in their product but if their product is below par or virtually impossible to sell, you will not ever find this gain.

Failing to discover a product which has a history of customer satisfaction

The credibility of a commodity depends on how people see it. If the product owner has established great relationships with those who have obtained the product, it is going to make a fantastic reputation. You will have a much easier time pre-selling a item that has happy clients.

Failing to keep in touch with what is happening in the business

There will come a time when the advertising knowledge you hold now will be obsolete. This is particularly true in the world of online promotion where everything seems to come about very fast (and leave just as quickly ). You have to keep yourself updated with present trends, news and techniques within the field to continue to keep your competitive advantage.

Failing to spend online knowledge

This is a HUGE mistake that not just people in affiliate marketing earn but individuals who do business on the Internet in general. They neglect to actually put forth the money to find ideas, tactics, and much more. This really is a enormous downfall of numerous Affiliate marketers since they hope to discover that the”magic” key at no cost. It’s crucial that you purchase reports, books and even memberships to sites which will teach you these thoughts you would not otherwise understand. Free information can only take you so far.

Resting on your laurels as soon as you’ve attained a tiny quantity of success

Success is not eternal. You need to keep it. Should you depart from your company independently and don’t do anything to improve upon it or add to it, you are just setting yourself up for failure

Considering affiliate marketing is a”get rich quick” scheme

It most definitely is not. You have to spend a certain quantity of commitment, time, financial resources and a good deal of effort if you truly need to realize the many great things this area of business may offer you.


Affiliate marketing can earn you a lot of money in a short period of time if done right, here are the 10 tips that I think can help any affiliate marketer in the current scenario

Also check out auto like biz upcoming social media marketing tool!

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the Need of Every Business Today



Digital Marketing is the Need of Every Business Today

Without good marketing, no business can survive. Whether it’s the small mom & pop store on the street corner in your neighborhood. Or the big Wal-Mart retailer that you hate going to – but still have to. The same applies to any business that operated in antiquity or the medieval period. Or even before that, when people first learned how to transact. How would customers buy from you, if they don’t know what you’re selling? Recently, I came across a very informative Digital Marketing blog through my monthly Optimum offer. And this post is mostly a distillation of some of the important points it contained.

If you’re interested in using digital marketing in your business, however, you first need to understand what it’s all about. Just like with any other practical discipline in the world.

Digital Marketing 101

Digital Marketing, in a nutshell, is all about using various online channels to promote your brand. Done through:

  1. Organic Marketing (which ideally does not involve any money)
  2. Paid Promotions

Organic marketing features using such tactics as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media Marketing.

Breaking SEO Down

SEO is the name given to a collection of website content optimization tactics that help a site to rank high. Good rankings in SERPs (search engine results pages) are key to increasing a site’s visitor count. This point becomes obvious if you visualize the situation in your head.

Everyone’s familiar with Google search. When you enter a search term, the results page that shows up has two parts.

One is the ‘paid listings’ section, where sponsored ads from different companies show up. These ads relate to your search intent (the product, service or information that you were seeking).

The other is the ‘organic listings’ section. This is Google’s (and every other search engine’s) main focus. The entries in this space are decided by the engine’s algorithm based on what SEO techs call ‘ranking factors’. Till date, search marketers have compiled a list of over 200. These are the benchmarks which every crawled website is weighed against. And the ones that confirm the most to these standards are given the highest SERP placements.

The Importance of Ranking High

For SEO, it is very important to get their clients’ businesses pages ranked in the first 3 positions. Because these are the placements that receive the highest traffic turnover. In your own experience, you probably never look below the first three search result entries. Since on most occasions, you find what you’re looking for.

It is now a well-known marketing fact that search engine optimized sites rank high. And that they end up making significantly more profit than the sites that are below in rankings. Because they obviously get more customers.

The main focus of SEO is getting a website’s content formatted in a certain way. One which search engine bots like. And which is understandable to the algorithm, so that it categorizes it properly. You wouldn’t want your bathroom accessories site to rank for automobile-specific keywords.

This further includes watching out for such concerns as proper:

  • Keywords Insertion (in the H1 – H6 Headings/Tags)
  • Word Count (1000+ is ideal)
  • Credible Resource Linking (3rd party Sources, and Internal)
  • Content Readability (Crucial for decreasing site ‘bounce rates’)

SEOs also need to take care of many front end & backend website development factors. These also have a strong bearing on a site’s rankings.

Paid Promotions

As their name implies, these require you to pay some (or a lot of) currency. Their form can include PPC (pay-per-click) and CPI (cost-per-impression) campaigns. Run on search engines and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Paid campaigns are extremely useful for any company looking for instant online promotions. And especially startups, that instantly need to get the word out on their products & services.

Sometimes, the cost of running these campaigns isn’t that huge either. Particularly not when you weigh it against the return – which is a lot of consumer attention. As well as profits.

Short & Long-term Strategy

For a long-term online marketing strategy, you really can’t rule out SEO. Because through it, you can save a lot on your advertising costs. But at the same time, you do need to maintain a funds reserve. For whenever a rainy day should strike, and you need to connect with your customers instantly.

So what you really need in place is a wise, long-term strategy – that counts on a hybrid approach.

In this sense, the option is going completely organic is only possible when your brand is fully established. In a manner in which the Optimum Internet Price page is today. Having worked fulltime on this project, I would know. The platform hosts more than eighteen thousand visitors daily. One-quarter of which figure regularly convert.

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10 Reasons Why Mobile App becomes Needs of Every Business




FiOS internet plans

Back in 2015, the importance of mobile devices to access the internet first emerged. Google revealed that in 10 major countries, including the US, mobile searches outnumbered desktop searches. This led to a snowballing of commerce via mobile phones, also known as m-commerce. Businesses began to learn the importance of having a mobile-friendly website. But the next step came when smartphone apps became popular. Yahoo estimated in 2015 that 90% of a smartphone user’s time was spent on apps. Fast-forward to 2018! These days, if a business does not have a mobile app, it is seriously disadvantaged. When everything from a Sony TV to Frontier packages can be bought through an app, why should your business lag behind?

Why does a business need a mobile app?

Businesses generate significant revenues from online sales. Having a mobile-friendly website is just one way to optimize online revenue. Another extension of this is a mobile app. An app lives on your phone, letting you do most of the stuff you can do on a website. But the difference is, apps focus heavily on user experience. They are designed to add value to their users. But the entities that benefit the most from a mobile app are the businesses that own them. Here’s why:

  1. Keeping up with the times
  2. Boost sales
  3. Build credibility
  4. Better UX
  5. Better communication
  6. Streamline sales process
  7. Encourage and reward loyalty
  8. Brand building
  9. Better engagement
  10. Better position to adopt new technologies

Here’s a brief look at each point.

Keeping up with the times

There’s no easy way to say this. If your business is without an app, you are lagging behind. In 2017, a mobile app survey showed that 42% of small businesses have mobile apps. That’s almost half of small businesses operating today. What’s more, two out of three businesses plan on developing a mobile app in the near future. In a world where visibility is everything, you can’t afford to not have an app.

Boost sales

Who doesn’t want more sales? A good way to boost your sales revenue is having a mobile app. Domino’s saw an increase of 28% in online sales after it’s mobile app was released. Just in the first 6 months! Today, Domino’s generates half of its sales revenue online. An app that encourages people to buy your product or service can be a huge help.

Build credibility

We live in a world of appearances. In commerce, appearances count for a lot. Your appearance as an industry leader will add credibility to your business. An app can help you convey this impression to your audience. At the same time, having a well-designed app helps you stand out from your competition. A business that invests in innovations is usually well-received by the masses.

Better UX

User experience is the name of the game in the world of apps. You need to invest in the end-user experience of your app to get the most out of it. Your app should let users do most of the things they can on your website. An app that can offer a personalized experience is worthwhile. Your app should make customers want to use it, which will lead to more people buying on it. There are many ways to offer a personalized UX. Loyalty rewards, shopping lists, and upselling suggestions usually work very well.

Better communication

Your app is a means of direct communication between your customers and your business. Customers can use the app to convey their suggestions, complaints or queries. On the other hand, your business can use it to push notifications and reminders about sales, abandoned carts, etc.

Streamline sales process

A good app can streamline your sales process, a plus for any business. You can integrate systems like your inventory and payment gateways make it easier for customers to purchase things. At the same time, you are saving on human and financial costs that would go into maintaining separate systems.

Encourage and reward loyalty

Repeat customers are always a good target for future marketing. An app can help you do this with an integrated reward or loyalty program. Your app can let customers monitor their standing and claim rewards. People tend to use such programs only if you can make them accessible to them. So make sure that’s a key factor when developing the app.

Brand building

Mobile apps are a great way to supplement your branding efforts. Remember, apps “live” on the user’s smartphone and stay there until deleted. This makes them always just a swipe away, more accessible than other branding mediums. It’s always there to keep reminding your customers about your brand.

Better engagement

Mobile apps let you engage better with your customers. It can get people to interact with your business and share the content you generate on other mediums. This helps expand your social media reach as you gain new followers from customer engagement.

Better position to adopt new technologies

Apps are a gateway for businesses to adapt to emerging technologies. A good example is an Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality support. Amazon has already introduced an AR View, that lets you shop with augmented reality. Your app could become the foothold that lets you easily grasp new technologies in commerce as they emerge.

These days, everybody has smartphones. With convenient broadband options like FiOS internet plans available, more people prefer to shop online on their phones. Having an app can help you tap into this audience and reap the benefits.

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Digital Marketing

Consider the Wide Benefits of Hiring an Expert Digital Marketing Consultant



Digital Marketing Consultant

Online shops are increasing by the hour as it provides a lucrative business opportunity to all age groups starting from 8 to 80. With a virtual shop available and open 24 hours, buying things have become easier now. There have to be marketing policies to entice customers and keep their loyalty towards you going on. The digital market has a wide scope for you if you are lead in the proper way and are equipped with the best strategies.

Opening your shop to Digital Market

Before you go online, there are factors that you need to check-up on and inspect to keep you shop digitalized. Having a space in the virtual market is not easy to maintain as there are already many such other sellers offering their products with various offers. So there must be something in your shop to make you stand out as a seller and get the attention of buyers. A digital marketing consultant in Gurgaon can help you with this. The main factor that you should look into while opening your online shop is the product that is most often needed and is always in demand. After this, you will need to check on your business and adjust accordingly to create a wider market for yourself.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Creating a wider online reach for your business

There are countless business opportunities for you if you want to expand your small business online. To create a wider reach andget a wider base of the audiencefor your business, first, you have to create a website and a portal for your shop. You can also join other online seller portals and promote your products there. You have to make customers aware of your presence online for better promotion. To enhance your opportunities for wider reach hiring a digital marketing consultant in Gurgaon is an option you need to consider.

Hiring an Expert Digital Consultant

Every field needs an expert to excel and the same goes for digital marketing. Your business is sure to excel online if you hire the services of an expert digital marketing consultant. If you have your business in Gurgaon then you can easily avail the services of digital marketing consultant in Gurgaon itself. You can do the following to hire an expert

  • Search online and compare various consultancies based on client feedback and reviews.
  • Talk with someone you know who has taken the help of a digital marketing consultant in Gurgaon before and get the contact details as well as the feedback from the person beforehand.
  • If you already know about some consultants, then you can get an appointment to talk with them about your business and the business goals you have in mind. You can proceed with the contract only after you feel satisfied with their advises and opinions.
  • You can have a heart to heart conversation about the costs and the total amount you will need to pay. Also, you can ask about if payments can be done in installments and the interest rates that will be charged.

The Other Major Benefits of giving you a Wider Scope

The other latent benefits that will help you to expand and grow your business in and out of your sphere to give your business a wider scope are as follows. Here, is a small gist of what and how it will be beneficial for your business.

  • Making your business eye-catching and visible to those who cannot visit your cemented shop. Going online saves you the effort of opening a new shop everywhere is less expensive. All you need to make sure about is that your shop pops up when it is or similar products are searched for.
  • Changing the marketing strategy gets your business more attention as new catchy strategies rouse the curiosity in customers and get your business out of the same spin wheel of working with old strategies.
  • Interacting with customers creates a base for customer loyalty and this keeps the business going as well as it attracts more customers in.
  • A digital marketing consultant in Gurgaon will help your online business to keep up and about with the latest trends and provide an informative and attractive website to your customers.
  • Always a step ahead in time and competition, a consultant keeps a watching eye on your business to help it cope with the rising competition, The best part sit ht you need not be concerned about this at all and can just supervise the work while you keep yourself busy with the primary tasks of maintaining your business.

In this fast era of online growth, it is really important to keep up with the pace and advancement. So hiring a digital marketing consultant is a good choice to share the responsibility of your business growth with. It is an investment that will reap you lifetime benefits.

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